Thanksgiving, or “White People Killed the Indians Day” as it’s known in parts of my community, was cool as potato salad this year. I haven’t been home for a Turkey Day in 7 years. Shows on the chittlin circuit pay more on holidays and I have always sacrificed Turkey Day and Xmas evenings to get that paper to buy those gifts that no one ever seems to say “Thank you” for. Oh well, that’s a Daddy’s life.

As I sat around my grandma’s and later my aunt’s (gotta hit at least three houses) eating food, smoking herb and drinking corn liquor I thought to myself “you got a lot to be thankful for playa.”
I walked out on a pretty secure life a few years back. I struck out on my own to “be my own boss” in this world of rap. If I had it to do over again would I do it? I like to think I would but who knows? I do know that because of faith work and supporters (you the folks who buy music and go to shows) I am still doing what I love- rapping. I am thankful for a lot. So if it’s not too late, let me share my thanks.

Had I not gotten support from magazines, college radio, regional radio and radio DJs, internet sites and word of mouth I’d be dead in the water. If SL Jones, Pill, Nario, Bill Collector, Big Slim, Rochell Fox, Mazetti, Smiff & Cash, G Davis, Joe Baker, Bear Sills, Smiley, Rea, Ebony, Ivan and Whiteboy D, had not helped begin this Grind Time Official movement no one would be saying Bang Bang Bang! Thank you Family. Thank you Will at SMC because of the experience making Pledge II we became friends and made our first Classic! Thanks to Glyde, T Flow and Gee Gee McGhee for teaching me how to rap- point blank period! Thanks to Sleepy, and Big Zack for keeping me Westside bound (HUHHHHH how you love that Flatland 4 Life and Death!)

I thank you guys for reading this blog and constantly challenging me to grow as a writer and rapper. Thanks to Carl and Vanessa for putting me on and Brooklyne and Tandi (not an XXL staffer) for making me look good every week!

I complain a lot but I value this time of year because it reminds me that life in spite of all its short comings has been pretty good to a Neicy’s nappy-headed baby boy.

No long post from me this week. No mad, self-righteous, boring advise on how we can better ourselves or our community (*Smile/wink at Joker* Wassup homie?). I jus wanna know what you are thankful for. In these tough economic times I would like to count a few blessing because we all short on doe but like Jada said “We Gone Make It.”

I am most thankful for the opportunity to speak to ya’ll through music and writing. Thank you all once again for giving me purpose. What are you thankful for? Document your blessing below. I promise they will inspire some reader. Fin -It’s Bigga!