Five reasons Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati

With all due respect to my esteemed colleague, Brooklyne Gipson, past and present, and without further… to do.

1) Black people will listen to Jay-Z, regardless of whether or not there’s any reason to.

If it wasn’t already proven that time he got so many black guys to stop wearing ridonkulously overpriced vintage sports jerseys and start wearing button down shirts with motherfucking baseball caps, there shouldn’t have been any question, once so many people went out and copped the Blueprint 3, as if it was a good album. Jay-Z has reached that level of success where he no longer has to make a case for himself. Whatever he’s selling, black people are buying. If you aren’t, you’re just a hater. In that sense, he might be the single most influential black man in America. His closest competition would probably be Barack Obama, but people are starting to grow tired of his shit. It’s cool and all having a black president, but when will I be receiving my Obama prize in the mail? Cornel West had to get in his ass about that the other day. No homo? Whereas, Jay-Z doesn’t really promise you much of anything in the first place.

2) Why should the Illuminati give a shit if Jay-Z is black?

If the Illuminati’s main goal is to reduce the world’s population from upwards of seven billion to a much more manageable 500 million, which I believe it is, because it says so on a miniature version of Stonehenge they had built down in Georgia, probably not far from that hilarious statue of 2Pac, they’re gonna have to kill a lot of black people, as well as a lot of white people, Asians, so on and so forth. It says right there in Ras Kass’ “Nature of the Threat” that white people only represent a mere teaspoon of milk in the world color majority. And I happen to know that that’s even more true now than it was back in 1996, because I read Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West, which is all about how white people are being outbred by brown people (and which makes me wonder if Pat Buchanan has ever heard “Nature of the Threat”). I wrote a review of it back in like ’05. Who better to lead so many black people to slaughter than the man so many black people already follow around as if they were sheep?

3) How come Jay-Z still has all of his money?

Damon Dash used to have damn near as much money as Jay-Z, and now he can’t even afford the note on his Chevy Tahoe. In fact, why does he even have a Chevy Tahoe? Isn’t there some sort of luxury version of a Tahoe, targeted towards black people? Is that what the Yukon is? I know he’s got that art studio down in Tribeca, where he puts on indie rock shows and kicks it with some especially tall and skinny white woman, which is what I’d do with my house, if I had the means, but I read in an article where he’s got some sort of arrangement where he doesn’t have to pay rent. In exchange, the guy who owns the building probably now owns Mos Def’s publishing or some shit. Expect that all to come tumbling down by the end of the year. And Damon Dash is hardly the only black celebrity who couldn’t hold on to his money. Quick, name one black person with that kind of money who didn’t somehow manage to fuck it all up. See, you can’t do it. Jay-Z is damn near the only one. And I don’t think it’s because he’s just that smart. This is the same guy who shot his brother for smoking his ring and stabbed Un Rivera for bootlegging Vol. 3. Who knows what else he’s done. Someone must be protecting him.

4) What if Jay-Z just doesn’t know he’s in the Illuminati?

Jay-Z finally went on the radio the other day and stated unequivocally that he does believe in god (crap!) and that the idea that he’s a member of the Illuminati is silly, but what if he really is a member of the Illuminati and he just doesn’t know it? Maybe he’s being controlled by puppet strings that he can’t see. That would be a lot easier than actually inviting him to one of their meetings and trying to convince him to join, in which case he could just say no. Plus, he keeps such a high profile that it’d be hard to even get him to one of their meetings, what with the stalkerazzi watching his every move. Then you’d have to worry about him accidentally revealing all of the top secret information, in one of his raps. Whereas this way he doesn’t even know what’s going on. I happen to know, because I saw it on an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, that the government has developed technology with which they can take any ol’ guy off the street and turn him into a trained assassin, using mind control techniques. This one guy had killed mad people, and he didn’t even know it…

5) The reason we have so many things to worry about besides the Illuminati is because of the Illuminati. Duh!

Yeah, there was an earthquake in Haiti, which killed a shedload of people, but who do you think caused that earthquake? That’s just an easy way to knock out 100,000 Haitians in one fell swoop, as part of their plan to get the population under control. If there’s only gonna be 500 million people left, they probably don’t need any Haitians at all. Priorities, people! Notice how all of these natural disasters occur in places where poor ethnic people live? The government has a machine called HAARP that can cause all kinds of natural disasters, including an earthquake like the one that hit Haiti. In other parts of the world, like Venezuela, it’s common knowledge that the quake in Haiti was caused by HAARP. It’s been reported on the evening news. Meanwhile, you haven’t heard HAARP so much as mentioned on the news here in the US, despite the fact that they did nothing but cover the quake for a good week or so. Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety. You know CNN is aware of HAARP, because there was an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura about it, and I actually saw a commercial for Conspiracy Theory during their Haiti coverage. They must not think I can put one and two together.

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  • Worley

    1 and 4 get to the heart of the matter.

    • Jamias

      This is what I be tryin’ to tell people. Whoever wrote this blog, is all in my HEAD, and then when you talk about it, people wanna call you fuckin’ CRAZY! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!


      HIT ME UP

      • Will E. WILL

        damn son is you stupid?

        “whoever wrote this blog”?????

        Um… at the top?? There’s a big fuckin banner?? It says “Bol’s Saturday Night Workout”?? Right under that in the same banner it says “Byron Crawford is your favorite rapper’s least favorite blogger”? Um, there’s also a fuckin picture of the fuckin guy! LMAO


    Damn you never disappoint.
    I will be surprise if this post last for even one hour

    • valdez

      nice post, bol. it was def. necessary especially with that bullshit post by your “esteemed colleague” (yeah right) coming to gay-z’s defense with all but nothing to offer as concrete reasons why, which made it pretty obvious, at that point, that your “esteemed colleague” is nothing more than a stan.

      on another note, i’ve been telling ppl for years about weather modification and the HAARP machine in alsaska. my friends all laughed at me when i told them that the gov’t has the capabilities to modify the weather and create “natural” disasters such as the ones in haiti and new orleans.

  • ri067953

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety.”

    Yo, that is some funny shit right there.


    Lol at anderson cooper throwing rocks at kids off camera,and then carrying them to are a damn fool bol.

  • jay – z

    great post

  • Hate

    this post is great.

    i knew brooklynes drop yesterday was gonna make you come out swingin

    if anyone doesn’t believe that shit about HAARP they’re fucking morons.

    and if you read that post and still dont understand what HAARP is, then google it and learn.

    that jesse show is for real too

    • Tony_DMV_Macq

      How is it that if I believe that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by tectonic plates rubbing up against each other and not a government doomsday device I’m the idiot? WTF kind of logic is that?

      How about you google TECTONIC PLATES and learn about that.

      There is enough shady shit going on with the government without you making up doomsday devices and weather controlling machines. Put your time and energy into something substantive

      • valdez

        the HAARP machine is real and has been in use ny the gov’t for YEARS now. it was built by students (the college i forget) in conjunction with darpa and some of the other gov’t defense contractors.

        u are having the desired reaction, my friend. totally dismissing it as a “doomsday machine” without doing some investigation 1st to see that it’s real.

  • Brooklyne

    LMAO it’s all love!

    That Anderson Cooper line had me on the floor though. Hilarious!

  • latino heat

    since when did Jay-Z even have a brother much less, shoot him for “smoking his ring?”

    Michael Jordan has had Jay-Z money long before Jay-Z had Jay-Z money and he ain’t broke.

    50 Cent had had money for a while now and seems to be doing well with it.

    i’m sure i could think of others if i tried.

    did Bol get deleted yesterday or just take a day off? if he got deleted what was the post about?



      • latino heat

        @ JCITY

        good thinking homie. i forgot all about that. i think it was just a story though. from what i heard him say in several interviews he has 3 or 4 sisters and a few nephews but i’ve never heard him mention a brother except for that song.

    • Shawty J

      If I recall Jay-Z has two brothers and a sister, he mentioned them several times on the title track on The Blueprint.

  • tensensi

    Nicely done. Even got a Ras Kass reference in there!

    #4 is what it’s all about. Jay raps about the exact things the Illuminati wants us to concern our lives and thoughts with. Exactly why he’s crammed down our throats. He probably doesn’t even know it.

  • sealsaa

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety.”

    LMAO. I could see Sean Hannity doing some shit like this.

  • beaver

    hahaha “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety”

    haha dat line got me luaghin nonstop haha..

    great post.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I could actually see Andersen doing that sh*t too…

    And for those who don’t know, Jesse Ventura was the 38th Governor of Minnesota and served from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003. I would presume he saw something he didn’t like because he didn’t seek re-election.

    As for HAARp, check this out:

  • cmoney91

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety” Quote of the Month! Bol stay winning!



    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      ^^^ Are you talking about the crossing?

  • maximus32

    Mary J Blige, Dick Parsons, Beyonce,Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jamie Fox, Steve Harvey, Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, Diddy, Lebron, Tiger still got paper and Sam Jackson…there are few black people with money who ain’t fuck their money up. He might not talk about political shit like a Nas but he ain’t Illuminati. I think Wacka Flocka, Gucci, Nicki M and Lil Wayne are in the illuminati. That dumb shit they kick is what is fucking up the populice…I MEAN TINKER (what the fuck is that shit!)

    I would fuck the shit out of her fake dumb ass though. She probably went to Yale or some shit.

    • bollocks


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And oh yeah, 1,4 and don’t forget 5. Re-read it:

    5) The reason we have so many things to worry about besides the Illuminati is because of the Illuminati. Duh!

  • O2theC

    Bol! ur a fuckin legend 4 this!!! I was readin that other post by brooklyne in disbelief, i mean every1′s entitled 2 their own opinion, but there’s enough evidence 2 arouse suspicion, an 2 jus dismiss it? but fuck jay z, hes the least of my worries, pple need 2 c past that an go do the knowledge on what the illuminati/ Billderberg group/ New World Order is really about. This is a plan that’s been in effect 4 hundreds of years an its finally comin 2getha, the majority of the population r slaves 2 money an useless material possesions, mindless cattle ready 2 be culled. Shit sounds far out an like sumthin outta a movie, but this shit is real, do sum research pple dnt jus take mine or others’ word 4 it, the evidence is overwhelming, and if nuffing else its interesting. An yh real talk that HAARP is sum serious shit, as if the news was talkin bout it in anuva country? an pple still aint wise 2 it????

    • valdez

      ^^props for that statement. at least some ppl know whats really going on cause the majority of the population are either still plugged into the matrix or just flat out don’t care.

  • ncneal

    he never said he didnt believe in god..he said he believes in ONE god and that he doesnt believe in religions, he thinks it separates people..stop twistin words

  • macdatruest

    Man for those of you that wasnt high when you read this post I suggest you smoke a Bol (pun intended) and then read Bol this shit is hilarious.

    Too bad he gonna lose his job after this. He bout to get booted. They not gone say it was over this but I guarantee you he gone be gone just out of anger. Bol is pretty influential on the internet and this is where everything is headed like honestly who more relevant Bol or XXL Magazine??? Like be honest what the fuck is on this shitty sight but Bol and the Commision???? Aint nobody else sayin shit.

    Aw and Jay-Z? Tha Illuminati is kickin themselves in the ass over how much stock they put in their hip hop/occultism mash-up. It works better with rock n’ roll. I know he’s Jay-Z and all lately they put a lot into building him up to be some fake ass hero to “aspiring” black folks, but man they been laying the occult shit on too heavy niggas still scared of the devil. Now niggas is offended almost but what’s gonna happen is labels will push even more of this shit into more videos and even have other artists denounce Jay-Z’s illuminati ties but not directly in interviews( or maybe) as to not seem panicked but at their shows and shit, watch its gone be some clean up work that get done but I think the end of Jay-Z’s career is “hidden in plain sight” LOL

    • CasualCommenter

      Like be honest what the fuck is on this shitty sight but Bol and the Commision????


      Cosign to death. I hope your’e getting paid for site impressions Bol, otherwise you are definitely getting the shaft (no fishsticks)!!!

      • mousie

        1. If Mexx is leaving, I’d have to agree. Bol is holding it with a few drops from Killer Mike and Charlamagne. The commenters have now developed their own forums, which are growing nicely.

        2. Just to be clear, is there a misconception out there that freemasonry is illumanati? In total? That’s not my understanding.

        3. Jay said that he believed in one God but did not subscibe to any particular religion. That’s simple enough in my opinion, and on a greater scale, why does this matter? Knowledge of one’s beliefs is not widely known in any genre. You have your own mind.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Word where is the Sweet 16 bracket from Mexx?

  • macdatruest

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety.”
    This quote on the back of t-shirt
    Bloody haitian kid on front of t-shirt with A.C.= commemoration of a classic post and a historical gem in political sattire LMAO
    starting bids off @ $100 (all proceeds will be donated to Yele Haiti of course!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    I’m still reading up on the subject. The Illuminati and Freemasons – there’s still some stuff I don’t understand about it. is pretty interesting.

    I thought that this fraternity despised publicity. They can’t be too happy about all of the attention they’re getting nowadays, can they? The last time the Illuminati tried to openly recruit and establish themselves (hundreds of years ago) they got their asses handed to them by the church AND state. Why would they want Jay-Z, of all people, to be anything higher than a pawn (if that)?

    Again, I’m still doing the knowledge. Still trying to understand stuff.

    • macdatruest

      I wonder will biderberg or illuminati make the trend list on search engines

      • Will E. Will


        I can’t help but to think that the exposure the Illuminati is getting is planned. I’ve been reading up on the occult, Allister Crowley, Bilderburg Group, for mad long, but now u got shows about it on the History channel. U also got Jesse Ventura’s show. It’s like they are tryin to throw it in ppls’ faces like “look this is what they’re sayin” so ppl can automatically look at it like “ah yea right it’s just conspieracy theorists” and therefore put it aside and go back to believing we are Ay Ohkay!

        But the Illuminati is everywhere, the videos we see, the movies we watch, even in the advertisements of the food we eat. Why do you think all that nasty shit with preservatives and fucked up chemicals sells off the charts, but fruits and vegetables we rarely see commercials for? They want us fat, and sick! PPl wonder why they are sick, when they sit there and drink nasty Coke and Pepsi, full of harmful chemicals.

        I read somewhere that movies with “chaotic” and “world ending” themes are made because a study found that ppl would leave the movie feeling like the star of the movie, and that if shit was to go down like it does in the movies, that we would automatically associate ourselves with the main character of whatever movie was similar to what was happening, and that we would “act” like they did. I know I’m rambling. There’s just so much its fuckin overwhelming.

    • undiagnosed mental illnesses (bonus: paranoid schizophrenia) x limitless internet access = ABSOLUTE COMEDY GOLD. I’M SERIOUS, NEVER STOP What the fuck is this shit…your blog or something? When a mosquito lands on you – do you do the high-minded thing and allow them to repeatedly nag and nibble at you while you try to ignore them? Or do you swat them away?
      Verbatim: “do you pontificate at the mosquito trying to reason with them on an intellectual level that you know is beyond their ability to understand trying vainly to convince them to wise up and see the flaw in their plan to bite you?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Taking the lessons of life’s caps lock gospel according to kanYe, CANNOT UNDERSTATE HOW MUCH I LOVE WAKING UP AND READING THIS ISH

  • RealTalk

    This is just some more garbage. Another great writer wasting his talent influencing or introducing young black people to more nonsense. I dont care for Jay-Z’s music or his style. Blueprint 3 sucks. I got it off the internet for free. I heard the same thing about Oprah. Point is, if you dont beleive in God your going to hell anyways.

  • O2theC

    @ jamal7mile

    good lookin 4 that forbidden knowledge site, shit is dope. here’s a quote frm it that pretty much sums up this whole topic perfectly.

    ‘The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.’ – Dresden James

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Like be honest what the fuck is on this shitty sight but Bol and the Commision????”

    ^^^ LMBAO

  • YOM

    One of your best blogs.
    I’ve been watcing them cospiracy theory episodes on tru t.v. but since Hugo chavez mentioned H.A.A.R.P. it stopped airing.
    I hope Ventura is filming more episodes but he probably got the plugged pulled when they realized folks was watching .

    • Won1

      actually it was gonna be a 8-episode series only.being that it got good ratings it might come back on next fall

    • Won1

      actually it was gonna be a 8-episode series only.being that it got good ratings it might come back on next fall

  • Tony_DMV_Macq

    What I never understood from all the tin foil hat wearers is – What is the point of having Jay-Z be in the Illuminati? They have their sign on our money right? They dont need Jay-Z for shit. If they wanted to kill all but 500 million of us, they easily could have done it already. What are they waiting for? 2012? The next season of Jersey Shore? The next Jay Album? Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    “The reason we have so many things to worry about besides the Illuminati is because of the Illuminati. Duh!”

    That argument is just dumb which is why I think (hope) this whole post was tongue in cheek. You’ve all seen the Matrix. They would be placating you right now so that you wouldnt rise up against them, not riling you up by causing catastrophes. People are docile when shit is going well.

    The Matrix already has you my friends. It had you before Jay-Z, it will have you long after Jay-Z is gone. Bitching about Jay-Z possibly being in the Illuminati does nothing but take up your time and energy. Time and energy that could be used to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Maybe that IS Jay’s role in all of this. Get the people worrying about him while they rev up their doomsday device…..

  • Chief GreenLeaf

    Nice post Bol.

    I ONLY come to xxl to read your posts… Why the fuck would I want to listen to Ruben Studdard and Rick Ross?

    Bol, originally on your site I thought you were making fun of ‘trufers’ but I think you are coming around with this shit.

    For anyone else interested in how fucked the fucked up things are check these sites:

    so on… so on..

  • killuminati

    tupac tried to expose it look up on youtube tupac exposes illuminati its 18 part video but its the truth

  • caino

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety.”

    LMAO !!!

    man Jay Z is not in the illumanati! How the fuck a rapper from brooklyn get into the society!! The few control the masses, its been like this for centuries!!

    Fear = Power, terrorism (yeah right), bird flu, swine flu, crack babies, muslims, crazy christians, suicide bombers, Jack Baur….why do you think we have all this so the few can control the masses!!

    l believe the earthquake, was just that an earthquake!! But l do understand about H.A.R.P so please dont try to educate me !

  • Johnb90870

    “Man fuck the da Vinci code, fuck Illuminati
    Only secret society’s Rap-A-Lot & John Gotti”

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  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Anderson Cooper is probably still down there, throwing rocks at kids from off camera and then carrying them to safety.”

    Bol = God

  • Dboifloyd

    Yea Bols pretty much the only reason i come to this site anymore lol..

  • Moving Sideways

    This might be the dumbest, most irrelevant, blog and discussion of all time. Illuminati? HAARP? GTFOH

  • Young History in the Making

    “it’s a secret society, all we ask is trust..” that happens to be jay-z’s favorite line from back in the day..


    • Tony_DMV_Macq

      Jay also said “Not for nothing never happen Ill be forever mackin”

      5 years later he was married…..

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Right back to square one. Cats don’t want to hear about HAARp. Pres Chavez from Venezuela did say that. First one to say it, ON TV.

    And up above there’s a video link about the machine, it ain’t like it’s fabricated nonsense.

    • Tony_DMV_Macq

      First HAARP isnt a machine its a set of antennae as Im sure you know

      Secondly we already know what causes earthqaukes and it has nothing to do with the ionosphere.

      An earthquake/weather machine is science fiction. We dont have the technology to manipulate either at the present moment.

      From wikipedia: The island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is seismically active and has a history of destructive earthquakes.

      There were earthquakes in Haiti before HAARP; there will be earthquakes well after HAARP is gone.

      Motherfucking meteorologist cant even PREDICT how a storm will act, how in the fuck could they possibly CONTROL one. Your giving these people (whoever they are) way too much power homie…

  • NotoriousAGC

    bol just ethered brooklyne gibson.

  • avenger xl

    Bol this was classic snark messing with the conspiracy wonks by coming up with a humerous brake down on this fools success. Like I said he is just a lucky dude that won the hood lottery.

  • Justice4All

    It was good knowing you Bol, take care of yourself (just joking, you can’t- they are going to give you some plague or something and call it a genetic inheritance). As soon as one speaks on “Haarp”, that’s when things go terribly wrong. Sorry Bol, but great post!

  • Brooklyn

    the earthquake in haiti wasn’t caused by the illuminati, but they used that shit to their advantage. the illuminati is real, but i don’t think they’d waste their time with a nigga like jay-z. the illuminati is the domain of powerful peoples, presidents, dictators, sultans, sheiks, kings, queens, etc. all the rulers of the western world are in the illuminati, their policies are illuminati inspired. these motherfuckers are seeking world domination, they ain’t trying to fuck with some rapper from marcy, what does he have to bring to the table? fuck brainwashing through rap, the illuminati will have much more success brainwashing niggas through other mediums.

  • RevealDaTruth

    The illuminati exists and they continue to think they can influence young african american, hispanic, arabic, etc. through this bullshit music not all but mainly hip hop most of these dudes would blow cock to sell their soul to the devil talkin about they blinging and shit trying to brainwash these young kids these rappers over here talking about how their gangsters hahahah their studio gangsters ant none of them real 4realz they sold their soul sucked some cock and got to the top!!!

  • Anonymous

    The fella that wrote this is a racist. Talkin bout how all black celebrities loose all their money quick. yeah rite man, ur part of the illuminati if ur seriously tryin to sell this shit. 2pac had money, michael jackson had money, beyonce has money, chris gardner (that man the movie pursuit of happiness is about) has money. Theres just a couple of examples of black people that made it big and kept there money. So next time u decied to say most to all black celebrities loose their money quick, take the white pillow sheet off and rip the triangle off your wall. And your talking about people causing earthquakes…..really?. earthquakes happen because of techtonic plates bumping or shifting. You cant seriously think that people (humans)thousands of times smaller than the plates can cause earthquakes. Your tapped and a racist
    HNIC. FRObama

  • uuzra

    can i join the illuminati cult??

  • Denver Adhami

    Do you know of this content reminds me of some other matching the one which I just read elsewhere?

  • Sean

    I’m not sure if this is a serious post…but if it is…. your fuckin retarted

  • tsobie

    ok ya this guy has a point but it looks like he blogged drunk cause he is swearing and he is trying to prove a point

  • http://Facebook Prizeschott Quinteen

    N y iz it said tht jay z joind tha illuminati when he woz 12?

  • kimberly

    i want to join illuminati

  • rita

    Hello every one i want to share my testimony on how i belong to illuminati member, a friend of mine that always giving me money…cos he was very rich, one day he said to me that he is not going to give me fish that he is going to teach me how to fish, so i was very happy, i never knew he was a member of illuminati all my life will spend together! so i was initiated to the illuminati world and few days i was awarded a contract worth of millions of Dollars, in my business i am doing very well right now,i am now the one that give money out before it was heard, if you want to belong to us email: call +917838676842