I Need Love, Vol. 1: The New Slow Jam Classics

I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s the time of year (we’re a little more than two weeks out from VDay?) but lately my iPod has been getting increasingly soft. Granted I’m a girl, and it’s only expected that I be fond of the softer side of hip-hop but this just ain’t like me, so I didn’t really know where to find what I was looking for.

I put out an APB OUT on Twitter the other day for the best hip-hop love songs and of course I got suggestions referencing all the go-to classics that people in my age group always fall back on: Common’s “Come Close,” Method Man/Mary’s “You’re All I Need,” LL’s “I Need Love.” All suggestions (minus LL, because Jagged Edge somehow ruined this for me when they sampled it, yeah, I know how that sounds) were good, yet predictable. I mean, I’m all for the classics but my ears are always itching for something new. So I made my own personal additions to the classics play list for those tender hip-hop tracks… and here’s my (new) best of:

Wale “Diary”

Arguably the most depressing love song in the history of depressing love song’s but Wale’s sentiment is heartfelt.

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  • JTM


    • that nigga

      Kelis has on heels. And fuck this shit and Kelis fuckin bitch, get a fuckin job already.

  • NotoriousAGC

    no offense but, this blog = blah blah blah blah

  • NotoriousAGC

    method man- “make ups to breakups” XD hahaha
    Jay-z”03′ bonnie & Clyde”
    2pac-” DO for love” etc are all better tracks then these

  • Ladidadida

    Maaaannnnnnneeeeee that photo does not make me think of slow jamz…….. mostly just divorce and child support

  • HNIC

    Method Man & Redman – “Mrs. International”

    Ghostface – “Baby” & “Paragraphs of Love”

    Fabolous – “Makin’ Love” & “Last Time” Hell, damn near every single that Fab releases is for the ladies.

    Snoop Dogg – “Special”

    Jay-Z – “I Know” I know that it’s about H, but, the lyrics could be about a lost love, as well a la “Song Cry”. Jigga is ill like that.

    That’s all that I can think of at the moment. But, those are some of the dopest tracks that were made for the ladies that have come out within the past year or so, in my opinion.

    You’re welcome!

  • latino heat

    TearDaClubUpThugz (Three 6 Mafia)- “All Dirty Hoes Suck Dick”.

    sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  • sealsaa

    Co-sign NotoriousAGC

    You had a nice set-up with the title and that Nas/Kelis pic(you foul for that shit by the way, LOL) but as the man said, blah blah blah.

  • TRU

    Gotta get some P on this shit. Tryin 2 do somethin and Gangstas need love are classics.

  • Worley

    That “Getting Married” joint had me putting common sense aside. But that line “passed on a prenuptial agreement ’cause Will and Jada don’t need it” always made me think “this n*gga’s buggin” and snapped me out of that dream quick.

  • beaver

    i was listen 2 dat “gettin married” lik last weekk.

    dat song is soo dope..
    deeff a classic..

    decent listt..

  • El Tico Loco

    Break u off – The Roots ft Music
    (even Maxwell bit)
    Forever – GFK
    guinesses – MF Doom
    I Love u bitch – Sean Price

    No romance just some smoke and fuck music

  • latino heat

    seriously this time

    Big Gipp F/ 8 Ball – All Over Your Body

    Big Gipp – 3 Wordz

    Gipp’s album is so slept on.

    Devin The Dude F/ Raphael Saadiq – Just A Man

    Devin The Dude – Thinkin’ Bout U

    Devin has a lot of them actually.

  • beaver

    “Somersault”-Zero 7 Feat MF DOOM..

    “All About You”-Tupac

    “Fade Out”-Jean Grae
    “Live For You”-Jean Grae
    “Love Song”-Jean Grae

    “I Wish You were here”-Wu Tang..

    dats all i can thinkk of..
    all dope songs.

  • AZ40

    kinda depressing i guess if your lonely these would work

  • 619

    Pac- Just like Daddy
    Dead Prez- Mind Sex
    But really hip-hop don’t get the job done like some old school Bootsy Collins- I’d Rather Be With You, or check out Art of Noise- Moments in Love. Real baby makin’ music.

  • Gift

    juicy j-slob on my knob
    too short-I need a bitch
    UGK-real women (seriously, talib is on that joint)
    dirty- Candyman

  • Chilly Willy

    Punch Drunk Love – Common
    Venus vs Mars – Jay Z
    In The Mood – Talib
    Ratha Be Ya Nigga – Pac
    You Got Me – The Roots
    So Far To Go – Common (both versions)
    Let’s Get Blown – Snoop
    Nag Champa – Common
    Love Thirst – Jean Grae
    Common Ground – ATCQ

    just off the top…

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    2 Live Crew “Face Down, Ass Up” for the rough stuff. ATCQ “Bonita Applebum” for the smooth stuff.

  • 619

    I don’t care if you sleepin’ with her later
    just bring her back home to me after you pay her

  • wow!!!

    This blog is WHACK

  • Az side

    Kendrick Lamar “She Needs Me” never hear of him but sounds good!!!


    Drake “Sooner Than Later

  • oskamadison

    Common “The Light”-As beautiful as “Come Close” was/is, you can’t front on heart on the sleeve lyrics over classic J Dilla boom-bap.

    Eric B. & Rakim “Mahogany”-Not really a “love” song but what the hell, it’s The God.

    The hardest Hip-Hop love song ever: Ghost, Rae and Cappadonna “Camay”-Grown man version of “Ice Cream”. Nuff said.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Break u off – Roots
    Mind sex – DP
    Make up 2 breaks up – Method Man
    Pretty baby – Lauryn Hill

  • Snipes

    Meth & Capa of dat Tical = Sweet Love! Dats sum nasty az gheto type dope “love” track…

  • L Boogs

    Real Talk yall slippin on Young Gunz “no Better Love” that shit go hard

  • Maniac Krilla

    “Classic” list? WTF?! From some bums I never even heard of? Fuck outta here, this list sucks ballz

  • Scootie McB


  • Shawn Blaze

    Co-sign HNIC Ghostface Killa Baby & Paragraphs of Love…how could those two be left out.

  • CJ2792

    Co sign HNIC
    That Jay z – song cry is a great track.
    I’d add
    Wale – Diary

    Drake – Successful

    Jadakiss – Smoking gun Ft. Jazmine Sullivan
    – Things I’ve been through (love the Luther sample)
    – Letter to big Ft. Faith (technically not a love song but dope all the same)

    Slum Village – Tainted Ft Dwele
    – Climax

  • westcoastaggie

    Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Lots of Lovin’

  • Jon Dog

    “I’d Rather Fuck You”, “Automobile”, “Gimmie That Nut”, “Hit The Hooker”, and my all time fav, “My Baby’z Muma”
    Makes you miss the little guy, don’t it.

  • eazy money

    on the xxl homepage in the revolving feature media box there is a pic of nas and kelis. wtf are the 2 dudes standing behind them doing?

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