5 Reasons Jay-Z is Not in League With the Illuminati

I honestly tried to ignore this for as long as possible. Really, I did but now that we’re getting to the point where people are not simply just asking Jay-Z how he feels about the craze, but going back and making him clarify his statements because he “never outright denied the affiliation,” it seems we’ve gone a little overboard. Now, don’t get me wrong, more than “a little overboard” is always nice when the necessity is there, as Killer Mike so eloquently pointed out in a blog a couple of weeks ago, but c’mon son? Jay-Z being a part of the Illuminati (or not) is so trivial to my existence (and yours) that I just can’t fathom how so many people have been taken by this. I for one am not a subscriber to the craze, and for good reason:

1. Because circular logic annoys the hell out of me.

A friend emailed me a video “dissecting” Rihanna’s “Umbrella” video. They truly hyped it up to me like the video was powerful, deep, and a little scary. All I found was a bunch of circular logic in which the narrator told me what to see instead of allowing me to see it. And even still I didn’t see half the stuff he was pointing out anyway.

(The shoulder blades part? Dude, that’s still just a shadow and all the stuff he said about the muscles and stuff not being possible to be contorted like that is just wrong because well… It’s just a shadow! And if you see anything else it’s because you’re blindly trusting the narrator. I barely trust CNN, how could I ever trust an unsourced mystery man on YouTube).

2. Because if I were the Illuminati I’d use YouTube as a brainwashing tool.

I for one am not trying to get brainwashed. I’ll admit I’ve seen a few videos (just enough to amuse/irritate me) but after I was convinced by those first few, that all this Illuminati talk was just that—talk—I stopped watching on the off chance that if any of this is even remotely true, I’m sure YouTube would be the first place the Illuminati would go to engage the masses.

“Hmmm, I’ve been sitting here watching these YouTube videos all day and now I have the sudden urge to worship the devil.”

3. Because there’s no way a Black man would be a part of the Illuminati.

Have you ever taken a course U.S. history? The Illuminati have been around since its inception and I’m pretty sure its founders didn’t take too kindly to “colored folks” and even though we’ve progressed in leaps and bounds since then I’m pretty sure something as large, as powerful, as secret and as elite as the Illuminati still isn’t allowing “coloreds”—especially not Shawn Carter from Bed-Stuy of all people.

If anything Jay’s a pawn of the Illuminati and if I had the energy to be analyzing the Illuminati’s pawns I’d probably go after who I suspect their biggest might be—but he’s sitting over at the White House largely above suspicion.*

4. Because there are far too many, you know, actually important things that need to be worried about.

You know, like North Korea and why they keep ignoring the U.S.’ requests to stop testing rockets and shit.

5. Because even if he is one and comes out and says it, is anyone actually going to do anything about it?

We let R. Kelly (allegedly) sleep with little girls, what’s it matter if Jay-Z is caught with traces of the blood offering on his hands? If Jay came out with an album next year titled Illuminnati Forever and made songs only about his affiliation, the vast majority of y’all would still buy it or at least download it and there’s a few of you who would start looking into this Illuminati thing for yourselves.

Forget next year, where’s the vid that uncovers not simply the illusory lyrics in Jay’s music but the subliminal messages in his body of work? I wanna see what people do if they start believing the Illuminati is brainwashing people through Jay, Bey, and Rih Rih’s lyrics. I’m betting nothing. No one’s turning their backs on Jay-Z. Sad but true.

So forgive me if I’m simply off the Illuminati theories. Maybe I’m right or perhaps I’m just a skeptic (one of the Illuminati favorites because we throw people off their evil trail). Either way, Illuminati theories aren’t getting any (more) of my energy… Well unless we go back and start dissecting what Tupac was studying and trying to tell us before he died, in that case I’m all in! —Brooklyne Gipson, one of the biggest Tupac “Stans” you’ll ever meet

*I’m not getting at our beloved President, I’m just (excuse the pun) playing Devil’s Advocate. If the Illuminati need a powerful Black man with widespread appeal to play Pied Piper to the masses; who else but Barack?

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  • http://twitter.com/greedysoul ydeerg

    1. I disagree with 2.

    remeber God gave humans their own free choice at will. If i think Beyonce is ugly and you think she is badd. thats just the choice we have. if 85 pcent of the nation think Jay-z is illuminati and 15 pcent dont care…thats just the free will coming into affect.illuminati is not the majority,

    2. i disagree with 3.

    If u would sell crack to ur moms, dont u think u would join an organization promising you riches. If you would seel crack to your own mother there is nothing you would not do for money.


    • weasle

      Do you even know what the hell the illuminati/free-mansonry supposedly is? If they were promising riches just for joining, wouldn’t you think the entire planet would be trying to get on this not-so-secret society?? lol come on, it’s not a group of genies or anything

    • valdez

      it is obvious to me that the writer of this drop is either…

      1. sheep
      2. blind
      3. too big of a gay-z stan to see what is in plain sight
      4. down with the establishment also
      5. a misinformation artist

      i personally watched the breakdown of the umbrella video as well as the on to the next one video and they are both very powerful. anyone who has seen it and denies that instantly loses credibility imo.

      he has made it very obvious with whom his allegiance lies and it certainly is not with his listeners.

      i’m sick of u stans having gay-z’s schlong so far down ur throats that u deny what he is blatantly putting right in front of our faces (hiding in plain sight). u ppl are obvious not leaders, but rather followers.

      from reasonable he has been telling who owns him. some are just too stupid and narrow minded to accept what is right in fron of them. and jay-z knows many of his listeners are blind sheep that will follow him regardless while he leads them str8 to hell.

      tupac was murdered for trying to expose them. what do u think killuminati was all about.


      • http://www.nowcheckmeout.net Dwill

        these other comments….. equally as stupid. you call us followers for not believing what you believe. But all you did was hear about this shit and you jumped on the bandwagon so that makes you a follower. N dont be an imbessile everyone is a “follower” of something they like, music, sports etc whatever the case may be. Doesnt mean they’re not a leader in life… thats just an ignorant thing to say.

      • kedordu

        You dont know how idiotic you sound . tupac was murdered by soe crips . im sorry he wasn assasinated . he started some g shit and it eneded up with him dead . what a moron

      • Rox

        I agree with Valdez. The problem is Narrow/close minded ppl. But Let them go astray, they are obviously brainwashed or seduced already…and truth is that if you open your spirit and heart God, and if you mature in his word you will be able to know what is RIGHT or WRONG and TRUE and FALSE. But they just wont understand because they there is no blinder man than the one who does not want to see.

      • David

        Jay Z is an entertainer so he needs to keep his name in the media. Does everyone forget his record label is named after a supposed illuminati member? Nobody said he was illuninati till his marketing people wanted you too. They spun off the Rockafella with Illuminati, makes sense. I haven’t heard of Jay Z attending any secret meetings lately with world leaders although without Tupac and Biggie dying Jay Z wouldn’t be where he’s at.LOL

    • valdez

      it is obvious to me that the writer of this drop is either…

      1. sheep
      2. blind
      3. too big of a gay-z stan to see what is in plain sight
      4. down with the establishment also
      5. a misinformation artist

      i personally watched the breakdown of the umbrella video as well as the on to the next one video and they are both very powerful. anyone who has seen it and denies that instantly loses credibility imo.

      he has made it very obvious with whom his allegiance lies and it certainly is not with his listeners.

      i’m sick of u stans having gay-z’s schlong so far down ur throats that u deny what he is blatantly putting right in front of our faces (hiding in plain sight). u ppl are obvious not leaders, but rather followers.

      from reasonable he has been telling who owns him. some are just too stupid and narrow minded to accept what is right in fron of them. and jay-z knows many of his listeners are blind sheep that will follow him regardless while he leads them str8 to hell.

      tupac was murdered for trying to expose them. what do u think killuminati was all about.

      SMMFH @ u fuckin lame ass jay-z dickriders.

      • Just Me

        Spoken like a true non-leader who believes anything some nut with no credibility puts on the internet….

        • anon

          I guess that is why Jayz just released a song called freemason, because he is not one.

          1. run this town video was shot in March projects right?

          2. In the behind the scenes for the video run this town he is sporting a shirt that says “do what thou wilt”

          3. On to the next one was a very “hip hop” type video. It did not represent everything that is evil about the world.

          If you are satisfied with the state of Hip Hop then enjoy. Personally I am tired of this illuminati garbage that is pre recorded and played at the same time on every cities radio station.

          screw you and main stream rap. I hope you die watching some ignorant black man throw a ball through a freaking hoop. Wow he through a ball to another guy and when he caught it…..He ran with it. How stupid does that sound. Keep your illusions.

  • johngone

    this is what they want you to think.

    jay-z = illuminati

  • jtm

    damn jay z is overrated

  • yoprince

    “If Jay came out with an album next year titled Illuminnati Forever and made songs only about his affiliation, the vast majority of y’all would still buy it or at least download it and there’s a few of you who would start looking into this Illuminati thing for yourselves.”

    LMAO. good shit.

    as if brainwashing is still necessary… we live in the most individualistic society on earth.


      I think jay is fucking wit some type of devil shit, cause it shows 2much in his music and that on 2 the next 1 video is crazy, that nigga might have sold his, plus he diss JESUS 2 MUCH!

      • RDS

        I’d like you to actually, physically give me an example of Jay-z “dissing” Jesus. No seriously. And not one line examples. Give me the couplets around it so that I absolutely can’t take it out of context like the many of you sheeple seem to be doing.

        And don’t use “Empire State of Mind” because everybody using human braincells knows people completely fucked those lyrics up to mean what they THOUGHT they heard instead of what was actually being said.

        Fret not. I’ll wait.


        • @thelyricalTRUTH

          I’m not agreeing or disagreeing. Just a response to RDS

          Jay-Z def. says “And Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends”

          that’s all I gotta say

  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com darkcatalyst

    flawless victory

  • RL

    If his involvement in the Illuminati is causing him to release albums like Blueprint 3, get this dude a priest quick.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    That position in #1 is not impossible. I’ve seen the Michigan State police force a bunch of people into that wishbone pose. You know, they tell you “Stop resisting, motherfucker!” when you aren’t resisting at all. Slam you against the car and “wishbone” your shit before cuffing you up and taking you to jail. So yeah it’s possible… not voluntary, but possible.

  • Chilly Willy

    This is on point BGP ! For real !

  • jonny bizness

    Can someone please explain wot jay is actually brainwashing us with?If u r trying 2 emulate someone else u r just sad and need 2 get a life i like jay’s music but i have not got or had a x5 sip ace of spades and wear oversized rocawear t shirts vaca in the south of france etc etc people need 2 worry about themselves not watching wot the next man is doing

  • yaSiRe

    it Really doesnt Matter cuz at this point what can we really do.. i mean if the “society” thats secret has been around controlling things before u or i were born then they also know whats happening now with the exposure and its exposed now becuz their pieces are in place. HipHop is BiGGer than the Government
    BiGGer than Religion.. So whose the Face for HipHop Rt Now?? Jigga! Calling himself Hova.. Even Barack reached out 2Him or the HipHop community. What we need to realize is nomatter what face is shown.. the Devil Exists and is Busy.. stay Prayed uP 2 Recieve Wisdom KNowledge and Understanding.. dnt focus on who is or who aint.. Know who yoU aRe n Where yoU’R @!!

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    “If Jay came out with an album next year titled Illuminati Forever and made songs only about his affiliation, the vast majority of y’all would still buy it or at least download it and there’s a few of you who would start looking into this Illuminati thing for yourselves.”

    Hilarious, I can just picture that! I’m on the train on the way to work and some nigga comes in.

    Illuminati Gangsta: I’m with that Luminati, ho! Luminati run this shit, you know what it is, nigga!

    Passenger: Then why is you bitch ass riding public transportation?

    IG: We got Benzes and shit, it’s just they so exclusive we can’t ride around in them bitches in public.

    P: Yeah, but you’re flaunting your ties with the Illuminati in public, you’re telling me that’s okay, but you can’t ride around in your “exclusive Illumnati Benz”?


    I believe if any hip-hop personality has Illuminati ties, it’s probably Diddy. I remember in the Boondocks comic strip, Diddy was described as tool used to keep black people ignorant by encouraging us to value stupid shit. I’m pretty sure the Illuminati would’ve recognized that long before a cartoonist did.

    On another note. The hell is up with that video that supposedly dissects Umbrella? Sounds like that nigga got to much free time on his hands. “There were six men in the video, Rihanna was raped six times.” WTF?

    • valdez


      it ain’t just diddy fam. it’s too many to name. pretty much the most prominent and affluent members of black society…

      oprah, bob johnson, jay-z, sammie davis jr, diddy, 50, dr. dre, will smith, lebron james (who was introduced/initiated thru jay-z and so many more. so many musicians, athletes and entertainers it is ridiculous.

      what do u think dave chapelle was tryna tell us all?? why do u think he gave back all them millions?? because he knew what would be required of him and he didn’t wanna be a part of that. he didn’t wanna sell his soul, he didn’t wanna fuck other men in the ass, he didn’t wanna wear a dress (cause we all know a blacj man in a dress is soooooo hilarious).

      and just as always, what did the media attempt to do?? make him out to be crazy. some of u ppl really need to open ur eyes. i understand we have been programmed since birth and the programming runs deep, but come the fuck on man. wake the fuck up!!!

      look at the musicians and entertainers man. listen to their songs. these ppl are TORMENTED!! they know what they are doing. they are not happy and alot of them are crying out for help in their music. i wonder why??

      wake up ppl!!

  • AZ40

    people will come up with any excuse to give their fav artist a pass, lil wayne kissin’ another man,cool rick ross bein’ a C.O cool, jim jones running from rucker cool…etc etc people worship celebs too much anyway

    • Caine



    your clearly a jay-z stan is the only shit that made sense

  • Liz

    Oh my God. Who would even entertain this insanity…fucking shit is bananas

    • GregSIDE

      Fuckin crazy ass conspiracy theorist. That don’t have shit else to do. But I wouldn’t mine being Rhianna’s “Rain Man”(Not Rape, because she liked it)LMAO

  • The1987Kid

    I think that artical was was bullshit, 1st off I think Jay-Z is a pawn of the secret agenda when it comes to influencing the black youth, Now i like Jay-Z as an artist but at the sametime i dnt take him seriously but he is very powerful in the music world especialiy in hip-hop but i know Jay-Z is not more powerful then Jimmy Iovine- Chairman of Interscope Records, David Geffin- Geffin Records & billionaire, Doug Morris- Chairman of Universal, Clive Davis- Founder of Arista Records & J-Records, Barry Weiss- CEO of Barry Weiss, all these men have more power then Jay-Z & there all Jews which is also a problem in its self, he is just a pawn on a chess board, I have a problem with the Tha Office, just cause Jay-Z is black & from Brooklyn doesent mean a damn thing, u have black people involved in the Illuminati but there just pawns to, U have Barack Obama, Vernon Jordan, Ann Rice, Valrie Jarrett, the black congrass, the blacks in the senate, the black collage fraternal groups, Jay-Z is part of the United Nations which is part of The Council On Foregin Relations & if u look at who Jay-Z works for it u will see the they use him, The Jewish influence is strong in the world & especically in the music business they run the ends & out, So people taking this lightly dnt want to face the facts peoples opinions have taking over facts & common sense, Like i said to me he is an a good artist & business man ima give credit were credit is due but he is part of that elite network, Now the symbols he has in his videos & clothes as of late are masonic symbols the symbols are there is people really study that, Just cause he is a rapper doesent mean anything, Remember XXL doesent speak for the real people they speak for the left brain single minded people who doesent have knowledge of self, they are a Jewish owned mainstream Rap (Not Hip-Hop) magazine and if anybody know anything the mainstream is ranned by the same people who are members of the Council of Foregin Relations, The Billderberg Group & the Triladeral Commission, so its a bigger then just silly things like XXL making it seem like this stuff is not real or its joke they dnt want to tell the truth about things cause if they did their magazine will not be up, Im not an expert im just speaking as an person who is aware of whats going on, Jay-Z is a pawn in a bigger game his life story is universal & he is a symbol of how far u can go but he is also a symbol of selling out to the highest bidder..


      Amen brother, u r so right, people better wake up


      Jay-z is not a pawn in a greater game or they would have him doing even more stereotypical blaxsplotation ish than he does in general. He is a part of the status quo and he is rich but not wealthy. He became rich by entertaining the masses and building an empire around it.

      Signs and Symbols only mean what you want them to mean. I can look at a skull and see the sign of death or say it is a reminder of the fact we should live life to its fullest. Nothing has meaning unless we assign said meaning.

      We do not control media outlets and such. But when we get in a position of power we never reach out to do so. Jay-z can’t even get J coles album out. Hell if he was illuminati I would expect his stint at def jams would have went better LOL or the whole roc situation. Jigga is just talented and lucky because if big had never been killed his career would be solid but not this solid.

    • grosskid


      dude, this is 2010 and the internet is highly used I must say.. do you honestly think that any of your bullshit that you just took the time out to type will be a groundbreaking piece of information to anyone who is reading it?? stop trying to sound all smart,,you sound like me three years ago lol wtf

      and as for that “left brain” shit…. wow lol

      • RDS


        You know what’s funny? You probably sat there typing all of that out and got to the end thinking you were really proving something. But all I got from that long-ass ramble was bullshit on top of dung on top of manure on top of crap on top of…well…nothing.

        I wish people put as much effort into their educations or families or things that actually matters as they did bullshit like conspiracy theories about Jay-Z. It genuinely pains me to know some of ya’ll dudes/gals are probably extremely bright kids, but in completely the wrong way.


    • Just Me

      “he is also a symbol of selling out to the highest bidder..”

      Who would provide a service/product in which he could profit millions off of, just to sell it to the lowest bidder????

      I thought that selling to the highest bidder was the general purpose of conducting busisness. But that’s not the bigger issue here.

      Some people are too smart for their own good. I will say that this shit is wierd. But I will also say that a movement can only be as big as you make it. Hence, the Illuminati is a big deal now not because of the artist, but people that wanna make such a big deal out of it that now they dont have to make their presence felt. YouTube and various other outlets and commenters are their new form of free promotion.

    • Enlightened

      I hear you 1987 kid. Some niggas is just missing your point.

  • HipHop

    “If anything Jay’s a pawn of the Illuminati and if I had the energy to be analyzing the Illuminati’s pawns I’d probably go after who I suspect their biggest might be—but he’s sitting over at the White House largely above suspicion.”

  • Brahsef

    This Illuminati bullshit is getting outta hand now. You think the Illuminati even gives a fuck about the black youth? If the Illuminati even exists, it’s multi-billionaires who are the invisible hand over globally important events. Last time I checked, Jay hasn’t even eclipsed a bill.

    People are just too paranoid out there.

  • http://www.moltron1st@yahoo.com EmCDL

    Looking at that video made me realize that people have waaaaay too much time on their hands….

    Good blog though

  • Corvin

    Jay Z’s fabulousy wealthy. He’s not fabulously wealthy ENOUGH though.

  • PHD

    you really don’t expect hip hop fans to use LOGIC?

    Rick Ross was a CO and is making songs about the Mafia and outselling former criminals like 50 who really got shot.

  • tensensi

    Jay (and most rappers today) worship money.

    No wonder Rocawear is littered with Illuminati symbolism.

    This plays right into their plan.

  • Luc

    Clarence Thomas would more likely be the pawns for Illuminati. He has not said a single word literally or figuratively for colored folks or the middle class since he has been sworn in as a Justice.

  • http://www.fab5ent.com Quentin Cuff

    So true B. People need to get a grip. Even if he was a mason, he definitely isn’t the mason we need to worry about.

  • Avenger XL


    This whole discussion just shows how people would rather concern themselves with undefeatable boogiemen rather that confront real issues. The way the world works is a lot scarier than anything you can dream up about a secret society or devil whorship.

    This whole conspiracy mindstate can be a danger to progress though. By all means ask questions and do research but do so with the mind of a detective and scientist not a tabliod junk news fan. This has become as bad a hoax as back in the day all rock record were tied to devil whorship by one religious fanatic or another. To the point it became a actual marketing ploy for bands to appear more satanic to sell records. Now rather than addressing the 17 percent unemployment rate in the black community and demanding change like those tea party nuts. We are discussing if rapper(one of the lowest creatures on the pop music chain) is a part of vast conspiracy to destroy black folks. group think sucks people the enemy you face is greater than the illuminati folks.

  • CLOK


    Acts 4:10-12 (Today’s New International Version)
    10 then know this, you and all the people of Israel: It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed. 11 Jesus is
    ” ‘the stone you builders rejected,
    which has become the cornerstone.’ [a]

    12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved.”

  • http://twitter.com/suitablegirl suitablegirl

    This whole discussion just shows how people would rather concern themselves with undefeatable boogiemen rather that confront real issues. The way the world works is a lot scarier than anything you can dream up about a secret society or devil worship.

    Word. It’s easier to throw your hands up in the air and say, “there’s nothing to be done” than do the hard work of confronting real issues. But that’s just human nature, and to be expected.


    PAC warned us about the ILLUMINATI. OPEN YOUR EYES!

  • romil

    Yeah Illuminati might be a joke but they are in some satanic cult for sure. I know Jay aint paying yall for this. There is an inside circle in the entertainment biz and thats why its hard for up and commers to get on.



  • Enlightened

    You can throw the term “Illuminati” under one umbrella and make it sound like some ridiculous hoax if you want to.

    The word itself is nothing. And of course Jay-Z could never be a member of the same group that OWNS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and neither can Barack Obama for that matter.

    There are a bunch of different groups with an agenda. Over the course of time, they have employed certain Black people to help “prevent the rise of a Black messiah” as J. Edgar Hoover put it.

    These things definitely happen. If nothing else, all the Jay-Z and other entertainer talk has taken light away from people asking real questions about the way the “illuminati” control economics, and the (in)justice system, and the drug trade etc.

    Satan is not even the issue with me. Fuck him. I’m more concerned about the tangible, physical fuckery that happens before our very eyes under the watch of these organizations.

  • buffalo_soldier667


  • Ruc

    Another nigga tryin to defend the gay ass secret society! U must of took it in the ass to make this bullshit article!!!!

  • RWord

    These “illuminati” videos and rumors are a bunch of circular logic indeed.

    What is funny is that people look at rap/music videos thinking that Jay-Z or Rihanna had anything to do with (1) the concept of the video, (2) the cinematography of the video (3) plot of the video (4) the special effects of the video etc…. What REALLY happen is that there is a dude you know all those things pitch a treatment to the artist and if the artist like it, they shot it. Jay-Z nor Rihanna rarely have anything to do with the video.

    They act like no one have EVER seen a ‘Behind the Scenes’ shows before?!? You know the artist just comes, show up to the set, do what the director tells them and leave.

    That why these video of illuminate make no sense, and it give WAY to much credit to the artist.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile


  • Pingback: 1.26 Around the Block | The Hood Nerd

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    I’m with you, but judging by these insanely ignorant comments (“U must of took it in the ass to make this bullshit article”?!), a good portion of XXL’s readership ain’t.

    As for the symbolism of the skull in the “Onto The Next One” video, THAT SHIT IS A WORK OF ART BY DAMIEN HIRST. (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/03/magazine/03Style-skull-t.html)
    The point of its inclusion (and destruction) is that Jay is on that UBER-BALLER SHIT. He took the single most expensive piece of contemporary artwork ever created and destroyed it just to say “fuck that, I’m onto the next one.”

    That symbolism is indeed dark, and it is arguably purveying questionable values, but it is NOT some indication that Jay-Z is in the fucking Illuminati.


  • ladidadida

    Illuminati Member: “Quick before everyone starts to question hip hops franchise player lets use xxl to rebuild his reputation!”

    Illuminati Council: “Why they’ll never believe we let a black man in anyway.”

    XXL: “True”

    great deductive reasoning

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Man we still on this?

    Trivialize the situation so they will not only not believe, but totally disregard it. Brilliant.

    Let’s not forget the target audience is 18-34.

    Go check out the Fall of the Republic…ain’t no new music out now anyway…

  • G!

    I wish niggaz was as concerned about the Illuminati when George Bush was in office. Yall niggaz wasn’t sayin shit. No Mass You Tube videos. Shit Creflo Dollar voted for him… What happened to thinking for yourself. Damn America is full of Sheep!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      They were, you may have not been paying attention or were too young. Cats been throwing the info out there since Reagan & Daddy Bush.

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    I’m with you, man, but judging by some of these ign’ant ass comments (“U must of took it in the ass to make this bullshit article”), a lot of XXL’s readership ain’t.

    First, word to what RWord said about these artists having little or nothing to do with the conceptual content of their videos.

    Secondly, okay, someone as powerful as Jay-Z may have a role in the formation of his video, but trust, Illuminati imagery is not his focus. That skull that has people up in arms about death IS ACTUALLY A WORK OF ART BY DAMIEN HIRST. Google it. It’s a diamond-encrusted skull that sold for a million dollars, making it the single most expensive piece of contemporary artwork EVER. Jay’s intention with including (and destroying) it wasn’t to drop some subliminal message about a secret society, it was to say LOOK AT ME, I’M BALLIN AS FUCK, I CAN DESTROY THE MOST EXPENSIVE PIECE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTWORK AND NOT GIVE A SHIT BECAUSE I’M ONTO THE NEXT ONE.

    Thirdly, YES! to your Obama comment. If the Illuminati does indeed exist, they most certainly have bigger fish to fry than Jay-Z. Let’s be real here, people.

  • cmoney85

    man its interesting how you can take time and make anything and everything look bad. then there is some idiot who just agrees with it. You know how many artist could take jay’s spot and be accused of being affiliated with any random group. Like i bet someone could convince people that Tiger Woods is with Osama because he hadn’t been seen by tmz in the last 3 hours

  • CJ2792

    Co sign with Enlightened….there are bigger questions and issues that remain unanswered explored in this world.

  • KO-JO

    the only way i knoe dis aint tru is cos yall say the illuminatti is a “secret organisation” so why the fuck will they let all these entertainers drop clues about thier existence if they wanna be secret…….its jux not logical

  • http://myspace.com/ncprecise ncprecise

    while everybody is debating whether or not jay is a devil worshipper, he’s helping millions of lives in Haiti. guess that part gets overlooked

  • lookadeez

    It’s hilarious how people all of a sudden act like Jay went and had some backroom meeting to get where he is…


    Now, all of a sudden, everyone has amnesia, and he must have sold his soul to the devil to be that good a rapper huh? FOH

    • http://myspace.com/ncprecise ncprecise


  • El Tico Loco

    Mr Funky and Doitall ARE masons and if you watch the videos they even had on compass and square T’s and there never was a discussion like this about it, hell some of ya’ll probably thought they were Universal Flags. If Jay Z is any of those things he would make it known just like any minority will rep any afiliation whether it be a gang, frat, organization all he repped the ROC and Marcy asides from that he’s just a lucky ass rapper that’s taken more serious than he probably takes himself.

  • The1987Kid

    I sware niggas got selective reading, I also said that I dnt take Jay-Z serious but he is an elite in the music business which is ranned by Jews if motherfuckas just read it right, I made a comment about it cause i wanted to this is an old story but now it has legs i bet if a new iphone came out some of yall will stand outside zero below weather just to get a fucking phone, niggas with them gay comments need to learn how to speak to another person, I know Jay-Z is small compared to Bill Gates but He is a member of The United Nations which is a arm of the Council of Foreign Relations (Oh he just join them cause its fun & makes him seem bigger YEAH RIGHT) And another thing just because Obama is black dnt mean shit, he is part of the Illuminati shit just look up who he related to He is related to 5 presidents so all yall with that blind trust u need to not comment if u didnt even read my shit right, So if u read my shit with an open mind & look at my words then u will understand but if u didnt & whoever want to make a slick ass comment or some gay keep it moving…

  • DaChao

    Who says the illuminati and the free masonry is a bad thang??? Its a fraternity…Look up the definition…and to think Jay-z is the SINGLE illuminati is smoking bear Crack laced with DMT…All im saying is even if he were part of it…it wouldnt make him apart of the illuminati…LOL myspace.com/yessyabytchdac BUT i just think that this illuminati shit is taken outta context…Illuminati…root word illuminate…whats bad about it??? People LOVE to see people panic off of the stupidest shiiit…DaChao…Out

  • http://www.myspace.com/sfrazekingdom S.Fraze

    Truth is beyond the thinking of most people because for a fact the world is controlled beyond the reach of our sight. All is for told all will become public..everything happens for a reason.

    Jay-z knows what he knows from the days he was with jaz-o, they were called the “originators” and there name comes from Africa being the orgin of man with beliefs and traditions..He studys more than he puts on..but still i cant knock the hustle (pause)






  • mav

    its funny how they keep sayin hes not in the illuminati…i dont think too many people think that…i think he might just be down wit the freemasons at the very least everybody replying to this has to admit that jay-z is aware of the masonic symbols and he used them on those clothes if u havent looked at those clothes dont try 2 say he aint down wit that shit this shit sounds crazy but he is feedin the fire by denouncing religion and makin these weird ass videos jay old as fuck why would he change up and start makin these weird ass videos he know the hood think they bullshit

  • mikel

    1 reason why he is:
    because he was just defended by an article written for a major american magazine owned by harris publications

  • RegalDee

    I absolutely agre with this writer. I hat to give this subject so much attention, but this shit needs to be said. I really do wish ppl would get off of this whole Jay-Z video tip. If he is a Mason so what!?How many ppl really know anything substantial about Freemasonry, yet are talking their patooties off about it? People running around and condemning folks 4 what they don’t understand or seek to gain knowledge of. Leave the conde…mning to God; however u may see Him. It ain’t your place fellow sinnner. Read a book and get a life.

  • CLJ

    yall know what…. jay-z did say “rain man is back” iat the end of his verse….

  • http://www.elitemensmag.com Baneful One

    You are on point. Jay-Z is trying to have the “secret society” image but no way he’s Illuminati. Barak definitely has a sponsor from Illuminati and Barak is a pawn. Bush has a devil face. Illuminati had to soften up the image of the presidency so they went with a black man. I met Bush on a street corner in Long Beach Cali. They could have killed me, but they showed me signs that they commit murder (cold blood) right here in the hood and don’t get caught. They showed me that for bragging rights. Using me as a pawn kind of.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good comment valdez. I see you 1987.

    “Signs and Symbols only mean what you want them to mean.”

    Symbolism is a powerful tool. There are symbols on your keyboard, while you’re driving (that’s why the signs have shapes and colors), on maps. And they all have SPECIFIC definitions. That poison symbol on a bottle doesn’t mean to interpret it how you see fit. A one way sign doesn’t mean you can drive down that street anyway you want to. When you don’t know the definition of those symbols is when you have a problem, you could be putting yourself or someone around you in grave, great danger.

    “Illuminati…root word illuminate…whats bad about it???”

    ^^^ Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning “light-bearer”, “Day Star”, “Morning Star”.

    illuminate-to provide or brighten with light…

    What does a star do? Provide light. The sun is literally a planet on fire, fire provides light. There is good lighting and bad lighting. Tell me a dull, ready to burn out bulb still doesn’t provide light. Too bright of lighting can blind you.

    The problem is so many people have their minds diverted AND perverted with savage pursuits of happiness that they forget the simple fundamentals. Co-sign AZ40 with the fact that people give “star” celebrities too much credit. A lot of their lives are way more fukked up than the poor man.


    So homie couldn’t have saw the video treatment and said no? With all of his “star” power he couldn’t of said “Naw I don’t want the people to associate me with that sh*t, make me another video”? And he did 2 videos in the same likeness.

    Jay’s hits don’t have sh*t to do with the realness or make him right and exact when it comes to the truth. He is paid to be what he is, a rapper, that is his JOB. If the label said “we don’t want that song to be released Jay” he ain’t releasing it. And Jay did not create LIVE NATION, his touring machine bosses, he created a brand and sells his services to the highest bidder.

    In closing this ain’t even about Jay, it’s about how cats don’t see what’s popping right now on this planet. And to keep it 100, most of y’all never will until you’re caught up in it.

    • http://myspace.com/ncprecise ncprecise

      i hate when people say dumb stuff to make their point. the CHARACTERS on ur keyboard and STREET SIGNS are obviously clear dude. abstract imagery is just that. abstract! but all of thats besides the point.

      ask someone in Haiti if Jay’s hurting them more than helping them.

      ask someone who Jay helped supply water to in Africa if they’re concerned with whats on his ‘on to the next one video’

      ask the families of 9/11 victims if his benefit concert didn’t help them out just a little bit.


      “but thats the nature of people, why u think ma’fuckas like to feed pigeons, but try to shoot eagles”

      • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine


        Are the signs that clear? Why do people still run red lights? Don’t stop at the stop sign? Don’t yield at the walkway?



    • Avenger XL


      You are correct he created a brand and sells his product to the highest bidder. But one of the people paying him is not a vast global conspiracy that could be doing things like puppeting governments and such rather than waist they time controling what black folks listen too.

      The video treatment is perfect for the asthetics of the album. It is futuristic and looks like the folks whole directed the cell did it. He is reaching for different video looks because there is only so far you can go with halk naked hoes and mean mugging characters in hood scapes. If you pay attention this is the new design style like hype williams and puff brought in all the bright colors. He continued this ish in his next video because all the internet tabliod junkies decided to ride the tin foil hat express to conspiracy land. But both videos are meaningless dribble designed to give the illusion of artistic merit or edge.

      Like I said if folks want to do something lets make sure those bastards in DC don’t forget us sitting here at about 17 percent unemployment for black males. Where is the real black voice in the american disporia? I donate time to trying show youth better ways of making it in america and mentor high school and college kids with the aid of several local organizations. Folks need to kill the conspiracy and get to work changing things.

      • Enlightened

        Look, man. White people are the minority on this planet. You do understand that right?

        If they paid fair market value to the people for all of the oil/gold etc. that they attain instead of stealing it, they would have no power. They would be customers. You understand that right?

        If you don’t think they’re “wasting their time” worrying what Black people are listening to, then you need to go re-evaluate.

        40 years ago we were listening to Huey P. Newton and The Black Panthers and The Last Poets.

        20 Years ago we were listening to PE, NWA, Ice Cube, X-Clan, BDP etc.

        Now we’re listening to Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane, Jeezy etc.

        If you think you can go around all day rapping the lyrics to songs like “Self Destruction” “Stop the Violence” “Fuck The Police” and “Fight The Power” and not be affected by it, then you need to go re-evaluate.

        Where is the real Black voice in the American (I hope you meant African) diaspora? Well, J. Edgar Hoover said prevent the rise of a Black messiah.

        So they killed them, locked them up, flooded the hood with drugs and hoped they got addicted,(insert all types of other media control and other shit over the past 40 years) and more recently, made sure that niggas like Souljah Boy became role models, and made sure that apolitical niggas like Jay-Z become the standard for what you should hope to accomplish.

        Trust me, they would much rather we try to be like Jay-Z than Chuck D.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

          @ Avenger

          “J. Edgar Hoover said prevent the rise of a Black messiah.”

          ^ This is a conspiracy against the people by the government. These tactics have been practiced for years.

          We went from revolution, to fight the power, to swag. Think about it.

  • macdatruest

    What trip me out is why people get mad if you think the nigga Jay-Z is part of the Elite. I guess freedom of opinion is only good if yo opinion is the popular one but anyway…

    Illuminati is just a general term somebody said it best it’s a network. What you niggas don’t understand is it’s no a conspiracy or a secret the shit been around for ages. look at the money in ya pocket. Go to the Washington monument it list George Washington as a Freemason before it does A President and thats a fact.

    The signs and symbols woulda been there and have been there before Jay-Z started flashing all that shit. It is what it is. I can understand you niggas criticizing and begging niggaz not to care-Okay fine babies. But don’t fuckin ask me not to see whats right in front of my eyes. If “on to the next” was a Rock and Roll video niggas would swear its some Devil shit-or if they seen those same symbols in Death Metal videos they would SWEAR again, it’s demonic.

    Now look at ho ass niggas makin excuses. I think basically what you have is a well paid pawn being used to push this type of shit off into black culture cause niggas really dont get down wit the demonic crazy shit. But now how many “Rock Stars” is it out here in the rap game? Dressing Gothic and shit look at Jay-Z clothes- Oh wait Im sposed to believe that all them symbols is just “flair” huh? to add to my “swag” right?? Yall niggas suck Roc Cock

    Imma tell yall niggas some shit that’ll fuck yall little world up- GET OFF JAY-Z DICK!!!! Start as far away from Jay-Z as you can and study the occult. Start wit Aleister Crowley, check the Beetles out all the known, documented shit that aint got nothing to do wit “hatin on Hov” as yall niggas call him. But I bet when you take what u learned elsewhere and come BACK to Jay-Z you will stop lying to yourself, you wont be able to. I did the knowledge before Jay-Z became a Mason, and yea he’s a 3rd degree master Mason. KILLUMINATI!!!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Who dat? mac? That’s what I’m talking about…

      • macdatruest

        What up $yk I know u see these niggas in denial I remember a time when black folks woulda been skeptical of a nigga wit a black cat. Now niggas is flashing pictures of Christ wit bullets on the sides of him and coon ass niggas “moufis” hang down and they mind go blank-

        But you can tell these bitch niggas cause they act like you gotta accept the symbols at face value, and yo personal knowledge of what they mean is a “conspiracy” to bring Jay-Z down.

        If my son finds out Christopher Columbus was a murderer do that mean they should kick him outta school?? Is he tryna bring down American History if he finds out more than he was taught? Niggas is scared hoes that’s why I respect Pac, he wasn’t goin.

        • Will E. Will

          MAC and Syk!!!

          I couldn’t have said it better my brothers.

    • Avenger XL


      I am not defending JAy-Z as a fan. I just don’t have time to fight invincible shadow conspiracy while the system consumes more black youth. I would rather do the best one man can and get involved.

      I collect esoteric books and writings. It is a hobby of mine that started in high school. So I know Aliester Crowley and the golden dawn as well as many other organizations of the past were all after some secret hidden truth. They came along during simplier times at the hight of the fraternal movement. All of them cherry picked rituals from antiquity. Dresses like fools and misaligned symbols trying to find this absolute truth. Crowely was a nut and some mistkenly thought he was a satanist. He was more of an epicurin i.e. “the phrase do as thou wilt” translation if it feels good do it.

      Now with all that dribble said. I have looked at many of these so-called conspiracy wonks work and come to the conclusion that humans are too vain,clumsy,arrogant and in some cases ignorant to carry on supervillian level conspiracies. There have been a lot of dirt like FBI cointelpro and government sanctioned assassinations but over time all man made institution erodes and the only reason the illuminati are still in our lexicon is the conspiracy crowd because even the masonic lodge has seen an over decline in membership over the years. But I tell you the shit that is really going on is worse than all this conspiracy shit.

      • Enlightened

        Homie, you can’t separate the two!

        You’re essentially saying the same thing. COINTELPRO was an extension of this. The Federal Reserve Bank is an extension of this. The land grab in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was an extension of this.

        Take your mind of the mystical, supernatural part of it.

        “The System” you are talking about is controlled by these people. You think “the system” developed on accident? You think it’s an accident that until recently crack cocaine carried a much more severe penalty than powder cocaine?

        You think it’s an accident that every person that gets exonerated by DNA is Black?

        Fuck the word “ILLUMINATI” look at the actions of “the system” you are talking about. That’s the real live physical manifestation of these muthafuckas sitting back holding them puppet strings.

        • AVENGER XL

          The only reason I speak out against this is because people use it as a distraction to avoid taking up causes to help the situation that is going on. It is fact that black has been given second class status across the globe due to colonial propaganda. The power in this country does not function in managible cliques. Human beings are wired by tribal bullshit and xenophobia. Why can’t we talk about creating farm co-ops to bring quality food to inner cities or mentoring kids to start the each one teach one process.

          But cointelpro is not a conspiracy it is fact.

        • Enlightened

          I don’t think people use it as a distraction to avoid the situation. I think for the first time ever, people are looking at this situation who never otherwise would have even had these conversations.

          If people open their eyes and question things more, they’ll go from just the Jay-Z/entertainer questions and ask the more pressing questions you are talking about. But overall, it’s all a part of the same problem.

          COINTELPRO is only a “fact” now and not a “conspiracy” because somebody found those documents. If nobody found it, they would call it a conspiracy.

          Like I said, I think you saying the same thing as a lot of people on here, it’s just the words that are used. Illuminati, the system, the powers that be… whatever. The fact is, there are people in power above and beyond the governments who they let people believe have power. We can call it what we want.

        • avenger xl

          Yes I can separate the two. What I am saying is I do not beleive in a vast shadow organization driven conspiracy that continues to target a maligned group like the african disporia. That is a little too comicbookish and it reduces the real threats to intangible boogie men reinforcing peoples over all feeling of hoplessness. I mean how can anyone defeat something that sounds like hydra from marvel comics. Their hand is in everything so you are dead before you start unless you are a rogue super hero yourself but I digress.

          What I do believe however is that humanity is corrupt,cruel,fearful and greedy. I think during the ages of empire through colonization. The more vicious,opportunistic and greedy cultures conquered the world and spread their influences. They created various levels of society and second class humanity to maintan power but through the ages things started changing again because nothing built by man ever lasts very long but it is hard to adjust behavior once you disrupt the natural flow of things. That is why blacks in america suffer from a lack of identity as a people we were inslaved,dehumanized and objectified not because of a grand conspiracy but because human beings are dirty greedy,xenophobic types. We all function as pawns in a game we design as we go. Even the so called leaders are pawns in the grand scheme of things. You can either believe in mind control waves in the TV telling people to live in the ghetto forever as the reason for poverty or see that it is as the phsycological effect of hardship brought on by us not rising to the occasion that our forfathers in the struggle did. They died to do small things like sit at a lunch counter or drink from a fountain. Each generations responsiblity is to move the ball forward and every generation has its hardships.

          Bottomline is this is all a part of social evolution.

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  • OmarKillumanati65


  • XXX

    Goat of Mendes

  • tommy gunz

    already told yall

    jigga and bill clinton drink camel blood together to seal their blood oaths of free masonic based illumanati prayers to satans butthole


  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    ^^^ This dude. It ain’t a joke yo…

    @ mac

    True indeed I see it. Sh*t is nauseating. These mufukkas would tell on you and yours because they take sh*t on face value, scared they ain’t gonna eat or party…they don’t understand I would empty a clip in them like when Eli and that chick were in the foxhole…I ain’t gonna allow these clowns to kill me and mine because of falsehood…and this dude Jay is buttersoft, I know this as truth, these sheeple are standing up for a dude who would NEVER stand up for them.

    We would have caught hell talking that submissive sh*t on the block back then. A black cat would’ve got you robbed and had the breaks beat off of you until you moved out of the hood. These youngin’s don’t understand how lucky they are that the info is there at their fingertips, and they still refuse facts. And the sad part is some of these dudes ain’t youngin’s, they’re the Charmin dudes from the hood who can talk now because of the ‘net and the hood dudes ain’t around to check them.

    I may be diplomatic, but I ain’t passive.

    • StayFly

      Nigga, you aint shootin at nothin. You on her blogging all day, but you in the streets huh? Nobody cares about what yo USED to do. You old niggas are soooo bitter.

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yktoic/Don McCaine

        Spoken like a true youngster.

        • Illadelphdwellah215

          Where I come from, if you act like a bitch, you get treated like one, male or female, young or old.

          And usually, if a bitch gets out of line, then the bitch will get checked, plain and simple.

          No internet thuggery clown stuff…just being real, if you disrespect, you will get checked eventually.

          Much respect fam! It’s getting real hard out here for real niggas man, may God have mercy on us.


  • flame1500

    this is ridiculous.. im 16 and i know that jay-z don’t have shit to do with the illuminati… the illuminati staff is organized by great powerful leaders. not some rapper from brooklyn. it’s funny how you think an illuminati member would go out on t.v and rap.. the illuminati is a secret organized group. they don’t want to be seen.Lastly the illuminati started around the 1700s back around when they had slaves.and im positive that the illuminati is a very racist group of whites who oppose any race but theirs. I’m sure the illuminati are laughing cause you as the public, media, helped them create a diversion so they can get on with their plot… in summary. Jay-z is wht he is. a rapper, who don’t know shit about the illumiinati.

  • StayFly

    Man, I love all these “Killuminati” niggas on here. You got these guys writing these long articulate posts telling people to “wake up” and not be sheep. The shit is funny to me because what they say is true, not about the Illuminati or Masons, but about some of the ignorant stans on here. But, then i read there posts again and its just as laughable. I mean JE-SUS what a bunch of pretentious assholes. Jay-Z stans; don’t be fooled by these niggas. For all there knowledge and wisdom they can’t do SHIT about it but come on-line and try to make niggas feel stupid for not knowing as much as them. Got niggas defining and breaking down words and shit. When the shit finally does hit the fan, these guys will be right next you suffering, just like there right next to you now arguing about BULLSHIT.But, don’t be scuuured, they just want people to think that they are smart. TRUST ME.When were all gathered in prison camps being slaughtered by the powers that be, it will be the SAME dudes in the camp with you talking that “See! I told ya’ll niggas” shit. Do they really believe that there knowledge on this subject really gives them an upper hand? Maaaaan, ya’ll niggas aint got no survival skills.I guess they must of watched “the book of ei” or some shit. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. I can just see some of the people on here in they living room with a Jansport Bookbag on and a kitchen knife in there hand pretending to fight off evil white people. LOL. They say its the Jay-z stans getting emotional but you can tell there sitting behind those keyboards getting all sweaty and shit typing fast trying to prove themselves. You salty oldhead Niggas are LOSERS. And please stop with the pac quotes. UGHHH!! You pac stans are worse then the jay-z stans. I Don’t give a fuck about what pac said nigga. Pac was a rapper just like jay. He talked about guns and drugs just like jay, he sold millions of records jut like jay. What? you think cuz he made “dear momma” and “brenda’s gotta baby” i should listen to his words but not another artists. Stop treating this nigga like he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  • StayFly

    why doesn’t this site post my fukkin comments.

  • realBOSTON

    “dear god i wonder can you save me” /
    “illuminati in my mind, soul, and my body” /
    “dear god i wonder can you save me”/
    “secret society tryin to keep they eye on me” /
    … … … /
    “I can’t die… I can’t die”

  • http://www.dozasaid.com Doza
  • Just Me

    This kills me. People wil say this entertainer is this and that, the signs are in the music/videos, that they’ve sold their souls to the devil, cults, and all that other shit…

    Then in the same breath, will turn around and worship every gang member rappin, as if gang violence isn’t as destructive as the so called “devil worshipper.”

    The bottom line is this; If you believe that the man is destroying the world with his lyrics, then don’t listen. Hell, just go grab a snuggie, drink some Kool-Aid, and be done with it. But if you believe that Jay-Z has that much influence on people that he can make people switch religions, well you’re just as dumb as the YouTube videos you believe in. Some focus so much on studying/discrediting his catalog that their actually bigger fans than people who just like the music.

    Personally, the only thing that Jay-Z has ever influenced me to do was throw on a button-up….

  • unknow

    he is a zionist. illuminati. you tell me have they ever confest to bein part of the organisation. no.

  • Beave

    Please dude. All the symbolism is there for everybody to see. You ever listen to D’evils on Reasonable Doubt? “Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Secret society, trying to keep denying me.” Damn dude wise up

  • 92FS

    People need to just keep open minds about stuff like this. Nobody really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. I’ve travelled to different places around the world, since I have family all over, from the Caribbean, states, Europe, Africa and New Zealand. I wont sit here and tell you “Yes! Jay-z is a member of the elite. Burn that mofo!” I will say though that he likes to turn and twist minds. He does use a lot of symbols and mentions certain things that have got me wondering, if he’s sending messages, or just fucking with us. I’ve researched this shit for many many years now. If you don’t believe it exists then God help you. I wont say Jay-z is a part of it, but he does know a hell of a lot about it.

    • macdatruest

      I wont say Jay-z is a part of it, but he does know a hell of a lot about it.

      And I doubt he learned that shit in Marcy projects from D-Haven back in his hustling days niggas aint teaching occult symbolism in the hood especially during the crack era. I feel like the same niggas who will try to convince you its all just random symbols is either purposely or unconsciously tryna stop other niggas from doing they own research. And them niggas is scared shitless at what they know they’re gonna find out.

      • 92FS

        Exactly! I’ve done ma own research since the mid 90′s, I’m not no expert or anything but I know enough for ma own good. I used to tell people that all the time, about being too scared to research on anything for fear of what they might uncover. They got a construction company I know of, their logo is the masonic square and compass. Most people told me they thought it was a sign to show they like to be precise in their work lol.

  • http://thacorner.net prodigynius
  • C Mo

    Obama is part of the Illuminati.

  • ONE50

    I look at Jay career arc. Now compare that to the to hiphop comunity and the direction that it took. Jay mention platnum, ice in 1998 then all the sudden dirty lil nigs in the hood is rockin platnum and Ice. Jay talks about rocking Iceburg sweaters, I start seeing ICeburg sweaters pop up here and there. Se stop rapping about Iceburg sweater. Those sweaters go away. Jay says he don’t wear Jerseys he wears button ups. Jerseys dissapear everybody wears button ups.

    Cyrstal anyone?

    You might say nothing is wrong with all that. Hell you may even dispute any of that ever happened. Truth is… Jay is a big influence. And so far he influenced a buncha lil dirty hood kids to hustle hard and buy things that don’t belong in the hood.

    I seen the vids and it’s not a good look. We lost.

    • Enlightened

      Good shit

  • jacob

    Umm whoever is believeing jay-z is idiots & the dumb fuck who said he aint with that devil bullshit come on he tryed to say jay-z wouldent be in it cuz he black you think the devil gives a fuck what color you are jay-z can reach alot of people young & old so he could get more people duh who gives a fuck if hes black thats the dumbest fucking shit i ever heard what only whites are in it bitch it aint the kkk hello

  • http://myspace.com/ncprecise ncprecise

    “get a little status and they think you too regal, thats the nature of people, why you think ma’fuckas like to feed pigeons, but try to shoot eagles…”- phonte

  • oskamadison

    Is Jay-Z in the Illuminati? Four simple words: Who. Gives. A. Shit?

  • El Tico Loco

    People can be just ignorant at times, because for one, now that the signs are there shinning brighter than ever before about Jay z’s possible afiliation to secret societies all of a sudden is a witch hunt of sorts. There’s a whole lot of pagan rituals you probably take part in that you might dismiss as innocent but their origins are real sinister Christmas trees, and easter eggs, and I’m sure you’ve gone trick or treating. Where was the blog then? Not defending Jay in any matter just saying why the selectiveness? The fact that he’s a pawn in the game is so obvious and worse, he’s being set up because now Jay just like Obama shit’s been fucked up but now they’re holding the smoking gun and the sheeple have forgotten who actually made the current situation happen, talk about scapegoats, sheesh. So at the end is a matter of individual whether you wanna take it with a grain of salt and dance, become involved, or fight against it. The way the situation affects your life directly is how you’re gonna deal with the issue and a lot of us don’t see the tree from the forest others see the whole landscape.

  • abdulnasir

    Boy, did Brooklyn drink the kool-aid b4 she wrote this one!

  • andrew

    shit is crazy. jay is whatever blah blah blah…why dont u look on the back of a dollar bill? yea a lot of symbols arent there? yea u gonna stop spendin ya money and live in the forest? shit is crazy….let the nigga live and hop off his dick

  • 11KAP

    shit ain’t my problem, one way or the other smh.

  • Darryl Nururdin

    I have to say we finally found a new topic to discuss Mr. Carter other than he is at it with this person and that person and that he is old still killing the rap game and everyone in it.
    Lets get a life people.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    lol its just music or is it? fact is, some people too smart that they are dumb and some people too dumb to have a smart thought. somewhere there is a balance fine line and thas the truth. words images music can always be twisted and have a double meaning. you can’t judge a person without knowing a person’s full intent. i seen some bs comments that are easy to read in. by peoples comments u can tell their age, their location, and their fundamental beliefs. Whose right or whose wrong? well all those things factor in what you believe in. what religion is the best? what philosphy is better? fact is, yes u can look at jayz as being apart of illumanit but u can also look at him as being the second coming or a humble disciple or just another nicca. and its people from all walks a life that will look at him. nobody is wrong or right because we all have our choices. balance is a sane man’s most valuable asset.

  • Pek

    R u serious??

    Its a cryin shame when niggas are willin to believe THIS shyt.

    Ngga, THIS shyt rite HERE??

    Meanwhile every last one of you dumb m’fukers snitch on yaself on a daily basis w/ facebook and twitter..creating pages and pages of files on yourself and reasons why you will NEVR get a security clearance, job, etc…shyt that you will be embarassed at in 2 years let alone 10.

    But u know everything about the “Illuminati”


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  • http://www.gmoney.com Hip Hop

    First …How much did he pay ya’ll to defend him? Out of the blue ya’ll going so hard for Jay -Z. Stop smoking the “OWEEEEE” that Martin Lawrence smoked a few years back. Do the knowledge.

  • dedede

    xxl mag staff excuse me, but i think you’re all idiots. indeed, after jay z’s on to the next one video clip it’s become an evidence that hova is a freemason; not only a member of satanist whorshipper but a master, illustraded by number 3( 3 degre= master ). I am an african( black) and i know many people of my family are freemasons.jay z humiliated nas just because he’s above him in an organization. do you believe “take over” is better than “ether”? do you believe a rapper( jay z) who sold almost 40 millions records is better than a rapper who sold more than 80 millions records( tupac) ? I don’t think so, but the illuminati ruled the world, the media( xxl mag?)that the question.

  • http://yahoo.com flame1500

    these ppl are acting naive. idk why im caught up in this mess anyway.. all i wanted to look at was these sexy eye candy girls. but back to the point… jay-z is definitely not part of the Illuminati group.. i mean c’mon im 16 and i know what you don’t… common sense.. i am living proof that common sense gets you somewhere in life. the Illuminati is a branch from the bilderberg group.. which is a group of the wealthiest leaders in the world who have a great influence on the world we know.. their meetings are highly guarded. 1 reason why jay-z aint part of that damn group is for one …. he’s not wealthy… he’s a rich nigga from Brooklyn. who again ..doesn’t know shit about the bilderberg or Illuminati. the funny thing is… he’s probably fuckin with you all… just giving you something to blog about.. to bitch about..that’s wht he might’ve did so y’all could get the fuck off his dick and talk about some stoopid Illuminati shit. in summary.. i repeat. jay-z don’t know shit about the Illuminati. and he nvr will.

  • esco

    wow and we need to take a history course? how about you? no blacks in freemasonry? very incorrect masonic lodges have been accepting black members for over a 100 years



    or check out “the originators” in which jay-z and jaz-o display there loyality to the nuwuabian movement…a group that considers themselves masons!

  • esco

    no blacks in manasonic history eh? well that’s a big joke look into prince hall freemasonry! he was a master mason! masonic lodges have been taking in blacks for over a 100 years!

    google it you will find traces of black members being accepted into grand masonic lodges for years! and as for jay-z just peep the video for origniators where jay-z and his friend jaz-o display there gratefull loyality nuwuabian movement! a group of men that consider themselves and there lodges to all be associated with freemasonry! not to mention that all of freemason beliefs date back to the egyptians! and that the first freemasons originated from egypt!…do the history

  • illadelphdwella215

    check this out, interesting food for thought

    God Bless!

  • Dominikingz

    There are many Masons from all races. Even MLK was one.

  • http://myspace.com/jaefatal jaefatal

    I’ve been hearing about this stuff for a minute, I watched the Jay-Z deception,I seen the stuff on the umbrella video, on to the next one and the run this town videos.

    All I gotta say is this. On to the next one has demonic imagery. You gotta be a real idiot to deny that. The song has nothing to do with the images in the video and the images are presented in a way that they can enter your sub conciousness.

    I don’t care if Jay is part of the illuminati or not. I don’t give a fuck about what all these youtube videos say. But if you watch that on to the next one video,by itself,on tv. Every image in there has demonic undertones. Whatever Jigga’s agenda is, it is wrong. He shouldn’t be flashin this type of shit in his videos.

  • Yanga

    whoever wrote this is an idiot!

    the illuminati has a music division called the OTO, they recruit up and coming artists with major potential to be a world class act, therefore- regardless of his race Jay-Z is a perfect candidate. do some research then start talking.

    FYI Micheal Jackson and The Beatles both have Alasteir Crowley (the world most famous satanist) on their album covers… if you don’t have access to books google it!

  • Brooklyn

    i never understood people’s facsination with jay-z’s beliefs. quite frankly, i wouldn’t give a fuck if he were a member of the illuminati or not, what he eats damn sure doesn’t make me shit. niggas have been going hardbody on this for a minute. and if jay is a member of the illuminati, is that gonna make niggas stop listening to his music? what power does jay have besides making rap and making clothes?

    If anything Jay’s a pawn of the Illuminati and if I had the energy to be analyzing the Illuminati’s pawns I’d probably go after who I suspect their biggest might be—but he’s sitting over at the White House largely above suspicion.*

    major co-sign. don’t sleep, barack obama’s election wasn’t a spontaneous event. it’s no coincidence that our first black president is a mulatto that’s related by blood to george h. w. bush, george w. bush, jimmy carter, gerald ford, lyndon johnson, harry s. truman and james madison. jay-z being a member of the illuminati probably means that he throws some submilinals in his music, barack obama being a member of the illuminati could possibly mean world war 3 among other shit. what i’m saying is, why are we wasting time worrying about jay-z’ affiliations, like beyond rap he has any influence? the leader of the free world is an illuminati, and we talking about a rapper?

  • Aray

    Why are you defending Jay-Z??? Does he pay ur rent? Who cares what people think of him, how is that affecting you anyway. Why are are so ready to go hard at people who think this man got a agenda. Who are you? Are you like his relative or something? I just don’t under stand why you are ready to die for this dude, its not that serious…
    “As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.”

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  • black_raven

    idk if jayz is or is not affiliated,however why i disagree with you
    1) you say a illuminati would not have chosen a black man.the question really is,why not choose a black man.if it was depicted on a particular why not fool people,if you know anything about Sata,pending your beliefs,corrupting the mind and doing the opposite of what ppl think is traditionally his mindset.

  • valarie

    You can’t see that they are trying to discredit the hip hop culture cause black men are incharge of their own money. They don’t like that and are afraid. Back in the 50′s and 60′s black groups didn’t make any money because the record industry controled them. Today the black man is reinventing himself. He do not see himself as hopeless anymore and they do not like it. So pull out the old tactic turn them against one another so they can’t rise.

  • zaf

    he is nothing more than a puppet for them
    you dont get to be in their big club. Period.
    it has nothing to do with black or white, nor do you need to be talented, they will use anybody for thier means
    he can deny it all he wants it too late now
    too many of us have awoken

  • JM

    In the world of the super rich and powerful Gay Z doesn’t even make the list, don’t get me wrong he is not poor but what could he offer any secret society? advice on how to cook up some crack. The people who rule this world could spend what Gay Z is worth and not know. People need to get a clue he is rapper nothing more…

  • Joe

    I think we all shld follow Jesus,cos judgement day is cming.

  • rjjlkfjgk

    Ur an asshole point blank. Jayz is not illuminati, but he is a free mason. He will never be on the “illuminated” level. Thats only for the royal bloodlines etc etc etc. Wake up!! Pac spoke about it, MJ warned us sayin its all a conspiracy, and many others have “died” claiming the illuminati exist. Weird MJ died when he told the world he has something to let them know…”a conspiracy”. You are just in denial when so many facts, and evidence present itself. Jays videos are loaded with occultic symbolism which make absolutely no sense to the average person eg “On to the next one”. Jay is a free mason, he is not illuminati, he only fits into their agenda aka being “used”. Why cant Jay simply deny any affiliation with secret societies?? Cuz he cant. Shit if people put the devil on me and asked if i worshipped satan as an artiste, i’d say NO. If u study mason arts, u’d come to find out they cant disavow or renounce their association with the brotherhood. Dont jus listen to what people tell you, learn about the bloodlines, freemasonry, and everything associated with it so you can understand why Jay Z cant say NO, and why he has all these symbolic things in his videos. Your right “black people” are not in the illuminati, but they use black people to help their cause

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.vanardenne Rob van Ardenne

    If the Illuminati are so powerfull than why dont they take all that crap of youtube and make the people dissapear involved in spreading all this “secrets” and have a person like Morgan Freeman or Bill Cosby tell us in a friendly voice that everythings fine, just fine… and we’ll all slip into a perfect bliss of not knowing again.
    Seriously all this conspiracy stuff just makes people think that you cant do anything anymore about any course of events because its all staged by some all-powerfull group of people. c’mon people they dont have any real power over you, just the power you let them take from you.
    Stand up, its just 1% against 99% how can they even win ???