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Cam’ron, Boss of All Bosses 2 [REVIEW]

Boss of All Bosses 2

Beats: XL
Lyrics: L
Originality: L

Cam’ron’s new DJ Drama-helmed mixtape Boss of All Bosses 2 is everything the first tape wasn’t. Featuring much-improved guest appearances from Cam’s protégé Vado, a cohesive sound courtesy of consistent contributions from Dipset producer Araab Muzik, and inspired lyrical efforts from Killa, this sequel comes closer to living up to its name this time around.

It doesn’t take long to notice the difference, either. Over Araab’s soulful samples on “Always Made It,” the Harlem rapper recounts stories about overcoming hard times. The thumping “They Feelin Us,” finds Vado and Cam showing off some of that circa-2003 Dipset swag that had all but disintegrated by the time Cam disappeared shortly after releasing his 2006 album, Killa Season. And over the frenetic keys on “Nuthin Like Araab Muzik,” the good-humored lyricist mixes clever boasts and wit to whimsically rap lines like, “I’m the bomb, boo, we can kick it like Kung Fu/It’s on you, your heart’ll be mine, true, John Q.”

Of course, not everything here is boss material, though. The freestyle over Mobb Deep’s “Get Away” sounds curiously out-of-place, while the dated samples on “Lonely” and the poor chorus on the hustler’s anthem “Movin’ Raw” take away from otherwise stellar tracks. But thanks to the chemistry displayed elsewhere by Cam and Vado on the catchy “Whistle” and the mixtape’s best track, “Stop It Slime,” the setbacks only amount to minor damages in Cam’s attempt to reclaim a prominent position in hip-hop. After returning to the rap game in 2009 with the lackluster Boss of All Bosses mixtape and an underwhelming Crime Pays album, Cam finally sounds like he’s back on the job again. —Chris Yuscavage

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    Definitely one I will be passin up. Cams sad.

    • UN’sOwn

      you’re sad, what the fuck u talkin bout nigga, Boss of all bosses 2 is better than any rap/hip hop album that came out in 09, Killa’s one of the greatest to ever do it, he’s the real king on NY fuck jay-z and vado is the future that boy got more bars than most of these wack ass niggas thats out rite now.

      • MartinHlfMnHlfAmzing

        thanx for putting in right words (as my eng s*cks). Boss of all Bosses 2 is way better than any rap/hip hop album that came out in 09. Prove me wrong. Lyrics. Rap. Was dissapointed by the rewiev. Other then Nas, Cam is one of a few lyricsis i respect. And im from sweden. Hip Hop is dead. It´s 2010 now. Much love to Lil´Wayne. Best rapper alive!!! And if he´s the best… Well… that is where hip hop is right now… stop it slime…

  • Jhon da Analyst


  • that nigga

    Nah, shit is dope Naptown. I downloaded of Dap Piff. Dont know how Jenny Jones XL’s an this gets an L?


    Man I just cant get into Cam that much man.Most of his shit is corny.I like some of his songs but not that many he comes wit some corny ass lines sometimes.

    • that nigga

      I agree, he does say some of the corniest oneliners ever. He use to be the best at that:

      “Fuck fast food/eat ya food fast”

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Scarface = GOAT.
    The above pic captures my fav scene of Tony Montana in the movie.

  • The Beats

    Cam and Vado were nice on this, but the beats aren’t good enough. Some were good, but for the most part they all sound a lot alike. Vado stepped up on this one, which I didn’t know if he could. Cam all you need to do is spend a little more money on the beats and producers and you’ll be good, oh and make a video that doesn’t cost $1,000.


    THIS MIXTAPE IS ILL FO” REAL, no fillers st8 killa’s on this one yo. DJ DRAMA is eatin’ like it’s thanksgivin’ again.

  • AZ40

    I’m conflicted about these two mixtapes, the songs that were good on boss of all bosses were really great but there weren’t that many of them, but ther first on had a lot more simply good songs nothing really great…but one thing that always stands out in anything dipset is the beats them shits are fire and don’t really come from big name producers and cam be sayin’ some slick shit

  • alderman j

    Dont wait until JCOLE and KID CUDI takeover to appreciate KILLA, he the last of a dying breed, also, if you dont understand what he is talking about maybe you just dont KNOW THE WORDS THAT HE IS USING, GET A DICTIONARY OR CALL SOMEONE FROM HARLEM, (IF YOU CONNECTED LIKE THAT) AND FIND OUT WHAT HE IS SAYING, BECAUSE ALOT OF TIMES YOU JUST NEED TO RESEARCH HIS SLANG, HE IS AHEAD OF HIS TIME!

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    Crack B

  • Roget

    The writing on this website never fails to make me want to stab a small woodland creature. The blogs are generally pretty great, but the reviews and the news stories and articles are just horrendous. ‘Recant’ does not mean what you think it does, writer. Look it up. “Always Made It” is not about how Cam came up rich and privileged. Get it together.

  • harlem stand up and pull up your pants

    cam is one of the best rappers ever when hes focused great beats always hot lines keep it coming skills always shine you right

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    It’s better than Bosses 1 & Crime Pays was hot IMO. I mean, it’s Cam, what do you expect?

    • NotoriousAGC

      wus good syk, i must disagree on the crime pays homie, i mean im used to “purple haze” cam, and when i heard crime pays it honestly sounded like a mixtape to me not an album…the hottest track was the intro, then i just literally tuned out..sad really,
      i had diplomatic immunity 1 and that brings back so many memories haha. just my opinion fam,wuzup all da way from L.A.

      • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Whatup AGC?

        CP does sound like a mixer, but you didn’t like “Cookin’ Up”? “Ohio”? “Curve” is fly. “Chalupa” & “Got It For Cheap” get play too.

        Diplomatic Immunity was fire, no question about that. Cam is one of them dudes where if you don’t get it, you ain’t going to, but he ain’t gonna change what he does. I ain’t mad, there’s plenty of music out there to listen to for the other stuff I wanna hear.

        *turns up Raekwon, Method Man & Ghostface Killah “Our Dreams”*


    What was that corny shit he said in a report a few years back about if a serial killer was livin next door to him he wouldnt turn him in.lol yeah right

  • Mama Sita

    I love Killa Cam’…I wish there would be a reunion with “DIP SET”.. When I hear Juelz or Jimmy, I think yeah ok,,but at the end of the Day when we all think about Harlem we def think Cam….
    The Mix Tape i’m getting regardless..when u are a fan,,that’s what it is!

  • chi town go gettaz

    Straight Crack. Cam, vado, Aarab Muzik go in on this mixtape. dont listen to these Cam hatin fuckboys. this took me back to that 04-05 killa.

  • heartlandG

    I dig Cam, ever since he shouted out Nebraska…Omaha,Nebraska to be exact, alot of dez ni99as dont know it goes down roun here
    “Aint no cornfields where I stay…Norffside ALL day”

    • NotoriousAGC

      funny how you just liked a rapper cause he shouted out your state lol. you aint gonna flash yo titties @ him in a concert are you?

      • bullets

        thats how outta town nigas are they dont like a nigga for making good music they like the nigga that live up the block from them because he always shout out the fucking block thats why so many southern rappers suck lyrically because you can sell any non sense out of your trunk if you know enough nigas don’t believe me Master P and the entire no limit not one of them, had an ounce of lyrical ability straight garbage everybody went platinum even the nigas you never heard about…….

  • Joe

    I find it funny how nggas dont f’ wit Cam but walk around talkin bout swag this and swag that.

    Ngga, they was sayin that in 01′…now, and this is real talk, EVERY time i watch a game on espn the broadcaster meantions swagger.

    These dudes literally birthed a movement for the culture. Seriously. Niggas bit they slang so hard they forgot where they got it from.

    Im no stan, just statin facts

    And im sorry but if you dont at least appreciate Cam for his humor your most likely a cornball. I hate blanket statements but i just dont see how nggas cant listen to this shyt and git a pep in they step (pause) or a lil bump in they diddy bop.

    Finally, if every ngga treated chicks like Cam describes we’d have less sucka 4 love dudes and chicks thinkin their friggin hirajuku barbies…

  • beave

    THIS SHOULD BE AN XL RATING AT THE VERY VERY LEAST. The lyrical content on this is something that hip hop doesn’t see anymore! Have we been totally re-programmed by all this bubblegum shit to the point we frown on REAL HIP-HOP!? Ya’ll make me sick. Get your ears checked, quit hating, quit dick riding, or quit accepting bribes.


    I dont care what any of yal say, Killa is the longest lasting real emcee around. Hes been i the game since the 80s and has never sold out.

    • bullets

      i love cam too but he wasnt in the game since the 80′s and i dont care what you say cam is not a wart on jayz or nas’s ass

  • heartlandG

    @NotoriousAGC…Funny how ni99as come on a thread and dont speak on tha topic…Hoe as ni99a

  • Mr. North

    Yeah, this is official. This is hotter than Crime Pays (he tricked me with Get it in Ohio) from what I hear. Definitely will be checking for Cam this year. The beats are better so I hope he keeps that going.

  • Technique

    @ Heartland G

    I did love to hear that Omaha shit too.

    I been rockin with Cam since Confessions of Fire. I thought Crime Pays was nice, and this tape is pretty tight too. All you haters go get your wet wipes!!!

  • http://myspace.com/njnbankmob rollanz

    cam not lyrical? lol remember cam hung in there during one of the most competitive era of hip hop. 96-2000. he probably dont go hard anymore like alot of greats because guys like waka saying shit like ‘ im not lyrical’ and still selling singles. the game is finished, for now.

  • Keyser Soze

    SO MANY HATERS! LOL Dip Set had one of the hardest street movements ever! Like Ruff Ryders or G-Unit. Killa is a legend. Killa Season & Crime Pays are SICK albums! I don’t get these critics mang!

  • HalfManHalfAmazing

    Cam is holding it down. Hate all u want. I would love to see a Vado Vs Juelz showdown. 1 on 1 freestyle (even though Juelz is Dip4life wether he likes it or not?). Boss of all bosses 1&2 was a nice refreshment. Happy to see Cam back in shape. Just Rap. GURU RIP and Superproducer(whaat??) Solar shold be sued by MC Solaar for making his name look bad…. sad but true… or just sad…

  • http://incubatesvideos.blogspot.com Herbert Pike

    If I had a dime for every time I came to http://www.xxlmag.com! Incredible post!

  • frank white

    Chris Yuscavage – you fucking idiot – lonely is one of the best tracks on the album. Listen to it again you fucking retard. Boss of all bosses 2 is probably the best mix tape of the year. I’d like to sit down next to you grab you by your fucking neck and force you to listen to each and every song again because its pretty fucking obvious you have no clue about Cam’ron, Vado, or anything they talk about. Please die.