Oh, so that’s what the P in Pleasure P is for

[Bol note: I'm headed to Memphis for the weekend to eat some barbecue and do some outdoor drinking, so I'm posting this bad boy a little bit early. Enjoy!]

I’d just like to state at the outset that I don’t know for a fact that Pleasure P, formerly of the group Pretty Ricky, is the R&B version of the father from Precious.

I see where P, or the TIs from his label, sicced the junkyard dog on my boo Necole Bitchie. Earlier in the day yesterday, there was a post on her site that contained a letter from someone privy to the situation breaking down the child molestation allegations against Pleasure P. Later in the evening, I went back to that post, to gather information for this post, and I saw that the letter had been removed. Fortunately, I read that shit in its entirety the moment I saw someone talking about it on Black People Twitter – not because I’m interested in reading stories about a 17 year-old (but probably more experienced than I’ll ever be) boy shoving his fingers in a 4 year-old girl’s vagine, but because I enjoy seeing an R&B singer brought low for any reason. I wish he’d just been caught doing something teh ghey, but what are you gonna do? No homo.

At any rate, I should point out that this post is all based on rumors. It could be that, as Pleasure P himself insists, this is all a buncha BS, part of a vicious smear campaign against him. If it is, I hope his Jewish legal representation gets to the bottom of this. I shudder to think what it must be like to be falsely accused of such a thing. To think, Ed Lover, the former host of the weekday version of Yo! MTV Raps, could go on Black People Twitter and say I did something wrong with a kid, and within minutes all of unemployed black America would think it’s true. What if Pleasure P didn’t give a pre-schooler the Shocker, and this whole thing was made up by some jilted jumpoff? It’s not like you can issue a correction via Black People Twitter, as if it was the New York Times. That shit’s as good as fact now. Shit, some black people still believe black people’s right to vote is set to expire at the end of 2007, and the end of 2007 was two years ago. Since then, a black man has been elected president. In fact, I’m surprised the birthers haven’t brought up the fact that black people weren’t technically allowed to vote in 2008. It doesn’t seem any more specious than any of the other theories they’ve come up with.

Like the birther movement, the allegations against Pleasure P are also based on documents that may or may not be true. Supposedly, Pleasure P’s Jewish lawyer’s (probably) homely daughter posted on Twitter documents proving that Pleasure P inserted two in the goo and one in the poo, because Pleasure P never paid her father, and when her father came looking for money, like Morris the wig salesman in Goodfellas, Pleasure P threatened to shove an ice pick in his neck. Or something to that effect. While I did read the letter, I didn’t bother looking at the documents. The letter pretty much broke down what happened, and it’s not like I could tell just from looking at the documents whether they were real or not. You guys know I was pre-med. I can tell you that neither of the kids Pleasure P is accused of touching will be right, but don’t start me to lying about what the actual sex offender registration form looks like. For all I know, it could look like a diploma from the University of Phoenix Online.

I’m assuming the reason Pleasure P didn’t pay up is because he didn’t have the money. If you did some shit like that, and the difference between Ed Lover and unemployed black America finding out and them not finding out was paying your Jewish lawyer, you’d go ahead and cut that check. I wonder if Pleasure P talked to them about putting something on it, or if he just started right in with the threats. Maybe his mom could have taken out a reverse mortgage on her house. The latter seems likely, given what’s on his fingers. Plus, his mom might not have been able to get credit, given the state of the market. Pleasure P’s singing career (he’s a singer, right?) has fallen to shit since he got kicked out of Pretty Ricky, supposedly because they knew what he did to those poor kids, and they kept kicking his ass in the limo on the way to the show. It wasn’t one of those situations like New Edition, where Bobby Brown could make more money by himself than the rest of those clowns combined. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have been an issue. I’m not saying what Pleasure P did should be excused. I’m just saying. A video surfaced of R. Kelly taking a piss on a middle school-aged girl, and he wrote the “Ignition” remix. What has Pleasure P ever done?

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  • ri067953

    Yo, outdoor drinking is the best!

    As far as the Pleasure P thing, I don’t trust any dude that challenges all other R&B artists to a grind off. That pretty much seals the deal in my book.

    If it is true, Pleasure, R. Kelly and Chris Brown can go on tour together and make some serious coin. Seems as though the black community is very forgiving to those that commit heinous acts towards black women…who woulda thought?

    • Enlightened


      This is not the same nigga that challenged all off them to that “grind off” is it?

      If it is, that nigga did that shit. Guilty.

    • geico lizard

      For every pleasure p,r kelly and chris brown in the black community there are 100 tom cables,woody allens and roman polanskis in the white community so dont try to make this a race issue. They are all messed up no matter what race does it.

    • valdez

      nah, pleasure p ain’t the gay one who challenged other men to a grind off. that was spec(tacular). SMMFH @ myself for knowing who is who.

  • sealsaa

    Classic Title.

    Well, lets hope for those kid’s sake that the allegations are false.

  • T.O.S.H

    I’ve never posted a comment before.

    • Master CHeef

      Now that you’ve taken that first step, the sky’s the limit!!!!

  • Kappamike1

    I live not far from Memphis. You need to hit up Rendevous for the best BBQ. And go to Joe’s for some good crab meats. lol

    • valdez

      the term “crab meats” KILLS me everytime i see it, now.


    • valdez

      the term “crab meats” KILLS me everytime i see it, now.


  • DG

    I’m not saying what Pleasure P did should be excused. I’m just saying. A video surfaced of R. Kelly taking a piss on a middle school-aged girl, and he wrote the “Ignition” remix. What has Pleasure P ever done?

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ain’t that the truth… That had me rolling…

    See now I stand with Huey Freeman on Arrrah Kelly… How you pissing on a 14 year old girl and still get a free pass… smh…

  • nicky j

    bol, i was wondering why you hadn’t jumped on this shit sooner!! always knew it was something fishy about them pretty ricky dudes..

  • caino

    if it turns out to be true then the dude deserves everything he gets!!

    If its false then the peeps that started the rumour deserve the cops on their ass (Pause)

  • ?

    If its true then thats just…[[shudders]]

  • Enlightened

    Damn Bol,

    I bet not see your ass creepin around on Beale St. I might have to tie your ass up and hold you for ransom.

    I know it’s niggas who would pay a grip to finally catch you face to face!

  • Worley

    “like Morris the wig salesman in Goodfellas” Don’t forget about my man that kept asking Joe Pesci to pay his tab.

    Wasn’t PR on MTV Cribs livin’ like 5 in one little house? I’m sure they go on tour 2 and 3 to a room with a Chris St(r)okes type n*gga tuckin’ them in. I think PP (pun intended) and all those lil n*ggas been played with.

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    Damn, Bol..you’ve been doin the damn thing this week! Good shit. Enjoy your BBQ and outdoor drinking…I’m in the rainy-ass Bay Area, so I’ll be keeping my shit indoors.

  • AZ40

    Don’t you have to be registered if you’re a sex offender and you can’t live too close to school zones…Meagans Law I think

  • Brooklyn

    damn, this is the first i’m hearing of this, but it don’t surprise me that it’s one of them pretty ricky niggas doing some shit like that. from what i heard, their manager was on some joe jackson shit and kept them isolated from everybody else because he didn’t want them to get distracted by pussy. them niggas was so shook that when one of them got a kid he kept that little nigga a secret from his pops for like 2 years. p was probably left alone with that little girl and didn’t know how to act, probably had never even seen pussy before. if he’s guilty then it’s probably the end of his career, it ain’t like he’s kells, nothing he made ever came close to “bump n grind.”

  • tommy gunz

    black people twitter = worldstar?

    • Mr. North

      This is my question. Black people Twitter????

  • http://tonygrands.bogspot.com Tony Grands

    This first time I heard of someome named “Pleasure P”, I assumed it was a female. I figured no grown nigga would call themselves that. Oh how I stood corrected, AND he was part of a group that was called “Pretty Ricky”.

    That shit smells like suspect.

    He shouldn’t worry too much about this affecting his career, because he’s not famous to begin with. Nobody’s going to recognize him mopping floors or loading boxes.

    He should’ve known better than not to pay a Jew. He’s lucky he didn’t get beat to death with a sock full of dreidels.

    There’s some truth to this story, I’m sure. He may not have done what people are saying, but he did something. If he did do it, though, he’ll get his.

    • valdez

      “He shouldn’t worry too much about this… Nobody’s going to recognize him mopping floors or loading boxes.”



  • chitown

    (In uncle ruckus voice)


  • gift

    When I first read this story, and looked at the photos of the documents, unless I was too high on that grandaddy purp, I didn’t see his name on that paperwork. How fuckin messy is if of the lawyer’s daughter to start this shit, and the lawyer not say nothing? then on top of it, if this was going on when he was with fuck ass pretty ricky, how the hell did he not go to jail? Especially if he doesn’t have half the full that R. Kelly did when he caught his case? This is a serious allegation, and niggas need to look at all the facts.

  • sealsaa

    “(In uncle ruckus voice)



    • BIGNAT

      for real uncle ruckus wouldn’t care as long as it didn’t happen to little white chillen.
      “video surfaced of R. Kelly taking a piss on a middle school-aged girl, and he wrote the “Ignition” remix. What has Pleasure P ever done?” pleasure p did nasty things with his young relatives

  • ceezy4sheezy

    if he did do that shit and was convicted in 2005 why is it coming out now and wouldn’t he be in jail or on a registered sex offender’s list. Don’t know if he did it or not but if he did his career is over and they gonna ass rape the shit out him in jail. If he wasn’t ass raped by the niggas in pretty ricky that name just screams homo. If not true then that bitch that put it out there is gonna rot in hell and there is going to be hella lawsuits

  • Gerv

    All this shit is funny and sick at the same time,but if it’s true smokinggun.com will let us know trust me.Till then I don’t believe non of that shit I want real facts fuck all that he said she said shit.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Am I the only one who thinks that he may have gotten his name from that old Janet Jackson song ‘Pleasure (P)rinciple’? That would be most disappointing.

    Anyhow, he released a statement proclaiming his “innocence”. It’s on HipHopDX. Sorry, no links.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Am I the only one who thinks that he may have gotten his name from that old Janet Jackson song ‘Pleasure (P)rinciple’?”

      Nope. Them n*ggas all have male stripper names:

      Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith, Spectacular Smith, Corey “Slick ‘em” Mathis and Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper.

      In 2008, Pleasure P left the group to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Christopher “Ambition/4play” Myers, who was later replaced by “Lingerie”.

      ALL of them are suspect…an alleged “P”edo, ousted from a fruit roll-up…”Ambition/4play” sounds like the receiver, 4 niggas playing(preying) on him…son’s name is “LINGERIE”…

      “Y’all n*ggas gay”-Riley

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