I’m With That Black Shit

Seems to me black folks have gotten a little too comfy. I don’t know if it’s because we have gained the right to snatch a mic out of a young white woman’s hands and say some ole off-the-wall shit or if it’s because we have half-dibs on the current president and the world’s best golfer. (You better know Tiger’s black for the first time, LOL).

Everybody knows that good, clean white golfers know better. They pay their jumpoffs upfront. (Shouts to former Gov. Spitzer! I support paying to play over a Superhead set up any day).

My real point is this though, WE HAVE NOT OVERCOME! If you say “But we have Oprah, Barack, Bob Johnson, Kobe, Shaq, blah, blah, blah,” I’m going to laugh until I crap myself.

We have always had a small percentage of rich blacks. Even in slavery there were free and some wealthy blacks; some even slave owners themselves. After Reconstruction we had Madam C.J. Walker, Alonzo Herndon, Jack Johnson and even black politicians and educated elite. So the fact that we have people who meet these qualifications is nothing special or even new.

After I gather myself, I will wipe the tears from my eyes and regain breath control. I will ask you these questions: How many black-owned gas stations are in your ‘hood? How many black beauty supply stores do black women frequent in your community? How many black-owned apartments and/or housing suburbs developed by black developers are you aware of? Do you live in one? Do you know where your local black grocery store is? Is there even one in your city? If you are a middle-of-the-mall baller, what nationality is your jeweler? Is the sneaker store you buy your new kicks from owned by blacks? How many of your most basic purchases involve black vendors? (The weed man doesn’t count).

In case y’all are wondering, “What’s the purpose Mike?” The purpose is simple: It’s to get niggas off their asses and on some “Bigga shit.”

Small business is the “Bigga shit” I’m referring to. As recently as 50 years ago, blacks owned these things in their communities and the farms that produced some of the goods too. Check it. We had no choice; segregation made it that way.

I see the Spanish, Asians, East Indians and Arabs self-segregating, building their own communities, and consolidating political power based on their economic power and the big donations they make to both parties. Well let us examine where they are getting that money from. They own many of those businesses I described in the above paragraph. These businesses are using the dollars made from black communities to influence politicians to do what is best for their communities.

They will never, nor should they, commit monies to recreation centers or educational initiatives in the black community. Why would or should they? They don’t live there. They own homes in other communities. With the exception of taxes paid in regards to their business, no money given by blacks in these communities remains in their communities to help them.

In the words of an old black church song my grandma would sing to me as a child, “If I die and my soul be lost, ain’t nobody fault but mine.” If these other communities can use your community as a trap to get money and build their own legacy and blacks let them, it’s nobody’s fault but ours, which brings me to my real point… I supported Barack Obama but not to simply feel good and say, “Oh we have a black president.” I supported him to the extreme of writing and using a song called “Pressure” as my first single from “Pledge II” [Watch Below] to bring awareness to the fact that many Black Caucus members were not supporting him. He got elected, and I’m off that.

Now I find myself in line with the Black Caucus- Our president must provide greater help for small black business owners. I hold him and his administration personally accountable because I gave my support and vote.

I know the only way to stifle the alternative economy of drugs in the black male population is to provide jobs and business opportunities. Bankhead, Adamsville, East Atlanta, Old Fourth Ward, Simpson Road, Gresham Road, Auburn Avenue, and other Atlanta areas you hear me, Jeezy, T.I., Gucci, and Luda rap about, were economically controlled by blacks who lived in those communities. Now they are just traps for people from other communities to come set up shop, get paper and leave. SMH.

Our true “overcoming” will not happen in a presidential office, Senate seat or even another black mayor. (Congrats to Atlanta Mayor-elect Kasim Reed.) It will happen at self-owned bodegas, grocery stores, beer and wine stores, builders, banks and beauty supply stores because they are in the community and that dollar helps instantly if the owners are there too. Think about it!

‘Til next week when I put up new music and leaks, find a black professional dentist, doctor, banker or business/store to support, and spend some money with them. Fin. -It’s Bigga.

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  • Thejoker

    I don’t know where you got your facts from but I highly doubt that these corner store and laundry owners are making big donations to anyone. There mostly first or second generation Americans that are trying to make a better life for their family cuz the countries they came from are literally war zones.

  • awesome arsenal

    i hear what you sayin mike. when i was little we had mom and pop record shops and restaraunts with video games in them. they were cool and they weren’t scared of havin the black kids shop with em/be outside they store and more often than not dudes didn’t sell in/infront of them. the cops just couldn’t deal with crowds of kids gettin together and nothin happening. they used to harass the owners until we couldn’t chill there anymore. once we weren’t there their business went down and they had to close shop only to be replaced with asian/arab restaurants and 3 inch bulletproof plastic who had 911 on speed dial while talkin shit and sellin food out of extremely unsanitary kitchens. the black grocery owners were different and i couldn’t never see myself paying a 10 cent to a dollar premium on every single item just to shop with em. but i do have fond memories of the black record shops and restaurants cause where else could all the guys and honeys meet up after school and kick it. you the kids that had homes that you would want to chill at had parents that killed that at the door. damn, last games i remember being in the hood like that were nba jam and mortal kombat 2. i know you were talking more on a grown up level of how we supposed to keep as much of our money inhouse but it really just got me thinkin about how cool alot of our neighborhoods were before the powers that be took over and they all pretty much became the hood.

  • Mike Bigga

    Young Joker wassup. I’m fresh off a campaign mayne you know i does dat research. They come in he form of Bizness coalitions Like the Martin Luther King Small bizness association. Thats the one in my grandma’s community. They help keep the most favorable City seat and County chair reps in office by donating to campaigns homie!

    Come on man i don’t wanna argue every week. It’s established u dont fuck with me, and that’s cool. I’m jus saying don’t make me yo boogie man cuz i say some trill shit. Blacks cannot not progress sending money outta they community! SIMPLE!

    As a rapper i get sick of being a scape goat when the real answers are easy! Hell i want blacks to look at these communities as examples to follow. No black guy could set up a “Trap” in another community but that is exactly what Blacks allow to happen.

    Now back to the point of my post I agree that the Black Caucus should Pressure this President to do more to aid Blacks in Owning the Businesses in their own communities. Doing this would keep those dollars in that community, therefore improving that community. Argue that point!

    • Thejok3r

      What I meant to say was that the Indian/Korean/Arab ect. small business owners aren’t don’t really donate large sums of money to either party or don’t really have very loud voices in the political circles like the black caucus. Real talk I’m not black and I kinda took it personal the way you wrote the article cuz it seems like you trying to say other ethnicities jus come into the black community to take the money. The reason for other communities self segregating are more out of similar cultures and language than anything else. When they first come to America they don’t know english and it helps when the community you live in knows your native language and customs. And just like everyother group of people soon as they get that money they moving out the hood. There should be more black owned businesses in America? No doubt but should Obama do something to specifically help the black community over others? No. He should do something where all people from low income communities get aid to open

  • Mr. North

    Yeah, Ive been thinking about this for about the last 11-12years. It’s sad and each year we as black people become more and more indebt to our own demise. Continuing separate ourselves based on the accomplishments we make in entertainment.
    “Seems to me black folks have gotten a little too comfy.” Has been in effect for some time now. All of the black influence is with in entertainment. So, all of youth mostly aspire to be entertainers instead of ANYTHING esle. As is prominent in ever other race of ppl you named. Of course they have entertainers as well but their self identity is not, basically, soley associated with entertainment.

    It’s almost as if…It IS as if Black People dont even like doing business with each other. How many times do I have to hear, “I dont do business with black people”, from black people and using the same excuses white use to hold us down and not trust us or give use an lane to prosper. Im at work or Id say more this is one of the biggest issues to me. I appreciate you bringing this back up. It needs to be address on a national scale. But it looks like WE even want to see each other down. Same slave mentality 400yrs+.

  • http:/tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Not to generalize or victimize, but Black people have been getting the short end of the proverbial stick for so long that it’s not an easy transition to go from impoverished to empowered. Even at the base root, “our” school systems don’t enforce education & subsequently, “bettering one’s self” becomes an urban legend. It’s all about survival. No time to take business courses when there’s money to get right now, per se.

    With that being the case, it’s easier to go to the Asian or the East Indian dude to get what we need. Black folks who do own businesses wouldn’t dare put them in the hood, because 9 times out of 10, they know there’s no money there. & I don’t believe that cycle will be broken even if Obama does funnel money into deserving hands. It’s like, the chicken or the egg, all over again.

  • Joe Morgan jr

    Mike, You did it again. I always check back here to see if you have written up anything fresh. Your posts get the mind moving. I feel today I have something to add. I grew up in the hood with my corner store. being the real life version of the one depicted in Menace II Society. “hurry up and buy”…..
    Later on in life as a beverage truck driver (How I worked my way out) I came to know them from a different angle. On the day to day business tip these guys stay on point. Bills get paid on time and there not taking any b.s. After many years of breaking my back I was promoted to account rep. And really started to peep game. Contrary to popular belief there is money in chilli Fritos and “stamp bags” After a whole day spent saying “hurry up and buy” These cats slide off to there nice little mini mansion posted up in the burbs. There kids go to private schools later on the best universities. All financed by chocolate phillies and mountain dew. As for as donations they make remember ” charity starts at home”.There donating to there kids future.@ Tony Grands. I don’t post here much but I read yours. Today I am going to have to respectfully disagree. The Jews went from and land less people being exterminated to a financial powerhouse in a few short decades. I think the transition is easier than people think. Not to say it’s a cake walk but Martin Luther King and Malcolm X did the heavy lifting now is time for the follow thru. If you use the platform they did (grass roots) for financial freedom and keep the money in house like other successful groups of people you are destined for success.

  • ri067953

    I don’t know mayne…every black business I every encountered never opened on time, was always outta product and closed down in a few months time.

    I go to a black barber and the mufuca don’t open shop till 11 and closes at 6.

    The mexican homies stay cutting from 8am to 8pm everyday. You see mexicans grinding all day everyday. They will take a shopping cart or a truck and turn it into a damn fruit stand and sell fruit all day until they can afford to do bigger things.

    Point is, it’s a bad work ethic that keeps the black community from prospering.

    • BIGNAT

      is that you cliff? me and this guy i know we was talking about the same thing a couple days ago. black folks real problem is that we still feel we owed something. every other race came here and took the american dream. we waiting for the shit to come in the mail.


    “If you are a middle-of-the-mall baller, what nationality is your jeweler? Is the sneaker store you buy your new kicks from owned by blacks? How many of your most basic purchases involve black vendors? (The weed man doesn’t count).” the weed man point is the reason this post does not have more hits on it.

    “I know the only way to stifle the alternative economy of drugs in the black male population is to provide jobs and business opportunities”

    i will tell you i personally have been told by my own brother and other people i know who was getting that fast money. that they make more money in a year that will take me 3 or 4 years to make because uncle sam gotta get his cut. when a person has that mind set no amount of oppturnities you persent to them is going help them. hopefully my brothers state appointed vacation will help him wise up this time. i can’t act like i am clean i have been there myself but i wanted to live a life. that i don’t have to worry about my life just to make money. the law on your back your friends turn to enemies your fam think you a walking atm. fuck that i rather be a regular joe only making my 45k-55k a year. got my 401k and doing my market stuff. than deal with that shit again word to big mo money mo problems.

  • ri067953

    Yo, I’mma prolly catch hell for this but I got a joke for ya’ll.

    Q: How do you starve a blackman?
    A: Hide his foodstamps under his work boots.

    Thought it kinda related to the post.

  • Enlightened

    Good conversation for this site Mike.

    It was brought to my attention on the website of a knowledgeable cat named Heru in Florida just how serious, yet basic, the situation is.

    Dude was the first one that made me see that not only do we not spend money with each other, but NO ONE spends a dollar with us.

    We are the only group that spends money with EVERYBODY (Indian, Arab, Mexican, Asian, etc.) and NO ONE spends with us – as you pointed out, not even ourselves.

    I agree 100 bruh. That’s the true battle and a huge part of the true revolution.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    We had FUBU, Karl Kani, Cross Colours, Miskeen. We’re “off that” remember? Louie V, Gucci, & Ed Hardy run the town(ha!).

    All these rap dudes say “I get money, I’m eating well” but none of them own a supermarket(NOT BODEGA), a requirement for ANY hood.

    N*ggas priorities are f***ed up.

    A good example. Jigga’s old hood(Marcy) has one supermarket by it, a Key Food(is it the same name now???) on Myrtle Ave & Throop Ave, that gets shared with Tompkins PJ’s and Sumner PJs. The other market is up by the J train on Broadway & Myrtle, a good walk away from Marcy, when on some days that’s a dangerous walk(those 7 blocks are LONG). Who wants to Metrocard(bus) it with a ton of food bags? Try it on a 18″ snow day.

    THOUSANDS of people use this supermarket(buildings are 3 to 24 stories high). Jobs & all. Hell even throw in the check cashing spot on Tompkins by the LIQ(another issue) store. Homie couldn’t buy that and make something of it? Buy out some of those dilapidated buildings around it and make a nice, big supermarket? That’s so Brooklyn.

    I do remember someone else bought some of those buildings up on Myrtle around the market and shaped them up and is getting ridiculous dough with the rent prices. They probably helped that HOME DEPOT spot get put up over there. So now they don’t have to go far for materials to rebuild that hood and get new tenants to live in those historic brownstones hidden between the PJ’s. The ones going for a mil plus now.

    There’s a chick who just moved in an art place over there and is getting kudos for bringing the “culture” back to the hood. This man is OUT THERE, and can come back, do a show, or walk Harpo through the cut, and leave, saying “I’m off that” & “I’m home already” and it’s gravy. Bushwick Ave from the PJ’s by Graham Ave up to Broadway where the M train turns also has acres of warehouses that could be put to good use. COULD’VE MADE THE ROCAWEAR GEAR OVER THERE. Jobs for the hood, instead of handouts, no Santa needed.

    Derrick Coleman did a strip mall in the D. Jay could’ve easily did one supermarket. FIF can do it too. Whatever weed carrier that’s Cottonelle soft can man the market. And the last time I heard companies get tax breaks from hiring ex-cons. Even if one of the homies don’t sell records, he can take some business classes, which the business can help with, and manage the other places of employment(i.e. BEANS, Sauce, Sparks) with most likely a better future than rapping.

    This ain’t bitterness or hatred against that man. It’s real talk. Mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins would probably come home from working at the Roc plant and go straight to THE market for dinner supplies. Everyday $ that would never stop.

    Notice how I went from a supermarket with food & jobs to a warehouse with more jobs & clothing for the hood, IN THE HOOD, being owned by one of the neighborhood’s alumni? I could go on about how this could have caused a trickle effect that would have uplifted a whole generation and neighborhood’s way of life.

    And son probably would have been at a billion. In the heart too.

    N*ggas priorities are f***ed up.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “that would have uplifted a whole generation…”

      By this I mean he would have showed other hood dudes/rap dudes/blacks w/mucho dough how to put the money back, instead of what to spend it ON. The competition would have been his peers trying to upstage him with THEIR version of “put the money back” power moves.

      And D-Block having a car wash is an example, but we need to deal with these jewels:

      6. EQUALITY

      7. FOOD(both ways)

      9. SHELTER

      • themighty

        Well sir…. you just brought tears to my eyes. If you guys don’t believe the illuminati shit by now…. yall lost man….

        you gotta think though, Jay must want to keep things bad, or whoever “Runs Jay’s Town”. Hell, think about it, when he got the Def Jam President role, who was the first rapper he signed?????????? JEEZY. TRAP OR DIE NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Come on dog, how is this not seen already? COME ON DOG HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT NOT SEEN. THE NIGGA TOLD YOU IN SONG THAT HE DON’T GIVE A FUCK DOG!!$#@!$!$!

        You mean to tell me the first artist you go after is a trap rapper? That’s who you blow up? Hilarious.

        Anyways… enough of my ranting… we as African Americans need a miracle, point blank.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I do this for the regulars and the lurkers. May we never lose focus of the real while clouded and foggy with the fake.

        • nicholasdelorejo

          It is likely that Jay is apart of the Illuminati. But to me signing Jeezy had nothing to do with wanting the community to be bad. Just simple selfishness and greed. People kill me when they complain about the lack of qaulity music yet damn if they don’t buy the Jeezys and Wayne. There have always been rappers like lupe, Wale, Talib and Novel for years now but people ignored them in order to support the gangsta shit. If more black people were willing to purchase CDs instead of buying bootlegs or downloads, the quality of rap would be a lot better. So signing Jeezy was merely doing what would seem successful. Also while Jay signed Jeezy, he also signed Fab and the roots and tried to sign Lupe. People say he didn’t push them as much as he should but people who complain need to do their part and support these artists other wise the rappers who make trash music will dominate.

        • themighty

          No disrespect, but this comment has nothing to do with music quality. People who follow this materialism and money greed teachings are going to fall in the long run. I’ll give Jay-Z one thing: there is a lot you can learn from him… BUT; Once you show no true regard for your community, once you promote said materialism? You lost. But again, time will tell; I believe in miracles. It’s deeper than rap fam. Do you just listen to music or do you just skim through it? Cause a lot of this is the product of a bunch of intelligent and dangerous people at work homie. And Jay straight up tells you certain things bluntly.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    We need upliftment & a way forward.We better walk that talk.

  • Mike Bigga

    Hey Guys hate to be put a damper on the Con-spiracy Theory but Shakir Stewart (God Bless the dead) signed Jeezy not Jigga. He also Signed Rick Ro$$. He was a great dude.

    • Curtis75Black

      It just looked good to have that Jay- Z co-sign. Jay was more of mirage when it came to Def Jam. It looked good to have him there to provide that so-called balance of R&B to Hip Hop.

  • Apollo Moses

    Mayne now this is what I’m talking bout…will we ever listen is the problem…I have a brotha as my doctor, barber shop, lawyer and HBCU…I look at all the corner stores and you know who owning that now and it’s sad b/c crab mentality will have us mad at black owner’s success…(some are real bougie though)…and so anti-education it’s a shame…but ya got to keep pushing like Curt Mayfield…glad you cleared that up Jeezy and Ro$$ signing, that’s been getting pressed out there wrong for a long time.

    • Mike Bigga

      No Prob Apollo thanks 4 the comment. I also Thank u 4 being ahead of the curve in supporting Black Bizness!

  • Brooklyn

    the reason why blacks don’t support black owned businesses is because black owned businesses don’t make blacks feel very comfortable supporting them. true, the koreans, arabs, jews et. al. are also disrespectful most of the times towards blacks, but we expect that from other races. we don’t expect to be disrespected and mistreated by our own people. the majority of blacks that own business don’t open them in the hood, don’t live in the hood, and don’t give back to the hood. there is no such thing as charity in the black community, rich niggas feel that since they made it any nigga can make it, and thus they don’t need to help anybody. “well, who helped me? i did this on my own, niggas need to get their shit together…” and that atittude keeps our community separated. like you said bigga, there were rich blacks during slavery, but how many of them made serious attempts to end slavery? it took the harriet tubmans, the sourjourner truths, the frederick douglasses–all born and raised in slavery mind you–to make an effort to end slavery. many of these free blacks–the gens de colour in louisiana for example–owned slaves and were just as cruel if not crueler than the white masters. it’s as simple as this, once a person of color gets money and success, they feel that they no longer owe their community anything, and thus don’t support them. and if our wealthy won’t support us, why should we support them?

  • capcobra

    we gotta get the youth off the word “I” and back on the word “WE”..that’s been the fuel and motivation for some many movements.causes.revolutions.etc…”WE” puts us on the same page..from there it’s up to us to write a new chapter…everything is possible..and yes “WE” can…word to obama….good post and comments fellas.

  • Nuttyboy

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning and you always bring some new ideas unlike other Bloggers. I know that it sounds good for us to go buy things that we usually buy from black businesses, but in the real world that shit is not going to work. Why?
    Well Blacks are not just going to shop in black owned stores just because of racial identity. We buy things because price, quality, location, courtesy, etc…
    For example, there is a black owned restaurant in my neighborhood but I don’t usually eat there because I like different food and their price is above what I can afford. Does it mean that I hate my people? no.
    It’s just that there are certain things that have to be considered when it comes to doing business. Another point is that in order for black businesses to really succeed we have to make things that will be in demand by the larger majority and stop catering to a small percentage of the market. In conclusion, you made some good points but we should think even bigger and not forget the ultimate goal is to help the greater African diaspora out there.

  • balaramesh

    tons of great posts! keep em coming!

  • tensensi

    You buy from who gives you the best deal. You spend money in your community, no matter the racial make-up.

    But, I’m from the Bay Area where everybody mixes. So, maybe I’m missing the “self-segregation” point.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Tenseni

    China Town is the point. I spend alotta time in the Bay. China Town is an example of self segregation at its best. Chinese people Buy from one another and out siders come in a spend money (me and other tourist) and that money remains in that community a lot longer that a Black dollar stays in Filmore.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      ^^^ This

      Like Canal Street in NY. You can’t even walk that street in the day there’s so much outside money pouring in.

      But go to Fulton St, between Troy Ave & Bedford Ave & it’s desolated with law enforcement posted up on the corners. And barely a Chinese spot.

      Even in Downtown Portland, ChinaTown is spiffy as hell with full restaurants, while right over the Burnside Bridge, MLK Blvd is empty. And we all know how MLK streets are set up in the states.

    • tensensi

      I hear ya. There are plenty of examples of self-segregation.

      Self-segregation is definitely a useful tactic for survival, especially for recent immigrants. I just think it’s an old way of thinking.

  • Corbin

    what the black community needs to help the youth and this generation get out of these old ways of thinking and spending is

    some serious Trap Music! some music about Hustling cocaine in your own neighborhood or your neighbor to the south ( VA im talking to you ) and Pimping dont forget pimping… our sisters and moms and cousins need jobs too!

    for motivational purposes ya know ,wake up with something good to set the day right. get ya in a positive mood. some serious i got a grill n a gat shit! some rims n a chain shit cause these things are important to the black man for his overall well being, some you ain’t up on this shit. Some more of that gun talk would be nice too. also make sure to glorify gang banging cause that really helps with the family bonding experience. my moms was a hoover crip so… so am i god damnit ! and Black Street Gangs are still black owned right?