How Much Do You Love the Clipse? (Some Fan You Are)

If I had a dollar for every Stan that has sworn the Clipse are their favorite hip-hop act out, I would’ve saved up enough dough to retire from XXL a long time ago. Apparently it’s only cool to say you love the Clipse, but it must not be cool to actually buy their album.

Well, actually, let me correct that it was cool for 31,500 of y’all to support. Give yourselves a round of applause (myself included).

I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest Clipse fan (translation: I didn’t worship the ground that the Brothers Thornton walked on), but I’ve always had a great appreciation for their music. I copped Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury when they dropped and liked both albums, but I just wasn’t ready to name any of my kids after Pusha or Malice.

You may laugh, but that’s how hard some Clipse stans go in at the barbershop and on Internet comment boards (okay, maybe not the barbershop, but mostly on the Net). I respect stanery, however.

Bottom line is hip-hop needs more fans, real supportive fans, not faux critics who pose as fans. We need to celebrate our artists a little more, because if you haven’t noticed these major labels are cashing out, taking their money and heading for the hills. Fuck it, though, the big wigs can leave if they want to, this hip-hop thing is too far-gone to be stopped now. The truly talented will always find a way to survive.

But back to the Clipse, this album is fuckin’ great. Me and the homie Alvin Blanco went up to Sony for a private (pause) listening of Til the Casket Drops, after which, Al wrote a review for the mag. To ask the homie to dissect an album like this after a single listening was a tall order, but he came through. Still, even though I had heard TTCD before most of the world, nothing could have prepared me for what it was like to actually own and sit with the album.

Those that know me, know that I’ve Never Sold Crack (HA!), though, I came up in that era and knew dudes on the block who were hustlin’, it was never my thing. So I couldn’t fully relate to the first two Clipse albums (as I’m sure most of you couldn’t either). But this shit right here (**points at freshly opened Casket CD**), is something different.

Yeah, it’s still “crack-rap,” but underneath the Kingpin tones is a theme that I can fully relate to: family above everything! Check “Freedom” (one of the illest album opening-tracks in years), where Pusha spits, “We’re in the same group, but I don’t share my brothers pain.” Pusha Ton then goes on to talk about him being numb to shit and how he lost his girl and essentially lost everything he loves in a paper chase.

Then, Malice goes on to talk about how he was “happy being piss poor” and how he has trouble chasing tail these days without being reminded of his own daughter. On “Champion,” Malicious is spittin’ about watching Madagascar with his kids. I mean my son prefers The Lion King, but that shit resonates. Maybe I’m old (not quite 30, yet). I have a wife and two kids and, to me, I put family above everything, my kids especially.

Til the Casket Drops is maybe one of the most mature, well thought out hip-hop albums I’ve heard in a minute, that’s why I bought it. The question is why didn’t you? —Rob Markman, The Deputy!

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  • STeaDY

    them boi’s go hard peeps gotta wake up

    • STAN?

      I went to local record store looking for the vinyl… Hasn’t been released. Same went for Gucci. (Both instant classics in my book.

      I got that shit the day it leaked… listened to it every day since. Why would I buy a CD of something I already have on my ipod, in my car, on my computer, in my living room etc.

      Answer: for the physical representation of the album, which Kanye West’s 808 & Heartbreak will tell you, is much more substantial on vinyl, than it is on CD.

      So… release your shit to vinyl, and I’ll buy it the day it comes out!

  • Don Juan Velasco

    It’s a boring album B. Slick but NO DEPTH– peeps listened and decided not to support, end of story.

    These guys are how old now and they’ve shown how much artistic growth?

    Case closed.

    • Justice4All

      How do you know? Did you buy it?

    • BIGNAT

      no growth now i know you ass didn’t listen to it. don juan you on that bull shit

    • realtalk82

      Very ignorant comment Don Juan! That’s what makes it so dope,they have grown and have plenty of depth.Freedom and Footsteps would show you this,very 1st track kills everything u said man. Album is a Classic.BUY IT

  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    it ain’t pay week yet, child support was due, I had to tithe, my lights just’ got cut-off, I’m on fixed income, had to gas the car up, got robbed, got habits (lsd,coke,weed, paint thinner), tricked off in magic city, black friday broke me, my tags were expired,…oh yeah the real reason most people didn’t cop it….IT WAS NOT FUCKIN PROMOTED PROPERLY!WHO DA’FUCK YOU GOTTA KILL TO GET CARDBOARD CUT-OUTS AND POSTERS ROUND THIS BITCH!!! ARGHH!

    • GregSIDE

      Ur right, that shit got no push. They just now playing track 2 on MTV. You would think after how bad Jive fucked them the next label would do something. The only real promotion was their ‘Road Till the Casket Drops’(Play Clothes) mixtape. Hopefully Columbia will get their shit together after this cause this shit is fire. I think alot of people just don’t get the Clipse. Even though they inadvertently started the ‘Coke Rap’ that swept the South. Fuck what anybody says; they stepped they game up this go ’round. I ain’t no stan but I’ll rock the Clipse be4 most others. Especially all the BS ‘Trap Rap’ they inspired.

      • BIGNAT

        “Trap Rap” has been around for a while it got it’s major push when T.I. dropped trap muzik. After he opened the door the trap movement started coming.

  • latino heat

    i bought it off of Zune Marketplace. i still don’t know if that counts as soundscan numbers though.

  • that nigga

    Like you and The Clipse said: Family first and Im broke nigga. Gotta pay them bills for I cop a rapster cd. Anyway, still support them mentally, just not monetary right now.

    Side Note: Gotta go pay the the cell phone bills now. Geesh!!

    • Rob Markman

      hahahahah *DEAD

  • timmhotep

    I copped it, with actually money at a Best Buy . . . after DL’ing it for free a couple weeks in advance. It’s that good. I don’t know if we should be skewereing the fans or even the label here, I found out that Sony didn’t under-ship as much as this LP was under-ordered by the big chains like Wal-Mart and Best Buy and that may also be to blame for the lackluster sales. Just sayin . . . Oh yeah, I interviewed them too

  • kingP

    Copped it, it was decent, nothign compared to the first two. People always say they can’t afford it, like the clipse will be able to afford doing this with no support from wack ass fans

  • westcoastaggie

    I got my copy (Itunes)!

    But I was a little disappointed in the album. I didn’t live up to the standard that I have in regard of the Clipse. The album seemed like they went away from what made Hell Hath no Fury and their We Got it 4 Cheap series great.

  • mr. quiji

    This effort was decent at best. wgi4c mixtapes went in way harder, as did lord willin’ and hell hath no fury. Pusha n Mal always spit but these beats are on some looney tunes shit.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shit, I copped that shit at 2am on iTunes, the day it was released. They’ve never done large numbers, but I wouldn’t let that deter me.

  • Brooklyn

    just because you don’t rush out on the first day and buy the album doesn’t mean that you don’t support the artist. there’s a million and one reasons why many niggas couldn’t cop ttcd this week. if you got kids, a clipse album ain’t a priority, not when christmas is in a week and you gotta put food in their mouths, clothes on their backs, and pampers on their asses, plus rent, car note, car insurance, phone bills, lights, cable/satellite, etc. i only buy a cd the first week when my cash is right, when it ain’t it has to wait until the next week or even the week after that. a nigga gotta prioritize.

    • Da Business


  • paychexx

    it crazy to think they are bigger than you think they are…im a clipse fan. i didnt get it yet, nigga broke son….i never seen them on tour in minnesota…it xmas time them niggas can wait….

  • ThingAlec

    I wasnt too big on Hell Hath No Fury. I thought the beats were too minimalistic. (However the lyrics were top notch). Till the Casket Drops is a good album. I like how they switched it up. Door Man and Footsteps are dope tracks.

  • Gift

    I dig the clipse fasho. I am copping on Friday when a nigga get his fuckin check.


  • mario

    i support them i have “Lord Willin” and “Hell hath” but i just had to pay bills i’m coping two of “till the casket drops” on the 20th no joke

  • Enlightened

    You should preface this article by saying where you’re from, because The Clipse can spit and all that but I swear…

    I have never gotten into a car or walked into somebody’s house that was listening to The Clipse. I’ve never heard they name come up in casual conversation around niggas that I know.

    I’m not trying to take anything away from them.

    Again, I’m just saying, a lot of people’s judgement gets clouded by who they are around. The Clipse are not really that big of a deal (no pun intended). A lot of people just really don’t know them like that. I know them more from reading about them on websites like this.

    The average fan still remembers them from the “Grindin” days and that’s about it.

    Talented, yes. Popular, no.

    • doubleclutch95

      This is 150% true. I am always the one who even mentions the clipse in any rap conversation. Most of the friends whenever I even say “The Clipse” first thoughts are “tho are the niggas that did grindin right?”

      It sad that the average hip hop fan will probably only remember them for “Grindin”

  • BigJon

    REAL TALK: The only people who listen to Clipse are 1.Hipsters 2.Hood PPL

    I went into Borders, Barnes and Noble, and the mall to cop Clipse and they dont have any copies. So i gave up and DLed, even tho this is 1 of the only albums I was going to pick up this year.

    Columbia droppin the ball not gettin this spins – kinda like a big deal should be top 10 Pop Radio Smash

  • doubleclutch95

    Copped it one the first day out! I must say tho the clipse are hurt by their own hype. The we got it 4 cheap series, lord willin and hell hath no fury were classics & til the casket drops is great but not near the talent of their previous work. What funny tho is it still the album of the year which speaks to the lack of talent in hip hop today. It sad tho that one of the most talented duos ever can’t sell more than 35,000. What in the hell are people listening to now a day?

  • BGZ

    Fair ’nuff, I didn’t buy it opening week; I’m always mad late.

    I know I should support the movement more but it’s just the era we’re in, I’m not as extatic about a new release as I was even 10 years ago… hip-hop is dead.

  • Julie

    Hey, I really enjoyed your review and agree with you completely. Dope album. I remember seeing them in concert this past October I believe, and they said their album was coming out and I was hellllla excited, but then it got pushed back to Dec, and I definitely copped that the first day and haven’t stopped listening to it since!

  • MassAppeal13

    went to fye last wednesday…they sold out and only had a edited version…i bought ob4cl2 and was happy thinking, “damn that new clipse album is selling like hot cakes.” I guess not

  • cramzy

    Could it possibly be that they just don’t have as many fans as you think? They cool but like enlightened said I don’t know many people that get excited about Clipse. Personally, outside of Lord Willing, I haven’t liked one thing they’ve put out since, and I bought Hell Hath…listened to Reup Gang mixtapes…Its all been meh at best. That’s just what it is. Maybe that 31,500 is their fan base. Wayne did a mil first week because maybe..just maybe there were a million people anticipating his release. It’s not always, oh they downloading shit or people are could be that some niggas just ain’t that hot.

    • Tonyto’sWay

      I kinda agree with ya to the point where maybe Clipse just doesn’t float on most peoples boats as opposed to millions of kids out there breaking their necks to buy a Wayne album on the 1st week…but it could also be that those so called Real Hip-Hop fans need to get their heads out their asses and recognize real talent and not just go by what people tell them its hot and what its not!!!

  • jonny bizness

    The album is dope freedom and footsteps is my fave the only thing i could think of is that this generation r not interested in lyrics more what the beat is saying or the latest dance gucci sold triple wot the clipse sold and he doesnt deserve 2 be mentioned in the same sentence plus i heard that columbia undershipped.

  • patkilpat

    They’re one of the best duos of all time. I’d give their albums a in order of release a 4.5,4,and 3.8. The delay REALLY hurt it, kinda like a big deal wore off me long before the album came out. And the rick ross remix made me smh.

    Still better than nearly every group out.

  • BMFBOSS313

    Real talk nigga. TTCD is that street shit for the soul… niggas got a concious out here and we ask what we’re doin half the time we’re out here hustlin…. big up to my niggas pusha and malice this album spoke to me when niggas around me started turnin they backs and snitchin… Real recognize real homie. Detroit All Day…Stop snitchin stop lyin… Go Cop that Shit!!!!!!

  • Detroit Dave

    Huge clipse fan, but I downloaded the album… I’m shaking my head in embarrasement but its the truth. Im not paying for anything if I can get it for free.

  • will

    ill rather save my money

  • capcobra

    to me the clipse is in that same box as little brother..downsouth niguz that don’t get the respect and love they deserve from southern fans….smh…they could’ve helped thier sales if they got weezy and gucci on the album instead of cam and ross tho’.

  • sway-z

    This is the problem wit all of you so called “real hip hop” fans. That’s why when Timbo says what he said, niggas got mad, cuz the shit is true and yall hate to admit it.

    The majority of fans who buy shit are white, the majority of motherfuckers at a Tribe show, or a Wu-tang show, or any nigga from the 90′s show, is white people, so who the fuck is you to hate when a nigga starts making music for that crowd? White people support their artists from the start to the finish, and you weak ass niggas don’t, simple as that

    • CLEVER

      You DAMN Skippy! Nutin but the Truth right there!

      • Curtis75Black

        Basically !!

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  • yoprince

    i call myself a clipse fan. i mediafired that joint.

    i always wait a month.. then i think about how much I’ve been playing it and if its been in constant rotation then I’ll cop off Itunes.

    to be honest, I can’t believe anyone buys hard copies of albums anymore.

    My short review: the first half of this album is flames, the hooks are crazy from Popular Demand to Door Man. Then Never Will It Stops comes on and its kind of a let down, just because it sort of sounds like a leftover from HHNF. Eyes on Me is understandable, but kinda ehhhh, and Counseling is kinda wack. Then it picks way up again with Champion and Footsteps, and Life Change is decent at best, kinda ehhh too. The I’m Good Remix is fire.

    So basically the first half is perfect music, and the second half is scattered in my opinion.

  • brand-new

    i just copped mine yesterday and it’s not bad, best album since ob4cl2 (finally gave that a break). it’s funny, i consider myself a clipse fan, but i’ve never heard lord willin’ in it’s entirety. i didn’t really check for them untill the we got it 4 cheap mixtapes.

  • Brahsef

    I like the album, but it doesn’t have that initial impact of their first two. The singles they came out with were kinda ehhh. Nothin like Grindin, Mr me too, and Wamp Wamp

  • ronald diego

    i love the clipse and i bought the cd. i bought all their stuff and all these xxl haters who didnt buy it dont even like music. they enjoy talking shit about fans who do buy their shit tho. It’s gucci baby!

  • Joe

    I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Malice is the first rapper to remind me of Jay Z on Reasonable Doubt (tracks like D’evils, Regrets)

    Its coke rap but he pourin his sole out with remorse. I wonder if nggas actually hear the depth of what he’s sayin.


      I hear it. that nigga do be rappin w/ emotion a lot. he be spittin bout the bible sometimes too. i like him for that, he give you real substance. shit to dissect & analyze.

      I got mine last night. bumped it like once or twice, then went to sleep to it. i gotta say my faves are Life Change (i cant get that chorus outta my head) & Door Man so far. i’m gonna listen to it about 3-4 more times before i rate it. definitely worth all $15, though.


    for like the 50th time i am going put this up. i bought the snoop joint and the clipse. the clipse was full price first week the snoop joint was 9.99. if they clipse was 9.99 i think the could have got a couple thousand more albums. a few of my friends were mad they was like first week and you charging full price fuck getting it. he said he wasted his gas going to the store to get that joint first week and you trying to hit somebody for full price. that is kinda fucked up.

  • wednesday

    i was gunna buy it but there isnt a vinyl copy and honestly who the fuck buys cds, its all mp3s or vinyl, its ignorant not to release a real record

  • Ron Mexico

    i didn’t buy it because i previewed it and didn’t like it. and i’m a clipse fan. so…

  • epinz

    I’m deep in the south, and I’m the only ngga bumpin clipse other than a couple of my boyz(cuz I put em on it) I baught it when it came out and been supportin them boyz since I got out of prison in the begining of 07. The first cd I got when I got out was hell hath and I still have it in constant rotation till this day. Real recognize real and the fact that they are so lyrical takes away from sale or attention in the south. Its a conflict of interest with them since they’re from the south. Sumbody sayed sumthin bout little brother and I couldn’t agree more. These r my two favorite groups of all time but since they rap diffrent from the norm In the south they get shown no luv…its like they’re to southern for new yorkers and to new york for southerners. I luv both these groups and hope that they get the respect and recognition they desrve when history looks back. On them. I’m greatful for what these groups have done and how honest they’ve been in they’re music through tragedy and triump….mien…..

  • epinz

    Sorry, can’t call them my favorite without bringin up atcq, boogie down, and mobb deep(b4 infamy and prodigys flow change) also outkast….

  • Area

    yeah, why didnt yall sucker buy that?? sleepin ass fools

  • Area

    yeah, why didnt yall suckers buy that?? sleepin ass fools

  • JMack

    @ Enlightened: this is hilarious. they are not “popular” eh??? what do you want, popular, or good? Not on no smart ass shit but this is honestly killing the game and i think there should be more articles like this. I’m from Dallas TX and probably have a small handful of people out of knowing everyone in the city that I can discuss Raekwon’s Cuban Linx 2 album. So its safe to say here, he is not popular. So how the hell did it make Times top ten albums as the ONLY hip hop album???????? no because of popularity but because of pure content driven at US. hip hop fans. not new age euro pop club inspired none of that. straight raw. its your choice whether you buy it, or give them more of a reason to feel the way timbo said he did.

    • Enlightened


      Nah, don’t misunderstand me! I want good. Fuck popular. I’m just saying, they may not have as many fans as people think so those sales are probably realistic.

      For example: Do you know who Brotha Lynch Hung is out of Sacramento? Dude is one of my favorite and one of the best to ever do it to me. He only hit BET once or twice back in the day, got close to Gold on his album “Loaded” and has been mostly underground. If he come out with an album, I’M BUYING THAT SHIT because I’m a fan of his, but I know most niggas haven’t heard of him. So, I’m not gon’ get on here and be like, “why didn’t y’all go out and buy the new Brotha Lynch Hung album?”

      I know why. He’s not popular. People don’t know him. But I love his shit.

      Clipse are basically the same, but they are a cut above because of the Neptunes connection, but for the most part they are an underground group.

      Shit, Snoop Dogg only sold what? 60,000? So I think they sales about right for this day and age.

  • GOOZ

    I havent bought it yet cuz it hasnt hit Japan yet.

  • balaramesh

    the clispe rhymes are too complicated for females and they cannot reach the teeny bopper audience that actually BUYS records.

    for what its worth, the only cd’s i bought this year were maxwell and raekwon. and i am a HUGE jay z fan too. so i will cop eventually……………..

    • cobraclutch21

      Yea no female I know cares for the clipse and teens only care about the beat and sing-a-long hooks like they’re in the 1st grade.

      I wonder what the clipse are thinkin about their sales right now?

  • Hussle’s Way

    Fact : 90% of people claiming they copped it didnt!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      ^^^ This

      @ BIGNAT/sway-z


  • ash

    Im got my copy in the UK, I support clipse even if you americans dont

  • janklow

    all these “fans” now are just spending all their time coming up with an excuse to justify not buying a single album by a group or artist they like.

    personally, i bought the album regardless of the fact that it cost me a whopping $10 for a CD that could have been downloaded on the internet. because it’s ridiculous to say you’ve listening to an album constantly since it leaked but can’t bother to shell out a dollar for it because it’s not on vinyl. if you say that nonsense, you are not a fan. period.

  • Da Business

    I like the Clipse’s lp, but i’m not a fan like that to cop it. Bottom line is I’ve got a family to support. And as long as i can get it for FREE, why should i pay 4 it. Shit i hardly go to the movies anyone…THE INTERNET is God’s gift to man.

  • Caino

    if l can download for free l will, l gotta family and mouths to feed! But l went into the store the other day to buy a hard copy, and they didnt have it , store clerk looked at me like l was a monster or some shit!

    Yo Ash, where in the UK did you get this?

    • ash

      bought from HMV…had to ask for it!

  • Q! tha Magnificent!


  • bk

    I’m a Clipse fan but this was a disappointment after Hell Hath No Fury. Watering the music down in order to sell more copies is always a bad look.

    • Ron Mexico

      exactly how i felt. it was blatant, and i found it insulting as a supporter and a listener. one thing to “evolve” or whatever… and it’s another to make a blatant attempt at goin pop.

      as for rob, maybe they only have about 100,000 listening, paying fans at best. maybe they alienated half of them with this record. i know a gang of real clipse heads who aren’t feeling this. and they shouldn’t be talked to like they’re just supposed to buy the shit because it’s been released. if it was another record like hell hath, or lord willin a nigga might have bought two.

      a lotta niggas on here talkin about support real rap, like a nigga supposed to make a statement with a purchase–regardless of what’s on the disc.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Have not bought the album, but when I downloaded it last week I was very happy with the entire package. Hearing the Keri Hilson and Cam songs in context with the rest of the material made a lot more sense than hearing them from a blog alone.

    I intend to by the record for the following reason.

    1. Out of appreciation for Hell Hath. This album was a breath of fresh for any late 90′s early 2000′s lyrical hip hop coke rap fan.

    So while this album is not as good as Hell Hath (which in my eyes is a classic), I appreciated the new direction in the music.

    Talking about real life.

    And to Malice…Thank you for mentioning so many bible verses and spirtual things. Ya’ll have allways had a certain amount of bible references, but you can tell Malice has really been up on his bible reading lately. Those of us who are not zietagist,NWO,God does not exist freaks appreciate it VERY MUCH. So I will be coping the album this week.

  • HERM

    “Check “Freedom” (one of the illest album opening-tracks in years)…”
    Real T! Was a dope album, but personally, I still like the darker themed Hall Hath No Fury. Still, a nice album, not bad at all.

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  • Federal Ranga

    Priorities my ass… ya’ll niggaz making excuses. The album pays for itself.

    Those Christmas presents will break and the sorry ass kids you bought em for will want more, those utilities will get cut off, you will replace your phone, you’ll gas your car until you die…. bills are forever. Think of the thousands of dollars you spend every year if not EVERY MONTH.

    You spend $10-15 for a dope ass album ONCE and knock that bitch for LIFE. I think I know what the fuck an investment is…

    Shit, more than half you niggaz here will spend single CD money $7-$20 everyday on weed and Newports! Fuck outta here. Cop TTCD.

    E-16 up!

  • bk

    Even in interviews Clipse were saying Hell Hath was their favorite. Well damn! Mine too!

  • RR

    “Freedom”…best intro of all-time.