I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the time of year (we're a little more than two weeks out from VDay?) but lately my iPod has been getting increasingly soft. Granted I'm a girl, and it's only expected that I be fond of the softer side of hip-hop but this just ain't like me, so I didn't really know where to find what I was looking for.

I put out an APB OUT on Twitter the other day for the best hip-hop love songs and of course I got suggestions referencing all the go-to classics that people in my age group always fall back on: Common's "Come Close," Method Man/Mary's "You're All I Need," LL's "I Need Love." All suggestions (minus LL, because Jagged Edge somehow ruined this for me when they sampled it, yeah, I know how that sounds) were good, yet predictable. I mean, I'm all for the classics but my ears are always itching for something new. So I made my own personal additions to the classics play list for those tender hip-hop tracks... and here's my (new) best of:

Wale "Diary"

Arguably the most depressing love song in the history of depressing love song's but Wale's sentiment is heartfelt.