Lupe, We Need You For This Monster Mashup Mix

Without any Mary Jane or intoxicating beverages in hand, regrettably, a few friends and I synched Dark Side of the Moon up with a Wizard of Oz DVD and tested the age-old legend of how Pink Floyd’s work can be used as a bizarre soundtrack to the Yellow Brick Road-set film. I was skeptic, naturally, but, I’ll be damned, it actually worked. We started both at the exact same time, and, to my bewilderment, there was talk of cash the second that “Money” began, just to name one example of the experiment’s fluidity.

The main characteristic that makes Dark Side of the Moon so incredible, to me at least, is its otherworldly mood, a no-drugs-are-even-needed-to-feel-spacey tone from start to finish. It’s the non-rap album that I revisit the most often, whenever I’m in the mood to board an invisible spaceship. And, taking in account my appreciation of it, this enduring Pink Floyd masterwork is also the rock album I’d most love to hear rapped over, top to bottom.

The only MC who has attempted to attack a Dark Side of the Moon cut— that I can think of—is Lupe Fiasco, on “Tilted in Any Colour You Like,” the closing track on his pre-Food & Liquor mixtape Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge of the Nerds. The Pink Floyd record sampled by Carrera Lu was “Any Colour You Like.” Listen for yourselves, and hear how well-suited the album’s tempo is for a free LP such as the Danger Mouse-assembled Jay-Z/The Beatles mashup The Grey Album. This Lupe ish is just a damn tease.

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  • dtowntke

    NO one leave this classic joint alone

  • Azrael

    Haha, funny that you would mention this, considering that my bro plans to go in over “Great Gig in the Sky”

    He was the on to put me up on Floyd and now they’re my favourite band EVER.

    To answer your question, if that Lupe mash is anything to go off of, he could potentially pull it off.

  • steve-o

    Wyclef covered the title track “wish you were here”. Although it wasn’t on The Dark Side of the Moon it is a Pink Floyd song.

  • RDS

    That would work, but even as a Lu fan, I can think of a NUMBER of his works that would work for this other than “Tilted”. I would like to hear this with “The Emperor’s Soundtrack”, “Hurt Me Soul”, or just a brand new track. And throw Raheem DeVaughn on the hook for good measure.

    Ahh dayum, somebody around the XXL office needs to pull some strings to make a collabo like that happen. lol

    By the way, PLEASE keep these kinda drops coming. It’s freshing to see this kinda of thoughtfulness in a blog here. After yesterday’s drop, I had to go sample “Angela” (The Taxi theme) and wrote a verse over it I was so inspired. lol


  • Justice4All

    If I had to name 1 MC that could do such a mash up justice would be Talib.

  • C-Note

    I agree completely. I’ve been looking for some time now for some Beatles beats and Pink Floyd sampled beats. I know the clearance for either would be ridiculous, if not out of the question, but I wouldn’t be looking to make money with the project. I’d be making them for myself

  • 666kinnyjon3555

    Jay Electronica could do it….but would he want to?

  • S DOT

    Andre 3000

    • Brass Tacks

      Cosign that thought….

    • JTM


  • Ponz

    this kid an0maly did one

  • snopop

    dead prez used the intro to ‘Money’ (just the cash register sound effect) for Stimulus Plan, and sped it up a bit. Didn’t touch the actual track though. I flipped a beat using ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ (I know, different album) a while back, and it came out fresh.

  • Ponz

    this kid an0maly did a track awhile back. check it out

  • Axlhardd

    Geto boys used “money” in “let a ho be a ho.”

  • Razilla

    its kinda cheatin but… the flaming lips version of MONEY wud make for a awesome sample