No Happy Ending? (Precious Sucks!)

Precious is one of the worst depictions of Black people I have ever seen in my life. I can’t understand for the life of me why movies that show Black people in the worst possible light get critical acclaim. This movie does not empower, it doesn’t enlighten, it doesn’t uplift. In fact I left the movie theater feeling pissed off, angry, disgusted.

It disturbed me on so many levels because even if this movie is based on a true story, how about change the ending to show other young girls that are being abused, lack education, are obese and cosmetically challenged and, that despite the bullshit that life is throwing at them, can still come up. This movie went from Precious having an extremely fucked up life to having a horribly fucked up life. Is horribly fucked up any better than extremely fucked up? No, but for some reason people cheered when the movie was over.


SPOILER ALERT: The movie ends with Precious being 16 years old, HIV positive, in a halfway house with two kids from her father—one with down syndrome—still on welfare and reading at an 8th grade level. That’s a happy ending? Really? That’s something to give a standing ovation over?

I really believe people get a kick out of watching Black people’s misery. I liken it to when lynching used to be a form of entertainment to White people. Now, I don’t know who the primary audience is at Sundance and the Cannes Film Festival but I’m almost positive it’s not us because I can’t see any self-respecting Black person having anything good to say about this film.

I know people’s lives are fucked up. There’s kids getting abused by their parents and suffering with HIV. Kids that are obese and ugly. Young girls who are raising kids with no support, but to see someone suffering with all of the above? At 16 years old? I’m not saying it can’t happen I’m just saying I believe some things were sensationalized for book and movie purposes.

Another thing I noticed about the movie is that everybody who was White and light skin was some kind of angel, but the dark skin people in the movie were devils. Paula Patton’s character, the teacher; Mariah Carey’s character, the welfare agent, Lenny Kravitz, the nurse; Precious’ imaginary light skin boyfriend who she wanted to come rescue her from the bullshit were all depicted as the saviors of the world.

All the dark skin characters—her father, her mother, etc. were evil! Not to mention Precious looking in the mirror and envisioning herself as a White woman. Why a White woman? Even if she wanted to see herself as a beautiful, in shape woman, why did it have to be a White woman?

I’m not understanding the message director Lee Daniels was trying to get across. Of all the movies that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey could have teamed up on to do; why this one? What about a James Brown or Jackie Robinson biopic, why this bullshit? I don’t want to hear people say it’s something that needs to be seen because if you’re going to show all the problems that exist in the world, then present some solutions!

Show Precious going to the gym, show her going to HIV counseling, show her speaking to other young girls that have been abused by their parents, show her getting her GED and going off to community college. Something to give people hope or make them believe that even with all the bullshit something can come out of it.

This is the Obama era, intelligence is the new gangsta and these dumbed down, disturbing images of our people should be a thing of the past. I’m all for showing the harsh realities of life but only with a purpose. I need a message in the madness. A bright spot within the bullshit. If not what’s the muthafuckin’ point?

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  • abdulnasir

    I haven’t seen the movie, but have read so much about it. That being said, I think you made some valid points! And oh… 1st!

    • precious suclks

      i felt no symapthy towards any of the characters. terrible plot, terrible stroyline, terrible actors = waste of my time!

    • B


      • B

        It’s me again.. Have to fix the first reply.. If u think this can”t happen to anyone, of any color, u are wrong….SO don’t make it a BLACK THING!!!! THAT’S WHAT OBAMA DOES!! he TURNS everything we, “TEA PARTY PEOPLE” SAY AND DO, AND ALSO THE REPUBLICANS, into a PREJUDICE ISSUE when really…… he is. U SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE OF COLOR HE PUT IN THAT SCREWED UP!! BACK TO …”PRECIOUS”

      • Morpheus

        I am going to have to totally agree with you. And I’m Iranian, just for the record

  • seun

    same reason we Nigerians boycotted district 9

    • Cal

      Man thats funny coz i’m Kenyan and when my uncle and I decided to check that film out we were like “Nigerians aren’t gonna like this shit!” Fun fact, all the guys playing Nigerians spoke Swahili which last I checked isn’t found in Nigeria.

      I’m glad I now know how precious ends now I wont waste my time on it. Last year we had slum dog millionaire and that pissed Indian people off now we have this. They should make a movie set in the future when the US is predominantly Hispanic and multi-ethnic and touch on how disillusioned and frightened white folks are gonna be to even things out.

  • GO-Getta’

    I read Mariah Carey pregnat.

  • Sengbe

    I’m lost bro, you covered hip hop for years and now you want to get self righteous? Dudes talk about killing niggers (spell it how you want) on every song and now you getting self righteous? Whatever.

    • Max Profit

      At least rappers don’t make music feeling sorry for themselves (until lately).

      I didn’t know the movie ended on some bullshit like that – what a buzz killer!!!

    • ?emilio?

      thank you! someone with a brain.

  • Yo Mama

    I haven’t seen the movie, but it sounds like a movie more concerned with depicting those harsh realities of many people’s lives as opposed to making the audience feel “comfortable” or “good” at the end of the movie. I don’t think that means the movie is bad. Sounds like you’d like the film to be sugarcoated.

    • Sunny

      It’s not making you feel “comfortable” or “good” it’s called beyond limits. Why not show something different that does show black people in a brighter light instead of always not being able to rise above a tough situation. Can’t we the best for us?

      • ?emilio?

        if the movie was based on a Hispanic family, everyone would have said the same thing. you would have just said that the movie was trying to show Hispanics in a bad light. so I don’t know how you can make such a big deal out of a movie that trys to show we’re not all so fortunate.

  • Curtis75Black

    “It disturbed me on so many levels because even if this movie is based on a true story, how about change the ending to show other young girls that are being abused, lack education, are obese and cosmetically challenged and, that despite the bullshit that life is throwing at them, can still come up”
    “You Can’t Handle The Truth” !! Most women already know they can come up off a Bullshit past and changing the ending to make it happy isn’t gonna do the story justice. Most Hoes on the street aren’t gonna end up with the old college friend/prosecutor lawyer and what fucked up lounge singer all about herself is gonna want to marry her Handyman?

    Peeps always want a “Keep it Real” story, well here it is, in the flesh !! It ain’t pleasant but it’s real.

  • Moving Sideways

    I am not going to see this movie. The reason I’m not going to see this movie is that the plight of Precious is just so fucking unbelievable. You hit the nail on the head: life is shitty, but life isn’t THAT shitty. The plot to this movie is cartoonish.

    • rj

      I totally agree. I see it as an exaggeration of how rough the blacks have it in our country. Get over it. Blacks have some of the highest paychecks in our country after taking over all our sports. Get over it. Slavery ended ages ago.

    • Morpheus

      Actually, life is that shitty for some people and this movie tries to show idiots like you that it is.

  • YOM

    Great Post brotha!
    Of Course they love to see people of AFRICAN DESCENT in terrible situations.That’s why they love promoting Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball” telling some old white man,”make me feel good” or some Fool cooning on the mic like he still on the plantation.
    That’s why they used to get a kick out of black face performers. I’m glad you peeped how they still playing that light skin,darker skinned crap too.
    In the word’s of Talib Kweli,
    Blacks ain’t living,We dying/
    How to make a slave,By Willie Lynch is still applying//!!

  • TheHyist

    And see this is why I encourage my people to READ THE FUCKIN BOOK! ~DONT DRINK THE FUCKIN KOOLAID! Why the hell would you go see a depressing ass debilitating ass dreary dirty dick dramatization of the worst of us (black people)…READ THE BOOK it goes down a lot smoother…leave the movie alone in its 5 theaters.

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  • ItsMeFawn

    I have 2 say I agree with your comments. I read this book(The Book is called Push ny Sapphire) some time ago. Anyhow, if you had issues with the movie now called Precious then you would want to hunt the author down and inflict harm. The book is much more graphic and depressing. Her mother repeatedly molests her and makes her perform Oral sex on her, then there is a part where Precious goes into the bathroom and smears shit on her face because she says it makes her feel good to do after her father rapes her and she begins cutting herself. Also Lil Mongo her daughter gets institutionalized because she has a severe case of down syndome and Precious is unable to take care of her…now how is that for a kick in the ass!!

    • Black

      I didn’t know black people could read

  • HUBison

    I agree with the author…i have yet to see the point of the movie or is it contributing to the social plight and/or solution of black women like precious…like one commenter said in rebuttal to the piece, we know that stories like this are real and people out there are going through this so why not “keep it real” and show how it really is….well if we already KNOW its black women out there being abused like Precious, why do we need a movie about it?…since so many argue its the “life we as black people live” anyway, we don’t need to see it on a movie screen so IMO, so we can save the “keeping it real” argument for rap, we have enough girls out here “keeping it real” just like the main character of the book unfortunatly. and yes it is true that most “hoes” won’t make anything out of themselves but precious was not a hoe, but sexually abused by her mother and father, emotionally disturbed, and comparison can be made..the supporters, Oprah and Tyler Perry, championed this movie as groundbreaking for the African American community…i disagree I believe that this white movie was intended for a white audience…but that’s my opinion

  • lady of love

    I think the movie did a good job of explaining why the mother sexually abused her daughter, but some of themost powerfull points n the bk were not even mentioned. Like everyone’s story at the end.The movie didn’t give much background about the characters n the class. I really would’ve liked to see more solutions for all of her many problems. all I could think was….what the hell am I complaining about it could always be worse. I envisioned the teacher being a beautiful drk skinnd chick with dreads someone who precious could look up to. @ was hoping the teacher could mk her embrace her complexion and wk on her size.

  • Worth The Read

    I havent seen the movie cause its not out here in the Bean BUT… from this review, I’m rockin wit you C-God!… I need the same thing,

    “A bright spot within the bullshit. If not what’s the muthafuckin’ point?”

    I’m wit it! wheres the James Brown Biopic!

  • Blakout615

    Agree with Yo Mama

    In real life everything doesn’t have a happy ending

  • Radiance

    I understand Charlamange’s POV. However, I just think it is a contradictory, double standard sometimes. It is ok for a rapper to tell ‘tales of the hood’, with providing no hope at the end of the rap, but not an overweight dark skinned black girl? Come on now. Furthermore, I dont see a problem with simply telling a story. Not all stories told have to have a positive message at the end. I dont know when that became a prerequisite. Romeo died. King Leonidas died. I guess its ‘cool’ for a dude to have a tragic end, but disgusting when it is a woman? Interesting.

    At the same time, I do understand the power of images. I understand that most black movies, including tyler perry, shows the plight of the black man. AND hell yes, its all ways that blue eyed devil (or something close to his image) that saves him. Haha. Does nothing for the progression of the black man, but make the white man feel sorry for us.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I think we were all treated to a nice enough Happy Ending when your bitch ass was fired, homey.


    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • John Cochran

    I won’t watch because everything involving Tyler Perry is some form of stereotypical bafoonery. Spike was right. Black women will pay to see it. They think the man is God.

  • Lord Sinistah 7-15-4

    Peace God,

    I agree with ya point, we need self-salvation, not sympathy in these days and times….The fact that the ending of it can cause a sense of cheer is highly disturbing to me.

    Are we that distracted from encouraging progression that we celebrate the lack of???


  • Deadly MIME

    I can see where Charlamange is coming from. Personally I’m not really sure what the movie was suppose to say. I was watching interviews about the movie with Oprah, Tyler Perry, and the chick that played Precious about what the movie meant. They were sayin that it suppose to show how some young poor women go through in life. Also shine a light on domestic violence, and rpe and stuff. Honestly I gotta read the book and watch the movie for me to judge cause I’m hearing its bad representation of black women but then I’m hearing there’s a message to it.

  • capcobra

    how you end up going to see precious? girl asked me about it but she knew i wasn’t going because monique was in it..i gotta agree with john cochran women love these kinda moms took me to see color purple opening weekend..i fell asleep..that shit was too long and boring..and i’m still not sure if i seen the whole movie yet..but it’s crazy you say oprah got something to do with this movie..because her.whoopi and danny glover came up real good off these kinda crazy outtaplace black people experience movies…maybe precious gonna be the next whoopi or oprah…wasn’t oprah abused.

  • Hanch

    Hey guess what there not trying to make you feel good! This Shit happens all the time everyday! So the Character was black so your saying if the Character was White or Hispanic or Asian you would go see it and feel better about it? The movie is suppossed to make you feel like SHIT…DUH!! GTFOH with that BS Tha God you need to go. I am totally with the Homie Matt Herbz! If you want to watch a Movie that makes you feel good then Go Watch Fuckin G.I. Joe you fucking Clowns! You guys have to turn everything into a race issue and its ridiculous!

  • Worley

    “Of all the movies that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey could have teamed up on to do; why this one?”

    Both of them want to be white women. It will be interesting to hear Oprah tell us how the depiction of Precious differs from the “misogyny” in rap music.

  • Tony Grands

    My wife went to go see it last night. I asked her how did it end, & she told me.

    I won’t be snatching this one off of Walmart’s sales rack.

    I don’t have a particular problem with those types of movies, but fuck that shit. If I PAY to go see a movie, I don’t want anything even remotely close to what I can see on a leisurely stroll through my neighborhood.

    What overwhelms me though, are the stories I’ve heard about the conduct of the viewers. I’m hearing about ignorant ass teenagers laughing, cracking jokes, etc. That’s pathetic. If you go to that movie, it shouldn’t be just to laugh @ that Gabby chick. The movie was trying to prove some point, I get that, but to be so desensitized as to laugh @ what messages are being conveyed, is really disturbing.

    • Tony Grands

      Oh yeah, rumor has it that Combat Jack is next weeks guest blogger, fellas…

  • Gebra

    as a white dude, i must saY:

    how much you wanna bet at the top of this chain there’s 6 old white dude’s counting the trickling in pennies?

    trust me, in b-town, ontario (no drake up here), there’s no black people watching this – only white mom’s with short hair that have residency memberships at native art galleries… you know? those type – white dude’s who have skinny grey moustaches and read foreign beat novels and such…

    like monster’s ball… how the f did that director ask people to be so dire and defeated? who’d watch that for fun?

    if you enjoy a movie like precious, then you’re a sadist – go rent kids in the hall brain candy or something.


  • Brooklyn

    if you read “push”, the book that the movie is based on, you’d be prepared for what the movie had to offer. no, it isn’t a particularly rosy view of life, but life isn’t rosy and shit like this does happen. maybe there isn’t any one girl with all these issues, but there are girls with a different combo of these issues. perhaps precious was a conglomoration of different girls, each with one of the issues that precious has. i knew a girl who was abused by her father, kicked out at 12, with a baby by 14 and aids by 17, that was some real shit. and to hear her story was crazy. to think that a person had been through all that shit and was still able to smile, that fucked with me. so yeah, these things do happen, life can be shitty for some folks, not every story is gonna end with shit getting better, because 9 times outta 10, it doesn’t.

    i haven’t seen the movie so i can’t say what it was like, but the book did show a sense of empowerment on the part of precious. she went from being a self-loathing abused chick to being a girl whose self-esteem was on the rise, who’s literacy was on the rise, and that was trying to improve her life for her and her kid. the movie probably didn’t show all of that, but every time a movie is based on a book it’s always somewhat disappointing. you can’t accurately convert a 300 page book into a 120 page screenplay without mad shit being axed. unfortunately, it’s usually the most pivotal shit that get cut, because the writers are looking for something that’s good for drama, not necessarily for the message of the book.

    and the light skin/dark skin thing, that’s real too. it’s sad, but it’s real, there are many dark skinned girls that have been forced by society to feel ugly because they’re darker skinned and have more pronounced features. this book took place in the 80′s, when light skin was “in” and so that probably influenced precious’ perception of what was pretty and what wasn’t, of what kind of boyfriend she wanted, of who she felt was “good” and who she felt was “bad.” now, there could have been some ulterior motive on casting all the “good” roles with light skinned people, or it could be that since the movie is from precious’ skewed pov, she just associated all the “good” people with light skinned.

    • ItsMeFawn

      I keep telling people they need to read the book. The book albeit more graphic in detail — gave some explanation and inward look on a variety of things. It also was not as Violent in nature as the movie however it was more sexual abuse…

      I just keep telling people to do themselves a favor and just read the damn book it is called Push by Sapphire — they actually have re-released the book under the movie title of Precious since it was orginially written in 97.

      Again, I say folks go read the book — if you don’t like to read you can always have a book on tape, mp3 from and listen to it on your ipod or whatever your music storage device is.

  • Curtis75Black

    “I don’t have a particular problem with those types of movies, but fuck that shit. If I PAY to go see a movie, I don’t want anything even remotely close to what I can see on a leisurely stroll through my neighborhood.”
    Yet Boyz in the Hood, Belly, Menace 2 Society, In too Deep, Juice, Baby Boy and all those other Hood movies were watched and enjoyed by the Hip Hop generation. Why is this movie so different ? We can’t have it both ways !! We can’t say we want to see serious movies like “Rosewood” depicting the real but don’t support it because it’s too real !! What’s the use of listening to our music then ? Not every petty drug dealer is gonna be 50 or Jay !

    • Tony Grands


      I hear you, but, niggas selling drugs, getting shot, gangbanging, etc, is in a completely different class of film than this. These [in the movie 'Precious'] are highly sensitive issues that, although may need to be addressed more in ALL communities, may be a bit much to swallow in movie format. Right or wrong, society is “used” to certain types of social commentaries. Getting pregnant (twice) by your own father, who also coincedentally gave you HIV, is not one of them. Some things are just harder to digest than others.

      That said, all the comments about the book do make me want to read the book, using my own imagination & imagery, versus it being thrown at me in a way I’m not prepared to deal with.

      Aside from that, I saw ‘Rosewood’, ‘The Color Purple’, & like movies with my parents & felt the same way. Life usually isn’t pretty or come with a happy ending, but when I go to see a movie, it’s never my intention to spend money on something that’ll make me sad.

      As for music, the term “based on a true story” doesn’t hold the same weight, hip hop wise. Most of those dudes “need more people” in my opinion.

  • El Tico Loco

    I see a lot of good points on both sides. The point I get is that the movies that put Black people in a negative light whether is a hood movie like Hustle and Flow, BNDH, Monsters Ball, Training Day etc. get Oscar nods and critical acclaim in film festivals, while other movies like Great Debaters, Akila and the Bee, Secret life of Bees joints don’t get that type of critical acclaim.

    And as far as Tyler Perry (no Aerosmith) his movies are so predictable if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Good girl with bad man, good man saves the good girl from bad man, sprinkle some funny moments, add a climatic emotional scene to ruin your girls make up and at the end somebody gets married, end of story. Sometimes he’ll mix it up but same formula.

  • DaChao

    I saw it last night Yallz!!! Naw its a HELLA good movie…i thought it wud be bout some FAT BITCH(nO disrespect) Who was going to grow up hella fat and became skinny and fell in love and followed her dreams…her luck got worst and worst…But it wouldve sucked with a happy ending it was an all out FLAT out real movie…It was a a movie a nigga like me wouldnt have watched if i hadnt had gone with the female…it was so good i actully didnt make out in it…No liplocks lol

  • Chicago721

    I seen the movie ‘Precious’ and in the beginning of reading your blog I thought you were “hating… Read More” on the movie! After I read the entire blog, I realize you made some valid points. The film’s ending wasn’t I expected either! I was hoping to see her get her GED or something more positive, and it was kind of left to your imagination as to what she did with her life afterwards.
    I am a self-respecting Black person and I actually like the movie! ‘Precious’ depicted a story that people outside of that world could become more aware with. Although Precious was dealing with all of those afflictions, I believe she was representing all the young girls who deal with those afflictions separately. The girl who is reading at an 8th grade level, the girl who is 16 years old and HIV positive, the girl who is fat and ugly, the girl being abused at home, and the girl who in a halfway house with two kids from her father.
    I was not entertained by the misery Precious faced. I was entertained by her determination to change her life of abuse and ignorance! It wasn’t until you pointed it out that “light skinned” people were perceived as positive characters and “dark skinned” people were perceived as negative characters, that I noticed that as well. You have a point and I have to acknowledge that. I’m dark skinned too! (#imjustsaying) That does strike a chord with me and I don’t like that.
    In the closing of your blog, I agree with you. The movie could have shown Precious in a more positive light, than only focusing on her plight! The movie did show her celebrating winning an award from the city for something she did in class. Plus, seeing her leave her mother made me extremely happy. Like our real lives, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Precious “realistically” still had a difficult road ahead of her, and we as the audience could only hope she made more out of her life.

  • jojo

    Wow, as usual Cthagod tells it like it is. I did’nt see the movie. It was being shown at select theaters not in my hood… I think our own kind gets a kick out of putting our own kind down. From looking at the previews i can tell if i would of seen Precious i wouldn’t like Monique anymore. The previews show her being such a good character it would of brought the movie to life and it would of been a rap of me ever liking her again. I know that sounds dumb, but i was still mad at Tupac at the time, may god rest his soul, when he killed his friend on Juice….lol. Reading what Cthagod wrote, atleast it could of been a better ending.

  • I agree!!

    It’s about damn time someone called out this horrible movie. It seems like Tyler and Oprah get off on makine the most degrading black movies. Moreso than their white counterparts. hmmmmmmm………This is further proof the Reminds me of the Willie Lynch tactics live on. If an Oscar is won over this CRAP it’s absolutely proof Willie Lynch tactics are employed in hollywood….think deep on that if you can……
    cthagod keep up he good work fellow South Carolinian, c ya in the metro!!!!

  • justalkingshit


  • Mike

    Man Charlamagne is right. What is the point of this movie without showing a come up. I don’t get it. I haven’t seen the movie but I will not waste my money on this now. I mean come on people. We all ready know these stories. I know this story already but show me the story of someone coming out of the adversity.

  • C. Hop

    Change you name to ‘Truth Serum’! I’m waiting for a Madame C.J. Walker bio-pic. Oprah got rich off crap like this. I think the powers fear showing blacks in an empowering light. might wake up a sleeping giant. We got n*ggas thinking Tony Montana was real and not wanting to hear about Felix Mitchell, Jeff Fort or Larry Hoover. We need a n*gga making indie movies like Tyler Perry. All these ‘african americans’ are just in the way.

  • tommy gunz

    i dont wanna see the movie cuz i dont wanna look @ ugly people on a huge screen

  • Escobar9300

    Damn, can we get Mc Lyte back on here guest blogging or some other shit than this? For real…

  • Ben

    Charlamange go away please, I know the your running out of jobs, I can’t stand you, your so full of shit, its a movie you dumb fuck. People are trying to win oscars you dumb fuck, it is what it is, please stop bithcing about this racial shit who cares.

  • afreshmusic – Demetrius

    Charlemagne, you really have no point. This movie was never suppose to inspire you or make you feel good at the end. This movie told a story and it didn’t sugar coat it. Life isn’t always about happy endings. If you want happy endings go see a Disney movie.

  • Ross

    To: site admins.
    Regarding: use of html in blog comments.
    Text: It says I can use that basic shit down at the bottom of a page to make something a link or italic, etc. If I put html in my comment does it require approval by site administrators before it is posted, or is that shit a lie and it just gets deleted?

    Let me know.


    I saw this movie and it was great. The acting in this is incredible. Go watch a Tyler Perry movie if you need to see blacks in positive light you racist retard. Youa re by far the dumbest guest blogger. Read a fucking few books then come back and start making

    • D-Lloyd

      Tyler Perry co-wrote Precious Dumb ass!

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    Gotta admit, I don’t want to see the film because I can’t see paying $15 to have someone depress me. I have to agree with Charlamagne, there’s so many images they could have used to give this girl some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. There seems to be a fascination with the ills of the black community. We need a movie that shows how kids overcome these issues (and not only with a damn basketball or microphone).

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Haven’t seen the movie. Don’t plan to. One thing I do know is the makers and the promoters have one thing on their agenda. To keep the brainwashing alive. Basically, it’s telling young, so-called African-American girls, that if you’re dark-skinned and overweight in this world you are gonna be totally FUCKED for the rest of your life!………. I know shit like this ’cause I didn’t get real knowledge of self till I was like 23.

  • ervin

    PRECIOUS IS NOT A TRUE STORY and it’s not based on any ONE person’s life. The author admits she DID NOT LIVE in the ghetto and that SHE DID NOT KNOW anyone like Precious. She took the worst of everything she had HEARD about the ghetto and heaped it onto one character. That is why she has been hesitant all of these years to make Precious into a movie, because there are people out there who will use the story as a way to say “See, I told you what they were like.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. White people have always believed all of our exitence is Precious-like. This movie, co-signed by Oprah, will only make them feel they have always been right about us and exhonerate them. WE are own worst enemies, not the 400 years of slavery and their racist laws and treatment which has traditionally made us pariah within the American society at large. If not for the white man, we’d be raping our own children, living in utter squalor and illiterate. With the only beacons of goodness left within our decaying communities being those who are half human…I mean half white. Oh wait, that movies already been done. Thanks Hollywood.

  • Clarence

    Bad book, worse movie. The only award this abomination received was best supporting actress (Mo) and you could tell Oprah and TP were pissed. I heard Oprah pitch this movie months and months ago on her show and made big proclamations that it was going to stomp the Academy Awards. Woops!

    Also, Precious is fat.

  • Justin S

    It’s sad that black people are mad when a truthful depiction of how bad a child’s life can be is actually exposed for what it is. There are far to many children in some of each of these situations that it isn’t fair to single out one crowd. I see the movie as a uneasy, necessary, wake up call to black america (white americans are the same way but black americans gather in ghetto locations so it seems more obvious) I don’t consider myself a racist by any means but I am a culturist against the ghetto thug act which is majority black americans. (the term “African” Americans needs to be thrown out, you’re all from this same America now… White people aren’t called English Americans!.

  • Justin S

    I just noticed you go by “Tha God”… you’re the same ghetto thug type I’m describing that is putting a damper on the future of Black Americans.

  • boo

    i felt no symapthy towards any of the characters. terrible plot, terrible stroyline, terrible actors = waste of my time!

  • Wiz

    This is a horrible depiction of black people, of people on welfare, of people who live in poor neighborhoods, of people who are single mothers…its is a movie that should have never been made, and I am so mad at myself for watching it. It has deeply affected me! What happened to movies being for entertainment purposes??? This did not entertain depressed me!

  • GGGG

    its not about a “happy ending” because most of the time girls like that dont get the usual hollywood “happy ending”. The movie it about hope and finding out who you really are. In the beginning of the movie she was lost, abused and pregnant and completely illrate. At the end of the movie shes out of the abousive sitiouion. On the GED track and have her kids and found people that loves her. No its not a typical Hollywood happy ending. But that how life is sometimes

  • ha

    Its based on a true story, “You should change the ending” What the F@#@# I think we should jusr rewrite all of history to make you feel good about yourself. Perhaps the moral was how bad things can happen to people out of their control and we should not turn our backs on children from these environments, and perhaps we should say screw off to people like her mother. Sorry that not all stories don’t end with happy endings.

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  • Victoria

    I was considering watching the movie and looking for some reviews and came across your site. I agree with all your points.

    Whatever the mind of man focuses on, he becomes. It would definitely have been better if they had shown her overcoming her circumstances and triumphing in the face of all the obstacles she had to face.

    At the same time, even seeing the trailer for this film made me realise how good my life is and remember to be grateful for all the blessings I have.

    Love and Blessings,


  • stephano

    i don’t like you this movie is to show people what lives some people have. not jus a happy ending. not everybody has an happy ending.