West Side Disconnection — Don’t Try This At Home

Disclaimer: In no way, shape, form, or fashion do I advocate gangs or gang violence. However, I do tip my hat to Uncle Snoop and 40 Glocc for sending reminders to the uninformed that Bloods and Crips ain’t really nothing to fuck with.

I spent Thanksgiving back home in the West working from my laptop. While there, I came a cross a radio interview Snoop did [Watch Below] where he went in on people who are flagging but aren’t even from California and, more importantly, don’t know anything about LA’s gang culture. He sent out the following warning, “Me, personally, I feel like if you bangin’ outside of California, stay there ’cause if you come back to California where it originated at, we have different sets of rules and regulations that don’t apply to you niggas and you will become victim of a circumstance.”

Maybe it was the El Unico tacos in my stomach or the trip to the Fox Hills mall (the redesign blew me away BTW) that had me on an LA-high, but as a California native I was damn proud of that interview.

As I mentioned above, I’m not affiliated with any gangs but growing up in LA it’s impossible not to be both affected by gangs (whether negatively or positively) and also instilled with a sense of fundamental respect for them no matter what—especially if you’re fortunate enough to get a history lesson. (Here’s my lesson to you courtesy of Killer Mike). So naturally it’s jarring for me to witness the culture being Xeroxed sans the context.

A couple of months ago while in a Harlem Starbucks trying to figure out why I couldn’t find my skinny vanilla latte on the menu, I ran into a “Blood” throwing the term Piru around so incorrectly and recklessly that my poor little LA ears were offended. Never mind that we were in a Starbucks of all places or that there’s never a need to wear that much red all at once—Blood or not—but I’m pretty sure this dude couldn’t find his way to Piru Street if I dropped him off on the corner of Wilmington and Rosecrans, let alone tell me anything about real Piru’s or LA gang culture beside what he might’ve interpreted from something he saw in an old LA gangsta flick.

Please note: Gangs aren’t like sports teams. You don’t just choose your favorite and wear their colors in support.

So forgive me if I laughed… hard when I first saw the video of 40 Glocc hemming up Wayne’s entourage at a video shoot back in 2008 or when he later called Wayne a “Blood mascot” in a World Star Hip Hop video. As much love as I have for Wayne, that shit was hella funny.

“I got a lot of dead homies that die from wearing the wrong color on the Crip and the Blood side and this nigga making records and he sending subliminal disses,” said 40 Glocc about Wayne back then. “Nigga, you doing some shit from back then that took us a long time to get rid of. That’s disrespectful, cuz, I don’t feel that.”

And I don’t either.

Now before anyone takes any offense to this, or starts staking out all the Starbucks in Harlem waiting to come across a Black girl ordering the defunct skinny vanilla lattes, just know that this isn’t abut dissing you or where you’re from—it’s about respect. —Brooklyne (who now feels she needs an alias) Gipson

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    • Enlightened

      Hell yeah. That tattoo look stupid ass a muthafucka. These niggas done lost they mind.

      • 619

        “And these niggas gettin’ tattooed tears/
        fake Bloods show fear whenever the authentics are near”

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    “Please note: Gangs aren’t like sports teams. You don’t just choose your favorite and wear their colors in support.”

    ^^Word. In fact, wearing the wrong team in unintentional support of another gang will get your head touched. Although, I’ll say that it seems to be a lighter emphasis on colors with the younger kids. I live in 83rd, & these little dudes wear more red than the bloods I know. Then, I’ll see a young cat wearing a Mariners or Yankees or Rangers hat without obviously no idea what it means. It’s a definite shift in the gang bang culture, thanks largely to pop culture, although the intention has moved an iota.

    Cats like Wayne make you think wearing all that red makes you cool, until you’re at a light on Crenshaw & 60th. Eff around & get Nipsey’s autograph the wrong way.

    Oh yeah Brooklyne, the Fox Hill (or whatever it’s called now) does look nice. Culver City ain’t playing around.

    • westcoastaggie

      I got hemmed up on several occasions because of that shit. I damn near got shot on the corner of Crenshaw & Manchester when I was 14 cause of that.

      The “culture” is stupid to me.

      • 619

        Even if it’s stupid to you, you still have to respect it because recognition that it is a part of the California landscape could be the difference between life and death. Even if you don’t like it you have to realize it’s always gonna be a part of the culture out here, it’s somethin’ that grew to big even for the organizations involved to control. If you grew up in that area I can’t understand how you wouldn’t know enough about the culture to avoid certain things in certain areas, even if you don’t bang. I know people from the East Coast who had an excuse because they didn’t know certain things can get you done up out here, but damn you’re from California and don’t even know haha. I guess I just notice everything, if I look into a crowd of 100 people I could pick out 1 person by certain parts of their appearance. Sometimes it’s just a survival tactic.

  • Lunatikstwocents

    Real talk, I live in cali in Harbor city, but i respect the hood , i aint had problems since ive lived here, I’m from the south and in my old hood we had Vicelords, GD’s and Latin kings so im familiar with gang life , but in my hood shit wasnt nothing like the ganglife in L.A, we had a truce and fools were more bout gettin money then settripping. One thing i hate the most though is when i see fools misrepresenting gangs in rap videos like wayne & baby, these guys didnt grow up in a gang environment, im familiar with New Orleans and i know for a fact bloods & crips werent banging there in the 80′s or 90′s, shit not even vicelords or GD’s for that matter.

    • Bay2tuLa


    • Floss

      Harbor City Crip i lived there for a minute them niggas out there just as lame as any out of state bangers no respect when niggas in LA dont even know who you are. My niggas put hands on them cats on 255th they sent a kid to apologize to us all lol.

      • Bay2tuLa

        WTF, dont listen to floss he thinks hes a gang banger cuzz he bangs on mexican gangs from lomita

  • sealsaa

    I don’t support gang culture in any way, shape or form, but I commend 40 Glocc for calling rappes out on their bullshit. First Wayne and Baby, then Plies. LOL, i’m anticipating Jim Jones’ visit to the west. That’s a cocky li’l dude. I highly doubt that he’ll have the good sense to duck down in his car(infact, i’m counting on it), especially if there’s a camera rolling. Should make for some entertaining moments…

  • 100

    New York is the Capital oF Fake Bloods and Crips dude will be blood 1 year then crip the next (Brooklyn Late 90tys)…. Ever since Big got Killed in Cali the Younger Generation from New York put the West Coast on Higher Level. Crips, Bloods, Perms, Slang have just taken the city over See Jim Jones if you need any further proof. New York no longer has its own identity.

    • 619

      Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of heads from New York claimin’ two sets together, and it won’t make any kind of sense. They’ll claim two sets that’s been funkin’ since the beginning where I’m from, so they sound really confused with the protocol out here in Southern California. Bloods and Crips been all throughout Southern California for over thirty years. It spread through bangers from L.A. gettin’ locked up out of town.

  • AZ40

    That shit is hardcore in the Chi,trust I do believe alot of these rap cats is false flaggin’ but doesn’t alot of gang culture spread through out the country by way of the jail system and gang members movin’ and startin’ their own factions? And what about “blood in blood out” I know weezy ain’t get in on those rules so is there like an alternative way

  • westcoastaggie

    Personally I feel that this Gangbangin ish is dumb as hell all around. I know too many people who are no longer here because of it. It is truly one of the cancers of Los Angeles and sadly, it’s spreading.

    I can’t rock with 40 glocc, Nipsey Hu$$le, Lil Wayne (the poser) and even Snoop to a degree cuz they are promoting a lifestyle that is contributing to the destruction of my community.

    What really gets me is that young black men are emulating what they see on TV and the internet. But all this would change if we start taking care of home. Men wouldn’t have to look for the family of a gang if they had that at home.

    And for those that think gangbangin is cool, as my mom would tell me, “KEEP LIVIN!”

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “But all this would change if we start taking care of home. Men wouldn’t have to look for the family of a gang if they had that at home.”

      ^^Agreed. Granted, it’s more to the problem than that, but that’s a major cog in the system. The main reason I didn’t bang wasn’t death, or fear, it
      was my Dad. I didn’t want to disappoint him, or get the shit kicked out of me.
      The home structure has a lot to do with a kids (loose term) choices, & I had a good home life, which made me like to go home. I wanted to be there. Most kids don’t have that, & it goes beyond not just having a father, because these generations don’t even have mothers in a lot of instances. Grandma can only do so much.

  • Ceedat

    You can’t blame others for emulating what you glorify. Maybe not you personally but in general that’s what LA glorifies and others emulate. Snoop saying don’t do it after 20+ years of promoting it on his album is foolish.

  • awesome arsenal

    being from chicago poor as a youth i was plugged young. BPSN Outlaw City (back then it was Set Boys) but when i got older and traveled it was almost comical to see dudes in other cities bangin and claimin gangs like GDs, Stones, VLs, 4s, BDs ect… it’s almost like some sick pride you take in your city when you see the influence it has on other people, even if it’s your opposition back home. kinda like folks takin pride in capturing the holy grail of hoodness, the murder capital, challenged only by murder by capita. my city is respected, hated and feared by many but you go almost anywhere in the country and you see the influence. reguardless of work put in these people were never looked at as “real”. ain’t no bloods n crips here, if you move here you adapt and get plugged the equivalent of what you were at home but you never were allowed to go around throwin up an outa town hood. not a diss to anyone because i used to stay in inglewood cali so i know how they get down but i’ve been damn near around the entire country and seen the reach of chicago niggas is pretty far. i’m not involved anymore but it does strike up a demented pride to see the brand of gangsta you grew up with sometimes.


      I used 2 live in OLC, where u from over there, and i agree Chicago gangs are the wildest!

  • Bay2tuLa

    WTF i live in LA gardena to be exact LA does not glorify gangs stupid muthafukas every other state is just on some bandwagon dickridin type shit

  • John Cochran

    Im from Philly, we aint never had gangs. Probably because we aint that loyal to nobody but big head benjamin franklin.

  • ri067953

    Yo, what you know about El Unico Taco? I was just at Fox Hills last night, first time since the remodel. Glad to see they put all that empty parking they used to have to good use.

    I was born and raised in L.A. and I gotta say, if anybody is to blame for the spread of blood and crip culture, it is L.A. I mean, we took it and ran with it to Little Rock and all over the midwest in the late 80′s and early 90′s. It is only natural that the culture spread all over the U.S.

    Listen to Quik’s “Just Lyke Compton” and you will see that this is nothing new!

  • Worley

    A lot of cats join in prison and have to keep flaggin’ once they get out. Me, personally, I don’t get involved in none of that sh*t. We laughed at cats screaming bloods and crips in NY when they first appeared. Now the sh*t is a full-fledged movement. To me it still looks like they copying LA cats. Like Rae and Ghost said, “Get your own sh*t and be original. You’ll be a better man.”

  • YoungDyce

    As far as rappers go, if you can’t holler the name of your set, you’re fake to me. You can’t JUST be a Blood or Crip or anything else, you got a specific clique. So if you’re front line and niggas won’t jump on your head for reppin that shit, let it be known then. As far as bangin in real life goes… it’s complicated. Some niggas might say if you ain’t from LA or Chicago, you ain’t a real banger. But what about when real gangbang niggas migrate to another city and sets start poppin up? That makes em fake? Hell, one of the biggest Blood sets in LA was started cause a CHICAGO nigga moved out there. I’m from Seattle and we was one of the main spots LA niggas slid to in the 80s, along with Portland, St. Louis and Las Vegas. As far as when LA culture gets mixed with Chicago shit (Bs and Cs from LA don’t fuck with all that star, Folks, Peoples shit), I don’t know how that happens and is probably what Snoop was talkin about in that interview, but there’s real niggas and real sets all over nowadays. But for every certified set, it’s a bootsee ass nigga reppin some fake shit and that’s what fucks the game up.

    • westcoastaggie

      Yep. Black P. Stones over in the “Jungles”.


    Alot of these cats in N.Y. are following frauds like Wayne,Jim Jones and others.New York had gang culture up until the 70′s when Afrika Bambatta & others help direct brothas to Hip-Hop culture.Then in the 80′s you had group’s like the Decepts and many others.
    Nobody from Cali started a set in N.Y. to my knowledge like they did in Jersey so if them homies wanted to start a gang in prison they should have been original enough to start their own thang.
    I remember Tru life calling out Jim Jones & other rappers from N.Y. screaming Blood or Crip.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Do you remember when dudes were wearing the colored braid beads for click representation? Flashback!

      Word NY been had gangs, but it was on some Warriors type of style. The Mutts, The Dirty Ones, we can’t forget Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan was an ill spot back in the ’70′s.

      At least they had to earn a leather vest, or a raccoon tail or something…these kids be ordering online…and watch too much TV…Jones got called out early this year for causing a fracas in Cali and not reppin’.

      • BIGNAT

        i am not old enough to have been around that. when i was coming up the kings and a couple other small groups were big. also a sad following of guys who formed a gang out of going to the same jail valhalla in upstate new york. when the b’s and c’s started rolling in it was like really. shit was funny three blocks all red then two blocks blue. i got a couple friends who are down with both i think that the bloods are more violet. the crips are more about chilling and getting money. i think having a little gang is part of growing up. when people from different blocks and projects fight each other all the time. it would be smart to side with the people on your block. i think in nyc those block wars became the blood and crips

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “people from different blocks and projects fight each other all the time. it would be smart to side with the people on your block…”

          Good point.

  • awesome arsenal

    on creiger.most of my cousins and nem’ went to caldwell and i went to CVS back then. i used to stay in lakeside though, right across the tracks from terror town so it was hectic movin around. RIP the G Ike



  • Apollo

    Agree wit h THAT DUDE, New york had gangs, they where some of the originals ( see The warriors, rvrn though it is a movie it was about gang culture in NY ) the A-Team and Supreme team where gangs, but anyone out of LA shouldnt be throwin up B’s or C’s.

  • alderman j

    My theory is……………….
    If muthafuckas new how to use condoms we wouldnt have this gang problem, when fools run up raw, and then disappear aint no father around to raise that nappy headed child, then once he is 10-11 he starts wondering around and then they start looking for direction, a father figure, all they got is that nigga thats been on the block for 30 years, they dont have any where else to turn. All these fatherless children is the reason for gangs, cause i be damned if any of my children( lord willin i have some one day) would ever participate in a gang, its a messed up culture, niggas need to take reponsibility for there seeds and we wouldnt have this problem, if MEN would be MEN, if they made it against the law to get a girl pregnant and leave, gangs would slowly die……….this is just a theory.

  • pologod80@yahoo.com

    What constitutes a “real” gamg member? Just become ones not in LA, does that make them any less “real”? There are hundreds of sets formed in LA after the original blood and crip sets. Does that make them “fake” gangbangers? Being down for your colors/set/gang and putting in work is what a gangbanger does. Does it really matter whether in Arkansas, New York or Atlanta? In the end, they’re all doing the same shit.(commiting violence, selling dope, etc…. A lot of these “fake” bangers in the east, are just a wild and crazy as a nigga staright off Crenshaw and Slauson. In Philly, we don’t have a gang problem, just a wild/crazy/violent nigga problem. The gangs are trying to pop up, but I hope they don’t, because shit’s hectic enough. They have popped up nearby though in Camden, Trenton and Atlantic City(three bad/horrible cities nearby)That would just promote more violence. Also, isn’t Chicago the origin of the black street gang? Wouldn’t that make everyone else followers? As someone stated earlier, The Black P-Stones(which come from the Chi) are in LA under the Blood flag. They’re origins are two thousand miles away, but they’re still no joke. Are they any less “real?

  • Chilly Willy

    “(…)Now before anyone takes any offense to this, or starts staking out all the Starbucks in Harlem waiting to come across a Black girl ordering the defunct skinny vanilla lattes, just know that this isn’t abut dissing you or where you’re from—it’s about respect. —Brooklyne (who now feels she needs an alias) Gipson”

    Now what more can I say ? …..um…yeah!

    Nessa! I think you got your female blogger right there, how about making her a regular ?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “Nessa! I think you got your female blogger right there, how about making her a regular ?”

      ^^^I agree. B. Gip (there’s your alias, homegirl. Westsiiiide!) can definitely hold her own. I even fux with her blog…


      • Chilly Willy

        “B. Gip (there’s your alias, homegirl. Westsiiiide!) ”
        Good shit!

        BGP ? Brooklyne GiPson? Brooklyne Get Paper? Butter G Pecans? Black Girl Print? Baked Girl Posts? Baby Got Pac? B….

        Shit, it’s too easy! haha!

  • Brooklyn

    sadly, ny niggas jumped on that gang shit hard, and the shit switch up so often that what’s a “crip” neighborhood one year is a “blood” neighborhood the next. as far as i know, the only modern gang in nyc to have originated in nyc are the trinitarios, everyone else came from somewhere else.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Colour is always gonna b a major issue whether it b racial,gang-related,country vs country, ya dig?

  • SlimmG00dz

    This gang shit out here is so retarded. Ive been in l.a. all my life. Im 31 now and today was the first time i’ve ever seen a senseless act of violence go down in front of my face. It happened off of King Blvd/Western. It was a brown on brown crime but still, they asked the lil dude where he was from. i dont know what he said in response…not that it matters nowadays….but they proceeded to beat that boy senseless…he fuckin went into convulsions. I was one of the first ones to call 911 for him. Ive been relaying this story to people all nite…its just heavy on my mind and seeing this article was a trip…so i had to comment.
    BTW…Fox Hills does look really nice since the remodel…still gonna have the same bougie bishes in it tho…lol!

    • westcoastaggie

      Thats a good thing that you called 911. Hopefully that young man’s life isn’t over.

      You can do something to change your environment and help stop this ignorant cycle of violence.

      Anything from volunteering at a school to helping get someone a job so they can improve their situation.

      WE got to do like Lawrence F. in School Daze said and WAKE UP!

      BTW: Fox Hills fell the heck off. I strictly head to the South Bay Galleria, South Bay Pavilion & The Beverly Center whenever I am back home.

  • NotoriousAGC

    all reasons why ill never want to leave Cali,
    cus this is “where i wanna beee” lol, what snoop touched on the radio play is real,can’t wait for DETOX.

  • NotoriousAGC

    i remember Cam’ron gettin robbed in cali and makin a song about it for thinkin he was a blood LOL

  • caino

    shitt, where l’m from we have had gangs going way to the 50′s razor gangs, and shit has evolved from the 60s, when the high rises flats were built and now peeps are just reppin their scheme ( ie block or projects etc in america) In Glasgow where l’m from they dont shoot its stabbing, and its every day every weekend, yet is never on the news. Glasgow is a violent city, just dont stray into the wrong scheme or you can get messed up! l ran for a while untill l was 17 then realised how stupid l was and got out quick! RIP D Ruff

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    “Its alot of fake bloods, I keep a tight lip/ Cause back in the 90s them same niggas was fake crips” – Killer Mike

    • 619

      Ain’t it funny how shit changed. Just a decade ago everyone was tryna c-walk. Now all of a sudden everybody and their mama tryna run around flamed up. I think Mausberg B.I.P. was the closest to changin’ the game back in the days. I woulda loved to see him really make it in the rap game. DJ Quik described it best back then “crippin’ is mainstream, pimpin’ is ballville/ the truth is uglier than a lie but it’s all real”

  • Phil Moe

    @awesome arsenal

    I see you were eastside crazy! You must be older than me because I’m 31 and always known olc (outlaw city) to be just that….not set boys. I was bangin in the mid 90′s. 67th and Clyde (Murda Show)…..branched off from Terror Town.

    Anyway…as anybody that grew up in the Chi or l.a…bangin is real. We don’t glorify it because it’s a part of our lives since birth. I have a problem with fake ass niggas claiming gangs and have an even bigger problem with these old niggas like baby and wayne now claiming shit. Get money, take care of your family and yourself….that’s how you get real respect in the hood.

    • Tunde

      Who do you know from Terror Town in the 90′s? I was one of the G’s over there. You know it’s sad how it’s stilling killing in TerrorTown like the 90′s. It’s like our kids are really killing each other.It’s sick. When I read the news clips, I feel respnsible because I was a part of the Generation who took BPSN from the El-Rukin stage to straight gang banging , We mad Terror Town. It sick to see it’s still the same.

      • ILLWILL

        I feel U brother, its like the generation b4 us created a monster and we made it worse, im saying 40 niggas go shot in a day&half on chicago southside alone its barnone out here!

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