The tribe has been getting a lot of love from the hip-hop world lately. It’s arguable, but in my opinion it all started off when Mr. Trendsetter himself, Jay-Z, kicked things off on “Roc Boys,” spitting those oh so unforgettable lines: “Rich ni**as/Black Bar Mitzvahs/ Mazel Tov, it’s a celebration bitches/L’chaim/I wish you a hundred years of success, but’s it’s our time.”

Sure, it’s definitely still Jigga’s time, but the Jews are also becoming a hot topic on these streets too son, word to Whoopi Goldberg. So in honor of the newfound acknowledgement, I put together a little list, a guide if you will, rating on a scale of one to five of how Jew-friendly these rappers really are.

No disrespect to all the card carrying members—jew know Drake, the Beastie Boys, MC Serch, etc— but we all already know your credit score. —Jesse Gissen

Cam’ron – The Dipset Don has a long, storied relationship with the chosen people. Whether he’s writing TV scripts based on Curb You Enthusiasm, posing on the cover of his short-lived magazine Platinum Entrepreneur with former Jewish partner-in-crime Alan Grunblatt, or shoutin' out the “yentas” on YouTube, Killa Cam is a Kosher as they come, you shmohawks.

Asher Roth –Although born to a Jewish father, young Ash was raised Christian. Nonetheless, it seems as if a little Yiddish snuck into the suburban sensation’s vernacular, as witnessed by this freestyle on Funkmaster Flex. “I know I’ll eventually be ahead of the men who/Be venting over an instrumental/But I’ll be a mensch/(A good man)/Step away when you still can/It’s me and Funk Flex to the rescue.”


Rza – Appearing alongside Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, is like the hip-hop equivalent of appearing on a remix with Lil Wayne and Kanye or getting caught on gun charges. We see you, baby.

Fat Joe – Oh you didn’t know, this fat shlub ain’t 7:30, he’s “Meshugana.” He also lives in Miami, so that’s gotta count for something…

Jay Electronica – Erykah Badu’s former boo recently revealed his new alias on the Just Blaze-produced cut “Exhibit C.” Apparently they call him “Jay ElectHannukah” and “Jay ElectYarmulke.” But don’t get too excited, he also goes by “JayElectRamadan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah.”


Soulja Boy - On his new song with half Hebrew hearthbrob Drizzy Drake, the ATL rapper spits, “I just got a new deal, and I ain’t talking pickle…” Not only was that a clever usage of his southern accent, that just put SB on the radar. Pickles and money, what’s more Jewish than that?

Q-Tip – On his mixtape with J. Period, The [Abstract] Best, the Tribe Called Quest frontman admits his Yiddish faux-pas on “What?” “Kapelka,” come on Tip, Mark Ronson shoulda schooled your ass. Plus what you talkin' bout lewis, geflite fish is delicious.


Russell Simmons – Uncle Russ knows that having Jewish friends is good for business. (Just ask Lyor Cohen and Rick Rubin). So much so that the OG hip-hop entrepreneur has personally gone on a mission to help “end” anti-semitism. Call me cynical but something smells fishy.

Wale –for the Seinfeld reference alone…One star for you!

Bonus: The recently deported Shyne is more Jewish than anyone on this list—even this guy.  Peep the tallis. Respeck!