Behind the Scenes: Belvedere, Ustream, Angela Yee & Me

Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying my blogs the past couple of days. Writing is something that I have always done, it’s a form of expression that I truly enjoy because it’s something about putting things in written form that makes me feel like the words will be here forever for future generations to enjoy.

Now, my first blog was about Twitter and not just about Twitter but about the age of transparency where artist, and people in certain positions can’t hide from the people anymore. My second blog was about radio personalities and DJ’s getting back to being public servants. Well today’s Ustream video is a prime example of both.

My peer Ms.Angela Yee of Shade 45 and I sat in studio last week twisted off Belvedere taking calls, talking freely about issues the people are talking about, and answering questions the people want to know even though corporate might tell us to avoid. Enjoy…

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  • GO-Getta’

    I’m the general ni99as salute me.

  • Worley

    I know you don’t think anybody is going to watch 3 hours of that.

  • Enlightened


    This is the only forum I’ve seen you in where I could say this and have you possibly see it. No response needed but I always wondered…

    how you could possibly be comfortable as Wendy Williams sidekick on a gossip-oriented show? (I’m referring to when she was on radio) We expect that type of thing from women because they do it in real life but a man…

    I never understood how you could live with yourself -as a man-when you were doing that show.

    • diamond district

      men gossip just as much as women, if not more, its just on a different tip

      • Enlightened

        I disagree homie. I don’t know what type of niggas you be around.
        The niggas I be around “talk.” The broads gossip. And when you know that a certain nigga does “gossip,” we say they runnin’ they mouth “like a bitch.” That’s where that term comes from.

        Tom Joyner “talks.” Steve Harvey “talks” (too damn much sometimes). Wendy Williams gossips.

        Another example: I’m pretty sure most people have heard about Shaq fuckin Gilbert Arenas’ old lady now. Guaranteed a woman gave the story to the media. A man wouldn’t do that shit. That’s their business. If he would, he runs his mouth like a bitch.

        HOWEVER, now that the shit is common knowledge and in the news, a nigga will laugh and “talk” to his potna: “Man you heard about that shit with Shaq and Gilbert Arenas?” Then chuckle about it, and be done with it.

        But a nigga would have never “gossiped” the story himself and exposed him.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I can’t front y’all were killing that bottle & puttin’ in work. Good sh*t.


  • J.Troup

    lol @ men “talk”. That’s a convenient way to justify it. Niggaz gossip too. If you talkin bout another cat’s business that ain’t yours, and that you have no involvement in, you’re GOSSIPING.

    If you ever started a conversation with “yo, did you hear…” That shit is GOSSIP.

  • Golden, aka August Angeles

    Well put homie.