The King is Back

I know everyone is thinking I’m talking Tip right now, (welcome home my friend!) but this blog post is about King magazine (lol). Yes…yes the magazine that trumps Maxim, FHM (For Him magazine) and whatever other magazines that frequently try to convince me that 98 pound white women are the hottest jawns I have ever seen (bullshit!). Now that King is returning I hope the lovely ladies from video land will return curved up, oiled down and ready to show what they mamas gave’em.

I’ve long been envious of Bonsu Thompson for the eye candy interviews he’s being doing for XXL for years. Now besides being intelligent and a dope journalist, Bonsu is a video chick expert. He picks the rookie’s of the year better than most Ford, Kitoy, Bria- he’s called all the winners. Lucky Dog!

Watching MTV Jams and seeing white girl butt pad commercials and seeing the pale pink sisters called Kardashians getting prasied for what my people been celebrating for years (ASS) was making me sick. I like vanilla as much as any kid does ice cream (BTW shouts to CoCo she is a beast), but chocolate and butter pecan Ricans are the flavors for me.

All jokes and lust-filled rants aside, publications like: King, Show, XXL’s Eye Candy, Hush and others are far more racially diverse than Playboy although they still get the best interviews.

I appreciate what hip-hop videos brought to the soft porn game- diversity! Hip-hop made the world appreciate the ethnic woman’s curves, big ‘ole asses, and weaves. Even ghetto ass tattoos are accepted and celebrated by men. From the city worker to the Wall Street guy to random butch lesbians- they all love an alternative to the Dallas Cowboy thin and twigs centerfolds on other books.

I look forward to seeing a whole new crop of Bonsu’s picks for the next video season. I just hope we start getting those Playboy worthy interviews because without some real info (like my blogs) the hip-hop pin-up mags will be as empty as the videos that make these young Amazons famous. So King, welcome back! The skin game is better with you now let’s get some Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, Dick Gregory, Chris Rock interviews in them and we got a winner like Hef in the 60’s. Fin.-It’s Bigger!

Merry Xmas to all my Christians friends and happy holidays to all my heathen homies! I promise the music is coming. They asked me to wait a bit longer. Holla at ya’ll next week with something special!

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  • Just Kenny

    I guess you can get a pass on not delivering no new music. Still rocking with the A Millie freestyle and In My City.

  • soy yo

    The king you outta be talkin bout is our savior baby Jesus. Give some, at least small, props to our lord during the time we celebrate his birth.

    • Mean Greene

      Do you even know why we celebrate Jesus’ birthday at this time of year?

      Google: Saturnalia

      • Justice4All

        Jesus was not born in December, you can’t find it in the bible that he was, but if you can deciper hebrew, you can figure out that he was born in June. “Christmas” is a pegan holiday that was started by Constantine “The first Christian Emperor”. The pegan romans celebrated december 25th as a celebration of the “sun god” and constantine thought it to be a good fit to celebrate Jesus (birth) on that day as to replace the celebration of the sun god (the romans always wanted to celebrate something-similar to the catholics today, so constantine appeased them.)So, December 25th is not his birthday, I believe in Jesus, so I choose to believe in truth. Jeremiah chapter 10-preaches against putting up christmas trees as well, that was another pegan tradition that praised three idols. Read it, it’s there. In Romans CH 4-Paul also talks about the pegan traditions. Read up.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Y’all are forgetting the mighty Nimrod & the symbolism of the tree…the chopped off heads of the enemies were placed on the tree by his mom/wife(ewww!) on his born day-Dec 25. The gifts were the extortion payments of the scared tribes.

          Hence the ornaments & tree.

        • Justice4All

          You are absolutly correct, I didn’t mention that because alot of times you cannot teach a carnal minded person the things of the Spirit so I thought it would be over the heads of most, but yes, those ornaments that people so pridefully place on their trees today used to be the heads of people. In todays society, we take things for face value and don’t really understand the history behind it….Like…..(Drum Roll)….Easter. Again, I believe in Jesus! however, if Jesus died on a Friday- and raised on an (Early sunday morning) as it is preached, even if that is true, that’s not 3 days and 3 nights. If people would learn the jewish calender, they would know that a new day starts on sundown of said day. There is no way possible to get 3 full days and 3 full nights from friday(sundown) to sunday morning. Read up and you will learn that it was actually Wednesday to Saturday. But again, the masses have accepted the lie and believed it as law. Also, the easter bunny? Used to be a pegan god of fertilization (Cybele) thus the whole easter egg thing. Truth is king.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Happy Holidays to all!!

        But yeah, I’ve been meaning to do some research into this and other holidays too. Here’s a fact: The letter “J” is a little over 500 years old. It came into use way after Jesus’ death so what was Jesus’ name for real? The last syllable in Hallelujah is pronounced YAH because there was no “J” around until 500 years ago. What does that say about Judas, Jobs, Jehova, John, etc.?

        Not trying to put a damper on things, just thinking out loud…

        I’m glad King mag is back, but where is Tahiri? I thought she was getting the cover before the mag shut down.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “The letter “J” is a little over 500 years old. It came into use way after Jesus’ death so what was Jesus’ name for real?”


          “Isa, a prophet in the Quran who is generally taken as an expression for Jesus in Islam”

          I think the J replaced the Y:


    • DetroitDraper

      Fuckin fool..Happy Winter Solstice


    • Mike Bigga

      I do believe Christians should place greater importance on the true meaning of Christ Mass and stop buying bullshit and driving them selves into debt.

      I however never said i was. Merry Xmas and please keep encouraging your fellow Christians to celebrate the Christ in a real way.

  • Moving Sideways

    Happy Winter Solstice!!

  • General

    Co-sign on the return of King Magazine…

    Merry Christmas Mike and all the cats that provide the comments on a daily basis…

    • Mike Bigga

      Merry Xmas to U and all commentors! It’s been a good year with ya’ll and i look 4war to 2010.

  • Trackstar the DJ

    Happy Holidays Bang Bang Bang

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And much love, peace, and happiness to you and yours Bigga. You’re a good dude thats needed in this rap game.

    And to my Commission comrades. You know who you are. Be safe, we have work to do next year.

    newyawka! B E Z out there

    S.A.T. Stay up homie

    sealsaa! Hit me with the email so I can send you my own version of BISD! LOL Be good

    General! Do it up

    Enlightened keep typing that info

    TPAR peace and blessings

    Taino! Suave mi amigo

    Mutada where u @?

    There’s too many of y’all but the love is there.


    Go DL that “Grandzilla” on Datpiff, or

    Follow Federal Ranga(youtube & blogspot)

    Congrats to Pierzy, PhD!

    BLOCK is doing his thing.

    ADd+ is the best mixtape of the year(myspace/skinnyhansel) Peep the youngin’ B Easy


    I’ma be around ’til 2nite. So if anything gmail the name no slash or sign.


    • S.I.O

      @ $ykotic

      What’s Good Doggie, Good looking out on the shout out, and i know i been slippin on my post game (Dealing with some fam issues)no lurking i’m front and cennter with it (Ha Ha). Enjoy your holiday son, Be safe. One!!

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Hope you overcome them issues fam. Strive for perfection.





  • ri067953

    Yo, I don’t know where you live but the white dudes I know still clown black and hispanic women for the very things you speak of. The fake hair, tattoo, tank ass that we as hispanic and black males appreciate.

    Even lots of black dudes I know will hit a pancake ass white girl before a black broad. I dig the thick broads though any color will do!!!!

  • Tony Grands

    Word. King is the shit, but eff a weave, lol. Happy holidays to cats!

    Put this in your stockings:

    & yeah, DL that ‘Grandzilla’ (word to $yk):

  • Tony Grands

    happy holidays to you and your fam mike. you brought up one point that i always felt was try.
    “All jokes and lust-filled rants aside, publications like: King, Show, XXL’s Eye Candy, Hush and others are far more racially diverse than Playboy although they still get the best interviews.”
    the funny thing about playboy mags the articles are better than the naked chicks. you may think i am crazy but pick up a issue or download one from the net.

    • Mike Bigga

      That was my point homie i wanna see some Play Boy caliber articles. I been reading playbay since i stole dad’s to see the goodies.

      Thanks 4 the heads up on down loading the articles doe. did not know that.

  • Brooklyn

    every christian holiday has pagan roots, the christian faith itself has pagan roots, all of our modern religions came out of paganism. but hell, since we choose to celebrate christ’s birthday in december, merry fucking christmas to all, and god/allah/jah/jehovah/buddha/brahma bless us everyone.

    i’m glad king the magazine is making a comeback, them other white-centric magazines weren’t cutting it to me. there’s something weird about a 90 lb chick with size dd breasts. i always wonder if she’s about to teeter over.

  • worldbefree82

    @mike bigga
    happy holidays mike! im wit u on the interviews for the magazine. love the eye candy but the mag is just a empty box without the great interviews..i know a kid with great rap skills his name is Ray Rilla.. the boy sweats hip-hop oopps i meant MCing ya dig holla at me..

  • Chilly Willy

    King offers alternative. I love it. I’m not much of a tittyman (I see you ‘Zilla!). I’m more on the backside. Not the tank, mind you. There are few things that are as beautiful as an impetuous, voluptuous, finely-chiseled, determined womanly hindquarter, my friends. The kind that makes you able to read a woman’s future when you lay hands on them…..So welcome back, King !

    Whatever church makes up, it has roots in pagan culture, it’s just the way it is. And by the way, every faith have some unreasonable (read non-rational) elements to it, which makes it a faith, not a science.

    But whatever your faith is, this is the time to be with the family, to show the people you love you care about them, and in that I believe !

    Happy holidays, fellow hiphoppers !!!
    The best for you and yours, been enjoying the last year over here at the X-spot! Hope MC Djeezus, Santa Baby Clause and all them fantabulous beings such as our friends and families who accompany us in this journey bless us with health, generosity, compassion, understanding, love …….. and groove baby, groooooove!!!

    Peace and I’m out !

  • DazzOne

    The birthday of Mithra (the sun god) was December 25. Instead of opposing this idolatry, the Catholic church literally made up the idea that December 25 was …

  • Jamal7Mile

    Oh yeah, just wanted to post this one for a quick laugh. Jackpot put me up on this last Christmas. It’s 2-Cent on YouTube. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • HU

    Yes, we need black women back in the spotlight for real. Playboy chicks look like cartoons with all that airbrushing.

    There are about 10 gods that were born on December 25 through a virgin birth. Look up Horus, Queztocoal, and Serapis Christus who was borrowed from heavily for the creation of Jesus.

    Also, I’ve got a good picture of you Mike Bigga trying to holla at my homegirl after a concert in Minneapolis a few years ago.

    • Mike Bigga

      lol send dat pic 2 me…lol

  • Darth H8ter

    Mike, hurry up and drop something…non-mix tape! You are killing me