Illuminati? Sheesh! This Ish Again!

With all the Illuminati talk and New World Order I cannot help but think… “Wow, the Illuminati worked.”

What I mean by saying this is, 15 years ago The Goodie openly spoke on and addressed this conspiracy and OutKast alluded to it in their music. The music was jamming (meaning it made folks wanna party) and informative (meaning the message in it actually would help you). The music was a force that openly challenged corporations, government and classism. The music challenged the listener to question and learn more. Along with groups like Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Rage Against The Machine, Ice Cube, KRS-One, Scarface, Paris, The Coupe, Rakim the audience was given an alternative to the teaching of the Status Quo. Not only were the rappers rapping, writers were writing and the fans were reading. The Isis Papers, Behold a Pale Horse, Dark Alliance, The Fall of America, Nigger, Blood in My Eye, the autobiographies of Malcom and Martin. In this day and age ehhh not so much!

Keep in mind that with all these positive messages these artist spoke and wrote, it was gangster/XXX rappers Ice T and Luther “Skywalker” Campbell that were both at odds with the federal government fighting for free speech and against government sanctioned censorship only to be dissed later by the young niggas who benefited from their suffering (*sigh* thanks Ice and Luke). Rappers walked what they talked and this was dangerous for the establishment for real, not like the “real talk” bullshit of today. I honestly knew when Rage Against the Machine broke up and Dead Prez didn’t “Blow Up” shit was over “The Illuminati” had won. The temperature of the times had grown too cold. Compound that with the post-911 mentality of safety over freedom and it’s a wrap. I mean they actually just made the face of terror a Nigga in a white tee… shit we in trouble. Guess Bol was right about me. I hope that nigga didn’t have the “Pressure” video in his hard drive cuz I’m fucked if he does. Twenty years ago every rapper would’ve said “Mayne, something ain’t right I don’t trust this story right now…” (crickets)!

The people who had been so fired up as kids have accepted con man home loans. Joined mega churches bought cars they could not maintain and buried themselves in Debt to the same companies they bucked on in high school and college. These same companies support what is commonly called the illuminati.

They had become mid-20 something year-olds and sought conformity and “better schools for their children,” (which is bullshit by the way, if public schools failed us and served as an indoctrination central then why would any thing change now?). They abandoned working class rap with high ideals and bought into “conscious” fruit cake rap. Rap that is vocal but not offensive, rap that was smart but not blue collar, rap that was willing to protest (see Kanye’s rant on Bush) but not riot (see Rage Against the Machine at the Democratic National Convention). The Illuminati has won because it keeps us focused on stupid shit like “Is Jay-Z a mason?,” “Does Rhi Rhi worship the devil?” and “Can I hear Satan speaking on a rap record?” LMAO

Please see Tipper Gore (Al’s wifey) at Senate hearings in the 80s doing the same shit to Judas Priest. This strategy has been used before and now it’s being introduced again only better, slicker and more effective. Sorta like the old white bearded man told Ne-Yo in the last Matrix (go watch it!). Folks we been here before. Only this time they put black faces on the debate (Barack, Jay, Ye’ ) but it’s still what’s behind the curtain we should question not the actors on stage. I been here before the fear talk, the “chips in your forehead fears,” but hey your debit card is your beat number, the Euro and soon to come Amero is the one world currency. So have no fear the Illuminati is already here, already running your life now that you know this what will you do to be more like the character in V (Vendetta) and less like you are now. While you were arguing Hova’s video points, the debate on supporting the Black Caucus in it’s attempt to hold our President of the United States (POTUS) to task about making loans available for black business died in the media SMH. So now, put up or shut up! You’re already a slave to your financers. What will you do to get free! The forces you speculate about are your masters. They control your food, water, laws, money and movements to have to find new ways to escape that grip. Simply looking at artsy fartsy videos with Skulls, hammers, horns and complaining don’t count!

Here’s a link to something you can do today to begin to take back your freedoms. –It’s Bigga!

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  • opm509

    damn am i the only one that is smart enough to know what you were talkin about? I feel what your saying boy they been doing us natives like that for years homie we need to educate and not speculate

  • Boogie The Don

    Long time Whats goodie fam

  • hate

    you know, i wanna ride with you killa.

    but then you murder all of your credibility by backing obama.

    makes no sense

    • Mike Bigga

      I back the symbol of Obama if he can be a tool 4 them he is 4sure a tool 4 out community. He image inspired now what reality we steer our kids is on us. We tellem Abe Lincoln freed us so why not use the Big O image to dispell the BS black boys r on and institute our agenda! Thank u for keeping me honest!

  • bakerboi

    Not many responses, hmmmm I wonder why? You are rite on so many levels. And I have been one to entertain the Jay thing. However, if that’s what it take to start to open people eyes then let that shit drift into something bigger. I got a blog ( where I talk about certain things and i had one of MY FOLKs say “damn, nicca you be writing too much stuff, I don’t want to read all that.” Wow, are you series? Put it in a paragraph and keep the masses dumb. If a little speculation will open a blind eye, then let’s roll with that shit and until it’s speculation no more. Sure, it’s entertaining for now, but when the shit hits the fan later on, then what. We have to educate ourselves bro, because THEY are counting on us not knowing shit. Furthermore, it’s not just US, it’s everybody baby, we are all slaves to it and we buy into it everyday and don’t even know it. This is the end game for us and the beginning for them. Learn yourself up. Use your tools.

    • Chevy

      Hell yeah, shit, no need 2 wonder. The fools either hate without merit or choose to not even read after seeing the length of the msg. Allergic 2 enlightenment I’d say.

      “god takes care of old folks & fools while the devil takes care of makin all the rules” – Chuck D, “He Got Game”/He Got Game OST

  • younghov402

    Couldn’t have said it better……good shit Bigga

  • Brooklyn

    it’s true, we’re being saturated with insignificant shit to keep us blind to what’s really going on behind the scenes. by the time niggas open their eyes, it’s gonna already be too late to do shit.

  • Enlightened

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, what a relief Mike!

    When I read the headline I thought you was about to hit us with some of that corny, uninformed nigga “y’all really believe there’s somebody out there controlling what goes on around us-there is no such thing as… blah blah blah ass” denial bullshit.

    Thank you man. I knew you wasn’t capable of no bullshit like that. Keep it crackin.

    For the record, I be in the field fightin that fight. Questioning everything. Living within my means using cash. Still bumpin that Let’s Get Free. Getting at least 3 sources on everything I hear to validate it, etc….

    It’s crazy to see how far gone the average man on the street is. I know you don’t like to speak negative on specific rappers, especially from the A – which is good because I believe our debates amongst Black people should be held amongst ourselves when possible but….

    what fuckin corporate head (illuminati representative) allowed a nigga to sign a fuckin contract and call himself Wacka Flocka Flame after the sound of a gun cockin and shootin and promote this dude? C’mon Son. Is that shit absolutely ridiculous or is that me. I can’t decide which name is more ridiculous, that or 2 Pistols.

  • Bez

    Killa you speak so much truth and u know what time its been for a while now, and still you openly and passionatly backed obama knowing full well he is a cfr member…now hou wanna say well fuck it, that doesnt matter cause they got you on lock…come clean brother you fell into the hype…you need to use YOUR PLATFORM and go hard…pressure is a nice song and all that but u throwing mixed messages to these young people making em think there is a differen e between a clinton or an obama or a bush.

    Come on son…if your gonna go in GO IN! I do every day…i wish i had your platform

    • valdez

      realest comment so far. cosign bez to the fullest.

  • william lee

    Another great drop. I really enjoy your writing and Pledge II is still the soundtrack to my success. I rode into school jamming “God in The Building” and “If I Can’t Eat Right” just like I do every other school day. I will finish my AAS in Accounting in May and then on to my BS in Accounting. I want to become an Accountant and teach the children in my community some fiscal responsibility. Thanks again for the music and the words.

    Will Lee

    • Mike Bigga

      Goo shit that makes me Proud Pledge III in the works now. Also Check 4 PILL off thet Eat Rite My lil Bruh is Killing SHit.

      • valdez

        what is this music yall speak of?? sounds like some shit i’d like to hear. can yall put me D??


  • themighty

    Damn…… in a lot of ways… you right dog… trippin on a video wouldn’t do anything in the first place….. but the question is what can we do? People who REALLY ready to ride for change is the minority… we’d have to how you say……. slowly lure the public into supporting this cause of change. a REAL change

  • Tony Grands

    The whole “Does Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye worship the devil?” propoganda is weird to me, because it should be more along the lines of “Do “you” worship the devil”? There’s so many distractions to focus on, people stay blind to what’s surrounding them. Not everyone of course, but people quell their curiosity with diversions. My mom’s be on that devil worship shit, & one day I’ll gather the balls to say to her “Take that cross from around your neck, & then let’s talk”.

    Ignorance is bliss, & what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

    It’s not even so much an “Illuminati” issue, as it is all the unseen powers that make decisions for us, & we readily agree. Like credit. Young folks get their first credit card & rejoice, unknowingly allowing themselves to be tethered, shackled to a system designed to keep you working & spending against your will. Interest is free money. How am I going to pay you to give me money, when I can just use my own, live by realistic means, & try that much harder to obtain what I want in life?

    It’s bigger, indeed.

    • Enlightened

      “Take the cross from around your neck, then let’s talk” meaning what? Just wondering.

      • Tony Grands

        Enlightened says:

        “Take the cross from around your neck, then let’s talk” meaning what? Just wondering.

        ^^Meaning that the Bible teaches against worshipping false idols & symbols (idolatry). She’s a born again Baptist & studying to get a degree in theology. She’s from the old school, fire & brimstone, “only read the red ink” school of Christianity. So, when she can get past that old head logic in regards to the truth about the Bible, we can talk.

        • oneofthemyo’s

          whats the truth about the bible?

        • Tony Grands

          The truth about the Bible is that people allow other people’s interpretations of what it says dictate their feelings/beliefs. Just because a man stands on a stage & isolates a specific message for a sermon doesn’t mean there’s not pertinent information before & after what he read.

          The truth about the Bible is that it’s easy to skim through to find what’s beneficial instead of doing the knowledge of it all. Knowing the story of Adam & Eve is as important as the story of Job, so to speak.

          What I read with my own eyes will always outweigh what someone’s trying to convince me of. The truth about the Bible is if you don’t research it yourself, assuming you believe in it’s contents, then you’ll only be getting second hand information.

        • Enlightened

          Good point. I didn’t know if you were saying something like “if you worship Jesus, who says that’s any different than worshipping the devil?” lol. I’m glad I asked.

          So you feel like people are actually worshipping those crosses like a false idol if they wear them?

          That being said, I agree wholeheartedly about the “skimming” and not researching for yourself. I think that’s more of a character issue than a religious issue. The same type of person who will walk around repeating only what they heard somebody else say from the Bible without reading it themselves, are the same type of person who will walk around now saying “Fraud Gayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao. Why the hell does he want more tests? He’s looking for an excuse to get out of the fight.”

        • Will E. Will

          it says in the bible that there shall be no graven images made of Him. Crosses, statues, all that stuff is blasphemous. Yet, you step foot into most churches and what is hanging above the alter? Christ on the cross. It’s all ass backwards. There’s alot that we don’t realize we do, thinking we are following the Bible, when in reality we are doing things completely wrong.

          Just an example, in the Bible it says the holy day is the 7th day. The day we should all spend on resting, not working. Yet everyone thinks it’s Sunday. It’s really Saturday people. It has all been changed around. Alot of what the masses follow is misleading. I dont even like USING the names of the week, since they all are named after pagan gods. There’s alot “behind the curtain” folks. Educate yourselves.

          If you get a chance, Youtube this brother he is intelligent and has alot to say. “theforerunner777″ God Bless

        • Tony Grands

          We could talk about the Bible all day, lol. But I’ll just make two more points.

          If someone killed you father, would you wear a picture of him, however he died, around your neck in remembrance?

          &, I suggest to those who are willing to find God, whoever He is to them, do the research, don’t just let Creflo Dollar & the Pope convince you about Christianity.

  • Smokey

    Dude i get that we need the social aspects back in hip hop but what’s with shitting on concious rap. They tell you shit the way it needs to be and just because they now when and where to protest doesn’t change anything. Riots don’t work they just relive anger as shown by rodney king and watts. I would rather my rappers rticulated than just rampaged because at least then there is reason. We need to do something but we can’t go in blindley and striking out at anyone close.

    • Mike Bigga

      I’m not advocating riots in the literal, I’m just not over jocking inactive political talking either. I actully love Mos Def 4 being Active, Immortal Tech and Dead Prez LIVE it fully but, Most other guys who get the conscious titile not so much. Sorry if it appeared disrespectful. I jus do not buy what they selling.

      • smokey

        Dude i mos def agree with you. I was just trying to say we have to be smart about the shit we get into too. Black people just seem to choose these little or insignificant battles that don’t mean anything and forget the big picture. You’re right words don’t mean anything without action to back them up. We have had words for a few generations but no action, movements, or leaders. I was just trying to say that if mainstream America is bigger, we have to be smarter. My bad if i came off a bit insolent or anything.

    • Mike Bigga

      PS Please not i went in on these tired ass new age Gangter rapper too!

    • what

      riots < revolutions

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Kudos to you Killa Mike. I been tryna put everyone on game to what’s been going on in the “Real” World but they won’t listen…

  • Bigtings


    Ray Hagins Africom


    Ray Hagins NSCM 46

    Keep it real boss…

  • Chevy

    Reading commentaries and viewpoints like this is always refreshing. The problem is, in our communities and in the fan world of hip hop, nobody seems to care about someone speaking real shit like this on a commentary or a record. On records, for the large majority of fans now, if it aint bussin somebody head wide open or some track wit a jig, nobody feelin it. On commentaries and anything over a paragraph, the masses seem allergic to reading and enlightening themselves. When Jadakiss says a line like “Wanna hide something from a nigga? Put it in a book” is he being too hard on people or is he stating a fact?

    Music in my mind, is a direct reflection of our community’s state of health. When records like Git Up Git Out were embraced widely while infusing political commentary and opinion and STILL people were partying to it, times were good. I wonder if that shit’ll ever come back. Looking where hip hop is at, in our city and state now for the large part, where our communities are at, i wonder if it’ll ever come back. People keep takin and not givin back in both areas, eventually there’ll be nothin left. How much is really left NOW?

    Mike, keep doin it bruh. I been ridin since day 1 witcha and will til ya hang it up and beyond. Like someone else said, that intro from Pledge 2 for a real head? Man, that shit’ll put the hair up on ya arms. There ain’t many of us left who don’t perpetrate on records or make mindless music with no soul or real offering. Keep speakin the real and keep makin life soundtracks people can get by to.

    It’s ya boy Chevy, eastside memorial drive checkin in&out this bitch.

    Fuck wit me.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Peace Bigga!

    Y’all should know how I get down. If y’all don’t then click the related story on the above right and go back to that Bol/Jigga post. The issue is most DO NOT BELIEVE these Illuminated people exist and the fix has BEEN on. I know it’s hard for one to swallow that bitter pill when they are just getting their foot in the door of life. None of the pause, no homo stuff needed for this.

    These rap dudes ain’t telling the people how to become self-sufficient. I be laughing at dudes when they say Jay is the most influential rapper of our time. Yeah? Name me one thing Jay told you to do that will HELP YOU. These dudes are leading you to the slaughterhouse(see that?). Telling you get money, I got more than you, I’m so icy, my luxury car, look at my chicks and clothes, if you don’t like me you’re a hater.

    I know exactly what Jay is doing. He’s SHOWING y’all the sh*t is real, but he ain’t gonna tell you how to OVERCOME or PREPARE for it. He’s telling all HE’S GOOD. This way his conscience can be clear by saying “I tried to warn you”. He’s got his $ to help HIM survive. I see Jay as that Russian dude in “2012″. Rich enough to buy a seat on the ark and is only going ask for your help IF he needs it. But will be stuck and can’t get on the damn thing himself. DID Y’ALL EVEN SEE THAT MOVIE?

    I told y’all about that global warming sh*t. Do y’all remember the first meeting B.O. had while in office? With the Canadian & Mexican leaders? The N.A.U. is already set up. Can’t front the flag looks better than the one we have now. You might want to go online and start converting your $ to Ameros if you have any. Yes it is on sale. Shame on dudes who think this INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY doesn’t provide information.

    So like I said a couple of days ago, who has the survival skills? Anyone here from the hoods know how to fly a plane? Take bullets out of flesh? How to administer proper medicines for the ill? How to skin game to eat? Does anyone have the survival pack ready with waterproof matches? Waterproof, high-top boots for rivers, snow & avoiding snake & rat bites? Camping gear? Do you know how to camp even? How to raise a tent? Got a compass to know where the f*** you’re going? Where to go when the big one happens, IF you have a chance to?

    Most people don’t even recognize the fallout shelters on the daily. My homies tell me what’s going on in the Guard. Word is bond stop sleeping.

    We needs more people with these requirements I stated above, not rappers. Do y’all even see this rap sh*t is killing more people than helping?

    So y’all can keep cheering them guys that are helping to distract you from the real. They are f***ing with your intelligence. I’ll keep learning how to work these miles of useful land and nature and keep putting my peeples on to game.

    I’ve told y’all more real sh*t in 2 weeks than these dudes have in 10 years.

    Peace to the lurkers and the fed up workers.

    • Smokey

      Dude I can’t believe that for so many reasons.
      1) The NAU would be for financial reasons only, same as the EU. We want to be more powerful than Europe and that is one way. No ways have the big wigs at the top really wanted Mexico part of the country.
      2) Global warning has all to do with our poor treatment of earth. It is no conspiracy because it would kill all of us and besides that, it is a natural occurrence. How else would the ice aged end, we warmed up its a natural process.
      3) Most normal people can’t do that. We have doctors and nurses for half that stuff. Na I can’t hunt and kill i live in a city not the boons. Besides, it doesn’t snow out here where I live. (Oakland, smokin)
      4) I doubt any of them ig’nat ass rappers who say half that stuff can even read, let alone brainwash a society on purpose.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Homie the sad part of it is most people ain’t gonna believe.

        1)There’s an African Union too. As well as a South American. Don’t forget they all report to the ONE WORLD BANK. Mexico has fertile land the US doesn’t. Don’t forget NAFTA already exists.

        2)So carbon emissions are killing people in Angola, Chad & Tanzania? Ain’t hardly any civilization or industrialization over there. They need FOOD AND CLEAN WATER more than an unsupervised sanctioning group looking at the air, while taking the land and resources.

        3)Yes normal people CAN do that. Any part of that I stated. I’m from the big city fam(NYC). I moved to learn(OR). Never say you can’t. You have NoCal. Mount Shasta has PLENTY of land for you to figure it out. Do you even know your water in the Bay comes from the Shasta Dam? Down the Sac River? It ain’t from the Pac Ocean. LA gets theirs through the pipeline from Colorado. Take a trip on the train homie. It’s cheap and I would even meet up with you, Kush it up to the 100th power, and let’s figure it out. Pop them thangs for a real purpose, at animals to eat, instead of at SOMEONE on some hood sh*t.

        4)Exactly. Ig’nat ass rappers don’t even know they’re pawns in the big chess game. Too busy looking at the delusions of grandeur.

        Because I’m keep it real, when it goes down, the Caucasians will be gone. In the hills, mountains, by the lakes, holding it down. Surviving. They’ve been practicing.

        The blacks will be in the cities killing each other. Looting bare ass grocery stores for old food and burning everything in sight. Still trying to get paid.

        And I’m as black as they come. Think about it fam. Your survival is the prize.

        • Turtle

          first off best post ever thanks killa and this debate is good i just got one quick Q wuts ur somke signal so u can tell me how to skin animal’s cause i know i cant do that shit bro

        • Will E. Will

          Damn brother, they aint ready for it. It’s sad, because the masses think like Smokey. Till the day the shit hits the fan. I was going to say the same shit about the food, about really surviving, but you took the words right out of my mind.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          @ Turtle

          Ha! Glad you know the celly’s won’t be working…practice the potato peeling…

          @ Will

          My mom always told me everybody ain’t gonna make it. But you’re not everybody, you are you.

          And people they do sell dehydrated food packs @ army surplus stores and sporting goods spots(REI,DICKS). And you smokers out there learn how to roll your own tobacco.

          Anyone who wishes to build click the name & send me a kite.

        • Avenger XL

          All that shit you are saying sounds hot but if something major goes down. Only the lucky will survive. The skills you mentioned may get you a step closer to survival but if a major disaster hits everyone is fucked except a few. Even the so-called power brokers are going down. The earth can live without us we can’t live without it. Humanity is looking more like a failed experiment with hope being the strongest social narcotic since religion got watered down.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Just like you said a few.

          Thus the purpose of me throwing this in the air. I know it may not be me. But if I can provide the best way possible thru early preparation, I can possibly assist those that will carry on.

      • valdez

        @ Smokey…

        no disrespect homie, but it is blatantly obvious by anyone who knows something that YOU are beyond brainwashed. i mean, the programming runs deep on us all considering it started at and has continued since birth.

        but u think the EU, NAU and AU are only for financial purposes. do u realize how ridiculous that sounds (again, not tryna disrespect u, fam). how about CONSOLIDATION?? the EU is now essentially one huge country now, as will be the NAU and finally the AU. then what’s next?? the whole globe will follow suit and be consolidated into one huge community with one currency, one gov’t… ONE WORLD!

        global warming is a farce to say the least. simply put, it is propaganda to literally charge us a tax just to breathe AIR!

        c’mon son, u need to open ur eyes!!

        • Smokey

          Dude all im saying is i could give a damn about some secret society “controlling” the world. No one is telling kids where i live to shoot each other, men to leave thier children, or crack heads to get lit. If a people like that really controll the world, so be it. But there is stuff we can change and do for the better. I think that if there is an illuminati there job isn’t all this stuff you guys are talking to take the world down, but distract us from the real problems in the communities that we can change and forget about with conspiracy theories. Global warming is a fact and if you can’t accept that than thats just bad science. I can’t change the world on a global level, but i can save and help kids on my blocl so thats what im focusing on.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          With that response homie, all I can say is be safe, stay safe. You can’t change the world, but you can change a mind.

          Especially a young mind. If you feel you wanna build w/o the whole board gettin’ @ you, you are more than welcome to holler @ me.

  • cameron

    Damn Mike. On point as always. Got me re-thinking some shit right now. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be setting up a business account from Wells Fargo, but this right here is making me feel like going local. My only concern is that I am planning on starting my own Hip-Hop label and I’m not sure how the suits at a local bank would react to that. The reason I plan on going w/ WF is because the branch manager has been helping me learn certain shit about the business that I am ignorant too.. (ASCAP, fictitious name, etc.)

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      This may be too late, but look at a CREDIT UNION. I don’t know if WF has reached the east, but it sounds like you’re on the left coast.

      Commercial banks only cater and work hard for just that, commercial business. And besides if your money is that long, a credit union will work with you PERSONALLY ALL THE WAY. Not just lick their chops at your deposit, in which they will take to help the bigger clients they have.


      And before you do that label, holler. You gotta understand the language of taxation and YOU MUST be frugal with EVERYTHING. What to write off as business. Per se, a Roc-a-Fella chain can be written off as a business expense.

      Good luck and best wishes, but holler at dudes for that OG talk before you start swiping that card.

  • Total

    besT poST ever thanks killa and this debate good all i gota say is when shit hits the fam im gona need ur somke signal so u can show me how to skin animals i dont no how to do any of that shit bro

  • Master CHeef

    I think the term, “illuminati”, causes people to write it off b/c it makes it sound more mystical than it really is. It’s not a bunch of devil worshipers turning the world around with a skeleton hand.

    I say we start using the new term and calling it something that encapsulates a more accurate conception:

  • Master CHeef

    Posted the wrong link on the first one.

    I think the term, “illuminati”, causes people to write it off b/c it makes it sound more mystical than it really is. It’s not a bunch of devil worshipers turning the world around with a skeleton hand.

    I say we start using the new term and calling it something that encapsulates a more accurate conception:

  • maximus 32

    Its funny how my shit ain’t get posted. I ain’t even use a whole bunch of curse words. XXL filtering shit too huh? That’s wild.

  • caino

    smart, intelligent post, loving it!!

    ‘Absolute power, corrupts absolutley’

    USA, UK, Germany, China etc , they all control us through fear! Terrorists, Bird Flu, Pandemics, Climate change (shit, they used to call it Global Warming untill they realised the planet is actually cooling down).

    Peeps need to turn off MTV and read a book, educate yourselfs!

  • ladidadida

    Where does the destruction of radio come into play. Radio is a corporate tool. The Dj/Radio relationship is dead. Your asking for something that cannot exist in the current shape of hip-hop. Just as the catholic church disenfranchised way back when hip hop has as well. split into sects or tribes. Those of us who do listen are so defensive and aggresive with our taste. We shoot down someone until the have proven themselves but use money and fame as our tool to measure with. (Probably the reason why your favorite underground artist is only ur favorite in the underground.) The most noble tend to sell out for the almighty dollar. So we get tired of the monotonous crap and turned somewhere else for the music. The internet has opened our eyes to whats out there however it has really narrowed our scope on what is good. Seeing as there is so much trash. If you havent noticed lately we’ve been getting banned from places. When was the last time you came across a cypher in the park a breaker on the street. Don’t get me wrong this may exist in NY or L.A. but we live in a different world then those folk. What am i sayin? apples and oranges man. Whats a protest in a world that just don’t give a damn!

  • warren Jae

    Bigga you jus touched on some topics that could literally change the world if more of us were open minded enough and willing to change the way we go about certain things. For so long we have been forced to believe that the way things are is actually how its supposed to be. That the only way we can be somebody is by “turnin our swag on.” There are too many of us who don’t kno how to maneuver thru this life in a manner appealing to everyone, and too many more who aren’t puttin out the word that this isn’t the way it should be. I gotta give propz to those who posted as well. There is a big separation in the rap game from what’s hot and what’s not. As an artist myself I’ve never been one to conform which makes it that much harder these days for the few of us that use music as a selfless act as well as a way to vent to b heard and exposed properly. Some how hot became shit we see today that make 5 year olds pop they collar and sing lick my lollipop and young girls bangin they heads to gettin white boy wasted (I’VE SEEN IT.. I’M SURE WE ALL HAVE) So imagine the thought process of that 13 and up age group who understand these songs more and here them as often as they do and study the videos for them. music is part every persons daily life..what better way to manipulate our culture as well as the world than by allowin more spins on shit with no substance rather then real music to help deal with life, spark someones idea or motivate a new way of livin and chasin a dream. we forget there are those in the hoods (as well as outside of them) with this same thoughts as us who don’t even kno how to get it across to the generations b4 them. or try but this fire is long passed a quick extinguish. most have already been caught in it and can’t find there way out. it takes more than one hose, 2 hoses, even 3 hoses, etc to put out a fire and more people to hold those hoses if u get what I’m tryin to say. its not so much protesting and rioting than the right people in the right places saying the right things at the right times..what better time than now as we watch the world crumble..we seem to neglect the fact that they don’t call it a “game” for nothin the ones who think they are winning have already lost… google warren Jae….

    • valdez

      very well said, sir!


  • General

    Xcellent post Mike…

    @Maximus, I see you, my post that put up yesterday didn’t show up on here either, SMH

  • Lunatikstwocents

    Your right, im so tired of hearin these kids talking about Conspiracy theories, if they were really concerned they’d do more than just talking about it. Nut up or SHut up!!

    • Smokey

      Im with you dude. People want to talk conspiracies that control the world but no one is controling kids on the street shooting each other, skipping school, robbing, etc. We can do real shit to help but people get caught up in that bull that keeps them looking at nothing.

  • tensensi

    Exactly why I still bump:

    When the scene unfolds
    Young girls thirteen years old
    Expose themselves to any Tom, Dick, and Hank
    Got mo’ stretch marks than these hoes
    Hollin they got rank
    See Sega aint in this new world order
    Dem experimenting in Atlanta, Georgia
    United Nations, overseas
    they trained assassins to do search and seize
    Aint knocking or asking
    Dem coming for niggas like me
    Po’ white trash, like they
    Tricks like her back in slavery
    Concentration camps lace with gas pipes lines
    Inferno’s outdoors like they had back
    When Adolf Hitler was living in 1945
    Listen to me now, believe me
    Later on in the future look it up
    Where they say it? Aint no more Constitution
    In the event of a race war
    Places like operation heartbreak hotel
    Moments tear until air tight vents seat off despair
    Dem say expect no mercy
    Foot you should be my least worries got to deal with
    Where my W-2′s, 1099′s
    Unmarked black helicopters swoop down
    And try to put missiles in mines

  • AvengerXL

    I have one problem with conspiracy theories. They take peoples eyes off the real issues. The whole illumanti shit is too comic bookish. What we face is the evolution of colonalism and corrupt capitalist using their wealth as a weapon to stay wealthy. People are afraid to think. Hip-hop and rap is just a form of entertainment and it may open up some of the youths minds but at the end of the day the movement that needs to occur is us taking responsiblity for the kind of society and world we want to live in. We can create boogie men and barbershop debate over what clandestine organization is running what or we can demand more from ourselves which in contrast demands more of others.

    Mike I can tell by your writings you are a dude with heart but from your postion I want to see more stuff you do to drive true change because you have a platform though limited. In your music you play the part of the drug dealer/gangsta many times to speak to a certain audience. How about getting a coalition of like minded artists to do some postive things for some young black males without father figures?

    It is all about saying enough. We are at war with ourselves. Slavery is not necessary because we put ourselves in chains and punsih the less fortunate by not being smart
    consumers. This will not change in a generation this process is a slow one. The revolution will not be televised becaused the revolution is internal. Most external revolution not grounded in a strong internal one turn out to be nothing but power plays by millitary strong men. Become your salvation be the change and stop making up villians you have enough to fight as is.

    • Mike Bigga

      I Thank u 4 your observation. I Have been a Community Advocate and i am a former Drug Dealer and some would say i have lived a gangters life, although i jus see it as my journey.

      I have also Been a More House Student and will soon be again. i am a Small business owner, Rapper, Blogger, and barber shop political pundit. I have had a complex life like a lotta Men i know. I believe if u listen to my music knowing that u will appreciate more than the “drug” references. My music contains all that.

      Thank u again Bruh. I will aspire to put more of what u get from this writing in my music and i look 4ward to your support buy, Download, Come to shows. I don’t jus rap i do! Support that homie.

      G.R.I.N.D (Getting Resources into Neighborhoods Directly) Back to school aways,m Pop Warner supporter, Supports of Troy Davis and Public Spokesman, Boys and Girls Club and inner Grass Roots initiatives at plaes like Rosa L Berny Park and Adamsville Rec. i’m also a Community employer, just some of the things i’ve been able to do already do to affect my local community and create chane. Now buy all my new shit so we can send our 1st Kind to a full Scholarship to a HBCU. Real talk album coming soon!

      • Mike Bigga

        sorry 4 the typos too

      • Avenger XL

        I already support grind time gang bang bang! all day.

        I figured you were working in the community because you are the type of artist we need out there. I want the public to put more of a spotlight on what you do and I hope you mention it more in print and on youtube. Stay on the grind M Bigga aka the realest

    • Mike Bigga

      Sorry 4 the Typos Like Change and Kids…my bad

      • BIGNAT

        “This will not change in a generation this process is a slow one. The revolution will not be televised becaused the revolution is internal. Most external revolution not grounded in a strong internal one turn out to be nothing but power plays by millitary strong men”
        you got that right avenger slavery itself is not in the physical it’s in the mental. when you get a person to think that there purpose in life. is to serve you and they think nothing different of that. you have yourself a slave it takes years to plant the slave mentality. beating and breaking someone down is oppression but when those people get a chance. you will be killed word to the big homie dallas page who stated. why you think the europeans was not trying to make the natives slaves.

  • Joe Morgan jr

    Mike another winner ! I’m with Master CHeef calling it Illuminati is throwing people off. And like Mike said it’s already here. If someone educates themselves on the present banking system. And then takes a look at the Amero it all makes sense.

    A nod of respect for Tony Grands brief but insightful thoughts on finding the truth for yourself, not second hand. $ykotic is really trying to hip you to game. White folks have been waiting and been prepared for this shit to crack for years.

    ” If you stay ready, You don’t have to get ready” – SugaFree

  • 1hunid

    Damn good read. Even all the comments are on point.

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Yo, I been on this for 4 years now and I’m just turning 22 this year. I’m down to share information with whoever wants to know anything and I’m also willing to learn things I don’t know. But can someone please educate me on when Killa Kill, states that, “the debit cards are already out beat numbers?” Someone shed some light on this for me please. Thanks.

    • Master Cheef

      I think that was a typo, and that he meant our beast numbers, as in the mark of the beast.

      • Mike Bigga

        That was a typo good looking! Beast Numbers as in Number of the beast. 666 etc….

  • 3rd eye clear

    ain’t nobody done put a black face on terrorism..that stupid mutha f**cka was trying to kill innocent people. You know how many babies was on that flight!

    • valdez

      ^^or at least the media SAID he did.


    i hear you mike you can start by changing back to killer mike. that is what the cd’s in my house say not mike bigga. i heard about this stuff a while back my friend showed me a vid on youtube. it’s already starting in mexico the implating the chips in the people arms. the border thing will be done with. continents are going become mega powers. it was something like the u.s. central america and canada will form a new nation. the chips will replace money all your info will be on that chip. we will get one kind of currency for the whole world. sounds like the kind of world i don’t wanna live in lucky for me i will be dead. or on my way out once shit starts getting that bad.

    • BIGNAT

      what it comes down to no matter how much money you make. if it’s new money it don’t mean shit. like chris rock said i am not talking about shaq’s money but the guy who signs shaq’s check. the motherfuckers that own the color blue. you know the kind of people who can’t go broke if they wanted to.

  • Master Cheef

    Great drop, Bigga. You totally smashed it, my dude. We’ll be looking forward to more gems. That “pressure” joint is fire. If Ice Cube ain’t in your top 10 or 20, kill yoself, fool.

    Joe Morgan Jr., Grands stays bringing insight, just as Skyotic stays kicking game. Check them out on Grands’ website by clicking on Tony Grands’ name, you won’t be disappointed.

    Mike Bigga, we still waiting on that Grand Hustle news. When Dro droppin? How the King holding up? 8ball & MJG? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Trackstar the DJ

    Another great drop from Killa Kill…bout to tweet and FB this and hopefully the folks on my friendlist/timeline will spend their time in better ways than deciphering symbols that are red herrings at best, and meaningless most likely….

  • Master Cheef

    When looking at this drop from my iphone, I see that my 2nd post to correct the link from my 1st got cut off(on my laptop, you can scroll down and read it, but on the phone, it’s just cut off). So, I just want to re-post this word in case anybody wants to google it: corporatocracy.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    See how you bring the crew out Bigga? You have the weekend shift on smash.

    Keep sparking those axioms. I’ll do my part and give them reasons to keep thinking.


  • 3rd eye clear

    @valdez nah homie aint no conspiracy there!!

  • O2theC

    I’ve been preachin bout all this stuff 4 the past couple years, an most pple jus think im chattin shit an they say I’VE been brainwashed! lol its a shame that pple can’t c wats goin on right under their noses. thats wat makes it so much worse their blatantly doin it in front of our eyes. an at the core freemasonary isnt evil or nuffin, its jus a brotherhood of spiritual enlightenment that was condemed by the major religions, but the illuminati, nwo, billderburg group, the elites or wateva name u wanna give em jus use it as the basis 4 their agenda.
    go peep some alex jones, jordan maxwell, zachariah sitchen or valentine!!

  • O2theC

    an 2 those who dnt believe the north american union is comin into effect, peep the trans texas corridor, i kno this shit an im frm the uk, an theres scientific proof that the sun is heatin up, thats the cause of ‘global warming’, but im sure us humans have had sum effect but nt 2 the extent the goverment would have us believe. their jus fear mongering, talkin bout carbon taxing, jus anuva way 2 take ou money. how did we get 2 this, willingly being controlled 2 this extent. so when the shit hits the fan u gonna become a total slave or be part of/ spark the revoloution? an race, colour, creed wont mean a thing ( well maybe still 2 some) it’ll be us against them an im down 4 survival, gotta learn them survival skills like krs one and buckshot!

    • Avenger XL

      I am glad you explained to them about the freemasons because a lot of people will almost go as far as fighting over wether or not Jay-Z is or isn’t which is silly. Anyway the real problem is haves vs have nots and the only reason the haves keep their power is not only by force but by the fact good men do nothing. Our own selfish natures destroy us. People are very myopic in their world view and most would rather create vast conspiracy theories or pray for some revolution rather than doing the real work that would go into any social developements. Stop excepting the first thing you read on any subject and people and learn to read like an investigative reporter. Learn to save money rather than stunt all the time and by renewable goods form local companies. The market responds to these type of things when it is done by a large segment of the population. Learn to grow your own food or help start a community garden. People build their own hells willing because they are owned by their desires and possesions. Learn moderation and then you are starting the revolution that won’t be televised.

  • Apollo Moses

    WOW…that’s all I can say…great drop…hopefully tax time allows me the financial freedom to escape the plantation of my financers.

  • KingKnot

    I’m beginning to realize that peoples infatuations with secret communities and shadowy groups is simply an excuse to play the powerless role and do nothing. In reality, you gotta have the mindset that you can look as far as your eyes can see, left or right, and have more influence on that area than someone in some unknown corridor of the world who is implementing an agenda. I’m also realizing that the internet can bring thoughts together, but physical energy is what put things in motion. How about taking all these intellectuals that comment here, snatch them curtains down & put ‘em in one room and then see what comes out of it. I don’t know what but I know SOMETHING would get put in motion.

    (On a lighter note, I was just reading the 1st verse of Cell Therapy someone typed up and Khujo Goodie was right. “Sega ain’t in this New world order” .. he didn’t lie there. PS3, the Wii and Xbox bout put it outta business)

    • Avenger XL

      COSIGN and thank you

  • The1987Kid

    I really liked this article 4 once somebody is speaking my language, We as black people need 2 pay attention 2 more serious matters then if Jay-Z’s a freemason or If Rihanna worships the devil (Which we can get at but not were is 2 much going on in the world) Hip-Hop has let the white mainstream tell people who 2 listen 2, whats the latest fashion trend & what type of situation 2 get themselves in2, these people out here who strive 4 the big house, with a white picket fence, a suv sitting in the front yard & a dog need 2 get a bigger thought process, that type of mindset doesent work anymore, people need 2 get knowledge of self & stop letting people control there every move, the Illuminati is real 4 people who might call me a conspiracy buff, the Illuminati has came in2 hip-hop it has hijacked the lyrical contant & the positive message has been killed, the record companies have been trying 2 destroy hip-hop 4 years & now their plan is working, but its up 2 us 2 take it back & put more positive message back in the music, negativty has taken over, greed, jealousy, hatered, envy & lust has us as a people winded in this mindset, so its time to break that mindset & realize how strong we are 2gather & how much we can change 2gather, Knowledge of self is powerful then any government remember that, peace my brothers & sisters…

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