Bone and the Eazy-E Conspiracy

Those of you who have been reading for a while are aware that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was my favorite rap group in high school. Despite my Thug Devotion, I never felt pressured to smoke [entirely too much] weed, break a loved one out of prison, sell a dummy rock or do any of the other incredibly thuggish ruggish shit the band rapped and harmonized about. I just loved the music. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who have always been able to stay grounded in reality despite the influences of my surroundings. I’m not saying this shit for a pat on the back or a stroke of the balls. But, I think saying as much is an important precursor to my thoughts on this Bone Thugs-N-Harmony interview on Angela Yee’s program I stumbled upon last week. I fear for the health of any remaining Bone heads who still hang onto their every word.

The brothers Bone seem to believe that Eazy-E’s death is part of some kind of conspiracy to silence him. Despite owning every N.W.A. album and a couple of Eazy-E’s solos, I’ve always felt “the world’s most dangerous rap group” was artistically castrated when Ice Cube went solo. Cube took every bit of logic and political relevance with him to New York and left behind a group of angry, confused “niggaz” who made the generally banal and vapid EFIL4ZAGGIN. I don’t know how familiar some of you youngsters are with the N.W.A. catalog, but EFIL4ZAGGIN is like a soggy Gucci Mane throwaway mixtape compared to Straight Outta Compton. The record is full of zaggin shit, indeed. My question now being, what exactly was there to silence? Was all that Eazy-E rap about fucking everything that moved and killing anybody who looked at his jheri curl the wrong way supposed to be that new Frederick Douglass shit? If anyone from the N.W.A. lineage was spitting some shit that needed to be silenced, it was the “Benedict Arnold” they once called Cube.

Please humor me, Bone Thugs. Did Eazy-E get pricked with the Adebisi “comb” in some elaborate play to take over a depleted Ruthless Records? With all due respect, no one knew what gold Eazy had in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony until Creepin’ on ah Come Up went multi-platinum out of nowhere. What’s the conspiracy behind Bizzy Bone missing 90% of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony videos? Was someone trying to silence him? Or was he just wylin’ the fuck out and suffering the consequences?

[Blogger's Note: "Wylin'" is a variation of "wilding". I guess that translates to "wallin'" for native Worldstar-speakers.]

Part of me wants to believe there’s something to the conspiracy therories Wish, Layzie and Krayzie only allude to. They were around Eazy-E. They knew and loved the man. He changed their lives. Unfortunately, that’s what all of this really sounds like—the misguided ramblings of some men troubled by the abrupt loss of their mentor. I can’t give their words any weight when all we get is “he couldn’t have died that fast” and that he saw “Jerry Heller’s doctors”. Krayzie focuses on Eazy-E’s appearance while Layzie discusses Eazy’s strength immediately prior to the rapid deterioration. That’s the kind of denial that only contributes to the ignorance and lack of education about HIV and AIDS. That’s what’s killing us off quicker than carelessness. For the Thugs to have even included such asinine points nullifies my ability to award the benefit of doubt.

Eazy-E promoted sexual irresponsibility and died of AIDS-related complications. If he was that irresponsible with sex, he probably thought he was invincible and contracted the disease back when everyone still thought only gay men could get it. Is it too far-fetched a notion that he never got tested until he got a cough that wouldn’t go away? I don’t think so. That’s the beauty of HIV. You could be Magic Johnson-strong for a very long time, all the while slinging the dirty dick around with reckless abandon. If you don’t get tested, you may never know you have the shit until you go down exactly how Eazy did.

Again, I love Bone, even certifiably insane-ass Bizzy. But I’m surprised they believe and say with straight, surprisingly sober faces that there’s a conspiracy behind Eazy-E’s HIV/AIDS contraction. Maybe they’ve transcended to that point of permanent high. However, they should recognize the potential harm in making such allegations without providing any evidence or reasoning. There are a lot of ignorant-ass listeners out there for whom such logic only exacerbates their twisted ideas on how to combat “the monster”.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Worried about your own Def Dick?

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  • Thejoker

    Ron jus shut the fuck up, your like the less talented kinda retarded version of bol.

    • KF UK

      And your a less talented version of a kinda retarded world star HH reader

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Bones had me as a fan with that “First Of The Month” cut. Premier did justice to that beat.

    But “EFIL4ZAGG*N” had 3 solid songs on it. Just Cube was a better ghostwriter than Ren.

    I thought you were touching on(⎮⎮) the Bizzy melodrama…

    • John Cauner

      “Premier did justice to that beat.”? What do you mean? Like a remix? I got the 12″ in front of me, and it credits DJ U-Neek on production.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Yeah the Phat Bonus Remix.

        • John Cauner

          Damn! Thanks for that info, I never heard about that remix. I’m about to look that up right now.

        • Theadocious

          word to that. i heard that on a mixshow once and couldn’t believe it. I KNEW it was primo and bone, like “this is crazy.” I a DJ Premier remix 12″ once with it and regret never getting it…along with throwing out half of my “average” records that included Non-Phixions “Rock Stars” and a Lina remix single that Primo chopped bass slaps and reversed them…

          But back to bone…I remember when Bizzy had a webisode series years ago promoting an album and it was entertaining as shit. I wish i could find it.

        • Theadocious

          uh…I meant to say I saw a DJ Premier 12″.

    • Pierzy

      What up $yk? Mr. Grands? My other peoples? Two more weeks of this hellish, sleepless semester and I get those three letters behind my name!

      Anyway, regarding Bone, it really saddens me to still see the level of ignorance and/or denial regarding HIV. It’s as if you die by anything other than a drive-by, then it wasn’t real and it must’ve been a conspiracy. The man died nearly 15 years ago, don’t you think you would’ve at least performed one WebMD search wondering what happened to your mentor?

      How many times do we see someone affected by a disease to a loved one become knowledgeable of the disease and a champion to fight it? Instead of screaming conspiracy, they should’ve done a strong Anti-HIV campaign to those that it affects the most…who also happen to be the ones that listen to them the most.

  • Chilly Willy

    Maybe a Eazy Bone (no pun intended ?) was in the plans back in the day, who knows ? They could just be friends, too, and you’re supposed to say only the best go first and it’s unbeliiiiievabbbbble, but the ugly truth us that the very moment a child is born, then he’s qualified to die. And if that child manage to make it to adulthood, and decide to fuck everything that walk (come here) when there is a major sexual crisis worldwide, and happens to get the wrong batch of poon, then it’s like a man who decide to swim accross an alligator-infested lake when he could’ve take a boat. Shit happens, especially when you do your best to be vulnerable to said shit. No conspiracy needed there. When you did everything just the way it shoulda been done, and you still get horsefucked, then you can think about conspiracy. Not when you’re settin yourself up for it.

  • Enlightened


    I don’t know about this Easy shit but a couple of questions:

    1) Do you know who Dr. Boyd E. Graves is?
    If not Google him. And everybody else on here – please Google him. He has knowledge on HIV/AIDS that people will call a “conspiracy” yet no one wants to try to refute it.

    2) Did you know that the leading causes of HIV are still needles and gay sex?

    Real talk, when I went to take tests (TB and shit) for a job a while back, the nurse asked me a series of questions including…
    “Have you ever had sex with a man?”
    “Have you ever had sex with a intravenous drug user?”

    She didn’t ask me shit about having unprotected sex with a woman. So I asked her, “why didn’t you ask me if I had unprotected sex with a woman?”
    She said, “because we ask about things that are risks for you to catch HIV. The two leading causes by far are still from needles and gay sex.”

    Look, this was a nurse talking to me. All I’m saying is all of us – you included – need to demand some answers.
    You mentioned “ignorance and lack of education about HIV and AIDS.” Ok, so where’s our education coming from?
    When a muthafucka told us that Magic Johnson was “in remission” and had actually tested negative for HIV a long time ago, some muthafuckin answers should have been demanded!

    How the fuck was he the first person to test positive, get treated, and then test negative without muthafuckas blowing trumpets and having a parade behind one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time?

    Once again, I don’t know about Easy-E, but it’s some bullshit going on. Once again, Google Dr. Boyd E. Graves and examine the man’s evidence for yourself.
    There is a “cure for AIDS” on file with the U.S. Government patent office that I’ve looked up myself on the THE U.S. GOVERNMENT website – not some conspiracy site. Dr. Graves gives the patent number out. The shit describes in detail how it’s supposed to work. For some strange reason, they won’t allow it to be manufactured or tested to see if it actually will work.

    Something ain’t right.

    True the politically commentary was gone, but it’s better than Straight Outta Compton by the beats alone. The beats are arguably as good or better than the beats on The Chronic and MC Ren stepped up lyrically like a muthafucka on there.

    • Worley

      A nurse asked me some of the same sh*t the last time I was tested. She asked if I shot up, had been to prison or had anal sex. I was like “what the f*ck?” She claimed syphilis and gonorrhea spread mostly in very unsanitary environments like prison. Otherwise, those two have been largely removed from the general public. She went on to say that AIDS spread mostly, but not only, through anal sex or any activity, including shooting up, where there is a heightened exposure to blood as opposed to simple body fluid. I don’t know about all that, so I still bag it up. I’ll look into that Graves fella though.

      Most recently there was an article on MSN about how cures for AIDS, herpes, etc are suddenly being researched again now that healthcare reform will cut the profits in “treatment.” Seems suspect to me. Check it:

      “EFIL4ZAGGIN is like a soggy Gucci Mane throwaway mixtape compared to Straight Outta Compton.”

      And that’s the double truth Ruth!

    • Ron Mexico

      -you refer to leading causes… not only causes. people used to get the shit from blood transfusions too. then health care facilities started taking preventative measures to make sure the that didn’t happen anymore, as people need do with heterosexual sex. putting gay sex and needles in the forefront like that when we’re discussing general sexual responsibility creates an attitude that certain groups of people don’t need to take responsibility or protect themselves, which is kinda what bone is doing by trying to take the blame off of eazy.

      it’s harder for women to pass it along to men, especially if the man is circumcised. but it is still very much possible and happening. it is also absolutely irrelevant to gay sex being the #1 cause of HIV/AIDS transmission. if you don’t partake in gay sex, it’s not #1 to you, now is it?

      if you have superhuman amounts of unprotected sex with every woman that comes within cock’s reach, you’re putting yourself in danger. any belief otherwise is bad for your health. plenty have died that way without touching drugs or having gay sex.

      also, the gay sex line of questioning has more to do with anal intercourse than sexual orientation, as anal intercourse causes mutual skin breakage–whereas you are more prone to coming in contact with monster-infected blood. whatever nurse you spoke with should probably be asking about heterosexual anal sex all the same, as that’s the best way to get it from a woman.

      -no, i don’t know the doctor you refer to.

      -i agree the production on efil4zaggin is NWA’s best. “alwayz into somthin” is apples and bananas. dre had one foot into the chronic at that point. but, NWA lost their edge and what made me enjoy them most when cube left. i could get thuggish nonsense from anywhere. they’d perfected the social rebellion aspect and regressed into total niggerdom, which is all i’m saying. referring to it was only a matter of putting eazy-e into perspective for the column.

      • Enlightened

        No doubt. No doubt. I’m just emphasizing the fact that the “so-called” education is being twisted.
        For what reasons… I can’t say for sure.

        But it’s just like, why is it all of a sudden just a Black disease?
        Every article now says “leading blah blah blah for Black people.”
        You can’t find one article without it mentioning how it’s destroying the Black community. Why only us all of a sudden? How does it seemingly jump completely out of one race of people and settle only in us?
        At least that’s what they make it seem like with the way the prevention campaigns are geared.

        So, I guess what I’m saying to get back to your original comment about Bone is… I can’t blame niggas like that for maybe not knowing for jumping to what may be a wrong conclusion about what happened to their friend when as a whole, the American people Black/White/and everybody else are lied to about serious shit like this and fed propaganda.

        I’m sure most people in the 70′s would tell you that the government wasn’t systematically destroying and murdering Black leaders in an effort to “prevent the rise of a Black messiah” that could unite the people – until they found J. Edgar Hoover’s own words on the cointelpro documents.

        Once again, I got no opinion about the Easy thing.

        Also once again, please read up on Dr. Boyd E. Graves. Everybody on this blog should be terrified but what this man has uncovered, and he can’t get anyone to help him publicize his findings, but they won’t try to refute it.


    bone thugs felt like that because most likely. they were passing chicks around like they did blunt. they must think since they did not get nothing eazy must has been got if from a poisoned 40 oz. that was put there by the man they must have got smoked up and watched black dynamite and came up with that shit.

  • LeroyLove

    If you listen to Snoop Dogg’s first CD Doggystyle, there is a piece in between songs with dudes talking and one of them refferred to Eazy E as an “HIV Pussy havin mo fo”. Keep in mind this was way before dude died or even found out he had the disease. So I don’t if the comment was just niggas talking b.s. or if they knew somethin Eazy didn’t know….Hhhmmmmm? If you don’t believe me, pull out the CD and listen, its as clear as day. I don’t have the CD anymore so I cant say exactly which songs it falls in between. I think it was near the beginning though.

    • Tony Grands

      I thought it was ‘The Chronic’. You’re right.

      • westcoastaggie

        Yeah man. Something just seemed a little too personal about the Beef between Dr. Dre and Easy E.

    • Phil Moe

      If you listen to Snoop Dogg’s first CD Doggystyle, there is a piece in between songs with dudes talking and one of them refferred to Eazy E as an “HIV Pussy havin mo fo”. Keep in mind this was way before dude died or even found out he had the disease. So I don’t if the comment was just niggas talking b.s. or if they knew somethin Eazy didn’t know….Hhhmmmmm? If you don’t believe me, pull out the CD and listen, its as clear as day. I don’t have the CD anymore so I cant say exactly which songs it falls in between. I think it was near the beginning though

      It was the skit leading into “Lodi Dodi”. Yeah…they say “ol hiv pussy havn mufucka”. I didn’t hear Eazy-E name though….they was sayn “wassup with them niggas on tv dissing u” I guess one can assume they were talking about Eazy-E….

  • Tony Grands

    My uncle knew Eazy before NWA went global. He said dude had a reputation for fucking anything that fell asleep around him. One could only imagine how such a plateau of success would effect that already negligent attitude. I don’t doubt he made the wrong decisions, & every possible bad choice behind the cloak of invincibility the most young niggas have/had. I don’t doubt that there’s some conspiracy shroud surrounding AIDS/HIV, but I don’t believe he was a target, per se. He just allowed himself to succumb whatever trap(s) set.

    According to that little snippet on “The Chronic”, I forget what song it intros, but Dre said “HIV having motherfucker…” In the background, so dude probably knew, or @ least suspected, as opposed to catching the flu & then dying all abruptly. I heard he fucked around with that Cliff Claven on occasion as well. Of course that’s just Los Angeles hearsay, so, yeah.

    Anything I don’t fully comprehend, such as AIDS, I approach with caution. I made it this far without it, but maybe I just got lucky. Either way, God bless his family, & I’m going to pray for Bone to gain some clarity as to what real life responsibility actually entails.

    Sidenote: ZAGGIZ4EFIL wasn’t that bad. It tooks some getting used to, though, but it wasn’t any better/worse than ’100 miles & runnin’. Now ‘Dre 187um’ was sweltering feces. What the fuck ever happened to KnoccOut aka the original baby gangsta?

    • latino heat

      @ Grands

      i went on BG KnoccOut’s My Space page about a month ago, just to see if he was even still alive. (along with Dresta and some others) he’s still claiming to be a rapper and of course has a album “coming soon”. also on his page he had a pic with Vida Guerra. i got 5 bucks says Vida didn’t know who the hell BG was.

  • Enlightened

    Everybody. Here is some real shit.



    Now keep in mind, this patent was issued in 1997. There are AIDS activists like Dr. Boyd E. Graves who are trying to bring issues around this to light.


    This shit is not a hoax. Here is the U.S. Government patent website.

    You can type the patent number in and a description will pop up about this cure for AIDS and how it’s supposed to work.

    Also, keep in mind. They have a policy that they don’t offer patents to people unless they actually think it’s plausible. So, they won’t give you a patent for a fountain of youth formula or some shit like that just because you mix kool-aid together with aspirin or some shit and say it works. They actually have to believe it is legit to give a patent.

    • GIBZ

      thre reason they wont put the shit out on a larger scale is two words my brotha.

      “Population Control”

      • Enlightened

        Exactly. But I try not to say it and let people decide on they own. Next thing you know, people will be on here like, “what you mean, that’s some conspiracy bullshit, ain’t nobody doin nothin to us, blah blah blah.”

        I don’t wanna hear that shit

  • sealsaa

    “The brothers Bone seem to believe that Eazy-E’s death is part of some kind of conspiracy to silence him.”

    There are Tupac stans who choose to apply this same inane logic to his murder.

    “My uncle knew Eazy before NWA went global. He said dude had a reputation for fucking anything that fell asleep around him.”

    Reminds me of the end of the movie “Kids”.

    • Enlightened

      Here you go. Why did you even have to bring up 2Pac’s name he didn’t have shit to do with it, but since you want to compare 2Pac to Eazy…

      2Pac was raised by Afeni Shakur, his mother, and whether you know it or not, she was not just a soldier in the Black Panthers but a leader of many. Also, Mutulu Shakur, his stepfather, is on (the real) Death Row for his revolutionary activities.

      He was also affiliated with many other revolutionaries like Assata Shakur who is currently hiding in Cuba with a $1 Million bounty on her head. These are the people who “taught” him as a child.

      Now, Pac was quickly becoming one of the most powerful and outspoken Black men in the world. Imagine the possible fear of certain people should he have traveled to Cuba to re-align with Assata or directly taken up Mutulu Shakur’s cause.

      I’m not saying he was killed because of this, but don’t just make random comparisons to a dude from the hood who started a record label. Believe me, these muthafuckas are thinking decades ahead, while we’re thinking about months.

      Don’t use some shit like this to vent your frustrations because you don’t like 2Pac.

    • JL


  • Curtis75Black

    Reminds me of the end of the movie “Kids”.
    That whole movie was Bananas !! On a side note, I had no idea that white junkie in The Wire was the same Horny cat fucking all them chicks in that movie.

    • Tony Grands

      I know Casper from ‘Kids’ was Roach from ‘Next Friday’, but I’d heard that he off’d himself some years ago. He’s on ‘The Wire’?

  • sealsaa

    “I had no idea that white junkie in The Wire was the same Horny cat fucking all them chicks in that movie”

    Holy shit! I never even noticed…

    Even back then Rosario Dawson was fuckable.

  • sealsaa

    *sings “I’ve got no legs!”*

    • Tony Grands

      Peep the irony of the first time I saw ‘Kids’…

      Dealing with this chick, doing what it do, no hat, then she pops on the movie. In that exact order. I thought I got Eazy’d, & that was her way of breaking the news to me. Talk about the longest 2 weeks of my life.

    • Curtis75Black

      She continues to be fuckable !! When I saw her in that flick, I was blown away !! That movie had me trippin’ !! Her character was loose as diarrhea shit and contracted nothing. Homegirl fucked once and got caught out there !! Talk about a wake up call. Sealsaa, you’s a fool Singin’ that shit LMAO !!

  • sealsaa

    Not Casper. He’s talking about the white guy that Bubbles always shot up with. I forget the character’s name…White Mike?

  • Ben

    How many of y’all got that Adebsi refrence?

  • Brooklyn

    ice cube was the best writer in nwa, that’s why after he left their music sucked. easy wasn’t a rapper, dre wasn’t a rapper, ren could rap, but he wasn’t fucking with cube, and yella wasn’t a rapper. since yella and dre were dj’s, that made the production on point, but lyrically efil4zaggin was bullshit.

    that movie “kids” was the shit, it really makes you think before going raw daddy on the pussy, it damn sure made me think. the dude that played casper did kill himself, he did it after “next friday”, i think he shot himself.

    as for bone thugs, is it possible that they were doing some of that 3rd rock from the sun before the interview, and were just so fucked up that they were just saying weird shit? i know they looked sober, but looks can deceive, i looked sober in damn near every class in high school, but 9 times outta 10 i was weeded out. i can’t possibly believe that niggas as old as this actually believe the shit that they were saying. the fucked up thing about aids is that is doesn’t actually kill you at all, it just makes you so weak that other usually non-fatal shit can come along and kill you. easy could have had hiv/aids for years, even back when he was with nwa, and it was slowly making his body weak, until one little cold knocked his ass out. shit like that is real, most people that die with aids die from pneumonia that was caused by a common cold. and if they really believed that it was a conspiracy, why wait damn near 20 years after the fact to address it? if i think my nigga was killed, i’m gonna be relentless in trying to find out the specifics about who, what, where, when, and how. nah, i can’t believe these dudes were serious.

    • ron mexico

      3rd rock from the sun. you’re just full of them!

      and yes, that’s exactly how AIDS kills people. you don’t die of AIDS, you die of related complications and little shit healthy immune systems would be able to fight off.

    • JL

      ur gay

  • Noob

    “he dude that played casper did kill himself, he did it after “next friday”, i think he shot himself.”

    He hung himself in a Las Vegas hotel room shortly after the film was released.

  • ron mexico

    anyone catch where them niggas referred to a “chain reaction”?

  • Brooklyn

    @ ron mex, i can go with the tv show titles all day, tv raised me during my formative years. @ noob, you’re right, he did hang himself. as i was typing that shit it sounded kinda wrong but i put it down anyway.

    • Tony Grands

      @Brook & noob


      Od’ing is one thing, shooting yourself is in a hardbody’d “fuck this place” class all by itself, but hanging yourself….that man was a tortured soul. That’s right there with jumping off a building. Anybody know why? He looked BAD in ‘Next Friday’, like he was real sick & suffering. I wonder if that had something to do with it.