What’s Bol got to do with it?

One of the downsides to having to work for a living is that you can’t always be around when people are talking shit about you on the Internets.

Case in point. I got home last night from the BGM, poured a bottle of some shit called Rex-Goliath down my throat, cranked up the Internets, and it seemed as if all anyone wanted to talk about on Twitter is yours truly. No homo.

Keep in mind, I follow very few people, and half of the people I do follow, it’s only because I’ve been on Twitter since the summer of ’07 (i.e. before it was all trendy), and that’s probably all there was to follow. I swear, I must follow eight different black chicks who list their occupation – in public, mind you – as “publicist/journalist.: Meanwhile, why am I following any black chicks, unless they happened to be my cousin or some shit? One of these days, I’m gonna have to block out some time to get my Twitter situation in order.

But I digress.

Anyway, like I was saying. Half of the eight people I know on the Internets just had to pick one of the four days I work this week to get into an interesting (if only for the potential lulz) conversation.

There was the late, great Noz talking about how, just because someone writes a blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re some bum who lives in his mother’s basement and gets off on talking shit about people on the Internets. Then there was Peter Rosenberg, for whatever reason, trying to turn it into a conversation about how Combat Jack got into blogging, because he couldn’t make it in the music. Meanwhile, eskay thought he heard someone say he accepted payola, and, as is his wont, started ordering people to say it to his face. It was a mess.

I had to check again this morning (read damn near this afternoon), to make sure the alcohol wasn’t causing me to imagine this. I still haven’t had time to go through, read all of the responses, and try to figure out what the fuck these people were talking about. But I figure I’ve got a pretty good handle on these issues. I’ve written about them on a number of occasions. You just can’t tell, because some of the posts were a little bit too hot for TV.

Noz was responding to a post on my own site, in which Peter Rosenberg, in an interview conducted in a Chuck E Cheese, where he scouts eight year-olds for freemason blood sacrifice, explains the difference between real celebrities and bloggers. You see, people who have talent, like Peter Rosenberg, get jobs working in the music business, where they actually get to meet celebrities. People who don’t have any talent sit around all day talking shit about celebrities, because they don’t have to worry about getting beat up by them. And since this hardly pays any money, they have to live in a shanty town.

What he said was actually more or less true, except talent doesn’t really factor into it, or Hot 97 would hire people with a modicum of DJ skill. Noz was less concerned with whether or not I live in a shanty town (which depends on your definition of shanty town) than he was with the way Peter Rosenberg shitted on the entire medium of blogging, just because he’s upset about some things I learned about his background and right wing political views, and then tried (and many times failed) to inform the Internets about. Just because you publish a blog doesn’t mean anything in particular. You could be doing worthwhile, groundbreaking work in the field of journalism, or you could be copying and pasting shit you received in an email from someone who works for Def Jam.

Which is of course where eskay entered into the conversation. Rosenberg responded that he didn’t mean to dis all bloggers. Some blogs he actually likes, like Nah Right and 2 Dope Boyz. To which Noz of course responded that those blogs essentially function as extensions of the music business – the Internets marketing arm of the major record labels. The labels send them shit to post, and they post it. Every now and again the labels have to send them a C&D (which I heard you can’t even send over the Internets), but that’s just because they only need sites like Nah Right to post shit most people wouldn’t want to listen to for free. If it’s something people might actually like, they don’t need it being bootlegged. The latter is more or less the basis of eskay’s argument that he isn’t a tool of the industry, as articulated last night on Twitter. Nullus?

Even if I would have been home last night, I might have been at a loss for what to say. Noz more or less hit the nail on the head when he said (and I’m paraphrasing) that the bloggers Peter Rosenberg likes aren’t even bloggers per se. It used to be that blogging was a medium you could use to order the TIs to fuck themselves, but then the TIs went and bought themselves a few bloggers. But Peter Rosenberg was right, when he said that the neighborhood I live in is the kind of place people lived when they’ve failed at life. If only I’d had the sense to grovel and prostrate myself before my tall Israeli overlords. Imagine all of the expensive shit I could have had.

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  • CeeHawk

    Five out of five Bol, well done.

  • abdulnasir

    “Imagine all of the expensive shit I could have had.”

    HA! HA!

  • General

    Damn Bol you fuckin kill me…

    Your right though, Nah Right is nothing more than a cut and paste site which YN copied into Rap Radar…

    Peter Rosenberg is a douche, which is why I’m sure this blog will probably be disappearing in 3, 2, 1…

  • JihaD


    Before this goes away I want to say Bravo… You have successfully pissed off the Isreali overlords, that bitch nigga Eskay (who is an industry shill if I ever seen one) and somehow pulled Combat Jack and Noz into this conversation, all while working your regular job.

    Seriously, how many people could pull this off?


  • Jay stone

    Bol for president!

  • Jay stone

    Bol for president

  • http://www.shabooty.com shabooty

    i feel like eskay cause i am copy and pasting the funny shit u just said:

    “I’d had the sense to grovel and prostrate myself before my tall Israeli overlords. Imagine all of the expensive shit I could have had.”



  • geico lizard

    “Meanwhile, why am I following any black chicks, unless they happened to be my cousin or some shit?”

    Bol you are going to end up marrying a fine black chick. You might end up cheating with a white girl though,rofl.

  • capcobra

    this year you deserve at least 2 xxl awards..1 for being the most consistent..and 2 for…whatever is you doing to get your posts presto’ed…keep up the good work young man.

  • crumbliNherb

    bol for president


  • Chilly Willy

    “Peter Rosenberg, in an interview conducted in a Chuck E Cheese, where he scouts eight year-olds for freemason blood sacrifice, explains the difference between real celebrities and bloggers.”

    WTF ????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


    • Federal Ranga

      As a brother of Atlantic Coast #466, Prince Hall Affiliated FreeMason down here in Miami, I find that blood sacrifice shit mad offensive…..

      But funny as FUCK.

      Good shit, Bol. You merked em.
      It never fails that a stupid mufucka wants to talk down on something they dont do, cant relate to or dont know shit about. P. Rosenburg is a jackass with little respect for the craft.

      Seriously though… all my Masonic brothers stand up!!! Real men ride GOATS!!!


    • Smel

      You threw that scouting for blood sacrifice shit in like it wasn’t even a funny line, which made it even funnier

  • LukeCage

    This must be Bol’s Braveheart speech post.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    well done bol. well done.

    this is the of insightful commentary that you are capable of, so please, stop with the bossip crap.


    bol fuck them they getting all butthurt because you basically giving them the truth. when some people here the truth and they can’t handle it they get sensitive.

  • dat koon nigga

    az i alwayz sayz

    whitez peoplez smellz like wett dogz

    • GIBZ

      hahahaha word!!

  • Caino

    classic post!!

  • Brooklyn

    take the hate in stride my nigga, it’s like katt williams said, if niggas ain’t hating on you that means you’re doing something wrong.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com paul

    bol is the funniest dude alive

  • http://xxl All Dae

    co-sign Thoreauly77

    Bol must have revealed a piece of the master(masser) plan to have a blog pulled. I can’t see how a blog can be damaging to someones rep. I saw a video of Prodigy being interviewed by Peter and didn’t think he was special…it’s a cool job.
    How Rosenberg can act like he’s a celeb when he just interviews them is silly. To diss bloggers is pointless. Bol is as known as any journalist and I’ve never seen a pic of him outside of his web pic. I come to this site to read Bols take on shit. I’ve never watched a Rosenberg interview for him just the celeb.

  • Worley

    Bol’s post on Fitty disappeared in a heartbeat. He made the TIs mad once again.

    Bol for president of the internets.

    • General

      Yeah, the TI’s are hard at work trying to figure out what the hell to do now that BSID leaked…

      If you notice, most sites don’t even make mention of it at all and posts like Bol’s are disappearing in a hurry

  • Notorious AGC

    ..this is some ether….

  • kid video

    xxl staff are some punk bitches that sucks interscope dick to keep the lights on…

  • Rocco907

    one of your better recent posts. they’ll never admit you’re right though.