Rhyme and Punishment

As I mentioned earlier this week, the past 10 days or so have been like a hip-hop rapture. It’s as if some of these rapsters are magnetized to the insides of open cages. Can we even count all of the arrest and incarceration stories from the past couple of weeks? Off the top of my head I can recall B.G.’s gun charge. Wu-Tang Clan “entourage members” got caught holding enough X to keep a sorority house rolling for… hours. Katt Williams is either a jewelry thief or a kidnapper. Lil’ Boosie doubled up his sentence for no good reason and is asking for Jesse Jackson’s support—which is a blog unto itself, I promise. And, now Gucci Mane has violated probation and is going back to his favorite seasonal getaway.

I must say, Gucci Mane’s fuck up hurts me the most. This is not because I’m one of those Free [Rapper Name Here] t-shirt-wearing morons who thinks niggas should be exempt from law because they’ve got a hot single or two. I’m at home terrified wondering how much Wokka Fuckin Lame we’ll be exposed to in Gucci Mane’s absence. You know shit is fucked up bad when a nigga would rather hear OJ Da Jewmane singles—or, a touchdown reading Hop on Pop over the “Laffy Taffy” instrumental.

Much like Boosie Bad Azz before him, Gucci Mane violated the terms of his probation, leading to an arrest. Clearly this man doesn’t take his freedom or his new-found position of positive influence seriously. What’s that? You didn’t know Gucci Mane had a new-found position of positive influence? Aside from Gucci’s post as “money getter hood example mane”, I didn’t know either until I saw him delivering a surely state-coerced public service announcement at The Negro Channel Swag Salesman Awards weeks ago. That shit was like the I Have A Dream speech for his monkey-ass minions.

Aspiring rapsters, take note. Issuing a public service announcement at the end of your song about doing the very thing you forcibly denounce is not helpful. I mentioned on my show/podcast that Gucci’s PSA reminded me of when Hot 97 made Ol’ Dirty Bastard issue a similar decree before “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s PSA went something like: “Hey, kids! Remember to always use your condoms, because the only thing I like raw is my musiiiiiiiiiic!” Now, you know damn well that’s some old bullshit. Dirt Dawg was an escaped Tuskegee Experiment who had a lost tribe of Israel on his tax return. I bet he couldn’t explain how a condom worked. Needless to say, his message was rendered ineffective by both his music and path. To this very day “Oooh, baby I like it rawwwww” is a soul-stirring ode to the joys of unprotected sex makes that me have to check myself before getting too wasted and going Kojak. In fact, all that preemptive PSA ever did was fuck up the intro to the song when my homie Papo would record it off the radio and bring it to school on one of his many charming, static-filled FM “mixtapes”.

[Blogger’s Note: Papo, your radio rips were the best. You inspired me to record Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito weekly, which changed my life. Muchas gracias.]

But, um… back to the lecture at hand. I’m glad these niggas are getting locked up. This has noting to do with my being a hater or ‘loving to see a black mens fail while he’s trying to feed his family.’ Save the bullshit. Niggas can feed their families without the jackassery. Dare I say, they should be charged to. Sadly, facing consequences like jail time is the closest some of these failing black mens will ever come to accepting responsibility for their actions. In which case, fans are better served seeing news reports of such supermen in handcuffs doing time and being told to keep their heads up than listening to hollow pleas to avoid everything they not only endorse in their music, but replicate in their real lives.

[Blogger’s Note: I’m not talking about the white boy from Smallville, Kansas when I talk “supermens”. Read Crime and Punishment. Get some Nietzsche footnotes. It might hurt just a little bit, but the shit is good for you. I promise.]

Besides, all that “real [pron: dumb] nigga shit” is fun, games and flocka flames until it’s your grandma said niggas knock over whilst keeping shit real. It’s bad enough when the shit is “only entertainment”, as Dr. Dre would say. It’s another beast entirely when life imitates art imitating life in a vicious circle of societal decline.

Ultimately, I believe society is responsible for itself. We shouldn’t depend on law and other social conventions to ensure we do right by one another. That’s to say we should care more for our personal and common well being than dodging jail. However, as of today, law seems to be all we have. Maybe laws are a necessity due to a negative or evil human nature. Perhaps there is no greater evidence of this than the creation of laws intent on harming people. Yes, there are tons of fucked up laws. But, these rapsters going down on drug, gun, burglary and fuckery charges are not Martin Luther King, Jr.

[Blogger’s Note: Investigate what King deemed necessary to change the laws the found unjust.]

I guess if nothing else is a deterrent, niggas need at least remember that the former always wins in The State vs. Your Favorite Rapper/Criminal.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Who’s getting locked up next? Did I miss any of our leaders? ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • westcoastaggie

    Ironically Gucci Mane’s Worst Enemy dropped in the net the same day he was sentenced to prison for his probation violation.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Lots of knowledge in there, Mexico. Lots of laughs, but lots of knowledge. Good shit.

    Perhaps TI (the rapper, not the one’s running this rap shit) will come home with a little food for thought, to combat the overwhelming influx of negative influence. The kids look up to him, or so I’ve heard.

    The funniest thing about these dudes, is that it’s not remotely funny whatsoever. Prison can’t be a place dudes strive to go, & I don’t care how tough they are or how much ass their music blows [||].

    Like the old lady said in the parking lot on ‘Friday After Next’, “I’ma pray for these niggas…”

  • Smel

    Reading Nietzsche really does hurt though. You gotta digest that shit in small doses.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn this blog was funny as hell but informative also. I never understood why cats (I mean ‘coons’) just keep going back to jail over and over….and over again. You would think that they would learn their lesson the first time….it must be something about going to prison that must be off the chain….I just don’t get it….

  • Jay stone

    Preach ron.preach

  • DaChao

    Nah it was actually smart 4 that song to drop the day it did…I really cant wait until soulja boy gets older(as crazy as it sounds) that nigga getting molded into a monster…And now that Gucc locked up he finna really step it up…he really have no kind of choice

  • Chilly Willy

    “Read Crime and Punishment. Get some Nietzsche footnotes. It might hurt just a little bit, but the shit is good for you. I promise.”

    Word ! Well, “Crime and Punishment” is by Dostoievski, but I get your drift. It’s funny, ’cause it’s true.

    I guess jail is like an abusive partner for some of those “real niggas”. They have to get back just to check if anything changed. A first conviction, I get. But parole violation is something else. Some say parole is like being in jail but you’re outside. That shit right there makes me believe it’s already better than actual jail. So I can’t understand how some make the most gigantic efforts to get back in the pokey again. It’s sad, funny sometimes (hence Ron’s post), but mostly sad.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      i see how that phrasing can be confusing. i should clarify.

      i know crime and punishment is by dostoyevsky. i just added nietzsche as a separate sentence because raskolnikov deals with a ton of neitschian principles, such as the concept of becoming a “superman”. so, it’s important to read both.

      a russian thought course would be pretty helpful to a lot of these paper soldiers and idolators in the industry. but that’s a new discussion entirely.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      I had a buddy tell me that he’d rather be in there. He’s been back & forth since he was about 13. Now, as a grown man, he said that’s where I grew up & that’s what he knows. The type of dude who goes in there & lives basically the same life we do, without a few luxuries.

      I can’t say that these rappers had the same informal training, but I guess once it’s ingrained, it’s no different than functioning in “normal” society. Their norm is just a little skewed compared to “average” logic.

      My brother-in-law’s been gone for about 3 years, has about 2 more to do. He writes, speaking with anticipation on coming home, & I wrote him telling him to use this time & fortify his mind, body & spirit, because that shit is going to seem like a sweet deal compared to what’s waiting for him on the outside. With any luck (& common sense) though, he won’t be going back.


      • Chilly Willy

        What’s good, Tony?

        “Now, as a grown man, he said that’s where I grew up & that’s what he knows.”
        Cue Shawshank, Morgan Freeman’s last parole hearing.

        Maybe making them feel that there is a whole world waiting for them outside can make a difference (make them feel appreciated and forgiven and…shit I don’t know. Y’all familiar on this, speak on it, I ain’t got no credentials jail-wise). You brother-in-law probably appreciate that.

        ‘Cause if you got nothing to gain from outside, you automatically stick to what you know. Street cred mean something to most of us around here, but that’s an eyesore on a resume…

    • http://crimcitywimp.blogspot.com Ross Yates

      Dostoievski was also the only novelist Nietzsche could stand to read when he was going crazy in that cave when he was writing Twilight of the Idols.

  • L.a Vet

    Rick Ross!!!

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      or, it could just be that. :(

  • anutha_level

    this nigga said escaped tuskegee experiment.



    • parksmcfly

      Martin L didn’t have the right shit life to be moulded into a rapster dome. And if he I doubt he would of had a movement.

      A varied intoduction and taste to this so called ‘new’ gucci rap before he does anything too quick or stupid with his parole hype and I’m all um ok then that’s great thanks guce I’m really antcipating your drop.

      players gotta drop hot playing in this current market. OJ is hot in 2010 and pays as he plays where it fits with the airplay.

      Nietzhche toon speaks are dope but crime and punishment seems vella heavy. Cunt should turn on the x games and push his dog of his barstool when he’s not chasin tail.

      Lovin it.

      I still never got the concept of who ODB fully was. Nas almost.

      I am glad however that jay-z put out stuff before he dropped several volume x of my life histories which as far as I can tell where all the same though I admitsdley never listened to them.

      Crime and punishment and ayn rands ever uplifting the fountain head ?? Damn that’s some mature man shit nigga what.

      Ima listen to my mates drum n bass collab with da crack n fire codas till these jokers actually start selling good music again.

      Crime and punishment and Ayn rands ever uplifting fountain head????…,that’s some mature man shit nigga what hip hop is dead.


    “Gucci Mane has violated probation and is going back to his favorite seasonal getway.”
    ron ron you fucked up for that one but you know how they do. winter coming niggas want three hots and a cot.

  • capcobra

    it must be something about going to prison that must be off the chain….I just don’t get it….I guess jail is like an abusive partner for some of those “real niggas”. They have to get back just to check if anything changed…Rick Ross!!!
    the funny comment remix….btw…good read sir.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good looking on them books y’all. I’m snatch them up 2morrow when I go p/u my Rakim Cd from my homie.

  • cinnamon

    Mex, what’s u9 with the html errors, driving me fucking nuts.

    But kee9 u9 the great work.

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    Hell maybe this is an answer to our prayers about Hip Hop. So many of these dumb ass mutha’fuckas out here fucking up shit they dumb ass finally getting locked the fuck up!!! Maybe Hip Hop will TRY to rebuild in a year while these coons get fucked in jail…

  • GIBZ

    “It’s another beast entirely when life imitates art imitating life in a vicious circle of societal decline.”

    Damn! Real shit, Mex.

  • http://crimcitywimp.blogspot.com/ Ross

    The SHU.
    That shit hurts.
    Think about when your mom made you giant blueberry waffles on the waffle-iron with whipped cream and chocolate-chips on top for breakfast when you were a kid.
    Think about that one time in high-school when your girlfriends parents were out of town and you took her dad’s 911 out and she sat shotgun in a skirt with no underwear on.
    If you are a musician, think about what it feels like to be on stage.
    If you are an artist, think about what it feels like on the opening night of a new exhibition.
    Think about the way you can still feel the waves moving when you are laying in bed after a day of swimming in the ocean.
    Think about every country you haven’t been to yet.

    Think about how you miss out on all that shit when you’re locked up and how nothing is worth sacrificing your freedom for.
    People that fuck around and break the law and ruin their lives and hurt the people they care about need a reminder – that is the function of retributive justice – but they also need a second chance.
    Because how the fuck are you going to appreciate the freedom that was denied by going to jail if you’ve got to go to prison too?
    That being said:
    The criminal “justice” system in this country is a farce that places profit over people.
    Prisons create criminals.
    The system creates criminals.
    And it’s all the system.
    The “it’s” and “all” in that last statement being the machinations of hegemonic global democracy and late capitalism and religious fundamentalism.
    The rich get richer and the poor get prison.

  • parksmcfly

    And shout outs to jeezy for bring them thug motivation anthems and hustle bucks.

    Hell yeaaaahhhh

  • http://crimcitywimp.blogspot.com Ross


  • DazzOne

    ” Lil’ Boosie doubled up his sentence for no good reason and is asking for Jesse Jackson’s support—which is a blog unto itself, I promise.”

    I’m from Louisiana, and people down here LOVE his stuff-I hate it and I’m ostracized for it. What I’m worried about is the kids. This dude violates his probation, does some more stupid stuff, and now he wants to Nelson Mandela he’s way out of this???? Kids will look at him as a victim, and not the DUMB ASS he really is!!!! It’s not just him, it’s the vibe in the culture that looks at people like ‘Wayne and say “hold your head up.” No, stupid, keep your nose clean (I mean literally, keep that white stuff away), and stay out of jail. What they did to put them selves there is their own fault.

    On sort of another note: how many “dope boys” do you really think sell crack because they can’t get a 9 to 5 five, or do you get the feeling they do it because they think it’s cool. Most drug dealers make Mc D’s number if you ask me. Only the few (crocked law men/politicians/ real corporate thugs) make money worth all the work and time.

  • Brooklyn

    according to dirty, he only got burnt once, and that was only gonorrhea. i think that the problem is that the prison system in america is too lenient. what responsibilities do a nigga in prison have? they don’t have to pay rent, bills, child support, health insurance, the state takes care of all of that. i know niggas that talk about jail like it’s a vacation, “oh, i’m going upstate for a few years,” like it’s club med or something. and when they get out, after x amount of years without having to be responsible for shit, they have to get jobs, take care of their kids, pay taxes, and all that other shit that free adults must do. for these niggas that’s been in jail for so long, it’s daunting, and a lot decide to go back for the free ride. in short, you can’t teach an old coon new tricks.