Thank You

Thanksgiving, or “White People Killed the Indians Day” as it’s known in parts of my community, was cool as potato salad this year. I haven’t been home for a Turkey Day in 7 years. Shows on the chittlin circuit pay more on holidays and I have always sacrificed Turkey Day and Xmas evenings to get that paper to buy those gifts that no one ever seems to say “Thank you” for. Oh well, that’s a Daddy’s life.

As I sat around my grandma’s and later my aunt’s (gotta hit at least three houses) eating food, smoking herb and drinking corn liquor I thought to myself “you got a lot to be thankful for playa.”
I walked out on a pretty secure life a few years back. I struck out on my own to “be my own boss” in this world of rap. If I had it to do over again would I do it? I like to think I would but who knows? I do know that because of faith work and supporters (you the folks who buy music and go to shows) I am still doing what I love- rapping. I am thankful for a lot. So if it’s not too late, let me share my thanks.

Had I not gotten support from magazines, college radio, regional radio and radio DJs, internet sites and word of mouth I’d be dead in the water. If SL Jones, Pill, Nario, Bill Collector, Big Slim, Rochell Fox, Mazetti, Smiff & Cash, G Davis, Joe Baker, Bear Sills, Smiley, Rea, Ebony, Ivan and Whiteboy D, had not helped begin this Grind Time Official movement no one would be saying Bang Bang Bang! Thank you Family. Thank you Will at SMC because of the experience making Pledge II we became friends and made our first Classic! Thanks to Glyde, T Flow and Gee Gee McGhee for teaching me how to rap- point blank period! Thanks to Sleepy, and Big Zack for keeping me Westside bound (HUHHHHH how you love that Flatland 4 Life and Death!)

I thank you guys for reading this blog and constantly challenging me to grow as a writer and rapper. Thanks to Carl and Vanessa for putting me on and Brooklyne and Tandi (not an XXL staffer) for making me look good every week!

I complain a lot but I value this time of year because it reminds me that life in spite of all its short comings has been pretty good to a Neicy’s nappy-headed baby boy.

No long post from me this week. No mad, self-righteous, boring advise on how we can better ourselves or our community (*Smile/wink at Joker* Wassup homie?). I jus wanna know what you are thankful for. In these tough economic times I would like to count a few blessing because we all short on doe but like Jada said “We Gone Make It.”

I am most thankful for the opportunity to speak to ya’ll through music and writing. Thank you all once again for giving me purpose. What are you thankful for? Document your blessing below. I promise they will inspire some reader. Fin -It’s Bigga!

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  • Chilly Willy

    There are a lot of people that supported me through all my trials and tribulations, but it was MY problems, not theirs. So along with those people, I thank life for giving me patience and faith that errthing’s gon be aight.

    And, yes, musicians are among those people who, knowingly or not, supported and inspired me, so thanks, music. And you too, Bigga !


    “…call the governor, the mayor, & the chief of the police/ tell em’ homicide is how i ride & im back on these streets… BANG, BANG, BANG if a nigga speak on Tip”

    ^^bruh, you got down on that track.

    anyway. im thankful to be surrounded by peeps & fam that love ya boy, dearly. thankful for this (easy ass) job i have, where i can chill on the web damn near all day. thankful for the roof over my head, dough in my pocket, & good herb in the swisha. cant forget about this good music being brought back by Bigga himself (i see ya on them features, big dawg), Clipse (go cop it Dec. 8), & J.Cole (check out that WarmUp). thats all i got off the top.
    but, on another note im not thankful that 30k more troops is on they way to Afghanistan. SMH.


    what up everybody and happy holidays i dont celebrate t-day or christmas in the traditional sense. but i do love the holidays,it is always fun to see family,freinds eat, drink and or smoke.i think
    what i take from the hollidays is be thankful
    for whatever the Good Lord has given you. keep speaking to the people killa peace.
    INSPIRE-T is the movement

  • Mike Bigga

    Thank Ya’ll for the “thank u’s” and the Comments.

    P.S. Pray 4 our Troops! Thank Every one that has ever served this in Great Nations armed forces! We owe u our Freedom word to Crispus Attucks!

  • Mike Bigga

    Thank Ya’ll for the “thank u’s” and the Comments.

    P.S. Pray 4 our Troops! Thank Every one that has ever served in Great Nation’s armed forces! We owe u our Freedom word to Crispus Attucks!

  • Tony Grands

    I’m thankful for the clarity to understood & appreciate this short, sporadic life, & all that it entails. I’m thankful I can be thankful, so to speak.


    yo question for any and everybody,me and my partner were building on thankgiving and started to talk about the fort hood situation,and profiling muslims in the milatary
    and i pretty much said as a black men in america i could not join the milatary and fight for this country against people that look like me i just coulnt do it . thanks for any and all feedback peace.inspire-t is the movent

    • Worley

      I hear ya homie. As a black man, I could never fight for this country either especially when I consider all the wisdom Rakim dropped on “Casualties of War.” Let’s not forget: I still don’t have my 40 acres while Fleet Bank and numerous banks that financed slavery receive a bail out and/or operate with impunity. Yet there are still black folks that see the military as a finacial come up. I understand that but I ain’t with it. There are too many ways to come up besides fighting wars for white folks. Either way, I salute military personnel. I know they are going through some rough sh*t. Just find something else to do.

      I’m thankful for my fam, my lady, (good) rap music, the relative security and comfort I have compared to folks that really, really don’t have sh*t.

  • abdulnasir

    I’m thankful for the commission and all the wisdom it has passed on to me; tony grand, pierzy and of course the big homie dallas penn: thank you!

    • Tony Grands

      No doubt, abdul. Good looks,

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I wanna thank my OG Mr. Aiken. Without those jewels I don’t know what situation I would be in right now.


    i am thankful to still have my job and to have good music to listen to. that hopefully my bro might get be home before the end of the year and his ass might finally learn to stop getting that fast money. i am thankful that all the fam that i fucks with is good and the ones i don’t fuck with are good as well. that still even at the age of 27 for every friend i lose i seem to gain 2 more. i am thankful for the holiday season because i get to see so many of my friends of all races who i call brother and sister. see all the older women i refer to as mom funny thing that doesn’t work with the dads. it lets you know that love and hope is out there. that you can tell your uncles stop fucking aruging about who owe who money from 82. glad to be alive and got a couple good broads on deck. also can’t forget for sites like this where i get to drop a couple mental gems and pick some up.


    KILLER KILLER! Thankful 4 my kids and my girl! Being alive is a huge up for a hustler so u know? Thanx to my Boy Killa Mike for staying on some real shit!

  • Brooklyn

    the indian in me just can’t get enthusiastic about a holiday commemorating the rape, murder, slaughter, etc. of native peoples by the europeans, the same reason why i can’t celebrate president’s day. personally, i don’t need the government to set aside a day for me to give thanks, i give thanks everyday for my life, my health, my family, my right frame of mind, and being given the knowledge to keep myself one step ahead of all the others that were too blind to see the shit right in front of them and got caught up in some trap. and whether it’s god, allah, or jehovah, whoever’s up there knows what’s in my heart and sees that everyday, not just the 25 of november.

  • GO-Getta’

    I’m counting my blessings,so i’m thankful.

  • caino

    l’m Scottish, so we dont have thanksgiving over here! But l am thankful, for my fam, that helped out this year , when my baby boy wasnt well!! You know who family and friends are when the chips are down !



  • Master CHeef

    Bigga, I appreciate you not doing a lot of shameless plugging and using this platform to spread a real message, but damn, how bout just a little news on some upcoming Grand Hustle projects? I would be thankful for that.