I’m a hip-hop head, but first and foremost I’m a music dude. Always have been, always will be. It’s part of my DNA. And as all music heads, there’s only four words we really trust: “Produced by Rick Rubin.” Yes Dr. Dre is the man, Rza, Dilla, Kanye, Just Blaze, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Mannie, Preemo, Pete Rock, they’re are all amazing and we love them all too, but I’m sorry; their impact, power, influence and legacy do not compare to The Double R just yet. The man is a just one big, hairy, mystical wizard when it comes to this music shit.

Here’s the thing Rick, we miss you. We miss you very much. I know you left us cause you weren’t as excited anymore. That’s cool, as music lovers we understand. A little Blood Sugar Sex Magik, a little Californication, some Danzig and Johnny Cash…we get it.

But I think we all know, its time to come full circle. Please don’t take this the wrong way; we appreciate “99 Problems,” and forgive you for this, but it’s just not enough. Come on, I know you're getting tired of the Dixie Chicks. I think you owe us just one more rap album with your stamp of approval; just one. Please.

Don’t get me wrong, another song would be dope, but how great would it be to be a part of one more hip-hop classic. I’m not even asking you to press any buttons. All we want is your ear and some guidance, like you do with all the other guys.

I have a couple of suggestions, just hear me out…

Lil Wayne, you heard about him and this rock and roll kick right? I think he needs your help; I trust that you can show him the way. How bout Mos Def? He’s ill right, ya’ll seem like you would vibe. Imagine if you put him in the right direction and cleared up his scatterbrain a lil bit. Cee-Lo Green; he’s got some voice right; talented cat. I’d love to see you two do something crazy in the studio (you know about pause). How bout Eminem; you might be the guy to get those true, honest emotions out of him so he could finally leave Christopher Reeves and the Octomom alone already.

What about Rakim? He could be your hip-hop Johnny Cash. I mean think about it, they are/were both these revered, mythic, religious characters. Granted Ra never really fell off like The Man in Black, but he might as well have. Think of the whole back story that could create.

Forgive me, I’m only thinking out loud Rick. But please, mull that around a lil. Could be a good look for all parties involved…

Jesse Gissen