2010 DN Tournament – The Sweet 16

You’ve done it again, people. We’ve got another tie! We were a mere few votes away from a third tie. It’s amazing how polarized we can be on these issues. Both Katt Williams and Rod Blagojevich will advance to face Million Dollar Max B this go-’round.

In the meantime, here are your complete Round 2 results.


#1 Lil’ Boosie (79.6%) def. #8 R. Kelly (20.4%)
#12 OJ Da Juiceman (70.6%) def. #13 Ron Artest (29.4%)
#6 WSHH Content (56.9%) def. #3 Delonte West
#7 I Eat Da Pussy Boys (70.6%) def. #2 Chris Brown (29.4%)


#1 Gilbert Arenas (85.0%) def. #8 Marshawn Lynch (15.0%)
#4 Gerald M. Saluti (61.1%) def. #5 Charles Hamilton (38.9%)
#3 Max B (57.1) def. #6 Bow Wow (42.9%)
#2 Katt Williams tied. #7 Rod Blagojevich


#1 Tiger Woods (74.6) def. #9 Barbara Norton (25.4%)
#12 Sexy Spec (64.7) def. #13 Michael Steele (35.3%)
#3 Gucci Mane (68.4%) def. #6 Frankie Lons (31.6%)
#2 Plaxico Burress (62.6%) def. #7 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (37.4%)


#1 Lil’ Wayne (58.8%) def. #9 Chopper (41.2%)
#4 DMX (50.9%) def. #12 Joe Jackson (49.1%)
#3 BET Programming (56.8%) def. #6 Stephon Marbury (43.2%)
#2 Buju Banton (42.0%) def. #10 Kanye West (36.0%) and #15 Rick Ross (22.0%)

Sweet 16


#1 Lil’ Boose vs. #12 OJ Da Juiceman

Jewmane has had a longer lasting affect on the Negro Please/RMC readers than expected. Long-lasting effect is one way to describe that Bad Azz fan appeal. When Boosie’s done getting his dick sucked by well wishers he’ll likely look up at the scoreboard to find a laughable result in this contest. I’m not going to underestimate OJ Da Blawgmane’s ignorance. If it we can have ‘laskalanna, OJ Da Juiceman can have another day in the sun. I just won’t be betting on it.


#6 WSHH Content vs. #7 I Eat Da Pussy Boys

I think it’s time to get out t-shirts for the Eat Dat Boyz. This is more than a Cinderella situation we have here. Chris Brown just got manhandled. Creighton just burned Duke’s barn to the tune of 71-29. Coaches get fired for blowouts like that on both ends. Philosophically, considering that WSHH broke this video story, who’s dumber? I Eat Da Pussy is textbook WSHH Content. Can you really promote one and eliminate the other? #7′s magical run depends on your interpretation. I see them in the Elite H8. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them bring it to Boosie. I really don’t think your brackets are all that safe with T-Rex’s ashy feet stomping around the DN Tournament.



#1 Gilbert Arenas vs. #4 Gerald M. Saluti

Saluti’s in the Sweet 16, as deserved. Too bad he’s gotta go home now and get some rest to work that hot dog cart tomorrow. Arenas’ expected season-long suspension only punctuates the Agent Zero DN resume. Saluti will probably be Arenas’ first challenge. That’s to say Michael Rappaport, Esq may be the first to break 15% of the vote. Perhaps Arenas should have been a #0 seed instead of a #1. The boy is most definitely special.


#2 Katt Wiliams vs. #3 Max B vs. #7 Rod Blagojevich

Lightning has struck the 2010 DN Tournament twice. Now Biggavel has to fight off two niggas at once. I’ll bet shillings to suzies this is no novel concept for a nigga who has already spent several years in prison. Bow Wow was no easy victory. Blagojevich has already proven himself as a certifiable DN. Williams is a hot fucking mess, but he’s already drawn with Blago. I can’t call this one for shit. I guess Williams hasn’t been convicted of murder… yet. Though, there will probably be a SOHH headline this week suggesting as much. Needless to say, I consider this matchup of the round.



#1 Tiger Woods vs. #12 Sexy Spec

I can’t believe the Pretty Ricky pirouette machine has made it this far. Are niggas voting for all of PR at once? Is this one for “I’mma put a peeil in the booty–” as well? No matter. The man who has put a peeil in a booty at every Florida wing bar has come to put an end to this shit. Thpectacular, you’ve had a good run. Give Ms. Davis her porch chair back and go pick up your new lead singer from Subway.


#2 Plaxico Burress vs. #3 Gucci Mane

I may have jumped the gun with that whole “matchup of the round” thing earlier. Dammit. Did I say “jump the gun?” No pun intended. Fuck. I shouldn’t have said “round” either. Burress faces another icon of ignorance and fellow inmate in Gucci. Were they in the same booty house, Gucci would have to put some cigarettes and snack cakes on Burress’ head for what he did to Soulja Boy. Meanwhile, Gucci punched Frankie Lons in the side of the head like she was a heckler in the front row of his In-Community Center Performance. That’s WSHH-speak for “he was rapstering at somebody’s community center.”



#1 Lil’ Wayne vs. #4 DMX

Prison is become more common of a theme as the rounds progress. X has spent more time in the box than Tie Domi. Weeziana’s about to get his first taste. To DMX’s credit, he’s never made a Rebirth. However, there’s a dog shit-covered gospel album sitting on a shelf somewhere in Arizona. These may cancel out. Wayne manhandled Chopper, who is a sweet sixteener under better circumstances. X barely made it out of Joe Jackson’s practice facility alive. Literally a handful of votes decided that one. By virtue of opponent difficulty and margin of victory, you’ve gotta like Wayne’s chances to face either Buju Banton or The Negro Channel in the Elite H8.


#2 Buju Banton vs. #3 BET Programming

Buju and BET are a match made in heaven. The nigga would be rich forever if he could have just made it to Frankie’s apartment. He’d have had to clear her kitchen of young hoppers, but shit would have been sweet from the moment she tasted that sweet Bolivian butter. Frankie wouldn’t have even had time to cash the BET check. She’d have signed (“X”) on the back of that shit and done. This is all contingent on the notion that Buju could make it to Atlanta from Miami without having sniffed the whole 5 bricks up himself. I guess there are no guarantees in life.


Questions? Comments? Requests? We’re almost done here, but I’ve still got a few things I’d like to share with you this weekend. Do stay tuned. ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Plaxico vs Gucci? You may have yet another tie on your hands, Mexx. Still not sure who’s more deserving of that vote.

    I still predict Tiger and Gilbert’s dominance of the brackets until they meet each other.

    I think Joe Jackson should’ve upset DMX due to the magnitude and TIMING of his foulness. Oh well.

    WSHH Content >>> I Eat Tha Pussy Boys. Simple mathematics, the pussy boys are a fraction of WSHH.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      god, i hope not! no more ties!

      and i understand your philosophy on i eat da pussy. also… WSHH has an all-timer up today in terms of stupid captions!

      “11 Year Old Girl Gives Birth to 27 Year Old Man!!!”

      those dumb niggas…

      • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

        damn… they changed it.

        don’t worry. i got the proof. i’ll blog it.

  • westcoastaggie

    The I Eat The Pussy Boyz are this year’s DN version of George Mason.

    • Lowedwn

      hell nah, I’d have to liken them to Memphis, they are very strong in this comp. But with the point Mex made earlier about World Star putting them on, I say we combine them as one powerhouse team.

      I see Spectacular making a decent run at Tiger. That video shit was like 5+ months, but niggaz have not forgotten that repugnent dumb ass niggerishness.

      I see A LOT of potential ties here. I can’t call it, y’all already messed up my bracket by not putting Sanford through.

  • geico lizard

    I was waiting on a Greg Oden joke when you put up the WSHH comments,ron. I never thought I would see WSHH logo on ESPN but Oden made it happen.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      yooo. that’s the BIG time for rerrl star. i didn’t catch that.

      i also wasn’t exactly trying to see those pictures.

      • geico lizard

        Co-sign on not wanting to see Oden pictures but ESPN talked about them on Rome is burning,around the horn and pardon the interruption. ESPN needed camron to come on campus and teach them about saying “no homo” for the whole day friday.

  • Jack Tripper

    BET Programming>Buju Banton? WTF?!

  • oskamadison

    Attention all of y’all: DO NOT fuck this up. I want my Tiger/Gilbert showdown and I WILL have it, do y’all understand me???? If y’all mess this up, I will send to all of your houses the following: Frankie in a leopard print thong with Spectacular doing his best stripper rendition to a 24 hour marathon of Orenthal the Juiceman while Crack Man Earl is sodomizing your pitbull in the kitchen after a sample of one of Buju’s special deliveries (no G-Dep).

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico


      do NOT fuck this up, people!!!

      i don’t know, man… i eat da pussy. i eat da pussy… i eat da– i eat da– i eat da pussy!

      damn… their cheerleaders don’t even need to come up with cheers. it’s built in!

  • DV8

    i eat the pussy boys are a dangerous opponent.

    Isnt Katt Williams doing well financially? Why is he breaking in to peoples houses?

    is Max B dumb for what he (allegedly) did or who he hired for a lawyer? After all he did get shitted on by his co-d.

    Tiger didnt know how to play the game in the first place. He just got caught up in his ignorance. Spec on the other hand is either “tey ghey” or just plain dumb. He knew better.

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