[Editor's Note: This is an unofficial, fan-made YouTube video for Killer Mike's "The Devil is a Lie." We used it in this post because most of the images are pretty much on point... well actually all of them except the ones of Wayne! In no way is XXL, or Killer Mike, implying anything about Lil Wayne we just didn't want you to miss out on the rest of the powerful images.]

...and the Devil is a lie!

You God damned black Christian ministers had better come out swinging. Yeah, reverends, bishops, preachers, and evangelists – whatever they call you. I’m talking to all you! You Negros, and that ain’t the “N” word that I want to say, had better ride this white supremacist racist Pat Robertson into the ground.

You had better grow some nuts like the ADL and go on a 20-year-defame-this-man’s-name campaign. You know what I mean like they have done to Minister Farrakhan and the conservative right is now doing to Rev. Wright. Anything less should result in you losing your total congregation and all those fancy worldly goods and perks you all enjoy.

I honestly think failing to defend your people on this one merits death, but “Vengeance is mine say the lord, I will repay” (Rom 12:19). If you need further convincing, ask yourself, “WWJD?” Would he allow such an assault on the poor, sick and shut out?

In John 10:11 he says, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.” What will our shepherds do? Black clergy, your flock awaits leadership.

This is your opportunity to set the black church back on its revolutionary course. I’m speaking of the course that brought us to freedom, the course of liberation and dignity, the course of your Christ.
Right now you all are not being good shepherds. Your sheep fall victim to evil foolishness and folly (money, MegaFest, Christian R&B jingles), but you will not combat your clear and open enemy, a white supremacist system and mind state that plagues and hinders your people.

What will be done with this particular evil white racist hiding among your clergy’s ranks named Pat Robertson? Will you men stand up and man up or once again fail all those black women and men, children and elderly, who sustain your lavish existence?

I watched as a black Christian woman, “Christie,” stood in Pat’s presence like a house servant. She tenderly nodded at his senility-laced outrageous claims that Haiti made a pact with Satan. Mind you he offered no facts, just old white supremacist folklore of evil blacks consorting with Satan to overthrow a noble and just white nation.

In my mind I imagined her being mad; angry enough to put some of Suge Avery’s pee in his water when she was sent to fetch some, but alas I know she will not.

She, like you worthless, shiftless black ministers, is no better than today’s rappers you disdain. You, like rappers, are talking loud ‘bout money and blessings, yet saying and standing for nothing. Nas said it best, “NIGGER!” Ahhh, that felt good. I’m sure Pat Robertson relates.

Now is the time to take the religion of your slave master (I mean that in the literal too, gentlemen) and find the real truth in that Bible and defend you and your people (blacks, Haitians, negros, whatever we call us) with it.

Mr. Long, Mr. Dollar, Mr. Butts, Mr. Jakes, you better take Pat “the Racist” Robertson down. This old man filled with pompous arrogance and a putrid self righteousness. He stinks of the same racist stench found on a storm front Web site.

The sight of him offends me like the stink of a gutter and his words in reference to Haiti should merit him being shunned and berated until death darkens his foul and filthy door step.

This man practices a gutter Christianity. A Christianity based on lies, superstition and racial preference. A Christianity where boats named for Jesus haul humans packed in and laid sideways in their own defecation, rotting while still alive.

His Christianity is self-interested, political and not of God as Jesus said in John 8:42-44. Mr. Robertson, “If God were your father you would love me, Your Father is the Devil, you belong to him. You want what he wants. The Devil was a murderer in the beginning. He was always against the truth. There is no truth in him. He is like the lies he tells, yes the devil is a liar. He is the father of lies.”
He is your father, Mr. Robertson. Your brand of church is a bastard of true Christianity and an abomination used to justify classism, racism, and W.A.S.P superiority over all people of color including “Haitian Christians”. Shame on you, Pat Robertson! Shame on you.

No worries, if you black clergymen will not man up! The Good Shepherd will avenge his flock. God does not allow such suffering without purpose and reward, ask Job and the Jewish nation. At least KKK members and Neo Nazis have the courage to not hide their white superiority dogma; they put it on the front of their Bible. That’s an adversary worthy of some respect. However this crazy, crafty old racist wolf is in your sheep’s midst, Black preachers.

What will you do to “tell the truth and shame the Devil?” Or do nothing and answer to God, Allah, Yahweh, and his wrath over the treatment of his most prized; the old and feeble, the young, the believers who endure undeserved suffering?
I pray that when you meet him, he is the God of the Old Testament, the God that destroyed Egypt to free Moses and the people of Israel. I believe that God hates slavery and created free-willed beings born with inalienable rights protected by his authority.

If a man is not free to be a man, how could he be free to choose a Christ-like life? With that said Mr. Patty Robertson, to minimize slavery and the revolting against it is as though it were a minor act of being “under the heel of the French” is a blasphemous statement that sets you opposite God’s word.
“He that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death” (Ex 21:16).

Sounds like what happed in the Haitian revolt. Like that hurricane, that too was God’s plan, clergymen. Free will is essential to Christianity, and if anything interrupts God’s order, it is of Satan.
Ole Patty Robertson and Christie (for not refuting that evil statement) are the true Devil worshipers, and I pray they repent prostrated face-to-floor like Abraham or be dealt with as Satan will be on that great and final day when Gabriel’s horn calls souls back from the sleep of death.

Thank God for Toussaint L’ouverture and the brave Haitians who shed blood for liberty. Thank God we in the African Diaspora have been given this opportunity to be like Christ and help the poor, the sick, the jailed, and the needy in Haiti.

Thank God for this moment in which the black church is being called to task, the task of caring for our brothers and sisters and defending them from the hate mongering, American elitist evangelical enemy of true freedom, liberty and justice for all.

God damns the devil, and if Mr. Robertson does not retract that statement and you so called black clergymen do not repudiate this man, God will damn you. God blesses and God punishes.
What happened in Haiti was God’s will. What will we as believers do with this opportunity to do his will by aiding his people – the poor, the sick, the hungry, the old and weak, the young and needy? Fin. —It’s Bigga!

Please donate whatever time, money or resources you have toward helping the people of Haiti. That is what Jesus would do, for real.