Hurricane Chris: Best Rapster Alive [VIDEO]

As per my urgent Twitter message, Hurricane Chris has accepted his official nomination as Best Rapper Alive. I didn’t think Hurricane Chris was the best rapper in Louisiana, let alone the best living. Apparently, a very important and highly influential collective disagrees with me.

Fortunately for my Negro Please friends and family, I’ve got exclusive footage from the nomination ceremony.


Questions? Comments? Requests? Hand clap?

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  • Tony Grands

    That’s why I fiddux with you Mex. ‘Cuz you get ratchet!

    & thanks to YouTube, Ron Mex-Co, ya own T.V…

    Dude, I was waiting for the nigga to do the remix to ‘The Lollipop Guild’. See, if he was smart, he would’ve fell back, & let that mini-Chopper Suit do all the talking. Cats would’ve made it rain on Barbara Norton’s pleated skirt.

    Where’s Bushwick Bill when you need him? Oh yeah, he’s @ chuuuch.

  • dj blendz

    The Hurricane’s coonery swag is at an all-time all-time high

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    Yo I get medicinal…

  • GO-Getta’

    The term “Best Rapper Alive” is thrown around loosely these days.

  • Blakout615

    Man that vid is still hard to watch lol. But for the record,Hurricane is not necessarily a BAD rapper. He aite.
    But yo Ron,why u aint went in on Ma$e yet? His church congregation bought him a lambo??

    • Ron Mexico

      i agree. hurricane is FAR from terrible. dare i say shows flashes of dope.

      and whoa. never knew about the mase thing! thank you. looking that up now.

  • Shawty J

    Did this nigga say “nomunate” and “governmentalist”?

    Barbra Norton claims that video was something “positive for the internet.” No, the hell it isn’t. You just put footage on the internet of the Louisiana government officials providing accolades for some illiterate nigga who in turn begins cooning around on camera. There’s not a damn thing positive about that.

  • these posts are racist

    Does this mean Biggie, Jay, Pac, Em and Pun are in the bottom 5?

  • AZ40

    This must mean that everyone has died and we are some how watchin’ from the other side

  • Chilly Willy



    i must watch this must be urgent ron ron dropped it as 3 something in the morning. not what i expected but still funny as hell

  • P. Harris

    Was that shit real?

    I can’t stop laughing!

    That is “ignits” at its finest!

    • Gerv

      That shit was real just not the audio,but the original was even funnier.Trust me it didn’t need no remix and sounded just as stupid!

  • NotoriousAGC

    that was…weird….

  • WestPhillyPolo

    No disrespect Ron, but isn’t old footage of when he went and performed the “Halle Berry” song? He was getting recognized for doing something positive(making music).

  • Brooklyn

    “we be ratchet, we be ratchet…”

    nah, but really though, hurricane chris might be a better rapper than bitch-azz boosie

  • DazzOne

    I’m from Shreveport, and I DON’T GET IT!!! Somebody played me OutKast’s ‘ The Art of Story Telling Pt 4′ and knew it was fire. I wanted to play it for my cousins, we was all in the yard playing music loud out our cars, and big cuz was like “Naw, we listen to GANGSTA music….” THIS NIGGA WAS LISTEN TO HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!! I was like “Really???”


    YO! this shit had me in tears! LMAO!!!!
    “we be rachet, we be rachet…”

    “i think this lil nigga might be rachet”


  • DV8

    so this is what you do at 2am high as fuck with multimedia tools at your exposure huh?

    pretty funny nonetheless…

  • chillin mayne

    dayum u know i be late on err post, damn near the last one on every post regardless… jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    “i think this lil nigga might be ratchet” CLASSIC…

    My mom, tropical storm stephanie jajajajajaj
    funny as heel…not hell…heel

    the audio at the end, priceless…the white voice

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