Don’t Call Kanye

I’ve known about Kanye for a long time. Like way back going to 1996, maybe 1997. I used to work with Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, also known as the Madd Rapper. Back when D-Dot was producing hits heavy for Diddy and the Bad Boy camp. The Hitmen production team, as they were called, were untouchable. Deric had my office sign a young unknown Kanye to his production company, Crazy Cat Catalogue, just cause Mr. West was sick with it behind the boards. Years later, I sat down with Kanye. He was telling me about the heat he had produced for Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint album, back in 2001. He was also going nuts about how he was about to launch his rapping career. He was real amped and animated about it, but inside I was going “yeah right”, not cause he wasn’t talented, but because Kanye West wasn’t no rapper. Not in my mind. Then, not in anyone’s.

When dude’s first album “College Droput” dropped, the world jumped on his shit. I wasn’t buying into the hype though. Because he didn’t fit the rapper profile, I was still “yeah right”.  No doubt “Jesus Walks” was fires, and the rest of them singles was hot, but I just wasn’t recognizing. Ni@@a wore a back pack. He rocked mascot costumes on his album covers. He looked too collegiate to be placed next to any of my top ten rappers. Plus, he sounded corny, mid western accent interfering with the flow and the way he extra emphasized every other word and the third in his verses. He was awright, but nah B. Kanye wasn’t no rapper to me. I seen producer rappers before, they supposed to sound decent on they own beats. I boycotted “College Dropout” hard. The beats he produced for everybody else was crazy though.

The 2nd joint “Late Registration” dropped, and shit still sounded awright. That single with white dude from Maroon 5, and Ye’, up in the video all alone and running around Macy’s acting a fool, that was cool. The joint with playing him Evel Kneivel and with Pamela Anderson Lee, not so much. Plus the rumors of his ego began surfacing, him pitching all types of non man-like bitches at award shows, wearing little boys clothes, going out his way to let the world know how big he had made it and how he couldn’t wait to show the rest of us low browed peons how his toys and artwork was those of a high falutin artisté. How he was too eager to separate hisself from the common man, I seen that before too. Just another case of revenge of the nerds. Plain and simple, I still hated on Kanye.

“Graduation” was undeniable though. I copped immediately. As much as I had hated on Mr. West, I’m usually not a hater by nature, so I guess the hate flow ran dry. Still corny, showing more of his ass as the asshole he was/is, that CD stayed in the tape deck. Like I said before, rapping producers weren’t no kinds of special, Dr. Dre, Diamond D, Pete Rock, Jermaine Dupree, all of them weren’t no rappers but sounded decent because they produced their own beats. My bad, but the only rapper producer who could never sound decent on his own dope ass beats was my dude Ced Gee from Ultramagnetic MC’s fame. Ced Gee never had a rapping bone in his body. Boy did homie sound turrible. But yeah, “Graduation” was the order and the bag of chips. In a good way. Still a producer rapping on his own shit, but somehow dude went from sounding decent to effin great.

And right after I finally gave dude the benefit of the doubt, felt comfortable telling people in public that I effed with Kanye [||] and “Graduation”, ni@@a went ahead and dropped that emo rap album of a record that was “808 And Heartbreaks”. Some cats got soft and mushy for that piece, like Dallas Penn (who also rocked out to this year’s Kid Cudi joint), but you and I know what time it is. I’m not mad that ‘Ye made that album, just surprised that he and his label thought it was a good idea to sell it to the public, it was more of some shit from his personal stash than for public consumption. He was no doubt heart broke, I been there before. Dude also lost his damned mind. Album sounded like he was suicidal or something. Come on son!

After that wackness dropped, and he linked up with Amber’s shaved head and round ass, seems like dude went crazier, spazzing out on pure innocent snow white girls at award shows and such. You know you must be acting the fool when South Park dedicates an episode on your behalf and the President calls you a jack ass. Still, I don’t know if the big homie Hov sat the boy down and tole him to get back to spitting and what not, but god damn if Kanye ain’t get incredibly better as a rapper in 2009. Almost to the point where he’s murdering cats on they own joint. On the regular. “Run This Town”, “Kinda Like A Big Deal” “Forever”, Kanye West has become the beasting off the Reisling rapper for 2009. Even when paired up against the great white Eminem on “Forever”, I put my money on Ye’. So we talking Em, Jay, and possibly the Clipse (even though my dudes strongly disagree in my interview with them earlier this week. Soon come).

Like I said, Kanye is not my favorite rapper at all, but in 2009, dude showed the most improvement and arguably murdered everyone on they own shit. Maybe it’s because of how he lost his mind. Seems like the crazier a rapper becomes, the better he gets on the mic. I dunno, the jury is still out on Kanye, I gotta see what he drops on his next album, but if I was a rapper, and was looking for a cameo from someone to drop a mean sixteen, I might hold back from calling Kanye. Only because I’d hate to hear Nas, or whomever rap back on a diss song about how Ye’ murdered me on my own shit. Getting murked by the nerd with the peculiar looking friends could never be a good look.

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  • Enlightened

    Hold on homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, he sounded corny as hell, but don’t blame it on the Mid-west accent! (of course I’m from the Midwest)

    In all fairness though, we used to laugh at niggas NY accents. We thought that sounded corny. Of course as you pointed out in one of your other posts though, y’all probably never thought that because y’all got that “the world revolves around us and everybody think we cool” mentality.

    For the record though, I don’t call it hate, but I still never jumped on board (even being from the Midwest) and bumped dude. I still can’t get over the corniness and the actin like a bitch/throwin fits/pickin up his man purse and stormin out of radio stations (somebody please find that youtube clip).

    The post is pretty much on point, but I HIGHLY DISAGREE about “Forever.” I thought his verse was close to the worst. And him trying to use that new Drake/new nigga style of punchline (he didn’t even go to class/Bueller), that’s that bullshit to me.

    For the record, I never thought he was a bad rapper though. Just a corny, bitch ass nigga who I chose not to listen to.

    • Combat Jack

      No shots to the mid-west, just throwing that in as how he din’t sound like no rapper to my New York rapper ear sensibilities. Cool? Heh.

      • Enlightened

        Yeah, most definitely! That’s why I through that in about NY. We was laughin watchin movies like “Strapped.” It’s just funny how other people perception of the way you talk is.

        It’s like now that I live in the South, I had a lot of people say that when “Boyz N The Hood” came out, they was like “how the fuck them niggas supposed to be hard talkin like that?” They thought they talked “proper” because of that west coast accent.


      • capcobra

        that flow you say belong to drake is kanye’s…”that bald in the club..chemo”…that flow came from “the good life” feat t.pain…”is it because i’m seasoned haters be giving me salty looks…lawrys”.

        • yoprince

          yea he def borrowed his entire flow on that song from kanye.

          it’s funny how niggas get shit confused.

        • Detroit P

          Yea…why do niggas think Drake invented that flow?…others have definitely used it before him…even Young Jeezy has used that technique…niggas just be skimmin thru music and makin definitive statements and shit

        • El Tico Loco

          That style of punchlines is Sean Price’s all day. “Don’t make me pop ya/ your black eye blue bitch Frank Sinatra”, “Ya’ll niggaz trickin/David Blaine” all on Monkey Barz

        • Enlightened

          @ Detroit P

          I stand corrected. But I didn’t mean to say that Drake invented it. When I put Drake/new nigga style, I just knew I heard some of these young’uns using it.
          I just meant he was one of ‘em.

          But like I said, I don’t fuck with Kanye at all and…

          Tico Loco- good look on the Sean Price reference. I didn’t know that at all.

          In any event, I don’t like that style, but hey…it’s different.

  • Enlightened

    For the record, that nigga walkin around on the red carpet and in the award show with a fifth of Henn lookin like a fuckin clown was just as bad as, or worse than, the Taylor Swift part of the shit to me.

    That nigga ain’t been walkin around with Henn. Where was all them sweet, fruity, perfume lookin ass drinks that these niggas always rappin about?

  • MidWest Grindin

    Dude you buggin. First off, what’s corny about a midwest accent? We dont clown yall east coast niggas for all that dunn-dunn yo son peace god bullshit yall be talkin. Secondly, i respect your opinion, but i’m not hearing where Kanye murdered ANY ONE of the above tracks you mentioned. Yeah, his 16s were tight, but i think they were about equal to Hov’s on “Run This Town” (both talkin braggadacio bullshit) and to the Clipse on “Kinda Like a Big Deal”. And i dont know what version of “Forever” you been listening to, but Eminem murdered EVERYONE on that track. No one comes close. Take Em off that song and i will agree that Kanye murders everyone else. He’s honed his flow and cadence no doubt, but i dont think his lyrical content has progressed since College Dropout. That’s a classic.

  • DANJ!

    Can’t be mad at that… Kanye def. had to grow on me, but I was pretty much sold by ‘College Dropout’. He’s def. a different case from most (or at least used to be) but he was a definite standout from everything that was goin’ on, and it was good to see that an artist like that could make headway in the industry. Of course a Roc-A-Fella co-sign didn’t hurt (it still meant a lot back then), but it was all he needed… it’s like he wore a backpack but wasn’t backpacky, and then he had a chain but he wasn’t the average rap nigga with a chain. I’ve def. been a Kanye fan for the better part of the last 6 years, even tho’ he is pretty much a jackass.


  • DANJ!

    …and a weirdo, hence that picture.


  • http://-- gaddic

    Kanye is just unbeleivable
    The guy is funny beyond measure
    His music is incredible and i can’t take that from him
    But on the real he acts like a 5 year-old with all them tantrums and dresses like a fag
    despite that I still like dude’s music
    Rap needs his bullshit to spice things up
    Drama and change makes rap interesting and that’s what ye provides

    • Combat Jack

      ^ Co-sign!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      @ gaddic


      That fruit roll-up flick above says it all…

  • caino

    The dude, has gotten betta with his Mic skillz, but l still struggle to listen to a full album by him.

    After all his tomfollery this year tho, he needs to take a rabbit out his hat for next year, or maybe go back to just doing beats for a year!!

    Oh and his accent neva bothered me


    I dont know maybe its just me but the way kanye has been rappin lately is how hes ALWAYS been rappin. I dont see the change. Listen to the 1st roc a fella song he spit on-”champions” back in 02. He wouldve had the best verse on there if twista wasnt on the song lol (now thats 1 dude that makes it hard for rappers). And that was before kanye’s debut. Hes not the best mc but hes always held his own.

  • ladidadida

    everything he makes is so unique thats why its hard to compare but sry i dnt like new kanye i appreciated the originality at first. the whole good music crew when common dropped be and ye had late registration and john legend was out. That was it for me

  • Professor Lucas Junot

    Dallas Penn + “808s”


    CJ + “Til The Casket Drops”

    I can appreciate both of ya’ll riding hard (ll) for your passions but neither record album all that, the generic Clipse in particular (murdered by Ye and Cam); at least Kanye has heart, however questionable its expression at times.

    Q: how old are the Clipse now they have no characters, or insight into their characters?

    Ya’ll know, the kind of thing Biggie had when he was 20-21?

    And Raekwon and Ghost a little later?



  • Machink

    yeah… u were late. LOL

    Im from BK. Ye has been a good MC for years. I understand your prejudices. they got in the way of ur ear tho, IMO. A lot of ppl still let their feelings abt the man get in the way of their opinions of him as an emcee.

  • Brahsef

    You fucked with Graduation but not Late Registration or College Dropout? I’ve always been more of a production than lyrics person, but those albums are the nicest. I still think Graduation is his worst album.

    I personally never look for Kanye on features. I look for him producin on a track and his album cuts.

    “He looked too collegiate to be placed next to any of my top ten rappers.” – Word?

    • latino heat

      cosign Brahsef to the fullest.

      i agree that Graduation was the worst album out of the first 3 though. cause i don’t even acknowledge 808′s as a album. to me Kanye has 3 albums.

      and for the record Em killed Forever. i’m not sure if you guys have heard Forever in the club or heard dj’s mix it on the radio but the only verses they play are Drake’s and Em’s.

      • Jake Steed

        co-sign on em killin forever. drake was not bad on it and ye was eh. wayne was terrible

        but kanye did murk jeezy and jay on their own tracks and outshined the clipse

      • chillin mayne

        “i dont even acknowledge 808′s as a album” really…so its a book?..just cuz u didnt like it does not mean its not an album, cmon son

  • jonny bizness

    i’ve been telling my friends 4 a while that kayne is the dopest rapper out there which top tier mc has better first three albums ?I gotta feeling his next joint will b out of this world and cement his name in the top 5 doa

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Cryin ass Kanye…….what a dickhead?? Nice wit da production skills though. Oh yeah, and fuck Jaquan Smithers!!!

  • these posts are racist


    First off, “corney midwestern accent”! Son, WE ARE IN CHICAGO! We do not talk like the rest of the midwest. Have u heard them cats in MN or upnorth Wisconsin??? or even southern IL? Come on, Joe. (see, “Joe” is our response to your “son”.)

    I highly disagree. ‘Ye was killin the mic with his freestyles pre-Dropout. And Dropout was a classic. His style was new, different and fresh. Kanye’s music was revolutionary to hip hop. He made it cool again…to be non-crack dealer…and the shit was hot and inspiring.

    He’s not perfect and his extra-music antics annoy me but the music is ill. Go back and listen to his verse on the Dropout joint with Common and Taleb…”throw your muther*** hands! and if you losin’ your high then smoke again…” Tell me his verse doesn’t murder anyone else’s in 2004.

    • these posts are racist

      And P.S.,

      I met Amber Rose in SoHo, NYC three weeks ago. She had some tights on and her booty was not round…it was big/roundish and full of cellulite or however u spell it.

    • Enlightened

      Hold on home don’t say nothin about….

      oh ok, you said “upnorth Wisconsin.” That’s different from SE Wisconsin…meaning Racine.

      No doubt, we got a lot of our style and influence from the Chi though. We always felt more a part of IL than WI. But Chicago niggas did always have had they own completely different dialect.

      I always saw the Memphis influence in it and had my theories about the old “Great Migration” shit.

      • these posts are racist


        No disrespect to SE Wisco! Racine is grimey…Milwaukee aint no joke either.

        Respect homey.

        • Lowedwn

          Sorry, but Common killed “Get’Em High”. Each verse got better and Common just murdered it at the end. Plus, interestingly enough that was like the re-birth of Common lyrically just like ‘Ye at the beginning of this year. Just my opinion though, fire song regardless.

          Dropout > Graduation > Late Registration

        • these posts are racist

          I disagree…Common came wack. It was failed attempt to be lyrical. Kanye killed that flow man. Re-listen to it.

        • Oneofthemyo’s

          Nigga u re-listen to it, the world knows common killed that shit r u crazy?

          this nigga….

        • these posts are racist

          I did…I love the old Common but he fell off and that song was a failed attempt at lyrical smashing…Kanye’s verse was ill. The content, delivery and energy was like ‘Pac, TI and Jay in one. Talib killed his verse too but Common did not come correct…

  • yoprince

    co-sign CJ

    Ye got much nicer this year. he murdered jay and the clipse on their own shit. and he bodied that beyonce joint, idk, maybe that was last year.

    i thought he had the weakest verse on forever tho.

    i didn’t like any kanye shit until 808s&Heartbreaks. Well, let me clarify, I liked some of his singles, but I didn’t appreciate the homie lyrically. and i was always thinking, “damn, so-and-so woulda murdered that beat.”

    808s & Heartbreaks is fire tho.

    i’m thinking about taking another bong hit and going to see fantastic mr. fox. who’s down? let’s get burritos first.

  • capcobra

    kanye murdered jeezy too…cause once kanye got them adlibs for “can’t tell me nothing” it’s like jeezy just can’t heat back up…he even called kanye to be on that “put on for my city” and kanye bodied him again…3 classic albums..a work of art..and countless unforgettable moments…kanye always gonna be that dude…too much talent.

    • yoprince

      nah jeezy spazzed on the second verse of ‘put on’…

      with the whole ‘weave look like some curly fries’ ‘blowin on asparagus’ ‘broccoli, glock with me’… he went in.

      kanye came on forgetting that he was supposed to floss on the track, and choosing instead to rap about being lonely and whatnot. it was cool, but nah, he ain’t body nothin.

  • Tony Grands

    Character flaws aside, dude has his place in Hip Hop, rightfully so. As far as rapping producers, he’s one of the best. Lyrically, I think he’s @ his best when he’s trying to tell you something (‘Jesus Walks’, ‘Drive Slow’), as opposed to just being rappity, like on ‘Forever’. @ some point, Ye’s said something to make a nigga chuckle or nod their head. With the garbage crap music flooding the street, that speaks volumes.

    He definitely possesses the ability to murder dudes on home turf, but like CJ said, we’ll see next album.

    • DetroitDraper

      Ye’ does have some nice bars but I really think those random bs rappers he keep around like CONS ghostwrites his shit…idk its real suspect to me.


  • OG Matt Herbz

    Most improved? I don’t know… He was already a damn decent rapper. Late Registration is my favorite of his’ albums and I like that he doesn’t fit in to the stereotype as far as what we think rappers should act and dress like. But that’s not saying I’m giving him a pass for acting like a bitch. You don’t have to be the hardest muthafucka in the room, but when time and time you prove you have the emotional stability of a spoiled brat little girl, you begin to appeal to even the lesser of men.

    No doubt he came hard on Run This Town and Kinda Like A Big Deal, but his train of thought seems to wander off in the middle of his bars. It makes you wonder where the fuck he’s going with his shit. Neither verse stayed on topic–based on the chorus.

    We should probably come up with different terminology as far as Kanye outdoing rappers on their own shit. He ain’t murdering nobody…slapping or talking out the side of his neck, perhaps. Maybe we could call it PMS’ing on the beat or having a precise estrogen flow or something. Kanye ain’t cold enough to be a murderer.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Chilly Willy

      Co-sign Matt.

      I personally think that Ye is still evolving as a rapper, but his best work for me is Late Registration. It’s the more balanced, the more natural he sounds. On Graduation, I liked it but most of those beats weren’t his, it sounded different but not as good as Late Registration, IMO.

      Sometimes now, shit’s hot but sound like he tries too much. I won’t go with the PMS theory, though it’s hilarious. But could it be that Ye is another Bussa ? Decent on his own work, but a beast on people’s shit. ‘Cause lately, when he killed shit, he was invited on the track. His verse on Haters ain’t all that though. (but the same flow as in Good Life that Drake put forth in Forever, which sounded decent).

  • Dallas

    I promise you that 808s will be critically hailed as a futuristic classic in less than 10 yrs

  • P. Harris

    College Dropout was Kanye’s best album…

    Although all his albums have been tight (minus 808′s, that shit don’t count)

    It’s been a decline since… Lyrically, I think college dropout was the shit… he’s has improved lyrically with each album, but still the beats and rhymes on college dropout were dope…

    classic album…

  • This is 50

    Dear Readers,

    Kanye sucks. I’m better than him. He raps like a robot. He’s a nerd, and he’s probably gay. Mohawks and tight jeans?? I would’ve knocked his ass out if he ran up on me on stage.

    Before I Self Destruct in stores now!!

  • Willy

    I gotta say you pretty much put down exactly how I feel (and have felt) about ‘Ye. i was a hater in the beginning… loved his beats that he did for other people, but thought him and his broke-ass jaw had no real business being on the mic… then graduation flipped it. i mean, that’s a great album. hands down. listened to that waking up everyday for months.

    And dallas may be right… 808s might be hailed in 10 years as a futuristic classic… it certainly opened the door for a lot more indie rock / rap crossover, and there’s a lot of potential there for dope music (even if u don’t feel cudi). but to me, it just didn’t cut it. and not just cuz it wasn’t hard [||]

    This cat is obviously an artist worth watching, because doing you is a prerequisite for being a true original, and can’t no one take that from ‘ye. he does him. and let’s hope that 2010 is more of him making good music, and less being a public figure / artist

  • oskamadison

    Am I the ONLY cat who thinks that ‘Ye didn’t really body Hov on “Run This Town”? Even though ‘Ye clearly had areas of opportunity on “Dropout”, I respected him as rapper. I looked at him more as an MC after “Graduation”. Most improved MC of this year, however, I would give to Fabolous, believe it or not. I’m listened to Loso’s Way for the first time today and was shocked. Dude is actually putting more thought in his bars and evolving into something more than the one-dimensional mixtape dude he’s always been.
    By the way, Jack, “Critical Beatdown” is, to this day, one of my top 5 favorite albums of all-time. Back in the day, before I knew any better, for some reason I used to like Ced better than Kool Keith. Go figure.

    • Shawty J

      At one point I did think Ye bodied Hov on Run This Town, but after listening to the song several times I realize this wasn’t the case. In actuality, Jay-Z doing two short verses causes him to get drowned out by all of Rihanna’s wailing, while Kanye’s much longer verse caused him to stand out more.

      I can’t agree with you about Fabolous, unfortunately. I agree he has shown more range in subject matter, but as far as lyrical content he’s getting more redundant.

  • Curtis75Black

    I always seen Kanye as more a concept artist than a Emcee artist. He continues to have themes with his cd’s and his flow on features happens to remain the same !! It’s almost like all you’ll be hearing is different lyrics but you know when the emphasis on words are going to be placed within the verse. I would like to ask all of y’all a question though since CJ thinks he will kill our favorites: How do you think Kanye would’ve measured in a “Scenerio” type track, “Symphony”, “4,3,2,1″ or “Protect your Neck” ? One thing I always needed from a emcee was a No- holds Barred Track, where he goes all out and let niggas know how he gets down !! I haven’t heard one from Kanye yet !! I would like to know would he be able to rep with Slaughterhouse if the opportunity was given. Him being from the Mid-West nevermeant shit to me because alot of my favorites came from there – no need to name names either.

    • capcobra

      kanye could’ve got the bronze on “the symphony” just off the punchlines alone…he wouldn’tve survived that scenario remix tho’…he’s not animated enough and he don’t give off the proper energy to be on that remix..he might’ve sound good on the original tho’..he definitely would’ve had a better verse than master p on that 4321 remix..and he probably would’ve tried to remix protect ya neck before even he thought about rapping on it…that dude crazy not stupid….remember the kool moe dee report card?

      • Curtis75Black

        I brought the Book !! I agree with him having a better verse than Percy. Shit, Romeo would have a better one !! I would love to hear Kanye on a “John Blaze” posse cut – 5 different individuals with 5 different styles killing a track. Not on the same “A-alike ” tracks with Common, Mos, Kweli and possibly Black Though, not challenging eachother’s mental. What I loved about the Common and Canibus duet was the fact that neither could slack – They had to bring it !! Peep the Erick Sermon posse cut with Uncle L and Scarface and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Nas Lost

    The Clipse are vapid, Kanye wins.

    I’ll certainly read CJ’s interview with dudes and see if there’s something I’m missing but I do not care, at all, about these guys label problems, or their “criticial reception.”

    I want stories, wordplay, darkness, humor, even a sense of “truth” (real or fake), not this glossy trash. Did these 30+ “kids” learn anything from listening to Scarface the rapper? Apparently not.

  • El Tico Loco

    Ye’s got hits, but as far producer/mc’s w/o ghostwriters based on technique alone(don’t gimme the sales talk)Doom’s that nigga especially when it comes to spittin over his own beats, but since he was a rapper turned producer I guess I’ll have to throw Mannie Fresh in there too.

  • Mr. North

    Late Registration was Kanye’s best album. He’ll never make a better album than that.

    The Mid-west is home of all the originators of this Pop music startin from jazz. NY got some talent. LA dont. Everybody moved there from the midwest to make it happen. But most all the significant people in music or entertainment came from the Mid-West period. Recognize.

  • http://J-Mace, Shawty J

    Is Kanye the most improved? I can’t call it. To me it still feels like he’s getting back in his zone after 808s & Heartbreak. His guest appearances have been pretty good, but they’re a lot less focused, and that doesn’t feel like an improvement to me. Until he puts out another album, I don’t really think I’ll be able to fully comment on whether he’s improved or not.

  • ThingAlec

    Kanye is a talented guy. But he’s still a douchebag.

  • Cal

    In all honesty run this town was a huge let down and Hov’s mickey mouse verse only made Ye’s look good in comparison despite the fact that his verse was also garbage to me.

    My take on Forever is that the most forgetable lines were spit by Ye and weezy. I mean people are fucking cutting down the song to Em’s and Drake’s verses only, in some places. Kanye is brilliant at what he does but in the pantheon of mc’s, lyricists etc he couldn’t hold a candle even if it was doused in gasoline lets just be clear about that.

    And I saw what you did there with that “great white Eminem” line. I know you have no love for dude after that whole Mariah debacle but dont let it cloud your judgement about Kanye actualy keep up pace with him on Forever.

    Stan out!

    • oskamadison

      Everything real, “Forever” is, hands down, the most overrated joint this year. I’ve heard better verses from all four of them and the only reason Em stood out was because his flow wasn’t stuck on Forrest Gump like the other three. I’d rather listen to “So Far Gone”.

  • El Tico Loco

    Kanye’s the Dr. Dre of douchebag rap.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck Kanye…….Time magazine just recognized Raekwon for that masterpiece of an album. WuTang Forever Bitches!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avenger XL

    Kanye had to grow on me too. Then I realized he isn’t ever going to be the illest emcee but i.e. he is one of the greatest rapper producers. He knows how to put a song together. Some of the illest rappers couldn’t do a song to save their lives but they could kill you with punchlines,metaphors and simalies. Kanye comes in with a vision and gives you the whole picture. Yeah his cadance is still Corny but that is a part of his character. He is a former college kid who droped out to do this shit, so he is keeping it real. Unlike some guys are out here claiming to move major weight when they hardly moved a nickel.

    Also yes Kanye is a douche bag but most celebs are there is something about that drive to success that can turn almost anyone into the guy you would love to punch in the face. That is why you need to keep more than whores and yesmen around to keep you grounded.

    But Jack the whole midwest voice thing is corny was lame but hey what should I expect. When are folks gonna stop region hating and like I said the dudes cadance was corny and still is because his timing isn’t flawless and his voice is wimpy but he has made that a part of his character. Hell Em turned his screechy white boy cadance to a signature brand but of course he has flawless delivery,cadance and wordplay to back it up.

  • D. $cience

    After reading the comments, I actually agree with everybody.

    First off, Graduation isn’t Kanye’s worst album. What I really dug about Kanye was never his rapping ability, but his ability to put together a cohesive album. I think that comes with being a good producer. Plus, I think College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation are equally enjoyable, I guess because of how it’s like a well-put together trilogy of dope Hip Hop without sounding the same. (Oh, and for the record, 808′s and Heartbreak don’t count for me)

    Second, I took the time to listen to all the tracks Kanye was featured on in 2009, and I don’t see where people say he “murdered” this person or that person. I will say that Kanye improved to be a rapper to hold his own. Remember the criticism he got pre-Graduation that every emcee he had a feature on killed him on his own tracks (i.e. Lupe Fiasco “Touch The Sky”, Nas “We Major”, Common “Get ‘Em High”)? I don’t think that’s no longer an issue for him, but he still can’t “murk” someone on their own sh** yet. Kanye needs one more “rapping” album to prove himself.

    And last, Kanye have a place in Hip Hop. He’s not the traditional emcee, but I think Kanye will be remembered for delivering masterful concept albums in Prince Paul type fashion (The skits Kanye’s previous albums were dope). I just hope there will be a time when Kanye breaks out more traditional emcees with his production backing them up, because I’m not really feeling him co-signing Kid Cudi and Big Sean.

  • newyawka631

    lol,New Yawk accent is corny???????
    The birdman/weezy album had what accent???Lil Wayne raps with what style???What accent, has niggaz on the block hustling or at da store sizing u up and hear that accent and then start having 2nd thoughts??Ya manz brings you around his female peeps and they wanna fuck you,just because ya accent is getting them wet,hmmmmmmm.

    If you guessed N.Y. give ya self a pat on the back.We think the world revolves around N.Y,because it kinda does.Think for a minute,when people came to this country,a large percentage came through NY.We have the most media coverage.Half of the hollywood blockbusters are showing the NYC skyline.Go to your supermarket,see all that NY style this and NY style that.Washington DC is the official capital of the USA,but outside of the US,it might as well be NYC.Also the birthplace of hip-hop.Some of the most famous people came from hea….Jordan,Tyson,Biggie,Tupac,i could go on and on.The Yankees 25 Championships in 100 years(1900-2000).All u niggaz on hea,if u don’t live hea,know someone from hea.My alias for NY be “da motherland”…

    For some reason some Southerns hate the North,because they lost the Civil War…I see those Confederate flags…Wheres da Union flag at???And for some of u southern niggaz,i know Mexicans who have a better grasp of the English language,not all of ya though….

    Whatta u cats think….Don’t make me start bloggin,i’ll have u niggaz boosting da unemployment rate………word uppppppp


    all i have to say how do we know he is not sneaking in them versus. now here me out what if the other people are done already and they just sending him the song telling him to fill his spot. he ask to hear what everyone else did already he hears laughs in his head. thinks in his head i am fuck these niggas versus no fishsticks. like what tip did with swagger like us he changed his verse on that joint. he made sure he killed everyone else on that song 3 times over.

    • BIGNAT

      the caption for that pic should be “male rape is a reality”

  • btb

    I don’t think people really recognize how much Late Registration changed the game. It’s the only album of Kanye’s I like as an album, true, but there’s more to it than that.

    The fact is that Late Registration brought the music back to the forefront. You can have the best lyrics, hooks, and production, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cohesive, coherent artistic vision. Late Registration was genre-blending at its best, and the rap community took note, even if nobody wanted to admit it.

    I would venture to say that Lil Wayne would not be able to do whatever it is he’s doing now without Late Registration, just like I think there would be no Kanye without RZA, for example.

    Late Registration was one of those classics that won’t be recognized as classic for at least ten years. People will be coming back to it for a long time.

  • GO-Getta’

    Ye is 1 of the most improved emceess this decade.

    From College Dropout – Graduation u can c improvements in delivery,flow,lyrics,swagger, production,content etc.

    Only 808′s got flushed down the toilet,that’s not my sh*t.

  • Golden

    2 things…

    1) how does a CD fit in a tape deck?!

    “Still corny, showing more of his ass as the asshole he was/is, that CD stayed in the tape deck.”

    2) why b/c something is different than the mainstream is it considered whack, g*y, or anything other than CREATIVE?!

    …let’s NOT forget that HIP-HOP was different than the mainstream once – and practically still is…808′s & Heartbreak was genious…no other rapper in history could’ve pulled that off…respect that man!

  • Young History in the Making

    he went in off khaled’s “go hard” tho..

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