Growth and Development!

Black street gangs will never be destroyed. You cannot destroy the side effects of a disease unless you destroy the disease. Black gangs are the by-product of racism, unemployment and the American prison industrial complex. These are not the sole reasons gangs exist in the black community, but they are three major contributing factors.

Without the Spook Hunters, a white group that preyed on helpless blacks in the middle of the last century, there would be no Spook Town Crips. If jobs and industry were still in places like Westside Chicago, the need for the 4 Corner Hustlers would not exist. If we were not sending nonviolent young drug offenders to prison with violent adult felons, there would be no need for them to join the ranks of prison gangs simply to survive.

Marry those real problems with a media machine that has figured out how to glamorize “gangsterism” (“American Gangster,” “Gangland,” “Locked Up”). You have a revenue stream that will continue to pay so long as the public’s morbid fascination with violence and perversion exists. BET, History Channel, Fox and CNBC win, and gangs and the community continue to lose.

I, unlike most critics, do not believe gangs are simply community pests that need to be terminated like sewer rats. I believe gangs can evolve. Gangs can grow and develop into what the community really needs: manpower for organizers like Feed the Hungry and Get Out the Vote; safety patrols on street corners; small business supporters/owners; and social clubs that organize at the local, city and state level for the benefit of the community.

This starts with self perception. Gangs see themselves as outcasts, outlaws and unwanted. This limits the organization’s ability to evolve.

Gangs must first incorporate like motorcycle clubs. This will give them a much different perception of themselves and begin to change public perception. I cite the Conservative Vice Lords of the 60s and bike clubs, like the Hell’s Angels and the East Bay Dragons, as examples of organizations that have done this successfully.

After the change in perception, there must be a community outreach effort: toy giveaways and active participation in local politics, like the GD’s did at Hoover’s request in the 90s. The organizations must become more like the Masons and Shriners and less like loosely organized cells of rogue criminals.

Gangs have members and sympathizers in every walk of American life. If they can alter their image, they can gain public backing and support, but the change must be authentic. There has to be a goal of legitimization like Japan’s Yakuza.

Corporate leaders and gang leaders share similar personality traits, and with proper tools and training, gang leaders can become businessmen. No longer can gangs hang in front of the liquor store, they must desire to own them.

Unlike the current store owners in the black community, the gang members and leaders live there. Thus this money will stay in that community, helping youth athletic programs, after-school tutorials, and attracting federal empowerment zone monies to build and grow more ventures.

NASCAR, with its ability to legitimize outlaw moonshiners and produce an American money-making monster, is proof that this is possible. This sport is still owned and run by the families that took up arms against the Feds during prohibition in the south.

I watched “Gangs of New York” often, and the fact that sticks out most in that film is that gangsters and gangs were and are tools for politicians. Democrats and Republicans are the product of a gang mentality and manpower. They used them in old America, and the CIA used them in Jamaica. They use them in America today as trigger words to get voters to vote for more money to be thrown at “The War on Gangs and Drugs and the Poor.”

If gangs and gangsters seek to survive, they must seek to thrive within the bigger society. They must plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize their greatest resource – manpower – and become a real force in the community. They must end their 40-year street beefs and reconcile with one another for the betterment of the greater economic good for all.

This is working on the continent of Africa, where the crimes were far more heinous. Why not here?

When gang leaders have expressed their desire to do this, they are crushed (Hoover, Fort). And when the community has supported organizations that became what gangs can be, those organizations were crushed (Panthers).

When people have proposed what I did in this blog, they have been killed (Hampton, Pac). So my days may be numbered, but remember this can be done, it must be done, and I believe it will be.

Black street gangs must grow and develop into what we need them to be or remain a tool for the incarceration and modern-day slavery system called federal and state prison that only profits the most corrupt gangsters – politicians. Fin. -It’s Bigga!

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  • gavin

    Your a fag.

  • john

    your hella gay

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Gavin

    um o.k. so what does that have to do with this post. (waiting) nothing…..Say mane please take the sucka shit to Bol’s post. That aint what i do this 4. Peace.

    BTW if u should really feel passionate about expressing that to me i travel all over the states and globe when u see me SAY THAT! and we will take it from there. Fin.


      Great post, these niggas is lames if they dont understand, but mostly every gang in chicago is renagade, thats why the streets is so wild!

      • GaryIndy

        you right…to many renagade. nigga need to get them under control first.

  • Bash

    You are aware the Hell’s Angels, while incorporated, are a documented crime organization?

  • capcobra

    we gotta change the music first…we gotta have a soundtrack for the movement..long as niguz listening to bullshit then they gon be on some bullshit..i was riding to that “it takes a nation of millions” sunday and so many people beeped.raised thier fist.nodded.etc..because we need that kinda and guidance right now..and yes the artist gotta be ready to die if they plan on unifying black people on any level..word to big and pac…so don’t just talk about it…make the music about’s millions of fans out here waiting..always remember the 30+ crowd is who took hip hop to unbelievable heights..we stopped buying cd’s cause niguz ain’t talking about shit..and now the industry is in shambles..nobody is catering to the adults cause it’s too many grown men being lil them niguz out..get a buzz..and deliver the message champ..hip hop and black people need it..and now is the best time to approach the white house because the president will listen and he understands hip hop to a degree….certain blogs need beats and this is one of ‘em

  • General

    Another outstanding post Mike…

    I think most people in our communities are behind you on this, but obviously the tricky thing is how to begin the transition. Obviously by evolving they would have to cut ties to their largest revenue stream which is the drug game and as you have stated those who suggest this usually end up dead. Then of course as you also pointed out you have corporate interests at stake that make billions of dollars every year off the gang lifestyle and image as it is. I would like to see local leaders reach out to gangs are provide oppurtunities and an enviroment for the gangs to make a transition into being a more positive force for the community.

  • August

    Great post. A lot of gangs started from the remnants of the Black Panthers after the COINTELPRO program. If they could re-evolve back into something with the Legacy of the Black Panther Party, that would be amazing.

    On a related note, any idea on what’s with the increase in Blood posturing coming from artists in the ATL lately?

  • YOM

    Beautiful writing homie.I hope you get the mainstream exposure you deserve to balance out all them coons they promote as artists now.
    Keep laying down them raps so you can lay down them facts.
    Everything you wrote was on point from the causes to the solutions and you can learn from GOOD BROTHAS like Fred Hampton & Tupac Shakur so you don’t get caught up in the same traps.

    I respect how you dealt with the first GAY ASS comment & for the record you did your thing on that song with T.I.”Thats What I Thought”.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Capcobra Challenge accepted thank u! I appreciate your comments and u will c that reflected in my music!

    @ General I feel u on the Drug game myth. i say myth becuz studies over the last 10 years show that the average Trapper makes Micky Dee’s money after expenses. Most guys r unhappy and would jump at a chance to have a decent paying job.

    • General

      I agree one hundid that your average trapper don’t make shit, but its the cats at the top of the ladder that don’t want to see things change. I think without a doubt most bangers would rather have a good honest paying job than have to sweat all the bullshit for the nickels and dimes. Lets face it, most corner dealers are the slave labor for the leadership of these gangs and the drug cartels.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ General agreed!

    This speaks to the need for decriminalization of drugs too. If Drugs were controlled by state and federal law the money incentive would cease to exist. This effectively cripples the cartels and gang leaders gross profits. Some would go legit like Beer and Spirits producers other would fade away. The only thing i think truly prevents this is the amount of money politicians,police depts, federal angencys make from fighting the fake war justifies the need for them to remain illegal.

    • General

      Amazing isn’t it. The same people who claim to want to protect us and make the streets safer are also the same people who have become one of biggest obstacles in doing that. Your right though. There are alot of “legitimate” businesses that continue to profit of the unstable state of the inner cities. What a great world this would be if we were actually willing to use our money in this country to empower the poor instead of inprison them…

      As far as legalizing drugs, I do honestly believe that is a slippery slope to go down, but it is definetely one that should be looked at closer by Washington as way to regulate the drug trade in the United States as well as drive violent crime down. And just think by doing that we could not only save money by warehousing less of our inner city youth in correctional facilities, but also raise money though taxing it to put back into investing in the inner cities and providing business oppurtunities for those same youth…

  • abdulnasir

    “The organizations must become more like the Masons and Shriners…” SERIOUSLY? WTF!

    • DetroitDraper

      @abdulnasir…T’ve been in the background recently just checking out the comments, not posting too much. And I’ve noticed something…You are a dumbass. Straight dumbass in every blog

  • YoungDyce

    I been sayin this for years. Some of my niggas feel me and others swear on their dead homies they’ll NEVER truce up. The question I have is, is it possible for niggas to let decades-old grudges go? Forget about their dead family members (and yes, it is a family) and look members of the opposite set in the face for the betterment of the community?

  • YoungDyce

    You know who the Masons and Shriners are? Cause if you did, you’d understand what Mike’s talkin about.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Abdulnasir

    LOL…brother i mean in the sense of conbating a negative image by participating in public acts of charity. That’s WTF…i know those organizations can be polarizing, but i’m reference’n their charity work only! Sorry if i touched a nerve sir. Hope that’s provides the proper insight.

    • westcoastaggie

      There is nothing wrong with Masonic organizations.

      BTW: Those who know, don’t speak…

  • El Tico Loco

    Change in music is good, being in the position you’re in Mike u can actually go against the grain, we need that these days; if some of these jocks that come off all righteous put their playlist where their mouth is we might have a movement in our hands, but they scared, and considering the A is the sheepiest city I’ve lived in you know if you market it right there will be a following. But all followers need a leader.

  • Enlightened

    Beautiful thoughts…

    the main problem I see with it is that “gangs” are not organized “gangs” for the most part anymore.

    Like you said, they crushed those actual movements so now you have the bastard children who don’t respect shit. These young GD’s don’t respect Larry Hoover no more. Now it’s mostly niggas screamin neighborhoods and cliques.

    So, the gangs would have to organize all over again, and then do something.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Enlightened

    I feel u. It would require the young OG’s (25 to 30 year olds) to be diligent about re affirming the structure & higharchy since the Govt. has done away with most of the Chiefs that were influential. It will not be easy but i believe it is possible.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I’ve been saying this on this site many times:

    We need to change the format. Add a rap contemporary 35 + format where the older heads can listen to rap too. I know Grands has told me they do it down in LA, but we need a nationwide format of that, and a 24/7, 365 type of situation.

    That 35 + demographic is the reason why the sales are down. There’s no music for them, & they ain’t copping this new swag sh*t(which by the way a swag was what was used to hold the noose, see what I mean?).

    If you could put yourself in that space Mike(satellite radio? local stations?) you would have an audience that would gravitate towards you. This said format would have those ears & the means to come together for a common cause.

    And a space for those younger ones that are more mature. Then we can show them how to organize as leaders, and stop watching(TV) as followers.

    We also already have all the material needed…they still have to figure it out as they go. This is why Drake is winning…not just the hook-up & the girls, the GROWN PEOPLE STYLE OF MUSIC.

    If we wanna change this “Boyz In The Hood”, “Scarface” music mentality, we being older have to change it for our style first. Make a new baby, let the other child grow on their own. You have to do that w/children. Let them go.

    And now that we’re home more(different mentality), we can REALLY teach this child.

    A rap contemporary format. Even allows said rappers to get royalties, appearances, charity benefits, remember we can post up in places them young cats can’t. And talk that talk when certain worldly situations happen.

    Just give me my credits & finder’s fee! HA!


    p.s. Maybe you & Charlamagne can get something going…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      And I know you’re talking about how the gangs will always be there, because they will & always have been, but like back then, certain priorities were in place.

      It’s time to put those priorities back.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Funny u should say that. Me and DJ ADS from Philly r in talks now to do a show. The new title of this blog and that shows title will be similar and although i had not fully thought it out the program made space to do what u r suggesting. I do not crab so u will get ya shout out and a possible gift should success follow! thank u good bruh! Brilliant comment!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Damn that was fast son! No doubt. I got it scoped out. I’m only a gmail away if brain picking be needed.

  • chene

    True .. and wow at the first 2 comments talk about ignorance at its finest

  • gift

    BIGGA this is so way past due. I hope they make u a permanent staple for your blogging. The problem w/gang culture today, is that rather than focus on the greater good of our communities, cats is focusing on themselves, due to the view we have on ourselves as outcast, rebellious, and what have you. Niggas are scared to be leaders for a better cause, but does being negative make you hardcore? We need to have real leaders, and leaders that can relate and feel the struggle. Not old ass people talkin down on culture they have not fully tried to understand. Black communities would be alot more independant and lucrative in business, if gangs actually did focus on the bread “LIKE WE SAY WE DO”. Keep up the good blogs, and fuck the first 2 dumb asses who commented. Forgive them BIGGA, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WUT THEY DO!!!!

  • Mike Bigga

    @ gift

    Thank u homie! We gonna get this thing back on the right path i know we are. We all must be part of the solution.

    Far as them sucka’s mayne i don’t sweat that. I be every where in these States and abroad. I’m in SF this week should they need to attempt to disrespect me in person we can deal with it then.

    • chillin mayne

      OOF…nice jab with that SF!…and you were the missing piece to this websites bloggers Mike…Rons the one calling out/pointing out ignorant/dumb events/rappers with humour, bol is the humor mixed in with some seriousness and possible conspiracy theory revealer and you…you my man are the truth, the fact, the thoughtful, keep comin at us… we gotta remember though, all of us, we can talk about it…thats easy….but are we gone do it?

  • Brooklyn

    it’s possible for street gangs to become proponents of social change, however when that happens the government always steps in and destroys them. look what happened to the black panthers and the young lords, both of which started off as street gangs and then became organized, did a lot for their communities, and were then taken down by the feds. point blank, the government don’t want the gangs to organize and politicize, because as long as we’re disorganized and running wild, we’re not a threat. but once we start coming together and challanging shit, we become a problem. those five points gangs in manhattan, they were allowed to become political and assimilate into the labor unions, police unions, and private clubs, because they were white gangs. the government ain’t trying to do that for people of color though.

  • Deadly MIME

    I mean to tell you the truth I say “fuck the gangs” cause they ain’t shit and I don’t believe that poverty, unemployment, the prison system, and racism has anything to do as to why kids are in gangs. That’s bullshit! Now can gangs organize and become better people…well..they can but in reality its not gonna happen cause gangs are so fixated on money and they hood, that they’re not trying to change shit. Gangs and thugs like where they are now if they didn’t they would do something about it and I’m not talking bout hustling and all that sterotypical hood shit. If they wanna change, if they truly want to change for the better then they need to stop with what they doing because they are killing themselves and others around them. Unitl i see all gangs steppiong up for change then FUCK EM, FUCK EM ALL!!!!!

  • Tony Grands

    Good drop Mike. You got us thinking, once again. Sometimes dudes need a break from sarcasm & jokes.

    I think what you’re calling for is revolution. Only thing is, everybody’s not ready to take such large steps. Especially when there’s no instant gratification. I live in the hood, & I see the mentality of a people who clearly see nothing but a bleak future in front of them. For the most part, “hope” doesn’t exist anymore.

    Gangs, as we know them, provide money, safety, “employment, camaraderie; it’s a self-sufficient social network for those who have no hopes of ever being a positive cog in society. I lived through the gang explosion in the 80′s, saw it slow down in the 90′s, & am watching now in 00′s, from my front porch, how it’s more than a fad, but once again a full fledged way of life. The OG’s are coming home from their 10-20 year bids, & maybe half of them have matured & are ready to make changes, but the other half never left the streets, just moved into a concrete motel for awhile. Shit is really starting to resemble the 80′s again-crack heads roaming freely, niggas getting killed on a regular basis, police with a “shoot first, ask later” mind state, so there’s no wonder the desperation is so thick.

    Like you said, these are side effects of a disease, but said disease is way bigger than brother speaking out. We, as a community, need to focus on the babies, bring them up under an umbrella of hope & positive thinking that they will grow up believing they CAN achieve something, rather than assuming the only way for them to go is the way of their uncles & older brothers.

    The gang life cycle is a curious one, because the problem it causes (influential power) is also the solution (influential power). It’s just a matter of what degree & direction the participators are prepared to take it in.


    “There has to be a goal of legitimization like Japan’s Yakuza.” i am not doubting you mike but the only reason they can attemnpt that is because of the large sums of money and influence they have. it’s almost like they way the mafia in america had things running. they can make things seem like they are clean on the outside but still are dirty on the inside.

  • sealsaa

    “Marry those real problems with a media machine that has figured out how to glamorize “gangsterism” (“American Gangster,” “Gangland,” “Locked Up”). You have a revenue stream that will continue to pay so long as the public’s morbid fascination with violence and perversion exists.”

    You conveniently left out rap music. There is an abundance of glorification of violence, mysogany, drug use/peddling, and YES, gang culture in rap music. And yes, you could argue that the Jimmy Iovine’s and the Lyhor Coen’s of the industry encourage this type of behavior, but at ultimately, its the artist responsibility. There is an obvious bias on your part, which is somewhat understandable, but please, if we’re going to have an honest discussion, lets keep it honest.

    “When people have proposed what I did in this blog, they have been killed (Hampton, Pac).”

    See, now this is the issue that I have with many Tupac fans. This absurd notion that he was a modern day(for that time, anyway)Malcolm X, who was killed for his political ideals as opposed to his own senseless shennanigans. Tupac was killed because he chose to surrounded himself with negative people, and to glorify a life of violence and thuggery. He carried on a senseless coastal war in the public eye, and as far as i’m concerned, was responsible for his own death, as well as that of Bigge Smalls. Yes, he said some thoughtful things, and inspired people, but lets call it what it is. Tupac’s glorification of “thug life” is just one example of what I was saying in the paragraph above.

    • Dee el

      Co-sign like a MF!!!

      Dee El Sends

  • YoungDyce

    Yo, me and the homie were just talkin about that. I don’t think a rapper is GLORIFYING gang culture unless they’re not of that life (like Lil’ Wayne or Messy Marv). If we’re talkin about somebody like C-Bo or Mitchy Slick, that’s nothing but their daily reality. And I agree 100 percent about Pac. Niggas look at me like I’m nuts when I speak on that.

  • KingKnot

    I feel ya Bigga. And here’s the difference in 2010 and yesteryear:

    MLK was about uplifting the Black Race.
    X was about uplifting the Black Race.
    Hampton was about uplifting the Black Race.
    Medgar Evers was about uplifting the Black Race.

    Major niggas today are about money, power, fame

    That’s the biggest hurdle.

  • sealsaa


    From Snoop Crip walking in videos while waving the blue flag, to The Game topping the charts with “One Blood”, the “authentic” gangsters are just as guilty as the obstensive ones of glorifying gang culture. Let’s take it a couple of steps further. 50 Cent’s(who’s stage name is derived from that of an infamous stick-up kid) Ghetto Quran, as well as Nas’ Memory Lane, both of which chronicle the rise and fall of the Supreme Team, albeit with a certain degree of morbid admiration. And then there’s Jay-Z’s American Gangster, an album he felt inspired to write after seeing the movie, based on the infamous Frank Lucas.

  • YoungDyce

    Honestly, I put Snoop and Game right up there with Wayne and any other celebrity gangbanger. BOTH those niggas are known for their AFFILIATION, not their active participation. Does Snoop or Game really have enough pull with the REAL niggas from RTCG or CBP to make a difference in the streets? I don’t know. But I know by the time Snoop dropped it like it was hot, he BEEN rich, livin in the hills. I agree totally they shouldn’t be perpetuatin some shit like that, just for different reasons. As far as 50 and Nas go, I’m really just talkin about gang members. East Coast, while they do have a strange explosion of Blood activity, generally don’t put out gangbang music. Not to mention if this revolution Mike is talkin about were to happen, it couldn’t and shouldn’t start ANYWHERE except LA and the Chi.

  • caino

    Gangs will always be prevelant as there will always be someone in society feeling left out etc, and hook up together to form a ‘gang’.

    l’m from the UK, and our gang violence isnt nearly as bad as in the USA but its still there, in the ‘poorer’ parts of society. But like the older cats said, the music being released nowadays is all about ‘swag’ ‘gangs’, ‘guns & ‘drugs’.

    We need to change the mentality first so real change can come !!

    In the USA you need an alliance like in the movie ‘Warriors’

    Caino – Glasgow East End !!

  • Mike Bigga

    @ sealsaa

    I did leave Rap out. Reason being we are affected by visuals more than music. Movie Profits have not suffered rap has. Even Rappers themselves are more affected by TV and Movies than other music. Genras

    As for Pac I believe Pac did a aolt of Dumb shit but when he was killed he was in a process of pushing gangsters and rap fans into politics. He even named the move he was making and targeted Bob Doyle. Im not normally a conspiracy theorist but If Hoover had his way the world would think the govt had nothing to do with the Death of, Hampton, X, Kennedy and King. Based on those facts i Sincerly believe there is a greater truth in the Death of Pac.

    BTW i’m A bigger BIGGIE Fan also not a deranged Pac Disciple. I appreciate your comment and love the passion u conveyed good brother we need that.

    @ Deadly MIME
    “I don’t believe that poverty, unemployment, the prison system, and racism has anything to do as to why kids are in gangs.”

    I understand your frustration but u cannot refute the fact that with out these factors gangs could not exist. If Jobs were in the hood gangs could not promise money. If Kids were not sent to adult jails they would not be turned into super criminals, if the black and mexicans in LA could come to a resolution both sides would not continue to slaughter on another in the name of Racsism. These are the facts. I again totally get your anger and it is justified but i believe we can re direct the problem into a solution.

    @ YoungDyce

    “Not to mention if this revolution Mike is talkin about were to happen, it couldn’t and shouldn’t start ANYWHERE except LA and the Chi”.

    These are the exact cities im speaking of. U cur cancer at it’s root and i believe that if u redirect LA and Chicago u change the nation in reference to street gangs.

  • YoungDyce

    Just to clarify, my brother… when you say “if Hoover had his way,” you’re talkin bout J. Edgar’s bitch ass, right? Cause some niggas might think you mean Larry for some reason.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ YoungDyce

    Yes and i am sorry i assume every one is as informed as you. i will be more clear in future.

    Larry Hoover = Growth and Development

    J. Edgar Hoover = Bitch ass enemy of the people Fuckem!

  • YoungDyce

    Speakin of that devil though… you think if something like this WERE to go into effect, we’d be safe from the government? It’d be such a delicate situation at first (shit, it’d probably stay that way for a while), if the Feds employed the same tactics they used during COINTELPRO, it would all go back to the way it is now, if not worse. If we COULD get it together amongst ourselves, that would be something we’d have to educate our soldiers on. They played a dirty ass game with that shit and we’d have to be smart enough to not let em do it again. Sorry if this is rambling, but I got a lot of ideas and concerns with this specific topic. Appreciate the responses, fam.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ YoungDyce

    I agree. we would have to explore new tactics. and no press release and damn marches it would have to be covert. we have the ability to organize. We must do it again.

    I with out a doubt think there will always be a “King Herod” like plot to destroy any “Black Messiah” figure (Obama does not count either he’s a politician) and i think that Guys like Pac are killed based on Potential i also Believe the feds targeted J Prince, Irv Gotti and Suge when they intended to unify.

    The Black Dollar 80 billion or so is ineffective unless pooled together every one that stands to unify that dollar has been delt with. umma shutup now i gotta catch a plane and we remember what happened to Ron Brown!

  • Mr. J

    In years to come i can see you running for office and making real change. This post show how we should incorparate the things we have learned in the classroom with the things we have learned elsewhere. Mike how bout a book homie, the world needs it.

  • 619

    Good shit Mike. You really are nationwide, saw you on a interview by Hunters Point in the Bay with my people’s homeboy Mitchy Slick. California support you homie.

  • SouthCakC23

    “If we were not sending nonviolent young drug offenders to prison with violent adult felons, there would be no need for them to join the ranks of prison gangs simply to survive.”

    This is so true and once again….Bigga bringing knowledge for the young AND old.

  • thabeastwithin

    I had 2 see what this was about when I saw the title. For those unaware of Chicago’s infamous gang culture, Growth & Develpoment is the evolution of the Gangster Disciple Nation(GDN) of which I’m apart of. I feel everything Mike said. Unfortunately, as history shows, when we (minorities) do try to turn something negative into a positive the government sicks the FBI, CIA, police and other entities on the situation. Why? Because they don’t want us to do better. You’d be suprised how much chop the government sees off each head in the penitentiary. This country was built on crime and still is to this day.

  • AvengerXL

    This is a great post and a greater hope you have Killer Kill but I have to say look at the history of gangs a little further. Most gangs started out as forms of protection against an opposing force and became of force terrorizing the community or country over time due to their own addiction to greed and corruption. Violence begats violence. Now what really needs to occur is a rising up in those communities by leadership giving kids an real alternative to the gang culture and reshaping a positive community rather than trying to build something out of broken pieces. Gangs are corrupt these days too much so to depend on them unless you give them a real option to get out and some people are addicted to that life style(i.e. natural bullies) or cats who where real punks before they had a crew. I want to destroy the need for gangs and kill the culture that glorifies the criminal element but to do so requires a level of responsibilty and selfless behavior by those of us who can see the truth. (The Talented Tenth anyone)

  • parks mcfly

    @ Mike Bigga

    I see you homie through and true.

    No man larry or even bol really wants no sucker shit.

    Good news these gangs wont have to put any pinches of salt round they’re coke once its legally controlled.

    Yawnnn what was i doing listening…oh yeah going out. My mate reckons MTV is throwing Britney a suprise party in HIS HOME nigga what!!

    See you where i’d see you or I call about LA cool too.

    Nat! I like what your saying about people having a nice outside structure and soul n love on the inside too. Bet your sexy.

    @ McCaine

    I like your ideas a lot dude ! props !

    Honestly though if I see 10 one trick soulja teddys its i swear its going back to the mutherfuckin 80′s.


  • Trackstar the DJ

    Just got around to reading this–in the middle of moving and had left the tab open in Firefox for the last week.

    Great read. I feel we definitely need “legitimate” businessmen and politicans to recognize the change that these gangs are working towards and co-sign their forays into the new era. Not to mention sharing both sets of leaders can share knowledge with each other that will only help each side.

    It’s gotta involve some coalition building in order to progress into a more mainstream concept. Otherwise, like you stated in the last few paragraphs, the powers that be will flex and do what they do. They have too much to lose.

  • c_realla

    Good well written piece. This is the truth if we could get everyone in the streets to start coming together maybe we could get some positive changes, but another crucial element is placing importance on education and the family structure that has been long broken. Parents need to step up and raise their children and keep them from the streets and teach the right from wrong and how to read before they start school. We need more fathers to be active in their son’s lives homie.

    Another issue is whats up with Lil Wayne acting like he is a blood, I never heard him holler that until the last few years, he trying to capitalize off that shit and that makes all these young kids outside of “real” blood turf think they can just claim shit. Maybe Mack 10 jumped him and baby in? Anyway, stay up Cuz.


    well damn bro you went hard on this one .
    im from raleigh nc and have first hand see gangs takeover the streets in 5 years.
    if gangs evolve then the black community will
    stronger then we have ever been i got a tee shirt you would fuckin love check me out bro
    were moving in the same direction holler at me
    on the site. peace lets get active

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