One of the dead giveaways when someone doesn't have a point is when they have to keep repeating it over and over, louder and louder, as if you didn't hear them the first time. Remember when Pimp C died and Noz did something like 30 posts in a row, crowding out the rest of the content for people who could give a rat's ass about Pimp C, aside from PCP jokes?

The other day, Noz was on Twitter, where he works now, going on and on about how Gucci Mane really is a good rapper, talking about how he's a better rapper than Elzhi and what have you. I started to jump into the fray, but then I had to remind myself that I've never even heard a Gucci Mane song, other than "So Icy," back in like 2005. Unlike the Black Eyed Peas '09 reign of terror, I couldn't even tell you the name of the Gucci Mane song that has him at #6 on MTV's list of the 10 hottest MCs in the game.

I didn't want to speak on something I hadn't spent at least five minutes researching. Like these posts. Even though I figured I know enough about "So Icy" to know that Gucci Mane is hardly any better than Young Jeezy, which means he couldn't possibly be a better rapper than damn near anyone. Anyway, I was less concerned with whether or not Gucci Mane could be considered a good rapper than the fact that MTV put him at #6 on its list of the hottest MCs in the game.

Not only is that one spot away from the top 5, which is populated with people who actually have sold millions of CDs, like Jay-Z and Kanye West, but it's three spots ahead of 50 Cent, who's way the fuck down at #9, sandwiched between Raekwon and Fabolous. When I saw that, Friday afternoon, before I embarked on my usual bender of a weekend, I thought to myself, Holy shit, Fiddy's gonna be pissed! It's bad enough he got beat by teh ghey-ass Fabolous, but Gucci Mane? This was before I realized that both Rawse and Drake (who's only sold about 70,000 CDs in his life) were in the top 5.

It just goes to show that I was right when I wrote, the other day, that Jay-Z and Kanye West have Ja Ruled Fiddy. First he was nowhere to be found at this year's VMAs, now he's barely even on the list of the 10 hottest MCs in the game. MTV's Mail Room, the people who come up with these dumbass lists, justified including Fiddy on this year's list, despite the fact that he hasn't released an album in over two years, on the basis of, his hilarious beef with Rawse, and those mixtapes he put out. But you'd have to think they could have very easily put him in the top 5, for those very same reasons, if they gave a shit about Fiddy at this point.

And it's not like there's a whole lot Fiddy can do about it. The other day, probably the same day they revealed that Fiddy is #9 on the list, I saw where MTV News had a story with him complaining about how he should have been way higher on the list. It's since been buried by umpteen stories about what Kristin Cavallari had for breakfast - which is, admittedly, about as exciting to me as this list. (How do people who write for sites like MTV News and Complex sleep at night? On a bed full of money?) I'd try to find it, but I don't reallly give a shit. If Fiddy were really pissed at MTV, he'd be going at their necks. But that would just ensure he'd never be on MTV again.

And that's the thing about being Ja Ruled. Never mind all of the flak Kanye caught for the incident at this year's VMAs. Kanye could have raped Taylor Swift right there on stage, like my boy Pete Campbell from Mad Men, and he'd still get invited back next year, if he can pull another Graduation out off his ass. This was only like the fifth or sixth awards show he's fucked up. They would have stopped inviting him back in like '05, if they didn't think they needed him. MTV just plain doesn't need 50 Cent anymore. If 50 Cent ever gets back on MTV, it's gonna be on MTV's terms - just like they did with Eminem, who wasn't even on the hottest MCs list. You think Eminem wanted to take another man's nuts in his face, on live TV? I shudder to think what they've got in mind for Fiddy.