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XXL Reviews Gucci Mane’s The State vs. Radric Davis

Gucci Mane
The State vs. Radric Davis
(So Icey/Asylum/Warner Bros.)

Beats: XL

Lyrics: L

Originality: XL

Since the beginning of his rap career, Radric Davis has been on a trial of sorts. When he first broke ground, alongside Young Jeezy on “Icy,” his introductory single, casual fans sang along to the catchy hook, while skeptics questioned the strength of Gucci’s lyrically light approach on the verses. Nevertheless, the song was a hit. Then came Gucci’s real-life drama. But after beating a murder rap in 2005, the Alabama-born, Atlanta-bred MC seemed to have put the bulk of his legal problems behind him—except he didn’t. An assault charge, which landed Gucci Mane La Flare back behind bars that same year, would come back to haunt him. He was released after several months served then locked back up in 2008, due to parole violations.

After being sprung in the spring of 2009, Gucci went right back to the booth, recording and releasing an arsenal of mixtapes for the streets (Writing on the Wall and Gangsta Grillz: The Movie: Part 2 with DJ Drama). Plus, he laid verses for some of this year’s biggest radio hits (Mario’s “Break Up,” Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow [Remix]”), satisfying both his core base and, now, the casual hip-hop fan. In perhaps his boldest statement, Gucci dropped a trio of mixtapes dubbed the Cold War series (Guccimerica, Brrrussia and Great Brrritain) in just one day this past October. It’s become clear that, as a rapper, Gucci has been racking up wins in the court of public opinion.

The State vs. Radric Davis serves as the type of art-imitating-life work that hip-hop fans historically eat up. It’s key to note that it marks Gooch’s graduation from the indie Asylum (where he released his debut studio album, Back to the Traphouse) to its parent major label, Warner Bros., and the music reflects that. Clearly, the label spared no expense, and the Polow Da Don–crafted, Usher-assisted first single, “Spotlight,” is the chief example. The well-polished pop track, complete with all-too-perfect 808 drums and superclean bass lines, does little to complement La Flare’s gruff vocal tone and Southern bravado. He simply struggles to find his footing alongside Usher’s overpowering R&B hook. Not that Gucci can’t turn an R&B trick, though. He fares much better on the Zaytoven-produced “I Think I’m Fallin’ in Love.” The title suggests a sugar-flavored relationship record, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as Gucci chooses game spittin’ in place of sweet nothings, with lines like, “Yeah, I’m a bachelor, but I’m working on my master’s/No, I’m not a doctor, but my money is way past one.” The Keyshia Cole duet “Bad, Bad, Bad” follows a similar path, while “Sex in Crazy Places,” with Bobby Valentino, Trina and Nicki Minaj, is just downright dirty.

Fans of Gucci’s mixtapes need not worry—the album features a healthy amount of the hardened material that has made Mr. So Icey revered in the streets. “Heavy,” an ode to the rapper’s collection of gaudy chains, is a standout, with its over-the-top one-liners (“I wish a nigga would run up on me like Brisco”), while the Lil Wayne/Cam’ron collaboration “Stupid Wild” is sure to unite Southern and East Coast fans. It doesn’t stop there. La Flare holds his own in the company of proven artists like Rick Ross (“All About My Money”) and Plies (“Wasted”), but he exhibits the most chemistry on the weed anthem “Kush Is My Cologne,” featuring Bun B, E-40 and a scene-stealing verse by Devin the Dude.

Amid all the disc’s co-stars, however, listeners rarely get a glimpse of the real Radric Davis. Maybe that’s what makes the soul-baring “My Worst Enemy” so good, especially when Gucci touches on his Young Jeezy beef with earnest rhymes like, “The day they tried to murder me, a day I can’t forget about/And I don’t wish no death on homie, I just want him to hear me out.” It’s a shame the album doesn’t offer more songs like it. The bouncy “Lemonade,” where Gooch gushes over his lemon-colored rims and lemon-flavored weed, is clever, but ultimately it could’ve been left on the cutting-room floor. Same goes for the forgettable “Amnesia,” featuring Keri Hilson.

When it comes to his real-life troubles, the jury is still out on Radric Davis. Another ill-timed probation violation could very well land landed him back behind bars. So, in that regard, his story is still untold. On the other hand, musically, The State vs. Radric Davis has proven the rapper’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. So when rap fans ask if he is now a bankable hip-hop star, let the record show that Gucci Mane is guilty as charged. —Rob Markman

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Beats: XL
    Lyrics: L
    Originality: XL
    Album gonna move big units but that does’nt compensate for its lukewarm quality.

    PS:If Gucci can get XL for overall album rating maybe i must also consider a career in rap,lmfao!!!

    • joe p

      un fuckin real … hes terrible

      • coweezy

        gucci is the hottest rapper now!!!! BURRR!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com junior

    this nigga sucks mad fucking features on his cd nigga did drp some decent mixtapes and he is a real nigga when it comes to the streets but he just another lame that doesnt rap about anything that can help the game fuck gucci mane

    hip hop future
    1)j cole
    4)wiz kahlifa
    5)big sean

    • O townwunderboy

      AGREED fully FUCK GUCCI LAME!the only one you forgot about is Cudi that dude got maaaaaaaaaaaad originality. Gucci Lame has no message at all in his lyrics and his delivery sound like a drunk toad. The only time i will ever play gucci is when i want a good laugh at his lack of talent. Also his verse on Wale’s “Pretty Girls” ain’t that bad.

    • terminilli ill

      Co-sign with every thing u said junior.

    • Mega D.

      the game? what game? the game of life? or maybe making the most of what was given to him? I’m not some lame azz on jigga dick or big L (rip)talkin bout “the culture man” or “word play” what ever rapper get you hard,chk ur self cuz shit talkin makes U nothing but a HATER!
      Dont hate on people makin BANK focus on doing the same……Gucci! \m/

  • KiLLuMaNaTii


    Sylvan Learning Center vs. Radric Davis



      • KS


    • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • Enlightened

    The review does not match a fuckin XL.

    That’s the problem with sites like this.

    How do you give it an average review and basically say he doesn’t live up the hype, but give it an XL review.

    I guess Warner Bros. would cut you niggas water off.

    An XL for originality from Gucci Mane. Get the fuck out here. Gucci is about as original as a pair of Nikes on a basketball court. I’ll never believe that shit.

    • Shotty

      Its called dickridin, boss. same thing rolling stone and pratically every other magazine did with the Carter 3, and I listen to Lil Wayne and know that shit was garbage. He wasn’t talking bout shit on there and the beats carried him. all of the beats werent even hot. XXL as far as reviews go, just jump on whoever has buzz whether they can rap or not. They run good articles on great artists and even gave Common a XXL for “Be”, but on the other hand, they capitalize from the buzz of any wack ass underground or mainstream artist that makes a crossover or ringtone hit. Niggas listen to Gucci Mane cuzz he talks about hustlin (I’m from philly, we don’t say trappin) but what cracks me the fuck up is that he cant be doing a new take on the shit because everything that could be said about grindin has been said already by way better rappers. At the end of the day, its all about selling magazines, and If the south loves dude, giving him an xxl rating is a good look for the magazine. I hate the music bizzness, lol.

    • Mobuck$

      So when rap fans ask if he is now a bankable hip-hop star, let the record show that Gucci Mane is guilty as charged. —Rob Markman

      ^^^ how is that an average review? he’s basically telling you Gucci just officially crossed over.

      The beats are xl (of course guuch stay with the bangerz)

      The lyrics are “L” (of course we know gooch could still polish up on the lyrics but hes advancing)

      The originality “XL” (thats a given ,the nigga aint got no gimmicks , hes basically just mr burr burr my lips is black and my snares are tight & my necklace look like fruity pebbles )

  • caino

    Everything l have heard from him l’ve got bored with quite quickly, he doesnt do anythign for me musically!

    l’m enjoying ,

    1) JCole
    2) Pac Div
    3) Wale

    • Dante

      l’m enjoying ,

      1) JCole
      2) Pac Div

      ^ That explains a lot.

  • alderman j

    When he out sells YALLS DADDY(FIF), for all yall that base everything on sales, what you gone say then??? He has hits, he has buzz, he has sales, he has the streets, what more can i say………..oh………TOP BILLIN!!!

  • ApolloKid551

    This is the shittist review ive ever seen, this guy is one of the wackest rappers ive ever heard, u give this guy a xl for orginality since when he had good concepts, see this is what hip-hop has become in today’s market, people on here talking about money & sales dnt get the point this is a album review not a forbes who is gonna make the next big money in hip-hop this is about quality of an album & the review of the lyrics, concepts, production, song structure & sequencing, see people who are stuck on how much he makes dnt need comment cause this is about the music, so i think the quality of hip-hop is at a all time low, its been a strong effort by XXL, Vibe, even The Source & other publications to destroy the soul of hip-hop & promoting the bullshit like Gucci Maine, like the radio playing the same song in repeatition 2 get u 2 like it, so i think people need 2 check 4 the underground & seek out the real music cause XXL is not going to support the real, K.O.S.

    • RDS

      Lol, co-sign.

  • balaramesh

    i cannot believe anyone gave this dude anything over a “M” for lyrics or originality. it’s a complete insult to the culture AND artform. you guys might as well get ready to give bow wow or soulja boy an xxl.

  • murK

    I doubt gucci will sell alot of records. but he should have his best numbers with this one.

  • Trizz

    Myself im not a gucci fan…except for the unavoidable verses u hear on the radio, in the club etc so im not looking out for it to buy or download as for this review from what I READ from you he has one conceptual song, a bunch of catchy hooks, and some songs that shoulda stayed on a mixtape how is that an XL…looks like XXL is afraid to give Gucci and his buzz anything lower than an XL because of what ppl might say. Its like saying a movie is bad and giving it two thumbs up…no credibility at ALL XXL

  • ikyll

    After listening to the cd myself. I’ve caim to the conclusion that whoever rated this album xl should perform seppuku on themselves.

  • ee bubble

    if he outsells any credible artist in hiphop i am leaving the genre alone

    • Enlightened

      Well I’m sorry to say it homie, but you betta get ready.

      I got a sneaky feelin that this muthafucka is about to do Jay-Z first week numbers (400,000 something).

      Maybe it’s just some shit I saw in a nightmare, but the nigga buzz is ridiculous right now so I think it can happen.

  • Ryde Or Die

    So Gucci gets the same rating as Clipse??? REALLY…Clipse had a XXL on lyrics & it still get the same as this shit!

    Step your review game up XXL, this is nothing more that a M at best.

  • RadioRevo

    If you go to MS that’s all you going to hear up and down the streets. The music he make is for the those individuals who can relate. Just like the music and stories Wale and Jcole tell. Excuse my french but get off Gucci Dick..the man is every hood girl dream..Something outta nothing..

  • http://everydayafashionshow.blogspot.com Gregoire

    Why r yall hating so hard……Yall r the main people singing the hucks in ur car but you want to judge bet none of yall got a CD or ever rapped when did music start being about junior, balaramesh, ee bubble, ApolloKid551 etc.
    The man worked hard came from nothing to something and that’s his story and a lot of people related to it so he got signed and now he worldwide so stop hating…..And yall couldn’t even put ur real name on here but wanna talk shit yall some fucking lames

    • Enlightened

      Man listen. It’s not hating. The nigga can’t rap. Period!

      I respect his struggle and the fact that niggas tried to kill him and he got up out that shit, but the nigga can’t rap.

      T.I. came from nothing too and you don’t see nobody sayin this type of shit about him because he CAN RAP. Get it… RAPper.

      You’re supposed to be able to rap to do the shit. That’s not hating.

  • raymond

    Gucci is my dude. i don’t care if i gotta save my pennies to get this album, i will. its not because the album is hyped up, but because i am a fan. He might not always spit the best lyrics or do the best things. But, because he works ten times harder then the average rapper. This dude put out some many quality free mix tapes this year and showed his fans so much love that it is only right that we as fans must go out and support dude.

  • ladidadida

    yall prolly jst don’t speak the language! Burr Gucci Real dope everybody hates but if you asked those people name some of his lines and they don’t know. hes not the same as curren$y or Khalifa but in his own respect he goes harder. p.s. Wale is gay way wack tht songs a hit because of the beat and gucci not wale

  • PluzSizedBeauty

    I think Gucci coo… If u frm the south den u feelin him if not den u prob. dont understand where he comin frm…. I fuckz wit the majority of his song n i fuckz wit all his beats.. He’s hot fuckz what da haters say…I think he gonna sale mostly on Itunes n shit but he gonna make sum good money off this cd.

  • RiChYuNg101387

    XXL unbelieveable…….they gave Fab’s Album n L….L:Beats, XL:Lyrics, L:Originality…..Now Tell Me What Could Gucci Have Said On This Album That He Hasnt Said 1000x On Every Song He Has Ever Recorded….N He Gets XL Rating Unbelieveable…..This rating is worse than the XL rating ya’ll gave Hurricane Chris for his Debut Album

  • Jared

    Stop hating on Gucci…
    He’s NOT making songs to be lyrical like Wale (who sucks btw: Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, J Cole, fuck, even Asher Roth bodies him)
    He’s making street shit. I’m a fan of REAL hip-hop. I probably know more about rap music than you do. I’m myself a lyrical rapper and I will body any punk on this website.
    That being said, Gucci Mane is my favorite artist to listen to. Why?
    Because of the beats, the humorous ad-libs, and the overall “gutterness” of his persona

    • Enlightened

      It’s plenty niggas who make street shit who can actually rap.

      Juvenile, T.I., Bun B. etc.

      He can be your favorite.

      3-6 Mafia used to be my favorite group but half of them niggas couldn’t rap either.

      Just say you like it. Don’t accuse other niggas of hatin.

      The nigga can’t rap. Period.

  • emporio



  • hard2h823

    yall some haters for real… this is Gucci’s year… BURRR GUCCI BABY….

  • westie

    u all go suck wale dick, i bet u dance round to britney whereing skinny jeans and shit, this is why rap music is struggling at da moment cuz we’ve had all these pussy wanna be’s listening to it over da years and now they’ve matured they want rap to go pop and send special gay messages that’ll warm their hearts!! Newsflash rap is from da streets and da streets are’nt clean so if u dont wanna hear what actually happens out there on da streets u better start listening to a differant genre of music bitches!! Gucci Mane for president

    • nicholasdelorejo

      First of all I don’t hate Gucci but damn if it pisses me off on the narrow mindedness of how the critics and especially the listeners of Rap. You’d think a genre of music that has sold millions of records world wide would be open-minded different styles of the music and not just the “streets”. NEWS FUCKING FLASH: not everybody (even black people) come from the streets and can relate. But everyone has felt lonely, different, and willing to find themselves. But you might consider that gay because if it ain’t about blindly selling dope and getting bitches, its gotta be gay. I can see why some of my friends are saying that they’ll listen to “white people” music. Because apperantly black people love the mindless dope dealing shit that kills their own and nothing with substance or creativity.

      Also your right Rap is from the streets, but when was it decided that it should be limited to the streets. Do other genres try to limit the possible avenues of expressing itself. NO. But rap does because being creative is for pussies but being a simpleton is straight. Maybe if you look into rap before the Westcoast era and look at it in the 80s and early 90s you would see that it was block party music for entertainment. Not niggas lying about how much drugs they sell over catchy beats.

    • Riley

      Man sorry to say it but you really don’t know shit. Gucci for president wtf. Normally i would express in long detail how everything you said is wrong but i really don’t think you would understand. And fuck XXL giving him XL this shit should never have been realesed.

  • curtis

    Fuck Gucci Mane… He is fucken horrible…

    these following freshmen are years ahead of him.

    1. J. Cole
    2. kid Cudi
    3. Blu

    Fuck WALE too

  • K.ing


  • http://facebook.com b0bby

    You’re forgetting the importance of entertainment, gentlemen. FREE GUCCI


    Fuck you guys, Gucci is the fucking shit, Nigga works harder than almost any rapper out there just to get his shit out there to be heard, and why the fuck do you think gucci is so big? cause people fucking listening to him, Free Gucci and lock up all those faggot ass wanna be artist.

  • LA Pharaoh

    Gucci is more original than he is lyrical.
    Yall are haters. If you dont like his music, go to another subject…

  • BGZ

    Gucci be that Mane…you gotta respect his hussle!

  • kilow

    all you that do not aagree that gucci is going hard is because u are idiots and dont understand or should i say comprehend what he says in his lyrics so all you monkeys against gucci ki** your self!

    go ham on em gucci
    free gucci!

  • http://2dopeboyz.com realtalk82

    Didn’t hear it yet im gonna” Check it out” right now to see if i can find reason why this would be rated on the same level as Clipse or Killer Mike,Jay-z or EM. Not gonna hate yet but I can’t see tis being original at all.I think features saved him at thi point. “Kush Is My Cologne” is what sold me on givin this shot cuz I wasn’t wastin any “Ipod space” for his almost retarted soundin ass. Anyway still don’t like that Usher joint,corny ass record man. Oh yeah if anyone cares to,Go check out the ew HipHop records on Timbo’s Shock Value 2,beats are krazy but that album a a whole let’s us know that Timbo is done w/ just Rap, there’s not even a Missy Elliot joint on there,sad. I really need Detox to drop cuz rap is very unbalanced right now

  • http://2dopeboyz.com realtalk82

    oh yeah @ curtis

    I’ll take a Nipsey Hussle over that whole list.I do like ur pics I’m just honest when I say that Cudi emo style is not what I’m into

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    this is stoopid. five years ago xxl would have reviewed this and said it was hott garbage. when u look back on the years at some of the xl albums…u mean to tell me u gonna put this in the same group? this is wat is wrong with hip hop too many people conform. dude is hott yes, but he really ain’t sayin nothing. really. n i like the music. i vibe too it. its bangs in the club. it motivates a thug. it gets a girl poppin, but seriously. come on’ man.

  • cizzle4shizzle

    wow gucci gets a xl rating i know i ain’t the only one that read that review and it sounded like they was describing a l rated album and how does gucci get the same rating as clipse…wowww warner bros must had paid y’all some money ::goes to find gucci mane’s album to see how this retarded rapping ass nigga got a xl::

  • bouldercrest shawty

    LOL. Why are ya’ll niggaz hating on gucci mane. the man was on fire this year. look at all the collabos he’s been on. apparently he doing something right

  • http://www.myspace.com/jaefatal jaefatal

    STOP. hating on my nigga gucci.

    cmon yall…If there was actually cats from east and west coast droppin hot albums on a mainstream level i wouldnt be saying this.

    I think people have just given Gucci that label as being garbage for some odd reason, he doesnt spit anything mindblowing but his delivery is consistent, his beats are fire and his hooks are catchy….

    Bring me a top 40 artist from da east or west besides 50 thats actually doin something mainstream wise and my opinion will change!

    • Enlightened

      “label as being garbage for some odd reason”
      umm…. let me see, the odd reason is THE NIGGA CAN NOT RAP.

      I said it before. Look. I used to be a big 3-6 Mafia fan. They was my favorite group some years back. But Juicy J can’t rap for shit. And Crunchy Black definitely couldn’t rap for shit.

      If somebody said those niggas was garbage, I could laugh at it and say, “yeah, I like they shit though. ”

      Stop acting like the nigga ain’t garbage because you like him. It’s ok to like a nigga who can’t rap because you like his beats and how he comes on the track. and it’s not a East/West/South thing because nigga, you can tell the difference between his skill level and a nigga like T.I. or even a Young Dro – shit even Yung Joc can rap better than that nigga and he only average.

      The East/West niggas ain’t doing mainstream right now, because mainstream music is the south right now. Just like it was the West in the 90s. The music just fits.

      I guess you think the nigga Dorrough is straight too huh?

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    Funny how Gucci’s 1st album came out in ’05 & nobody gave a fuck but after a couple mixtapes….hes XL status smh.
    Gucci is WACK point blank period stop sign brickwall wateva lol
    And Im FROM the South

  • Ceezy4sheezy

    jaefatal says:
    STOP. hating on my nigga gucci.

    cmon yall…If there was actually cats from east and west coast droppin hot albums on a mainstream level i wouldnt be saying this.

    I think people have just given Gucci that label as being garbage for some odd reason


  • TxTitan

    This nigga paid somebody a nice lump sum for this rating.

    This nigga is absolute TRASH. Why is he even in hip hop.

    This nice voice is annoying plus his flow is some shit 2nd grade kids be on

    Somebody put this nigga in a Triangle Choke PLEASE!!!!!

    I’m from the SOUTH and I listen to Everything…East, West North, South……
    This nigga is simply TERRIBLE

  • newyawka631

    The album rating rating should match Lil Wayne and Kanye’s shirt sizes……….XXS

    I’m just playin,I’d rather hea Gucci Mane,then that fucking nerd-rap.Gucci iz aight in my book.He’s like my man’z Uncle Murder,they aren’t da most lyrical,but they’re on dat gangsta shit….Go check my nigga Uncle Murder out if u like Gucci


    I don’t know if ya heard,I’m da battle king on hea nigga.Holla if u want sum beef

  • balaramesh


    first of all, balaramesh chaplot is my REAL NAME. however, i a real hip hop fan. i been a fan since tribe called quest. my favorite rappers are andre300, styles p, and nas. they are collectively known for originality and lyrics. no one is hating that gucci let alone anyone comes from nothing. it’s an accomplishment. especially, when you do with integrity. but when xxl mag gives gucci mane an xl for originality or lyrics, i have a SERIOUS problem with that. save the kudos for lyrics and originality for someone that pushes the creative envelope. it’s really no disrespect to gucci. much success to him. i am just passionate about the music. dumbed down lyrics with catchy hooks and beats are ok. especially for women, kids,and pop music fans. but at the end of the day, it’s about the rhymes. but hey, we are just haters anyway.

  • latino heat

    you guys aren’t honestly surprised that Gucci got a XL rating are you? this is XXL magazine, every rapper with a buzz and is on a major label receives a XL rating from them.

    i hope people aren’t still going out and buying albums based on XXL reviews. i was stupid enough to do that years ago until i realized that they were just giving XL ratings out like candy on Halloween night to any artist that was hot at the moment and had a big single at the time. you would have to look long and hard through the XXL archives to find a major label artist that ever received anything less then a L rating from XXL.

    i remember a few months back when i accused E.I.C. Vanessa of payola for album reviews and she tried to play me off like she had no idea what i was talking about. well Vanessa you have provided me with further proof to my theory. Gucci receiving a L for lyrics and XL for originality is a joke.

  • InfamousO

    Gucci is trash. I respect his gangsta and his grind, but you pit him in a MC battle against rappers like Jim Jones, Soulja Boy and Vida Guerra and chances are it’ll end in a draw.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with him being trash but why the fuck would you use three other untalented niggas as comparison. Put him up against Immortal Technique, Mos Def or Cannibus and he will get killed. By the way Soulja Boy has got to be the worst thing besides cancer and pedophiles.

  • TheCoolest

    XXL reviews doesn’t mean anything anymore….

  • guttaman

    lolol XXL gave Gucci a XL rating….are u f*cking kidding me?
    This due is the epitome off a wack MC. Every verse Ive heard from this dude sounds like he either freestyled it or wrote it in 3 minutes.
    His ad libs are stupid. He sounds like a f*cking retard (no disrespect to the retarded).
    He even looks dumb. XXL…I used to respect u guys as the new “Hip Hop bible” but yall fell off hard doing sh*t like this. Real rap heads know Gucci is trash.


    did ya even hear the album? I thought Gucci was wack until I heard this…. its fire! all the beats are on point, lyrics are aight but he does say some slick rhymes from time to time….

  • The Last Hope

    Gucci Mane is one of if not the worst rappers of all time.
    Now baby girl have dumped me
    She no longer wants me
    I’m no longer hired
    She says that I’ve been fired
    On to the next one
    More fish in the sea
    Girls are like buses
    Miss one, Next 15 one comin’

    This shit is like illiterate

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  • mav

    im glad this bullshit only did 90000 some people thought hed do 200k plus or somethin but yall gave em an xl on originality lmfao and why is thia article so long? stop it

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  • Mega D.

    you ah paypa chazer U got your glock on fire, U remain G! untill the moment you expier, you know what it is to make something outta noting you handle your bizz…how many of yall “hip hop” “cultre & artform” haters can make that claim? bet ya Gucci can and thats the reason U hate.

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