Leave it up to 50 Cent to shed some light on a situation.

When I heard "What You Talkin Bout," I figured Beanie Sigel may have been broke, and this was his sizzurp-addled, fresh out the joint way of looking for a handout. He just didn't want to come right out and say it, because he was embarrassed. Little did I know. Year in and year out, I read interviews with the same five lame-ass corporate rappers in magazines and on the Internets, but I probably learned more from listening to this interview Sigel, along with Fiddy, did with a DJ in Philly, who's probably out of a job by now.

Maybe Fiddy can get him a job with ThisIs50.com, doing recon on people's baby's mothers. (It's a good thing I hardly know any women.) From what I understand, he's given Beanie Sigel a deal with G-Unit. I heard about it yesterday afternoon, around the time I heard the real reason Sigel is pissed at Jay is because Jay wouldn't let him take an $800,000 deal with Fiddy a few years ago. Probably around the time he got out of the joint. Which has gotta be the best time to sign a rapper. Their street cred is at an all-time, but their net worth is probably at an all-time low. Suge Knight deserves credit for pioneering this strategy with 2Pac, back in the mid '90s.

I figured I'd read up on Beanie Sigel being offered a deal with G-Unit and do a post on it today. It is kind of a game changer, in terms of Beanie's beef with Jay-Z. You know good and well the reason Jay wouldn't let Beanie go is not because he thought he stood to make very much money from another Beanie Sigel album on Rocafella, but because he didn't want to suffer the embarrassment of seeing one of his artists defect to the label of one of his rivals. If that was the case, then it was only right that Beanie Sigel be compensated for having his career put on hold like that. At the very least, the label should have gotten behind another Beanie Sigel album, as if it was a Jay-Z album. Instead, he just got strung along for a couple more years, until he was unceremoniously let go, via courier.

To listen to this interview Beanie Sigel did with Fiddy, you wonder how it took this long for him to go at Jay-Z. It must be daddy issues. Remember, he did that song with Jay-Z about how they're a couple of whiny bitches because their fathers left them? (Well, that was my interpretation.) In this interview, Sigel describes a pattern of abuse that no one would put up with, unless they had a relationship with their boss that went beyond a mere business situation. I've worked at a number of places where I felt like I was being taken advantage of (no homo), and it was nothing for me to throw both middle fingers in the air and walk out the door mid-shift. There wasn't any of this bullshit about how only true friends leave footprints on your heart - though I'll admit there was some substance abuse.

Beanie Sigel, on the other hand? You know how Jay-Z wondered how Beanie Sigel could complain, when he used to drive two Bentleys? As it turns out, he didn't really have two Bentleys - one was for his mother, and neither of them really belonged to him. One of them he was paying $2,200 a month for, Rent A Center-style, and the other one Biggs gave him for his birthday, but he still had to pay the note on it. So yeah, he sorta kinda had two Bentleys, but it was only costing $5,100 a month. Still, I'm not sure if that was the best idea, for someone who couldn't afford to cop one Bentley outright. And that was before he went away to jail. They probably both got repossessed, Scott Storch-style, while he was in the pokey.

He could have remained a free man, and been able to keep up with the payments on his expensive shit, but Jay-Z wouldn't vouch for him in court. Because you can get away with some crimes, if you happen to know someone who's spectacularly wealthy (I might need to holler at whoever really owns Harris Publications, if I get a DUI), the judge in his case offered to let Beanie Sigel go free, if Jay-Z promised to keep an eye on him. But Jay-Z wouldn't do it. The judge asked him right there in court, and Jay-Z was like, "Um, no." Damn. I mean, it's not like Jay himself stood to go to jail, if Beanie Sigel went on another one of his sizzurp adventures. I'd suggest this was roughly tantamount to snitching, but we've already determined that Jay-Z isn't subject to the code of the street.

Never mind a record deal with G-Unit. Beanie Sigel might need to see about getting a book deal with the same imprint as Rawse's baby's mother. He may not have been lying, when he said he's been a fly on the wall for some shit we don't even know about. I still want to know what he was talking about, when he said he knew something that would make Beyonce look at Jay-Z differently.