Esquire Dropped a Deuce on Dame

I’m a Dame Dash stan. I don’t give a shit what you think, the man is fascinating to me (II). Sure, he’s a cocky asshole (pa-pa-pause!), but along with being entertaining for days, he’s also amazingly quick-witted, innovative, ambitious and, most importantly, responsible for bringing two great rap movements to our ears (can someone say Roc-A-Fella and Dipset). Bottom line your man deserves respeck!

And if you don’t think so, trust me (I know from experience), he’ll let you know.

So when I peeped Esquire’s piece on Jay-Z’s genius/dubious business smarts (depending on who you ask) I couldn’t help but notice how the author completely shits on Dame. I mean completely loose, diarrhea type excrement. (Where the hell did this writer get that he’s a whole man skinnier than in his Roc days? WTF). [Read here, it’s long but worth your time]

As Rob the Deputy already told you fools, Dash is currently on his comeback tour.

Now, I recently had the opportunity to check out Dash’s new performance space, dubbed the 24-Hour Karate School by frequent inhabitant Mos Def, and I have to admit, the shit is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s become sort of like this hip-hop Factory with Dash playing Andy Warhol. You got Curren$y chillin in there 24-7 penning joints (and smoking ‘em of course), Ski down in the basement bangin’ out beats, a long list of cats comin’ in and out and making tracks (Jim Jones, Pharoahe Monch, Rza, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids) , impromptu concerts with Zoe Kravitz popping up to smoke a lil weed, movies being projected on the walls in every room and video directors Coodie and Chike running around documenting the whole bugged out experience . Bottom line there’s some cool ass stuff going on and it actually seems real organic, which is very refreshing.

So why all the hate Esquire? Sure Dash might not have a talent on his hands like Jay anymore, but it’s not like he’s in the corner somewhere crying about it. The way he paints it, Dash is just trying to have a lil’ fun in the music business, now.

What do ya’ll think? Did Dame deserved to get doo-dooed on like that? Speak on it… —Jesse Gissen

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  • Michelle Michelle

    Dame Dash is a loser. If he wasn’t talking about Hov no one would would listen to a word he had to say. He should speak positively about the man that brought him fame and fortune or he should shut-up.

  • p

    AGREED. They portrayed Steve Stoute pretty fking accurately though.

  • Rob Markman

    Say what you want about Dame, but was at the head of one of the biggest rap movements we have ever seen. I believe Jay has excellent business savvy as well, BUT Jay DID NOT do it on his own.

    But the writer had to set-up a hero and villain scenario. Steve Stoute was the obvious hero, so Dame had to be made out to be the bad guy, when it reality I don’t believe it was that cut and dry. But that contrast made for a better story I guess, still isnt right.

    • rec

      I totally agree. One thing I would add is that the author of that pice in the end works for Esquire which is a corporate owned entity, while Dame has gone “rogue” (indie). Dame will always be cast as a bad guy within that prism, since he no onger plays by the rules.

      What came after Hair metal was Grunge, which ran against everything that came before it in the 1980′s. Hip hop is currently in its “hair metal” phase. Maybe dame is on to something…

      • BlackWallin

        fucking jay z dick riders the cheap bastard fuck the shit out of dame and hes still doing his thing what people hatin on that for man dames about the paper who got hard knock life, who was on the stage repping cause jay cant move motherfucker seems to just stand, who was making the moves fucking like he said jay was having him terrorize the execs and hes been poppin bottles with them that night i listen to jay but he a grimmy nigga o yeah look at this cunt michelle he should “thank him” fuck that they both had part bitch o yeah R.E.D

  • O’kieve W.

    yes, cuz you can’t be that arrogant yet depend on other persons’ talents to get thru in the world…He always uses someone else as a crutch and then acts like he is The Man, first it was Jay and Kanye and Roc-A-Fella, then it was Rachel Ray, then Jim Jones and now The 24 Hour Karate School…if he is sooo cocky he needs to put himself in a position where if everybody leaves he will still be good…

  • Michelle

    Dame without Jay = Fail. Dame blames Steve for Rocawear breakdown and Lyor for Rocafella breakdown. Look in the mirror, if you were still adding value you would not have been dumped.

    I don’t hang out with same people I did 10 years ago because they weren’t moving at same pace as I was. Jay should have to be tied to Dame for rest of his live because they were once important to each other.

    Realizing that unless Dames talking about Jay no one cares about him, he should thank Jay for the past fame and fortune and move on.

  • hate

    co-sign this post. i felt the same way.

    i was waiting for them to speak to him more, give more quotes on his side of the story.

    but that never happened. they just made him look like a bitter old prick that rents some kind of cheap, empty space, with beanbag chairs.

    but i knew when i heard mos, ski, spitta, jay elec, an all those cats were chillin there, that shit would be poppin there. thats a real good place for hip-hop to be.

    no bullshit drama like bitches shootin at each other, tryna stick each other up in the studio type shit.

    just real music. grown man shit. fuck esquire

  • Worley

    I read that article and thought “the media can’t be trusted.” I’m sure Dame would have taken dude’s head off or cancelled the interview if he knew the dude would sh*t on him like that. But you know people like the bright lights and bullsh*t. That’s what Jay is right now. Still totally uncalled for.

  • Global Warming is toooo funny

    That is what all media outlets do. They shit on anybody to get people talking and that is exactly what they did here. Dame aka Fresh to Death is cool with me. Shit, he wasn’t even a rapper and made it bigger than 98% of them. Don’t let the media control your thoughts, if you do then your really not very smart, your dumb.

  • Enlightened

    Well, I wasn’t about to read that article. I started yesterday when xxl first linked it, and I made it through the first page, but I didn’t feel like watching somebody play with Jay-Z’s balls for 15 minutes of my life so I stopped. I think I got the gist of it though.

    All I can say about Dame is, regardless of what anybody says or thinks, he brought it all on himself: the success, the failure and the ridicule. At the same time when Dead Prez came on the scene with Let’s Get Free and 99% of the people missed it (including myself at the time) Roc-A-Fella was at it’s peak and Dame was rubbing everybody’s nose in it.

    Very few people in the public eye – ever – have gloated, and flaunted material wealth like Dame Dash. Baby comes to mind as one person. You think if Baby fell off tomorrow anybody besides his “son” and immediate circle are going to feel sorry for that nigga? Hell naw.

    All that cake-a-holic, “I’m an asshole” (and proud of it) type shit created this climate of “hate” if you can call it that. Russell Simmons has been killin ‘em for a long time, and even in his cockiness, he never acted nowhere near like that nigga.

    For another comparison, look at Tyler Perry. I’m not a fan of his movies and I think he’s every bit the hustler (not in a bad way) that Master P was. He has more money than 99% of these niggas but he says the right things and keeps it low key and humble in public. For all I know, he could be an asshole behind closed doors. If he went broke tomorrow, there would be some sympathy, some compassion, of course there would be some hate, but it would be balanced.

    Dame on the other hand, got exactly what he was asking for.

  • ladidadida

    Blackroc nuff’ said. FTW. Dear Mr. Damon Dash please continue to save hip hop in 2010

  • Ladidadida

    Dear Mr. Damon Dash, please continue to save hip hop. Thank you for blackroc as well as the new jay elect, currensy, and mos def project. FTW do it your way

  • AZ40

    B/C everyone loves jay-z and jay-z doesn’t like dame so they think if they also don’t like dame they have some kind of connection w/ jay-z, when in all actuality jay could give less than a fuck if you like dame or not, jay just wants you to go out and buy the products he’s sellin’

  • General

    I think too many people think that Dame was just there gettin a handout when Jay was with him, but they don’t seem to recoginize the work and hustle that Dame put in to put Rocafella, Jay, and Dipset where they are today…The Roc might be gone now but you can’t discount the fact that Dame played a major role in hip hop the last 10+ years…

    • BlackWallin

      o yeah a when jay went away and dame put cam as the vice president jay didnt like that man they were both done with each other and really if he was bring in cash which he is just look at what he owns but u dont like somebody in rap u dont give a fuck they make enough money to say fuck you to one guy u ignorant fuck look at g unt

      michelle i havent posted anything in like a year and just reading what u wrote just annoys me really keep reading u might learn a little bit to keep ure fucking mouth shut

      nah im kidding

      but seriously that is the fucking most retarded thing ive read on here in a while

      hate co sign this ‘suck my dick bitch’

  • LongWinded

    To appreciate Dame is to understand what it means to have a manager that goes hard for you all the time. Do you know how many hip hop artists wish they had a manager like Dame that went hard for them like he did for Jay. And even though Jay has amassed a fortune since Dame he had to be put in that position to get to that fortune and Dame was that person that fought for him. Both of them owe their success to each other. Dame has surrounded himself with some real talent and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I like the diversity of the talent. That is something that kinda held back Rocafella from being really great.

  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    naw I read that entire piece(ugggh) and it was from the perspective of all out “jay -is- god almight (T!)-big brother dean style” dick rider…who the fuck writes about how a nigga sits?…shit was extra fugayzie if you ask me. Anyway Dame is doin Dame and niggas need to respect dat.

  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    naw I read that entire piece(ugggh) and it was from the perspective of all out “jay -is- god almight (T!)-big brother dean style” dick rider…who the fuck writes about how a nigga sits?…shit was extra fugayzie if you ask me. Anyway Dame is doin Dame and niggas need to respect dat. that piece=FAIL.


    Does anybody remember the Killa Cam video “Suck it or Not” (classic),im pretty sure that was Dame at the end of the video with all those clowns dissing Jay, DISSING JAY-Z! Imagine that, your boy who brought u more cash than anybody, your boy who you were suppose to be tight with forever. Now tell me one time u seen Jay dissing Dame, Dont worry ill wait……………………………………………………………………………………………. ok none. Y u ask? Grown man shit! And all Jay did was sit back collect more and more money while watching Dame and the dipset fall apart. OHHH they didn´t fall apart, tell one member of dipset that went platinum since the ROC, dont worry ill wait…………………………………………………..NEVER. But when Jays project comes out INSTANT Platinum. REAL NIGGA SHIT! HATERS dont u see, ask 50, diss jay and what happens, no record sales. 50 for the first time still has not gone platinum after over 20 weeks on the shelf. MEN LIE, WOMEN LIE, NUMBERS DONT. SUCK A COCK HATERS!

    • valdez

      ^^ LMAO!! gay-z stannery at it’s best (see: worst). SMMFH!!


  • realBOSTON

    if we wanna talk music, Jay-Zs music has fell WAY off since Dame has been gone. The music coming from Dame’s corner now is more refreshing.

    That Esquire article was fuckin white America ass-wiping the rapper they’ve most accepted (Jigga). Didn’t see that shit when he was sayin some real shit. Now he’s doin what the mainstream feels rappers “should do” and has “grown up”.. fuck outta here.

    You got plenty of dough now, and Jay has an in w. the mass public. He could put put anything and it would be accepted.

    How about makin a real fuckin record and talk about some shit.. let these ppl know if they came through that you “bet everything you’re worth you’d lose your tie and your shirt”…

    or that “whoever said the illegal way out, couldn’t understand the mechanics or the workings of the underground”…

    or “the percentage who don’t understand, is higher than the percentage who do, check yourself, what percentage is you?”

  • Hunt

    And this is another case of a non-Hip-Hop mag trying to act like they know something. So they just ride whos on top at the moment (Jay-Z) and aparently shit on his former partner.

    I agree, Dash is a asshole, cakeaholic, etc., but he is currently associating himself with credible artists (aside from Jim Jones…c’mon he isn’t that talented).

    I will end up reading this article on the toilet with the Esquire subscription I got from Coca-Cola points because they didn’t offer anything else of value. Esquire sucks. Sorry I don’t work on Wall Street.

  • Avengerxl

    This is all about luck and timing as are many things in life. Especially when it comes to the music industry. BIG dropped ready to die and created a persona for all then NY rappers to immulate. They were deep in their mob fetish movement and JAy-Z fit this style well. So he started doing what BIG did tellingstreet stories with conscious in a scarface/goodfellas voice. Jay,Dame and their often forgotten partner Biggs cashed in on the death of B.I.G. by having the right talent in the right place at the right time. Jay learned most of the industry stuff probably working with Jaz-o.

    Jaz-o couldn’t turn the corner because he kept chasing that pop hit. Coming off on some hawaiian sophie ish like the fresh prince(LOL).
    Jay-z put the age old street,pimp hustler script in a beautiful shell with reasonable doubt and bamtheir movement kicked off. Though I think he would have been really overshadowed if BIG would have lived. So the one thing both Jay and Dame have in common is luck and hustlers spirit. They don’t quit even when they fail and buy doing so something is eventual bound to happen especially when you have skill.

  • Pierzy

    I’m an Esquire subscriber and it’s true – they don’t know about hip-hop. The reason they picked up on Jay is because he’s now bigger than hip-hop (it’s true)…just like U2 is bigger than rock.

    As far as Dame, why all the defending? He’s not untouchable? I think everyone is enjoying Dame’s slip because he was such an asshole for so long WITH Jay and now he’s (hopefully) being humbled.

  • Incilin

    For a lot of reasons I didn’t like that Esquire piece, including some of the stuff that was said about Dame. For one thing, some of the sentences where just plain confusing and the writer didn’t ground the reader often enough. But the very end of the article, when the writer talks about the “kind of black” that Jay-Z is, may have redeemed the article but not entirely.

    But even then, the article was titled “Why Jay-Z Everything We’re Not” yet that question was never really answered. Why is Jay able to get away with being “black-black” like no other man in history? (It can’t just be Steve Stoute, lol).

    IF that Dame Dash Karate School is anywhere nearly as cool as you make it sound in this post, then it definitely needs an article written about it.

  • Noles506

    If you actually read the whole thing, they slam on Jay-Z a bit, they prop him…they slam Dame a bit, then they prop him….and they hit Stoute right on… can any of you comment on something you didn’t actually read?

    lol…as for the people suddenly finding out about Dame’s spot, where the f**k do you think the Blakroc album was recorded? If you go on there site ( it documents all the recording, and the people stopping in…….I love it, because Hip Hop has been pushed to in studio collabos, to emailed verses and trendy producers…and i f’ing hate it….

  • TheWorm187

    Fuck Damon Dash…I hate that bitch….but he is the reason why ovverated Jay is what he is….

  • macdatruest

    The Esquire article wasnt shit but some “he’s black, nd for marketing sake he’s a gangster- but he’s an honarary jew now. The shit is rediculous and it smell funny like they’re trying to re-write history and “sell’ Jay-Z peep:

    “In his first office, when he was hooked up with thirsty, stop-at-nothing Harlem manager Damon Dash — the sort of man who tells you how hot his hot new things are until you either believe him or convince him that you do — roaches dog-paddled in the water cooler. They paid for everything in cash, rolls of fives and tens. It was amateur hour at the gangland Apollo. Unprofessional as hell but gangster slick. During one show Jay-Z tossed stacks of bills into the crowd.”

    “Lap-topping on a beanbag chair in one of Dash’s nuclei of work spaces is Curren$y, one of Dash’s hot new things, his wrist moored by a five-hundred-pound Tiret watch, one of Dash’s hot new accessories. Dash brands, too, but more brazenly.”

    “Effectively, Jay-Z has made a fortune by telling people who buy Rocawear that they can have it all. This is a supercool, exclusive T-shirt. Jay-Z wears it to bed with Beyoncé. It should sell for eighty dollars. But here, son, you can take it for twenty dollars. And millions of sons take it for twenty dollars because Jay-Z wears it, because Jay-Z says it’s a tuxedo even if it looks and feels more like one of those tuxedo T-shirts.”

    “But there is a deeper significance — a racial philanthropy — that perhaps neither man intended. Jay-Z is black black. He is old-school double-dark-chocolate-chunk black. He is black the way Labatt is blue. He is not white black, Barack black, like our president. Or the kind of black that doesn’t curse and deplores the n-word, the genteel black, like Oprah. He is, arguably, the first black-black guy to cross over into Oprah-land and Bill Clintonworld without making the Oprah-sized no-look-back forward flip that means you’re selling not necessarily your soul but perhaps something fleshier, a little more external.”

  • Curtis75Black

    Sorry, but I have to call a spade a spade !! One of the last articles written on Jay-Z thru this Magazine was all Dick Ride – no substance, everything he said was the truth, fuck an opinion !! This was at the time his CEO stint for Def Jam. I, myself reading the article was surprised that a Hip Hop Mag not only rode so hard for the man but refused to ask the right questions…just keeping it where it was, scared to piss off the man. This was coming from XXL not a People or Esquire. Straight up, before you decide to talk shit about the next man’s house, clean yours 1st. I will read the BS Esquire wrote but it’s probably just as bad as y’all get with your “Favorties”.

  • Joe

    “Seventy-three inches of all-black everything”


    Im only 1 paragraph in and this shyt seems like it was written in The Onion. This cant be real…

  • Gift

    I don’t understand y niggas iz on some fuck dame dash shit. The nigga lead one of the biggest hip hop movements of all time, every nigga on the roc was paid correctly. It’s not often that labels keep artists paid, even if they don’t have anything current out. I don’t know if niggas ever watched that documentary “BACKSTAGE”, but dame even admitted that he had to be the bad guy in order for things to get done.

  • Gift

    One more comment too by the way, Jay-Z is definitely gonna go down in history as a major force to be reckoned with in the realm of hip hop. In spite of that though, alot reports on the ROC’s past history, Jay will shit on a nigga quick. opposition or affiliation. The one’s who have made these allegations may be equally responsible for the demise or drought part of their careers, but then again, if you’ve been runnin wit a nigga for years, then the fort splits, he buys out his partners stakes in the label, sign to a company and not take any of your crew with you. This nigga be on that fraud shit, but it’s behind the scenes. Some niggas is on that denial style dick ridin shit when it comes to JAy. just food for thought.

  • these posts are racist

    Dame is underrated. Without Dame, there would be no Jay-Z. Dame is inspiring on many levels and his rags to riches/kid from Harlem to independent minded wealthy businessman deserves respect.

    Esquire doesn’t know anything about Hip hop…Mainstream has embraced Jay, because mainstream corporate American profits off of him…the narrative in the Esquire piece is fantasy and sounds good but does not reflect the true nature of Dame or Dame and Jay’z breakup.

  • Gift

    that was the most dick-ridingest article I’ve ever read in my life. SMH!!!SMH!!!!SMH!!!

  • Lowedwn

    Man that whole article is a piece of crap. I’ve said this to myself for years and years when I use to get exicted because I’d see a prominent hip-hop figure in an article or feature in a traditionally non hip-hop magazine…”Casual Hip-Hop listeners should not be allowed to write these pieces”. In the end all they do is para-phrase everything about the culture, make stupid and lame associations and they just generallly do not take the time to get the facts right. Honestly the article makes Jay-Z seem like the greatest puppet of all-time, Dame seem like cot-damn Eddie Kane Jr. and Steve Stoute comes out looking like a savant whose going to effectively “tan” America. Basura.

  • gGregory Byrd

    fuck Esquire. yea dame has been knocked down but its all about how u get up an learn from your past experiences! trustory dame really doin it now. im happy hes stickin it to wack world. keep doin ya thing cuzz

  • Brooklyn

    real talk, i never understood why niggas hated on dame so much. yeah, homeboy can be a dick [||], but he is mad entertaining. i’ll never forget that nigga on bill o’reilly with cam, them niggas were hilarious. not to mention him two stepping in jay’s videos back in the day and that nigga in “paid in full”. but his entertaining attributes aside, dame is a really intelligent and ambitious motherfucker. sure, without jay we may not have known who damon dash was, but without dame rocafella as we know it would have never existed. correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t it dame that got jay his first xxl cover back in the day? dame was the agitator, dame was the nigga that went out and made sure that shit got done, dame was the nigga that got his hands dirty, dame put rocafella and dipset on the map. that’s not to take away from what jay and cam did, but let’s be real, how many niggas heard of dipset before they signed to rocafella back in the day? as for the esquire article, what the fuck does esquire know about hip-hop? they’re a men’s fashion magazine, like a knockoff GQ. why take anything they have to say about hip-hop seriously?

    • MXL

      “they’re a men’s fashion magazine, like a knockoff GQ.”

      Actually, Esquire owns GQ, bro. GQ was the quarterly offspring of Esquire’s monthly.

      (You didn’t give a fuck about that, I know.)

      Getting back to the point – I fucks with Dame, so fuck those who don’t recognize his contribution to the success of their favorite rapper.


    can we get grown folks to write please. “I’m a Dame Dash stan. I don’t give a shit what you think, the man is fascinating to me (II). Sure, he’s a cocky asshole (pa-pa-pause!)” no reason to read anymore

  • GregSIDE

    I’ve always been kinda 50/50 on dame. 50% great business man and 50% asshole. But the asshole/cocky side of him is what makes him, him. Hate it or Love it. With Hip-Hop as fucked as it is right now we need some fresh shit, inovative shit. All I know is after listening to the blak roc album, I’m really interested in whats next.

  • damefan

    somebody said dame without jay=fail. i’d say it’s the other way around. the guy’s last three albums have sucked, and i’m personally way more interested in what dame’s doing with blakroc, currensy, mos, cool kids and rza. i don’t think he totally got shit on in this article. she definitely portrayed jay for what he is though.

  • iquell

    I agree. They kinda made Dame look weak when in fact he’s making moves, moves that will affect music positively. His not “in the corner crying” like u said but the media seems to want him to, probably because of his rep as a$$hole. Either I dig his new project and think he deserves a lil more respect

  • dj

    1st of all, Niggaz need to stop saying “pause” and “no homo”, if youre a real man, you shouldn’t have to give a disclaimer.

    2nd Dame always gets shitted on by fans and others who don’t know how hard he and most others in the music business works, even those without mics.

  • Shan

    How many times did the write have to mention that everyone in the article was black? Geez, we get that they are “pretty black females” and that Steve Stoute and Jay Z are black. Way for stating the obvious Esquire.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Oh looky here! 2 days later and my comments can go through now!

    Anyway shouts to BIGGS…he was part of it too.

  • HipHop

    Hip Hop artist? YES
    Hip Hop Mag? NO
    Hip Hop Journalist? NO
    Hip Hop Story? NO
    Was the article about music? NO
    Was this article truely about Jay or Steve Stoute?

    I think this JOurnalist really had Jay’s dick in his/her mouth, Dame caused all this shit on himself, he should own up for his hand in destroying the dynasty, he got bought out, so he got paper we left the ROC, Biggs did too, Jay stay flippin’ his cash, Dame having trouble cuz he’s threatening to 95% of the industry, so it’s gonna be hard for him to bounce back (if he ever does).

    I admire Jay for his accomplishments, don’t hate but emmulate.

  • cat

    Jay-Z has dropped 8 no. 1 albums after Blueprint.

    Count that again — 8.

    Jay-Z’s done fine without Dame, thank you very much. I loved the Black Album (minimum involvement of Dame in that), Kingdom Come, American Gangster, Blueprint. Thank you very much.