Text Yele to 501501 to buy Wyclef a new Bentley

This earthquake in Haiti has been some surreal shit to watch. And not just because of the magnitude of the devastation, but because there’s a sense that, any minute now, it’s about to shift from being a story about the forces of good coming together to help people in a time of need, to one of the all-time great displays of just how fucked the fuck up people really are. Even more so than Hurricane Katrina.

I’ve been avoiding watching the coverage on cable news and on the Internets, because lord knows I’ve got problems of my own, and it’s not like me sitting around for hours on end watching dead bodies pile up is gonna help matters, but I might have to start tuning in. This shit looks like it might be about to get interesting. I hope no one famous dies next week and completely overshadows it.

I was watching MSNBC last night, and they had Brian Williams just standing there delivering a report in front of a dead child lying in the street. You know good and well Brian Williams or one of his producers made sure it was in the frame. They may have even given one of the locals a ham sandwich, in exchange for moving it to where they needed it to be. This was during the evening, and I know there were saying Haiti gets mad dark at night, no Rush Limbaugh, because a lot of places don’t have power. But some street lights do still work, because they’re powered by solar panels. What’s the likelihood that a child just so happened to drop dead beneath one of those street lights. If the light had fallen on it, it wouldn’t have been working. Use your brains, people. The ultimate coup would be if they could find the body of a dead white kid. They’d arrange for it to not be covered by a blanket, so people could see. Don’t think production staff isn’t on a hunt.

And that’s just MSNBC, the classier of the cable news networks. I didn’t see this myself, but I heard Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who’s always struck me as mad suspect, performed surgery on a child live on air, on CNN. Let me guess: the TIs saw where MSNBC had Brian Williams standing in front of a dead child and decided they were gonna have to up their ante. You know how CNN will occasionally come up with some bizarre shit, to try to compete with Fox News for ratings. Remember when they brought in holograms to provide analysis of the 2008 presidential election? I shudder to think what they might do, if people’s interest in Haiti starts to fade over the weekend, because it’s mostly only black people dying down there. They might bring in holograms of dead white people.

A lot of the worst shit going on down there is the shit we’ve yet to actually see, either because it didn’t really happen, or they don’t have the resources to bring it to us. When I was watching MSNBC last night, they said that some guy, a photographer for another news organization, said that people had begun to build roadblocks out of corpses, to halt the delivery of aid, because they were pissed that it was taking. But they didn’t have an actual picture of this – which seems odd to me, since the guy was, after all, a motherfucking photographer. I guess they think I’m just that stupid. The best they could come up with was a shot of a buncha people just jumping around, as if they were monkeys or some shit. Even that was mad scary, mostly because it didn’t make any sense. If I were unfortunate enough to be stuck in Haiti right now, I’d find a nice place to have a seat and wait for someone to show up with a ham sandwich. All of that moving about for no apparent reason would just burn precious energy.

The point they were trying to get across, I think, is that the natives are growing restless. We’re coming up on five days since the actual earthquake, and mad people are still buried beneath the rubble, waiting to receive medical attention, looking for something to eat, looking for somewhere to sleep indoors, so on and so forth. It’s only a matter of time before they start acting a damn fool. They were saying that the US military has been sent in, and I notice they kept making it a point to say that they’ve been given orders not to kill anyone. They’re just there to preserve law and order. Like they do in Iraq. It sounded as if they were preparing us for some shit to pop off. Already, I’m hearing reports of roving bands of looters (the term they’ve been using), armed with machetes. We could fuck around and go from trying to help Haiti to being at war with Haiti.

It’s a good thing help is on the way, courtesy of Wyclef. Or is it? The other day, Wyclef put out the call for people to text Yele to 501501, to donate $5 to his Yele Haiti Foundation, and in no time at all he raised $1 million from people who think that’s how charity should work. I remember reading about it on this site the other day and thinking that, in addition to a great work of charity, and a great display of the power of social networking, this was one of the all-time great PR coups. (That’s just how my mind works.) Wyclef was already like the Bono of Haiti. Now, they might actually elect him president, similar to how Manny Pacquiao might run to be the president of the Philippines. It didn’t occur to me what the outcome might be, if Yele turned out to be a huge scam, because honestly, cynical as I am, my mind can’t even fathom someone pulling some shit like that. It’s literally beyond my realm of comprehension.

And yet, it may have happened. The Smoking Gun, which seems to exist to throw rappers under a bus, has documents showing how, up until just now, Yele basically existed to funnel money from well-meaning people into Wyclef’s pocket. Angelina Jolie gave Yele the $1 million People magazine gave her for the pictures of the baby she had with Brad Pitt (not that black one), and Wyclef used it to pay for rent on a studio he owns, a fee to himself to perform for his own charity event, TV airtime for a production company he owns down in Haiti, so on and so forth. If he bought a single Haitian kid a ham sandwich with that money, it’s not mentioned in his tax returns. Damn.

Which is not to say that Wyclef isn’t gonna donate the millions of dollars he’s raised since god decided to teach Haiti a lesson. Especially now that the cat’s out of the bag. If anything, he might donate a little extra. That Fugees album sold more copies than Elvis and the Beatles combined. He’s got the money. And he could probably fuck around and go to jail if he doesn’t. The fact that his shit just got put out on front street just goes to show what a clusterfuck this earthquake is set to become. Already, there was this perfect storm of race, economics, history, politics and what have you. Wyclef, regardless of whether or not he intended to, just gave them another element to toss into the mix.

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  • Worley

    Some of the footage looked eerily similar to Hurricane Katrina: a lot of dispossessed, hungry, anxious and scared people. Sh*t will most definitely pop off if things don’t get resolved soon.

    Hopefully, Wyclef is doing the right thing with that paper. I believe his heart is in the right place. The money? That’s anyone’s guess.

  • Enlightened

    Stop it folks! No, NO NO. I know Clef couldn’t be on no shit like that.

    When I kept hearing that YELE text being pumped everywhere like that’s the official provider of disaster services, I was wondering who owned that shit.

    I didn’t even know he owned that. Nah, I gotta give him the benefit of the doubt right now. He can’t be grimy like that. Can he?

    • Avenger XL

      Trust is not a luxury I can extend to cats who made their money in the music industry. Half of their industry is built on robbing cats LOL!

      In this instance I hope everything is legit. If not I say folks get together a charity to form a organization that cheif duty is to find and put a million dollar but whopping on clef. So lets hope it is all legal like I said LOL!

  • General

    It is a horrible situation down there right now. I was in Haiti in 94 as part of the military that put the the elected government back in power after there was coup…

    It has been heartbreaking seeing the pictures on TV of Port-Au-Prince and the destruction caused by the earthquake….

    This is an area that was already devistated by poverty, homelessness, gangs, drugs, starvation, and everything else that could possibly go wrong…

    As I said earlier, I hope that this story from TSG doesn’t cause people not to give donations, because Haiti needs every dollar people can spare

    • geico lizard

      The poor in Haiti resorted to eating mud. They would mix mud,lemon juice,salt and pepper. This was before the devastation so just imagine what they are doing now.

      If Wyclef isnt using the donated money right then fuck that nigga and any charity that is misappropriating funds. We were already still mad about the Fugees not putting out another album.

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    Enlightened – believe it

    Bol – Real talk, I saw photos of those machete gangs….ain’t nothin nice, and they’re all young as hell. I wouldn’t surprised if a journalist gets taken hostage.

    And LOLzzz @ “Haiti gets mad dark at night, no Rush Limbaugh”….you’ve been incredibly consistent so far this year. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And here we go.

    I knew there were going to be political ramifications and aspirations with this disaster.

    To me it’s looking like someone has their hands in Haiti’s coffers and they want that mil for self.

  • Joe Morgan jr.

    So many jewels in this one. It’s hard to have a favorite but ” But they didn’t have an actual picture of this – which seems odd to me, since the guy was, after all, a motherfucking photographer.” Is a strong front runner. Journalist are grimey. Using a child’s corpse as a prop in a news bit is just the beginning. Wyclef = Giuliani

  • Turd Ferguson

    What you forgot to mention was the part leading up to Brian Williams’ exploitation of a dead body. You know, the part when he narrated a segment on the total lack of clean water, then is shown shoving a plastic water bottle in his pocket. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dead body stunt wasn’t a way to try to distract us from the fact he’s hoarding water.

  • cmoney91

    “Already, I’m hearing reports of roving bands of looters (the term they’ve been using), armed with machetes. We could fuck around and go from trying to help Haiti to being at war with Haiti” O my damn! Hurricane Katrina 2: Electric Bugaloo

    • AZ40

      That shit kinda fucked up…but yeah I couldn’t even bear to look at this, they already have so little and for something like this to happen is just depressing…but you know sick people are gonna exploit this situation

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    If Jay-Z wants to prove he’s blacker than Oprah Windbag, here’s his opportunity…

  • Joe


    What would make you feel worse, giving $5 that ultimately does not go to the cause


    NOT giving $5 when as little as a dolar can feed a damn family.

    Lets be real here. Its 5 damn dollars. If he has it in his soul to do that, let God judge him. Ill sleep at peace. But i would not, could not sleep in peace if i neglected to help off of my own cynicism. Open your eyes duke. Everything aint a fukin joke.

  • Help in Haiti

    Red Cross help – text Haiti 90999. It’s the best place to put the money. I’ve seen the segments, Brian Williams & Sanjay Gupka (and Anderson Cooper), all are completely staged. It’s sad because the Haitian people need the world’s help now. I hope and pray that they get it. Now on to George Clooney’s fundraiser. What will the green/carbon footprint be? In this day and age of texting and internet, there is no need for these fundraisers, other than Hollyweird to pat themselves on the back and pocket the money.

  • oskamadison

    You never know what the next man is capable of, so I put nothing past anyone. But the thought of Clef doing some unspeakably foul shit like that? I won’t say it’s not possible but I find it highly unlikely. If I would have sent in my wrinkled Lincoln and found out it was a scam, although I would be a little pissed, I’d take solace in the fact that 1.) my heart was in the right place at that moment and I tried to help another human being and 2.) Karma could be a nasty, nasty bitch when you throw bullshit energy out into the universe.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I think the majority of us are in sync. No Justin Timberlake. I don’t trust any human further than I can throw them. & most things I do, I do with the intentions of helping, & whatever happens after I do my part is beyond my control anyway. Who knows how many crack heads got high off my couple of bucks, under the guise of needing a bite to eat? I passed on my blessing, so I’m good, @ least with myself & my God.

    Any man who doesn’t know that Karma’s a bitch, & God is her father is a fool. That goes for Wyclef as well as anybody else.


    “They may have even given one of the locals a ham sandwich, in exchange for moving it to where they needed it to be.” that is fucked up because it might be true. also about wycelf’s Foundation he might have nothing to do with it but just lending his name to it.

  • Detroit P

    If yall care so much, why don’t yall find another way to help out instead of just sayin “I gave my $5 dollars, whatever happens to it, I’ve done my part”…that shits weak as hell, yall dudes are couch protesters and philanthropists. No shots directly at anyone, but generally at all of you to whom it applies.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “If yall care so much, why don’t yall find another way to help out instead of just sayin “I gave my $5 dollars, whatever happens to it, I’ve done my part”..that shits weak as hell, yall dudes are couch protesters and philanthropists”

      ^^^Huh? I’m a couch protestor if I decided to send 5 dollars, without regard to the stipulations of the money after I send it? My little nickle may not be much, but there’s people saying “Fuck what they’re going through,” so again, I tried, which trumps ignoring anyday. If it doesn’t wind up where it should, that’s out of my control.

      As far as philanthropy, I’d like to think that’s a philanthropist act, since I’m attempting to involve myself with the welfare of others through gifts or money. I don’t see what the problem is.

      Really though, if I was in a position to really offer help, I probably would. I can empathize, & from what I see, my little problems are incomparable to what they’re up against. God forbid my family has to eat mud & drink contaminated water, after our house is destroyed along with my entire neighborhood. I’d like to think people would want to help, even if it means they may or may not get cheated out of $5.

      • oskamadison

        Grands, what’s up?

        If you are making an attempt to help another human being who has no connection to you in any way, shape or form, God bless you. Last time I checked, philanthropy has no set guidelines or specific dollar amounts. As long as it’s sincere then that’s what it is.

        @ Detroit P
        What other way can the average working person contribute to a cause such as that other than sending in their hard earned scratch which could be going to other pressing needs. Not everyone has the means or the resources to just hop on a plane and go to Haiti. “Couch protesters and philanthropists”? Not tryin’ to start anything but I’m just curious to know, what are YOU doing for that cause, or any for that matter?

        • Detroit P

          what are YOU doing for that cause, or any for that matter?
          I thought someone would ask this….but as Grands stated some people could careless about what they’re going through…i.e. Me( i kno, that sounds fucked up right?)

          I recognize that the situation is fucked up…but thats the way of the world…I don’t need to do any posturing to show off my charity and morality. People die everyday…and Im not talking about the American type of dying where some unfortunate soul gets murdered…I’m talkin bout third world genocides, whole villages starving, war torn, gang ridden countries, child rebel soldier countries, babies only having a life span of 2 months dying….and you guys go on about your lives, til the media shoves it in your face until you feel compelled to make some kind of gesture so you wont look like a douche(like me i guess)

          If yall really care about your fellow man so much, then text 5 dollars to somebody every month or somethin whatever, just save the “i did my part” pat on the back.

          Me…I just call it population control…its over 6.7 billion people on this planet and the growth rate is skyrocketing while the resources are dwindling…if people don’t start dying then we’re all fucked….either that or this is revelations coming to pass, in which people are supposed to die…not that I’m a religious nut or anything, although I do have my beliefs

        • oskamadison

          “Population control”. Wow. If that’s your theory and you’re sticking to it, guess I have no choice but to respect it and keep it moving. Peace.

        • Chilly Willy

          Y’all have valid points, as usual, even Detroit P. Mainly about the fact that we feel compelled to do something only when it hits close to home or shoved down our throats. But even with that, it’s still human beings we’re talking about.

          The main challenge for every human being in this kind of situation is try to overcome his emotions to think rationally. Right now, France, Spain and UK sent people there, not only for the help, but people to control where the money went, because many a country from Europe sent $ to the haitian govt, and it’s yet to be found. Hate it or love it, but as sad as that sounds, philanthropy is also a business.

          My point is that right now, regardless of what happen anywhere else in the world, Haiti needs help. But sending money without knowing what’s gonna happen next can’t help. None of us can control the fact that Clef may or may not be that grimy, but we can control what’s comin out our pockets. Who is already in the field and taking care of the people firsthand ? How can I send my money to them ? Will it get there ? If you wanna help right now, send money to the Red Cross. They relied on MINUSTAH’s infrastructures, none of which resisted. Red Cross needs help to do what they do on the daily in the world: help.

          As Detroit P mentioned though, it ain’t no green light to brag that “I did my part” shit. ‘Cause other peoples are dying the wrong way on the regular, and most importantly, silently far away from the cameras and out of our scope. Collectively, as a privileged society, to do our part means we look out for all those people in dire straits. Individually, it’s to look out for ourselves and our families. As long as you try your best to achieve both those goals, I tip my hat to you.

          But you better believe that there is no amount of money that can make me REALLY believe that I DID my part. I know that I TRIED to. I’ll spend my whole life trying the best I can. Like Grands said, it trumps not doing shit anyday. And that’s a goal one should have in life to some degree.

          But DID ???

  • http://www.blackperspective.net Yobachi

    I like how you backed up your accusation that Wyclef stole donation money with documentation (NOT).

    You’re worse than Rush Limbaugh!

  • Gafinest08

    All those people dying. U actually have a voice in the community and this is how u chose to speak on it. We all going to hell

  • abbie spiff

    wyclef is a douchebag.he getting exposed on smoking gun http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2010/0114102wyclef1.html

  • Detroit P

    The ill thing is tho, if I had hundreds of millions, I’d give alot of it away…not to charities…but prolly to inner city mothers in Detroit or somethin….and i’m from Detroit, you know how many bums and beggars it is here..but you know what 8 times out of 10 if they ask for change, I’ll give em some..I don’t care that their just collecting money to go get some alcohol…nor do I give myself a pat on the back for a job well done and check it off as my good deed for the month..If I have the change to give, I give it, simple as that…its not like I was gon do anything with it anyway…then some of em ask for hugs or try to shake my hand..then I gotta be like chill out I dont wanna touch you

    but what can the average person do..idk…if you really cared you would find out….thats what most Americans do they say “what can I possibly do” then they do nothing and nothing gets done….If I really wanna do somethin i find out how to get it done…Mother theresa dedicated her life to charity and helping people, thats how much she cared…If you dont care that much, Fine, admit it..I kno I dont, not enough to dedicate my life…but don’t do this posturing like you’ve done all you’ve reasonably can and you wish you could do more to help…cus 9 times out of 10 you dont and in a month you’ll be back to ignoring these people.

    You know why these charities ask you for so little, cus they know Americans are selfish and greedy and wont do shit if its too much of an inconvience…forgo that trip to the movies and send that money…send that money that you prolly werent gonna spend on Joe buddens next album…save all the money you’re not gonna spend on condems and that you are gonna spend on weed…nah you wont do that, cus you too busy gettin high and raw doggin it and catchin Aids from that one chick thats spreadin it, to care.

    And another thing…sike naw im done

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    @Detroit P


    Okay, I was speaking in general, in regards to the things I do do to help others, on a daily basis. Those things that I did before Haiti, or Katrina for that matter. When I said what I said in my earlier comment, it wasn’t to posture. It was to add to the conversation. In fact, I never once said I sent money to Haiti. I used the word “if”, numerous times, though.

    Had I have dropped it on Ron Mex’s thread, where it would have had nothing to do with the topic, then that would indeed be back-patting & douchebaggery, but my comment was relevant to the undertone of the topic.

    What may be pretentious & cosmetic to you, could be viewed as considerate to others. & as always, we can agree to disagree, fam.

    • Detroit P

      I mean my initial comment wasnt directly at you…but I guess the way I wrote it and sense I was right after you, it might as well have been…but I fucks witchu so its No Biggie…but yea man..population control..or revelations…either way im bout to get drunk tonight

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        @Detroit P

        “No Biggie.”

        ^^^Cosign, fam. It’s always building, regardless of vantage point(s). You know how we do.


        Very well said. Way to weave together the POV’s unilaterally.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I’ve put certain episodes of giving on this site for over a year. A cat like me, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t drop uber other sh*t to snap people out of thinking about the same sh*t daily.

    The resources are being CONTROLLED, while the population is being adjusted (MURDERED). People can say whatever about loosing that nickel or diss Clef about the money trail but they won’t say a peep when the man has his hands in your pockets with ridiculous taxation that most people don’t even vote against. The quick turn of the other cheek with a “well I can’t do nothing about it”.

    That’s the f***ing problem. Play it safe so you don’t lose your little scraps. I spoke about that carbon treaty thing in Oct (it was in DEC) and most never dropped because they didn’t even know, some actually agree w/the new style, and few knew what I was saying. Dudes are trying to pass a “breathe the air” tax. Think the Haitian air will be good to go in another week? What a perfect way to pass this bill. Through the shroud of sympathy for an ailing country, one that is close to the US. To set up shop get it popping. OB is pres. of the UN security Council.

    And don’t even go there with the conspiracy talk. That’s a cop out for someone who won’t pick up a book or do the knowledge.

    I’m saying it done went from trying to look out, to pointing fingers on some who’s better stuff. Who’s giving and who’s not, entertainers upstaging each other, many looking for a way to benefit off of this calamity. Look past that ancient tactic and peep what’s going on.

    • these posts are racist

      Knowledge. Co-sign.

  • BIG Ry

    I’m one of those people who would love to help anyway I can,but donating $$$ is something I never do!I always think some grimy motherfucker at the top is taking 1 dollar for every 5 donated.

  • Brooklyn

    the fucked up thing about this whole situation is that the red cross and unicef and all those groups say they’re helping the haitians, but they’re not really helping many. the operatives have a priority, and that’s to locate, treat, safeguard, and evacuate the american and european citizens that are in haiti. my cousin’s sister lived in haiti, and as an american citizen they rushed her to the embassy and left her haitian neighbor to die under the weight of her demolished home. after they’ve ensured the safety of foreign nationals, then they’ll turn their attention to the haitians, and by then who knows how many will be dead? haiti is already and volatile country, i was watching this documentary called “cite soleil”, where they had 16, 17, and 18 year old kids running around with ak-47′s and machetes, killing niggas in the street over political bullshit. these motherfuckers don’t know their history, they gonna fuck around and them haitians will do to them what they did to the french 200 years ago. if clef is doing good by the haitians, then more power to him. i know before the quake he put mad money into haiti, i hope for the sake of his own conscience and those of the people of haiti (and the world) that he’s doing right by them.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    sorry to be a dick everyone, but there is clearly no god.

    get over it.

    at least not the christian/islam/judaic version of a god.

    if there is a god, hes the dude in the old testament of the bible/torah. and that shit is still retarded. it predicates that natural disasters happen to those deserving. not feeling this idea? check pat roberts, an insane christian fundamentalist that blames the earthquake on haiti selling its soul to the devil. guess he never heard of what happened during that SF giants world series game; or maybe that was because god hates homosexuals in SF?

    its all bullshit. i have zero problem accepting that wyclef (or many other thousands of opportunists) would take advantage of a tragic even. shit, look at the records. to extend, bol is taking advantage of it by writing about it and getting paid, and we take advantage of it by contributing to some sort of skewed discussion in order to feel as though we have contributed.

    i commend those who shut the fuck up and contribute time and money. everyone else, shut the fuck up or contribute.

    and also, jay z, lil wayne, and tupac suck.

    • NotoriousAGC

      i knew there was going to be a angry atheist saying “there is no god”, things happen and :why: they happen is in the bible fool, instead of being a pompous atheist who just takes HIS word for the truth, read up homie.

      • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

        i have an idea. why dont you actually read the books, and interpret them yourself, without looking through the lens of a pastor? and if you still come to the same conclusion, well then all i can say to you is “best of luck, AND HAVE FUN WHEN YOU ARE DISINTEGRATING INTO THE EARTH LIKE THE REST OF US.” have a problem with that? well guess what? we have a problem with bullshit magical proselytizing that has no basis in fact or reason.

        so fucking get over it.

        also, quit wasting your time and do something ya good ol/ christian you! yay! god is great! awesome (high-fives god)! fuck-yeah bro! this fiver is gonna get me to heaven!!!!!

        give me a fucking break.

        • NotoriousAGC

          a big (yawn) for your comments i knew there was gonna be some comebacks from a atheist with his panties ina bunch lol…im not a big christian either, but all this isn’t anything new, you even got a (comments wont nest below this level) from the illuminati holdin this website up hahhahahahahaha go burn a cross homie, i got no time to waste on you i actually DO got a job and dont want to waste more sleep time with you…PS (in the bible it doesn’t say there is a “HEAVEN”) GET YOUR EDUCATION UP!.

        • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

          i changed my mind.

          i am now going to start believing in god, and praying to god, so that he gives you the sense that he gave geese.

          thanks for not being bible literate you dumb shit. oh wait, you mean there is more than one bible?

        • NotoriousAGC

          stop choking on your cheetohs and thinkin im trying to convert yo ass´
          and..there isn´t a heaven..we don´t go up in the sky.

          PS i sense hostility in your words, when mine are calm, your unemployment check aint come in the mail yet?

        • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

          “choking on your cheetos” is damn funny!

          i was in a crappy mood last night and this tragedy gets me even more upset when people bring religion or god into it, so i apologize for being a dick.

  • NotoriousAGC

    good post, very nice valid points from everybody no more needs to be said, but god help everyone down there, my prairs are with em.

    ps- My heart sinks just thinkin how many pg momz died or lil babies still under the rubble…as a new dad..that thought has been on my mind…what a terrible fuckin disaster…i wish i could help

  • ladidadida

    As a country we have neglected haiti so long is it possible that their people dont believe we are coming for relief?

  • these posts are racist

    Props to Wyclef and prayers for the people of Haiti. I donated 5,000. I hope everyone on this site at least donates 5.00.

  • macdatruest

    Aaight let me put my two cents in….

    I feel like no matter what city you live in, you know what happened. You can look up and see big ass “chemtrails” (google or youtube) is the sky. That shit aint just to add flare to the sky-Thats weather controlling technology.

    You ever wonder why the natural disasters only hit poor countries? HAARP technology been around for a minute it aint even no secret no more. The first thing I google when a disaster happens is unusual weather patterns or anomalies because their are real natural disasters obviously.

    What you DON’T hear people talking about is a pre-emptive strike against Iran taken by the obvious parties, in the form of a high ranking nuclear physicist being assassinated. So while we mourn over Haiti, Iran is heated. Them folks aint playin they know the U.S. Need them out the way before they face North Korea. Bush said it- Iraq, Iran & North Korea.(Axis of Evil)

    World War III might have very well been set in motion or at least the stage has been set for some form of retaliatory attack against u.s. but it will probably look like an unwarranted terrorist attack….

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      This dude mac. C/S

      There was an object close to the planet, I was outside at about 4am PST that day trying to see it, hours later this happened. And like 2 days before that, NoCal had a 5 pointer.

      “What you DON’T hear people talking about is a pre-emptive strike against Iran taken by the obvious parties, in the form of a high ranking nuclear physicist being assassinated”

      ^^^ THIS.

      “World War III might have very well been set in motion or at least the stage has been set for some form of retaliatory attack against u.s. but it will probably look like an unwarranted terrorist attack…”

      ^Been building that hysteria up since XMas…but some are worried about what Clef’s lawyers or accountants put down as deductions…while the man himself is peeling corpses off the floor.

      Have we learned nothing from 9/11? I had front row seats to that extravaganza…

      • Will E. Will

        wow some really good comments from some really smart brothers. The thing is we are so few and far inbetween that it almost seems like a loss cause to even voice it. Millions and millions are so clueless to the actions of The Elite, that all we can really do is sit back and watch it all go down.

  • http://www.my2centsarepriceless.blogspot.com Kay Jay

    In the event that Clef is actually pocketing the money, he’ll have to deal with the Haitian Diaspora & people in Haiti, in which he’ll be as wanted in Haiti as Aristide (former President who got ran out of Haiti in ’04 for some of y’all who don’t know). And trust me, he knows that.

    I honestly don’t believe these allegations based on the work & activism he’s done for Haiti since he stepped on the scene.

    As for the HAARP? Yeah, I’m beginning to belive that it’s involved. A 7.0? Off the bat? With ALL the major damage in one concentrated area? Something ain’t right. People on the hills looking down at Port Au Prince said they didn’t feel a thing. All they saw was a huge dust cloud form above the capital. Not to mention the fact that Karnival season was commencing in the capitol. ALOT of people were out on the street cooking & getting ready for the festivites. A festival goes down every weekend until Karnival in late February. And on the same day of the earthquake, there was a Congressional Hearing with all the major banks that got bailout money were on Capitol Hill. All their CEOs for those banks were at this hearing. If it wasnt for the quake, that woulda been front page news. And from finding that out, I couldn’t help but think that this tragedy was a cruel distraction from those hearings. And with all the “quiet” speculation about this North American Union, this can easily turn into the US covertly moving in on West Indian intrests.

  • http://theinfamoussyndicate.blogspot.com/ Noles506

    In all charities, they don’t put all the money out to the people…why? because it costs money to run a charity!There’s a lot of work done & a lot of traveling done by people behind the scenes.

  • caino

    l find it strange that the airport is strugling to get Aid planes in , but all the reporters from across the world all managed to get on a plane to haiti yet all the fresh water etc doesnt !mmmm

    And why oh why is it always crazy looters out on the rob!! These crazy lotters might just be looking ofr some food!!!!!

    Altho they say the prison collapsed meaning 4000 prisoners got early parole!!

  • Beeyo

    What’s this about HAARP? I did some light googling, but the only worries I found people have about it is it’s potential as a weapon, knocking out enemy satalites and shit. Yall saying it’s supposed to be some kind of weather-control machine, on some Bond villian shit? Someone please enlighten me.

    • Beeyo

      Ohhh, Okay, I found it. So life is a fucking video game now. Great.

      • Will E. Will

        Welcome aboard brother. Educate yourself at your own risk. There’s alot of shit thats gonna make ur jaw drop.

  • http://videoinfield.blogspot.com Adan Timmons

    If only more people would hear this.