BLOG: Trick or Tweet

Twitter is the worst thing to ever happen to you sensitive, emotional, fake-ass, industry suckas. In fact, I would say if Twitter hasn’t killed the publicist it has made their jobs a whole lot harder! For the longest time opinions and the truth have been strategically weeded out of the industry. What Twitter has done is make all these artists who live in these fantasy worlds come face-to-face with the reality of their make believe lives.

You don’t have to read the comments on blogs when your song is posted on an You don’t have to see what people are saying about your video on Worldstar, VladTV or Dimewars, but it’s pretty hard to ignore someone sending you a message on Twitter. Not only is it hard to ignore but if you don’t have thick skin and you’re not the type of person who could give a flying fuck about what people say about you then there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to respond to what the person said and make yourself look like a complete and total asshole in the process.

Think about it, random comments on blog sites mean nothing because it almost seems like those people don’t exist. With Twitter, comments seem so personal. It’s like you can put a face with the message and if you’re not careful you can find yourself in a Twitter beef with some random fat kid from Kentucky who has no life but whose shining moment is that he got his favorite celebrity to respond back to him on Twitter.

Some of you celebrities probably hate it but I’m going to tell you something—I enjoy it. It’s about time we let these so-called celebrities know the truth and it’s about time these so-called celebrities started listening to the public at large and not their ass-kissing peers in the industry. Music is wack and stagnated because all the yes men in these people’s entourages are telling them everything they do is hot and everything they wear is dope. When in reality their music sucks and their jeans look like denim tights.

If they had real people around them, trust that shit would be a whole lot different. I could never understand why certain radio and TV personalities acted like everything that was out was hot. I never understood why these personalities never once said to an artist, “Yo, I’m not really feeling this album” or “This record is really not that hot to me.” I just couldn’t understand why they acted like they were into everything and then I realized, it’s just as I stated earlier, truth and honest opinions have been strategically weeded out of the industry.

Many people go along to get along and they don’t want to tell the truth because they don’t want to damage a relationship. The truth of the matter is you can probably strengthen a relationship by telling that the person the truth! Sure, they might get offended at first but only until they realize the truth is like a shot. That needle hurts at first and if you tense up it hurts even worse. If you just relax that initial prick stings but what comes out of that needle is usually good for you.

I could never see myself upset about someone’s opinion of me or what I do and if they do say something that strikes a nerve it’s probably something that I need to hear but nobody else has the heart to tell me. A lot of times it’s God talking through people; planting seeds in our minds to change our ways but we are too gassed on ourselves and the people around us have our heads souped up so big that we are not letting our guard down to listen.

As a person with a voice in this game I strive to give my listeners my honest opinions and the truth as I see it, even if it’s not popular opinion. I don’t care if people in the industry get offended because I am not of the industry, I am of the people. The people have opinions and thanks to Twitter, their voices can be heard. I hope you silly ass industry fucks are listening.

Tweetfully yours,

Charlamagne Tha God aka @cthagod

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  • sealsaa

    This is all common knowledge. I missed the point.

  • tim duncan

    actually in the settings you can ignore all @ replies to people who you dont follow…try again homie

  • MD

    a what up charlamane much respect to u, i’ always wanted to know however why you called yourself charlamane the GOD, i wondered is it because of religious belief?, i was told (but never researched to see if it was correct) that certain muslim beliefs are taught they are a part of 5% chosen by god, the reason i ask is because of all these things going around about secret societies and how they believe †hey are illuminated god beings and wondered why u attached that to your name?

    • Max Profit

      I heard him say in an interview he was 5%

      But you should do some research on the Gods and Earths. They ain’t got no connection to these so-called illuminated ones.

  • General

    I completely agree with the radio personalities being phony. I’m so tired of Ed Lover, Big Boy, and Peter Rosenberg. I think they are in a contest to see who can blow more artists…

    We all know that none of the artists want to really hear the truth about their music, hell most fans don’t even want to hear the truth, they only want what the machine feeds them

    • LongWinded

      You could probably leave Ed Lover off of that because when LL Cool J’s last album for Def Jam was about to drop he visited Ed’s show and Ed told him right over the radio airwaves that his album was not hot, which made LL tight as shit.

  • Federal Ranga

    Thats fucked up… my comment didnt post? Well fuck it… No comment.

    On Yo Ass!!! E-11 up!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Get that off your chest Charlamagne! You know we the people have been saying these things, but only our money matters.

    But will this mean you won’t read our comments? Just saying….

    Glad to have you around.


  • Worley

    “When in reality their music sucks and their jeans look like denim tights.”


    • http://EstrellaUnited.Com Special Fr3D AKA Rico

      LOL at tabernacle. i like that shit! i’m teefin’ it

  • http://xxl All Dae

    since the wack music makes doe then the machine will back it up always. Im sure some industry types listen to inovative music they just won’t pump it cause it won’t make big money.
    maybe focus should be put on the music and artist we like. ignore the garbage.

  • me

    enough generalities…how bout saying names of people you are talking about

  • S A V V Y Fatty!

    Money has ruined the TRUTH.

    Any time someone criticizes an artist for not doing their best or giving the game their all, the most resounding response is, in a phrase: “If they hate, then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile UP.”

    I LOVE Twitter for its Bitch-Exposing. I have NO problem Tweeting an artist a real question because their asses want me to spend my REAL money on their projects. In turn, as a consumer, why can’t I get a square answer?
    I can’t tell you how many artists have used the “Well, I’m making money. What are YOU doing?” response when, weakly and wackly, justifying their bullshittery.
    Money don’t make it RIGHT. Hell, I could make BIG CHIP$ selling pre-pubescent pussy by the pound, but is that RIGHT?

    And look at how your ass was OUSTED for simply giving a man the opportunity to speak his truth. Money and Power flexed its mighty muscle and now you’re OUTTA THERE.
    How many DJs are sitting back looking at your situation and vowing to NEVER go that route for fear of losing their jobs?
    As a listener, I appreciate REALISM. As a viewer, I appreciate REALISM. In my life as a “Regular Jane” I appreciate REALISM. How do we grow without it?

    Power and Influence continues to stifle the voices that question their puppets. And since the threat of the money train leaving that azz is real, these “artists” are readily and happily dancing to the music. SAD.
    And still, no one will speak the TRUTH, on record; sans anonymity, as to why you were let go because they don’t want to lose their livelihood or scar or permanently damage their reputation. The industry has pimped these personalities and turned them to hoes.
    And they wonder why they’re disrespected. Bitch, (non-gender specific) you don’t respect yourself. How do you expect the follower/listener/viewer to follow suit?

    Respect, Charlamagne. Stay true to yourself and those interested and invested in your edification.

    • DownSouth

      Well said my friend. But you already know how it goes, while you’re talkin sense people are only thinkin about dollars. Also, have you ever heard Terrance and Roxie ever say they didn’t like a song on the 106 countdown? They couldn’t possibly like everything that’s played. Oh yeah, super LMAO on:

      “Hell, I could make BIG CHIP$ selling pre-pubescent pussy by the pound, but is that RIGHT?”

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • Detroit P

    My question is If you’re talking to somebody who…lets say has a Smash hit single…that is being played everywhere and is being downloaded all the time and people seem to like it…but you tell them that the song sucks….whats the point of even telling them your opinion. Obviously there are millions of other people who disagree with you….in anything there will always be something atleast one person doesnt like, no matter how many people like it….is the artist supposed to listen to the people who like his music, or listen to the people who don’t like his music(usually these people have no general interest in the artist anyway and just want to talk shit to the guy, but even if thats not the case…)?

    Should you really be so obnoxious as to think that your personal opinion is sooo important that it’s your duty to tell an artist they suck, even if there seems to be waaay more people who seem to like their music?…..If somebody asks your opinion then sure answer honestly…but other than that…if you dont like it, just ignore it.

    If the majority of people don’t like an artists music, I’m sure they’ll know, cus then they’ll be struggling to stay relevant…But telling somebody like Gucci Mane that they suck, when he has a huge following of people that like his music, is pointless…you’re not really speaking for “the people”, you’re speaking for a smaller group of people within the hiphop community.

    Thats the rational way to handle it…I don’t know if thats the hip-hop way to handle it.

  • Brooklyn

    i agree, these artists do need niggas to let them know what’s really good. once they get to a certain place in their careers, they get rid of the real niggas and put sycophants in their place, people that’ll, to use my grandmother’s expression, eat 99 links of their shit and ask the doctor if 99 more will hurt. so, to have a medium where average cats can reach the artists and let them know what’s going on in the streets is good. at the same time, most of these artists aren’t actually gonna listen to these people. at a certain point they become so successful–successful by relative standards–that what a nigga like me that not’s making as much money as them has to say no longer matters.

    and if their music is being played non-stop all day every day, it doesn’t mean that people like it, it just means that they’re being handled well. and people, younger people in particular, are very impressionable and easily convinced that something is hot, even when it isn’t. you think all these young niggas like wearing those tight ass jeans? hell no, but that’s what they’re being told is hot right now, so that’s what they do. most of these niggas don’t genuinely like a drake or a gucci mane. but they’re being given so much attention that these people think that they should like them because other people like them. humanity has a way of making people that don’t think like they do feel like outcasts, younger people especially do this to their peers, it’s called peer pressure.

    • Brahsef

      So, if someone likes Gucci Mane or Drake, it’s because they were conditioned by the industry and their peers. Yet, if your favorite rapper hits mainstream, it’ll be because everyone genuinely likes him.

      Different music appeals to different cats. If you think Gucci Mane got popular through the industry, gtfo. The hood first embraced Gucci when he was just spoutin out mixtape after mixtape. He grinded his ass to the top and now he’s reapin the rewards. That being said, I don’t fuck with Gucci like that although he’s growin on me. He def doesn’t deserve the amount of hate he gets though.

      On Drake, yeah, he’s a pure industry cat. Can’t argue you on that, but sometimes the industry knows whats up. Drakes fire and knows how to make a hit.

      • Brooklyn

        a lot of niggas don’t like my favorite rappers, and a lot of my favorite rappers aren’t “mainstream.” but it’s a general consensus that gucci mane is a subpar rapper. so, given that, why is he so popular? why do the radios constantly play his shit, why is he being featured on all these different artists’ songs? it’s definitely not because he’s some great mc, there’s other things at work there. SOME hoods embraced gucci, that’s for sure, but he didn’t become a household name until the industry got at him. most niggas north of the mason-dixon had little to no idea who he was until quite recently. he wasn’t bred by the industry, but he’s certainly being shoved down niggas’ throats by the industry. and drake is mediocre at best. i always wondered how a canadian can rap with a southern accent.

        • Detroit P

          @ Brooklyn

          Niggas in Detroit fuck with Gucci, idk where you gettin your info and I’ve heard alot of cities not in the south fuck with Gucci.

          Your mistake is that you equated subpar rapping skills with subpar music as if the lyrics always determine how good the actual song is…some of Gucci’s shit is subpar, some of it is good…people fuck with his good shit and everything in between…You don’t have to be great at rapping to make good music that people enjoy.

          And Gucci Mane still isnt a household name…tho if he contiues on this path, he may become one….Lil Wayne is a household name….Gucci aint there yet but he’s definitely got a huge following…and just cus you think Drake is mediocre doesnt mean everyone else does…..its about making the better music not being the better rapper(tho Drake is cold), sometimes those 2 things go hand in hand sometimes they dont, but they’re definitely not the same thing.

  • Brooklyn

    i said MOST niggas north of the mason-dixon, not all. and i said until recently, which means until about 2 years ago. equating subpar rapping skills with subpar music isn’t a mistake, that’s what’s wrong with music today, not just rap, but music in general. people claiming that subpar lyrics doesn’t equal subpar music. it does. so what if the beat is hot, if the words are bullshit the entire value of the song goes down. when you call yourself a rapper, that’s what you have to aspire to be, the “better” rapper, the best rapper. when you choose an occupation, you have to put your all into it, there has to be a passion beyond getting rich, a passion that’ll force you to want to be the best. if you’re settling for not being “better” than the rest, then you’re selling yourself short and your audience as well. if the beat on a gucci mane song is hot, it isn’t because of gucci, because he ain’t producing shit. the props for that needs to go to his producers. and when you start appearing on tracks with mariah carey, you’re a household name. everybody and their mama knows mariah, and by default they now know him too. so, if gucci isn’t the better rapper but he makes good music, then he’s not a rapper, he’s a musician, and he should be addressed as thus. and i’m not a drake fan, but at least the nigga can rap, which is more than i can say for gucci.

  • southcakc23

    Okay Brooklyn… said “people claiming that subpar lyrics doesn’t equal subpar music. it does. so what if the beat is hot, if the words are bullshit the entire value of the song goes down.”

    In that case, you must HATE eminem…..cuz the majority of the shit he raps about is…well…SHIT.

    • Brooklyn

      i don’t hate em, i’m not a big fan, but i don’t hate the dude. em has his moments with me, but i think everyone will agree that em at his wackest was still 1,000 times better than gucci at his best.

    • DownSouth

      Southcak23, I think it all depends on how deeply you evaluate a rapper. To me, rapping has 3 sub categories:

      lyrical content – wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, similies, etc

      delivery – how you say it

      subject matter – what you talkin bout

      When people talk about lyrics, I single that out and don’t focus on the other factors unless they are brought up. Em may get really silly most of the time, but lyrically, hardly anybody is messin with him. I think alot of these rappers are just hustlers taking advantage of the fact that most people have low quality standards when it comes to music, and will just follow the trends. There are only a select few who demand heartfelt music where you can tell that the artist really put their all into it.

      Like I said, it all depends on how passionate you are about music. I like movies, but I’m not super passionate about the camera angles, the acting, the lighting, and the other technical features; but the next man may be.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • thoreauly77

    not too bad char. not bad at all.

    personally, i feel that twitter is a waste of time and only feeds into an “addiction to newness”, which is unfortunately a huge part of society, and an even larger and more problematic aspect of mainstream hiphop.

    so is twitter what comes from the needle? we all know what happens when the needle is infected…

  • BluBlack

    Like who is real gonna listen to someone who doesnt like their music, when they have a strong fan base, NO ONE WILL, but real talk, when your an up and coming artist and your blessed to have a crew that really feels your music and your in a showcase, the artist gets on stage and his song is trash, wack as hell, but he got 30 dudes with his name on the tee shirts acting like its the the next (PUT YOUR HAND UP)why is his crew not telling him his song is trash, the whole game is fuck up and it starts on the lowest level. SHOWCASES,wHOS GONNA TELL HIM THE TRUth, NO ONE,cause they all want to roll with him just in case he pops off. See there is thousands of artist just like that, and what makes it worst is the people that run these showcases tell them you have to bring or sell 10 to 20 tickets or people with you so the jugdes will feel you more cause, you have a following, SEE WHERE THE GAME IS FUCK UP, so the dude that has fire music looks like he trash cause he cant get 10 or 30 people cause hes really hot, haters, cause all the great rappers was fronted on cause their music was that other shit, but has a hot song , killing it on stage, but cause he got 1 or 2 people wit him, and his music is 20 times better than the dude wit 30 dudes wit him, he doesnt win cause he didnt show he had as much fanbase, and these aint no bullshit showcases, but in the end how can you hate if he got dudes to make it seem like hes hot, you cant, but thats the BULLSHIT WIT THE INDUSTRY, fanbase sells no matter how wack you are.

  • BluBack

    Real Talk i was that dude, that had 1 or 2 cats wit him at the showcases,and some dudes be sooooo wack, but they have the whole club wit them,Rocking,vibing,to the point you start to think you buggin for not rocking wit them.
    Cant hate, but i got that OTHER SHIT (MYSPACE.COM/BLUBLACK)

  • Tony Grands

    “But will this mean you won’t read our comments? Just saying…”

    ^^^^^Maybe we should’ve just tweeted him our comments.

  • MyGameJustRewind

    I read the blog comments most of the time, & I noticed when ever someone criticizes Gucci Mane, Detroit P always steps up to bat. Gucci Mane’s rise to the top of the game is more mind boggling than Nelly’s. Makes you wonder what is so great about what these guys are saying. But fuck, them dudes is grinding so that work they put in is paying off.

  • BluBlack



  • beaver

    “”Twitter beef with some random fat kid from Kentucky who has no life but whose shining moment is that he got his favorite celebrity to respond back to him on Twitter.”"

    hahahaah trueturee..i hate when people talkk shit over da internet ha..

  • Joe

    I ageed w/ the article until i thought of something.

    As entertaining as it may be, it is NOT good for journalism as a whole when you have a Mayweather v. Brian Kenny type-situation. When the interviewer has a bigger ego than the interviewee. Its tasteless to bicker w/ the talent b/c there are other forums for that.

    See, you are interviewing THEM. Not the other way around. There are ways to bring up the truth, and most inteviewers say it by prefacing ‘the people want to know’ or ‘people are saying’…i.e. Angie Martinez professionallt telling Jay z Kanye busted his arse on Run this Town.

    Thats how it should be. Hip hop, though, is king of ‘when keeping it real goes wrong’…thus the oversaturation of Bol type blogs, articles,etc. where you’d think the people writing are in competiton with their subjects.

  • CashRlue

    I can say never been a fan of your but after reading this article may change my perception of you.You 100 percent right bout all the bullshit that goes on in the industry them fake fuck surround themselves with yes man who kiss there ass (and more than likely suck there dick literally). Hip-Hop ain’t dead but it on life support due to all this fuckery. Hopefully twitter can really hit them with a much needed dose of reality.

  • Smel

    Would Charlamagne have written this blog were he still gainfully employed?

    The world may never know.

    A satisfying read, nonetheless.

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