Hey jealousy

An end of the decade confession: I’m a little bit jealous of Elliott Wilson.

No, I don’t have a thing for older women (nor do I think that’s possible). No, I don’t wish I had good hair like his. I don’t have any hair on my head anyway, so what difference would it make? Straighter pubes would probably just cause chafing issues. And no, I don’t spend my evenings gorging myself on reasonably priced wine and wondering why it is that people who don’t appear to be particularly talented can be phenomenally successful (at least up until a few years ago), while a brother such as myself is resigned to living in what’s been described as a shanty town.

Well, that last part is true, but it’s beyond the point. I’m actually more concerned with the fact that rappers stay hating on Elliott Wilson. Every time you turn around there’s another rapper talking shit about him. First there was 50 Cent, who explained that a) RapRadar is really owned by both Eminem and Paul Rosenberg, not just the latter; and b) he doesn’t like Elliott Wilson, for whatever reason. (Fiddy might actually have a thing for older women.) Now I see Lupe Fiasco had to jump off in Elliott’s ass, to use a threat Lupe once leveled at yours truly. No fishsticks. Meanwhile, when’s the last time a rapper had anything bad to say about yours truly? Unless you count that douche Donwill from Tanya Morgan. And you shouldn’t, since he’s just not famous enough. This is probably the only time he’s even been mentioned on this site – unless they had an album out when Tara Henley used to work here. Someone should alert his mother, so she can print it off and frame it. Aww dang…

At some point in time or another during my winter solstice bender (i.e. Kwanzaa), Elliott sorta kinda went in on Lupe. It’s hard to say when, since he only pretends to have a point of view in the brief posts he does for his sidebar, which aren’t time-stamped and preserved for posterity in an archive. (Whereas, I talk shit about people in the actual body of my posts, then post pr0n in the sidebar.) If, for example, you wanted to find the one where he went in on MTV for not naming Eminem one of the hottest MCs in the game, or whatever the issue was, you’d have to consult the post on my own site where I went in on him for not bothering to mention the fact that Eminem’s manager (and now we know Em himself) owns the site. And it’s not like anyone’s gonna put forth the time and effort it would take to blockquote everything he says there. I only bothered with that one because of the conflict of interest issue. If I had more ambition, maybe I’d start a separate site where I’d mock each and every one of them. like those people who got banned from Tumblr for reblogging Julia Allison. My bad, if you have no idea what I’m talking about. (FWIW I believe there was a story on it in the New York Times.)

Speaking of people who aren’t good enough for the mail room/hip-hop PNAC over at MTV, I know Lupe Fiasco threw a bitchfit over not being considered one of the hottest MCs in the game, even though he’s hardly released anything in the past two years now, other than that godawful song from the Twilight soundtrack. I couldn’t bring myself to watch that video, even with the prospect of catching a glimpse of my future ex-wife, Kristen Stewart. Even with the sound off, the shit was just depressing. I hate to see a brother go out like that. If that’s what this new album, We Aren’t Losers, or whatever it’s called, is gonna sound like, the mail room at MTV is the least of Lupe’s problems. He’s gonna be catching it from all angles. Maybe his handlers realized that, and that’s why they wouldn’t let him release that mixtape on Christmas. They probably figured, if it was more rock oriented, that would only lead to further embarrassment; if it was more traditionally hip-hop oriented, perhaps they could salvage some of it and release it as the next Lupe album, similar to how they’re trying to cut their losses with Rebirth.

At any rate, suffice to say Lupe isn’t at a high point in his career. And presumably, that’s why Elliott Wilson felt it was safe to describe how much he doesn’t like his music. What, you thought it was just a coincidence that Elliott Wilson only goes off on people seemingly everywhere other than on his blog? Never mind the fact that the ability to take shots at people is pretty much a blog’s defining feature. Otherwise, it’s just a website with regular updates and an archive. Nah, that shit’s obviously by design. After all, this is the same guy who gave the Clipse’ Hell Hath No Fury XXL’s coveted XXL rating, then turned around and said – on the Internets, natch – that it wasn’t shit. Elliott Wilson, has cynical, tactical hating down to an art. And I think that was Lupe’s concern, more so than the fact that Elliott isn’t a fan of his music. No one with the sense god gave geese is a fan of most of Lupe’s shit. But what kind of douche covers an artist’s work in a magazine and on a website, without offering much if anything in the way of meaningful commentary, essentially giving them free publicity, then turns around and tries to talk shit? I’m sure that’s frowned upon in Islam.

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Lupe is starting his new year off right…

    Training to die in the Himilayan Mountains, & shaking his litle tattoo’d fist @ the sky for being bootlegged. Again. Although, I’ve never seen a bootleg of any of his music. Odd.

    • BIGNAT

      his first album i have the bootleg. it was really good so i was going by the album but on the studio joint it had some different songs on it. the bootleg was better than the studio album. if he kept it the way he had it he would have sold more.
      bol you must really feel butthurt about the rosenburg shanty town thing. you keep bringing it up in almost all your post since he said it. let it out bol remember the good times and cry liquor my nigga hahahahah.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    “No one with the sense god gave geese is a fan of most of Lupe’s shit.”

    Yikes. Okay, how long until Lupe writes another guest blog (or is it a letter to the editor) about this?

  • JihaD

    I don’t know how long this going to stay up here (what with your track record with your corporate paymasters and all), but I you are right– Elliot (and quite a few of his peers, Ahsmi’s bitch ass for one) are prone to serious fits of bitchassness when they feel their target is sufficiently cowtowed enough to believe that “they” (as bloggers) hold some type of sway over their careers. Its sickening, and while I personally hate most of Lupe’s shit, I also applaud him for digging a hole for Elliott, and for you to continue to crap all over his shitty site.


  • epinz

    What I’ve realized is that smart rappers r actually dumb in real life.(I.e nas) and dumb rappers always seem to get shead more in real life(I.e master p, baby) I saw where lupe went off about leaks and how people depend on him and his music which bafles me cuz as smart as he and others seem to apear, they’re stupid cuz they shoulda been known that smart doesn’t sell. Look at the history of this rap shit, the majority of the albums we concider to b classic now, went wood then.smart ain’t NEVER sell. So my thing is, he shoulda been smart enouph to realize that if he ain’t willin to “dumb it down” then the money should not b ur reasoning for doin this cuz u ain’t gunna make money off that complicated shit even if it dnt leak. I always felt that the ones who were truly smart knew to balance it out by keepin the lyricsism but, for money purposes, glamorizing the dumb shit(I.e biggie, jay z, 50 cent, pac) nggz talk about how only the bullshit is sellin when back in 94 bullshit was still the only thing sellin. All the top albums of that time just now went plat like 2 years ago or still ain t even reach that mark.I’m a big fan of lupes, but there ain’t no point in bitchin bout how it takes away from the money cuz u wouldn’t make much anyways. Now, if his goal is to maske music people love, then I wouldn’t see why a song leakin would b that bad cuz ur main focus would b to make shit people love…..

  • epinz

    And if u wanna look at it even closer, nas, jay, biggie, pac, 50,ect….. all dumbed it down alil for higher record sales. If u wanna make money in this rap shit, u either glamorize dumb shit or acually rap dumb……

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      I feel you, but here’s my take on it. If a dude sticks to his guns, creatively, eventually success will find him. I’ve often heard with any business venture, it takes roughly 10 years for reciprocity. & a good example of that I like to use is Common (Sense).

      I was effing with dude since ‘Can I Borrow A Dollar’, when nobody outside of Chi heard of him. It took him about 10 years of not changing, persevering & not resting on his laurels & the success eventually found him. Of course that won’t work for everyone, but Lupe apparently has the fan base to achieve moderate success, @ least to be comfortable living off of his art. Same can be said for Cudi. As long as they don’t give up & give in, especially with the inclusion of the ‘Net, them dudes can most definitely eat off rap.

      He can “make it” without dumbing down, but it’s a trick that takes time to pull off. More Harry Blackstone, less David Blaine.

      • epinz


        I feel u, and there r times when certain rappers like cudi and kanye find they’re nitch. But common, who I’m a big fan off, hasn’t sold crazy records like that either. Shit, he even dumbed it down with his recent shit. It does take time, and if this was the 90s I would totally agree with u but in this current time and climat, if u wanna sell, dumbing it down or having a certain nitch( that relates to everyone, especially white people) is what u must do to make good doe off of it. Plus, ill say that the reason common has his well deserved fame is due more to movie rolls and kanye. I say kanye cuz it was that be album that gave him some kind of shine again,cuz the electric circus album had that ngga @ rock bottom.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Although, I’ve never seen a bootleg of any of his music.”

    ^ For real.

  • General

    I think most can agree that Elliot Wilson is a douche…He stays ridin whoevers coattails in rap can keep him relevant, whether its Em or Jay…

    However, Bol I do disagree with you about Lupe’s music, dude has been fire since he first came out and even though he has had problems gettin his third Cd together, I’m sure it will be one of the better
    Cd’s released next year…

  • Mr. North

    The “dumbing down” sh*t is overrated. Its just an excuse for rappers who really cannot say anything deep or with conviction (I.E. Jay-Z). Lupe ain’t that smart in the first place. Its just not believable to me. I listen to Nas, DOOM, Mos, 3000. These guys really got the smarts and didnt even graduate high school.

  • epinz

    @mr north

    I feel u and am a big fan of everyone u mentioned( doom is extremly underrated) but how many albums them nggz sell? Like I said, nas swiched his whole shit up to sell record, I mean, he went from illmatic to it was written and I am. 3 stacks( outkast for that matter) found they’re own nitch, and they still talked that bull from time to time. No question, u can b great, but as far as album sales, its rare that these smart dumb nggz ever truly sell.

    Like jay said, if lyrics sold he’d b talib kweli….

  • http://xxl All Dae

    wison has no more say so in rap than my grandma. Elliots a fan of rap like us….his high positions at work doesn’t make him an expert. He’s never dropped an album or made beats or produced an album so his opinion is just that.
    it is a conflict of intrest over at rap radar…why was it hush hush over the owner. 50 Cent let the world know he owns his site and may give his opinion on stuff but we know from the door.

    good for Bol for using good writing and investigative skills to bust those frauds open. damn niggas must hate Bol…

  • epinz

    And what’s even crazier is that u can have a group like clipse who have the lyricsism and the subject matter down pat and can’t sell cuz they’re to lyrical. And when they finally dumb it down a bit, and still drop a fire album, they still get hated on for that.

  • Curtis75Black

    You know it’s hard to mention “Sales” when the 90′s are gone and the majority of buyers aren’t Necessarily Hip Hop fans from the era of sales. Straight up, How many cd’s or digitals downloads have you rocked this year let alone this decade ? Rappers been “Dumbing it down”, whether it be putting a smoother sound to their catalog or changing styles but Jay put a phrase to it. No one gave a fuck cause it rocked regardless. “They all yell Holla” !!

  • El Tico Loco

    Two things
    1. Elliot Wilson is Benzino on estrogen or at least a bitchier version.
    2. I got F&L on bootleg (bought after it got scratched up)

    And as far as dumbing down lyrics is fine just don’t start dumb and stay dumb, or at least let people know u can really spit every now and then like Fabolous or even Jay z. Everybody that’s been mentioned (Doom, Nas, mos etc) while they may not sell as much as the Viacom faves, they are eating and they still have a careers that go back decades (especially Doom). Can’t knock a man for refusing to conform in fact isn’t that what hip hop was intended to be?

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I think we can all agree on “dumbing down” being some bullshit. I feel offended when a nigga says that’s his method of choice, as if I’m an idiot. Even if more than 50% of the listening public can’t fathom a word with more than 3 syllables, that’s an insult to my intelligence, as a Hip Hop fan.

    Plus, that let’s you know where an artist (or rapper) stands with their craft. There’s nothing wrong with NOT being the most lyrical cat, but don’t wave pretentious possibilities around as if you’re doing the fans a favor. Andy Warhol never claimed to be Michaelangelo, he just did him. Imagine what (more of) a douche he would’ve been perceived as if he said, “I don’t have to re-do pictures of shit, but I just dumb it down for y’all. I can really paint if I wanted to”.

    • Mr. North

      Great point. Yeah Warhol knew he could actually draw but chose to do him and created his own lane. He didnt have to go around saying or proving that he could draw to get his art out there for his level of actual artistic ability to be resected.

      I mentioned DOOM and Nas but of course I grew up hardcore on 3-6 Mafia, Old Cash Money, Screw, etc. But what Ive been tellin people from when I started listening to underground hip-hop in 2003 is that the same reason I like DOOM, Madlib, Dilla, etc. is almost the same reason I am/was into 3-6 and a bunch of other stuff people thought were ignorant. Because it was something deeper than just getting fucked up (i.e. Project Pat’s first album). Or the obvious with “conscious” albums but these guys (i.e. J Dilla’s welcome to detroit) had dope hip-hop beats people would think its all conscious or whatever but hes talking about smoking, drinking, toting guns, etc. as well.

      Bottom line cant judge a book by its cover and its all about the MUSIC nothing else…

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        @Mr. North

        Agreed. That’s what the fans are in it for. If one stays true to themselves & their art, regardless of any imaginary parameters, the fans will come.

        I’m glad you brought up 3-6, because them dudes stayed true, even to this day, & nobody can tell me they don’t eat off of their music. I’m not a fan, but I respect that they’ve never deviated from being them. I read an interview in ‘Slam’ or ‘Hoops’ not too long ago, & they said an artist(s) has to stay relevant, but that doesn’t mean “selling out”. Not like they can dumb down any further, lol-no shots, but you smell my cologne.

        Plus, a little hard(er) work never killed anybody, especially if it for something one deems worthy of attaining & achieving.

  • epinz

    Co-sign 1000 %
    I’m in the south and my favorite groups r little brother and clipse, two groups that even in the south, havnt dumbed down shit.(clipse alil for this last one) I luv them for that! Now, do I expect them to sell a lot, no, but it def doesn’t stop me from lovin they’re music and supporting them by buying they’re records when they drop. I just feel like if u love this shit and this is what u came in it for, than mad respect. And if u came in the game to get paid with that dumb shit and sucseed I respect that also. But if u come in with that dumb shit to b concidered one of the greats and for the love of the music, can’t fuck with it! And the same for those that want to make real money off this shit but not do what needs to b done to make the money, I can’t respect that either cuz ur priorities r fucked up. It really boils down to the fans. Lol, I really think that the fans of the “smart” rappers r to smart themselves to buy the record when they can get it for free.

    • El Tico Loco

      like KRS said “I rather have one hundred thousand true heads by me/ than one million of your fake fanatics behind me” that’s so true.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good examples:

    The Educated Rapper was the worst one in UTFO.

    Most Wu fans pass over Gza & Masta Killa’s verses.

    Killa Priest will NEVER have a mainstream hit(ELIZABETH IS A GOOD ALBUM Y’ALL) or a major deal.

    Talib Kweli is still doing “new” artist stuff. The Jigga namedrop/co-sign earned him nada.

    Yet at the same time it’s a slap in the face to all of the college kids, working professionals, even geniuses out there who get overlooked by said artists who feel they have to “dumb it down” for revenue. These “nerds” are still part of the buying public.

    • Curtis75Black

      Damn $ykotic, what you said was so true !! It’s a shame that those examples was really on point and to be honest there are plenty more emcees out there who fit the same description. The problem with those you mentioned was there isn’t any charisma with any of them. Gza of today sounds like Gza from 36 Chambers. Sometimes peeps try to hard to “Keep it Real” they lose their audience even when peeps say they are still fans.

      • DV8

        “Most Wu fans pass over Gza & Masta Killa’s verses.”

        Nonsense Gza & MK are official. Now if you had said Cappadonna and U-God then that statement would have made sense.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I agree with you, but I hang out with uber Wu stans and we debate this topic on the regular.

  • epinz


    U a fool for that utfo line ngga!!!!! I say lmao really meanin it. I have to give u mad respect as a true hiphop fan for b’in able to use that as an example. Utfo is beyond my years and prolly urs and to be able to use them as an example and me to recognize it shows how much luv and respect we acually have for this shit. That prolly went over a lot of nggz heads.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ epinz

    Peace E! Best wishes to you & yours. If we want this music thing to thrive we gotta refresh dudes’ memories on this game. Too much history to forget, and we all know history repeats itself.

    @ the lurkers

    UTFO were actually dancers for WHODINI(Dr. Ice was Jalil’s brother). After UTFO blew up w/”ROXANNE”, JERMAINE DUPRI was their dancer b4 he found KRISS KROSS. The Educated Rapper was dismissed from UTFO because of his “alleged” snowboarding infactuation.

    WHODINI was a commercial group, & no offense, JALIL was horrible on the mic. Shouts to GRANDMASTER DEE, Williamsburg PJ’s Block 3 alumni, from Brooklyn.

    And I cannot forget FULL FORCE(House Party fame) were in those days super producers(i.e. Lisa Lisa). TEDDY RILEY took their thunder(HEAVY D, KOOL MOE DEE).

    @ C75B

    Like the Gza can do “Animal Planet” and kill it, but sound like soft beer doo-doo on Carlos Santana’s sons’ debut song.

    “It’s The Voice”-Gangstarr

    And Keithy B(Guru) gets a pass because of Premier. Jeru sounded WAAAAYYYY better on Preemo’s work…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      Keithy E(Guru)

      Good looking Grands!

  • Curtis75Black

    “It’s The Voice”-Gangstarr

    And Keithy B(Guru) gets a pass because of Premier. Jeru sounded WAAAAYYYY better on Preemo’s work…
    Honestly, I felt they complimented each other styles. With Premo’s Boom Bap style of production you were more inclined to actually listen to Guru’s Monotone voice with stories, messages and social commentary plus every emcee that had a chance to get on a premo track killed it !! I feel the fact the every emcee other than Guru was more braggadocio and “gangster” with their lyrics peeps are more into it.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “plus every emcee that had a chance to get on a premo track killed it !!”

      ^^ That “lost & found” appreciation of respecting a dude’s craft, instead of “riding the coat-tails” of one’s success, like how they do now. Like when No Limit had their run I don’t remember anyone “hating” on them. Most cats LIKED Mystikal. I don’t remember The Boot talking smack like the A does now, even though anyone who copped a Source mag then knew Cash Money was biting the Master P movement(thank the stars we got over that horrific photoshop era). Hell Baby even snatched a Jermaine Dupri page out of the book & hired inexperienced youngin’s to get $.

      If I’m correct, Snoop, LL, & Mya were the only ones who sought collabos with that team. And these were the Wu-Tang, Brand Nubian, Biggie & Pac, Outkast, Redman, early Jigga days.


      You got IT, but you don’t GET IT.

  • Curtis75Black

    ^^ That “lost & found” appreciation of respecting a dude’s craft, instead of “riding the coat-tails” of one’s success, like how they do now. Like when No Limit had their run I don’t remember anyone “hating” on them. Most cats LIKED Mystikal.
    Well the brothers were the only ones I couldn’t get into. Everyone else who repped No-Limit was pretty much skilled and had their own particular style. Don’t forget Naughty By Nature had a tight track with the Miller Boys (Silk and Master) with Mystikal – Live or Die, I believe.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Don’t forget Naughty By Nature had a tight track with the Miller Boys (Silk and Master) with Mystikal – Live or Die, I believe.”

      YESSIRR!!!!! I can’t remember everything…but these are the type of convos we need. Send these dudes back to the lab and study the rich history of Hip Hop. I didn’t support No Limit but I wasn’t naive to see they were etching their names in the scrolls.

      And don’t think I forgot you have a MASSIVE collection of music!!!

  • epinz

    @syk and curtis

    What’s crazy bout gang star is they created that mid 90s new york hip hop sound without either of them acually b’in from new york……and I know they started in the early 90s but it took a while for that preemo sound to kick in….

    Fuck that, we need to turn this c section into what nah right does. Just talk about whatever we choose to but with some kind of sence and appreciation for hip hop…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      If anything E you were the one who taught me these convos go on for days…start ‘em and we will end them.

      My emails tell me dudes(commenter’s/lurkers) enjoy these talks.

      “What’s crazy bout gang star is they created that mid 90s new york hip hop sound without either of them acually b’in from new york…”

      Most cats don’t even know Preemo wasn’t an original Gangstarr member…

  • epinz

    A perfect example of someone who dumbs it down for his albums that does more harm than good is jadakiss. He gets it but he would, imo, sell more and get even more recognition if he would just do his albums like his mixtapes. I would love for him to drop a jadakiss album and not a bigge jay z album(which is what he models his albums after). Saigon is another example of someone who completly sux at making dumb music but still tries anyways…..is it a good thing or bad thing to suck at makin dumb ass music? Double edged swored I guess…

    ” its a double edged swored,a catch 22/ ur damned if u don’t, ur damned if u do” malice

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      I’ll give a dumb down shout out to Ice Cube. When he went from his solo career, which honestly had run it’s course, to the whole ‘Westside Connect Gang (bing bing bang)’, I thought that was a horrible end to a great run. Dude went from wanting to kill Sam, to clubbin’. Relevance is one thing, but complete saturation, a blatant 180 degree turn from what got you to where you are is uber-counterproductive.

      • DV8

        Yes War & Peace had me scratching my head. It just didnt sound/feal right. Not after the Westside Connection album. I understood “We be clubbin” because he was doing the Players Club movie but I definetly was not diggin “Rhymes Like Weight” or his little cousin Short Khop. Good thing he got right with “Laugh Now, Cry Later”

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “is it a good thing or bad thing to suck at makin dumb ass music?”


    A fool can’t play a role as a wise man, but a wise man can play the role as a fool.

    The wise man’s credibility(intelligence) will be questioned if he cannot portray the fool’s role in a genuine manner.

    The fool never had credibility in the first place so you know it ain’t genuine.

  • epinz

    Honestly, what we doin in this c section right now is more hip hop than the majority of these rappers claimin to be hip hop. People think hip hop is just rap and dnt realize that there r more elements to this shit. I c that the majority of y’all commenting on here got sence for what good hip hop is and r true students of the game. Gotta apreciate that!!!!!!

    P.s….I luv 3 6 and bump gucci. If u can look at It for what it is u can apreciate it alil more. The problem is when people make that the alpha and omega of quality rap and push everything else to the side.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “If u can look at It for what it is u can apreciate it alil more. The problem is when people make that the alpha and omega of quality rap and push everything else to the side”

      ^^I agree with that, but that’s where the problem lies. That “middle” ground is so huge, with som much room for jackassery, that decent attempts get bunched in with clowns, idiots & buffoons. Dude’s who have no appreciation for the art, sounded by cats who take this culture for a joke or a get rich scheme. People from a distance can’t tell who is who.

      Then, with that, one has to be patient enough to wade through the muck & mire. Bottom line, you make a good point.

  • epinz

    Def feel where u comin from. And honestly, when it comes to this generation, its not just hip hop. Its everything man. Shits gettin worse and I feel like I gotta try extra hard with my kids to stop them from obsorbing all this dumb shit thess new nggz r doin. Just go on world star or all these things they do now that would never hsve been tolerated back in the day. I see how the ignorant shit that became popular back in the day is affectin everything now. U see how all the nggz who came up off the gold era kept the quality goin into what they did and I think that’s what’s happening now but with the dumb shit. Like they’ve taken the dumb shit to a new level of dumb shit.its crazy cuz they make me appreciate acts like no limit more and I hated them back in the day.

  • capcobra

    i feel like we need random old school songs/videos in the bangers section…i’m talking about artists from’75-’95 that had an impact but people overlook…and thru the comments we can celebrate and educate ourselves right here on xxl..why wait on vh-1?…and oh yeah..lupe is definitely the new grand pooh…i’m not sure if that’s good or bad thing tho’.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Or we put them bangers up ourselves. Utilize this dead time to get this moving…


      The dancers are UTFO minus T.E.R. and Jermaine is in this.


      The girl is nice.


      No one talks about the other 2 dudes.


      Dude always had it, it never translated into sales.


      These dudes had it poppin’.

  • Brooklyn

    lupe had a song on the “twilight” soundtrack? damn, that’s some shit. most of the time, when a rapper’s music suddenly changes it’s substance, it has a lot to do with the people around them than the artist themselves. i’m sure that nas wasn’t hype about wearing them shiny ass puffy harlem world suits while making the “street dreams” video, but those around him thought that it would cause his record to sell. there is a niche for intelligent rappers, but that niche doesn’t equate major sales. most of these niggas aren’t poor, they may even be known outside of the rap intelligentsia, but they aren’t on the same financial or popularity level with a jay-z or an eminem. even nas, who everyone knows, isn’t on the same financial or popularity level with those two.