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Kid Sister, Ultraviolet [REVIEW]

Kid Sister
(Universal Republic)

Beats: L

Lyrics: M

Originality: M

With a dearth of material coming from female rappers, Chicago’s own Kid Sister steps to the plate with her debut album, Ultraviolet. You may have caught the charismatic femcee in early 2008 on her Kanye West–assisted single “Pro Nails,” a cheeky romp that hit No. 21 on Billboard’s Single Sales chart. A year later, the party vibes continue, with an accompanying batch of electro-fused, dance-friendly tracks.

The lead single, “Right Hand Hi,” sets the stage: a synthy, stabby cut aimed directly at the club. The flashy “Life on TV” and the mesmerizing “Big N Bad” stick to the up-tempo theme, as Kid Sister delivers catchy hooks in her signature cartoony Midwest drawl. Collaborations with Estelle (“Step”) and Cee-Lo (“Daydreaming”) are also much welcomed—they break up the album’s repetitive feel, as the dance-heavy disc becomes a bit much, before gradually losing steam near the end.

Save for the occasional spunky, flirtatious zinger (“I got a Coca-Cola shape with an onion in the back”), don’t look for Ultraviolet to appease hungry listeners looking for lyrical food for thought. Still, Kid Sister’s feminine perspective is a much-needed addition to hip-hop’s current all-boys club. —Nat Thomson

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  • eddiesixes

    it was kinda difficult to bump that pro nails song, but that project pat sample was harrrrd…

    mami is fine as hell doe

  • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

    Two posts I write and two posts not posted? You are the worst.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    XXL is crazy. Reviewing this album(ain’t never heard of this chick), and don’t review Rakim’s album.

    No offense to home girl but c’mon y’all.

  • Pek And Also

    they didnt review Rakim??? Wow. I breezed through the album and a couple songs caught my ear..’You and I’ goes hard

    Any hoo..this chick is a non-voluptious, less attractive Amber Rose.

    Kinda like how Hugo is a deformed version of Bart (pause)

    Anybody notice how all these little fuks (Wale, Niki Minaj, Kid Sister, Kid Cudi) are essentially the same person.

  • CJ2792

    Is it just me or should having an M for lyrics and originality and an L for beats result in an M overall

    • fastflipper

      so real

      how this girl can have a L

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Naw she’s taking an “L”.

  • buffalo_soldier667

    Pro Nails was good…

  • twinblades

    Cool album weak lyrics but the beats make up for that. Actualy this was waaayy better the BEP’s the end album. Better sound and everything cant wait for new stuff from her:)

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