Atheist state of mind

You know I don’t normally do this, but… props to Jay-Z for dissing Jesus.

For the past few weeks now, mouth breathers have been up in arms over a line in “Empire State of Mind” where he says, “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.” I think I saw a post on it on Sandra Rose a few weeks ago, but I didn’t bother to have a look, because it seemed like a non-issue. Sandra Rose has a vendetta against Beyonce, probably because Beyonce is light skinted and has such a full, luxuriant head of hair – even though I’d be willing to bet that, underneath all that weave, Beyonce’s real hair is just as pathetic as some of the girls I used to work with at Hardees. Sandra Rose probably has more in common with Beyonce than she thinks. Otherwise, why haven’t we seen Beyonce rocking a more natural look at least once? You guys know my theory on weaves, as put forth in my post on Chris Rock’s Good Hair, a few weeks ago: Even the very best one possible still looks kinda fake and retarded. Beyonce might actually have the very best weave possible. I know part of Good Hair (which I of course didn’t bother to see) had to do with just how much some black women spend on fake hair. I wonder how much Beyonce spends. I wonder if Jay-Z even knows. If the two of us ever meet, maybe I could ply him with a bottle of Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir, the good stuff (the day before Thanksgiving, I found a bottle on sale for $9, down from $15), and find out how the cost of Beyonce’s fake hair compares to the price of my house in a shanty town, as declared by Peter Rosenberg.

If I had a stronger connection to people who still go to church, perhaps I would have realized that the outrage re: Jay-Z dissing Jesus would only continue to spread. I’ve been to church on a number of occasions, but they were all a long, long time ago. Not counting funerals and shit, the last time I went may have been Easter Sunday 1992. When I was a kid, my grandfather was the pastor of a church. My father actually grew up in a church. Literally. Like, in a store front church/apartment. As an adult, he avoided going to church at all costs, which makes me wonder just how awful that must have been. In my experience, it was more sad than anything else. This was the late ’80s and early ’90s. The crack era. Back in those days, the only people who went to church were senior citizens, down low teh ghey guys, and single mothers with their umpteen bastard children. Every now and again a crackhead would wander in off of the street and fall asleep in a back pew. No, really. But you never saw anyone who looked like they might have anything going on with their lives at church. Is it any wonder I never bought into the whole Jesus thing? Even if I never developed the intellectual ability to read up on how religion is some ol’ bullshit, that may have been the case.

Just now, I stumbled upon a video of some poor kid going in on Jay-Z for “Empire State of Mind.” I only watched about a minute and a half of the roughly 10 minute-long video, but it looks like the gist of this kid’s case is that Jay-Z had the sheer balls to say that Jesus can’t save people, but if you look right here in the Bible, it says Jesus is our lord and savior, and if you don’t accept him as such, you’ll burn in a lake of fire for all of eternity. We won’t see you again until the 4th of July. The sad thing about this video is, you can tell this kid is a hardened Jay-Z stan, who’s genuinely butthurt over the fact that Jay-Z is probably an atheist. (Again with the borrowing my “swag.”) He’s got on a smedium button down shirt, which he almost certainly refers to as a “button up,” and a baseball cap. The latter is turned sideways, so it’s hard to tell, but it’s probably a Yankees cap, even though, based on his grating accent, he’s probably from California. He’s definitely not from New York. #youmighthaveaidsif you’re not from New York, but you wear a Yankees cap.

“Empire State of Mind” is currently the number one song in the country. Jay-Z has had more #1 albums than the Beatles and Elvis combined, if not Buhweet, but this is his first time alone (albeit with Alicia Keys) atop the Billboard Hot 100. The other times he hit the number one spot were R&B songs where he just spit a verse, like “Umbarella.” The other one may have been “Crazy in Love,” but don’t start me to lying. I’m like Miley Cyrus – I don’t listen to pop music. Also, I’m a big fan of pole dancing. Anyway, maybe the popularity of “Empire State of Mind” will lead Jay-Z to have to address this issue. He’s already performed the song at a 9/11 tribute concert, a Yankees World Series game, and the American Music Awards. Remember the minor stink over the line about how he made the Yankees fitted more popular than the Yankees themselves could? Remember when he donated some money to the police, so they wouldn’t bitch about him hijacking the anniversary of 9/11. People who believe in Jesus love to write angry letters. Look at all of those people who wrote angry letters to ABC, just because Adam Lambert feigned fellatio with another guy, onstage at the AMAs. (No homo.) Imagine if they’d realized Jay-Z was singing a dis song to Jesus. If only rap lyrics weren’t so hard to understand.

If Jay-Z had any balls, he’d preempt such a controversy by announcing that yes, he is an atheist, and what he meant by that line in “Empire State of Mind” is that going to church is a waste of time, because there is no such thing as Jesus (there wasn’t even an historical Jesus), so obviously he can’t save you. H wouldn’t be alone in his belief, so to speak. An article in the Times the other day about atheist groups’ hilarious anti-Christmas marketing campaigns reported that, in some poll, 15% of Americans listed themselves as not having any religion, up from less than half that 20 years ago. And as Christopher Hitchens broke down in God Is Not Great, the real number is probably way higher, since people feel social pressure to pretend as if they believe in God. I’ve long suspected that most black Christians don’t really believe in that shit. For example, there’s that old black saying that, when you pray to god, move your feet. Then there was that public debate Al Sharpton did with the aforementioned Chris Hitchens, in which he all but admitted that he doesn’t actually believe in God, that’s just part of his shtick. He probably thinks it’s good for the black community, but it’s not. It’s just one more aspect of slavery we need to drop like a bad habit. And Jay-Z might be just the guy to spearhead this movement. You see what he’s done for black male fashion.

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    Damn you went in.kudos


    Damn you went in.kudos and
    I’m a moslem

  • BossGame

    Nah! Can’t ride with you on this one Bol.

  • Tony Grands

    I didn’t take it as a Jesus dis, but I can see how a Jesus freak would. I think he was trying to prove a valid point; don’t rely on Jesus to save you. Save yourself first. I tell my son this anecdote of a man who walked off of a building, because he said God would save him. He hits the ground & dies, meets God & asked “why didn’t you save me?. God says, “I’ll save you when you need me, but that was stupid.”.

    My grandfather was a bishop with his own church. I spent the first 12 years of my life in that place. Ugh. I remember the homeless, alcoholic drug addicts on the back row. & the single mothers were all my cousins, so I know how dreary it can be. But church has nothing tangible to do with God or Jesus. The belief’s change depending on who’s running the show.

    So, yeah.

    • valdez

      ^^nah grands, u dead wrong man. i aint a “jesus freak” as u called it, but this is flat out a direct shot at Christ. hence the line “…Jesus can’t save u…” there is no other reason to say it.

      also, those of us who actually pay attention and look at things beyond just face value (no shot at u grands)knows that “Hov” (SMMFH) is a follower of Aleister Crowley. those of u who don’t know who Crowley is should google him, then come back to this debate.

      • Tony Grands


        Nah, I ain’t taking it as a shot, juice. I know you a smart dude voicing your opinion.

        But, when I say “Jesus Freak”, I mean the people incapable of accepting another person’s belief. The kind of folks that shove THEIR belief system down another’s throat, usually condemning & judging them in the process (something Jesus would never do). So that wasn’t a shot @ believers in Christ, because I’m one, but @ those who can’t fathom the reality of people not agreeing on anything religion-based.

        I won’t get too deep into it, because I know we all have different vantage points & opinions of what the “truth” is, but I don’t go to church. I study the bible a couple times a week, however. Aleister Crowley is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s idolatry, divinism, spiritism, a long list of non-living attributes before blame can go to Crowley or even JiggaMan himself. In that case, as long as we pray to statues & crucifixes & pictures, we all are lost. But, that has nothing to do with what someone else believes. It’s all on the person @ the end of the day. You believe or you don’t.

        @All Dae

        It’s called “The industry part 34″.

        • valdez

          i got u, grands, ur absolutely right. it’s way deepr than crowley. but so many ppl worship idols and so forth that, at this point, they either don’t see anything wrong with it or don’t realize they themselves are doing it.

          i just threw crowley in there because even a damn fool can see that anyone who is a follower of crowley is obviousley a satan worshipper, period.

      • valdez

        also, gay-z will never just come out and blantantly say there is no Christ for a few reasons. for one, that ain’t his style. he likes to say things subliminally, which again, to anyone paying attention is blatant enough. for 2, his masters wouldn’t like if he said it outright because it would cause too much of a ruckus and they are making way too much money off him, especially with his clean image.

        if we all know one thing, it’s that carter loves money. he will not jeopardize his business. those of us that know anything know he has been ALLOWED to reach this status because he has follows orders to a tee. he knows his boundaries.


      I agree with you 100,Mr.Grands.I think people are looking for a little drama and also i find it kinda funny that nobody has noticed that line until recently even though the song is played almost day in and day out since album came out.

    • http://facebook Terrance weathersby

      yeah…..u have a valid point..!!!amen

  • Lawrence of Flatbush

    Funny Jay is jocking ** Prodigy ** now, somebody up the uncensored version of “Pearly Gates”?

    No use for Jay Z dl or Beyonce’s wigs but Bol, you know that Jehovah’s witnesses world HQ is in Brooklyn, right?

    The one thing I ** like ** about Jay is that he had the balls to go for the J-Hova schtick, which would piss off more people (including Prince!) if they knew about it.

  • sealsaa

    I wonder Bol, in contrast to Combat Jack’s Tupac post, how many hate post you’ll recieve for “dissing Jesus”, as it were. It’ll be an interesting(not to mention hilarious)social experiment to see if people hold Tupac in higher regards than Jesus.

    Just came from ThisIs50, and they’ve posted Sandra Rose’s speculation about the nature of Jay-Z’s relationship with Alicia Keys. That nigga 50 must really be hurting for sales…

  • John Galt

    Yup, pretty much a non-story. Slow day over there.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    That line could be interpreted that while your are in church, your life is on pause. (Hopefully) No one is gunning for you, the baby mama drams gets shut out, cell phone is off, blah blah…but as soon as you hit the street after the service, you’re back in the mix. That’s how I interpret it…I don’t care who, if anyone, Jay-Z thanks for his success. If he felt he did it alone, then good on him.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • John Cochran


  • NotoriousAGC

    only WEAK people blame god for their mistakes..and i would expect YOU to be atheist what with being a 46 year-old virgin blogger and all…tryna get shakurs ass thru a blog you KNOW she aint read lmao.ha

  • ceasar paciotti

    truly are the last days we are living in. wake up sheeple don’t fall for the okey doke..and bol I guess you can be characterized as one of those smart dumb people…on one hand you believe in the illuminati, yet you don’t believe in Jesus Christ? who do you think the illuminati serve hence the name (enlightened ones, or those of the light) they serve lucifer aka the light bearer aka in essence you are saying you believe in the devil but not The Lord…smh.. and if you would open that bible which you proclaim disdain for, everything that is going on in our world in terms of the new world order and the illuminati is revealed within it..yes that so-called meaninless book written hundreds of years ago..many things are broken down from slavery, to these demons in the hip hop and music industry, to the natural disasters etc. which are merely indicators of the fact we live in the last days..too much to delve into on an xxl mag website where these juvenile-minded constituents will come at me at a base level in order to discredit me. the answers are there, most people are to conditioned by this illuminati-controlled socirty where you have been conditioned by the history, traditions, social spheres and methods of thought they have indoctrinated you with since birth. the devil is the ruler of this world, the Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer, you must come out of this world because it is destined for destruction and all is vanity. that is why you will never have peace no matter how much money, or fame, or bitches, or success you acquire. your soul’s true aspiration is to be united with its creator…now let the hate and discrediting

    • valdez

      damn, good to see there are some ppl who aren’t blind. this is the 1st intelligent comment i’ve seen in this post. props man, i cosign everything u just said.

    • Odom

      thanks for that man. God bless you

  • eddiesixes

    This might sound farfetched, but my boy went to Washington state university where at one point solange knowles happened to be in the area since her baby daddy went to the idaho university about 5 miles from the wsu campus…anyways my homeboy’s roommate at the time was a white dude with long, well maintained, female like hair, which was noticed by said sister of beyonce and offered him to cut it off and sell it to her for a large sum of money…and the proud hippy motherfucker didn’t do it! i almost drove my ass from seattle just to slap some since in this fool out of principal alone, unless i’m mistaken, hair grows back…

  • sealsaa

    “only WEAK people blame god for their mistakes”

    “truly are the last days we are living in.”

    That’s two so far…

  • bollocks


    Oh shit Bol, you’s a fool for starting your post with “props to Jay-Z for dissing Jesus.” From that point on I knew this shit was gonna be good.

    Then you drop this gem:
    “I’m like Miley Cyrus – I don’t listen to pop music. Also, I’m a big fan of pole dancing.”

    Not an incredibly interesting topic (you either believe or you don’t believe, all these haters who are gonna try to convert you and the atheists who try to piss them off are wasting their time), but an great drop nonetheless.

  • Moving Sideways

    I never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti.

    That just about sums that up.

    • valdez

      ^^what u did there, i see it. nice!

  • deskreet

    they call me j-hova cuz the flow is religious

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I can’t stand Jesus freaks. Listen motherfuckas, believe in what u want to believe. Life in this physical plane is short. I dont have time for the bullshit nor motherfuckers tellin me lies about an afterlife they have never seen. Oh, be good an this and that. Be poor as fuck cause the meek shall inherit the earth. GTFOH!!! Give me my shit now!!

    • John Cochran

      Whether you believe in God or not is your own business. But you sound ignorant either way. And really angry too, did the pastor touch your butt or something?

  • sealsaa

    Sandra Rose needs a stove to stand in front of.

  • Gerv

    He will never admit to being an atheist just like he will not admit to being a mason.He will just keep saying lines like that and giving masonic handshakes and throwing up they hand signals every chance he gets.People are waisting they time trying to get certain answers out of him.Why would he admit it he ain’t trying to lose his christian fans.Just like he ain’t trying to lose his fans that don’t like masons or the things they do in this society.Just marinate on that one time.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Oh yeah, before all of u english majors take my comments outta context……….I do realize that “meek” means to be humble and patient. That’s cool, but scared money doesn’t make any and I want success in this life!

    • valdez

      ^^ u must listen to too much drake fam. “success” is NOT money, hoes, cars & clothes like alotta us have been programmed to believe.


    “you’ll burn in a lake of fire for all of eternity. We won’t see you again until the 4th of July.”

    I caught that… Where do bad folks go when they die?

  • http://xxl All Dae

    good post.
    Yall should check out Prof. Griffs informative breakdown of hip hop, whos sold out to illuminate, he breaks down Pimp C death and a lot more…very challeging. its all on utube.

  • j-

    lol at ceasar paciotti u sound like a mess bro preeeeeeeaach

  • these posts are racist

    Dogma in any form is bad…this is just the other side of the dogmatic approach that talks down to those who believe. You lost all credibility when you cite the bigot/shock writer Chris Hitchens. He’s an illogical bigot who uses the cool athiest position to bash Muslims…a group he hates, period.

    As far as the Jay line, I don’t think that’s what he meant. He’s being symbolic and illustrating the fact that in his view of the world, once you cross certain lines…ain’t no coming back. Many people go to NYC in hopes of big dreams but cross certain lines…once they do, there’s no return and no salvation. I didn’t take it as an affirmation of atheism/blasphemy or blatant disrespect of Jesus, but rather, a real politic view of society.

  • capcobra

    i’m assuming that jay z is a smart brother that understands the power of words since he actually rapped success into his own life..but then again maybe he’s not..because after all jay is a habitual swagger jacker..remember nas went to hell for snuffing jesus a long time ago..and he was waiting for GOD with the fo-fo..this is way before he became godson that was wondering if heaven was a mile away..and you can’t forget about all the times biggie and pac threw GOD name around in thier i’m not sure if this is an athiest move or another case of jay biting and recycling..kinda how he had niguz thinking he created “the grown look” when damn every rapper from the early 90′s was already dressing up..maybe the dude trying to bring back those “waving automatic guns at nuns.sticking up the preacher in the church” nas type of rhymes…and the crazy shit most black households you gotta have some type of religion..because ma dukes ain’t going for that disrespect GOD OR ALLAH OR JEHOVAH shit…can’t even diss the pastor.

  • biggamike

    No one should be worrying about the illuminati,(a bunch of homosexual white dudes using a watered down version of an ancient Kemitic/Egytptian mystery system as an excuse to play tag with each other). Yeah, the world is controlled by one or two SUPER RICH families but that aint shit. This earth, this plane of existence is the weakest and lowest one there is. The illuminati, Rothchilds and Bilderbergers are the least of your worries. If your mind is focused on their agenda, you will never formulate your own which is exactly what they want you to do. Its a fear tactic, one of the greatest forms of control. These people can’t do anything when it comes to “the real world” ie the spirit world. Oh, and the historical Jesus is a fabrication, but the mythical “Christ” or Christos is very REAL. For more info, check out Lost Light: An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures and Who is this King of Glory both authored by Alvin Boyd Kuhn.

    • Blackboy

      Amen. I don’t believe in Jesus and I don’t believe in all that Illuminati shit either. God is real, (it’s not a person with a sex) but the rest of this shit is just man made ways of explaining its existence. Regardless of how long they’ve been around or how many people believe in them. They each offer up some good real-world ideas and suggestions on the way you should conduct yourself, but religions on both sides of the fence, are all about control of the peoples they govern.

      point. blank. period.

  • D. $cience

    I’m not an Atheist, and I’m Christian, but I don’t see the big deal over that line.

    I don’t care if Jay dissed Jesus or not, that doesn’t change my beliefs nor does it change my feelings on Jay’s music. I like some of Jay’s music despite him being a hypocrite/atheist/freemason or whatever. What he does/believes is his own business. It won’t change how I feel about my religious beliefs. Religious fanatics get too erratic on “controversy” like this, knowing that they can’t speak for the mind behind the controversy. I have Muslim friends, I’m cool with some Atheists, Buddhists, etc. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go all fanatic and force them to change, pushing my beliefs on them. It got to be up to them to control their own destiny, whether they live a life of good or evil.

    But this also goes for Atheists as well. You can’t push your beliefs of a non-existent Supreme Being to those who believe in a Higher Power. I believe in a balance…you either live a life of good or you live a life of evil.

    Other than that, I got mad love for everybody. And I wish everyone good fortune and health.

    • biggamike

      I feel you on that. Jay being an atheist, mason, or whatever he chooses has nothing to do with the fact that he is Top 5 Dead or Alive. Personally, I’ve always thought Jay was a hoe ass nigga to some extent but that doesn’t change the fact that Resonable Doubt is a classic.

      • Federal Ranga

        Jay being an atheist, mason, or whatever he chooses has nothing to do with the fact that he is Top 5 Dead or Alive.

        C/S like a mufucka… this is a big reason why hip hop always get put on hold in terms of progression… ya’ll niggaz reading between the lines of what was merely a hot lyric that happens to hold a little weight. Stop bitchin…

        BTW I AM A MASON. So were more than half your presidents (including Clinton, Arkansas GM), hundreds of your politicians and probably somebody you know right now. We rent buildings, do charity events, donate to churchs and you can’t even BE one if you don’t believe in God. The fuck ya’ll get ya’ll info from, kid?

        My gramps says it best… wanna know one? Ask one. Chuuuch.

        E-14 up.

        • Gerv

          That ain’t nothing to brag about,if you ain’t a 33rd degree mason It’s a whole bunch you don’t know so nobody wants yo info.I just hope you ain’t black but you probably are.Oh and any fool knows almost all presidents are masons including the president we have now.

        • Federal Ranga

          @ Gerv…

          I ain’t braggin… I’m new to the fraternity myself, but I can’t stand all the flak we get for absolutely nothing. Point blank. And what’s race got to do with anything?


    • valdez

      @ d science…

      how can u call urself a christian and not see anything wrong with that line. that makes absolutely no sense to me.

      how can u say u don’t care if he was dissing Christ?? if he is, how can u nod ur head in enjoyment while that song is playing?? that is blasphemy, period.

      • D. $cience

        @ valdez:

        Because Jay-Z dissing Jesus have nothing to do with my feelings on Jesus. Me believing in Jesus Christ, I can’t judge Jay on that, for I know that Jay will be accountable when God does the real judging. If you look at my comment below, I said that people take offense too much from rhymes whether real or fake, and they misinterpret over-the-top rhymes when most of the times the songs are just mere words.

        So why should I be offended by Jay’s line, when I BELIEVE that “Jesus CAN save me”? That Jay line is mere opinion according to Jay-Z in comparison to my beliefs. If Jay-Z said “Fat people don’t have the chance to lose weight” or “Blacks are smarter than whites”, which to me would be controversial to state, does that mean I am suppose to believe those things? No, but at the same time, I wouldn’t care if Jay believed that, because it’s his OPINION.

        Besides, despite all of Jay’s classic quotables and lyrics, majority of his lyrics is based on his point of view and philosophies anyways that you agree with or disagree with. So you can either listen at the end of the day as a Hip Hop fan or you can leave it alone and listen to the next man.

  • Combat Jack

    I stopped believing in Jaysis a while back. And that’s coming from a cat who had four uncles that were Catholic priests and two aunts that are still Catholic nuns. One’a my uncles left the priesthood to get married. Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter. One day he woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed his shotgun, then blew his wife and daughter away dead. Sat down and has a shot of whiskey, put the shotty to his head and it was lights over. Trust when I say that’s a whole ‘nother post for a different day. Anyways, preach B.

    • Rob

      Damn, i’d stop beleiving in jesus too

      • Combat Jack


  • sealsaa

    @ valdez

    Be serious. Suppose Jay-Z did come out and admit that he’s an atheist. “Clean image” or not, I doubt it would affect his career in the least bit. This isn’t politics, its rap. Rap, a genre which is laden in mysogyny, violence, drugs, and gang culture, and has been nearly since it’s inception. Atheism is hardly the worst thing that a rapper has been associated with.

  • imonapaperchase

    I’m an atheist and well I interpret this lyric as basically when your in church your in church…this is were you can just be in place of peace or whatnot…but all the bullshit u have 2 go thru in life don’t start back up again until u enter back out into the world frm da comfort of da church…&& also everybody has their beliefs in whatever *christian, muslim, buddhist, atheist etc.* but everybody can be touch by da fucked up ills that are present in the world we live in.

    dats my interpretation of it…can da man use his artistic view on how he looks at the world without being criticized??? i guess not bcuz he is an illuminati, mason, atheist all that…at the end of the day dnt NOBODY in here knows what this man truly believes in cuz we are not in his head & who knows maybe he could be sayin that shit just 2 fuck with sum ppls heads…idk…all i kno is that u have one life 2 live, hopefully most of yall out here tryna live it da best way yall can & tryna keep it positive with ur life…Peace yall

    • D. $cience

      “at the end of the day dnt NOBODY in here knows what this man truly believes in cuz we are not in his head…”

      That’s exactly my point. Nobody can judge Jay on that, even if he bluntly says “I’m an Atheist”. What he does is his choice and business.

      But see, this is what scares me about Hip Hop. Being a pure Hip Hop head and understanding the culture, I get concerned with people who take rhymes too seriously, whether the rhymes are real or fake. I like Jay for the genuity of his music, not because he was a former drug dealer or whatever, but for his rhymes and skills. Yet, some people who listen to Hip Hop misinterpret what’s in a rhyme versus what’s in the real world. Therefore, they play emotional outfielder and start catching feelings when a rhyme goes against their morals and beliefs. At the end of it all, it’s entertainment, and you have the power to listen and enjoy, or hate it and simply walk away from it.

      • Tony Grands

        ” this is what scares me about Hip Hop. Being a pure Hip Hop head and understanding the culture, I get concerned with people who take rhymes too seriously, whether the rhymes are real or fake. I like Jay for the genuity of his music, not because he was a former drug dealer or whatever, but for his rhymes and skills. Yet, some people who listen to Hip Hop misinterpret what’s in a rhyme versus what’s in the real world. Therefore, they play emotional outfielder and start catching feelings when a rhyme goes against their morals and beliefs. At the end of it all, it’s entertainment, and you have the power to listen and enjoy, or hate it and simply walk away from it.”

        ^^^Word (the fuck) up.

  • John Cauner

    Man, I feel like everyone’s opinion/comment is valid here, you cats got me thinking. I got three bibles in my house that I’ve never read one word in. Maybe I’ll try to give it a read to help me better understand this discussion about illuminati/masons/atheists. Although, I’m not sure if the bible does help to clarify those positions?


    yooooooo. i just watched that industry pt 34 & some more shit. its some FUCKED UP SHIT GOING ON over there! on that note, i feel so lucky have been raised by a family that believes in God. real talk.

  • Enlightened

    This discussion and Bol makes me think about the dude who was stranded in the water for all that time with the NFL players who drowned.

    He said he wasn’t a religious person, but when he found himself clinging onto that boat for over a day, hoping for someone to save him, he found himself screaming out for God.

    Many people will find themselves screaming His name as well if they find themselves on a faulty plane or with a pistol in their face, etc.

    As for me, I wouldn’t want that to be the first time I called on Him.

  • Brooklyn

    i knew jay was an atheist for a min now, he’s been taking subliminal shots at religion for years now. that line isn’t really a diss, but the holy rollers are definitely gonna jump on that and make it a case like they do damn near everything.

  • Mak

    It has nothin to do with being an atheist. Dude sold his soul for riches. He became a free mason to be more successful. Everything from changing his name to Jehova, naming albums called Blue Print, throwing up symbols, stop rapping about the struggle and making hard knock music, leaving hood dudes behind, all represents that. He’s been fooling the public since he started throwing the Roc symbol around 2000. He tries to make himself seem bigger that what he is, as if HE’S God. Sad the blind fans treat him that way. Notice that right. He wants you to follow the Blue Print and treat him like God

    Men lie women lie, numbers dont. Is just a statement that once again fool the people, when Def Jam was already exposed by their own employee that they was rigging soundscan

    “I am laws and degrees”

  • caino

    Shit, l was born & raised a roman catholic, my mum goes to church twice a day (for my sins l think) and l stopped going to church at 15 when noone could answer my questions, like Comabt, l got 3 uncles that be priests. Do l believe in jesus (sure he is a real dude) but l dont believe in all his ‘miracles’ (see stewie from family guy). Also l dont believe in the direction on the Catholic church, from hushing up child abuse allegations to down right lying!

    & also the fact that religion & politics get used as the same thing, when they should be completley different. l’ve seen to many murders murder in the name of religion!

    after travelling the world a bit(for 2 yrs) l came to study Buddhism and see that as a more spiritual path!

  • awesome arsenal

    i’m an atheist and in my lifetime i’ve never seen anything that i could attribute to a higher power in the sky. in fact i’ve seen more that disputes it wholeheartedly. i don’t care what religion jay’s is/could be it has no bearing on me at all. i like his music and that’s all i take it for. the fact that his lyrics are sparking conversation is a testament to a time when hiphop was the voice that spoke on the ills of minority communities when we didn’t have a voice. it’s not like that anymore. i’ve had questions that could never be answered and i’ve had friends that were sons/daughters of preachers and pastors that would openly debate me without condemning me or judging(at least not in the open). i’ve never seen atheists go around trying to recruit folks and i’ve never seen an atheist pamplet so i don’t know where people say atheists try to push their beliefs on anyone. plus, historically almost all the wars ever fought had/have religious connotations all over them.

  • ceasar paciotti

    I don’t speak much, but for the record catholocism and christianity are NOT the same thing. catholocism is a form of witchcraft tha has been purported to be christianity throughout history. The vatican and the catholic church have ben infiltrated by illuminists for hundreds of years. when have you ever seen a was fought in the name of christianity? it has always been the catholic church and the vatican that commit these atrocities. the catholic church from its inception has always been an institution of wordy power, hence the contrl of society throughout the midle ages and the immense amount of wealth they have accumulated. they can be described as modern day pharisees more or less, those tha pervert the truth for their own materia gains and control over people. mosts laypersons equate catholocism with christianity, hence the distaste for organized religion that has been forstered in our minds, another trick/tool of the enemy. but back to the catholocism as a form of witchcraft point I was trying to makr, there is plenty of information out there on this subject, and if you seek you shall find. since when is it kosher to pray to statues, idols and graven images, which the bible expreesly forbids, and to pray to spirits other than Jesus in the form of dead saints and the virgin mary, which is just a representation o the egyptian goddess isis, whose worship goes back to ancient pagan tarditions of sun worship and the like. since when are we to go to a priest, a man, to confess our sins, this goes back to the middle ages when common people did not understand latin, and the catholicchurch used this as a means to solidify thei power base by holding influence over the ulers of the day, and forcing people to pay indulgences, which were basically a piece of paper tha states that all your sins are forgiven and you could go to heaven irregardless of the type of life u actually lived. anyways I digress, if u study history you can understand what is going on to an extent, the bible will help you fill in the blanks, and all of this research that is now readily available about the occult, secret societies, illuminati and so forth will solidify everything for you and strengthen your faith, when you see the lengths and efforts they go to to further their cause, a one world luciferian government..remember these are the people with all the resources tbat control all facets of society..they you? anyways I digress again, point I really wanted to make is the whole catholocism-witchcraft angle which helps to explain why so many of their clergymen are pedophiles and the like as well as the combat jack situation (no shots, not trying to trivialize a real situation), but many of them are demon-possessed as a result of dabbling in their false religion which is actually based in witchcraft, idolatry, and pagan ideologies.

    • DV8

      now that is the truth for real. Somebody said it before I did and might I add Im glad you did because your statement is way more thourogh then mines would have been.

      The Catholic Church is the “religous leaders” mentioned in the bible. The same “religous leaders” that had Jesus crucified. So how can they claim to be Christian when they the ones who put Jesus to death because they didnt believe nor like what Jesus was doing and saying?

    • chillin mayne

      ayo, you really know the truth of the matter ceaser…since you know all the facts, you do also realize that in the 10 commandments, God says -remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy- commandment number 4…. which the catholic church changed to Sunday,(under what authority) and will openly admit they changed it, (changed Gods law?? is that) when in reality the real day(holy day(genesis) is Saturday)..the heads of the catholic church have always been against those seeking the truth, why do yall think they did not permit the public to read the bible during a long period of time(middle ages)….

  • Mean Greene

    Man….I declared myself an Atheist when I was about 13-14. The story of Jesus just never added up in my young mind; and not ever being introduced to any other belief system meant I must have not believed in God. Can’t speak for anyone else but eventually I was shown very similar principles to what Jay mentioned such as cause and effect, karma and all that jazz.

    Now I’ve kinda altered my beliefs to say I do believe in a higher power but you can still miss me wit the whole “lord and savior” business…

    The way I see it, our beliefs are shaped and shifted with every moment so there’s no point in branding Jay and atheist or not. He could have an epiphany become a scientologist and never put that in a song and we’d be none the wiser. Personal beliefs are called personal for a reason, fam.

  • ceasar paciotti

    and forgive my typos , I do this from my phone and the fingers can’t keep up with the thoughts that pour forth so readily

  • Jhon da Analyst

    John Cochran, you’re an idiot. My 3rd eye has been open for quite some time. Religion is what keeps ppl mentally enslaved fucker!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good discussion people.

    What a lot of you are saying can be visualized better for those who don’t comment by watching “ANGELS & DEMONS”.

  • Bob

    No historical Jesus? You’re off your rocker, pal. Get a grip and learn some history. I guess Socrates never existed either, or Julius Caesar for that matter.

  • 2cents

    I was reading your excessively long rant and must say – how did we go to you giving kudos in one sentence, to writing a long paragraph on beyonce’s weave, your dislike towards church, back to jay z’s arrogant song? Come on. I’m so sick of seeing ignorants writing these stupid posts about themselves instead of actual news. Who cares what you feel, your story on parts of your life, like or dislike. I came thinking we would hear more about jay z and Beyonce’s shocking behavior that people seem to be applauding. If these fuckers were really as ballsy as they seem, they wouldn’t need to hide behind a team who promotes lies thar they are christians. God is real. It’s only a matter of time that these freak shows put on for sick entertainment will show the inevitable. That they will eventually end with a destroyed marriage, destroyed false image of themselves, loss of money, mental break downs and or dead from drug addictions. Here we are feeding into this negativity and cheering them on to stand up on false beliefs.

  • Lola Lazerface

    Crawford, I think I love you.