Nas: Drunk [Driving] By Myself

Don’t give me a hard time about the title. It was either that or “Purple (in the Front Seat)”. Though, by the looks of the leaked dashcam footage, we have a “Black Zombie” on our hands. Homie was definitely having trouble keeping balance on one foot. Still, I expect him to walk a straight line blindfolded. I guess that’s because my mind’s been molded. I’ve been taught to love yours and hate mine.

Seriously, though. Look at TMZ. They’re always trying to bring down our black leaders. For anyone who’s lost like the tapes, the TMZ footage is connected to Nas’ DUI from earlier this year that he’s since been cleared of. That’s right. He’s been cleared. As you can see, the nigga is zooted to all fuck, admittedly so. Yet there are no penalties, fines, probation, suspended license, mandatory courses—nothing.

Maybe they felt bad about that child support levy he’s fighting. Fuck, I understand why a nigga like Nas would wanna get high now. He just shouldn’t be driving fucked up. Nor should any of you, children. Stop listening to all them rapsters talking about how fun it is. Listen to Ras Kass if anything. Beecher consequences aside, inmate Austin paints a pretty awful picture of what life could become on “The Evil That Men Do”. Disregard Austin’s actual path, though. The nigga catches DUI charges like he didn’t kill somebody back in the day.

[Blogger’s Note: I avoid one-time. Got Lela Rochon calling my genitals "Sunshine".]

Meanwhile, we get to watch Nas slosh around busted before God and Mr. Charlie. Put a pin in the video, though. We’ll come back to it. It’s only a byproduct of the true fuckery anyways. I’ve got a few questions regarding the US Weekly write-up. Like, what kind of nigga gets twitchy and has an accelerated heartbeat from weed alone? I know weed can cause paranoia and all that. I’ve had a chronic-related freakout or two myself in my day. Sounds like somebody was fucking with that Balki Bartokomous blunt.

[Blogger’s Note: It makes you so happy, you could do the dance of joy.]

What kind of weed discolors your tongue? I first thought he was on some ill hallucinogenic or opiate candy—maybe some drank. After pulling back a bit, he probably just got high and had a sour apple jolly rancher or twelve, like we used to do in the park after a session. They also say they smelled “raw” marijuana in the car. That’s to say the cops could distinguished that it wasn’t some dissipating weed smoke, but a sack of that Perfect Strangers in the car somewhere–and, they didn’t find it?!?! Wowsers. They’d have searched you or I booty butt cheeks naked and impounded the car for that shit.

Obviously, Nas is not the only culprit here. If he’s getting a Negro Pleasing for driving fucked up, we need an NP for them Georgia authorities too. Kelis trauma jokes aside, how did they have all this shit on Nas and let him off? Free Boosie. Free Gucci Mane. Free Max B. Free Nas. We want these rappers off the hook until we have to eat the shit they toss, right? No one’s gonna be too pleased when Nasir bin Olu Dara careens into a stroller killing a fresh former “Fetus” on one of these Lost Tapes lost episodes. The police giving him a little more than a slap on the wrist—or, at least treating him the way they treat the rest of us—goes a long way in the overall betterment of society.

Don’t be surprised when this all gets worse for Nas.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Where a nigga gotta go to get that Perfect Strangers, son?

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  • sealsaa

    Possible alternative titles:

    2)Driving Privileges are Dead
    3)I Am(FUCKED!)

    I don’t mean to poke fun at the li’l homey, but c’mon man…

    • Ron Mexico

      fuck that. kick him! he’s down. that’s what we do here. this is the home of the hate.

      • Chilly Willy

        C’mon, Ron! You know drunk niggas need a heeeeeeeeroooooooooo heeeeeeeeerooooooooo…

      • that nigga

        Ron, thats fucked up, but Im in tears here. Made my day.

  • Pierzy

    Nas is my favorite emcee of all time but his self righteousness becomes annoying when he does dumb shit. If you’re going to put yourself on a pedestal, live up to it!

    I know he’s been cleared but this isn’t the first instance…

    • yoprince

      who cares? we all drive high and a little drunk sometimes.

      self righteous? the man’s rapped about driving drunk before. i mean, full hooks.

  • caino

    Hip-Hop is …….run over

    l apologise l’m weeded and that sounded good in my head…..(walks to fridge mmmmmm cake)

  • sealsaa

    “fuck that. kick him! he’s down.”

    Coooold Blooded!!!!

  • Tony Grands

    Maybe he felt left out. He’s been doing all the nigganomic shit lately, getting raped by the court system, losing to the IRS, & maybe he figured getting arrested would complete the coonery trifecta to put him back on the map.

    Looks like he picks his crimes like he picks his women. & he picks his women like he picks his beats. It’s a good thing he’s one of the illest MC’s ever. Otherwise, he’d just be a losing ass dude, through & through.

    • LOL

      Only bum ass niggas hate on Nas! The IRS rumor another TMZ unproven rumor…but yet you loser stay repeating it! The fact that you fools keep mentioning him getting raped for alimony…another hating as redundant statement constantly heard by the Nas haters…but yet the order was temporary(not permanent). How can you call anyone a loser that has accomplished more than any of you hating ass scum bags have ever done in your entire life! While you stay writing blogs about Nas…he stay flexing on you HATERS! Don’t be surprised when all this gets better for NAS…HATERS!!!! Ron Mexico Nas sends you a HI HATER? LOL…you should never wish for someones downfall it only reflects upon the failures in your own life!!!

      • Tony Grands


        You probably go to the club & complain that the girls don’t have enough “self respect”, huh?

        What were you doing in 1990? I was listening to NaS. What’s the name of the album where he first appeared, & the title of the song? Hint: it’s not ‘Illmatic’.

        Who officially discovered NaS, in the business sense -OR- the “lived in the same building” aspect? Either answer will suffice. Extra points points, though, for the “same building”.

        With all due respect, cats come to RMC to clown & have fun. Sometimes, it happens to be one of the greats. Relax, juice. Unless your work for him, in which case, keep up the good work…

    • that nigga

      Tony Grand you a funny nigga. HAHAHAHA!! My nigga NaS won for once. High, drunk and didnt get charged with a crime? And he almost pulled off that sobriety (spelling?) test. Sour apple Jolly Ranchers are the shit. Yeah Tony, he’d be just a losing as dude. Thank god he’s the illest to put a pen to the pad.

      The funniest part of the video is when he said “Can I just go home to see If my brothers up”?? Classic drunk “nigga shit”!

  • latino heat

    Ain’t Hard To Tell, that Nas was drunk.

    Got ur Self A…Buzz?

    that’s the best i could do. this is more fun when were picking on people i don’t like.

    • Chilly Willy

      How can y’all forget this gem:

      Drunk by myself (Lost Tapes)

      • Chilly Willy

        I take that back…sorry…blunt ashes in the ashtray…

        I’ll settle with The Message (in the bottle), Book of Wine, Cherry on Tradition or UBR (Unauthorized Bottle of Rhum)….

    • ron mexico

      that’s why i’m around, LH. a true-and-living, natural born hater such as myself can break a nigga down when he deserves it whether i like him or not. where’s the fairness in only going after people you don’t like?

  • Tony Grands

    Co-sign Heat…

    FTR, let the record state that NaS is my favorite New York MC. From ‘Breaking Atoms’ to the ‘Zebrahead’ soundtrack to his next court date when the judge will most likely skeet on his Wally Clarks.

    All insults are thrown from a place of love. Yes hetero.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Mexx is stuck on them sitcom’s huh?

    ^^^ LOL @ all the comments…I quit…

  • London

    With GREATNESS…comes trials and tribulations! Nas will weather this storm! NAS STILL THE GOAT…NO amount of hating can change that!!!


    “They’d have searched you or I booty butt cheeks naked and impounded the car for that shit.” spread em darkie

  • John Cochran

    Cmon Mr. Jones. Mr.God’s Son. Didnt you do that song “I know I can” with all those kids in the back sanging and shit? Im not expecting a nigga to be perfect, but damn. Get jungle or wiz broke asses to be your designated driver cuz.

    • 619

      You and Pierzy act suprised or somethin’, like Nas makes to many righteous songs to possibly do some shit like this. Listen to the chorus on ‘Drunk by Myself’,
      “Drunk by myself, gun under the seat
      I don’t want none of my peeps caught up in none of beef
      I’mma ride to the end of the road if I have to
      prayin’ no car speeds by for me to crash to”
      He already talks about it, pay attention to the music.

  • abdulnasir

    “Looks like he picks his crimes like he picks his women. & he picks his women like he picks his beats. It’s a good thing he’s one of the illest MC’s ever. Otherwise, he’d just be a losing ass dude, through & through.”

    There’s just too many funny shit too quote from the comments.

    Word, Pierzy! Nas is ur fav emcee? Definitely, 1 of my favs too. Yeah, i hate that self-righteous shit, when it goes awry!

  • A

    My bad but wtf does that balki blunt and perfect strangers ish mean?

    Somebody fill me in. And as much as i hate nas, i felt kinda bad for him, probly just ridin round high, thinkin bout when he was stillmatic

    • Curtis75Black

      It’s an old tv show !! You had to be a teenager in the 90′s to know about it. Balki was the foreign cousin, living with his cousin Larry in Chicago.

  • rich kid ldn

    50cent going hard at jay-z in uk interview

  • capcobra

    Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin
    Imagine going to court with no trial

    • Curtis75Black

      lol !! Nice one. That was hilarious.

  • KLAP215


  • 1hunid

    Aye Mex, if any of these rappers start using old sitcoms as drug and alcohol references they need to shoot you your residuals or give you some points off their album. That shit is funny as hell.

  • wow

    Haters! NAS IS YHE GOAT!

  • wow

    Haters! NAS IS THE GOAT!

  • 100

    Who has ever passed a sobriety test the cop was a D head he could of let him go because try the same test at home and I bet u stumble a time or 2 he actually passed the test in my eyes. He just seems nervous like anybody else would be You bloggers are LAME. Im sure when he got to the precinct he passed the breathalyzer test too.

  • themighty

    well, these are the funniest comments LMAO

  • quietdogbitehard

    Why ya making my boo boo look bad..stop the hating peoples

  • that nigga

    The fucked up part is when the Cop was doing the Eye Test it seemed like siince Nas was passin’ it he kept tryin to make him turn his head instead purposely. That was the longest Eye exam I ever saw.

  • dontposthere

    lol ras kass is good

  • P. Harris

    Come on Nas…

    quit bullshitting and just hook up with 9th wonder to do that album…

    I want nothing more then to hear Nas rip a 9th beat…

    sidenote: that eye test was crucial as fuck

  • Prophecy_projectz


    The reason Nas was let off the hook was because the tests for weed came back negative (at least according to and they mention that he said to the cops that he smoked weed…earlier in the day. Looking at the video he seem to be coherent for most of it. Chances are he wasnt even blunted to past any limit.

    Its pretty much a non-story.

    • indeed

      The blood test did come back negative for both weed and alcohol…per Nas’ lawyer who made a statement about the false reports being spread about Nas! Well anyway, the haters will continue to hate!

  • ONE50

    Yeah MAN!!!! Kids don’t need to hear righteousness they need to hear that ‘gangsta sh*t’ gtfoh

  • Yessir

    NAS can make “DRUNK BY MYSELF PT.2″.

    Just playing, NAS is my dude.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yo Mex!! Love the Mr. Austin references. That’s my nigga and I hope he’s learned his lesson with dat shit. I understand though cause I’ve driven “buzzed” which is not a good look either. Some of these cats never heard that Lela Rochon line…..poor bastards!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah Balki was also the dude who played “Serge” in Beverly Hills Cop. With dat espresso shit!!

  • ApolloKid551

    I sware is it me our has the hip-hop community turned on Nas, im not taking up 4 him but its like propaganda by the hip-hop 2 take Nas dwn, everytime he does something people take it 2 the 3rd degree, i guess them jews dnt like the way Nas has open his mind & not dissing his people anymore now there destroying him…

    • WOW!!!

      What are you talking about?

  • westcoastaggie

    Nas stay losin’.