Did Jay-Z have Charlemagne the God fired?

I’d use my platform here at XXL to let the world know that, if anything bad happens to me, it was probably Jay-Z’s fault, but the post would probably just disappear. And then something bad would happen to me. Jay-Z is sneaky like that.

Charlemagne the God had to find out the hard way. He let Beanie Sigel come on his show on Philly radio station 100.3 The Beat and air Jay out, and now he’s out of a job. Coincidence? In a fascinating interview posted to this site yesterday, Charlemagne won’t say, probably because he’s desperate for another job in radio. It’s like when you curse out your boss at White Castle and walk off the job, then you don’t put White Castle on your application at K-Mart and just hope they don’t ask what you’ve been up to for the past year or so. (We’ve all done this before, right?)

Of course he tries to make it seem as if he could give a rat’s ass about whether or not he works in radio again, but you can tell how desperate he is, when he runs down a list of his lucrative side hustles.

And I quote:

Put it like this, the radio station is just one check. There’s a hundred checks coming from a lot of different places so I’m just staying active. Me and [comedian] Lil Duval still doing the Hood State of the Union webisodes, I’m still writing for Ozone magazine, I’m still a street correspondent for Wendy Williams’ TV show, and I got a book coming out on Wendy’s book imprint next year called Pull Your Damn Pants Up.

Lil’ Duval, anyone? Me neither. The world’s most accurate encyclopedia says he was a semi-finalist on BET’s “Coming to the Stage.” And then there’s a list of shitty southern rap albums, but it isn’t clear to me if he’s also a rapper, and this is a list of album’s he’s appeared on, or what. He must have written this entry himself. Shit, it could just be a list of his favorite albums. I might need to go to the discussion page for his entry and question whether he’s notable enough for his own entry in Wikipedia, like yours truly.

I wonder what Ozone magazine pays. I might need to resurrect my short lived print column, in which I gave some sick bastard the idea of banging broads by pretending to hold a casting session for XXL’s Eye Candy section. (If only I had that kind of initiative.) I’d even consider doing it on a pro bono basis, to increase my chances of seeing Julia Beverly’s cans in person. I could bring some (read the only) real literary credibility to that magazine, and maybe she’d want to thank me in person. A man can dream, right?

But I digress.

The theory that Jay-Z called the TIs on Charlemagne seems reasonable enough, in that hip-hop radio in general can’t be making very much money for them. A mere matter of days before Charlemagne the God was let go from 100.3 The Beat in Philly, an entire hip-hop station here in St. Louis, also called 100.3 The Beat, was dropped like a bad habit. The entire staff was up and fired and replaced with Halloween music. And then once Halloween was over, it switched over to Christmas music.

Who knows what they’re gonna play once Christmas is over. But I’m assuming it won’t be hip-hop, since they let go all of their hip-hop people. I might never have even realized 100.3 The Beat was gone, except I read about it on A to Z, the music blog of the Riverfront Times, the local equivalent of the Village Voice. As of this past Friday, the comments section there was filled with people complaining, in all caps (natch), about how now that you can’t hear rap music on the radio, they’re gonna have to go back to killing one another. It’d be funnier, if I didn’t live so close to some of the shittier parts of the city.

Charlemagne the God claims that 100.3 The Beat in Philly’s numbers went way up after the interview with Beanie Sigel, but it may not have translated into much in the way of additional revenue. These radio stations make their money from advertising, which is why there are so many stations aimed at adults, even though the best music is made by and for young people. (Er, it used to be.) By law, you can’t advertise alcohol on stations with too many young listeners. And these companies try to avoid stations with too many black listeners, since black people don’t have as much money to spend, especially in a recession.

A hip-hop station, then, must be essentially worthless. Who cares how many people tuned in to Charlemagne’s interview with Beanie Sigel, when the vast majority of them probably carry those EBT debit cards, and hence can only buy certain brands anyway? It’s a little known fact that 90% of black children will be fed by food stamps at some point or another. I read it just now on Alex Jones’ Prison Planet. To think, I’m one of the few black people to never get so much as a free wedge of cheese from the government. I’m not sure whether to be proud, or jealous.

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  • The Unknown

    Bol, you gotta try the cheese…….Goes good with my fish and grits

  • Worley

    The TIs make way too much money with Jay. They can’t have any old derelict rapper taking shots at their prized negro. Charlemagne should have learned from what happened to Wendy after she took shots at Bluff Daddy (another of the TIs’ prized negroes).

    The only safe way to go is to yuck it up like Flex and Angie. Otherwise, you might find yourself out of a job or blogging for a “living.”

  • Enlightened

    If he was really a God he could have made sure he didn’t get fired.

  • boozec

    Seems they already deleted most of those niggerish comments.

    “Some of these comments are ridiculous, no wonder they went off-air. The non-spelling, no punctuation using, random hood speak is crazy. Rap music in general is piss-poor.

    There are a few artists who keep the genre going but if I hear 1 more artist talk about the dope they sell or the b*tches they f*uck, I’ll scream.

    People, let’s understand the world we live in and respect ourselves and the public in general. Die slow horrible music.”


    Intelligent stuff all around…


  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    “To think, I’m one of the few black people to never get so much as a free wedge of cheese from the government.”

    you have not lived until you’ve had a grilled gubment cheese sandwich.

    • yoprince


  • Avenger XL

    First he puts the hex on Chris “boogtey beatdown” browns career. Now he is offing radio hosts makes you wonder if this dude is in a secert society for real.

    Just kidding thats a bunch of bull. But Jay-z = money and you don’t play with forsho money in a recession. You better save that expose stuff for the better time. Oh yeah what ever happen to Jay-zs homeboy Dehaven? I thought he was going to tell all on jigga or Jaz-O’s crusty ass.

  • Ace. Co

    Yo somebody school me on what a ‘TI’ is !! You , Bol ! how bout you ??? Bol please tell me what a Tee Ai is ….

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine



      The real money makers in the industry.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Clear Channel just did the same thing in Rip City last year. Dropped the urban format(97.1) for sports radio. And after the people demanded a reason why, they said sports radio brings better sponsors. The bad part is they’re right.

    The urban station is now on 107.5, which has sh*tty reception, you can barely tune in. One of them stations you can hear the cop radios as they pass by.

    Another bad point is they actually played underground cuts and gave unknown cats shine.

    If Beans never gets another radio interview, we know the deal/reason/culprit.

    velveeta>>>>>>>gubment cheese

  • sealsaa

    While I don’t think that Charlamagne’s firing after Jay’s airing out was a coincidence, there’s no evidence to suggest that Jay was directly involved (yet), and if so, why wouldn’t Charlamagne say as much? If he’s truly been black-balled, then what difference would it make if he aired Jay out?

    Jay hate seems to be running rampant these days. Did anyone hear that ridiculous interview on worldstar that 50 did on some radio station? They all but accused Jay of belonging to some bourgeois black secret society. Shits getting ridiculous.

  • sealsaa

    Belay that. They actually DID accuse Jay of belonging to a bourgeois black secret society. Are you kidding me? That’s asinine, even for a black radio station.

    • valdez

      ^^^ i’ve seen u posting for a while sealsaa, so i know ur intelligent, but it kills me that u think it is so out of the question that said black secret society doesn’t exist. wheni hear a comment like that from someone like u it screams “SDN.” this secret society actually does exist. it’s called boule. google it or do a search on youtube. it is def. real.

      it was started in philly in 1906 by the 1st black fraternity in america, alpha psi alpha, which in their history book they admit that they modeled themselves after and aspired to be like the skull and bones of yale.

      the information is out there. it kills me how u SNDs just dismiss actual facts as false without doing any actual research on the subject whatsoever. and by ur comments, it is blatantly obvious that u know absolutely nothing on the subject.

      i have done research on this very topic, btw, and know for a fact it is true.

  • latino heat

    i’ve been wondering, is Charlamagne the God the same as the producer Charlamagne?

    Bol, Lil Duval is hilarious. check his stand up out.

    sorry Syk, gubment cheese >>>>>> Velveeta.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      S’ok. I had the 1st dosage of that sh*t in the 70′s…And the last.


      Y’all east coasters don’t know what y’all are missing.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Jay-Z is such a fuckin bitch. That money shit has gone to his head. He might have to get chin checked a la Charles Hamilton. Punk bitch.

    • http://sandwichanddrink.wordpress.com the_deliman

      Speaking of Charles Hamilton, whatever happened to that guy? It’s crazy how people with talent get hated on so much while they embrace any untalented coon that makes songs girls can shake their asses too.

      It’s like some warped reverse natural selection.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Maybe Wendell Williams will hire dude full time as her wacky wig carrier/co-host, like a Hip Hop Ed McMahon. Heeyyyyooooooo!

    I don’t think Jay pulled the plug on dude, though. I think they were already looking for a reason, which is why he made it a point to say the numbers went up after the Beans interview. The axe happened to fall after Beanie dropped the hammer. I don’t doubt that Jay has that type of influence, but I’d hate to think he’d abuse his power like Oprah does.

    Remember, that Chris Brown ban was cleared up as untrue. If that really went down, & was publicly confirmed, then yeah, I’d think that Jigga 86′d the guy’s career.

  • John Cochran

    Charlamagne’s show was actually pretty good but he was asking to get chopped. He damn near campaigned against lil wayne’s music(rightfully so), gave it to every guest he didn’t like, and let Beans unleash on Jay live. But, hopefully he’ll continue with the webisodes or do some TV cause he’s good. Radio is unneccesary anyway, they could cut it all off for all I care. Shit, they play the same 10 songs all damn day. They play absolutely no local artists here in Philly.

  • sealsaa


    People act as if Beanie airing out Jay is the only controversial thing to ever occur on Charlamagne’s show. The guy continuously pushes the envelope. Perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

      Did you mean that? LOL

      • DV8


        that was funny.

  • sealsaa

    ^ LOL

    I thought about throwing a last minute “no pun intended” (or noe Joe Camel) in there for good measure, but never got around to it.

  • yoprince

    they let his ass go b/c of poor decision making, plain and simple.

    a damn near 40 minute conversation on the radio with an artist who hasn’t ever had a top 10 hit single?? never went platinum??

    the ratings may have been high.. whatever, but, not the people you want listening. prolly a million whites turned to the station just to see if they could catch “run this town” and were disappointed to hear somebody they never heard of crying about his bail denial hearing.

    it’s a business. this isn’t satellite radio. you can’t do whatever you want.

    next thing you know he’d have oschino on the phone talking about how jay-z never taught him how to file his taxes. FOH!

    • http://www.citizenpop.blogspot.com DrewDown91

      yoprince, “prolly a million whites turned to the station just to see if they could catch ‘run this town’ and were disappointed to hear somebody they never heard of crying about his bail denial hearing.”

      WHAT A FUCKING RACIST STATEMENT. I’m one of those “Whites” and from PHILLY. I had the TRUTH the day it dropped. So kiss my white ass.

      “It’s a business not satellite radio…” You obviously don’t know jack. Satellite radio is a WORSE business than terrestrial radio.

      JAY DIDN’T GET CHARLEMAGNE FIRED IT WAS HIS LACK OF APPEAL TO WOMEN AND POOR RATINGS. This is a direct statement from my connect at the station. Beanie needs to get back on the grind making real music and stop the beef. BP3 is hot and he is fighting a losing battle. yoprince is a racist.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Did anyone read that Jay/Beans drop on Combat Jack’s site? Because it’s down(daily-math) right now…

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I gotta disagree with you on black people and record sales. its not that there aren’t enough black people to purchase enough records for an artist. It’s that most simply don’t even when they have the funds. I know a girl who has a job, no financial responsibilities, and wants to work in the music industry but damn if she don’t buy a single record even when she listens to their music on a dialy basis. My point is that record execs cater to a white fanbase not solely because of the lack of funds from black people, but because a lot of us don’t want to spend the money to support our favorite artists.

  • *BLOCK*

    BLOCK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Brooklyn

    jay probably didn’t get charlemagne fired directly, but the station probably did it because they wanted to cater to jay, like how every time bol writes an anti-jigga blog it disappears, or like how hot 97 wouldn’t let nas bring that effigy of jay out back when they were beefing. he has a lot of influence being that he moves a lot of albums, it’s wise business to keep him pacified.

  • dat koon nigga

    To think, I’m one of the few black people to never get so much as a free wedge of cheese from the government. I’m not sure whether to be proud, or jealous.



    Bol, what the fuck do you know about prisonplanet my friend?

  • http://xxl All Dae

    hilarious post. hopfully tha god can create another job.

  • Chilly Willy

    “I’d use my platform here at XXL to let the world know that, if anything bad happens to me, it was probably Jay-Z’s fault, but the post would probably just disappear. And then something bad would happen to me. Jay-Z is sneaky like that.”

    I don’t know why, but somehow I thought that this drop would’ve started with the infamous “Talk about Jay-Z, if you’re allowed to…”. Bol is gettin bold !

    Until further notice, we have no real evidences that Jay pulled Char’s plug. The station could’ve just did it on their own, god forbid they displease Mr Carter. Just like how Beans will go to war for Jay without any request from the boss….(the irony).

    Anyway, if they dropped a whole station related to Char’s some days before this happened, maybe the decision to let him go has more to do with that than Jay, like on some structural adjustment bullshit.

    He can do it though, IMO, but did he do it ? That’s hard to answer.

    Coincidences are funny things, even if they’re hard to believe, you’ll never have evidences to rightfully think otherwise.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Yo did anyone hear the Fif interview w/Beans?

      Son is blowing holes in Jay’s rebuttal.

      Link is on XXL home page. It’s time to accept the truth people. About all of this.

      • Detroit P

        I’m dissapointed in you, First of all you take am man you don’t know at his word and refuse to see the faulty shit in his story.

        1. First Beans talks about he went at Jadakiss for Jay, as if he was defending Jay out of loyalty.

        In the interview, his story changes and he said he went at Jadakiss because he knew the Roc was coming to an end and he needed to gain some noteriety so he could stand out.

        2. First he claims Jay called the police on him.

        Then when he explains it, the situation goes as follows…[Beans disses Jay on stage...Beans wont get off stage...Jay gets on stage salutes him...whispers in assistants(carlene?) ear, assistant comes over tells them to move...police show up]…At what point is Jay, who just got on stage to perform, calling the police..For all we know he coulda just said “get that nigga off the stage” and carlene called the police..or maybe someone else did it…shit is all speculation

        3. Beans is crying about money, yet he was the one buying Bentley’s…I don’t care what monthly plan or discount he got..Bentleys?!…Bentleys?!….Beans never had the type of success that warrants Bentleys…2 at that….nigga coulda got a chyrsler 300 or something cheaper

        I’m not sayin who’s right or wrong(beans)..but this shit aint about truth or any fairytales like that..its about money. Not some lines on BP3 about freeloaders that Beans overspeculated on and projected on to himself(well maybe..he is a drug addict). its about money. plain and simple.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          No need to be disappointed.

          I feel good for my peoples who will be vindicated by this episode. They put in work when Mr Carter started and got nothing in return, especially when he himself asked for assistance.

          I can tell by your Bentley statement you didn’t listen to that radio drop, because he proved how he didn’t buy them cars.

          You’re quick to downplay that man’s statements as lies but you’re quick to label him an drug addict as truth. Where you at Detroit P?

        • TH

          Who are “my peoples”??

        • Detroit P


          Beans is an admitted drug addict…but you’re right..I should say WAS, I don’t know if he still is..but he definitely admitted to being a cough syrup addict(maybe pills too, can’t remember)

          As far as the radio interview, I listened and you mighta misheard but Beans DID pay for the Bentleys, but he just took over the montly car notes that Dame was paying..and yea Biggs gave him one I think..Eitherway he’s dropping bread on Bentleys when he coulda got something that made more financial sense…I understand getting your mom a nice car…but a Bentley?..you need to make more bread before you get one of those

          I’m not downplaying what he’s saying…I’m saying that he keeps contradicting himself…and the Facts don’t support his argument….other than that this situation is subjective, an alot of details are not known to the public, so I can’t speak on that.

          but as far as what Beans is actually saying…I don’t see what the problem is with him..other than him jumping to conclusions and wanting handouts….This dude was hurt cus a celebrity worth hundreds of millions, couldn’t honestly tell a judge that he could be responsible for another grown mans(who cant seem to stay out of trouble) whereabouts while they’re on tour…he doesn’t understand that niggas is too busy to hold his hand…I mean cmon

          This is a moot point tho. I’m just sayin Beans sounds faulty and he’s exposing that more than any kind of “truth”.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I see you. And you & sealsaa bring valid points to the table.

          Y’all should know I would never downgrade another man’s knowledge for he may show me something that I was wasn’t looking @. Hopefully I do the same to y’all.

          Anyway those men will receive their just due.

          My homie just had a baby early this morning & he’s struggling so I’ma go put a crib on the card 4 homie. Not trying to boost myself, but to show that sometimes as men we should/could be more concerned about each other, than just pointing fingers. Because my homie gets $, he just don’t get it like that. Especially with no health care & his wifey in the hospital, rent week here, and just 1 parent around for both of them.

          I think this is more important than Beans vs Jay.

          I’ll catch up with y’all later.

  • betrott

    i heard 100.3 the beat is gonna be a rock/alt station…that’s the rumor right now

  • sealsaa

    @ $yk

    The truth? Based on what? Beanie’s percieved credibility, or the fact that Jay won’t answer publicly(which he typically doesn’t these days when pertaining to personal matters)? C’mom. You’re echoing the same presumptuous logic that the media uses when people choose not to discuss their personal business in a public forum, i.e., if he won’t confirm or deny it, then we’ll assume that its true.

    Besides, I find this all a bit convenient considering the fact that Beans has an album dropping soon.

  • sealsaa

    Also $yk,

    You failed to mention that 50 Cent was conducting this interview. He seems to have jumped waist deep into this conflict. Wouldn’t have anything to do with Jay hurting his feelings with that comment about not being scared of him, would it? We all know 50′s M.O. This is what he does. Next thing, Beans will be signed to G-Unit, and we’ll be hearing all sorts of “secrets” about Jay. While Beans isn’t known for his intelligence, its sad that he’s letting himself be manipulated this way. Its obvious that he has some unresolved issues with Jay, but now we know that someone’s pulling his strings.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “You’re echoing the same presumptuous logic that the media uses…”

      Aren’t you doing that by stating…

      “Besides, I find this all a bit convenient considering the fact that Beans has an album dropping soon.”

      Why can’t Beanie have a legitimate issue with Jay-Z? He has every reason to. He was a part of the same team as that man.

      50 was cheerleading, he wasn’t conducting the interview.

      If you would have heard the interviews you would know Beans & 50 created a relationship from the jail visits 2 Fif’s uncle, not just 50 wanting promo. Beans would have been on G-Unit years ago.

      Sigel put out a cut. Jay-Z responded. Sigel blew holes in that response with specifics, numbers. Even aired out Dame in the response as well.

      Why can’t that be the truth? Are we that used to falsehood we can’t see the truth when it’s put in front of us? Another man lost his gig(CTG). Combat Jack had a post earlier today about this and his whole site has been down(error in database connection means the FTP was cut off) since. And we all know CJ was an industry lawyer. I hope it wasn’t because of this.

      But if it looks like an orange, I’m not gonna call it an apple.

      Like I said above, this is vindication for the other people who’s voices were smothered because they couldn’t get the venue like Beanie to express themselves.

  • Mr B.

    Semi finalist on coming to the stage= hilarious

  • capcobra

    jay gotta drop that takeover 2 asap because niguz fucking up his smooth right now…if he not gon call out certain people then he mind as well get a vegas show.

  • sealsaa

    “Aren’t you doing that by stating…

    “Besides, I find this all a bit convenient considering the fact that Beans has an album dropping soon.”

    Considering the fact that Jay is limiting his responses and, as a result, popular media opinion seems to be that Beans is in the right, NO. I simply stated a fact that the media has chosen to ignore. In all of the interviews that i’ve heard with Beans/concerning his “real song”, not once have I heard an interviewer present publicity as a possible motive. Not saying that it hasn’t happend, but I haven’t heard it.

    “50 was cheerleading, he wasn’t conducting the interview”

    50 spoke more than the interviewer did(who barely spoke until the end of the interview)and that’s why this smacks of a publicity stunt. Its made obvious by Jay’s recent comments about 50(which he clearly didn’t like) as well as Bean’s signing to G-Unit.

    “If you would have heard the interviews you would know Beans & 50 created a relationship from the jail visits 2 Fif’s uncle, not just 50 wanting promo. Beans would have been on G-Unit years ago.”

    I heard the interview, and 50′s motive’s are still as clear as ever. He’s clearly butt hurt over Jay’s comments about him, and has decided to use this confilict to go at him. How convenient that he also has an album coming out soon. This month in fact. His marketing strategy is nothing new, which is why despite Jay refusing to release Beans years ago, 50 chose to bring this up now, and act like he had such a problem with it. Self-generated conflict is an intergral part of a 50 Cent CD release.

    “Sigel put out a cut. Jay-Z responded. Sigel blew holes in that response with specifics, numbers. Even aired out Dame in the response as well.”

    No, he told his side of the story, and because Jay chooses not to discuss his business in a public forum, people assume that it must be true. Funny how this went from Beans having a “conversation” with his brother to Beans “standing on his neck until he responds”. Its turning into the circus that everyone knew it would, especially with 50 Cent being involved, and the media is predictibly salivating over it. Jay can hardly be faulted for watching his words and not feeding into it.

    “Like I said above, this is vindication for the other people who’s voices were smothered because they couldn’t get the venue like Beanie to express themselves”

    You’re reaching with this conspiracy theory. First, you don’t know if Jay has any direct involvement with Charlamagne’s firing, and if he has been knowingly black-balled, then let him speak now, or forever hold his peace. LOL, c’mon, all of a sudden, Jay’s the Michael Corleone of the industry? First he snaps his fingers, and FED’s just appear to take Beans away, then he has Charlamagne fired, and Combat Jack’s site shut down? REALLY? Compared to the rap game, WWE is starting to seem real now.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      My vindication statement is for the other people who stood with Jay from the beginning, who he “cut off” once the $ started piling, not what you stated.

      I wasn’t bought up like that/this. You treat others the way you want to be treated.

      If son would’ve let Beans go years ago, or handled this a different way, this wouldn’t be happening.

  • howdyalikemenow

    Jay Z probably did his usual bitchass nigga act and cried like 10 year old to the owners of the station (probably Jewish – they own nearly all of Hollywood/music companies etc etc).

    We already know Jay Z’s the house nigga for the entertainment industry. As a Black man, I think it’s embarrassing when Jay Z’s ugly, retarded looking face is in the media shucking and jiving for the latest corporation whose money can be traced back to slave owning companies or mining companies in Africa or other blood money.

    He’s got as much street cred as Vanilla Ice – and maybe the whiteboy has more than Jay Z now. Marcy Projects yadda yadda. Aint no point running your mouth about the projects when you threw in your lot with whites at the expense of your Black brothers.

    Some Black men can keep it for real and walk the line between realism in dealing with the corporate world and having integrity. Jay Z just shits all over other Blacks.

    Have to laugh when fans talk about him being in the hood – the only time he goes back is when Oprah and thousands of security and police are surrounding him. He lives his life inside a bulletproof Maybach.

    As for Beans hinting what he saw that can shock Beyonce – I think brothers and sisters in the know what that is. Just look at how he refused to do the right thing by artists on Def Jam except if they were Kanye (DL brother), Ne Yo (probably same), Jeezy and Ross (prison virgins who like to front about how ‘hard’ they are and their ‘street cred’.)

    We all know about Officer Ricky, and Jeezy like Jay has performed a mutherfucking miracle by no indictment on drug conspiracy etc charges. Like Jay Jeezy is fake and/or a snitch.

  • http://rousingvideo.blogspot.com Amanda Portillo

    Heh I am really the only comment to this amazing writing!?

  • http://gasteyerinformer.blogspot.com Ivy Ahmed

    If I had a greenback for every time I came here… Great read.

  • Anonymous


  • Preach Ham

    I don’t know what’s more lame, Gay Z’s Bitchassness or the author’s Bitchassness for indirectly suggesting that he’s better than 90% of all black people (i’ll address the author again shortly)…

    Jay Z’s music has been hit and miss for the past 6 or 7 years, the dude does not have it in him to address Beans because he is not built for battle. Jay-Z will subliminally diss you to pieces, but verbal sparring he will never do hence ETHER! Gay Z tried to blackball CB and now Charlamagne. Fuck Gay Z and Fuck the author of this lame ass article. Clearly you’re out of touch… (says the guy shaking his head with the sympathetic look on his face).