Remember I told you I’m a music dude. Guess what, music dude’s like alterna-rap. (So do white guys, I’m one of those, too—a jewish one if you haven’t heard you anti-semitic bastards, HA HA). Anyway when it comes to alterna-rap—probably one of the corniest classifications ever—there’s been a lot of options lately. And for the most part, they’re pretty mainstream.

Ok, lemme get this out of the way first. When I say alterna-rap—again I apologize, don’t know what else to call it—I’m talking about that music made by rappers that’s doesn't fall into the traditional boom bap or trap rap category, you dig? I’m talking about say 808s and Heartbreak, Gnarles Barkley and Dan the Automator (Gorillaz, Dr Ocotogan, etc)... capiche.

Well in the last several months several well known artists have jumped into the game, adding their contributions. I thought it was only right that I put together a lil collection of my favorites. Enjoy.

Lupe Fiasco “Solar Midnite”


Lu channels his inner Anthony Kiedis on this bonus cut from the New Moon Soundtrack. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Chicago cool kid, this joint bangs. Where’s Flea at? Let's get these two in the stu…

Kid Cudi “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)”

Is this Hip-Hop? Not exactly, but my personal favorite song from Cudder’s G.O.O.D. music debut, is this bouncy, trippy, pill popping anthem, perfect for the clubs and the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

Drake “Let’s Call it Off” Featuring Peter Bjorn & John

Come on, don’t front.. you’re tapping your feet right now. This shit is catchy as hell. I hope Drake gets more into this type of shit on Thank Me Later. Let us not forget, before he was doing songs with Soulja Boy and Baby, your man was on the cover of The Fader.

Lil Wayne “Fix My Hat”

I’m not really feeling the rock stuff, but I could listen to Weezy F. Baby over this Beastie Boys inspired ish all day. And for the record, if you ain’t never heard Check Your Head, you better go cop that. Alterna-rap at its finest.

And last but not least, this song hasn’t dropped yet, but a clip for the making of was posted online last month. It’s for Dame Dash of all people’s upcoming Blackroc project featuring The Black Keys and Rza, and I can’t wait. Peep the Abbott get his Jimi Hendrix on below (a preview of the actual track is towards the end)...

What are some of your favorite alterna-rap joints as of late? —Jesse Gissen