Tupac Shakur – Still Overrated

NOTE TO READERS: This post was written with no intent to disrespect the dead. XXL pays me to share my honest thoughts, views and opinions. And I do just that.

I originally wrote this about this 5 years ago. Back when it was unpopular to question Tupac’s legacy, to objectively analyze his impact on pop and hip hop culture, in short to ask “Is Tupac Overrated?” It’s no question Tupac was charismatic, and yes he did drop some good songs. Still, the way many have carried on since Mr. Shakur’s untimely death, how merchandise and posthumous albums continue to sell, I feel it’s time to revisit this issue.

Like most, I was extremely saddened by Mr. Shakur’s death in 1996. Being that I wasn’t a fan of his, I went out and purchased all of his cd’s that I hadn’t owned. There’s been more than a lot of talk about how 2pac was a poet, a leader of our generation and so on. I don’t question his talents as a poet, I question his skills as being hailed as one of the “greatest” rappers of all time. Poets are cool, I like poetry. Sometimes. I’m just not trying to hear Maya Angelou spit no types of fiyah on the mic. Associating all this “greatest” talk with the kind of sentiment surrounding one’s passing, I was more than intrigued by how Pac has become a legend of rap. Truth be told, over the years, all that talk got annoying. 5 years ago, I was in the process of going through my digital music collection to see, out of all his albums, which songs recorded by Pac were keepers and which ones were deletable. Long and short, I decided to give 2Pac a second chance, see what his  stans fans were talking about, just in case I had missed something.

I listened to his first lp, “2Pacalypse Now”, released in 1991. Being a true rap fan with no types of hate in my heart, after a couple of listens, there was no way around it. That album was wack.  There’s no decent song on it and I still can’t decide what’s worse, his feeble attempt to rhyme or the sub par production. Even the “breakout” hit single Brenda’s Got A Baby was lacking in sound, but being that it was the first rap song ever dedicated to single mothers in the hood, in every city across the country, it was deemed to be mad prolific. Yeah, I get that, but really, eff that. That song was weak by any hip hop classic standard.  Straight up and down. “2Pacalypse Now” got deleted from my files with the quickness.

Next up was his 2nd Lp, “Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.S” released in 1993.  First and foremost, [||] for that title. I don’t know if the periods embedded in “N.I.G.G.A.S.” is supposed to mean something “deep”,  whatever, it seemed dumb to me then. Still is. The only song on that album that comes close to being dope is I Get Around, actually the first song by Pac that I liked. Still, I saw that as being a Digital Underground song featuring 2Pac as their up and coming weed carrier. Being how his first LP was wack, Digital Underground probably decided they would help their lil homie out. Production on that song was tight, Pac’s flow improved dramatically, but Shock G stole the show with his classic line “I’m Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties.” But cool, I’ll give Pac the credit. Unfortunately, the rest of the album was really really really bad.  So other than I Get Around, every other song on the album got deleted. Knowing how “Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.S” was released around the time Pac delivered his “stunning” acting debut in that “Juice” movie, a whole bunch of people probably got caught up in his portrayal of his “Bishop” character and went with the hype. To me, Bishop wasn’t gully, just a Harlem cat suffering from severe mental issues. Since I knew real dudes like that in Brooklyn, I was no types of impressed with Bishop. Especially since them dudes from Brooklyn were suspect up until they had a gun in their hand. What’s gully with that?  Think about it, if Tupac was such an incredible rap artist and “Juice” was considered to be his movie, why was it that none of his songs made the album? A lot of people bought into it, but I for one didn’t sip the juice.

Next up was “Me Against The World” released in 1995. Now I gotta hand it to 2Pac in that the hype surrounding this album’s release was beyond incredible. It was around the time he got shot up with five hot ones in a New York City recording studio.  Way before it became cool for rappers to get shot up a whole buncha times. A day after the shooting incident, Shot Up Pac then checks himself out for “security” reasons and also, because he had to make it to court, him being in the middle of fighting that rape charge. I remember seeing the image of Pac on the news, getting wheeled out of the courthouse, all bandaged up with his middle finger pointed straight to the heavens, and thinking “what a crazy fuck this dude is turning into!”  He then gets sentenced to a bid in jail and starts blaming the entire East Coast for all of his woes.

Dear Mama comes out and it’s the first time dude has great production, rapping skills are intact and he’s rapping about shit everyone on the planet can relate to. That song right there is genius in the same way Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday is.  A Mother’s Day song.  The only other song on Me Against The World worthy of a playback is Old School what with its tight production and Pac rapping like he’s brand new. The rest of the album is ehh, lukewarm, not as bad as his prior two releases, but bad enough, especially since the hype behind it made it damn near impossible not to wonder what his crazy ass was talking about. Other than them two aforementioned songs, the rest of the lp got the delete treatment.

1996 was the year “All Eyez On Me” hit the streets. With this lp, the world was introduced to the “new and improved” Tupac Shakur. Now riding with the infamous Suge Knight and signed to the most dangerous record label of all time, Death Row Records, Pac was geared to drop a classic, especially since he was armed with one of hip hop’s greatest producers of all time, Dr. Dre. In addition, Pac (and Suge) were deep in the middle of orchestrating that bizarre East/West coast beef. Pac was on a roll, talking slanderous in every interview about Bad Boy, Diddy, B.I.G. and almost all things East related. Album wise, 2Pac was at the top of his game, dropping instant classics like Ambitionz As A Ridah and Hearts Of Men [||]. Problem was he allowed too many unknown weed carrier rappers rap (poorly) on the album. Snoop, Richie Rich and Nate Dogg I can understand, but what the eff was a Big Syke and a Rappin 4 Tay doing on this joint? Even Got My Mind Made Up featuring Method Man and Red Man sounded forced, like if Meth and Red flew their verses in via email. Then the fact that it was a  double cd. Too many cuts, too many wack sounding weed carriers, too long. Would’ve been a better (not classic) cd with like only ten songs. You already know mad deletion took place.

Finally “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” recorded right before and released right after his death in 1996. (I’m in no way counting the hundred or so other albums released after his death.). This was Tupac at his very best.  With his new character Makaveli sounding raw and angry, Pac really let you know he had gone way the fuck off the deep end and had become one savage individual. Crazy too. The rabid kind. Beats were better than anything ever produced for him, 2Pac spitting pure venom, boy did he let everyone have it, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, even his own producer and label mate Dr. Dre got called out. Pac started a war that no man was safe from. And it was a beautiful thing. Not calling it that, but this was the closest he came to having a classic album. The reason it fell short? 25 more unknown weed carrier features on almost every cut. With blazing tracks like Hail Mary and Intro/Bomb First, allowing third rate cats to shit up them songs = FAIL. Word bond.  That being said, “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” had like six solid joints. Throw in my favorite Hit ‘Em Up (sans weed carriers) and you have a decent discography of like 18 strong records (actually 12 strong records once weed carrier and side artist elements are factored in). Taking all of this in, I can understand the Tupac hype, which really boils down to two points:

1) Tupac, if he deserved any types of accolades as a rapper, was that, throughout the course of his career, he never let go of that Bishop character from “Juice” and lp by lp, he continued to perfect that role until he became Bishop in his songs and in real life. If anything, he should have been nominated for a new type of award, one where the rapper/actor down the line really and truly becomes the character he played in a movie from a few years earlier. BET might have to look into that.

2) You know how every chick with mental/emotional issues loves that Sade? Seems like Tupac’s left footprints on the hearts of every gangbanger, thug and thug wannabe. [||] I’m sure most of those dudes stay eff’ed up in the head what with them losing homies weekly due to gunfire and gang warfare. Instead of going to see a therapist (we don’t seek mental help in the hood) they turned to 2Pac for therapy. Pac became like their version of Sade. I once read somewhere about how this one dude would sit in his truck to listen to Tupac, and everytime he did, he’d start crying tears, bubbling and heaving, all that.  For real B. So yeah I get it, Tupac is like a thug’s Sade. Thug Sade.  Only difference between Tupac and Sade being that Sade dropped four classic albums.

So with all that being said, the late Tupac Shakur still remains way overrated.

What do you think?

UPDATE: What if Tupac had Twitter?

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  • Big Prov

    Finally someone in the media/entertainment biz with the balls to say what everyone (with any hip hop sense) was thinking.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maxprofit Max Profit

      You crazy!! Pac touched peoples heart.
      There are brothers locked up right now getting through that sh*t because of Pac’s words.

      Who cares about lyrical ability & multi- syllabic rhymes when an artist can go deeper than that.

      Pac made anthems for our lives. He passed the point of being a great rapper long ago.

      But time proves everything. His success was/is no marketing scheme.

      “Dis Nigga Scared!” Tupac

    • http://xxlmag.com YeahRight

      Y’all niggaz is clownin if u think Tupac was not a good MC, rapper, or whatever the fuck u wanna cal him. I’m from Dayton, Ohio, the MIDWEST and we wadn’t caught up in all that East/West coast bullshit. The nigga that wrote this article is Eastcoast so OF COURSE he thinks Pac was overrated. He only named a FEW good songs from the homie? Get da fuck outta here!! 3 times!! I suppose Jeru The Damaja was fire to THIS prick. All the writer sees is Bishop the rapper and not Tupac the rapper. He even said himself that he KNEW niggaz like Bishop. Tupac brought that dude on the block to the Big Screen and thats good acting to me because u relate to the character. But as far as the music, yeah he had niggas on songs when he didnt have to, and he had suspect beats from time to time, but when 2Pac was on some message shit in a song there is still very few to make YOU feel like HE felt about shit. He STILL shittin on 90% of everybody that came out since ’96! And this is coming from a nigga that was ridin wit BIG during the beef! Y’all niggas got me fucked up AND you need WAAAAAY more people!! FELONE!!

      • LaShell

        well said

    • P.a.T

      4 real…i dissagree….people say pacs overrated….but 2 me…the nigga was one of the best storytellers hip hop ever had…includeing B.I.G….ust give the man respect for actually saying real shit unlike most rappers out here 2day…


      Man you and the dude writing this article have to be smokin some serious crack to be thinkin this shit.Look first off Brendas got a baby was not the only good song on there yes the debut cd wasnt a classic but yet there was some decent songs on his first cd.Violent being the best one.That song has to be one of the hardest bangin songs I have heard in a car not to mention the lyrics where good.Second N.I.G.G.A.Z never ignorant getting goals accomplished.Thats what Pac said it meant.Again another underrated cd.more than just one good song Keep your head up, a hard to beat gem on that album by far one of his most inspirational songs to date.Me against the world man where do I start like i said you youre smokin some serious shit for deleting that cd.There was some very good songs on that cd,by far one of his best,2Pac was just starting to hit his stride and really grow as a lyricist.All eyes on me,wow along with smokin you must have also bumped your head really really hard.In case you didnt know Big syke is hard and has guest appearances on some of Pacs best songs he used him alot because syke killed it on the songs.All eyes on me had many many classics on it.


        WELL SAID!

      • nickyP

        Normally i just read this site and read comments but this article made me sick to my stomache. Naptown said it all so i wont say much. Put Biggies rhymes on another rapper and then tell me his delivery wasnt what made him who he is. Really do it and think to yourself that shit would be wack if someone else spit it. Pac had shit i could relate to and help me thru hard shit. His dedication alone makes him the best rapper dead or alive. If biggie was as dedicated to his craft he would have more shit out then the remix shit. And to xxl. If ur job wasnt to stir shit up by releasing this article the u need to fire the writer. This was the worse shit ive read since i was in history class reading what hitler did to the Jews.




    • sb

      he did drop some gems but i feel the same way as you do homie…doesn’t take anything away from being a good artist..but i do think he was overrated…i remember bet had him as the most influential rapper.i couldn’t believe it

      • Chris S

        i don’t know. he might be one of the most influential rappers. but as far as being overrated as a rapper…he definitely is. he was great but it seems a lot of people think he’s the greatest of all time. i would probably say top 15-20

        unfortunately, this drastic overrating is actually making me like him less. i don’t know if anyone else feels the same way…

    • ibzdn

      U and whoever wrote dis article a idiot…nuv said

    • hey

      hey guys whats up! :)

    • http://www.xxlmag.com AshMAN

      Tupac was the best rapper of all time
      Hands down!! even Michael jackson was overated to some people, you can not please everbody especially nieve rap critics!

    • LaShell

      Hip-hop sense, well I guess Nas, Kendrick Lemar and all others have no hip-hop sense.

  • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk

    I was listening to some pac the other day, he came up on my Zen. Never was a huge stan of his, but it’s hard to deny the man’s passion [II} and intensity. He could really make you feel something{II}. Very rare these days.

    Also, first.


    You right on the money.2pac is the most overrated dead artist.that man have no classic album but his stans will be adamt that all eyes on me is a classic when there are too many wack song on it.
    His lyrics is simple as abc and his metarphor garbage.Dont even get me start about him being a poetry.
    Big pun>2pac

    • RDS

      1) Respect the dead.

      2) I agree with you to a point, but what set ‘Pac apart from everybody else was his charisma. VERY few rappers were charismatic enough to actually make a song like “Hit ‘Em Up”. Personally I feel the song was extremely simple in its delivery compared to pretty much any other diss record I could think of (Bitch n U, Takeover, etc). Many people actually feel like it’s one of the best diss records ever, but on the contrary, what made it such a great record had little to do with what ‘Pac said (the whole controversy was based on the lie that Puff and Biggie were responsible for the shootings). What made that song so powerful was, quite literally, HOW he delivered it. That’s pretty much how every ‘Pac song goes.

      Don’t get me wrong, ‘Pac is indeed a poet, no doubt. But his passion, energy and charisma were what made him legendary, not necessarily his lyrics. Dudes say hot lyrics all the time, but few can actually immerse you in a record like ‘Pac.


    • CHris3445

      And Big Pun dropped a classic? You’re Crazy!!!!!!! All Eyez On Me is a straight through listen and if you say different then you’re either too young and weren’t around when it first dropped or you’re deaf! GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Your insane Nas better than Pac.Quickly people diss miss that Nas got clowned by Pac then after Pacs death Nas does a tribute to him.Now thats what I call ethered. lol.Nas is a good mc but his music is not timeless I can barely listen to his shit save a handful of songs.Big pun come on you really have lost it.What does he have one hit song.lolololol GOD BLESS THE DEAD 2PAC>>>>NAS,JAY-Z AND EVERYONE ELSE. Eminem best rapper alive period.

  • jimbob

    So Tha Streetz are deathrow on S.F.M.N is wack. Nigga Please. I agree 2pac is overrated but you seem to have an ear for a commercial sound

  • MidWest Grindin

    Dude you just lost all credibility with this one. Although i dont think Pac is the greatest rapper (definitely not top 5), he is definitely better than wack. How can you not like “Violent” from 2Pacalypse Now? Or “Soldier”? “So Many Tears” or “If I Die Tonight” from Me Against the World? You sound like just another suit from the ‘burbs who has never been/seen/experienced ANY kind of hood life to be able to relate to dude. EVERY ALBUM had songs relatable to MOST people on this planet. Fuck outta here. Shoulda known you was a lame from your post on tuesday talking about how “gangsta” dude was…nigga that shit happens everyday over more serious shit than releasing someone from a recording contract. Come to Cleveland and put the melanin back in your skin.

    • macdatruest

      That bassline on violent is a classic. I for one like the politically charged shit and I think his first two albums were classics for a teenager from brooklyn

    • DEX

      Thank you Bruh!

  • sealsaa

    “There’s been more than a lot of talk about how 2pac was a poet, a leader of our generation and so on.”

    Pretension, plain and simple. The guy was a a rapper(and not a very good one at that), not some modern day(for his time)Che Guevara, and people need to get over it.

    • Chilly Willy

      ^^^^^^Major Co Sign !

      Now don’t get it twisted. I think Pac is a good rapper. But the best thing that can be conveyed from a Pac record, when he’s at his best is passion and delivery. But DMX has passion like a mu’fucka and Scarface delivers like a beast. So where does that leave us ?

      I love Pac’s work. It doesn’t need to be the perfect joint for me to enjoy it. But this Pac is Jesus Guevara bullshit stannery is beyond ridiculous. For those who still believe this, you need to put your teeth under the pillow everytime you get knocked the fuck out for your stannery because the tooth fairy may still visit you…

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Let me drop this before other cats start scrolling down:

        For all you talking that East Coast, NY, old head bias, cut the sh*t out.

        Pac would be an old head now too. Does the bias still apply? People on here who are agreeing with the blog ARE NOT ALL FROM THE EASTCOAST OR NY. What’s the excuse then?

        And how many times do cats gotta tell y’all Pac stan’s that Tupac was from the EAST?

        There are a lot of Eastcoast people in the West. SOME OF THEM ARE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. Does it still apply?

        FOH with that segregation sh*t for real…

        • Curtis75Black

          And I’ll add on if you don’t mind. For all this “revolutionary Prophet” talk, 2PAC was also a shit talker !! I’m quite sure y’all remember him in front of the MTV camera flashing money while Suge is in the background laughing !! He was just as cocky as any other emcee at the time and would’ve been the same if he didn’t come to his demise in Las Vegas. He was a gifted writer, no one can take that away from him but just because he influenced your life, doesn’t make him the G.O.A.T. it just makes you sheep !!

  • young jav

    Fuck all u hatin ass mothafuckas! If PAC was alive none of u pussy ass nigga would be talking that shit! He didn’t have to go Hollywood and get big names on his album. He helped the hood by puttin on talent day tha rest of the world ain’t heard b4. And if u ain’t never heard rappin 4 Tay, u better do ur research. Hating ass bitches!

    • Eileen Finch

      I agree with YOUNG JAV I used to DJ and I feel that I know Music very well all kinds of it.And for some of you people to say Tupac was not GREAT CHECKED AGAIN OR SHOULD I SAY LISTEN AGAIN.


  • Grimey G

    First of all, good for you for having the balls to not only take an unpopular opinion but for going hard in defending your point. That being said I could not disagree more. Pac is my favorite rapper of all time. I’l take Thug Mansion, Ghetto Gospel, and Fuck the World over any song by anybody else.

    Btw, speaking of actors who became their characters, Steven Seagal became every character he ever played, but only in his own head.

    • Combat Jack

      And you are now one of my favorite commenters. We don’t have to agree on everything, but when we do disagree, it’s about dialogue and understanding the other’s point of view. Good looking my dude.

    • SbuJah

      @ Grimey G

      - G, I loved Pac a lot [II] but dude was not a mc (see Pharaoh Monche/Big L) but I will give it to Pac, he knew hw to connect w ppl thru music! and that was hs hook/gimmick

    • milestyle

      he wanted us to talk and….
      first off no fuck the world how could you not love that song its almost perfect
      second i was too young to go through the Pac blitz but when i got older i listened to everything and have come to the conclusion weezy cant be the best (he was my fav No Lie)because hes 2 years older than pac was when he got killed and he still aint really talkin bout shit but i agree to this degree pac wasnt the g.o.a.t because he looked up to somebody and that somebody really is the goat and his name is THE R. plus dude still living how could any rapper now deny his influence

    • Chris S

      thugz mansion: yes
      the other two: not a chance. they messed with his voice a little too mich on ghetto gospel for my liking.

  • SbuJah

    so sad but true, I had 2pacalypse, me against the world, all eyez on me and the first posthumous album on rotation for a good 5years *I think I was one of the best pac stans in RSA* (until I heard Illmatic in circa 98. for me thats when pac died… no shots

  • Jake Steed

    i feel u on this one. i think it’s a toss-up between 2pac and lil wayne for most overrated of all time

  • sealsaa

    “Dude you just lost all credibility with this one.”

    *Here come the water works*

  • Trey

    CJ – A agree that 2Pac is crazy overrated. But, to me, his best song is “Holla If Ya Hear Me” on Strictly… That beat sounds like the best track Public Enemy never rapped on and Pac is at his best with the rhymes.

    Might want to give that one another listen.

  • iquell

    I’ve always thought and said these same things. There are some hardcore 2pac riders in Bmore and the DMV so I had to be careful not to start too many fights for “hating” on 2pac. I definitely agree with you though.I must retweet this here post

    • http://daily-math.com/weblog/ Combat Jack

      I’ve see with my own two, situations where Pac fans in Bmore and the DMV will swing on cats with differing views.

  • Da Truth

    @ Jack, anyone with a musical ear can admit his first to ablums lack production and only had maybe 4 hot joints on each. But from me against the world till 7day he was on point. To get this short Pac was in the same lane as WU to me. If you related to his stuggle or stories then you loved him but if you didnt relate then yea he was overrated. I grew up in the midwest and never understood the hype around the WU. to me RZA is a terrible producer and ive only heard maybe 10 songs i like. But i know it’s people that follow their every move because that’s what the relate to. I think your dead wrong with this post. But like I tell my other east homies “we gonna chalk this one up to personal opinion”

    • http://daily-math.com/weblog/ Combat Jack

      And personal opinion is all it is B.

    • GregSIDE

      Your right it’s mostly how you related to him. Personally I think Pac is one of greatest, if not the greatest, song writer ever. And music can be therapy. Not everybody’s gonna go to a shrink if there having a bad day. If I’m riding down the road and say I was thinking about my late mom, Ima put on Dear Mama. Pac spoke to the people and was so far ahead of his time. All these posthumous albums didn’t sale just because all the stans had to have every Pac album, they also sold cause cause what he spat 10 years ago is still relevant. Pac was also an emo rapper before they had a name for it. I think if it wasn’t for Suge Knight he would be alive and we would be hearing a even better Pac. You said it yourself, he got better with every album. Pac, being paranoid, may have sparked the fire as far as the East Coast/West Coast beef, but Suge fanned the flames and took it to a new level. And The 7 Day Theory was the last album in his Death Row contract. Who knows what he could have did with his own imprint. That being said R.I.P Pac and fuck Suge Knight.

  • Curtis75Black

    I wouldn’t call him overrated because you feel what you feel, like what you like. I will say he’s overappreciated. I can imagine how many of today’s fans was Junior & HighSchool students when Pac passed away, liking the songs but only checking for the image, his aggression and bravado, saying “no one’s better” because no one could hold their attention like he did. PAC was good for what he brought to the table. I liked his time as a emcee but moved on when he passed.

  • X

    2Pac is overrated and his rhymes aren’t the best technically speaking, but there are some good songs on his first two albums. He does have way too many hangers on spitting verses though. What gets people going and caught up is his topic choice. He had a good breadth of subjects that he talked about, even if his rhymes could be simple at times. I still like his music and it influenced me, but the hype of him being the leader of a generation is absolute bullshit. I can’t stand his stans who act like he’s Malcolm X or something. I own all the ones he made before his death (my favorite is All Eyez on Me).

  • FrankTalk

    Nail on the head. I felt Pac, and my homies coming up did too. Growing up in the Jungle, Gangland Chicago, that is what resonated with us. Lyrically overrated but felt by those going thru (or staying in), that type of situation.
    And the pen is mightier than the sword. I thought about Pac during most of the Mike Tyson documentary. Mike’s weapons were physical, and forged by his real life circumstance. He lived through it all though. Pac’s “Bishop” role seemed to turn him out. No dice.
    InI- “What You Say”
    Also funny bc I was telling one of our editors last night, Killuminati was his best album.
    Nice write up.

  • Theotis Jones

    I read through CJ, but I respectfully disagree. I just wanted to check to make sure the following are also part of being overrated:

    - Having Jay-Z (someone who wasn’t liked by 2Pac, to say the least) remake one of Pac’s songs, but completely butchering any sort of the symbolism that made it great, into some pop garboso?
    - Having Curtis, Eminem, and Busta Rhymes recite “Hit Em Up”, essentially line for line, with the exception of changing names of people they wanted dissed?
    - Having Prodigy, who Pac also dissed the fuck out of, make a record using a posthumous Pac verse?

    Also, as I remember, Pac explicitly stated that he did not, as you say, “[blame] the entire East Coast for all of his woes,” but that in fact his beef was only specifically with BIG, Puffy and Bad Boy.

    I think that though you say you went into this with no hate in your heart, I believe that, but I don’t necessarily think that means that you didn’t go into this with your same preconceptions about Pac being overrated, in your view. I don’t think Pac is the greatest EVAR, but at the same time, the amount of work he did, the variance in the subject matter, and the fact that he actually did what he talked about makes him greater than a lot of rappers out. You talk about his persona as Bishop, and perhaps that’s true; but at the same time, there’s footage of him partying in the hood, there’s footage of him doing the shit he talked about. He didn’t take some famous drug dealer’s name (cough50centcoughRickRosscough) and make up some persona that was completely from left field of what he actually did.

    Greatest ever, in terms of a rapper? No. But top 10, dead or alive…

  • NJBlaze

    Simply put, u must be fuckin retarded…MidWest Grindin knows whatup

  • C. Hop

    …another case of force feeding. It’s hard to have discussions w/ Pac stans when they make points like – Everybody likes Pac or he had a whole coast. It’s like saying chocolate ice cream is the best and wanting people to accept it as fact. Mac Dre and E-40 have better catalogs.

    • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

      WORD LIFE!!!! For me, E-40 is by far the G.O.A.T. Bay Area rapper, hands down. (Dre and $hort are classics too.)

  • Kappamike

    Dude. Tupac Shakur was more than simply a rapper. He was also a poet, actor, and an activist. Pac always talked about the ill affecting the Black community. He didn’t focus on making “radio singles”.He influenced nearly ALL of the Tupac clones and invented being a “Thug”. NWA created “Gangsta” rap. There is a difference. I digress. Tupac had the ability to make you “Feel” his music. His talent didn’t lie in delivery, witty wordplay, or high-minded concepts. The PASSION and EMOTION he portrayed in his music is unmatched to this day. That was his talent. Tupac kept it simple and to the point when he rapped. EVERYBODY knows a Tupac line. He is one of the few rappers that you listen to the words instead of the music i.e.(Eminem, Jay-Z, etc.) I respectfully disagree.

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    Dude, I’m from the Bay and I can actually sort of feel you on this post. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Pac was whack, but I would say he’s grossly overrated.

    Still, you lost all credibility by saying Sade released four classic albums. Really? I mean, I fux with a little Sade, but I think it’s ironic that you chose her as a reference point because she, too is mad overrated.

    • SbuJah

      u probably think Bob Marley is overrated as well, right? btw have you heard/listened to LOVERS ROCK?


      Sade overrated?
      Wow.that woman is one of the best singer in the world.i bet you are one of those who thinks listerns to rihanna and cassie.
      Sadie has never make a wack song and all her album are classic.
      Sweetest taboo>2pac whole catalogue.

      • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

        Naw, I didn’t say Sade was whack, I just said she’s not any type of G.O.A.T. of anything. And I might even feel you on the Sweetest Taboo>Pac’s catalogue thing, I’m just saying I think she’s decent, not amazing, and people hail her like the second coming of Christ.

        Her shit is like lite-rock. Too smooth to be interesting. Yeah, she’s got a pretty voice. Great.

        And what the fuck do Rhianna and Cassie have to do with anything? Neither of them have vocals that even approach the diversity of Sade’s, they make club bangers. Apples to oranges, my dude. For SbuJah, I’m not even gonna dignify the Bob Marley thing with a response.

        Anyway, I’m not even trippin if you think I’m on one for not being a Sade stan. That’s fine – your opinion, do you. I just think it’s ironic that he used another over-rated artist to dismiss pac for being over-rated.

  • louie mo

    while i respect your opinion on pac , i would have to disagree with the last three reviews you did for his albums …….i though MATW was one of the best albums of the 90′s along with AEOM and 7 day theroy …..those albums to me and my homies have a lot of classics songs on there, like “young nigga”,so many tears ” and “temptations” on the MATW and the too many to list for AEOM……and i don’t think there is a wack track on 7 day theory. Don’t take this the worng way but being that you are from brooklyn , there could be some biased ……not hatin just sayin ….. well look forward to your next blog ……keep up the good homie ……

  • Enlightened

    You know what never mind. I had just typed about 4 paragraphs and wasn’t finished saying what I needed to say.

    If you really believe all that shit you said, then there’s nothing to say to you about it.

    It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read though.

    All Eyez on Me>>>Life After Death

    The Outlaws (who you called weed carriers) lyrically >>>>>>> than damn near any group you can name from that time period

  • OG Matt Herbz

    This is the first post of yours that I ever remember reading, CJ. I think I got to it 2 or 3 years ago, but I remember feeling elation that I wasn’t the only one on Earth that didn’t like 2Pac’s music. It certainly isn’t a popular point of view, but I just can’t feel anything when listening to his music. All rappers are acting to a certain extent, and 2Pac did his thing correctly on the screen, but the thing that fucks me up are those old interviews where dude looks one bad break-up away from being a fruit…then fast forward a few years to his “Thug-era” with the shaved head, black garments, and shit talking, and there was no way I could co-sign someone who switched up like that. It’s true, he was forever trying to mold his true life to imitate art–his movie roles.

    In my neck of the woods, all the wannabe thug, white suburban kids bumped Pac ENDLESSLY in the parking lots after school. I hated his music with a passion for the type of people it attracted and gave a false sense of relation to. I still like this post and I’ve gone back to Pac’s music a few times since I first read this, but I STILL can’t bear listening to his music. Sorry Pac.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Tezzy

      Co-sign most of the niggas i argue about with this pac is the best shit are usually Bitches who couldnt tell you any song other than the ones on the radio, Wiggers, And usually the punk ass niggas who were always trying to act tough and I tell people all the time pac was nothing more then a wannabe gansta he always reminded me of the nigga who used to get beat up in school then got a lil bit older got him a pistol and all of a sudden he was tough

      Like OG pointed out you can tell in all those old interviews I seen that shit and I was like “Thats Tupac”


        Here we go with this wigger shit.I hope you realize how ignorant you made your self look.No different than callin a black man a nigger.Just because a white dude dresses hip hop,or urban and grew up in a rough hood and listens to hip hop doesnt make him a wanna be nigger.The only thing different is the color of his skin thats all.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    excellent drop CJ. and brave. those same emotional niggas u talk about will be here in droves questionin ur sanity in a few minutes. i expect one or two death threats. the e-goons mean business on a keyboard. good luck.

    in all the lists i’ve seen, they all made it a point to differentiate rapper and MC. we all know Pac wasnt an extraordinary MC. but he was a hell of a rapper. he was everything you could be for the cameras. chicks dug him, dudes endorsed him, i mean he could play the part! he was one of the best ever at it. he was good business. thats what a good rapper is. MC’s are master linesmen. they construct intricate inner structures wihin the confines of written language. every honest mothafucka knows that ain’t Pac. and i think thats a resolved issue at this point.

    the thing that i learned from state hoppin (i follows that dolla… i mean i stalks that bitch) is that everything translates differently. i remember being in a hole in the wall in Elizabeth City, NC, and it seemed cool for a minute. they was playin some shit i could get with, shit from up here. but that 3-6 Mafia came on and they started goin NUTS. (this was WAY before Hustle n’ Flow) my first reaction? awww, this bullshit? then i started to realize that it meant something to THEM. my tastes or opinions had no bearing on what them folks was feelin at the time. and the way they all got on the same page… it was like some tribal shit. ‘fore i knew it, i was bouncin too. the spirit was in the place. and it was GENUINE.

    we all got the right to have personal views. and i do think there should be a threshold to gauge what’s considered good. and i agree bout the quality control on the guest spots. but that nigga 4-Tay means somethin to them niggas in the Bay. an informed opinion will consider all sides. and i aint comin at you, i like your shit, but this is surprising coming from a guy who can concede that Pac was obviously talented, but still endorse GUCCI MAYNE on your own site. look at ur feet homie. i think u standin on shaky ground.

    its a good argument to have in the vein of critical analysis. we need that as a culture. cause all these dudes need some guidance now a days, from the breakers to the wall sprayers, it all went down a notch or two. but that “what i think” shit is gonna have to take back seat to “what WE think”. its that selfish point of view that has hurt New York so much, where the world used to look to for guidance with this hip hop. but imagine your daddy constantly tellin you, “you ain’t as good as I was” while you constantly tryin to show him that you can be. eventually u might just say,’fuck that nigga’, and go off and do your own thing.

    thats hip hop, circa these days.

    now air it out…

    • Enlightened

      Bravo homie, you said it better than I could think to.


      But I guess he’s rated right where he’s supposed to be. Yep, he’s the hottest rapper in the game, and will probably have a #1 album soon, and I’m sure you don’t think he’s overrated at all, even though his lyric game is about as polished as Crunchy Black’s.

      • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

        ‘preciate that, homeboy.

        “…even though his lyric game is about as polished as Crunchy Black’s.”


    • dubble13

      Damn! I am trying to get out of Elizabeth City now….

  • Enlightened

    Let me add this:


    Look it up.

    Now, he’s just a man like me or you, but he had to come to that conclusion for a reason.

    And with the way he does his thang, I value his opinion much more than yours as far as MCing, just as I would value yours more if I had a court date tomorrow.

  • Ali

    I don’t agree but can someone please post something showing how BIG was overrated? Thank you

    • Curtis75Black

      Dawg, not every Pac mention has to have B.I.G. in it. It’s about to be 2010 soon. Stop with all the conspiracy shit !! It was never that serious.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      During his era, BIG made the hottest music, period. He bounced on tracks with everyone and whether he was spitting fly shit, murda shit, or take-a-honey-to-the-telly shit, he always came correct. It is what it is…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • macdatruest

        Still, BIG was waaaay over rated. Was ready to die classic production??? I can name 5 wack ass songs immediately. And his second album was also a double album. That wasnt classic either. Remember Nasty Boy and That song wit Too $hort?? straight vajayjay

        • OG Matt Herbz

          I’ll admit, the production on Ready To Die was a little soft, but that album is a classic, no doubt. Nothing else sounded like that album at the time and yeah, there are a couple joints that I might skip over, but I’m always back in line by “Unbelievable” and “Suicidal Thoughts.” I don’t consider Life After Death to be a classic. Hell, I don’t even think BIG is the GOAT or even top 3, but he did his thing on the mic every time he touched it.

          On the other hand, I can hardly make it through a 2Pac song without the urge to turn it off. Something about Pac and me didn’t mix well.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Dough

      THANK YOU!! Co Sign!! But we wont get that from this Brooklyn Cat!

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    That last paragraph said it all. Pac is 1 of the few artists that gets love EVERYWHERE. And its hood niggas EVERYWHERE. So when you got somebody such as Pac spittin about topics that hood niggas can relate to,having “thug life tatted on his chest”,ak 47 chains,the whole 9……..those same hood niggas gon look at it like,this dude is 1 of us! He understands us! His words were like poetry to some because it came across in a way that was simple but effective also.

    I dont think he was overrated tho. Maybe a lil overhyped after his passing(Biggie too)but not overrated.

    I dont wanna bring this dude’s name into discussion but since you brought up the word ‘overrated’ I have to……….

    *in kanye’s voice* Lil wayne is the most overrated rapper of all time! *kanye shrug* lol I dont feel like explaining my reasoning right now so stans dont attack me.

    But CJ how could you not feel “So many tears”????

  • OG Bobby J

    i co sign this post, almost in its entirety. other than the ommission of some pac joints that i think you missed, i would agree.

    The thing is, he is considered a legend because of his impact on the game, not necessarily related to his music. the way he challanged both the social and government systems with his “outlaw” persona or gathering and embodying an entire coast against another….

    all that shit made him legendary for the game.

    Having said that, i have to say that i always thought dude had a sweet tooth. You could see his thug image came out after the fact, and if you seen any of those 100 documentarys out, dude had some fugayzi manuerisms and shit. Went to some art school and shit…

    i just assume he was taking beefshots on the low…no homo on all that

  • P-Matik

    I was the exact same way because I thought then (and still do) that Pac was overrated as a rapper. I don’t really agree with what you said about the 1st and 2nd albums though. “When My Homie Calls” was tight for that year considering the production at that time. “Holla If You Hear Me” was banging to me too. That would get anyone amped up.

    After watching “Thug Angel” and remembering all of the things Pac did off the mic, I respected him more because he was a rapper that actually had a REAL movement going on (Thug Life). Not this BS rappers call “movements” nowadays (I get on, then put my wack peoples on). Coming from his Panther background, he had people listening to him at that level and it was constructive.

    The only place where I see the cracks in it was that his “demands” were played out past the Reagan era. In his interviews, he was talking about “We need help in the hood. The government needs to get our back.” I’m no republican or a cheerleader for ‘em, but crying for help from the government after they put crack in your hood doesn’t add up. And this info was known in LA hoods even before he got aired out. It also adds to the conspiracy of who really knocked him off.

    Lyrically, he was no beast but he should be respected. I just ain’t on him like that. [II]

    You have a good point though about his tracks not making the Juice soundtrack. Anything could have been better than that wack Son of Beserk joint.

  • Capital G

    I’ve been saying Pac needed to get a lifetime achievement award for Juice. I’ve never seen an actor forget who he was years after the director yelled cut. That would be like walking outside and seeing Toby McGuire take a stab at swinging off the side of a building, shit ain’t realistic. People tend to forget Pac was a backup dancer for Digital Underground, not the second coming of Brother Malcolm, or Jesus, depending on the level of “stannery” involved. Want to find a good representation of who he was on film? Find that bullshit movie with Chevy Chase, John Candy and Demi Moore where Digital Underground performs “All around the world”.

    Pac was most definitely charismatic, look how many people adulate the man. As far as being one of the best to touch a mic? Not so much. If anything he was a little confused and misguided. Dude was born near Baltimore, grew up near the Bay Area, released his first two albums on the East coast, went to prison on the east coast, signs with Suge, comes out screaming “West Side!” Gets killed over some nonsense “thug life” shit that he was a huge part in perpetrating. Confused and over-rated in my opinion. No hate what-so-ever, I still love Juice, just not Bishop Shakur’s music. I am a die hard BIG fan on the flip side, so Pac fans can shoot holes in my opinion all day long, no pun intended.

  • sealsaa

    “The Outlaws (who you called weed carriers) lyrically >>>>>>> than damn near any group you can name from that time period”

    *Thinks of the Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, then DIES*


    Co-signs mean nothing, and again, I believe that most rapper’s appreciation of Tupac is based on Pretension. I mean really, what rapper do you know is going to publicly say some disrespectful shit about a dead rapper? None. No disrespect Enlightened, but this is one of the main problems that I have with Pac fans like yourself. If you have to resort to co-signs in order to prove a rappers worth(as opposed to mic skills, or body of work), then whats the point?

    • Enlightened


      You naming those groups means what nigga? Like I said, lyrically the Outlaws could stand up to any of them.

      Also, I don’t have to resort to the co-signs. Like I said the first time I posted, nothing is going to change dudes mind.

      I could name all the tight ass shit on Me Against the World, Thug life Vol. 1, All Eyes on Me, but what would that do?

      Anybody who can say Me Against The World had 2 tight songs on it, is not worth discussing the subject with.

  • yoprince

    wow you posted this BS again… lol brave.

    Pac was no ill lyricist, but he had flows, an amazing voice, and most importantly, conviction.

    Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me, and Makaveli are all classics… easily.

    and BIG, love him for his skills, but he got his early style from Pac.. all that suicidal, drama with moms, all the stuff that made him an endearing character… he borrowed that.

  • Hanch

    You can no longer do any reviews for an Album again after this shit!!! So Keep Your Head Up was not a good song also. And Big Syke has alot of great Verses!! Your Forgot Thug Life Also!! I am still in shock that I just read this shit. Not sure if I will be reading your blogs anymore if they have to do with you doing reviews of any Albums…This is just Ridiculous. So how can almost Every Hip Hop Fan be wrong or Every Hip Hop Artist that puts him in his Top 5! They are all wrong? Please you sound like a West Coast Hater and a Biggie Fan thats still mad that Biggie Got Murdered on Wax…GTFOH with this Shit!!!!

    • beaver

      dude your exactly right..wtf is dis nigga onn..

      sum of pacs albums werent really dat good..but every album he had..had classics joints on em..
      all his albumms..

      me personally thinkk big is overrated…

  • Thejoker

    Opinions are like assholes everybodys gott’em……so your entitled to yours, but me personally I feel exactly like maino does on his “letter to pac”…and hitt’em up is the best diss record ever he jus took that shit to another level…and as fr letting “weed carriers” I think Pac was jus a real dude that was willing to give his boys a chance to shine..when ever I listen to a Pac record it’s jus a different feeling then any other rapper can’t really explain it…I wish I was up in the studio getting blowed but that was some of the realest shit I ever wrote

  • P-Matik

    Refer to point #2 at the end.

  • MidWest Grindin

    I had to come back a second time…First off to say that E-40 may be the WORST rapper/MC to touch a mic, along with Gucci Mane and a few others. Mac Dre got skills, but E-40 sucks balls. I like his hustle and vocab tho, and dont doubt he’s a real nigga…Niggas can argue all day about this…I agree with Blackout615 in thinking Pac was overhyped not overrated, but so is Biggie…hell the nigga had 2 albums and you’d think Jesus Christ himself was spittin 16s the way East Coast niggas worship him. I just think most East Coast heads are scorned because they region just aint hot no more. Ya’ll grasping for straws trying to discredit every other side cuz ya’ll just aint that piff no more. Lil Wayne (along with his new boo, Drake) are the most overrated rappers EVER. And if you really endorse Gucci Mane on your site, while downing Pac 13 years after his death, then yes your credibility has disintegrated. Good read though and good topic of discussion. No hate here.

    • dex

      thank you again bruh!!

  • MY P.O.V.

    Wow, not sure if I agree that All Eyez on Me>>>Life After Death. But both albums could have used a good trimming of the fat, as they had WAY too many filler cuts on them…

    And saying the Otlawz better than any group form that time period. Have to disagree, we can just say groups like Outkast alone stand out as a group effort(ATLiens came out the same year as AEOM). I think 3Stacks could done away w/ the Outlawz all by himself. But everyone has an opinion…yours just took me back a bit w/ that one

  • Not overrated

    I consider Pac to be the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic, The reason I say this is not because he was an incredible lyricist flipping all these big words like maybe a Big Pun or Canibus but because of the songs he wrote that people from all walks of life (but especially the hood) can relate to through pure human emotion and rawness. I’ve yet to hear a rapper with so much passion in they’re music, maybe DMX comes close.

    Another reason I put him up there is his influence on his peers (other rappers), how many rappers were influenced by him after he died? Ja Rule, Master P, 50 Cent, how many rappers have redone his songs? Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent and a bunch others. Not to mention he’s the top selling rapper of all time, you think thats cause the fans rate him too high? or because people genuinely love his music? Let any of the bum rappers die right now and I guarantee their posthumous albums don’t do Pac numbers, Biggie’s posthumous album was trash, Pac actually had amazing songs like “Changes”. And what is everybody’s criteria for putting Biggie so high on the list? I think all you bloggers/critics should do a post on how overated Biggie was, outside of NY he’s not nearly as revered as Tupac, I from the west coast but live in the NY area and talk to people all the time who agree Pac was the greatest, try to find people who love Biggie like that on the West Coast or down south and it’s not the same, not because of any silly East/West beef but Biggie just haven’t left the same impression. Of course NY has most the major hip-hop magazines/media so they make it seem Pac and Biggie are on the same plane but in reality it’s not true.

  • biggthings

    I don’t know who comback jack is..but based on the small portion of this article I read I assume he is from NY, I’m more shocked that XXL actually pays sombody with so little knowledge of hip hop. To say “2Pacalypse Now” is wack shows you have no business even working for a Hip Hop magazine. There are several great songs off that album off the top of my head, “Brenda’s got a baby, “Part time mutha” “Soldier” “Got me strapped” your talking crazy…and even if you think Pac is over rated no one will ever be more over rated than Bigge!

  • Curtis75Black

    You know what Combat Jack, I wish you would’ve mentioned something that gets overlooked too much when dealing with a emcees catalog: Collaborations !! 2PAC had produced a crazy amount of collabos with Hardcore emcees to R&B acts and they all where classics. His catalog on that level included was one of the most diverse.

  • http://twitter.com/thiskiddiscrazy EZ-E_TheKidd

    I fully agree with this opinion…Pac, to me anyway, wasnt a great rapper. He had some good songs but I find myself only listening to 4 or 5 songs from a double disc of his “greatest hits.”
    What made him great were the things he said off the mic and the passion he had for people and music…he was an icon first…rapper second. Biggie was/is a better rapper. If biggie is the greatest to ever do it…then wayne is. *as i type this i am gathering the materials i need to weather the storm coming because of that statement.

  • sealsaa

    ” assume he is from NY, I’m more shocked that XXL actually pays sombody with so little knowledge of hip hop.”

    “and even if you think Pac is over rated no one will ever be more over rated than Bigge!”

    And thats what it comes down to. This arbitrary notion that if you’re not into Tupac, then you’re ignorant to hip-hop, as well as a gushing Biggie stan. Seriously, people need to get over this shit.

  • iKnow

    Ur such a dick. His first 2 albums were not “wack.” There nothing like All Eyez On Me or Me Against The World but they were good. Seriously, I can’t ever read a blog of yours after this. Your such a delshad.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    First off, all of this “greatest”, “best rapper alive” and all that shit means nothing. No one will ever be able to put a definitive list of the “Best Rappers or Emcees” together. Point blank, everyone is gonna have a different opinion of who’s their favorite and why. Overrated? Maybe not so much. Tupac was quite influential as an artist. “I get around” was also the first joint from him that I liked. Because of Pac, all these wanna be thugs and some of you have gone overboard with all of that tattoo shit! I hope offense is taken. He was decent. As with every artist, they have shit that needs to be deleted. Gotta take the good with the bad, and at least Pac got a generation of lost souls to look at their plight from a somewhat realistic point of view. Not sayin all that shit he talked was real to him, but it was happening to a lot of dudes across the globe. Oh yeah, Ras Kass to me is the greatest emcee ever!! See we all have our own opinions……..

  • dhunt512

    CJ Im usually with you brother but you lost me on this one! I think between your Eastcoast bias and your lack of understanding Pac’s impact on a generation that is much bigger than rap lyrics you are way off base! Pac was only 25 yrs old when he died and he left a legacy! And to judge him lyrically dating back over 13-18 yrs ago the context is definitely not there! I saw where you praised 50cent and his declining rap skills in 2009 but criticize Pac for material almost 20 yrs old is ridiculous! But hey your still my favorite blogger so much respect!

  • http://xxlmag.com Zoe

    Truth be told is,

    Pac, Biggie, and Pun all overrated, Big and pun tops the list tho, Big only mad 2 album wasn’t all that, Pun only made one album wasn’t all that either, but the only reason why pac first albums was garbage was because of the beats he had, his lyrics was good tho, Biggie had the whole east coast to ride him hard, and we know East coast got the biggest dick riders on earth, just look at Jay z and 50 cent.

    Oh Yea, Nas is overrated also,one good album and the rest was just bull, only his singles was worth playing, I would say more but I’m not. Hell the rappers in the 90′s is really all overrated.

  • render

    I had this debate too many damn times to get into it again in full, but in my eyes Pac made his own lane and did his own thing and because of that comparing him to other MC’s is almost impossible

    And no, I don’t believe he ever really lived that thug-life shit but I do know he lived that broke-with-an-empty stomach shit, and thats really what I relate to in his music. Everyone in this industry is fake anyways…at least pac built his lies about violence, anger and hopelessness upon real-ass emotions niggas in every hood around the world feel. There’s a reason why ghettos from Mogadishu to Belgrade have murals of this man on building walls and it aint just marketing and hype imo (tho that plays a part obviously)

    Is he my goat? no, but I respect the man for doing something noone else in the game was doing and doing it damn well

    and this coming from a eastcoast cat

  • NotoriousAGC

    look @ all this HATE on pac just cause he was from the west and you in NY aint like west coast beats..read his lyrics,listen to his style and NY rapper still jockin his shit, even you guys’ IDOL Jay-z took a song of PACS :me and my gf:
    over-rated? dont look @ the west when yall sayin DRAKE is the best of all time now,and NAS(his beats put me to sleep),mobb deep and all that nonsense…biggie helped NY badly,lol wutang too…pac and biggie GOAT(BECAUSE they inspired and rappers still stealin their lyrics)

  • these posts are racist

    combat jack, fuck you. Tupac was and is the GOAT. His Me Against the World Album alone merks any rapper in the game…past and present. Tupac is the GOAT on any objective standard.

    RIP the greatest ghetto poet and best Emcee. Tupac Shakur.

    • Around and Around

      “His Me Against the World Album alone merks any rapper in the game…past and present”

      That’s a stretch

  • Anthony

    Tupac may not have been the best lyricist but you can’t say he’s overrated because of his impact on hip hop. He influenced rappers like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and pretty much every “gangsta” rapper that’s out right now. You also have to keep in mind that he died at 25. There’s nothing overrated about his body of work for a 25 year old. As a matter of fact, with all due respect Combat Jack, he accomplished more than you would in multiple lifetimes. How many young people do you know that would be able to produce socially conscious songs like Brenda’s Got A Baby and Changes? I’m just curious, what rapper do you consider that isn’t overrated?

  • Manny Blanco from the Bronx


    You forgot to include “Holler if you hear me” on SFMN, which along with the video was a dope song (remember the twist when the cop-killing kid takes off the hat and long curly hair reveals it’s a girl?).

    Doesn’t everyone say “Holla” now…

    I agree that Pac was overrated, but this song is an example of the indelible imprint Pac left in the hearts of many hip-hop fans. Pac was not great because he was an MC with complex lyrics, but because he was artistic enough to diversify his concepts and knew how to channel his emotions and write from different perspectives. To each their own, but he definitely did not have classic whole albums. He’s more of a classic “best of” rapper.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    i feel more or less the same way OG Matt Herbz feels about Pac. I used to love him but when I saw the interview from when he was 17 and he had all these feminine mannerisms and he talked like a homo I was never the same again. I couldn’t take him seriously as a thug, he was an actor which kind of fucked with my head because I still like a lot of his music but I’m conflicted because I can’t endorse someone who is a faker. I think as time went on he became more and more reckless with his actions trying to be a hoodlum. I blame him for Biggie’s death. I also think he let Suge Knight play him as a pawn in the east coast west coast beef, and he also fucked him out of money too. Pac fucked up in the end with his gangster antics.

  • Anthony

    I don’t think Tupac was the best lyricist but I don’t think he’s overrated. What was Jay-Z doing at ages 21-25? 50 Cent? Lil Wayne? He’s catalog at those ages crush them and they basically copied his style. Neither of those guys have made a song to touch the masses like Pac did with Brenda’s Got A Baby, I Ain’t Mad At Cha, Changes, etc. Don’t get caught up in the style over the substance of his lyrics. No offense Captain Jack but it would take you multiple lifetimes to come close to making the impact that Pac did in 25 years.

  • stop

    The fact that you think Me Against the World only had two good songs killed all credibility with that post. That might easily be Pac’s best cd. There isn’t a song on that cd that I skip. Lord knows, Death around the Corner, Temptations, Get Away, Young Niggas, So Many Tears. The whole cd bangs. Wack post

  • http://myspace.com/cal1tunes Cal1

    This is the worst Hip Hop Article i ever read!!!

    How can you?

    i mean. this shit is stupid…Strrictly 4 my niggas was wack? U listened to keep ya head up?

    all eyez on me should be 10 songs and it wouldnt be a classic either?

    all stupid man. you cant hate on a rapper, who set new levels in the rapgame?! hatin on 2pac and his albums is hatin on johnny j, death row productions, daz dillinger, quik and all of them. soo stupid, bitches!

    2pac had soul, 2pac was real. go to the club and and dance to souljah boy, BITCH!

  • http://myspace.com/cal1tunes cal uno

    This is the worst Hip Hop Article i ever read!!!

    How can you?

    i mean. this shit is stupid…Strrictly 4 my niggas was wack? U listened to keep ya head up?

    all eyez on me should be 10 songs and it wouldnt be a classic either?

    all stupid man. you cant hate on a rapper, who set new levels in the rapgame?! hatin on 2pac and his albums is hatin on johnny j, death row productions, daz dillinger, quik and all of them. soo stupid, bitches!

    2pac had soul, 2pac was real. go to the club and and dance to souljah boy, BITCH!

    Fuck it…

  • OakTown

    Man you have to be a hater to not king 2pac the g.o.a.t. in rap, Dead or alive. The lyrical genius paved the way for gangsta rap and his songs still have relevance and can be bumped still today. The game of rap has gone down hill a lot since his reign, so even to be on top back then shows something, not overrated just cut off in his prime…if only he were still hear the game would be a lot different, no tpains or lil waynes.

  • cheezey

    Being that Pac is my favorite rapper, I will say I don’t believe he’s overrated, but they need to stop releasing so many after-death albums.

  • http://incilin.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/why-bloggers-hate-2pac/ Incilin

    Umm yeah…your just being a hater. It reads like your just bitter that other people have a connection to 2pac’s music that you don’t understand and so you go and act like 2pac only has 18 good songs, which is just crazy.

    However, I will agree that 2pac’s first two albums suffer from poor production (Wait, you even deleted “Holla If Ya Hear Me” and “Keep Ya Head Up”? Come on!) and that the Outlaws are THE WORST RAP GROUP OF ALL TIME (I don’t use caps often, but it’s totally necessary here). I agree that Outlaws mess up a lot of 2pac’s songs, but that doesn’t make 2pac wack. It makes the Outlaws wack.

    But none of that gives you the right to talk shit about Me Against The World, a brilliant album and a Top 10 favorite for me. MATW may have been overblown and drama filled when it was released, but in retrospect it is a true classic filled with anger, confusion, and a longing to return to the simple times of childhood. It’s thematically unified through it’s sparse sound, fear of death, and the stress of young man overwhelmed by fame and drama.

    I admit 2pac isn’t the best lyricist (but he is one of hip hop’s best song writers)but I have no idea how someone can question the lyricism of the last verse of songs like “Me Against The World” or “If I Die 2nite.” Not to mention that there are a number of Outlaw-less songs on that album, which is always a good thing.

    It’s also a bit unfair to stop counting 2pac songs after Makaveli. Some of his most memorable songs were released after he died including; “Until The End of Time” “Smile” “Running” “Thugs Mansion” “Realest Killers” “Staring Through My Rear View” (okay, the Outlaws kinda ruin that) and of course “Changes” (One of the best hip hop songs of all time).

  • John Cochran

    I agree that I dont like most of Mr. Shakur’s catalog, but to call him overrated is reaching. Yes he wasnt the best lyrically and he rapped over alot of shitty beats, but none of the little stones throw/duck down/ryhmesayers ass artists you nerds are fans of comes close to Pac’s influence on people’s minds and hearts. He’s sold more dead than your favorite rapper has alive. That means somebody somewhere likes him. What’s funny to me is if someone wrote this about Biggie the same ones that are agreeing with the shit would have a fit.

  • these posts are racist

    anyone who loves Tupac please post the following comment: fuck you combat jack. Rip the goat, Tupac.

    • Chilly Willy

      C’mon, homie !

      Not this again…..I mean, seriously !

  • dwnsouf910

    yo dis is article is messed up. i hope they did not publish this in the magazine itself. dude said me against the world is ALRIGHT. yo every track on dere is hot. ALL EYEZ ON ME was so fuckin hot. 2paclyspe now and strictly for my niggaz was pretty ok. but the nigga who wrote dis doesn’t understand what it feels like to be in the struggle. counldnt no one else do it like him. no rapper today can compare thier style to 2pac. he was larger than the rap game. REVOLUTIONARY.you sound crazy nigga, 2PAC IS NOT OVERRATTED


  • sealsaa

    “The lyrical genius paved the way for gangsta rap”

    I could swear that was NWA(remember them? Ice Cube? Dr. Dre? MC Ren? Eazy E? NO?)…So now, The Outlaws>>>WuTang Clan, and NWA is irrelevant? This is some hardcore stannery right here…

  • Jeff Smith

    This is the craziest hating ass blog I’ve ever heard in my life…and anybody that agree with this bullshit is a dick riding faggot who’s loves the attention!!

  • Money Mitch

    Wow all i can say is who ever wrote this article is the biggest hater in history! me against the world had many dope tracks on it! From temptation to old school to can you get away to fuck the world wow that is pac’s best album and he hated on it just for the sake of being a hater!

  • megagavelli

    “my homie got killed by a fiend , tried to floss on him, blind to a broken mans dreams–a hard lesson”

    no other rapper spits shit like this…

    you don’t analyze pac.. you just fall back and feel him

  • Krack Mo

    what the fuck is wrong with this blog writer?! everything shows he hates pac and i hope he puts on a blog to explain how overrated biggie was too.so many new yorkers talk about biggie as the greatest but to me none of biggie’s album gets closer to sticky fingaz ‘blacktrash’ or was it cuz stixky fingaz didnt pick up a major beef with any artist or got shot or got killed?i dont see pac as the greatest and neither do i see biggie as the greatest too but u could listen to pac and u will feel like he is conversing with you and advising you.u listen to biggie’s albums and they so full of useless skits.this writer is a straight retard.outside america, u can never talk about hiphop without mentioning pac’s name.he sold hiphop to the rest of the world simply put.

  • Mr. North

    This article was bullocks. “Me Against the World” had more than a few classic tracks as stated above. And “All Eyes On Me” was the greastest and the first Rap double disc to come out. It was classic as well. I read the whole thing looking to find some sort reason to agree in some aspects though of course we all have differnce of opinion. But you really seem to have just wanted to attack his discography and his character. Not cool.

  • Isee

    You are trying to start the week off with a bang. You on some Rush Limbaugh/Bill O’Reilly shit here bro. I get it, but no other rap artist has made better songs, not verses, but songs, than tupac. Nobody has captured the emotion of the ghetto better, no one, and it’s sad, but most black people are from or still live in the hood. For this he is championed, misguided true, confused I agree. But all he needed was a mic, without his death, the East coast would not have had that late nineties run. He was burying everbody, and everybody he was at, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Puffy, with the exception of Big, or looked at differently today because of how shady they are and have been. Pac was a prophet, he just wanted acceptance from the hood, instead of graduating from it.

  • Marco V

    -Ok I understand where dude is comin from, but to say that Pac is OverRated is just plain wrong, I mean when he passed the whole hip hop nation took it to heart, it was a black day in hip hop. Pac is and for ever will be one of the best of all time, how many cats you know can make u feel passionately about whats going on in the streets, then on the the next track make u wanna say f**k it and get your Thug On, all ima say is this if your gonna look at Pac and ask this question you better look at everyone else and ask tha same f**kin question!!


  • Kadio

    This article and its author suck major dick. Lyrically Pac isn’t one of the greatest, but there are no other rappers to ever write material like he did. Ok his 1st 2 albums were so so, but Me Against the World, All Eyez On Me and Makaveli are straight classics! Why was Rappin’ 4-Tay on the album??? This is how i know you dont know shit about the music. 4_tay was the biggest thing in the Bay area at the time and he showed Pac mad luv when Pac was locked down so Pac gave him a chance to shine. Fuck the haters, Pac is the greatest artist Hip Hop has ever produced. Sad thing is lyrically he was getting better, as shown on Makaveli, but the homie died. Fucked up. Anyway, fuck this article!

  • Subscriber to your blog

    I subscribe to Daily Mathematics and am a HUGE fan of your work, but dude, before I go in on the substance of this article; you have done two things here which I have never known you to do 1.) you have stirred up controversy on a clichéd topic in the manner of an attention whore, and 2.) you are firing shots without provocation. Note also that I say this as someone who is not a huge fan of Tupac.

    1. What is the point of this? Are you attention whoring Combat? It’s not his birthday. Not near the month or day he died. Pac been gone nearly 15 years. He is not on people’s radar. Every now and then they will play a Pac track on the radio during some mix, and they won’t even finish the complete song. If anything, Pac has become a guilty pleasure or some strange fascination kids who weren’t born when he was alive cling to, because people like 50 and Wayne do mention him. It bothers me you chose to make this your first post on XXL. Is this what we have to look forward to? What they paying you over there homie? To sell out like this. Im questioning your motives, and your gully. Gully niggas don’t move like this.
    2. You firing mad shots at dude. Okay you don’t like his shit. Fine. And I even agree with some of your album reviews. But that’s beyond the point. Now you dissing his fans. Calling them stans, comparing them to Sade…what they do to you? They like dudes music. Normally your blogs are a bit of fresh air. Everyone in the blogosphere presses buttons for a response. For traffic. But normally you way above that. Always taking the high road (no shots fired). Beefing when someone comes at you foul. This was wack.
    As for the substance of your article. Ill just touch on what you missed. You’re missing all the Pac collabs. B-side joints. My Block, Pain etc…And by not addressing post-humous shit, you also missing a lot of good songs as well. Pac does have a lot of trash. A lot. But much of it was never meant to be released. Moreover, he only had 2-3 years of himself really in his stride. Its like if you took the first couple wayne or jay joints and judged. Pac deserves the praise he gets. Maybe a little more if you consider his influence and short length of his career. Plus, as articles like this show. He gets more than his share of hate as well. Shame you had to jump in that mix though. Much less as your grand debut

  • Jhon da Analyst

    BTW Combat Jack, anytime someone uses the term “no disrespect” it’s usually followed by blatant disrespect. No disrespect, but what do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?? See where I’m going with this.

  • Combat jack’s a 42 yr old whiteboy

    NO “one” Rapper in the history of the world had the impact that PAC (r.i.p) had. Not biggie, not fat joe, nas who ever.. he wasnt the best at using big words and metaphors and shit but whats all that when u not sayin nothin.. PAC made real music not just music to show he was talented at spittin metaphors and big words.. he had a message behind his shit my niggas… dont let This 42 yr old white blogger steer your opion because if you read this article you would know he dont know what the hell he talkin bout.

    p.s. Only niggas in the north east rock wit biggie.. he was good but but not that good..

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Combat jack’s a 42 yr old whiteboy”

      Who the f*** cares?

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Tupac-born 1971

        Today-age 38

        Does age matter now?

        Or is it y’all only wanna remember 2pac when he was young? How do you know he would still be doing the same things as an “OLD HEAD”?

        Who’s really living in the past?

        • Combat Jack’s a 42 year old whiteboy

          “”John Mccaine”"

          Man im 24 homie and i dont usually be on these sites blogging and internet thuggin and shit but at the end of the day my point is the body of work he achieved at 25 eclipses rap niggas whole careers back in those day AND these days… that nigga was a powerhouse and he rapped about real hood shit…thats why niggas from the suburbs or white people say he was overrated.. cause they cant relate to him.. i cant speak on how old he would be and what he would do nowadays cause the nigga dead so all we can go off of is what he did. he influenced his generation and his swagg is copied “to this day” by almost everybody in the rap game.. so all that adding his age, and what he would do while he a old nigga shit dont matter cause he did more when he was alive at the age of 25, to influence hip hop than most every rappers/mc’s back then or today could do in 3 lifetimes.. so wat u talkin bout has no depth to it.. its just a empty statement.. i respect ur opinion tho my nigga

  • nick

    the idea that tupac shakur is overrated is such a slap in the face to hip hop. he had more depth as an artist back than than anyone did in the 80s, 90s, or today. he was a real representation of what the music was supposed to be about. todays rappers get popular off beats instead of dope rhymes and style… im pretty upset XXL would even put this page on its website

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “he had more depth as an artist back than than anyone did in the 80s, 90s, or today.”

      2Pac had more depth than Public Enemy? KRS-One? Seriously? So those 2 I specifically named are not a real representation of hip hop?

      I can understand Pac influenced YOU, but what you said comes off as nobody did hip hop any justice until 2Pac started rapping.

      You are wrong.

  • ChiquitaB

    I consider B-More the city that raised me (originally from somewhere else). TRUST you DO NOT want to disrespect PAC in this city, dudes get emo with lighting speed about that s***.

    While I don’t think PAC is the greatest (my Big Brutha would end me if he knew I said that) I TRULY APPRECIATE his music. Songs like Only God Can Judge Me, 2 Live & Die In L.A, Bury Me A G, How Long Will They Mourn me are all songs I really love. When I think of Pac, wack never enters my mind (there are far too many rappers more deserving of that notion). Not to mention Pac knew how to make a f***’ing song cry!

    I happen to love Sade with a passion. Are you saying I’m bat s*** crazy :) (since I like them both) *lol*.


  • Shun

    I happen to think that Pac was one of the phoniest people to ever be involved in the rap game. Everything about him was fictitious and his radical behavior wasn’t as a result of him being crazy or a thug but rather a result of him trying to play up to the characters he idolized/hung out with; haitian jack agnant being one of them. pac had to go out of his way to prove how much of a thug he was because he always felt like he wasnt getting his just desserts from these real gangsters. it’s like a little brother who constantly pushes your buttons b/c in reality he idolizes you.

    with that being said it’s pretty obvious that i never thought Pac to be the greatest rapper of all time..however he would possibly make it into my top 10 and this is b/c i think he had many more quality songs than CJ highlighted for example:

    2Pacalypse Now- i’ll agree that this album was pretty much subpar…Brenda’s Got a Baby was ok @ best, however i think If My Homie Calls was the star of this album..a decent track for a first album

    Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.- Except for the obvious I Get Around…Keep Ya Head is considered by some as an instant classic..therefore raising the profile of this album immediately. Additionally, I will highlight Papaz Song from this album as a personal favorite..i dont know what it is..i just dig this track. 2 solid tracks..and an arguable classic..good sophmore album

    Me Against the World – I was 15..and i banged the hell out of this album. much better production than the previous 2..and a much improved Pac overall. Dear Mama is the obvious standout..simply b/c it got major air/tv play..and became a hood favorite. Old School was my favorite track off this album..but it made me resent Pac even more when he became a west side rider..you cant talk about uptown trains and the Latin Quarters if you wind up harboring such resentment for NY. If I Die 2Nite, So Many Tears, Me Against the World, Death Around the Corner; all decent songs. Overall a solid album

    All Eyez on Me- hated him by this point..but How Do U Want it, California Love, Ambitionz, I Aint Mad At Cha were all good tracks..but I could never take him seriously on this album or anything after the fact (posthumously or not).

    Does Pac deserve all the idolations and dick riding? probably not. Did he put together some great tracks? Yea you can argue that. Is he the best of all time? Hell no.

  • D. $cience

    People get so confused with the “Pac is Overrated” mumbo jumbo…

    2Pac is the most overrated “rapper”. His artistry, including his songwriting and poetry, was highly influential in accord with the day-to-day struggles of an angry black male. What people don’t understand, though, is that Nas, Big Pun, Biggie, and other emcees as well are JUST AS INFLUENTIAL with classic songs and albums, plus RAP BETTER than 2Pac. What gets me is how people pictures a GOAT rapper…they say Pac is GOAT because of his emotional presence, his passion, his lyrics, how he touched the lives of young thugs, but Nas didn’t have the same passion and lyrical prowess on “Illmatic”? Jay-Z didn’t paint a vivid picture in “Reasonable Doubt” of the dangers of the hood? Hip Hop is too big for Pac to be the lone GOAT if you ask me, because Pac’s flow can go from on-point to off-bar with wack, stink-faced production. So, Pac is considered “overrated” from a skill standpoint, which I thought was a piece of the core of Hip Hop…actual skill. If you listen to Pac and say he’s the best by the same reasons other Pac stans say he’s the best (his passion, pain, blah blah) then you don’t get the bigger picture of why he’s NOT the GOAT, and therefore won’t get the picture of why there’s simply NO GOAT but the most influential.

    • NotoriousAGC

      nas,big pun, will never EVER EVER be on pacs level no matter how many mad ricans and Jayz stans get on here sayin that they is, the world KNEW pac and loved his passion,lyrics and style, tell me atleast 1 person out the country who would say that bout nas or bun….A LOT OF HATE on the east side again…
      overrated NY rappers 50,jay,nas,eeryone but BIGGIE

  • http://myspace.com/blublack bLUbLACK

    Pac is in my Top fIVE, (GREATEST OF ALL TIME)CAD,but its true, alot of his ablums was not Hot, he had Hot singles,witH him it was more than his music, He was simlpy Emotional, and Passionate about his life, his mother and fater were Black Pathers, so he saw the world as a Revolutionaire, fightin the Goverment in his days, and not BEING SCARE TO CALL NIGGAS OUT, He was real,BEGIN Bishop, after the movie he spazzed out,He stayed in Bishop,But when i really got Luv for Pac was (THE 7 DAY Theory)thats a CLASSIC, stop frontin,Pac aired everybody out that fronted on him at some point, real talk, what rapper living or dead is being study in Colleges,stop frontin on Pac.

  • Detroit Dave

    When is XXL MAG gonna get the ballz to say that 50 Cent is overrrated? 50 Cent is an above average rapper that seems to be more interesting in an interview than he is on wax.

    I agree that 2Pac isn’t a great rapper but he is by far the most intersting/captivating person hiphop has ever scene. I agree with some of the article.

    1) But how could you forget about “So Many Tears” on Me Against the World? Did you actually listen to the album?

    2) You crazy for talking down on Big Syke and Rappin 4 Tay as being guest rappers? Nobody thinks that they are nice but shit, I thought they fit in well on All Eyez on ME.

  • Detroit Dave

    When is XXL MAG gonna get the ballz to say that 50 Cent is overrrated? 50 Cent is an above average rapper that seems to be more interesting in an interview than he is on wax.

    I agree that 2Pac isn’t a great rapper but he is by far the most intersting/captivating person hiphop has ever scene. I agree with some of the article.

    1) But how could you forget about “So Many Tears” on Me Against the World? Did you actually listen to the album?

    2) You crazy for talking down on Big Syke and Rappin 4 Tay as being guest rappers? Nobody thinks that they are nice but shit, I thought they fit in well on All Eyez on ME. Nobody says anything about wack ass Junior Mafia being on songs with Biggie.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    By the comments section, I’d say Tupac’s strong point was emotion. Certain musicians abilities transcend (or negate) content &/or quality with pure emotion.

    I think Pac did that for a lot of people.

  • that nigga

    Thanks Combat Jack. Now, do this same article for Biggie. Not a fan of either, they both was mad nice, just mad overrated. Just my opinion. No hate.

  • Big D

    pac was great thug life for life. he was killed early before he even got to his prime his music is great so all you haters go f your self because if pac was alive today every one would be on his dick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iamlegend

    I respect ur opinion and all combat jack but u lost ur cot damn mind its not always about metaphors and similes and lyrical acrobatics that wasnt Pacs strong suit those metaphors aint getting nobody through their day that man Pac was comin from the soul speaking 2 the ones who felt like they was hopeless and if u cant relate its not 4 ur ears its that simple no one has ever put that type of emotion in a rap record he spoke 4 a generation and its inhumane 2 judge that obviously u or anybody who agrees with u cant relate 2 our struggle.

  • blaze

    No disrepsect jack but I couldnt even finnish reading this blog because obviously you dont have a clue what you are talking about. That Blog with Jay being scared of 50 was waaay off and you are doing no better here. I gave you the benefit with Pac first 2 albums because I was around 10 when they came out so I didnt really get to hear them but to say MATW ol skool was the only hot track, its clear you have no musical taste and it seems to me you came up with this blog for attention.

    XXl already has a shock jock blogger and even crawfords blogs make some kinda sense. You need to keep trying.

  • Sarkastixxx

    On the real. People do not know how to judge\critique emcees. It’s all about the flow\cadence\breathe control, vocab, voice, wordplay, creativity and wittiness. That’s how I always have and always will judge a rapper.

    Swagger, street credibility, money does not make an emcee. You have to be nice on the mic point blank. That’s all I care about. I don’t care how much money you got, who you screwing, how many kids you have, how many cars you have, who you dissed. If you ain’t NICE on the M.I.C “I don’t give a F***” ie…Smokey.

    Tupac was inspirational, creativity, had breathe control, a dope voice and was a tenacious actor. As an emcee he was just okay to me. I love Pac as an actor “…I tell ya momma you ain’t sh*t”….”THIS N*GGA SCARED!!!!!”

    Intelligent… please youtube Tupac interviews
    Pac was the illest, articulate expressed his self like no other.

    So is Tupac overrated……as a top 10 emcee I would say yes. As an overall talented MF***er… HELL Nah!!!!!

  • CombatJackIsWhiteStan

    Combat Jack, please do the word a favor, along with these others in here and KILL YOURSELF!!! Not many artists connected with the people like Pac did? That dude would spit fire and it was the truth, not this bullshit ass wrap that comes out today. He was the people’s champ. You go anywhere around the world and you can see Pac posters. Who cares about lyrical ability/skill when you have passion powerful enough to cause earthquakes?

  • S-DUBB google me

    Dear Combat Jack,

    I would agree with you that as a rapper Pac was not the greatest MC. But what he was, was a great observer and reporter. He was a solid actor because he tapped into the raw emotion and that could be felt on the screen. This also carried over to his music after that role in Juice. After being locked down and reading all those books he came out with a better delivery a better flow and a better feel for beats. People really related to PAC he had charisma and his roots as a panther made him a so called “leader”. I gets it in with PAC. Biggie was way better, even Jay as an MC but what they didn’t have was Pac’s ability to connect with his listener’s on a personal level. Being a child who’s single mother was on crack and welfare when that man said “so I’m hopless” I felt that shit in my heart. I never had a Biggie song do that to me or even Jay for that matter. Before I end it off that man was the one who said “ever since I was an iddie biddie kiddie drinking liquor out my momma tittie” nuff said Pac was a legend and our modern day Elvis had he released two or three more albums he would have improved and evoled three or four more times and he would have been “Already Home”

  • S-DUBB google me

    Dear Combat Jack,

    I would agree with you that as a rapper Pac was not the greatest MC (Overrated). What he was, was a great observer and reporter. He was a solid actor because he tapped into the raw emotion and that could be felt on the screen (not to mention from B-more to Marin city Pac was getting his ass beat just like Bishop). This also carried over to his music after that role in Juice. After being locked down and reading all those books he came out with a better delivery a better flow and a better feel for beats. He even stepped up his mataphors. People really related to Pac he had charisma and his roots as a panther made him a so called “leader”. I gets it in with PAC. Biggie was way better, even Jay as an MC but what they didn’t have was Pac’s ability to connect with his listener’s on a personal level. Me being a child who’s single mother was on crack and welfare when that man said “smoking weed so I’m hopless” I felt that shit in my heart. I never had a Biggie song do that to me or even Jay for that matter. Before I end it off that man was the one who said “ever since I was an iddie biddie kiddie drinking liquor out my momma tittie” nuff said Pac was a legend and our modern day Elvis had he released two or three more albums he would have improved and evolved three or four more times and he would have been “Already Home”

  • jack bronson

    i couldnt disagree with the blogger more. Sounds like you have a little bitterness/haterness in your heart 2 for some reason. One good song on me against the world? are you fucking kidding me.While I agree that his albums were not all albums you could let each track play (yea, alot of weed carriers, but thats the type of dude pac was, he always put his boys on, not matter what, even if it meant people like you saying he doesnt have “classic” albums) if you put (well, not you, because you just dont seem to “get it” about pac) his 10 best songs next to anyother rappers best ten songs he kills 90% of them, and stand even with the rest.


  • alderman j


  • jack bron

    With all this extra stressin
    The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
    When will I finaly get to rest? Through this supression
    they punish the people that’s askin questions
    And those that possess, steal from the ones without possesions
    The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons
    Don’t settle for less – even the genius asks-es questions
    Be grateful for blessings
    Don’t ever change, keep your essence
    The power is in the people and politics we address
    Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic
    And when you get stranded
    And things don’t go the way you planned it
    Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference
    Politicians and hypocrites, they don’t wanna listen
    If I’m insane, it’s the fame made a brother change
    It wasn’t nuttin like the game
    It’s just me against the world

    • http://www.monsterkings.com Heretic Skeptic

      Peace. I read every post up to this point (jack bron’s post), and agreed/disagreed with a variety of things that were typed. After all of the debating, it was nice to see someone post his lyrics. Those are amazing, in my opinion, and i am a huge fan of all types of hip hop cats (MF DOOM, Jay-Z, E-40, Ghetto Boys, Ras Kass, etc.). i mention the different kind of cats i respect and appreciate to emphasize that there is no G.O.A.T. other than the one an individual sees as such. if i think it’s Ice Cube, it cannot be proven wrong. If you think it’s a member of EPMD, The Fugees, Wu, Souls of Mischief, etc., then it cannot be proven wrong. let go of your ego, for real. it isn’t easy, but have respect for the fact that people enjoy what they enjoy, and if you don’t, you can just let that be and still enjoy what you enjoy. jack bron….thanks for those lyrics. i haven’t bumped that album in a grip. i will now. Peace.

  • frow

    Killllll yoouuurr selllfff to say he had only two really good songs off his first two entire albums, and that the role as bishop reshaped his entire life (im going to say getting shot 5 times, going to jail for something he didnt do, and not trusting anyone changed him and predicting hisown death) is the most retarded thing ive ever heard. Sounds like a hater to me. not saying he is greatest and end all be all of rap but def top three.

  • alderman j

    ………..plus when he called another rapper out that rappers response was usually nothing, AND HE DIDNT WASTE TIME with rappers not on his level he went straight at the best! even yalls DADDY JAY Z, was scared, they new they couldnt fuck with him!!!!


  • Gerv

    Fuck the bitch that wrote this post and every nigga talkin bad on Pac.Yall would never say no shit bout Biggie like this you disrespectful hoes can’t stop hating on a dead man.Like they say that’s how you know you made it when niggas talkin bout you.In his case he is dead and yall still trying to talk shit bout him.Don’t be mad because Biggie will never be remembered or talked about in the same light as Pac will.

  • btb

    cj – don’t agree with your arguments/opinions but i was only 9 when pac died so i appreciate your perspective on this.

  • http://xxlmag.com IAMHIPHOP

    Tupac is like the Bob marley of HipHop.Yes he is not the greatest lyrical MC ever.That title goes to the great Rakim.However;Tupac was extremely talented.He had one thing over ever other mc,that is he did his music from his heart.This is why he is so loved.The streets love pac.The cats in prison love pac.the hood love pac.To me tupac was a rarity.Tupac could make a song about his mom(DEAR MAMA)then flip to gangster(AMB RIDA)then flip to player mode(I GET AROUND)Then flip concious mc (TRAPPED,KEEP YA HEAD UP,BRENDA GOT A BABY,WHITE MAN’S WORLD).The reality of it is TUPAC may possible be the greatest ever.I must give pac his due.DEAD OR ALIVE HE WAS THE TRUTH.REST IN PEACE TUPAC.I SINCERELY DO MISS YOU.ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU NOW!!!

  • sealsaa

    ““So Many Tears””

    ^^This should be the title of the comments section. These stans are going hard(no homo)

    • og bobby j

      “Stanbitions of 2pac dick ridaz”

      • haters everywhere

        man yall niggas funny “bobby j and sealsaa”… i bet yall be on here everyday bloggin and internet thuggin..lololooll..Dayyym that nigga MUST of been raw… he got haters hating on his fans lololol… R.I.P G.O.A.T “PAC”.. lolol at these lil dick faggot bloggers wit no lives.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Carlos

    Dang, I aint no know there could be such a hater on 2Pac, whoever typed this is WAK!

  • sealsaa

    “Stan Killuminati: The 700 post theory”

  • det-313

    this is my first time comming on this website now its my last homeboy you should be fired i bet you think biggie is yhe best and he only dropped two albums

  • JFD

    this post is bullshit Tupac may have not been the best lyrically but lyrical ability is not all that goes into being the best rapper of all time. Tupac made a bigger impact on the game then any rapper has ever made. He was a poet with a lot of passion and the dude could move a crowd and he could make anyone into a follower. in my oppinon he is not the best of all time because of his lyrical ability but because of how he impacted the game and peoples lives

  • liaBIGPUNov

    Basically whatever I always tell people who come up with Pac or even try to compare him to the late great Christopher or the other big Christopher. The part on the emotional issues hits the nail on the head.
    I kind of dig Pac, Ambitionz az a Ridah is one of my all time favorite songs but..seriously..
    even Hit ‘em Up to me is vastly overrated…there’s not really a single quotable line, compare that with Who Shot Ya, kick in the door, Ether(hell..the whole song is a quote), even Takeover, to the break of dawn, etc.

  • TheRefriedMexican


    • GEMINI

      Tupac WAS and IS the greatest hip hop legend, nothing nor anyone’s opinion will ever change that. He may be overrated to some, but to all others we know the impact his lyrics made was/is much greater, thus putting him on this pedestal that WILL last forever!

    • macdatruest


  • T.RicH

    Like a trU N.i.G.G.A.. imma respond correctly cuz im “Never ignorant Gettn Goals Accmplshd” U’z a Drizzy Drake Ryder i see.. Couldnt really relate 2Pac..Ha! 1st 2 albums Wack.. where He Hear Pac @? thru a clock radio?? sMh! Cuz this dude def didnt hear the same cuts i hear.. n 2b honest i truly dont think Ur a Hip Hop Head.. cuz back then thats when Pac was considered 2B More..HipHop! He was a Passionate Poet/story teller.. no nonsense type of Guy!! Ur Correct He’s not a HipHop Legend.. He’s B.i.G.Ger than HipHop! U talking about how his records were mix n mastered n abt his guest features..sounding like U Benzino 4da Source..lol! u made no commnts to what he spoke on during those albums n rank em to that era.. He took wht KRS1 n Chuck D.. started n served it like Crack.. Meanings howeva u got it U rocked iT!! U cnt relate but those features were who Pac F’d With not just who was Hot by industry standards.. aReal HipHop Move!! n Pac wasnt the Ear 4Music like Dr.Dre.. Pac was a Messenger only focusin on puttin his word out.. we didnt listen to Pac Beats.. we listened 2HiM.. the HipHop industry overates Beats.. Like Bob Marley.. U’ll def call him a Legend but tell me all his songs were Wonderfully Made or had the illest Beats.. Pac didnt use the cleverness of Big to sell.. he won Us over with Real Lyrics.. what HipHop is Missing 2day!!

  • http://antwonomous.blogspot.com Antwonomous

    He wasn’t the most gifted lyricist, not a great or special lyricist, but he was a very good lyricist. And besides, I think that’s almost besides the point. Tupac is not the greatest rapper of all-time because he was more talented or even as talented as Eminem or Biggie (he was not, and you can name many more better raw rappers), he’s the greatest rapper of all-time because of how his music affected the people. The emotion and sensitivity he spoke with and the issues he discussed remain unparalleled, in my opinion, and he was highly charismatic.

    Plus, while conceding that he may not have been the most talented lyrically, I don’t think any rapper has ever made more good rap songs. I think it would be hard to disagree with that opinion, actually.

    And if that’s the case, how can he be overrated?

  • C. Hop

    all the insight activism and defiance Pac was supposedly about was on Cube’s Death Certificate. Listen to Black Korea, I Wanna Kill Sam and Us. Tales and instructions on how to further f*ck ourselves up aren’t activism. It’s like saying McDonalds has the best beef cause everyone eats there and n*ggas don’t know what Ruth’s Chris is.

  • Chilly Willy

    When the scandal of the prophet Muhammad cartoons blew up in Europe a few years back, one french cartoonist made one more featuring the prophet saying: “I’m great, but it’s hard to be loved by dumb people !”.

    If Pac’s ghost read those comments, I think he’ll cosign that man.

    I’m a Pac fan who respect all those who love him and still are able to have intelligent convo. They know who they are (I see y’all).

    This is more about the less articulate ones. Are “fuck”, “you” and “GOAT” the only words in your dictionary ?

  • 504eazy

    This guy obviously isn’t a 2pac fan but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he actually heard the material but didn’t listen to it. I hate that he was taken from us because he was about to get in some real positive and uplifting stuff for black people. We needed somebody like him because of his passion and the fact that he was realistic. He wasn’t always mad, he didn’t always talk bad about women. He was really trying to capture the public’s attention to then start doing some teaching and uplifting in his music close to Bob Marley music. A lot of rap fans complain about complexity of lyrics but just because words rhyme and sound hot don’t always make it right. Name another artist in your top 10 with a “Dear Mama” song. I think he was the most misunderstood artist of our time.



  • Ol Boy (From Up Da Block)

    Dude, I respect your opinion but what rapper, old school and new school, is f@#$ing with 2Pac conceptually? What MC takes time out their usual nut grabbing and self-gratification to speak on someone other than themselves? Who, Biggie? Jay? Big L, Pun, or any other rapper with Big as their first name? Or maybe you’re a Mos Def, MF Doom, and De La Soul fan? The same opinion that you have of 2Pac’s lyrics is the same opinion that most gang bangers have of underground artists: that they can’t understand what they are talking about.

    But in my opinion, not only should 2Pac be in EVERYBODY’S Top 5, he should be No 1 off of influence, impact, style, and musical devices (rhetoric that he used to get his point across). Mind you, his beats were not the greatest at the beginning of his career, but we can say the same for quite a few more lyrically adept artists (Ras Kass, Canibus, etc). Makaveli alone can be labeled a classic, with the “weed carriers” on his tracks because they never took away from the music and added a new dimension to the track. So all in all, I can tell that you wrote this off of your own opinion and not objectively. TRY AGAIN!!!!

  • ed-hova

    Who is the greatest rapper of all time? Well really know one is, not even Jay-Z. Is 2Pac overrated yes he is, was he the best, not really, but who really listened to Lil Wayne’s first three albums, and were they labled classics not even the Tha Carter III was a classic, but was 2Pac ONE of the greatest well yes he was. I mean the man’s been dead since 96′ and he’s still talked about everyday. The man is a myth, a lengend, and a GOD in the world of music. He opened up our souls, and made us face reality. Who was more passionate about the color of his skin then Pac? No one, shit the man didn’t even want to live, he didn’t care who was the king of NY or who was the greatest rapper alive, he just wanted everyone to feel his pain, cause his pain was our pain. 2Pac will always be in my top ten rappers, and he’s not number 1. His he really overrated? Like I said before yes, but sit down and listen to his words feel his pain and wonder why…

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    For all who are throwing out how much of a revolutionary he was, WHY AIN’T Y’ALL REPPING THAT INSTEAD OF “THUG LIFE”?

    That man made songs about family, mom dukes, real issues. SINCE Y’ALL RIDING FOR HIM WHY DON’T Y’ALL RIDE WITH HIM ON THEM TOPICS?

    Cats be trying so hard to be the next Pac but I ain’t heard another “Brenda” or “Dear Momma” YET. But I’ve seen a thousand “Thug Life” spawns.


    If 2Pac would’ve stayed in the Digital Underground lane, y’all wouldn’t even mention his name. Can some of you come to the realization that you are enticed with him because of his “Thug Life”, “Bishop” presentation?

    Because a lot of the other stuff that man did/said I don’t see any of his fans/stans making an even futile attempt to duplicate.

  • Tonyto’sWay

    Sooo you’re pretty much saying that Pac doesnt even have one Classic album and you brake down his better songs to 18, 12 actually….uhmmm well I agree with you only to the extent that his first 2 albums weren’t good and that he can’t be considered the greatest ever due to way more lyrical MC’s that came before and after him…on that note I do feel he’s overrated but other than that I think you’re full of shit you sort of overlooked the fact of how deep his lyrics touches a person that can relate to some of his songs…then you go as far as to say that me against the world only has 2 good songs?? get the fuck outta here to me that was his best album and his first classic then he dropped 2 more classics after that back to back contrary to what you think…you just sound like a East Coast hater mad at the fact that Biggie, Big L & Big Pun’s Legend status will never be as Great as 2Pac’s…God Bless the Dead!!!

  • dave the dope fiend

    Im from L.A., mexican-american first time commenter.
    Out here you are like a fucking retard if you say you don’t like Pac. Everybody loves Pac but in the streets he’s like a saint/martyr. Every gangster (black/mexican/asian) out here LOVES Pac. I actually got a homie with a Pac tattoo. I mean bitchez still talk about wanting to fuck with him, dudes wanna be like him. I like a few of his songs but i think Biggie was waaay nicer.

    Biggie>Big L>Pun>Pac>Mac Dre>Freaky Tah>

    • C. Hop

      Andre 3000>Scarface>Mac Dre>Sean P>Ice Cube. I guess we know how the first people who figured out the world was round trying to convince the masses it wasn’t flat.

  • MR_4Q_PAY_ME

    Although I respect your right to your opinion, I DEFINITELY dont AGREE with it .. ‘Pac was by no means ,the best wordsmith.He was not the best rhymesayer. Pac DID make it “cool” to CARE..He actually put FEELING into his songs.When you heard “Dear Mama” or “Keep your head up” (and many others) you didnt just HEAR it,you FELT it !You FELT the pain ! You FELT the struggle ! You FELT the energy ! He was the one rapper who walked it how he talked it ..

    I DO agree on one thing you said — He DEFINITELY had too many of his “weed carriers” on his songs. But I think that was part of his gift as well — to put OTHERS on so they can try to better themselves..

  • nickatina

    this bitch ass fool is stupid, Pac told stories about shit that happens everywhere especially in the rough areas of America. People can relate to it and Pac encourages people and lets them know people aren’t alone. Fans can relate. These rappers these days are horrible about relating and story telling. Not many struggling kids like me can relate to “making it rain” “money money money”. Pac is the best EVER.

  • http://none Eddie

    This is hip-hop blasphemy!!! The industry was never worthy of Pac, which is why he was here then gone like that. You tryin’ to interpret his legacy is like the dog Lassie tryin’ to communicate to his master. Please dogg, get real my $&**@!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/tk1records FK!

    Who is this clown that wrote this article??? Please fire him… somebody please

  • http://xxl rich

    i will give you that if he didnt die he would not have been as big as he got but the same thing is true about biggie. but your wrong i was listing to tupac from day one. how was he overated? he was the first person to have a number 1 album while in jail. his subject matter was way better than biggie. yea he did the gangster rap which alot of rapppers then and now rap about but he had the ability to give you the female side and show a vulnerable side with out going soft. he also had songs that uplifted many black people. biggie was a great rapper but didnt rap about anything but guns drugs and clothes. great lyrics but not a big subject matter. you have a right to your opinion but no way was tupac overated

  • Joe

    XXL mag has pissed me off for the last time.
    This site is full of over 30 year olds trying to relive their golden age when they listening to Eric B and Rakim.
    New York City does not represent the whole US or how everything thinks. Your music scene as a result is dying.
    Hip Hop is not for old men, for the very last fuckign time. you can not relate to what younger generation is going through and our lives in general. Get these sorry bloggers out of here, get a real fucking job, and stop trying to relive the glory days. NOONE CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION, WHAT U THINK OF TUPAC, OR IF YOU DONT LIKE AUTOTUNE whatever you have to say about the TALL ISRAELIS.
    half of ur bangers are from washed up old men as well, and underground rappers from New York that noone in 75% of the country cares about.


    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      ^^^ Then log off Joe…Hip hop is 30 + years old, it was here before you were born. If we were reliving Eric B & Rakim why wouldn’t we just go listen to it Joe?

      No it’s your music scene that’s dying Joe. Again there’s over 30 years of hip hop to listen to. HIP HOP IS FOR ANYONE WHO ENJOYS THE ART & MUSIC. WHO ARE YOU TO NOTATE WHO THE MUSIC IS FOR OR NOT FOR?

      How can the older not relate to the younger music or problems when the older have already gone thru it Joe? We didn’t have hip hop like y’all do, WE MADE IT. You sound inexperienced thinking YOU’RE THE ONLY YOUNG PEOPLE WHO EVER EXISTED ON THIS PLANET. YOU’RE NOT.

      And for someone who DOESN’T CARE, you damn sure know WHAT WE TALK ABOUT. It seems like you came to share a problem in your life and not anything relevant to this post.

      Good luck with that.

  • Brooklyn

    i’m late as fuck with this one, there’s like 150 comments on here already, you killing them cj! i wouldn’t say that tupac is overrated per se, but he isn’t the greatest, he doesn’t even come close. don’t get me wrong, tupac had some good songs, but for me tupac was an average rapper, he’s #5 in my list of top 5 rappers, and depending on my mood he can drop to #7 or 8 of my top 10. tupac was good, he had the potential to be great, but what stopped him from being great was the fact that tupac clearly had mental issues. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, delusional disorder, i don’t know, but something clearly wasn’t right in that dude’s head. now, that may have made his music “passionate” and “emotional”, but that doesn’t make him the greatest. jim jones (the cult leader, not the wack harlem rapper) was a “passionate” and “emotional” minister, but can we call him the greatest preacher since jesus christ?

    these tupac stans kill me, because they let their devotion to this man blind them to everything else that was going on with him. one nigga above said that he paved the way for gangsta rap. really? so i guess that ice t had no part in that, huh? tupac wasn’t some kind of genius, he was just a very confused and misguided boy that took his anger at life out on anyone that came within his path and who met an inglorious end over some stupid nigga shit. and in the end, that’s the reason why so many niggas from the street can feel tupac, because they too are confused and misguided boys filled with anger, who’ve either killed someone over some stupid nigga shit, or knew someone that was killed over some stupid nigga shit, or are in jail because they did some stupid nigga shit, or were in jail because they did some stupid nigga shit. they see in pac a kindred spirit, a nigga that was too caught up in stupid nigga shit to focus on cultivating his potential to be the greatest rapper ever.

    • http://www.monsterkings.com Heretic Skeptic

      That’s actually real talk. I appreciate that post. Cats should be aware of this possibility.

  • Thomas

    Sitting back and just looking. I knew this would get a lot of feedback.

  • No Name

    I can understand your judgement, but I feel like you’re being too hard on tracks like “If I Die 2Nite” and “Last Wordz”. MATH had a bunch of dope tracks.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Combat Jack is a cock sucker, he is a industry washout.

  • joe

    im from uk u people s are crackhead to say you dont like pac lol lol Fuck all u hatin ass mothafuckas! If PAC was alive none of u pussy ass nigga would be talking that shit! He didn’t have to go Hollywood and get big names on his album.

  • http://xxlmag.com LeroyLove

    I think we over looking the fact that Tupac’s life was cut short. For all we know his greatest song was never written or recorded due to his untimely demise. Everybody has an opinion, but I’ll take a (so called over rated) Tupac over an over commercialized Drake/Lil Wayne any day.

  • Fon Z

    1st thing’s 1st…. 2PAC = G.O.A.T.



    -CANT C ME

    -BOMB 1ST

    …nigga please, he’s too dope to even be questioned!!! Editor, u dropped da ball n got fucked in da process…

  • Jonesy

    I understand that pac wasn’t the most lyrically rapper. But it’s the emtion and intensity he put in to his music that made everyone listen to him all day. There’s more to rapping then just the lyrically Point of view.

  • Tdot

    Wow I was really taken back by the read, EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion and that’s all this was. You might find it hard to get a majority vote on this 1 though SORRY! The man had a universal message and I’m really sorry you cannot relate nor understand I really am.I guess that’s why this is closing in on 100mill albums sold worldwide without making radio friendly music nor being a media darling, without seeing 30-40 yrs of age. You New York dudes could never understand due to him destroying your fav Emcee Honestly LMFAO. He made REAL music point blank. This issue is not worth debating at all. He made the biggest impact Globally a man only 25. Imagine rap music without 2PAC? Gaping hole! Nas once said in an interview ” 2Pac made music, that me in my 30′s have yet to make”

  • sealsaa

    “Combat Jack is a cock sucker, he is a industry washout.”

    And you based this soley on his critique of Tupac’s music?

    “Sensative thugs, yall all need hugs”

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      For real. Most likely saw his resume & yet disqualifying him for work according to an emotion…no wonder people go postal…

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Damn kush.

        “Most likely NEVER saw his resume…”

        Actually they both work.

  • Victor

    Extreme view but it is true if you look at it objectively. Pac has far more great songs than you give him credit for and i think MATW is his classic. However, a large amount of LP’s are superior. From Illmatic to Death Certificate to Scarface’s “Diary”.

    People need to remove emotion from it lol Let the music speak, did Pac deserve his rep musically or lyrically? Not really. Even though its dated, as for the Big comparison, Ready To Die>anything in Pac’s catalogue. And Life After is quite a bit better than AEOM. Pac really did have a weed carrier problem haha

  • Kid cudi

    Ok listen guys i dont just think 2pac was one of the best rappers of all time but also one of the best musicians

    1st thing we need to ask is what is the objective of music?
    my answer is feelings, love songs for affection dance/pop songs to feel good and party and rap/hip hop to feel power , ETC

    im born in canada but im of lebanese decsent and i went to lebanon a year ago while i was was there it bazzled me to see 2pac, tupac and makavelli written/graffited all over the country walls. sometimes youd find his name beside there most loved prime minister. what puzzled me was how 2pac had reached out to them how did they get to hear them in my muslim country where did they get the pleasure to listen to pac. and it came to me that 2pac’s listeners were just for these african americans from the ghetto and suburban white kids but anyone who needs to feel power 2pac reasured anyone who needed reasure to keep their head up and stay strong no one did that like 2pac it didnt matter if his lyrics werent as hot as biggie or his peers he accomplishes the objective of music and rap like no one else and for that reason tupac is the best of all timmeee.


    Whoever wrote this review is the one fucked up in the head. Probably listening to too much lady gaga and all these lame ass comercial rappers. Tupac was the realest. His lyrics took over the rap game.
    THUG LIFE. that album was sick.
    Shorty Wanna Be A Thug shits on every song that is out right now as I speak.

  • Ayre

    I look at like this; Pac was what 25 when he died? he had so much time to perfect his craft an upside if you will that it’s hard to call him overrated when there was so much life left to live. More importantly he left his mark for people to talk about him for years to come.

  • jesse

    holy shit this post ages like a fine wine. classic material CJ! let the stans come out the closet for the next coupla days. i’m predicting 400 plus comments minimum ha ha ha ha

  • Moncalvo

    Nice post Combat,

    I think with Tupac it was always much more abut his intensity and at times the issues he took on in his works rather than how expertly or classically they came together It was more about the impact of his message on certain people like when he released Keep Ya Head Up or Dear Mama or his fame in the East/West years. He was able to play both sides of the edge.

    Real talk, when I was in high school All Eyez was nice cause of that fire. Verses weren’t great for the most part, but it got play in the car.

  • jman75

    so disrespectful. the fact that you wrote this five years ago and you still bring it back up let’s you know that pac was the greatest. you not writing about big pun, easy-e, b.i.g, or any of them other dead rapper. pac has sold more albums than any other rapper dead or alive, name one rapper that could write a gangster record, party record, record for their moms and a political record and still be dope! “niggas talk alot sh#%t but that after i’m gone cause they fear me in the physical form let it be known i’m troublesome” -2pac

  • Cape Verd

    I’m from Cape Verd island, and i sleep, fuck, shit, listening to Pac’s music.
    Even in Cape Verd niggas are bumpin pac’s music,bedroom posters, etc..
    Pac’s music inspired million all over the world, and you are here writting bulshit about him and being paid.( shame on you)

    U got your 15mn of atention.

  • TrueVsFalse

    Okay Let me get this straight here.2pac being overrated is like Kobe being overrated it just doesn’t add up.2pac is a legend if you ask me Biggie was more overrated than Pac just by New York alone prime example(Jay-Z).Seriously even Biggie knew that Pac had more influence than him that’s why the assassination plot fell through. Pac wasn’t just a ordinary mundane rapper he was an influential one. His song’s had meaning and longevity that would never be erased. Case in point Keep Your Head, Brenda’s Got A Baby, I Get Around is just a few songs that really reflected on what was really happening at that particular time. Now I’m not here to say that he was a good freestyler but if you give him ten minutes with a pin and a pad whoa for him thats like writing the constitution. Til this day he his the only rapper artist whatever than can actually sit down in the studio and make classics in a weeks time that is remarkable.Now if you think that is overrated than you try doing it

  • shamoney

    wow calling pac overrated is like calling magic overrated .Please! pac killed biggie in the beef and biggie aint even say nothing! pac #1 jay-# 2 biggie three. Hatin shoould be illgeal for yall new york niggas lol

  • B-Moss

    When Pac was alive everbody was scared he had the industry on lockdown. Anyway to the guy that posted this bull.I know where in a recession but your doing all this just to keep your job sad

  • The King

    I may not be the biggest Pac fan, but after seeing you co-sign and praise Gucci mane for his ”lyrics”, you lost all my respect. You say pac is overrated, but co-sign gucci mane….rightttttt.

  • http://xxl.com avery

    pac is one of the best rappers of all time.He’s the of the realest.his music live forever while most of this shit that came out from other rappers since he died cant last more than an few months.over an decade since he died and no one can match him.sure some rapper claim to make so many songs but 80% of their music is on mixtape and not even worth being on radio or on an album.And no other rappers made the impack on movies like him.I mean alot of rappers made movies but they are mostly bullshit thug movies or bad movie roles.he might have an double cd sit laying on the shelf that still havent been released yet.No other rapper dead or alive can say that.

  • Apollo 13

    I’m gonna have to agree to disagree. Pac was a phenomenal Rapper in the most truest sense, and while i do admire your courage to write a peice like this which will spark a lot of debate, i yet again disagree. Now i as a pas fan see that he was a shit disturber, but he was also a therapist( which youve mentioned) but his music spoke to the people, not about the people, in my mind that is some real hip hop, i mean i’d agree biggie was a better artist, but a rapper i think pac is much more superior, i could listen to a whole biggie album and get nothing meaningful or even positive from it, pac had his rough edges, but when he tapped into his deep side, amazing things came out of it.

    Apollo 13

    Ps. i can listen to ” All eyes on Me ” front to back, and often play a cut or two of pacs on my radio show every monday along with some kwelli!

  • Jae Milliano

    1st and foremost, whoever said Pun was better than Pac, GTFOH! Miss me with that bs. Capital Punishment was nice but YEEEAH Baby was OVERRATED!

    CJ i respect your opinion but I have to disagree. I don’t think Tupac is the greatest but he is definetly high on the list. In all respects you voiced your opinion but you came off, kind of like a hater for lack of a better term. Pac’s music got better as he progressed, he was the type of rapper where you actually paid attention to what he said, therefore his production, which i agree was suspect at times, became irrelevant to a point. Me Against The Word and Killuminati The 7 Day Theory were his two best albums front to back. All Eyez On Me, I agree was too long but what double disc set hasnt been? The best double disc to me was Wu-Tang Forever but you had 10 cats (Cappa included) carrying that album. All in all the man never dropped a wack album. Pac meant more to the game than almost any emcee you can think of. Pac wasnt overrated but I will admit that his legacy was raised to a new level by his death, as it then seemed eveybody was a Pac fan out the blue, but the greatness had already been established, you can’t take that away from him. I would really be interested in hearing who your top 10 list consist of though….

  • ay

    combat jack, your an idiot
    tupac is the best ever,jay z is overrated,
    the only people that think he was overrated are from the east.

  • JD

    Why is this still a relevant topic in hip-hop. Just respect PAC’s position in the game and keep it moving. ONE LOVE RIP PAC and BIG, fuck the bullshit it ain’t relevant.

  • http://xxl dizzoeh

    This a basically an east coast person talking shit. Let me see BIG is the greatest right? Cmon. Yall New Yorkers were just looking for someone to crown king cause at the time the west was ownin the rap game. Biggie aint even better than Nas.

    Biggie was just lucky enough to sign with puffy. Puffy knew to have biggie do his singles with beats that catered to the west.

    Heres what all this basically means =

    West thinks
    Pac = king
    Big = over rated

    East thinks
    Pac = over rated
    Big = king

    This will never be settled, its just that new york has the mags to have editors tell everyone that biggie is king.

    Pac is better to me tho

  • http://crimcitywimp.blogspot.com Ross

    Combat Jack… you have a point.
    Fon Z… you also have a point.

    ‘Pac has been absurdly and persistantly deified and that shit is getting a little old. However the man was a Poet (with a capital P), which brings me to the wackest part of Combat Jack’s post:

    “…Album wise, 2Pac was at the top of his game, dropping instant classics like Ambitionz As A Ridah and Hearts Of Men [||]…”

    Jack, justify to me ‘pausing’ the title of – one of the few – ‘Pac tracks you think is any good.
    That played out, passive homophobic shit is gay. (Do’h HOMO)

    If you want to be taken seriously, don’t write like a TOY.

  • Escobar9300

    Decent column, I respect you speaking your opinion on such a controversial subject but I certainly have to disagree. Granted, was Pac stylistically better than dudes like Nas, BI, Jay, or Pun? No, and coming from a 2pac fan I have no problem admitting that. His rhymes weren’t the most complex and his style could be described as basic from time to time. But heres the difference between those rappers and 2pac: Raw Emotion. I have yet to come across a rapper that has put even half the raw emotion into their music the way that Pac did. Biggie had what, maybe one song where he bared his soul on the mic and showed it to the world (Miss U feat 112 is the song for those wondering). Pac on the other hand, he let you into his mind, he made you feel like even though you never met the brother, you knew what he was going through at any given time, and put his heart and soul on wax every time he stepped in the booth. Of course dude had some musical mis-steps (Check out time, What’z ya phone number, ext..) but to discredit him and his legacy just because he wasn’t an off the dome freestyling rapper dropping multi syllabic rhymes in every track is a little bias. To each their own, maybe you’re musical preference just leans more towards the east coast style, which is fine. But Tupac will always be in my top 5, not for his “lyrical ability” but for having the courage to air out his soul for the world to see every time he touched that mic. The world felt like we knew 2pac for a reason, because we did. Keep up the columns Jack, you’re doing good. Stay up.

  • Legit

    Combat Jack?
    Cumbag Jackoff?

    What the fuck.

    Did XXL pay you to write this shit? You sound like me when I was 12 and only listened to 3 6 Mafia and Dyke Jones.

    Fuck your weak ass opinion.

    To anybody who disagree, you need to take a pre-2005 look at rap, appreciate some old school, and get some fucking perspective. I don’t even wanna go through all the fallacies in this article. And a long fuckin look in the mirror. This Hip-hop. Go to hiphopisread.blogspot.com and read some thought-out shit.

  • D!ME QU33N

    First and last time I read an article on this site. Your opinions and “facts were obviously bias since you start the paper with “…Branda’s gotta baby….It was deemed prolific. Yeah I get that but really, eff that.” Then you don’t get it. Hip Hop was established to empower the underprivileged. Tupac had the ability to make music that reflected actual emotion.This is why his work was so monumental because ALOT of people FELT the way he felt AT THAT TIME in that era. He embodied the essence of an era: the mentality, morale, and attitude needed to survive poverty, oppression, and a lack of resources. He was not afraid of other judgements and slander. Question: Why go out and purchase all his cds that “you didn’t own”, if YOU had no conscious interpretation of his impact on Hip Hop and the world alike? Your opinions are radical to say the least. Having seen you choose I Get Around over Keep Ya Head Up only justifies my conclusion that you assuredly know nothing about Hip Hop, the music, the culture, nor the enviornment it came from. Brooklyn you say? Haha Home of Jay Erkel LMAO you white-washed bastards are pathetic. You sought the attention of the people and NOW you have it.
    “In the even of my demise. When my heart can beat no more. I hope I die for a principle or a belief that I had lived for….”-Tupac Shakur

  • Clizz

    XXL fire this guy tonight!!!! tupac has and will always be the best!!

  • Anthony

    Just to get off of the subject slightly, Beanie Sigel needs to get a good team around him because he has some Pac potential. He’s looking like a clown running w/ 50. He needs to boss up. What a waste of potential.

  • NO ID313


  • j-DIZZLE


  • MB

    Dude should lose his ability to write for this article. If only on the basis that he called “Me Against The World” overrated. I wonder how many of the people calling Pac overrated are from the East Coast. It seems that some people are still emotional about Pac going at Biggie and a lot of other east coast rappers. This article is blasphemas.

  • febe

    Tupac is underrated not overrated lil wayne is overrated, drake is overrated and jay z is overrated. All these idiot rappers talk about is sex, money, cars, drugs and alcohol. They are not deep, they speak gibberish, you cant relate to them, they suck lame fake f*cks. They are not raw like biggie, cant flow like biggie, they aint eazy e who talks about real shit and speaks his mind. Do these overrated rappers like wayne talk about depression, the struggle, the injustice, do you feel their pain..their emotion…their soul?? Their topic isnt broad like tupac. Your an a** you dont know s*it about real rap music these rap artist nowadays are garbage they are a waste. When tupac, biggie and eazy e died so did REAL RAP!! So you and who other a**holes think tupac is overrated should just kill yourselves or let a dude anally penetrate you because you idiots are a bunch of wet pussies and worship no talented gay a** rappers who sold their soul to satan. Tupac was very intelligent and gifted but dumb people like you always discredit talent and credit no talent so I am not surprised to see this. Tupac was on a level of deepness that is far too complex for you too grasp.(illuminati)

  • dolo

    Nice write up CJ.. u got the stans rallying…

    “you’re a hater” has to be the most overused and overrated term EVAR… I did like “homies call” and “Keep your head up” which you omitted.. but other than that i agree..

  • http://www.xxlmag.com tajh

    pac aint da best lyricaly he just didnt make talkin shyt songs he made songs dat u could feel and im only 18 his music is timeless and i dnt think the author was disrespectful in any way shape or form we all have our own opions but pac had dat swagg he was da most gangsta u could be but da chix dug em he never said he was lyricall his music had a point to it

  • t rex

    this is a sad case of another old ass east coast head who wont give up a grudge. Pac=G.O.A.T i dont know where is say’s that u have to be great lyricist to be considered a great mc, and lets be for real pac might not have been a great lyricist but he was a very good one. to me subject matter and flow count just as much or even more than lyrics.
    Pac>big>nas>em>jay>cube>andre 3k>big l

  • SK

    Finally, finally, someone is making some damn good sense on this article. I co-sign on this shit, I never thought he was the greatest rapper in anyways, maybe most influential rapper cuz lots of motherfuckers copied the dude style calling themselves thugs and the rest of that other shit.

  • JollyRench

    Check out Thug Life Vol.1 by Tupac and Thug Life, by far his best CD.

  • tmv528@hotmail.com

    hmm… should I event waste my time and energy explaining how retarded all you 2PAC haters are.

    Your right 2PAC isn’t the best rapper. He is the MOST LEGENDARY RAP Artist of ALL TIME.

    Top 5 Rappers:

    1. Tupac Shakur
    2. Biggie Smalls
    3. Jay-Z
    4. Scarface
    5. Eminem

    Best Lyricist

    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Eminem
    3. Biggie Smalls
    4. Jay-Z
    5. Big L


    how long will the mourned me
    pour out a little liquor
    bury me a G
    ambition of a rdyer
    so many tears
    if i die 2nite
    lord knows
    death around the corner
    live/die n LA

  • EKB

    dude im from bk and will die knowing BIG is the GOAT …but Death Around the Corner is black male paranoia at its best musically and Pain from the Above the Rim sdtk is crazy to this day …u buggin but i respect u got the balls to say what most wont …he aint the greatest ….def some more shit in his catalog than u named tho

  • http://yahoo okoyawise

    man the dude that wrote this artical is a straight hater i wonder what state his from you dont know music art form if it bit you in the ass shut up you hater you dont need to be involed in no type of music history

  • http://xxl suportthereal

    real dude real lyrics hiphop pioneer all eyes on me 9 times platinum let the dude rest he carved his path on his own to become one of the biggest hip hop artist that will ever be why even mess wit that and be disrespectfull to his legacy

  • Brooklyn

    i find it amusing that here we are, on the verge of the second decade of the new millenium, and these niggas is still on that east coast/west coast shit. i think y’all west coast niggas forgot that tupac was born in harlem and spent the first fifteen years of his life there, and then spent time in baltimore. the nigga didn’t set foot on the west coast until he was damn near grown. so all that “east coast niggas is hating”, “east coast niggas is bitter”, etc., all that’s just noise. because at the end of the day, like it or not, your “goat” was a native new yorker.

  • ScottFree

    You can’t buy records after the fact and hope to understand. I hate when someone buys a record and suddenly because the end-all be-all voice of criticism.

    Pac was saying things then in a way no one else did or has. He didn’t just make political songs or passionate songs….he connected with people on personal level. There is a level of intensity and humanity only felt from a few in hiphop. Quiet as its kept, most people can’t relate to (insert balla rapper) but Pac was accessible.

    His music is under appreciated NOW or even immediately after his death because his legacy is in tact. His image is bigger than his music and he has been copied to a parody. But at the time, Pac was what hiphop is at its best; the voice for unheard people.

    Jesus, you only like 1 or 2 songs from Pac records? Fuck outta here.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    U must b outta ur mind.

    1 Hip Hop Crown = Yeap i said it (GOAT)

    2 Impact = name any rapper who had an impact like Pac

    3 Lyrical = Who hit home the most & touched the most

    4 Prolific = name any rapper who can put out as many songs/movies (i mean quality output)

    5 Classics = How many classic albums does Pac has under his belt? C’mon CJ

    6 1sts = 1st Double Album

    7 Sales = Even in his death Pac stills outsells this punks (respect 2 Eminem)

    8 Swag = He made it gangsta 2 be hood (Bandana,tattos,etc) Say what?

    9 Motivational = Ya’ll claiming 2 be motivators (none can do like Pac)

    10 Beef Songs = Aside from “Ether” who can outdo “Hit ‘em Up”

    • daddy

      and ether was so hard cuz of 2pac!!!!

      and the fact that jayz loves to copy Nas , even still …. NY state of mind vs Empire State of mind

  • the87man

    Tupac Shakur – Still Overrated

    … didnt even bother to read the article
    …if anything tupac is underated..
    whoever wrote this can eat a dick..

  • Big Ups

    I have never heard a member of the hip hop community question the all powerful Tupac,and i respect it no question. Pac was decent but not the greatest like many think; he was a charismatic, bad boy who sold an image. Being said I agree, Pac is overrated, Plenty of other dudes are better, Pun, Big, Nas, Slim, Ghostface,Ice Cube… To name a few

    Next lets ask if Lil Wayne is overrated ? is he really always shitting on tracks ?

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    To put it simply, 2pac was for young people with no fathers.

    Check the most die hard fans or even some of the stans that wrote on this board stating that one must b a hater to not have him as GOAT

    I bet you the thing all these lil dudes have in common is they aint grow up with no father…

    Thats the only way it is even fathomable for these cats to put such a wack rapper as the best…

    these the same cats saying jeezy can rap…face it niggas just need guidance in they life and need to stop relying on entertainers…..the wrong ones at that

  • Krack Mo

    why are some of these blog writers always trying to force biggie in our mouths?u r just making me hate biggie more and pac will forever be the g.o.a.t.we just love that man to death.its either u guys try to force the word jay-z or biggie into our mouths but y’all know the greatest rapper of alive being eminem has some pac traits in him u jealous bastards.my top 5 in no special order will forever be
    1. pac
    2. eminem
    3 sticky fingaz
    4. busta rhymes
    5. ludacris
    i love pac more than my girlfriend and its so stupid 13 yrs after his death some of u still hate him.he got alive soldiers so watch what u say about him.

  • Mi=Gawd

    Born and raised in Harlem, Rested in Bklyn for years {especially when the heat on a brova}you way out of pocket my dude! 2pac legendary period. I’m sorry that you cats that got smacked up and robbed, had ya chicks taken or was afraid to ride the the A train to the “stuy” from mecca feel hatred. But who’s fault is it that you where scared to be men. How soon we forget Natasha,…..how soon we forget that lone brova on the highway 2pac saved from having his @$$ haned to him by two off duty redneck cops. Most of you “false heroes” are nothing more than 2pac wannabees. And dude that wrote this article, was lussy in his own hood…this is his way of dealing with his fears and shortcomings. Pray for him, he gone need it…dude still sleep with a night light and depends on. Respect to the North,East,West & South..now matter how you cut it…it still spells “news” …Harlem/Bklyn connection…from across 110th street to 701 gates ave…peace.

    P.S. watch what you say about my dude Pac homie… it may not allways be ya shadow behind you….


    By saying RAPPIN 4 TAY is bad you lost all credability, you dont know what your talking about

  • treal87

    pac is the gr8est,do yall know the people speak of whos the gr8est of all time,check the sound scan pac is the all time leader in hiphop/rap record sales he’s ben gone for 13 years now and rappers that were well in the game same time as him still havent and most likely wont catch em in sales and you are not a legend in the game if you dont sell………..(for example). think lil wayne would be around if he was selling 15k albums. people and the fans buy the albums that keeps hip hop alive and they all have bought and are still buying pac albums to this date he’s a global/international icon and nobody else’s music will spark the world the way pac did. his music hit you from every way music possibly can and couldn’t. he’s the gr8est,take a world ballot of who people think who is the greatest of all time,duh. 2pac! 2-4 is debatable but not number 1. so saying he’s overrated is so disrespectful to say when he’s gone! disrespectful!!! people get they ass beat over saying dumb shit like that.

  • Master CHeef

    tupac > big l > big pun > biggie

    t.i. & luda > jay & nas

    eminem and black thought > your favorite rapper

  • TheGreat2380

    Listen Bloggers!! There is no one like him in HipHop/Rap and there will never be! Period! Qoute That 4ever Please! And the reason being, when you mention his name to real individuals! Men, Women, they all get emotional, however you want to say it. When you mention your so call favorite rapper, all half you dudes say is his lyrics is nice! or he cant rhyme! Point is, Pac was for the culture and its very proven to him living immortal as he stated to us in his time! Compared to BIG and his thief friend Camel(Jay-Z),what can you really say! BIG touched his Brooklyn people and East Coast heads, Camel stole his Blueprint, monopolize it and fooling current heads like its his on what hes doing with it today(but BIG would never do Cease and JM the way he did Beans and State P, another discussion tho), and Pac reached the world and is truly respected whether good or bad as a World Wide Mob Figure!

    P.S. If hes not the BEST? Why do we blog everytime XXL puts a post of him on here, and the responses are forever long compared to your favorite rapper! Think About That 1!

  • Georgia Boi

    CJ, I respect your opinion and all, but I disagree to an extent. Every rapper that you consistently find on a Top 10 list is overrated to some degree.

    All I say was an analysis of Pac’s music from your perspective. There wasn’t anything factual, just your synopsis of each pre posthumous Pac release.

    The most interesting part of your post was that you went out and purchased all of his albums that you didn’t already own despite not being a fan, why?

    You also stated poets are cool, but you weren’t trying to hear Maya Angelou spit fire. What is rap without poetry?

    C’mon man, this wasn’t you being objective. This was essentially you downplaying Pac as an artist simply because you were annoyed that he was being given such credit as being the GOAT of rap.

  • Tmob

    Im gonna ignore everything you said and everything i might have disagreed with upto the point when your talking about The 7 Day Theory.
    “Pac really let you know he had gone way the fuck off the deep end and had become one savage individual. Crazy too. The rabid kind.”

    It sounds to me like the only tracks you listened to off that album were Bomb First and Against All Odds. Have you listened to Krazy, White Manz World or Hold Ya Head?! If you had, you would realize that 2pac, for all his hatred directed towards individual rappers, actually rapped about issues that would help society and his people. If you were to strip a rapper like Jay-Z’s lyrics down, with all their great word play and flow, are basically narcissists who don’t seem interested in helping anyone or raising any sort of social awareness. So save the condescending tone for someone else man.

  • 1percent

    Truth Be Told…for the Time ….Pac was shitt’n on everything East Coast, West Coast Number 1….and almost all rappers out have some form of influence…EAST COAST is copy Kats to that West Coast Swag cuz a lil niggas from the west possess Game yah niggahs never had…East Coast is Poop Dick..

  • dbys12

    tupac overrated??? these mothafuckaz are crazy

    r.i.p. the best rapper ever period

  • Tooba

    I like it when people start of by saying “this is in no way disrespectful..” then go on being just that.

    We still listen to his music and Pac is still talked about. Surely that means the guy was great at what he did?

    His sales and the fact that he is known worldwide, proves that he is great. So who the f— cares wether or not he was the greatest?

    I was very disappointed to read this from you Combat Jack. A major low point.


  • Hooligan

    Pac had talent no doubt but he was basically a sponge, he had no identity for himself and so soaked up whatever influence was around him at the time. This is why I find it hard to take people serious who claim he was this ‘voice of a generation’ or some such bullshit, the dude was a walking contradiction from one album to the next, yeah people change and grow over time but to me ‘Pac changed characters like an actor. All said and done I think ‘Strictly for’ was my favourite album of his but he just seemed to have no quality control on his work when he hit Death Row, it was more quantity, not quality.

    We need some kind of hip hop statitician to work out a percentage of quality tracks the likes of Pac produced – him having say 12 ‘classic’ tracks wouldnt mean shit given how he’s released hundreds, On the other hand BIG who has a much smaller catalouge would in my opinion have a much higher percentage of ‘classics’. Ojectivity is the key my friends.

    Keep it moving CJ!

  • http://www.dozasaid.com Doza

    I respect your opinion CJ, but I disagree. No I’m not some West Coast Pac stan, nor am I an East Coast Biggie stan, I’m actually from Chicago and I fux wit both of them pretty equally. A few things:

    1.) It’s way too hard to say objectively who’s the G.O.A.T. in rap/hip-hop b/c nobody uses the same checklist or set of creditials (sales, influence, lyrics, etc.) to make that call. For example, some people may base it on lyricism while others may base it on album sells…basically it’s a matter of opinion.

    2.) Pac was not a lyricist (like an Eminem) and I think that’s obvious. The thing that made Pac so popular was his ability to project his emotions and feelings thru his music. No rap artist has done that as well as Pac. Why do you think Pac has a cult like following? A lot of his hardcore stans feel like Pac was their homie, like they smoked blunts with him. If you sat down and truly listened to him, he made you feel him [II] and everything he was talking about. Btw none of the so called “greats” have made a song that could speak to people across different races and generations, old and young, like “Dear Mama”.

    3.) As for this talk about how Pac tried to be Bishop and he was phony, I think you and a lot of people disregard the fact that the man was shot 5 times then shortly after served almost a yr in prison. I think that had more to do with him turning into the “Bishop like Pac” that he became when he went over to Deathrow than anything. You get shot 5 times and do a year in prison (potentially for something you didn’t do) and see if you don’t feel like “Fuck The World” afterwards. Plus 99% of these rappers are full of shit. Yeah he was a background dancer for Digital Underground, so what? Jay was wearing Hawaiian shirts and gettin’ hung by ropes lookin’ goofy as hell in Jaz’s “Hawaiia Sophie” video. But I guess everybody really believes Jay-Z was a drug kingpin too. No shots b/c I could care less if he only sold dime bags of weed, it doesn’t take way from his music…it’s all entertainment.

    4.) Pac was killed at 25 and up until that point had only released 4 albums, his last one being “All Eyez On Me”. With that said I think he would’ve only gotten better with time. I know it’s speculation, but just think if Jay-Z was killed after releasing “Volume 3″. How much of his music would we have missed out on? No “Blueprint”, no “Black Album”…

    5.) Your assessment of Pac’s music is really off to me. Yeah his first two albums were far from great, but MATW was a very solid album, a classic damn near. As far as AEOM goes, every double CD would be better if it was consolidated into one disc. Ummm “Life After Death” and “Blueprint II” anyone? You also failed to mention any of his B-sides and features. Most notably “Pain” and “My Block”…oh and the fact that you totally disregarded “If My Homies Call” and wrote off “Brenda’s Got A Baby”….wow.

    So is Pac over-rated? Not to me, but I guess it depends on who you ask. But just as you can make an argument for him being over-rated you can make one for Biggie. All in all, it’s your opinion and I respect it just as much as respect that of a Pac stan.

  • Big L Da Monsta

    2pac had dat deep real nigga muzik every1 cud relate 2 but damm niggaz underrate my nigga big l 2 much best punchlines and shit

    big l

  • Ali


    somethin with me & BIG never mixed well either…he was cool don’t get me wrong, but legend status??? I just don’t see it..People tell me to go listen to EVERYTHING he made then judge him……I didn’t have to do that with all the other rappers I think are legends….I don’t have every single Wu Tang song ever made on my iPod, but they are legends I didn’t have to crate-dig THAT deep


    yeah it’s about to be 2010, so? That is irrelevant, & if you wanna talk about changin’ with the times, having a BIG overrated post would do JUST that……..The ‘Pac overrated thing I been hearin’ it for years it’s old news…..I wanna see a BIG overrated thing but nobody has enough balls to say it who get paid to share their opinions….only us useless commenters really say what we want lol


    Is this dude drunk, cos i i’ll say wiser things if i was High. SHIT i bet u have a personal vendetta with Pac or something.
    This is some real shit…
    This writer as an Asshole for writing this shit, i bet he doesn’t even know what hiphop is.
    PAC is one of the best Rappers to ever live this earth, he was better than Biggie and better than Jay. Period



  • caino

    l’m a PAC fan but l dont think he is the best rapper or GOAT.

    My favourite Pac albums where 2Pacalypse Now and Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z (never ignorant getting goals accomplished), even with the poor production, also Thug Life was a dope album. he had some good songs like Last Wordz with Ice T & Ice Cube.

    The whole Pac-Biggie discussion is more a West- East discussion. l like Biggie but l dont think he is the greatest either! (he only has 2 albums)

    Pac got into the hearts of peeps like no rapper has ever done, thats why he gets so much love……God Bless the Dead!

  • psy

    whilst i agree with what your saying, saying it at all seems unnecessary. looks like a cynical attempt to garner attention. worked like a charm too, nice one.





  • http://xxlmag.com sajeer

    Tupac cared about his people like no other rapper dead or alive. Thats the difference between pac and the rest. The selfish world we live in it was nice to see a person care about another and whats goin on around him.
    R.I.P Tupac Amaru shakur

  • http://-- gaddic

    East coast niggas are gonna dickride this post seem as how Pac is always at some competition with their idol Biggie fro the best rapper dead

    Then the Wcoast are gonna hail Pac as the greatest ever seeing as how no other high-calibre MC’s don’t come from the WCoast besides Ice Cube

    Never been a big fan of Pac but I’ve listened his material and it’s classic
    He should be on every rap fan’s Top 10 list easily
    His impact, his influence and how much he affected the game is a signature of his greatness
    He just has more haters than Biggie becuase he actually received his full props b4 he died

  • Bartosz

    The author is let’s be frank … incompetent. Listening to music is a certain skill which one has to learn. I stopped reading the article right about here :”I don’t know if the periods embedded in “N.I.G.G.A.S.” is supposed to mean something “deep”, whatever,”. Here the author of this article showed, that he actually hadn’t listed carefully to 2Pacalyspe Now. There is an explanation, why periods are embedded in N.I.G.G.A.S. – Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.S. is a kind of metaphor, but to understand it listening is required. It’s a shame that someone who is an ignorant writes for a well-known and respected magazine.


  • adam g

    To me tupac was not a rapper, he was not hip-hop’s most gifted emcee. Still, Shakur was the most influential and compelling rapper of them all, he was more than the sum of his artistic parts.”

    I quote:
    when people say pac was the best rapper they just mean that what he hadto say was most potent, most relevant and that he was the better human being.

    slick rick rhymed from the nasal pallet.
    Nas rhymes from the back of his throat.
    Pac rhymed from the pit of his stomach.

    I think that his own wrecklesness,his own genious,his own embrace of the abyss even as he sought to elevate those who were caught in its ugly grasp makes him the defining figure of his generation.

    prophets share 1 thing in common, they show incredible compassion towards other human beings.

    to argue about his rap SKILLS is like arguing about my hoovering skills…..the point is im a doctor. fuk my hoovering skills that aint what im about you have missed the point about pac he never said he was the best rapper…………………..

    One-time! One-time!
    Fuck the five-oh cause they after me
    Kill me if they could, I’ll never let em capture me
    Done lost too many niggaz to this gangbangin
    Homies died in my arms, with his brains hangin, fucked up!
    I had to tell him it was alright, and that’s a lie
    and he knew it when he shook and died, my God
    Even though I know I’m wrong man
    Hennesey make a nigga think he strong, man (heh heh)
    I can’t sleep, so I stay up, don’t wanna fuck them bitches
    Try to calm me down, I ain’t givin up
    I’m gettin lost in the weed, man, gettin high
    Livin everday, like I’m gon’ die (gon’ die, gon’ die)
    I smoke a blunt to take the pain out, and if I wasn’t high
    probably try to blow my brains out
    Lord knows…

  • http://www.lazaruslounge.com lazarus

    Wow, you intitled to your opinon. 1st i wanna say that i’m 35 hip-hop head and if your younger than that your not going to understand why we as that generation loved Tupac so much because at that time when Pac was doing his thing we were right with him in everything we were going though at that time. anyone that has to go out and purchase tupacs music and analyze it now is going to say those points you pointed out. i am a Pac fan and i agree that he really doesn’t have a classic album, but you have to under stand Pac wasn’t just a rapper and he knew that he was the person we needed at that time to get us all through our hard ships to make it where we are today. i’m talking 91-96 tupac droped 7 studio albums in his 5 year career. another point is that Pac didnt care about making classic material he knew that he only had so much time to get his message out so he would put in work and be out and let the producer’s sort out the beats and song arrangments he did have time to that that because he was more than a rapper. that wasnt his only job on earth. so if you did not live this experience with us and with pac at that time this younger generation will never understand because there will never be and or even come close to being another Tupac!


  • Kermitt387

    Tupac was the Truth he did get Krazy but what genius doesn’t go a lil madd at times

  • pit_champ

    “First and foremost, [||] for that title. I don’t know if the periods embedded in “N.I.G.G.A.S.” is supposed to mean something “deep”, whatever, it seemed dumb to me then.”

    Are you serious? Do you know how stupid you sound? How about doing some fucking research before you start disrespecting the dead? You and you ideas are garabage. How old are you, like 18? Cuz you sure sounds stupid as fuck man…

  • NotoriousAGC

    fuck these NY niggas tryin to play us down, song by song bar for bar PAC was incredible, but i keep repeatin myself you hatin ass NY niggas are fuckin annoyin with your shit thinin pun,ja yz,joe,bigl etc were on his level

  • newyawka631

    I’m from New Yawk and my favorite list of Mc’s are……

    He made songs u felt,even run chills up ya spine.




  • Dat boy roc

    real talk how do u glorify biggie? Pac was real probly the realest that ever spit on the mic.This article was unnecessary i wanna c what is said about biggie w his 4 good song havin a$$

  • Braunshugga

    Hater, PAC was real, still is, not this messed glamourized lifestyle being rolled to screw us all into thinking life is all about being surrounded by fat ass chick with no clothes on and sippin on some wine I cant even pronounce, gimme a break, I want to get real and PAC gave, still does, RESPECT to the man!!!!

  • http://xxl King Jacob

    Although you are paid to give your “honest opinion” on subjects…I have to say, this article came acrossed a little biased (against pac) from beggining to end…Pac’s influence is one of the major reasons he is viewed as “the G.O.A.T” If you listen to records from other artist at the time his albums were made, alot of them would sound kinda corny now..lol…People “felt” pac…and I’ll give my “honest opinion” w/o being paid for it…U my friend are a pac hata! lol

  • Joe

    “The only other song on Me Against The World worthy of a playback is Old School…The rest of the album is ehh, lukewarm”

    “That being said, “The Don Killuminati: The 7
    Day Theory” had like six solid joints.”

    *literally shocked*

    Guys, this is the same guy who said Niki Minaj ‘killed’ the BET cypher.

    R.I.P. Credible Hip hop journalism.

    • http://www.monsterkings.com Heretic Skeptic

      Did he really? Niki Mina? haha. thanks for dropping em that jewel Joe. that shit is funny…

  • Joe

    R.I.P. Credible Hip hop journalism.

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  • Joe

    SMH at bloggers makin a livin off of shock statements they probably dont even believe…

    Scottie Pippen is better than Michael Jordan…

    Im bout to just spam tha hell outta this post.


    WEST COAST NIGGAS YALL SHOULD KNOW DAMM WELL ALL EASTCOAST DUDES KNOW PAC IS THAT NIGGA, FUCK WHAT THESE YOUNG DUMB DUDES IS TALKING, PAC WAS A REAL NIGGA, THAT ALONE BEATS 85% OF RAPPERS BACK THEN TILL NOW.YEAH HE WAS OFF, WHAT GIFTED PERSON AINT. AM FROM N.Y. THE BRONX, THE HOME OF THIS SHIT YALL BEEFIN ABOUT, TRUE STORY, the day PAC die,i went to check this chick i was beating, she is a huge PAC fan, i mean, poster all over her room, wit teddy bears wit banbanas,this chick cryed for 2 hours, before i could get the pussy, 2 hours, wit him it wasnt about Lryical content,when he die it was like a Family member you loved was gone,so N.Y knows whats good.IF HE WAS STILL LIVING, THERE BE NO,JA RULE,DMX,OR 50 CENT,AND THEIRS MORE TO THAT,BUT THOSE THREE TOOK ON SOME OF PAC SWAGG, PERSONA,WHATEVER, BUT NONE OF THOSE ARTISTS WOULD HAVE A CAREERS IF PAC WAS STILL LIVING.

  • bloc4life

    Just like you deleted Pac’s songs, xxl should delete you bitch ass from employment you stupid muthafucka who don’t no shit about good music when u hear it. Do us all a favor and shoot yourself.

  • Emmanuel Taylor

    Pac was the best of his time and the time to day. Fuck if you think he is overratetd or not, he stood for more then what these rappers do today. Pac was gangster, political, and at times spirtual. He had depth to his rhymes and spoke from his heart. To me he was the voicce of the youth, black males in inner cities who voices where never heard. He stood for more then getting money and fucking hoes. Over 95 percest of nggas today rhyme with no convection or purpose there only purpose for what they do is to get rich and look fly. Pac wanted to free minds and justice for. Niggas to day to educate themselves and speak on more then what they have. Listeners deserve more, how can most rap artist these days be so dam shallow. Pac shared his fears, desires, hate, love, ideas, political views, spirtual beliefs, with us and for that he will never be overrated in my eyes.

  • ApolloKid551

    I agree but at the sametime i dnt, Tupac was a one of a kind artist, the son of a black panther, one of the most outspoken artists ive ever seen, i also see 2day’s hip-hop like 2 rewrite history cause alot of these people who write 4 these hip-hop publications dnt know any sorts of hip-hop history instend of the facts they go off their opinions, Now the thing that Tupac had was the power of the word, Alot of rappers wish they had the power of the word that 2Pac had, he influenced a whole genaration of rappers & mc’s, now i know that Tupac wasent the best wordsmith or lyricist like if u ask me who is the best lyricist of all time i will either say Nas, Rakim, GZA, Ras Kass & Jay-Z, But with saying that Tupac was more of the spirit of the power in what he was saying, he wasent scared 2 talk about his most deepest darkest fear, or made him sad or angry, he talk about a wide range of topics that rappers won’t even dare touch, his subject matter was nothing new but the way he he deliever the messages were 2nd to none, his voice was a voice of a black man that was goin back down 2 commercial pressure like rapper fall 2 2day, most black men are ashamed of themselves he wasent, he wasent ashamed 2 tell u how he really felt i feel thats whats missing in hip-hop 2day which is Soul, these rappers dnt have no Soul they are slaves 2 the system & dnt never stand up 4 their people they just make money off of the black community but they dnt do shit 4 it, now i agree Tupac wasent the most dynmatic lyrical mc but he is one of the best all time, its like these hip-hop sites want 2 rewrite history & put people who dnt mean anything as the best, mixtape & guest apperances dnt make u great, Tupac is the prototype of todays rapper from Jay-Z to 50 Cent to Lil’ Wayne, so i think its an effort by the people who run hip-hop who are u not black 2 tell people who are the greatest & rewrite history cause Tupac went against the system unlike these pussy ass rappers 2day except 4 a couple, he talk about the Illuminati in hip-hop & how the future of hip-hop was goin be fucked up by outsides forces who doesent want conscious music in hip-hop & devalue it with materialist bullshit & push this agenda 2 brainwash the young kids with hoes, cars & clothes, so people need 2 look at that b4 they make a judgement on something that some dnt know about…K.O.S.

  • Adams

    What do you think makes musicians like Bob Marley and Fela the greatest in their respective arts.Its because their songs are timelesss,and they speak all those real stuff.The poor,the rich,the oppressed,the depressed,those suffering,those celebrating,those wanting to achieve,those who have achieved,in shot all sort of ppl can relate with their songs.Thats what makes Pac the greatest.
    All what you just said on this article does not apply to Pac but in truth applies to Nas and Biggie.To me Illmatic is the most overrated album of all time.The songs are few(like 8 or 9 songs) while the productions are weak and way outdated.I dont see my self relating with that album in this present day.Its not a timeless album….shit someone just called.Will b back

  • Dame

    Biggie is overrated to me but 2pac aint
    I just thing biggie needed more than 2 albums to be cemented as the best rapper ever
    just think how many rappers had one or two hot CD’s and then fell off completely
    who knows BIG could have been a nelly
    but pac had 5 cd’s 4 of them platinum not to mention the ones he had after he died
    Pac yes biggie no

    P.S. Jay-z the greatest rapper ever

  • Poo


  • 66sexy

    11. AND ETC….

  • DBOX


  • Deebo


  • Futix East

    Remaining your knowledge of hip-hop unquestionable I would like to say something that you have missed. Lot of things you said are true…but you have missed the real reason y people love 2pac, and that’s because you didn’t relate 2 him like people did. I definitely was not his primary market..White, living on the other side of the planet, not knowing shit how it is in the ghetto.. And still I related to him. y? 2pac was a great soul, a soul much older than his years were.. Growing up in the conditions that were, he developed a will to change the people around him.. And if you look at his life and his work you will see that he wanted to change things around. But that was more visible when he was young. The thing that you don’t see as he was getting older he got more and more fucked up by life, by the shooting that happened, by the felony for which he ended up in jail, he started to forget more and more about his principles, and started to go with the flow, doing horrible shit, like a lot of rappers know to do. He was depressed, or at least he wasn’t who he was at the beginning. He was a victim of his own vices, and as he said it, money made him change. Listen to the lyrics at the end of his career, one verse is about suicidal thoughts, one worse is something normal and the last is nothing that he became at the end- it’s about how he’s the greatest..like every other rapper out there. He didn’t become who he wanted to be, and he was aware of that but he was too much down the line to change, so he lived like that…But not the way he wanted to..And the things that you seek in his lyrics, you won’t find it.. It’s not the production that made him famous, he didn’t have no punchline, his flow never was something.. It was the meaning that made him.. And the first album was actually who he wanted to be, and brenda’s got a baby was one of the greatest rap songs ever, but not in that way that you’re looking at it…but in the meaning..He was a poeta laureatus, a real sufferer that was feeling the weltschmerz (the world’s pain) and that’s y people related to him, black, white or green…


    2009 & overgrown dick heads still hating on PAC..get a fucking life

  • Futix East

    Remaining your knowledge of hip-hop unquestionable, I would like to say some things that you have missed.. The things that you seek in pac’s rap, you won’t find it there..You have missed the way 2pac reached to people.. I definitely wasn’t his target market.. White, living on the other side of the world, not knowing shit how it is in the ghetto. But yet, he reached me like no singer or rapper did.. Y?.. Well, 2pac wasn’t always who he wanted to be.. Growing up in the conditions that were, he developed a great will to change the things around him. And you can see that clearly in his early work. But as he was getting older, a lot of things happened to him, that messed him up, like the shooting, the conviction that had sent him to jail, and million other things. He started to do shit like all the other rappers…He wasn’t happy, he became something that he didn’t want to become, and he knew it, but he was too much down the line to return..He became a victim of his own vices, doing horrible things along the way.. And if you listen to his lyrics at the end, one verse is normal, the other has suicidal thoughts, and the last one is what he had become, a hollow shell of what he could have become- mostly rappin’ about how he’s the greatest, like every other rapper… 2pac didn’t have the flow like other rappers, and he didn’t have no punchlines.. it was the meaning that made him…Brenda’s got a baby is one of the greatest rap songs ever but not in the way you’re looking at it, but in it’s message… And what Lazarus had said, that 2pac helped him. I was totally the opposite what pac’s target audience was and still he helped me in amazing ways because when you suffered you’d know listening to his rap, that you aren’t the only one suffering, even though your problems weren’t the same… He isn’t a great rapper in the way you analyze rap… He was a poeata laureatus that felt the weltschmerz (world’s pain) and he knew how to pass the feeling to others through his rap…and I’m entirely grateful to him for that..

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Futix

    Remaining your knowledge of hip-hop unquestionable, I would like to say some things that you have missed… The things that you seek in pac’s rap, you won’t find it there..You have missed the way 2pac reached to people.. I definitely wasn’t his target market.. White, living on the other side of the world, not knowing shit how it is in the ghetto. But yet, he reached me like no singer or rapper did.. Y?.. Well, 2pac wasn’t always who he wanted to be.. Growing up in the conditions that were, he developed a great will to change the things around him. And you can see that clearly in his early work. But as he was getting older, a lot of things happened to him, that messed him up, like the shooting, the conviction that had sent him to jail, and million other things. He started to do shit like all the other rappers…He wasn’t happy, he became something that he didn’t want to become, and he knew it, but he was too much down the line to return..He became a victim of his own vices, doing horrible things along the way.. And if you listen to his lyrics at the end, one verse is normal, the other has suicidal thoughts, and the last one is what he had become, a hollow shell of what he could have become- mostly rappin’ about how he’s the greatest, like every other rapper… 2pac didn’t have the flow like other rappers, and he didn’t have no punchlines.. it was the meaning that made him…Brenda’s got a baby is one of the greatest rap songs ever but not in the way you’re looking at it, but in it’s message… And what Lazarus had said, that 2pac helped him. I was totally the opposite what pac’s target audience was and still he helped me in amazing ways because when you suffered you’d know listening to his rap, that you aren’t the only one suffering, even though your problems weren’t the same… He isn’t a great rapper in the way you analyze rap… He was a poeata laureatus that felt the weltschmerz (world’s pain) and he knew how to pass the feeling to others through his rap…and I’m entirely grateful to him for that..

  • Shugg1000

    I understand your point…But that doesn’t stop me from thinking you’re a dickhead. Stop regaling us with long winded diatribes about shit you already have a preconceived notion about. Me against the world is incredible! I still wish you success just not in this format.

  • Hussle’s Way

    Fuck outta here with this bullshit rapper!!!
    Fuck you, your mother and your whole family!!
    Tupac is the greatest! Better than BIG, Jay, Em and Nas.


    • Hussle’s Way

      Fuck outta here with this bullshit review***

  • sean mac

    fuck combat jack he’s a fool! And whoever else think that dumb shit! When a muthafucka starts off his shit wit that “no disrespect shit that means somebody is about to get DISS! IT’S OBVIOUS this fool aint got no knowledge of hip hop or what it stands for. PAC IZ A LEDGEND! COUNTLESS RAPPERS HAVE BIT IS STYLE AND ITS STIL UNMATCHED! HE EVEN GAVE BIGGIE GAME AND THAT CAME FROM BIGGIE HIMSELF. SO GO FUCK OFF U WHACK ASS BLOGGER LOOKIN FOR ATTENTION BY DISSIN A LEDGEND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Holy shit!!!! I dont know what to say about this bullshit. 2pac was and still is the greatest EVER. Combat Jack whatever ya name is your are f&*%ING CRAZY. you aint no street dude, thats why you cant feel pacs music. you a lame, a bama is what we call you in MARYLAND. im in IRAQ right now bumping all 2pac shit. Pac music gets me through life here day to day. THUGLIFES “STR8 BALLIN” is the hardest song period. calm yalls lemon lame asses down. stop hatin and TURN THE PAC UP AND GET YA MINDS RIGHT…….LIVE FROM IRAQ…..PEACE

  • Hill$dale

    I hope you never get caught out in Cali sayin that sucka shit. You sound like a bitch

  • Malcolm SeX

    I may agree that he was a bit overrated after his passing but like Jadakiss said “Death gives u better promotion”. Yet, even if Pac hadn’t passed away as early as he did in his career u still have to consider him a legend if he truly was overrated we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.

  • sway-z

    First of all I’m sick of niggas trying to talk down about 2Pac, this nigga meant more to Black people than any other rapper that’s touched the mic.

    This nigga’s houses were damn near shelters for poor people he met, This nigga put his life on the line to shoot cops, to shoot FUCKIN COPS, just cause they was talkin that shit to him, tell me who the fuck has the heart to do that now? He talked that negative bullshit to grab the ears of niggas who ain’t listening to no Talib Kweli or Immortal Technique, so he could reach um. He did shit to actually help the hood, & was probably the closest thing to Malcolm X this weird ass generation might ever see.

    He also has more timeless songs than any rapper in history too, if you can’t feel So many tears, Dear Mama, Keep ya head up, Hail Mary, Do for Love, Only God can Judge me, White Man’s world, Blasphemy, Death around the Corner or I ain’t mad at cha, then something’s wrong with YOU, nigga, not Pac

  • sway-z

    Bottomline, if you ain’t never been through nothing, then there’s no way you could feel 2Pac in the first place

    • chillin mayne

      dont be ignorant sway-z…blatantly you did not stop to think before you typed that…picture jesus christ..picture what he went through, if u dont know the story you can read it in Matthew, Mark, Luke or john in the bible….now imagine jeses saying he feels 2pac”…now imagine all the people that do not like 2pac, because they dont like that genre of music, because they dont feel hes hot lyrically, or for any reason, and imagine that on this planet earth, that many people have not been through anything at all in there lives…..

  • Dagr8one79

    When it comes to overall hip-hop icon status… 2pac is on the list(behind BIG). But when it comes to lyrics, I’ve always thought he was overrated. Lets keep it real… no one was really paying attention to Pac until he shot at those cops in Georgia and got away with it. That’s when everyone was on his dick like he was the hardest/realest nigga on the planet. People became even more blinded as he started and kept the east/west rivalry going just to make money (even though BIG already killed him with “Who Shot Ya”). Oh yeah… he had so many songs come out after his death because he was trying to fulfill his Death Row album commitment and leave the label because Suge was jerking him too. It was no coincedence that he got shot so many times and Suge only was grazed in the head. Pac is black people’s Elvis. But just like Chuck D said about Elvis… Pac was also simple and plain.

  • daddy

    why the fuck every year 2pacs overrated, Why
    always Biggie was underrated he had 2 classic albums, so fuckin what.

    2pac reached more people and had more sells than biggie ever will.

    only rappers u can even compare to 2pac is eminem or 50 cent everyone is else is **** and havent had the longevity or output of pac. even now muthafuccas put out 5 mixtapes at once just to have a work ethic like Pac.

    2pacs the greatest, u faggot ass bloggers need to recognize it, the truth is in ur face.

    noone gets responses like PAc, look at how many people have something to say about him

  • macdatruest

    People who question Pac, or talk about his negative influence are a trip. When ZPac started Thug Life, way before the Death Row days, because once Pac went to Death Row that was the start of the end and also no one really know what deal was set up in regards to The State of California even letting him be released especially with the release involving a known Blood, Suge and his sheisty lawyer. I think to this day Suge set Pac up, even Pac’s closest friends said it in interviews along with Pac’s personal body guard (see Tupac:Assassination)

    My point in saying all that is prior to him going to Death Row and basically being used by Suge, he used to talk about his enemies. He would always talk about riding on his enemies. But Pac’s enemies were the racist system and the police. Pac was hated because he wasnt a “positive” rappert, he was a real nigga, who knew how to really portray the real situations of a young black male in the 90′s. Pac WAS the last voice we had that WE agreed (most of us) spoke for us. He wasnt a hand-picked “leader of the black community” from some church. He just spoke up because it was what needed to be done. I didnt used to like Pac either. I’ll admit to that it was because everybody else seemed to like him so much and I thought he wasnt the only good rapper. It wasnt until I got older that I realized the scope of what Tupac really was for our people. Assassinated at 25, R.I.P. Tupac Shakur.

  • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com DANJ!


    I don’t really have much of a beef with Pac as i do with his fans.

    And I don’t mean people who like his music and him as an individual… I mean TUPAC FANS. The ones who have a life-size statue of him in their room and shit.

    As far as his music, I’m not an enthusiast of most of it, but I’m def. a lil’ shocked at some of what you said regarding the albums. Yes, the first album is weak and a lot of people don’t like to admit that. But yes, it is. Ironically, the songs that I do like from it are the singles and maybe one other track. But yeah, the beats were weak as hell and he really hadn’t hit any kind of stride. The second album, same thing. He had a few more songs I liked, but not many.

    Me Against The World, though? For me, that was when he finally got it right. He finally had quality beats, he finally had come into his own as a presence on the mic, and he finally expanded on the things everybody liked about him beforehand. I’ll give you ‘Dear Mama’ and ‘Old School’, but how could you sleep on ‘So Many Tears’ or ‘If I Die 2nite’ or the title track? Those drew me into the album, cause I wasn’t really checkin’ for him at that time.

    All Eyez on Me is great too, even with the influx of the weed carriers. The Makaveli album is also him really reaching a peak. It seems like he was continuing to get better, which most rappers don’t do in their careers.

    But it’s all good… I mean, opinion is opinion. It doesn’t have to be a NY thing or an East Coast bias type thing, or anything liek some dudes are suggesting here. It’s just nutso that there’s a possibility you have more Gucci Mane in your iPod than Pac. That’s almost criminal.



    you can hate on EVERY Pac album ever made and I will disagree with you but not care. BUT hating on Me Against the World? Fuck that

  • chillin mayne

    combat jack u put in writing what i been sayin forever…tupac is not a great lyricist, extremely overrated…he was a poetic type, but lets be real, his songs were not that lyrically dope…waaaaaaaaaaay overrated..but see i can think for myself…usually dudes just hear somebody else say tupac is the greatest and they carry that on..sort of like a peer pressure thing, till they actually believe its true…but i got ears…

  • Aries Walsh

    Damn, man. Overrated, you say. Shiiit. Biggie?! Overrated as fuck! Im from the south and I was bumpin Wu Tang rather than Biggie. Now, I agree. Greatest of all time is a nonchalant title to give him because, well, “all time” ain’t even gotten here yet. The man was a lyricist, and if you think he was overrated because everyone and they uncle loves him, then he did his job and the job of every mc. Nope, he ain’t overrated, he was just the best of his time: keyword here, people: HIS. Now, if everyone could get what I said earlier about the greatest of all time status out of their vo-cal (this means you, emcees)then maybe someone would come along and spit better. Maybe we do need someone to be better than Pac. Better than Biggie. Better than Pun. And every other mc who dies then all of a sudden he the “shit since last Thanksgiving” <<punchline, I mind you. People got dead rappers over their head like its a ceiling in the sky and they can’t go any further. Suprise me, ya selves, and the rest of the world by breakin that ceiling and lettin them brothers rest in peace. Oh, and I was a Pac fan. Sorry NY. God bless.

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • http://www.rashadhayes.blogspot.com Dj Rashad Hayes

    Complete bullshit. “Temptations, So Many Tears, I aint Mad at ya, Do For Love, How Do U Want It, Smile, etc”. There’s just too many lassic songs the man made. He has way more than 18 good songs. Completely crazy this post.

  • http://www.cassavaleaf.com/ CassavaLeaf

    ‘Pac >

  • Brandon Brown

    what the fuck ya talken about tupac was a great rapper and mc and film star respect the mothenfucken dead bitch im sick of all you fucken critics thinken you fuck know everything well let me give you a HINT bitch you DON’T know everything and u are probuly just fucken jolous that he was a rapper and had all the money and bitchs and u well all that you are is a homo critic

  • dru

    I swear to god, every article I’ve read about Pac being overrated has the writer “rediscovering” his albums like they’ve never heard them before. How can you go into a discography with preconceived notions about its overratedness and hope to achieve any kind of objectivity? It’s like a 12 year old who only likes modern music going in and writing reviews on classic 80s and 90s albums to prove they suck.

  • biggie?

    2 Pac = Best Ever. Sorry.

  • Krazy



  • e

    Tupac had PASSION. that was his appeal, that was his claim to fame. He was a visionary. a forward thinking mind. he was also, to his demise, a product of his (ghetto) environment. His greatest asset was that He had the mental capacity that most men don’t. He was the product of a Black Panther which gave him more Heart than most. While most rappers rap about bling and yachts, Pac’s poetry was about the joy and plight of mankind. Gimme a Break dismissing him! C’Mon Son!

  • e

    Pac was a rapper for intellectuals. Clearly the author of this piece is not one. By the looks of his favorite song of his, “I Get Around”…it’s clear that he can’t even BEGIN to comprehend the depth that was Tupac Amaru Shakur.


    You are stupid

  • http://xxlmag kelmitchellfan

    i think his 1st lp was his best lp i dont think theres any track i skipped apart from something wicked

  • http://gurubrooklynisgay.com guru

    pac was born in ny, cruised through the mid, and raised in the west, so as far as you not likeing any of his albums because your from Brooklyn, its no wonder, funny how biggie was from brooklyn, see the thing is that… ny stays on ny’s dick… so idk why ya think yall the shit… ya’ll the only ones sucking yall dick… gay-z said it best, we off that… lol, and diddy said it best take that take that… from a nerdy internet thug

  • kali

    You are a moron…how do you work in this business?

  • Anonymous

    To the guy that wrote the piece.., ‘ i read ure piece tru out, skeptical but looking out for some genuine points to back ure view.., at the end i then understaood u and realised ure points!! ure a sad man, quite unhappy with a phenominal achievement of someone u view lower than u! ure also an intelligent man – using some unneeded praise on Pac but still pulling him down overall (as if he needs ure patronising shit!!). What’s ure own achievement in whatever is ure chosen field? Pac’s appeal is unique and rare cos he held no airs – he’s a survival, accepts defeat, stands up, stick his chests out and handle life! Why should he bring top notch rappers on his songs…, he here to help others without nothing grow, not here to mingle with only the top! He remembers how/ where he came from and strives to improve and let others come up too. Pls tell me…, who have you helped in ure field to excel/ grow? You’re a sad, pitiable man and help medical help.
    Listen to Pac wrd in ‘unconditional luv’ and be a better person.
    Have u read the rose that grew from concrete? Ure one of those that ask..’why he can’t even speak good english when u shd wonder that i can speak at’all.
    I feel u bro, ure a sad & unhappy man. Pls listen to Sade’s 4 classic albums – u need them.
    Pac, we miss u, thanks for d luv. RIP. I’ll hail u fully in PHC, 9ja!

  • Tbicious

    To the guy that wrote the piece.., ‘ i read ure piece tru out, skeptical but looking out for some genuine points to back ure view.., at the end i then understaood u and realised ure points!! ure a sad man, quite unhappy with a phenominal achievement of someone u view lower than u! ure also an intelligent man – using some unneeded praise on Pac but still pulling him down overall (as if he needs ure patronising shit!!). What’s ure own achievement in whatever is ure chosen field? Pac’s appeal is unique and rare cos he held no airs – he’s a survival, accepts defeat, stands up, stick his chests out and handle life! Why should he bring top notch rappers on his songs…, he here to help others without nothing grow, not here to mingle with only the top! He remembers how/ where he came from and strives to improve and let others come up too. Pls tell me…, who have you helped in ure field to excel/ grow? You’re a sad, pitiable man and help medical help.
    Listen to Pac wrd in ‘unconditional luv’ and be a better person.
    Have u read the rose that grew from concrete? Ure one of those that ask..’why he can’t even speak good english when u shd wonder that i can speak at’all.
    I feel u bro, ure a sad & unhappy man. Pls listen to Sade’s 4 classic albums – u need them.
    Pac, we miss u, thanks for d luv. RIP. I’ll hail u fully in PH

  • Hip hop police

    Listen up pricks! u wonna know if pac was overated heres ur answer>>>
    why does Nas say hiphop is dead, why did jay z change his style from hard core to rock/rap?
    why is hiphop loosing its appeal to the youths?
    on record the only other figure to command the type of media intense attention pac had was princess diana. Half u pricks dont even know
    wat hiphop is about? When the man tupac was alive
    how many m.cs could speak? not even jay z could measure up, was like the yard stick of measurement every other rapper wanted to be like but didnt hav the balls. imagine if pac was alive still half the rappers out now wont even consider rap, then the other half would just be sucking dick….

    so fuck all u gay pricks..ignorant bastards
    questioning pac’s talent..i blame ur ignorant fathers for fucking ur retard mothers who then gave birth to ur stupid ass

  • pac is the greatest EVER

    tupac is not overrated. he rapped about real shit even in the songs u didnt like and deleted. this fuckin guy prolly like soulja boi and jay-z. tupac said it like it was he didnt have to repeatedly talk about cars, flashy jewelry and his new million dollar grill. he was the best rapper ever n he still puts every1 to shame with their fakeness. these new guys have nothing on 2pacs lyrical talent. he had rap figured out before rap was big. there are jsut too many rappers out here now who sell there souls like kanye and jeezy jayz n forgot what rap is really about. where the fuck is the power in music these days. it died the day tupac died. RIP TO THE GREATEST EVER

  • http://xxlmag.com wiggie boi

    i think your dumb ass need to jump off a fuckin bridge with a ton of bricks tied to your dick…people like u shouldnt even be hired to work for hip hop magazines…u r a very ignorant individual…. 2PAC is the greatest

  • http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978684501 Estella Brownlee

    Awesome post this will help me!

  • http://igrice2543.tumblr.com/ Dolores French

    Thanks for another excellent post. Keep rocking.

  • Vanravan

    Yes tupac wasn’t the best lyricist but he was the best MC!! Why??
    Look, a lot of Mc’s bring the lyrical ability and that show me that some of thoose guys are goin to a library to study the things they talk about. pac bring the charisma, the emotion, and he was THE voice of an generation!! What tupac bring to the Mc’ing was a much bigger and much important than multi- syllabic rhymes.

    the sad part of all of this , is your frustation , because you can’t relate to tupac like millions of people around the globe do. In fact your opinion is based in your own taste and it should be on your knowledge about the music industry.

    If you don’t think he is a legend why your are talking about a man who dies wiht 13 years ago??? I’m sure that when you die nobody wold come to a magazine website talking about you…and that my friend show the different between a legend and a guy like you….

  • vinnie

    i agree, pac was good but goat? gimme a break.

  • far has

    2pac overrated??????? hahahahahaha

  • Some random Guy

    I’m a white dude and not a huge fan of rap (so anyone reading this you’d most probably think what the fuck would I know) But I think it’s true- he is extremely overrated…I think the main reasons he was so popular was …
    1) He had the look and sex appeal- not being a faggot but yeh, he had the high cheekbones and slim build- and knew how to dress and look the part and was a good poser
    2) Because he was shot in his prime it adds mystique to his character-imagine if he was still around today and had just faded away? (he wouldn’t be so worshipped)

  • southsideryda

    Eatin a dick n die my nigga

  • 2pac biggest fan

    is this guy serious?.me against the world just alright? shed so many tears,lord knowz,temptations?.to a kid or man with less that kid of music is legadary

  • You Suck

    3 WORDS: YOU. ARE. DUMB! Atleast people love him more than you.

  • Leesah

    Tupac overrated??? Are you on fucking crack??? Who the hell was DUMB enough to allow your simple, and clearly CLUELESS ass to write this article. There is not another rapper DEAD or ALIVE who will EVER be better than Tupac! Ever. And the ignorant notion of some of the people who have commented here that Lil Wayne’s ugly ass can come close to the iconic Pac, is laughable at best! How the hell can he compete with Pac when half the time, you can hardly understand what he’s saying?? His music has no relevant message. Fucking idiots!

    • http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM benvolio

      thanks Leesah,,this fake ass faggot guy,is talking bullshit no real hip-hop G would spit out of dey mouths..get a life DICK-shit.your croocky ass people might have kiiled Pac but none of y’allz can kill legacy..Pac was a visionary,people like you should strictly not be allowed permission to speak in public..hip hop is dead,..nxla! fucking pendejo!

  • dannyOOOOo

    You got some balls and I love this article. Yes Tupac was a good rapper and a good MC had nice flows everything on point but is he really the greatest MC of all time? I don’t think so. I think Rakim and Biggie are better. So in that way he is overrated. Of course I’m gonna get lynched for saying this but I’m just being real.

    • Mike hassan

      i agree rakim was doppe but i say him nd pac yu sayyy your just keeping it real but the rappers yu listen dnt ….biggie is on his own level for such amazing talent nd lyrics but he wasent real

  • Charlie

    Tupac is overrated. Let me just say that I dont think hes trash, but A LOT of you tupac fans would have the stupidity to put him over eminem. A LOT of you tupac fans would flat out say hes the best artist of all time. A LOT of you tupac fans would say he was the greatest thing to ever exist. Mad head. Cool it down. Last thing I recall was eminem stomping on tupac in vibes best rapper ever list.

  • sam

    GTFOH Tupac is legend, all his albums are classics.

  • Mr Chow

    He was alright, nothing worthy of an “Overrated” tag but nothing “Immortal” . Plenty were better… plenty will be… such is life

    • M

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. At the end of the day it’s YOUR opinion, some people love him off, some people thing he was ok and some people don’t like him at all. Personally, I think Big L was better than 2pac.

  • Nadim

    2PAC is and always will be the greatest rapper of all time by far

    Lyrical Content – 2PAC beats any other rapper, his music was so meaningful, the themes of most of Tupac’s songs are the violence and hardship in inner cities, racism, other social problems – PAC WINS

    Voice – 2PAC had the greatest voice is rap, it was perfect, he can be angry and agressive in Hit Em Up and Changes, then soft in Dear Mama. MTV voted him 09 of the best voices in music ever, michael jackson was 10th – PAC was ahead of every other rapper

    Lyrical Skill – Yeah pac didnt have the greatest metaphors, it’s easy to have skillful lyrics when your rapping about cars, sex, money, sex , cars, PAC told stories and rapped about real important topics, and he didnt try to have skillful lyrics, also the greatest rapper for lyrical skill is eminem. and 2pac beats him on every other catogary

    Greatest Lyricist – Pac haands down, other than his lyrics having great meaning, PAC made 400 songs in one year, he writ and recorded the songs in The Don Kiluminati in 7 days, people will great metaphors in there lyrics take YEARS TO MAKE THEIR ‘CLASSIC’ Albums fukin idiot

    Greatest Person – PAC, what a guy, say all you want about 2pac your shitty little articles that get 3 views aaint gonna dent pacs legacy

    Dear Mama in the libary of congress
    5 Statues across the world
    Courses on his life at univeristy, including Harvard
    2PAC centre for the arts
    Street named after his in las vegas
    80Million + albums sold
    And millions of people like me who love him so much, his music has got me through so much and ill be listening to him unti my heart stops beating, keep hating hater

    • http://twitter.com/NoDoughDub -dough

      what a boring ass douchebag you must be

  • Nadim

    It’s so good to read the comment’s and 99% of them disagreeing with you ! Keep on hating on PAC but you will never stop his fans and the world lovin and rememberin him, please die you scumbag!

  • rory

    Exact same opinion as me, he barely even had a flow all of his rhymes seemed forced.

    • Badnfluenz

      you must be deaf and sucking on which ever bandwagon rappers dick that is relevant right now.

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  • john wayne

    its funny because il bet you would say that blueprint by jay was better than reasonable dout because you are a mainstream listner….fuck talking bout lyrical skills nas would be a legend nd the best if hip hop was about lyrics only but to tell yu the truth nas somtimes puts me to sleep. anyone can state there opinion nd make it seem like its fact by focusin on the negetive…pac has tht rateing for a reason because he can put yu in his mind state and let yu feel what he says just by poetry thts whats amazing about him his raps are simple but amazing . tell me what other rapper who raps as simple as pac nd for some reason yu still feel his music. thats what makes him not only alegend but the best isint that what famouse art painters do to be able to paint a simple picture but let the art nd the power in the art be extrodanariy. anywas your article didnt prove anything because people ONLY are overated when the media plays them as legends nd as you can see the media still trys to ruin pacs imageTHUG LIFE!!

  • http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM benvolio

    Dafuq!! is this dude mumbling about!?..tupac was never given enough time to prove himself but still he used the time God gave him to touch people’s lives all over the world (including yourself dawg) and made songs that related to us all.To me tupac was like Michael Jackson.haa! its obvious you’re just a HATER and just as fake as this so called boy hood rappers of nowadays,all they do is make noise about sex,money,weed..im not an American but tupac songs make sense to me than the nonsense FAME songs in your retarded ass mind!..my question to you is simple, If tupac was overrated and wack ,then how are these nowadays rappers of R&B-HIP HOP bullshitters??..AND LASTLY FUCK EVERY DICK OR CUNT DATS BEHIND & DOWN WITH THIS LOSERS WORDS..fuck..fuck..fuck!!!..to all o’yah against da legendary Tupac shakur..

    • sdf

      keep sucking his dick

  • gee

    fuck off ..lol tupac had mad flow and the early shit was sick …at least he progressed and had early shit …biggie was a joke one album he worked on his whole life …tupac started the format for ..mmg.ymcmb,g.o.o.d music..etc..


      fuck naw u had me til the last part ctfu

  • gee

    made his last album in 7 days!!
    pac was killin it listen to…… old school,..death around the corner,.. brendas got a baby,
    peep game,..changes,..keep ya head up.,whats next….etc…..pleazeee… not to mention the unreleased material …Pac even predicted the media would crucify him like this fake ass journalist slandering his name .

    do you like A.S.A.P rocky or nas..or any modern artist … well they bite pac and his flow …do you like biggie?. Well he was biting too he couldnt even go off the top of the head in the famous freestyle with pac ..and 2pac gave hi his first shows.
    PAC was the king .
    better get whoever wrote this article off the payroll, fuckin moron .

    2Pac was the biggest selling artist of the 90s and if he was alive these snakes and fakes wouldnt have a fuckin chance ..so know your lane you snake .
    if you dont like pacs albums lets hear yours then ??

    • YouHoeAssNigga

      Man you on Pacs dick. Hop off his dick and think. First of all Eminem would give Pac a run for his money. Pac was a dope poet however his rhymes were okay usually and at best good. Pac couldn’t outrap biggie. His diss to biggie is just pure anger and bland rhymes.

    • maxxx

      biggie actually had the must sold album of the 90′s with life after death. tupac stole that whole “don” thing from Nas so i guess you could say pac bite Nas. Tupac is a great rapper and one of the greatest but not they greatest. Jay-Z, Nas, Big L, Big Pun, GZA, Biggie, Rakim, Krs-One, DMX, Eminem, Immortal Technique. all better rappers than Tupac.

  • gee

    and if you comment on this sayin your not a big “rap” fan fuck off …go listen some more …pac was the most creative of the time .

  • Shakur

    Since 5 years and you still think about him, add to that all the resume you wrote!
    i dont think tupac shakur is overrated, but i believe that the mainstream rappers nowadays who we are forced to lsn to their garbage music are the overrated ones!
    Tupac the Character, was inspiring and most relating to the youth on his time.
    He wasnt only a rapper, he was a full package! a Life Style, that left a major impact on the industry.
    You are just one lousy ignorant who searches fame on the grave of a star!

  • Dakarai

    2pac actually wrote shock’s verse in I get around. Shock g says it himself in How to Rap

    • https://twitter.com/JosephTate_ Joseph Tate


  • L.R.

    Excactly what I feel. I only started really listening to good HipHop this year. Before I could only eat basically what MTV fed me but whateva. “Brenda’s Got a Baby”, heard it. It’s a touching song but what I was looking for was not just meaning but other aspects like flow, lyricism wittiness etc. found none of that. Nowhere near Nas’ intelligent rhymes or metaphores. Eminem’s lyricism and diversity and flow, and we know these guys have some pretty meaningful songs. I’s born in the 90′s and was not exposed to true HipHop; I have alot of catching up to do, but without even having to dig deep in HipHop I can tell that there are not a few but quite alot of rappers better than Tupac.So many people mindlessly put him on a pedestal without actually taking his ability into consideration. It’s always “He was real, he was a voice for a generation’” blah blah blah…Having a good character and choosing to shed light on important, meaningful topics is not a talent.

    • LaShell

      If I was to talk about the influence that 50s music had on the world today I’d look stupid…

      Tupac died at 25, a lot of these guys had a lot more time to improve

  • stevenmcballsack

    When it comes to straight bars, punchlines, wordplay, rhyme schemes and flow, 2pac is no where near the best. The only reason people praise him so much is because of what his message stood for and all the turmoil that was going on during his time. If someone could give me some interesting rhyme schemes or punchlines from tupac that aren’t about black people struggling i would like to hear them.

    • LaShell

      For punchlines and rhymes schemes…. that’s all you think hip-hop is about.



  • kevdogg187

    Opinions are like assholes..everyone has one an most are full of shit…yours appears to be extra full of shit lol…If u dont get pac thats cool, carry on, but ur column is a joke…U try to discredit Pacs body of work using a cheeky, arrogant tone. Pac was a revolutionary. He put the game on blast. He was the realest rapper to ever live. When us “gangbangers, thugs, and thug-wannabes” hear his music we know he know. He BEEN knowing, he tried to tell us. Pac was a prophet. Go crawl back from whatever rock u came from under XXL is a shit magazine

  • LaShell

    I’m laughing, this is one of the worst reviews I have ever read. Before you diss someones whole body of work, please try to brush up on your writing skills.
    The lopsided biased attempt of critique is baffling, although I’m not sure if it shocked me more than your lack of understanding. The guy gets shot 5 times, survives, gets weeks to recover and later has to face trial for a crime of which he was proven innocent, all while being demonized by the press. And you write:
    “what a crazy fuck this dude is turning into” becuase he put his middle finger up to the cameras… smh.
    Everyone in the world can relate to having a black mother on crack??? … hahahaha… smh
    You obviously have your taste in sound, and you can by all means have it “Raw and angry” as you like it. Just remember others have their tastes too.
    Pac portrayed vulnerability, melancholy, anger, love…. Pac wasn’t trying to be Bishop. Pac was himself, genuine and real. Bishop is a portrayal of a certain kind of product that society can formate. And being able to make music that brings tears to a listeners eyes, especially people who often wouldn’t do so, is a huge achievement and marks an ability which many musicians don’t have.

    As you asked what I think I will tell you:
    I think you are a deaf, misinformed readership beggar who has limited understanding and appreciation for all forms of hip-hop/rap music. Pac is the most influential rapper end of and it will remain that way for a while to come, so eat it up and accpet his “overratedness “.

  • Badnfluenz

    You said it best. You weren’t a Fan, then you went out and Copped all of his albums. Then you proceed to delete em one by one give and take a few songs here and there. You lost all credibility for yourself when you started talking all that bullshit. You see Bishop, you were hyped on Bishop. FYI Tupac’s songs were featured on the Soundtracks to Movies he made, not all of them but he did. Did you see
    Poetic Justice, Above the Rim, Bullet, Gridlock’d. Not to mention his Guest Apparences on Tv Shows/Music Videos/etc. After his Death His music has been featured in everything from Tv to Video Games. How can you sit back and say the hype was overrated. Calling him Sade. 2Pac gave us real and we respected that. There has NOT been any other rapper since Pac to give that type of vibe in Rap Music. You’re missing out on 10 other albums since his death on top of that. I honestly can not name one rapper who laid his soul on every track EVERY TIME on EVERY ALBUM! Nobody has that Charisma/Passion/Heart so that’s why we miss Pac. Has nothing to do with his character in Juice. GTFOH with your garbage. If you want to go on about over-hype every rapper that stepped on the scene after 97 is OVER HYPE! Funny you wanna talk about Over Hype what’s your feelings on Jay-Z, the man straight up jacked and ran with Biggie’s style. Now look where he is in 2013. FYI Pac had a plan to release an album that was to unite the East and West, the ONLY album that was garbage was that shit Eminem produced.

  • Tupac Shakur

    I ain’t overrated. I was the realest rapper of all time.

  • dom

    this entire article is complete non sense. he is not over rated and never would be if he sold 10 million more copies tomorrow. saying your a hip hop head and this and that wasnt good is a matter of opinion, which i respect yours but clearly for him to be rated so high more people share the opinion the he was one of if not the best ever. maybe keep your opinions to yourself before next talking out against millions of people. fucker

  • MrCoughupalung .

    Sounds like there still some bitter fag’s on the east coast. Pac’s body of work and overall persona blew piggie smalls out the water. I think people who agree with this article are very upset that Pac is considered the best rapper/M.C. till this day by a majority people who enjoy Hip-Hop on the planet. Like I said earlier, his body of work…..IMPECCABLE!!! Fuck the hater who wrote this article with cunt master less’s dick!!! You speak for your self and all the west coast haters that live on the east coast. Bunch of bitter coward’s!!! C. A. ALLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  • Affinity4Music

    Tupac didn’t have to be a technical rapper, he was emotive,passionate,deep,poetic,thought provoking, unique, and charismatic on the mic. Which all makes him the most influential rapper of all time, I bet this guy either is a new york stan or eminem stan who wrote this article. You are pathetic, to me he will always be the greatest rapper of all time, and one of the greatest artist, not just some typical technical rapper who talks about nothing, Nas and Jay z songs do not pierce through me, their lyrics don’t make me shiver, others who come close are DMX, and Eminem is another rapper who has that ability with songs like “Stan” and “hailie song”

    • RealTalk

      Cosign. The author didn’t even put his/her name to this. It says XXL staff but is written like it was put together by one person. Claiming that his debut is wack. No decent song on it… You’ve gotta be kidding me. The production isn’t brilliant but it stands up to most early 90s albums. This coming from someone who isn’t a fan of early beats on the whole. Do you like other albums from this period? Probably not if you hate the beats on this so much. Some of the reasons you mention that he is overrated or whatever the point is in the critique of his next album are laughably irrelevant. And no mention of Holler If Ya Hear Me? That’s a classic. It is his worst rounded album though. To his next. “Me Against The World worthy of a playback”… Talk about an understatement. No mention of If I Die 2Nite or Death Around the Corner. Talk about selective writing to suit your argument… There are only 10 good songs on All Eyez On Me? Again, exaggerating things to suit your argument. The fact that he has a few weaker rappers on the album don’t effect what Pac put into that album. For about 30 songs the hit ratio is fairly high. I do actually find his final album overrated, but again you exaggerate the amount of features on it.

      • Affinity4Music

        But then again, how you can respect someone who doesn’t put their name in the article? 2pac was in the rap game for 5 years, got better per album until he found himself, made 3 classic albums in one year, or just over that, that shit was never done before, 2pac set precedents that others wasn’t doing, this is why he has such a hardcore following to this day. What impresses me about 2pac the most, how he wrote his classic songs so fast like in 30 minutes=hail mary, and when his people spell check his words, there was not one misspelled word, other rappers can’t do, at barely age 25, he had the biggest impact of rap in the history of music, hence changed music

  • Michael Benson

    It’s about…..fuckin…..TIME!!!! You hit every nail in the coffin. Bravo, bravo. I cannot count how many time’s I have thought the same shit. Try to bring it up in real life, and yes you can get your ass kicked it’s stupid. Black folks that are Section 8 broke do idolize Pac like the Second Coming. They say it’s all he did for the “community” and shit. He was actually very revolutionary minded and had plans to do big things, I believe that. But most people talking about Tupac don’t even really know that about him at all. AT ALLLL!!!!!!LLLLLLYUUUYHYY!!!!

  • Jarred Morriss


  • Bob

    2pac is praised because he is a martyr, not just any ordinary rapper. His ability to bring deep lyrics rather than clever lyrics makes him one of the best. He also raps about topics rappers still yet to tackle. This is basically why people love 2pac, he was a unique rapper with good flow and lyrics and emphasis on his words that were clear and to the point.