It’s Not “A Milli” But These Will Do

Hip-hop is a sport where its competitors are constantly searching for the perfect beat. Something so undeniably hot that every rapper within earshot wants to get on board to spit his (or her) own 16. Sometimes the original rhyme slinger calls in a select chosen few for an official remix (i.e. Craig Mack’s “Flavor in Ya Ear”). Other times an overzealous MC (or two…hundred) gets his Ice Cube on and starts jackin’ for beats.

We saw it in 2002 with the Clipse’s “Grindin’,” then again in 2004 with Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (both produced by Pharrell the Neptunes). A few years later, Rich Boy’s 2007 single “Throw Some D’s” became the beat du jour, and Kanye West blessed the Polow Da Don-helmed track with his own remix. Who can forget Lil Wayne’s 2008 gem, “A Milli,” which was lyrically raped by a who’s who of MCs and thrust producer Bangladesh into the limelight.

In 2009, though, it seems like it wasn’t just one track that was gettin’ over-jacked but several. Every time I went scouring the Internet for music for’s Bangers section over the past few months, I kept coming across remixes—both official and unofficial—for the same damn beats. The results were mixed, as some versions were good while others I’d much sooner forget.

Below are the nine tracks of ’09 that seemed to blow MC’s minds. Which producer do you think made the hottest track out of the bunch? And which MC do you think beat up the beat the best? Oh, you thought I was going to list every remix that came out per track? Pffft! Think again, but the homies over at TSS recently posted a compilation of all the “I Wanna Rock” remixes. Surprisingly, that’s actually one of the tracks I wouldn’t wanna rock. —Anslem Samuel

Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune)” [Prod. by No ID]

Wacka Flocka Flame’s “O Let’s Do It” [Prod. by Don Beatz]

Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock” [Prod. by Scoop Deville]

Drake’s “Forever” [Prod. by Boi-1da]

Diddy’s Dirty Money’s “Angels” [Prod. by Diddy]

Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” [Prod. by Just Blaze]

Sade’s “Soldier of Love” [Prod. by Sade & Mike Pela]

Drake’s “Successful” [Prod. by 40]

Clipse’s “Kinda Like a Big Deal [Prod. by DJ Khalil]

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  • zayzkidd

    Southcidal Is Coming!!!

  • Zood

    Loved Death of Auto-tune
    But my favourite in this bunch is Jay Electronica’s track. Utter class.

  • yoprince

    all of those joints are bonkers…

    but the D.O.A. track is in a class of it’s own.

    from what I heard, Wayne and Royce ripped it the hardest..

  • yoprince

    all of those joints are bonkers…

    but the D.O.A. track is in a class of its own.

    from what I heard, Wayne and Royce ripped it the hardest..

  • that nigga

    Royce Da 5/9 killed that D.O.A beat not just once, but twice.

    “Who the fuck died and made you GOD?/ Bitch, Jesus”!–Royce

  • Chris S

    i stopped reading after you refered to A Milli as a “gem”

  • deezy

    Chris S

    Stop hating!! That track was fire. Everybody and their momma freestyled over that beat, from R&B singers to rappers, including Jay-z.


    D.O.A. – i liked Young Dro’s version the best

    Oh Lets Do It – Wayne merked that one

    Angels – Lupe

  • Blakout615

    D.O.A.- Royce and Smoke from field mob both killed this.
    O lets do it- I only heard Luda kill this bs.
    I wanna rock- Hell I recently just heard the original so im late on this 1. I heard jay z got a freestyle coming out on it.
    Forever- Sumbody spit on this after wat Em did to it?
    Angels- Lu
    Exhibit C- Joell did his thing but I doubt if anybody out does the original.
    Sade- This track is NOT meant to be rapped on. Smh
    Successful- I think I remember Ortiz rippin this.
    Kinda like a big deal- “im on a hot pursuit of prostitutes in my chopper suit”

    • Hanch

      Yo after Thinking on it, I have to Agree with you and Recall My earlier Comments! That shit is so dope it just needs to stay that way so ppl dont fuck it up! So now ill go with my second Pick I wanna Rock!!! But your definitely on point with PPL shouldnt be rapping over that beat!

  • droopey

    I have to admit I like successful.

    But HONESTLY Drake’s I mean Birdman – Money to Blow that beat just makes me want to be sick.

    Money to blow! Although barely anyone remixed it.

  • Hanch

    I have to go with that Sade joint. That shit is tough as hell, that remix with Maino was off the chain and I dont even like Maion that well LOL That beat is Dope. I wanna Rock would be second to bad that is the only Dope Song on that whole fucking CD though! Snoop needs to get back on that Gangsta Shit an spittin like hes the king of this shit! When Snoop spits like that Everybody Fears Him!

    • Sincere

      Snoop needs to get back to writing his own shit… A.S.A.P.

  • AZ40

    D.O.A was hot and slaughthouse killed it on green lantern

    I loved the Angels beat(back when Jay did it…remember where I’m from)

    Joell killed Sade’s soldier of love

    Successful beat was good and simple

    O let’s do it from that retard and I wanna rock are the worst of the group

    • Pierzy

      I was about to say the same about “Where I’m From”

  • John Cochran

    I gotta go with Exhibit C. I know this is about the beat, which was hot, but it’s rare lately that an MC goes in like that. That Jay Elec-Hanakuh part,It’s scary. And it don’t got a hook. Beast.

  • Mas

    Popular demand.

  • El Tico Loco

    If is not an official “remix” (more on my opinions on remixes nowadays)is waste of very good bars in most cases. If is a new artist show what you can do over a familiar beat, the niggas with deals shouldn’t breath on a track unless they cut the check (thanks Fat Kat)get new money on new beats and make these producers step their game up too, see how many rearrangements of a milli Shondrae made passing them off as new beats and ya’ll ate that shit up? Neptunes and Lil Jon were good for that too. But hey if these cats wanna pay top dollar for recycled beats go head and knock yourself out.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    When a song is out and the PUBLIC wants to rhyme over it, submitting 16′s and posting them, this when you REALLY won. You want the PEOPLE to like it as well as your peers.

    Exhibit C

    Practically everybody in the industry has an exhibit. Nahright commenter’s even did verses.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    Any DJ’s on here? Who remembers this sample?

    I forgot the name. Been having this beat in the mind for years…

  • Nacirema_Dream

    Young Dro killed that D.O.A. joint.

  • http://none conman

    Clipse – Popular Demand, IMO BOTY

  • EmCDL

    That ‘O Lets Do It’ beat is horrible, ish sound basic as hell. Thats the first time I’ve heard that ‘Exibit C’ beat; now that one goes hard, that and the Popular Demand beat. I’d spit on those myself and I don’t even rap.

  • grumpy

    that angels beat was on a game mixtape back in 07. you know what it is vol.4 track #7 where i’m from.

  • RDS

    How is that Wacka Flacka bullshit on here, but Travis Porter’s not? I don’t love that Turn It All The Way Up joint, but that beat is undeniably a banger. And my dude Lupe murdered it proper.


  • jerm

    Slaughterhouse kinda killed the DOA joint on a freestyle

    And Forever, i know Crooked I’s brothers, Horse Shoe GANG went on the beat too, all 4 of them lol.

    As for A Milli, the only remixes that seemed pretty good, were Cory Gunz and Chamillionaire’s.

  • J

    A Milli was straight up fucking garbage, I don’t see the how anyone can think it’s good. D.O.A the best oytta those 9 though.

  • Joe

    @ Grumpy, try again young ngga…

    Thats from Jay z vol. ONE, 1997, not 2007, ‘Where i’m from’

    • grumpy

      good looks on that joe.
      my main point tho was tha fact that how it gon make hot beats of ’09 list when it was out in ’07. but knowin it been out since ’97 that just makes my argument stronger, so good looks homie.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Check out Digital Underground (ft. Tupac) “What’s Up With The Love” to find out what inspired the beat for “Where I’m From.”

  • archivist78

    I will have to go with Jay Electronica, this MC is a beast, Tha production by JuSt BlAzE IS OFF THE CHARTS, THE SAMPLE by the legendary Billy StWart, is ill,

  • santonio mcduffie

    I will have to go with JaY EleCtronica, this MC is lyrical beast, The production by JuSt BlAze is off the charts, Especially the sample by the legendary BillY sTEwART, IS ILL

  • kedordu


  • Wallman

    Is it only me who thinks it sounds gay when snoop says: “my homies JERKIN’”, lmao, ugly name for a dance