I’m a Dame Dash stan. I don’t give a shit what you think, the man is fascinating to me (II). Sure, he’s a cocky asshole (pa-pa-pause!), but along with being entertaining for days, he’s also amazingly quick-witted, innovative, ambitious and, most importantly, responsible for bringing two great rap movements to our ears (can someone say Roc-A-Fella and Dipset). Bottom line your man deserves respeck!

And if you don’t think so, trust me (I know from experience), he’ll let you know.

So when I peeped Esquire’s piece on Jay-Z’s genius/dubious business smarts (depending on who you ask) I couldn’t help but notice how the author completely shits on Dame. I mean completely loose, diarrhea type excrement. (Where the hell did this writer get that he’s a whole man skinnier than in his Roc days? WTF). [Read here, it’s long but worth your time]

As Rob the Deputy already told you fools, Dash is currently on his comeback tour.

Now, I recently had the opportunity to check out Dash’s new performance space, dubbed the 24-Hour Karate School by frequent inhabitant Mos Def, and I have to admit, the shit is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s become sort of like this hip-hop Factory with Dash playing Andy Warhol. You got Curren$y chillin in there 24-7 penning joints (and smoking ‘em of course), Ski down in the basement bangin’ out beats, a long list of cats comin' in and out and making tracks (Jim Jones, Pharoahe Monch, Rza, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids) , impromptu concerts with Zoe Kravitz popping up to smoke a lil weed, movies being projected on the walls in every room and video directors Coodie and Chike running around documenting the whole bugged out experience . Bottom line there’s some cool ass stuff going on and it actually seems real organic, which is very refreshing.

So why all the hate Esquire? Sure Dash might not have a talent on his hands like Jay anymore, but it’s not like he’s in the corner somewhere crying about it. The way he paints it, Dash is just trying to have a lil’ fun in the music business, now.

What do ya’ll think? Did Dame deserved to get doo-dooed on like that? Speak on it… —Jesse Gissen