Hell hath no fury like a blogger mildly upset

The worst shit ever, if you don’t live in Haiti, is when you receive an email from some publicist douche hounding you to review an album you don’t even have.

It’s not necessarily my intention here to put anyone on blast, but one of the more recent and one of the most egregious examples of this was Till the Casket Drops, the most recent album by the Clipse. This actually took place a few weeks ago, perhaps during Kwanzaa, but there hasn’t been shit to hit the Internets in weeks now, other than random throwaway bullshit like that mixtape of Big Pooh from Little Brother rapping over those ’08-era Black Milk, Prince beats, and that Wu odds and ends collection put together by DJ Mathematics, which I might actually have to “cop.” Aside from the Wizard of Poetry, the Wu have been on a bit of a roll lately.

I was reminded of the Clipse just now, when I caught the video for their song “Freedom,” which is the proverbial tits. And it got me to thinking I might actually need to check out Till the Casket Drops. I wasn’t gonna bother, because that last album they put out wasn’t worth a shit, and everything they put out in the interim made it sound as if they’d fallen off even further. I know Hell Hath No Fury received the coveted XXL rating, usually only reserved for Lauryn Hill albums, in this very magazine, but I’m pretty sure that was the work of a rogue white staffer, David Mays-style. Then-editor in chief Elliott Wilson later went on to dis the album, in the blog he used to write for this site. And you know it’s every day he appears to have an opinion on anything other than his own greatness. He must have felt duped. As I once mentioned on this site, I enjoyed the production on the first single from the next album, “Kinda Like a Big Deal,” but the Clipse’ raps on that weren’t very strong. People were seriously debating if they’d been outrapped by Kanye West. It didn’t bode well for the rest of the album.

But then there’s this song “Freedom.” It could be that they purposely put one good song on the album, to dupe people with discerning tastes into thinking the rest of the album is that good. The rest of the album could just be a buncha Neptunes bullshit. Or should I just say a buncha songs produced by the Neptunes? The dead giveaway is towards the end of the first verse, when the younger one says something to the effect of, “I finally wrote a verse good enough for bloggers to jerk off to.” No homo. In that verse, it’s not like he’s talking about anything other than the same shit he always talks about, so I can only assume that what he meant is that this is the first time in ages that he put a significant amount of effort into his songwriting. Let me know if you find any flaws with my thought process here.

If only I had a copy of the album, I could find out for myself.

Here’s the thing: It’s not like I’m upset that they didn’t think enough of me to send me a copy of the album, or that I couldn’t steal the album very easily, if I wanted to. It’s just that the promo cycle for this album has been so rife with bullshit, and I’m surprised that, as long as I’ve been around now, people would even approach me with some shit like that. Apparently, I haven’t diligent enough in my effort to keep the honest ones honest.

Let me explain. With an album like the Clipse’ Till the Casket Drops, there isn’t even a such thing as a promo copy, at least as far as I know. These labels don’t want to run the risk of mailing CDs, or god forbid emailing mp3s to critics, lest the shit end up getting uploaded to the Internets. As if the shit’s not gonna end up on the Internets anyway. What year is this, 1999? That isn’t even one decade ago. That’s two decades ago! Plus, they eventually figured out that, if you forced critics to review an album after only listening to it once or twice at a listening party, in a room full of thirsty-looking dreaded n-words and chicken wings, the reviews would come out that much more positive. Even if the album clearly sucks balls, it’s not like someone’s gonna stand there, with the artist and the TIs right there in the room, and say as much. Even if a critic did have the sheer balls to dis an album they heard at a party like that, they just wouldn’t get invited to the next party.

As I stated at the outset, it wasn’t my goal here to single out the Clipse. Most if not all major label artists these days do this shit, and I do kinda feel bad abut singling out the Clipse, since their albums sell as if they contain some audio form of the human papillomavirus. And they do deserve credit for soliciting the opinion of a credible music critic, namely myself. The problem is, they only did so a while after the album hit stores, and even then they didn’t bother to send me a copy. Was I supposed to buy the album myself, or was that a tacit permission to steal from them? To think, I could go to jail for trying to do one of these artists a favor. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on here: The album underperformed in the marketplace, and now they’re desperate for any pub they can get on the Internets, even if it’s from Bol. Well, they’ll just have to settle for this.

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  • crack


  • sealsaa

    That song with Cam’ron “Popular Demand” or “Popeyes” or whatever, was decent, and I don’t even like Cam’ron. I read Combat Jack’s review of it. He seemed to enjoy it.

  • bigjon

    Kinda Like a Big Deal
    I’m Good

    All Classic Tracks. The rest of the Album – not so much.

    Still, these songs alone make it worth the cop for sure.

    • AZ40

      Co-sign and I also liked champion plus hell hath no fury was a good album

  • latino heat

    what “Wu odds and ends collection” is Bol talking about?

    oh, and HHNF >>>>>>>>> TTCD. TTCD is cool but not on the same level as the last album, imo.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Return Of The Wu”

      Mixed by True Math

  • j-wide

    bol you are on FIRE this year…youve transformed yourself from a shittalker to a shittalker with an actual purpose and a truth agenda…keep rockin on my brother

  • these posts are racist

    The Clipse are the real deal…the best rap group ever.

  • giantstepp

    I don’t hear them and think they suck, but I’ve never gotten into the clipse (no Trey Songz)!

  • Joe

    Dude you sound so out of place right now. Its kinda like after years of eating food you say “Yea im gon try this pizza shyt out…heard its aight. Sauce and meat, mite b ok.”

    You late bro. Or maybe its a shock post, but evryone (i.e. at least 65% of rational hip-hop heads) know the Clipse are forreal.

    Say HHNF isnt classic…cool,i wont argue. But saying its trash=credibilty gone. or ur talkin out your ass just for talkin out of ur ass sake.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    get em Bol…

  • http://Www.d.com Kkkramer


  • http://-- gaddic

    word big jon
    you 4got there was a murder

    • BigJon

      Yah i did, good look – that song is real dope

  • epinz

    Bol ngga, u talk so much shit about every new rap release that its hard to put a finger on wether u even listen to the shit or what ur tastes acually r. Hell hath is classic, they dropped two mixtapes that were both solid as fuck and then this cd. They’ve been the most consistant artists in this time span…name any rapper or group more consistant than the clipse. Ur opinion for music is acually crap since u like lord willin more than hell hath and the cd ain’t even that great compared to the rest of they’re work. The last good thing I agreed with u on was stating that supreme clientel was better than bluprint. U also seem to have a love/hate relationship with little brother. I wouldn’t c why anyone would want u to rate they’re shit sence u have the worst reviews on the net other than 10 crack comandments(worst ever)….acually, everytime I’ve ever read a review frome u, the majority if not all of the people commenting ur site disagree with u., plus u go off subject like it a blog and not a review….maybe I’m just a stan and notice that u always shittin on my two favorite groups of the momment in the clipse and little brother( even though u write about little brother enouph to know that ur an acuall fan of they’re work, well,maybe just phonte)

  • latino heat

    @ epinz

    i feel you on Lord Willin. i’ve read a lot of comments on this site claiming Lord Willin is a classic. i went back and listened to it about a month ago to see if i missed something when i last heard it about 5 or 6 years ago. it’s still the same. decent but by no means a classic and by far the worst of their 3 albums. i honestly didn’t even like the Clipse until the I Got It 4 Cheap series.

    does anyone know where i can get their unreleased debut Exclusive Audio Footage? i know it’s on the ‘net but i want a good copy that won’t fry my computer when i grab it.

  • eazy_money

    @ these posts are racist
    duo not group

    • these posts are racist


  • epinz

    @latino heat
    I feel u on that. Lord willin is a alright album. I didn’t like them nggz like that till the we got it for cheaps, but once I heared that shit, I was hooked! They stepped they’re game up in a way I ain’t seen since lil wayne.I tried listenin to lord willin again like u did and had the same results. I think they work better with adversity.

    Just use megaupload or rapidshare, I ain’t never had a problem with them.

  • Brooklyn

    damn bol, how did you now like “hell hath no fury?” it’s better than “til the casket drops”, much, much better.

  • dat koon nigga

    I think this album til the casket drops is there best shit yet
    and i brought that shit not downloaded it

  • rollin

    Bol’s telling the truth. Freedom was the only good song. THe rest is to get mainstream. It’s aite for mainstream nothing tight.

    Hell Hath No Fury>

  • macdatruest

    I dont really even like Clipse,well I didnt but as far as East Coast go, Till The Casket Drops is the realest shit out right now. It actually sound like some niggas from the East tried to make an album and not a collection of “hot tracks” for the radio. The east Coast mentality is to be over the top, but Clipse is like, “Okay everybody know we real dealers so let’s make this music”

  • these posts are racist

    On a side note, checkout Birdman (of Cash Money) and his brother…the long face guy who looks really old, apparently, they formed an “oil and gas” company. Byron always argues that hip hop cats like Jay, Dame, etc are nothing but frontmen for real businessmen, but time after time, he is proven wrong.

  • these posts are racist

    it would be interesting to know how much the Clipse are worth. We only hear about the heavy hitters, Jay, 50, Diddy, etc…those worth over fifty Million. Is there a Forbes for well off/decently off rappers?

    The Clipse are such an interesting example of how sometimes things just dont work out the way they are “supposed” to. While we don’t know for certain what they are worth, we know they are not worth enough to get featured in the Forbes. So what is going on? How doe two of the most talented emcees in the game end up in this situation? Indeed for years they thought they were signed to a “label” that they actually weren’t even on.

    Do rappers even understand the pyramid scheme that is the modern rap record “label”? Is there a lot of luck/combined with being on the right end of The Marketing Machine that ensures success? What is it? Why are the Clipse not Kanye West or Jay Z? Is it the case that sometimes you can be really talented, driven and get as much exposure as the Clipse have gotten, yet still not make it in this business?

    • BigJon

      Clipse are prolly worth about 5-10 Mil each. They are getting money from PlayCloths, and all those guest verses rake in the loot.

      • these posts are racist

        Thanks for the response homey. But what source do you have or is that just your guess?

  • caino

    ^^ TPAR – they aint on the forbes rich list cos they dont sell as much as jay, Fiddy , diddy etc. Also do they have a side show ie money on the side? Fiddy had his mineral water? what else are the clipse doing instead of ‘moving weight’ ???

    • these posts are racist


      That’s my point. Unless they have a substantial amount of reported income, there’s no source to know what they are worth. Also, do you know they move weight? I know their “manager” or “former manager” or whatever was implicated in something but that does mean P and Malice have anything to do with it.

      My real question is, why are these guys not big stars? (i know literally “coz they dont move units dumbass tpar”) but i mean why don’t they move units? Why aren’t they as big as Kanye, Jay, or even T.I.?

  • Joe

    Yall posts r part of the problem with hip hop: No middle ground.

    Yall expect nggas to be either multi-millionaires or ‘broke’ as gossip sites LOVE to claim.

    Listen, tour money is a m’fer. These nggas who yall claim flop and sell 10-15k in albums are easily making 100k-1m a yr.

    Put that in perspective…thats DOCTOR money. If u aint a f’kin idiot, which a guy like Malice clearly isnt, u can save up and buy a country club house. Shyt aint THAT hard.

    I have a homey workin at Enterprise rental makin 40k/yr with a SICK house in Atlanta. Dont get hypnotized by the videos people, you dont have to be a miliionaire to live comfortbly.

    • these posts are racist

      Good looking Joe,

      This is the type of insight i’m looking for homey.

  • Joe

    Just gave TTCD a frsh listen

    How would Bol understand this group/cd anyway???

    Malice spit some of the most repentance, remorse, Bible inspired verses ive heard. Bol cynical ass aint built to stomach that. Malice. As the Bible says, “Let them with ears hear”

    When Malice says “I touched the hem” a ngga like Bol dont know wtf that mean forreal. u cant feed a baby steak.

  • Mike Bigga

    please send yo mailing addy so i can make sure i send all future releases to u good sir. as an artist i have grown from this post. preciate cha.

  • http://www.jango.com/music/EmCDL EmCDL

    I was just comparing the two albums, HHNF and TTCD last nite. HHNF beats aren’t all that great (its only about 4 beats I like on that whole album), but the lyrics on that album go hard as hell. But on TTCD, most of the beats go hard but the lyrics don’t feel as strong on most of the songs compared to HHNF. Its a couple of songs that I skip over most of the time when listening to the album because I just can’t get into them lyrically. That track “Never Will It Stop” is that ish though!