Push, push, push!

OK, so I went to see the movie Precious over the weekend, and yeah, I have the standard complaints about the movie: Why are the heroes light-skinned blacks and all the villains dark? Why did whites have to put up the $12 million to get the movie made? And a few other standard “Black in America” complaints. But the movie is bigger than that.

I walked outta that movie filled with hope and singing the praises of everyone involved with its creation, and my only critique is they should have called the movie Push not Precious.

I almost read my friend and comrade Charlamagne Tha God’s blog first, but I did not want the spoiler, so I read it upon my return. C Tha God made all the points I  would have made had I not seen and understood the real message in this movie.

This was not a movie made for us to feel sorry for: poor, black, fat, illiterate, abused, neglected, single mothers or HIV-positive girls. The message of this movie was that the human spirit awakened and encouraged will defy any odds and overcome the most horrific of circumstances. All that is required is that we PUSH ourselves.

Precious was typical in that she had a shit life and a head fulla unrealistic fantasies about escaping her realities. We all have had these misplaced thoughts in some form or another.

She was being raised by her mom, a woman who had become so consumed by her own irrational imaginations that all she did was grow them by staring into an idiot box, feeding false hopes of getting money by hitting the numbers. We all know folks like this to one extreme or the other.

Precious, unlike her mom, had not given up on herself, yet she just needed a PUSH. The first PUSH came with her being pushed outta P.S. to alternative school. Next she was PUSHED by her teacher to learn to read and write every day.

Whenever PUSHED, this beautiful, wonderful child responded by working hard. When PUSHED by her social worker, she told the brutal and hurtful truth. When pushed too far by a sick and degenerate mother, Precious, a mother herself, pushed back, whooped some ass and sought independence.

When given the news she was HIV-positive, she PUSHED past the pain and the first seed of self pity, “Why Me?” and chose to become more for her children than she had been given the opportunity to be.

My friend C tha God said the movie’s ending was sad. I respectfully disagree. The movie ended with HOPE!

A girl whom the village had failed, parents had handicapped, public school had under educated, and people had scorned, scuffed and used … she PUSHED through and CHOSE to better herself in spite of her bleak reality.

Precious set a goal to finish school, go to college, find a living, and become a real mother to Mongo and Abdul. She did not let her past – filled with violence, abuse and neglect – trap her like it did her mother. She escaped the paralyzing effects of incest, abuse and disease from her father. She overcame illiteracy by PUSHING herself to read and write, gradually improving her TAP score and setting her future goals. She PUSHED past her own fears and fantasies and became a real mother.

She walked out of a welfare office decidedly different. She walked out onto the brutal streets of 1987-88 NYC, a woman on her way to completion with two kids in tow and a determination to keep pushing for her sake and theirs. She did it with a beautiful smile, a quite noble smile, determined to push through to a better her! Bravo!

Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this movie. Thanks, Sapphire, for writing this amazing story. I will be buying the book for my daughter and me to read.

I did not cry during the movie, but in all honesty, I am tearing up now because I know this story is possible; it’s real. I worked with a group of kids in the 90s for a short time, and I saw similar stories. Different but similar, and I know this child.

I know her pain, her struggle, and how hard it is to PUSH through. But she did and all the kids I worked with did too. They are all still alive and PUSHING! We all should do the same. -It’s Bigga

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  • Curtis75Black

    Nice one ! Respectfully done. Surprised there aren’t anyother responses but I guess negativity really thrives over Positivity in Hip Hop, including blogs.

  • capcobra

    good post..i haven’t seen the movie yet so i can’t say but so much…but alotta people been saying it’s good…between you and charlamagne i might go see it this weekend…stay up champ.

  • http://inspire-t.net inspire-t.net

    killer been a fan for a while just heard about the blogs keep doing your thing.i need to check the movie

  • Worley

    A decidedly different take on the flick. Respect due. Speaking of Charlamagne: where is that dude?

  • david copafeel

    Good review, I saw the movie too and agree w/ almost all of your points except one…all the heroes were light-skinned blacks? Precious was the biggest hero of all in the movie IMO

  • Apollo Moses

    Bravo…very positive perspective bruh!

  • http://turbocity.net Turbo City

    I’m sick of these black, bad luck betty stories coming from black filmakers. Thanks for the good review, but I’m boycotting all hood movies until we get some black people in outer space besides Zoe Seldana. Peace.

  • chitchat

    Damn, couldn’t have said it better myself. I was trying to find a way to articulate to friends that this wasnt going to necessarily be a downer of a movie. Now I don’t have to. I’ll just forward the blog.

  • http://agrownwomanscomingofage.blogspot.com MadFreshDaily


    You’ve got it right! Completely right. I mean, I understand why others may feel like the director is trying to solidify an already negative stereotype that Black ppl have acquired but that’s a senseless argument.

    I’m black and I didn’t live Precious’ life, there are many that do (black or not), but I don’t equate that to my entire race.

    It’s exactly what you said, it’s a sad story that should give you hope in the end, and make you want to push past adversity. He [Lee Daniels] could’ve been safe and went with a happy ending, but wouldn’t the current one inspire you more?

    That opposing argument of your comrade simply says that he didn’t watch the movie with an open mind. He wanted a popcorn eating flick, but they can’t all be sweet and shiny…

  • Brooklyn

    c tha god didn’t understand the message, he was looking at the situation literally, instead of reading in between the lines. i didn’t see the movie, but i did read the book, and you’re right, her negative experiences “pushed” her to strive for better. it wasn’t a “woe is me” tale about being abused, obese, and illiterate, it was a story about coming from grim circumstances, looking at the shit around you, and deciding that you didn’t want to be part of that shit. and co-sign david copafeel, precious was the hero, them light skinned folks were just the supporting actors.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ david copafeel

    “Good review, I saw the movie too and agree w/ almost all of your points except one…all the heroes were light-skinned blacks? Precious was the biggest hero of all in the movie IMO”

    Smile you are so right my friend! I Gladly stand corrected!

  • sway-z

    How come everytime there’s a “black” movie, every nigga on the Earth feels like they gotta uphold something? Like everything has to be just right or it’s disrespectful to the race? The fact that niggas is still hung up on Light vs Dark skin let’s you know that we still got our own fucking problems to work out among each other before we start rating a movie on the racism scale. Ain’t like this shit was Flavor of Love

    • Mr. North

      AMEN. But at the same time Tyler Perry gots to pay! LOL no more coonery.

  • Chilly Willy

    “That’s why, that’s why, that’s why she kick, push
    Over her shoulders she swore she’d never look
    ‘Cause wasn’t nothin’ back there but the blackness
    Life wasn’t too attractive…”

    Real courage is the ability to say whatever happens, I’ll go in the battle, when you can just easily give up, and blame everything on the whole world’s fuck-ups…especially since you’d be right blaming the world for all that…

    No one ever choose to be born…some of us choose how to die…but in the meantime…ALL OF US HAVE TO CHOOSE HOW WE WANT TO LIVE !!!

    Great read, Bigga !

  • Mr. North

    I really appreciate this alternate opinion of Precious and feel more inclined to check it out.

    But my real question is whether or not Killer Mike will address The Game’s new sing. “I make big $ I drive big cars, everybody know me”. How he took that line from Killer, made a song about it and did not even mention the Killa Kill from the Ville with all the normal name dropping he does. I’m not sure if it is a sample from something else, but I remember Killer Mike saying the hook.

    WHATS UP WITH THAT Mike Bigga!?!


  • Curtis75Black

    @ Mr. North, have you ever heard Willie Dee verse in “My Minds Playing Tricks On Me” ?

    • Mr. North

      I dont remember that, but I thought it may have been a sample. Thanks a lot Curtis75Black I was about to look for the Game’s home address..LOL

      • Mr. North

        Oh yeah, but at the same time you know Game only used that for the hook from hearing the Killer Mike song so he is still guilty. But tonight I’ll stay at home.


    i have no desire to see the movie because it’s not my thing. i am sorry i don’t like seeing domestic style violence in movies. it has to be over the top unreal stuff like i will be seeing next week. ninja assassians anyone don’t fake like you not going be seeing that. i am sure my mama will get the movie when it comes out on dvd. i will watch it with her over some good home cooking.
    ” feeding false hopes of getting money by hitting the numbers. We all know folks like this to one extreme or the other.” i find that to be so funny when i was younger. i was always running to play the numbers or the lotto for the fam. when i got older i said i would be doing that for myself one day. you know i have only played the numbers once and never played the lotto.

    • Brooklyn

      “…when i was younger. i was always running to play the numbers or the lotto for the fam.”

      i hear that, my grandmother had me running to the number hole when i was a kid like 3 times a day and had me playing her lotto too. by the time i was 9 i was an expert at the numbers.

  • Master CHeef

    Bigga kicking that knowledge.

  • http://daily-math.com/weblog/ Combat Jack

    You actually inspired me to go see this. Thanks B.

    • Mike Bigga

      @ sway-z

      Point Taken homie! We gotta get past alot of our own shit!

      @ Mr. North

      Thanks 4 the read lemme know what u think of the flic once u see it.

      Game is my Homie i gotta lotta love 4 dude i also fux with Fiddy if they were the least bit inspired by Pledge II it;s let;s me know to keep pushing! Thank u for the notice and i appreciate the acknowledgement! GTRG BBB

      @ Combat Jack

      Thank u sir. I been reading your Blogs and I know i gotta lotta work to do to be that good…lol. Your post are Dope and insightful as a Mug. The Jay Z/50 one was truly Great. I thought i was the only dude who realized what BP2 (The Song) was the cure for Ether! I will continue reading your post i hope u will continue to read and comment here too.

      @ MadFreshDaily

      Cool fugging Name Mayne!

      @ Worley

      Please post your take on the flick i want another view on it!

      @ everybody thanks for reading and commenting Good or Bad all that matters is we dialog’n Barber shop style! Um outta here Playas!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Good insight, Mike.

    I wonder what inspired them to change the title? Seems that would have been more fitting, less misleading.

    I don’t do well with those types of movies, but I am going to read the book. Then maybe I’ll peep it once it hits Walmart’s sales rack.

  • Zeek

    Too bad everybody slept on the dope audio interview with Chyna Layne who played “Rhonda” in Precious.


  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    I see you Bigga!

  • Thejoker

    How the fuck you still a guest blogger after being here for like 2 months??? They stay kicking niggas off here after 4 blogs….for real no hate I think your blogs are mad boring and seem like your always trying to be politically correct, to me personally you come off and very self rightious, I was trying to keep that shit to myself but week after week I keep seeing you here with new blogs and it’s cheesing me so I had to express myself…and I don’t know you personally or listen yo your music so maybe I’m way off but that’s the conclusion I came to after reading your blogs….

    • southcakc23

      Oh, so now intelligence is misconstrued as “very self righteous”? His blogs are boring? Why, because he speaks on topics that individuals like yourself NEED to read about?

      there is a reason why they haven’t kicked Mike off of here….his blogs are what this site has been missing.

      You might want to do yourself a favor and actually listen to Mike’s music……

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Thejoker

    I was added full time every Monday, Thanks for notice’n i’m still around.

    Um i’m prolly the least politically correct rappers u’d hear if u ever were to check my music: That’s Life, Pressure, Bad Day Worse Day.

    I know my shit stinks and work hard to grow past my own imperfections so “self righteous” really aint my thang homie. Nor is organized religion and the whole “righteous” concept period. I do how ever wish to be seen as a True and Real (Trill Dude) that’s moves in a “right and just” way.

    I do however hold no shame in being a Smart dude and maybe the tone of that in my blogs some how offends you. If that’s the case hey bruh bruh i can’t change me to please you. It’s enuff blog haters and Dumb nigga rappers out there 4 u to support…Prehaps Rich Nigga shit or the Life of Bow Weezy or MTO would be more to your liking. Cool. My Sisters and daughter love that kind of shit too but, as a man and a smart man i wish to engage folks in the Blog world with a little more substance.

    I only wish to create dialog and have a blog that inspires hip hop supporters to actually do more than be mindless listeners but actual participants in their community, Thank u for “Expressing your self” that’s the goal of the blog so even in your protest mission accomplished. You read you formed a real opinion and you responded with that opinion even when u don’t agree this creating dialog shit works!

    If you truly take offense to a Nigga encouraging others in the Hip Hop community to be proactive, To Engage their children and support their educational efforts, to Protect kids walking to and from school (Rip Derrion). If a rapper cares to see Gangs become agents of social change and not a marketing ploy for sucka mc’s. If me saying expose your self to great art, and take a Vacation outta the hood and Be more resonsible with money if thats Offends you Week after Week and you cannot stand me based on that fact “YOU MUST BE THE FUCKING FEDS, one of J. E Hoovers spooks or Cointel pro” either that or Dumb nigga Shit is all u would like to see and i aint a DUMB NIGGA, so you will not find that here.

    Good or Bad thank U for readership and comment suggest some blog subjects you think i need to spit about and i will maybe pick one up. u can ask the other folks who post i take advice as well as i give it. Each one teach one Homie thanks for the challenge i hope u continue to read and comment with your real opinion it matters to me, Peace!

    • thejoker

      If you read what I wrote carefully you would see that I never said I had a problem with the topics you choose, the way you that you try to always give advice just seems very unrealistic like gangs turning into “agents for social change” come on b you seem to be pissing in the wind with that one…and I’m not saying that that would be a great thing if they did but do you really think blogging about it is really gonna change a thing? maybe blogging about how gangs tear families and communities apart would be better because its more likly that a kid that is thinking about a joining a gang would be more likely to read a blog on this site as oppose to the upper echelon of the crips and bloods…and I never called you a “dumb nigga” nor did I imply it…I just feel that the way you write sometimes you are not really giving out real solutions to real problems you are just trying to show us that your a “smart dude” and not the your typical 2009 rapper, you very well might be but how about some real shit instead of trying to be the next al sharpton…and you said your are the “least politically correct rapper” well why dont you take that same approach with blogging?…and now that I think back on it, I did hear you on a track and you dropped this gem “Chevy ridas, slangin’ powders, Simpson Rd., Dixie Hills/Diamond pressed against dat wood, candy paint, spinnin’ wheels/Grind Time rap game, remember bitches Killer Kill/Purple Ribbon rollin’ o’s, an’ we all be on dat Kryp” sounds like some rich nigga shit to me….jus keepin’ it “trill” bruh….and as for including me in the same group as j edgar hoover that was kind of low since what i wrote had nothing to assoiciate me with that cocksuker (litterally and figuratively)…anyways I do appericate you taking the time out to reply back and i aploigize if i came off as an asshole, but sometimes when typing you cant really express yourself as you could in person…as i said before these are the conclusions i came to after reading some of your blogs I could be totally wrong…anyways do you b

      • thejoker

        and I’m not saying that that WOULDN’T be a great thing if they did but do you really think blogging about it is really gonna change a thing?

        typo my bad

  • MaconMoneyAllDay

    Damn Mike you took the bait, but still expressed yourself respectfully and eloquently. If you are the future of rap I look forward to it. Stay True…Stay Real…Trill

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com trackstar the dj

    “I thought i was the only dude who realized what BP2 (The Song) was the cure for Ether!

    YES! that makes 3 of us.

    another excellent blog.
    great reply to the joker.

  • http://crimcitywimp.blogspot.com Ross

    “The message of this movie was that the human spirit awakened and encouraged will defy any odds and overcome the most horrific of circumstances. All that is required is that we PUSH ourselves.”

    I agree with this statement.
    I also agree with Charlamagne Tha God’s opinion that this movie was all about RACE.
    Mike when you got critical of Charlamagne and said,
    “C Tha God made all the points I would have made had I not seen and understood the real message in this movie.”
    You forgot that there is a difference between Truth and FACT. The “real message” that you found in this film is a truth.
    The portrayals of race and racism within the text of “Precious” are a FACT.
    Yeah, it’s True that you could interpret the character Precious being pushed to deal with her shitty life as conveying HOPE, but it is a FACT that this film shows the audience explicit images of a BLACK girl getting abused, raped, and mistreated by other BLACK people. The only people that give a shit enough to help her are WHITE.
    The power dynamic – the premise – underlying the plot of Peaches is a racist one.
    Maybe that is where this film succeeds.
    You know when you see old pictures of white people in black-face or “sambo” caricatures from old advertisements and you get that shitty, cringing feeling in your stomach like, “Fuck no, for real? That shit is still around?”
    Yes that shit is still around. It is everywhere you look, you just cant see it.
    This could be the strong point of Peaches: blatantly showing people the inherent, crazy racism that still exists in “the system” of our country TO THIS DAY.

    I didn’t cry during the movie either, I just got pissed off.

  • southcakc23

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. I believe that my daughter, my wife and I will be going to see this movie. As always, this blog was another great read by Mike and it’s always great to see such an in depth, positive, perspective on what others may view as a negative situation, occurrence and outcome.

  • parksmcfly

    I haven’t seen the movie but I like the way you saw it. That’s real and PUSH seems a real good lesson to take from it. The physicist in me says you could also use the word PULL though I won’t cause I’m not a smart ass and have a bias for outwards forces as it is so works for me.

    I think your saying she chooses to live and chooses to strive.

    Cool post man keep it up.

  • sevdemy

    Bigga.. I like your music and usually your message. But by endorsing this piece of trash, it makes you come off a little sketchy…

    Bad movie from every angle, except that it was based on an exceptional book.

    there is an excellent review at

    which speaks more candid to the issues and flaws of depicting our struggle in such a greasy, hot, fried chicken fashion…


  • http://comeonwithitrss.info/ Lakeesha Besemer

    Seriously! I have already been researching search engines for hours for this and i also eventually found it listed here!

  • http://probablynotnews.info/ Rolland Sodergren

    This is actually on the list of much better articles with the ones that I’ve continue reading this kind of theme of late. Great perform.