I know everyone is thinking I’m talking Tip right now, (welcome home my friend!) but this blog post is about King magazine (lol). Yes…yes the magazine that trumps Maxim, FHM (For Him magazine) and whatever other magazines that frequently try to convince me that 98 pound white women are the hottest jawns I have ever seen (bullshit!). Now that King is returning I hope the lovely ladies from video land will return curved up, oiled down and ready to show what they mamas gave’em.

I've long been envious of Bonsu Thompson for the eye candy interviews he's being doing for XXL for years. Now besides being intelligent and a dope journalist, Bonsu is a video chick expert. He picks the rookie’s of the year better than most Ford, Kitoy, Bria- he’s called all the winners. Lucky Dog!

Watching MTV Jams and seeing white girl butt pad commercials and seeing the pale pink sisters called Kardashians getting prasied for what my people been celebrating for years (ASS) was making me sick. I like vanilla as much as any kid does ice cream (BTW shouts to CoCo she is a beast), but chocolate and butter pecan Ricans are the flavors for me.

All jokes and lust-filled rants aside, publications like: King, Show, XXL's Eye Candy, Hush and others are far more racially diverse than Playboy although they still get the best interviews.

I appreciate what hip-hop videos brought to the soft porn game- diversity! Hip-hop made the world appreciate the ethnic woman's curves, big 'ole asses, and weaves. Even ghetto ass tattoos are accepted and celebrated by men. From the city worker to the Wall Street guy to random butch lesbians- they all love an alternative to the Dallas Cowboy thin and twigs centerfolds on other books.

I look forward to seeing a whole new crop of Bonsu’s picks for the next video season. I just hope we start getting those Playboy worthy interviews because without some real info (like my blogs) the hip-hop pin-up mags will be as empty as the videos that make these young Amazons famous. So King, welcome back! The skin game is better with you now let’s get some Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, Dick Gregory, Chris Rock interviews in them and we got a winner like Hef in the 60’s. Fin.-It’s Bigger!

Merry Xmas to all my Christians friends and happy holidays to all my heathen homies! I promise the music is coming. They asked me to wait a bit longer. Holla at ya’ll next week with something special!