BLOG: West Coast Where You At?

As the only XXL staffer reppin’ the Golden State and, more specifically, the city with no seasons, I often find myself embroiled in East Coast conversations where the prevailing sentiment is: “The West Coast ain’t putting nothing out.”

Now granted, I’m obviously extremely biased (Inglewood born and raised, right off of Hyde Park and La Brea), but I beg to differ. Since someone left the door unlocked and let this G-girl in the building, I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to show y’all what’s really good on the left side.

Because as you’ll soon come to see, the West Coast has been bubblin’ for a minute (what up, E-40, Snoop Dogg, Too $hort and The Game) and it’s starting to look like 2010 will be the year the Cali scene takes center stage once again.

With dudes like Pac Div…

Nipsey Hussle…

Dom Kennedy…

And Jay Rock…

…who are focused and hungry, the West has a fresh crop of lyricists that are more than ready to carry the torch and spark a fire under a few of the O.G.’s.

Pictures just don’t lie:

The Game posted the above image on Twitter a few nights ago and I was surprised to see these three back in the studio. I don’t know exactly how Snoop, Dr. Dre and Game got together but I’m glad it did. Even though it’s been coming out for like 5 years now all I can say is Detox! Let’s go!

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll explain my birth name later. For now, though, let me know who you think is the hottest MC out of the West right now? —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Dan Hevor (DJ DBE)

    the west is about to b HOG MOBBed

    • joe p

      im gon say ras kass

      • Gerv

        If he ain’t blew up by now it ain’t gonna never happen like Ed lover says C’MON SON.

    • Mutada/Mullah Atari

      West is done untill we reinvent.

      West coast artists keep recycling the “Dre/Stortch/Melman/Neff-u/Stooby Doo”, Aftermath sound. Dre like drum loops with minor chords based on synth Piano and string and the occasional.

      The bay tried with the whole “go dumb” movement. But it had no staying power. As much as I hate the (actualy I dont hate them), the New Boys and the whole jerk thing. At least they are trying something new.

      Niggaz in the west need to reinvent. Not saying they need ti hop on 808 drum role beats or try to be just blaze. But we have 3 major sound movements in LA. The early tecno 808 rap music done by Dre Dre, the parliment/roger and zapp funk movement led by Quik and Dre, then the Aftermath sound named above.

      The Bay had smob music, like the older E-40 and shorty B and Ant Banks helped that catch on in the bay,. Then they went on to the “go dumb” hiffy type shit.

      Other than that and a few nitch groups, we have had zero change. So we need a reinvention of image, music, and worplay. We have the fucking talent, just need the will.

      • Stuey

        Co-sign on reinventing themselves.
        The only talent this blogger posted was jay roc. The other just sound like cliches. Thats the wests real problem.

        They all sayin the same thing without makin that shit sound new or different. Probably cuz all the beats sound like Dre rip offs.

        The only rapper on the west that puts out qualty tunes is Blu.

    • JC

      cant wait for the games R.E.D album….hopefully dre does a couple of tracks now that theyre together

  • GO-Getta’

    Nipsey Hussle = Not bringin’ anything new 2 tha game but just a remix of what Snoop,Dre & Pac been doing.
    Dude got sum talent though but he needs new subject matter or he will end up just being regional & ryhming how cool being crip is.

    Jay Rock = this 1 is blood tell me the different him & NH

    Game = talented but only if he can limit name-dropping & bury the beef with G-unot then will i start playing him in my ipod again.

    Pac Div = innoviative, cool & fresh (West Side)

    Detox will never c the light of the day (lol).
    Snoop = ghostwriters.
    Does’nt he care about the hip-hop crown no mo?

    Let’s give the WC another 5 yrs & u will c the saviour all is’nt lost yet but don’t keep ur hopes high 4 now.

  • Victor

    Yo dont forget U-N-I and Blu! But yeah its definitely been bubbling all year. Hip Hop in general has been in dope health all year.

  • General

    Lack of talent has never been the West Coasts problem. Industry bullshit on the other hand…

    2010 looks to be a good year for the west though as you got Nipsey and Jay Rock droppin debuts and CD’s from veterans like Game, Snoop, and possibly Dre…

    Would like to see Bishop Lamont, Juice and Clyde Carson gettin their projects finally released as well, but I guess we will see

    • Malcom Ambush

      Dont be a coward, stop trying to be cute, no more gay names like(General), put some real stuff up there loc.

  • oskamadison

    Can someone PLEASE get Ras Kass a decent deal? Dude’s been the illest lyricist on the WC for at least the past 13, 14 years.

    • General

      Thats what I’m talkin about. If Rass or Crooked were from Brooklyn instead of the west coast they would have had their CD’s out everywhere and be gettin a lot more push

      • Bobo D

        Ras is the definition of a underdog.
        Talking about being overlooked I feel Xzibit’s first album was overlooked.

    • latino heat

      cosign Oskamadison to the fullest. Ras Kass has been that dude since i was in middle school.

      i wouldn’t get my hopes up for the west overall though. remember back in ’06 when the hyphy movement was supposed to take over the game and a lot of our local artists signed with major labels? and what became of that? not a damn thing. there ain’t no real love for the west anymore on a national level.

      that pic of Snoop, Game and Dre does give me some hope though.

  • Hanch

    im Going with Crooked I

    • OG Matt Herbz

      You mean






      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • EmCDL

    I’m not big on most of the cats thats up above in the videos (well maybe Jay Rock). I like the underground/independent cats more: The Grouch, Murs, Dilated Peoples. Crooked I is tight too.

  • qp

    ….wait…..there’s no mention of Blu here…

  • louie mo

    nice list but you forgot some names

    terrance martin
    glasses malone
    k dot
    omar cruz
    k boy
    bad lucc

    and that just off the top of the head ……the coast gots talent out the ass. and forgot that herio is back at it ……and shit you know the bays gets in …….don’t sleep

  • Darin Bay Produkt

    The Jacka and Ya Boy need the attention bad or their talent wont reach its full potential. dont forget about Hu$alah.

  • that nigga

    Jay Roc, hands down.

    • ChRi$

      word up

  • capcobra

    alotta niguz expect west coast rappers to be gang related..if they not then they must not be real…it’s fucked up but it is what it is..that’s the reason alotta west coast talent get slept on that note..i gotta vote for jay rock…i just hope he fucks with the game alot more..i think they make a good team like drake/wayne…nipsey aight but his aura says lil snoop..which is no good unless snoop puts him under his wing..crooked i been one of my favorites since the murder inc/deathrow days..and i’m digging the music blu got out..i just think in order for the west to come full circle they gotta go back to basics..give us that westside story like cube did in the late 80′s and early 90′s…don’t just glorify the life but breakdown the logic and circumstances of being a west coast cat in 2009..20 yrs after nwa.

  • David HussleSoft

    My favorite cats out the west are Nipsey and Blu.

    People stay doubtin Nipsey cuz he raps about that street shit and mostly its west coast dudes which really suprises me. But his music is fire to me.

    And Blu’s material is just classic

    I can’t forget that Curly Tops and Nautica mixtape it maybe the mixtape of the year even better then Drakes in my opinion.

  • Mr. North

    The west coast will pop again when the people of LA decide to move beyond 1996 into 2010. I live in LA and all people bump is old Death Row or the radio when I ride by them. I like Nipsey some what but he is to Snoop Dogg what Loon was to Mase and Shyne to Biggie. Totally different people all together but its like trying to get people to believe based on familiarity. I like Blu he got some good stuff. Also so many people make music out of LA but are not from there and that is what is going on now. West Coast needs to take control of their own movement and put out some stuff that will crush the game. It has to be minus Dr. Dre and Snoop.


      west coast music without snoop too short ice cube e40 or dre is like kool aide with no isnt going to happen.they are a vital part of the hip hop history of the west coast.thats why people still bump the shit out of the old stuff and even the newer artists are using that similar sound scheme with their beats. the first two videos up top re evidence of that.

  • Paul Cantor

    I doubt it. Post-Game, the labels signed a bunch of artists from the West Coast, none of which panned out into anything major. They’ve all be subsequently dropped or moved on to smaller situations. No doubt that there’s a ton of talent, but as far as “blowing up,” I just don’t see it.

  • mobbin

    yal didnt even put the bay on this bitch…we way more poppin on the west then these dudes…i only heard of two of em nipsey and jay rock…do ya research brah


    i havent been payin much attention to the west coast in awhile.i wasnt really feelin the whole hyphy shit.though i give props to the vets even though they support it.too short and e40. i was huge fan of the west coast when it was runnin shit for awhile.i bought damn near everything hot from the west.nwa and all the artists from nwa solo shit,mack 10,a shitload of too short,west side connection plus all their solo cds including cube’s,all of 2pacs shit,almost all of death rows shit,spice 1,mc eiht and cmw,some dj quik,warren g.cypress hill.e40 and the click,celly cell. the luniz.ya get my drift.on to the topic at hand.two of the four songs up there i was feelin. pac div was decent he recycled some old west coast gfunk beat.flow was decent too.nipsey hussle i cant shake the fact that he reminds me too much of snoop.its going to be hard for him to shake that image.though the song was on point i like how they sampled black superman on the beats.that was hard.

  • El Tico Loco

    Fashawn anybody? And a Detroit/Cleveland Superbowl will happen before Detox drops.


      thats going to be na interesting superbowl to watch comin later this year early next year.dre will prolly drop it spring of next year so it will be bumped all next summer.dre’s shit usually gets dropped in the spring.

      • El Tico Loco

        I’ll believe it when I see it after a couple false starts you’ll be like whateva too. But Raekwon did give me hope on delayed forever type albums so let’s see.


    oh dom reminds me of a west coast kanye west,jay rocks voice sounds way too much like the game.BIG UPS TO DRE SNOOP AND GAME BEIN IN THE STUDIO.DRE NEEDS TO QUIT BULLSHITTIN AND GIVE US A RELEASE DATE FOR FUCKS SAKE.HE IS THE GOD FATHER OF GANGSTA RAP AND BEATS.

  • westcoastaggie

    L.A. has a developing Underground scene. With functions like The Spliff, these artists are getting their time to shine and gain fans in L.A.

    My favorites are Pac. Div. and Dom and H.O.P.E.

    BTW: It’s such a shame that Pac. Div. is caught up in that Unviversal 360 Deal. That is the worst contract ever!

  • Brooklyn

    i’m not really feeling pac div, but nipsey, jay rock, blu, dom kennedy, and fashawn are all nice as hell though. nipsey does remind me of snoop though, before he got on that pimp shit and started wearing fur coats and putting dog collars on bitches. and i get the strange feeling that “detox” is going to be as disappointing as “bp3″ was, simply because niggas are expecting so much from it.

  • baybinessbeezy

    Nipsey Hustle
    Game= Sucks

  • norcal

    hip hop needs the west, hip hop is dead right now even with jay z wak album. hip hop needs that gster shit

  • Bay2tuLa

    -The Jacka
    -Philthy Rich
    -Livewire Gang
    -J Stalin
    -Mistah Fab
    -and a whole bunch of mo niggas from the west

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I’m still catching up on Mac Dre & Luni Coleone.

    Nipsey, Jay Rock, Blu, Glasses, Fashawn & Pac Div have my future’s vote.

    • Tony Grands

      My dude….

      *passing back through NV right this moment*

      Speaking of Luni Corleone, I fux with Yukmouth [||]. Always have since his first solo album, in 2002 I think. Not so much once he started going in on 50 Cent, although if you haven’t heard “Animal”, you should check it out.

  • anutha_level

    definitely crooked, then jay rock

  • shatte

    after the Game niggas cant trust or take these WC cats too seriously anymore.dude is as fake as they get,you will see Miami if finish due to officer ricky.G

  • Lloyd Sedio

    After the Wreckin crew,nwa,death row and aftermath, dont u think we are expecting a lot from Dr Dre, the doctor has represented the west and is resposible for the west coasts golden eras

  • Mike Klander

    The west coasts only hope for real mainstream success is Detox. Let’s face it. The Game was doing it for a minute but he’s do busy trying to get Jay’s attention to realize he could turn the world on it’s ear again with is music.

    West Coast’s salvation is Detox. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less.

  • wise_fella

    why hasnt anyone mentioned k-dot or ab soul those 2 cats are gonna hold down the westcoast for the next decade if y’all doubt my opinion then check out “mandatory” featuring jay rock, k-dot & ab soul

  • Fon Z

    I’M FROM THE WEST COAST… LA!! now check…

    Nippsy Hussle is wack ass fuck to be honest! Besides beats he aint got shit! real talk!
    Crooked I is ehhh…. The Game is sick but he keeps rhyming about the same shit!

    The ONLY way the West Coast comes back is if the Ol’ skoo bring it!

    Dre, Cube, Quik, Too Short, Warren G, Kurupt, etc! We need Snoop to really bring it back!

    Detox is our hope out here in da west

  • Big Reem

    Check out KAYDA LUCHIANO!!!! This dude got major skills…… Find him on My Space, Google, Yahoo, Sound Click, & more!!!!

    Remember the name KAYDA LUCHIANO!!!!!

    BAY 2 AZ!!!! WEST COAST!!!

  • jerm

    Crooked I and his COB/Horse Shoe Gang crew, all of them can spit, check out those weeklys!!!

  • ApolloKid551

    There is some talent out in the west, i like Bishop Lamont, Crooked I & Locksmith, i think they are the rawest we heard in awhile,u still got Ras Kass (when hes not in trouble) from a west coast stand point, i like Jay Rock hes ok he just need keep his subject matter frest cause 2 much gunplay & slinging can become tired & played out, the reason why the west is not where it should be is because of the blacklist of a whole stemming from the Death Row era but i think if all the artist out there put there money 2gather & stay independent then they will be a force 2 reckond with again…

  • mike

    the san fernando valley got alittle somethin poppin too, Look out for them new Breedzs, Bingo, Lucy, Young Poet, Knuckles, n some other the other new cats coming outta derr, but heres the pioneer B Dot,



  • Europe

    nipsey hussel snoop dog the game all day these homey international artist

  • angeldust

    there is a difference between a WestCoast rapper and west Coast lyricist…West coast rappers carry not only lyrics, but tradition,legacy,Coast rules and all..

    Lyricist are usually a talented L takers who talk about Galactic Metaphors from Neptune(Crooked I, rass Kass etc)

    One Spells his tat wrong, other Shows up with Black eye on Camera Spitting Bullets and making up 6 Different stories about Game punching him

    All Lyricists are L takers…Nas is taking L’s like vitamins.

    Aint nobody give a fuck about Some Lyrical niggaz breaking down atoms on their songs.

    Its Game,Dre, Snoop, Cube,E40,

    Jay Rock and Nipsey Hussle.

    • ApolloKid551

      Taking what L’s i dnt care about Nas personal life or whats going on with him, his music is still untouchable, now angledust, i understand what ur saying but there need 2 be a balance it can’t be one or the other i love lyricst as well as so called street dudes but i dnt want 2 hear about how many niggas u done shoot, or how many bitches u done fuck or what block u rep i want 2 hear music, i love Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Kool G Rap & the legend Snoop Dogg but u know what they all have in common they are lyricist but they had a balance between the street shit & some other level shit, that was a streotypcial view of lyricst u just put forth, i like street shit 2 but im not montone 2 it i like other subjects 2 be discuss in the material of the lyrics u know i like 2 hear intelligence sometimes 2 its room 4 everything my dude but saying lyricist taking L’s i just dnt agree cause their personal business is their business i want 2 hear music not if u the realest nigga cause if u look at everybody’s past they all have stain u feel me…


        thats true in a sense but you wont ctch me listenin to some fake ass dude like rick ross who tries to say he is a boss cke pusher when he wasnt shit but a c.o. flakes like that are what give real rappers who where really in the streets a bad name.hell people try to say eminem is a bitch and shit in real life, but dude caught two assault cases in the same year for pistol whippin two different dudes.(not sayin he is street by any means,but it goes to show he doesnt take shit from people)

  • dric flair

    What about my nigga Roccett !!!

  • Chilly Willy

    This is a nice drop, Brooklyne, keep’em comin’

    Jay Rock is a beast, btw

  • Tony Grands

    Whaddup Brooklyne? 58th & Overhill! We probably crossed paths @ Simply Wholesome, Lader Pk or Wienerschnitzels @ some point in time…..

    I think one of the main problems with the West is unity. Other places have their forerunners, who eventually pull in the younger generations. Think about how many cats repping SoCal, that ended up “working” for Dre, only to eventually fade into obscurity. Now, Mack 10 is claiming to be supporting the New West, by signing Glasses, but the proof is in the pudding. & we all know Cube’s reputation/track record. Kausion, K-Dee, WC anyone?

    Once the cats who helped lay foundations also help to hold those doors open, we can achieve some stronghold leverage as to our own exposure, instead of getting caught up with labels execs who don’t know how to market a West Coast artist.

    That’s also a reason why the indy scene out here thrives so intently. We don’t have a choice right now.

    The talent is here, no doubt.

  • Long Beach Lance

    Dom Kennedy is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrypticOne

    I’d say the hottest emcees coming out of the West Coast are Cashis, Crooked I, The Game, and Jay Rock.

    • ApolloKid551

      I think all those guys have talent but Game, now he is very talented but his consistant names dropping is not going 2 get him far, its like he uses that as a handicap, its like he can’t say a full poetic line without saying a name he is a walking billboard, now he has some great songs one of my favorites is Dreams it had a great concept but i can’t take a heavy dose of him lol & he does alot of hamburger moves but im focused on the music & he is good but not great…


      man cashis is from chi town man.he says it all the time.

  • TruzLife

    Theres alot of great points! Every artist u’ve thought of is The Future!

    This spot of history today, that we breathin in, is bigger than all of it!

    The truth is business. One’s gotta be willing to contribute and except reward in the same way, gratefully.

    When the pioneers of this West: Ice T, Cube, Dre, 2short, QUIK, 40, etc….CREATE THE PLATFORM …2 support the artist of the future, then we will see SUCCESS.

    …this one was closest to understanding:

    “Once the cats who helped lay foundations also help to hold those doors open, we can achieve some stronghold leverage as to our own exposure” -Tony Grands

    God Bless & Peace 2 All!

  • http://RISEA07.COM J_A07

    Well seeing how I was Born in Compton and have lived in Socal my Whole Life I’m more than happy to see the West come back strong everybody knows Dr. Dre, Snoop, Too Short, E-40 along with many others but the west has allways been looked at for Gangsta Music I’m so happy to see artist like PacDiv, Dom Kennedy, Diz Gibran, Tiron, Ta’East and many other to set a new trend to let the world know that yea alot of people out her do bang but guess what alot of us dont and this is what we do we live life. Ihave been sayin for years that what 2Pac was and what he did yea we all know thug life but he was alot more he talked about more than just being a thug he talked about life that people understood thats one thing the alot of west coast rappers lost they just wanna bang or get hyphy and now jerk im like give me a west coast Jay-Z Someone who Reps the state tells you what goes on and makes Music for everyone.
    If you havent herd none of these aritis mixtapes google them and get familar

  • Nat Turner II

    Crooked I, Ras Kass, At The Speed of Life Xzibit, Evidence…

  • Fa$t BlacK

    WE$T$IDE 4 LIFE!!!

  • Deuce53

    u know what possiblity nobody is talkin bout, cuz we been slept on thru the whole history of hip hop? the pacific northwest, seattle, portland etc. now granted, we aint had that one flagship artist to rep or anything, but i wudnt b suprised if we start comin up soon…as far as the west coast (and its more than just Cali)i think its gona b alrite, trace the history, evry region has its ups and downs, peaks and falls…its the south’s time right now, imagine when every region is poppin off at the same time? that wud b glorious

    • ApolloKid551

      I Agree my dude that would be a beautiful thing..



  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    DOM KENNEDY is the future bitchhhhhh!

  • we$$$$

    dom kennedy is the best in the west coast.



    -Andre Nickatina
    -Turf Talk
    -Mac Mall
    -Richie Rich
    -Keak da Sneak
    -Messy Marv
    -B Legit
    -Bishop Lamont
    -Ya Boy
    -Celly Cell
    -Spice 1

    -Nickel Dime

  • money

    West Coast has a bunch of new stars if you havent noticed them your not in the streets enough. WestCoast radio stations need to step thier game up and support our stars

    • ApolloKid551

      I agree with you, but u know the mainstream radio stations are not going 2 play anything real especially from the west, the music industry has blackballed west artists, the only reason Game was successful is because of the finacial backing of Interscope Records & their track record with west coast artists, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent (who was super hot at the time) & last but not lease, lets be honest his so called affilation with Bloods & Compton, so u put all that 2gather the suberban kid was goin love game & he had a east coast delivery & flow which made him all the more interesting 4 the mainstream 2 put up as a savior of west coast hip-hop but thats just one person its more talented people in the west but their only going 2 support the majors coperate media rappers…

  • WestCoastSteve

    Nice list! some names got left out tho:

    -Diz Gibran
    -Bad Lucc

    just to name a few.

  • Dontforget
  • Shock

    Language Artz is my favorite new west coast act..

    There old video Pound It..

  • Ali

    I dont like any of these guys….I’d say The Game & Crooked I are the only things I’m checkin’ for, along with the OG’s that are still droppin’ albums (Cube, Dre, Xzibit, etc.)

  • Vic

    Ya Boy, Roccett, Juice,Crooked I

  • nikeAddict707

    The bay’s fallen off since the hyphy movement.
    now the artists that get most attention are wack rappers like young curt and d-lo.
    E-40 fell off and too-short is getting too old.Honestly I don’t wanna hear a 40 year old talk about bitches. But if too short,E-40, and Celly Cell made an album together it would be legit.
    Mistah F.A.B. had talent but then he threw it away just to be on the Thizz hype.
    Andre Nickatina will never get to shine but he’s good for the brutha lynch hung and tech n9ne crowd.
    Messy Marv might have a chance, and Ya Boy is only great on mixtapes, because he sucks on cd’s.
    Husalah is only good locally but I don’t see him getting big mainstream.
    Zion I and Grouch are good and so is Del The funky homosapien but they’re underground.
    I think the jacka and Clyde Carson got potential to make it out the bay.
    Niko Villamor is alright for the Lupe Fiasco crowd, but he’s real underground but he’s decent.

  • west coast supporter



    don’t like them? cool, YOU go shoot a video, and put out some music, or just don’t listen to them…OTHERWISE, stop wasting your own time INTERUPTING HISTORY- all hatin’ does is promote the artist more.


  • DV8

    The West will rise when heads:
    1. quit depending on Dr.Dre to co-sign them
    2. every other region quit putting Dre on this pedestal. Because the majority of West Coast artist dont give a fuck about Dre. Dre hasnt done shit for the west coast in quite a while.
    3. Start working together and learn to look past the bangin and turf wars and get this shit poppin again.

    For those who dont live out West you wouldnt know it but the West has a huge underground/ independent scene and quite basically unless an artist is trying to be famous they dont need the mainstream access. The industry has abandoned the West ever since Pac died. So we have been catering to our own. The West aint dead yall offbrands just sleep.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      You ain’t lying.

      We got a 4 day hiphop fest about to pop off up here in rip city…

    • Quan

      ^^ ^


      just because you dont give a fuck about dre doesnt mean you can speak for the whole coast.dre still gets mad love in cali.if you listened to the songs above two of them have the g-funk feel that he was famous for creating.he is a cornerstone of west coast hip they said in HELLO “I STARTED THIS GANGSTA SHIT AND THIS IS THE MOTHAFUCKIN THANKS I GET” dre aint goin nowhere get used to it.thats like havin rakim or krs1 stop reppin the east.aint goin to happen.cry in your cheerios.

      • DV8

        huh? who said I was speaking for the whole Cali? but it is a fact that nobody is anxiously waiting to work with Dre anymore. Shit Snoop rarely gets to work with Dre so you know the up and coming rapper wont get the chance. And as far as “Starting This Gangsta Shit” thats all Kool and the Gang BUT when is he going to finish? or pass the torch? The last great thing for the west Dre has done was drop his own album back in 1999. Its cool to spread love and work with others but you have to take care of your own. I still see DJ Premier, Just Blaze, etc. doing beats for East Coast artist. Jermaine Dupri, Toomp, etc still doing beats for Southern artist. Even Kanye gives Chicago artist choice beats. All these producers still showing love to they home region except Dre. Now tell me im wrong?

        I havent totally given up on Dre but I am very disappointed. Hopefully this reunion with Game will be the beginning of something big for the West.

  • Venom

    The west coast is all in the underground!

    you got

    dialated peoples, evidence (solo), alchemist, livin legends, plant asia, andre nickatina, equipto, brotha lynch, c-bo, murs, woodie, junebug slim, blu, e-40, yukmouth, lil e, lil rob, slush the villian, turf talk, swollen members(rep canada and L.A.), binary star, styles of beyound and many others that never ever get radio play…

  • Quan

    . . lets not forget strong arm steady.

  • Daddy

    You know the funny thing…XXL east coast run…the jerk shit copying bay shit…half these niggas copy BAY Lingo…LA KOO but again they bite the bay shit…SEE how the bay is..number one in independent cuz we real…not caught up in that commercial shit like all these pussy niggas…look real is real…we so confident in our skill that we dont need to jump on that mainstream shit like every nigga in the east, south and so on…
    The Jacka.
    THe husalah.
    E40 doing his thing
    Messy Marv
    TRAxamillion master producer…
    ya boy up there..
    j stalin gettin it…

    real talk we really aint bitch niggas..we live it..we smoke it..we make it …that FIRE…that good shit…PAC knew it…thats why he fucked with CBO
    MAC DRE KNEW IT..AND IF YOU DONT KNOW THEN NOW YOU DO…Fuck the east coast trying to monopolize the music game…west coast or bay area specifically are the only ones not sucking that east coast dick…

    THA JACKKA…YEAH IM A DOPE DEALA..On top of that Im a liar and steala…PEAAAAACE!!

  • Don’t Trip

    Hands down even if yall don’t agree that nigga Game is the best MC out west period for the past couple of years besides snoop he’s kept us relivent.

  • Nibs

    is everybody sleepin on TiRon??
    somebody XXL should throw up that Throwin My Money video, it’s super dope

  • thoreauly77

    bishop reps carson.

    blu reps LA.

    why no bay love?

    but as far as lyricists? the two i mentioned take it.

  • Nick55

    No Diz Gibran? Dude had arguably one of the best mixtapes this year, Soon You’ll Understand if you haven’t copped it yet.

  • yung regg

    coming out the west i would have to say my nigga blu, the game, and bishop lamont are holding shit down

  • 619er

    Maybe Im being biased b/c I’m from SD, so I’m a go with 12 Gauge Shotie a.k.a. the SD Live Wire, B-Stone, Don Diego, the Cherry Chuck Gang, Tiny Doo, Baby Bandit just to name a few and everyone that’s been doing they music thing for many years repping San Diego, CA. Keak da Sneak and the bay area rappers, LA heads,its just a whole lot of them including who you have named. We west coasters have a huge amount of artists to keep our musical minds stimulated period, even if they aren’t represented on mainstream media often

  • watz

    The Most lyrical MC wordplay wise from WC right now is Crook

  • WizErd

    im feelin blu, nipssey, jay rock, and yaboy right now.

    dont sleep on yaboy

  • Ace

    As a West Coast dude I am always checkin for tha OG’s but as far as hot rappers now… I liked Game’s first two albums but he needs to let beef go… overall he’s still dope… i like Nipsey and Jay Rock but Crooked is lyrically tha best…

    Game: dope but needs to re-focus = Most Relevant

    Nipsey Hussle & Jay Rock: dope but need to leave crippin and bloodin on tha mixtapes = Most Potential

    Pacific Division: really dope and slept on = Most able to thrive in today’s game

    Crooked I: consistent = Most Lyrical

  • Pak Dan

    Zion-I is definately the definition of a ‘new’ sound.. straight up

    listen to “dont lose your head” feat. Too Short or “Coastin’” w/ Kay Flay

    shit goes hard

  • dabeachboi

    I cant believe people sleepin on Ya Boy! Kids FIRE!!! nip hussle b doin his thing along with Crooked, and Jay Rock. Strong Arm Steady n Pac Div be holdin it down! West Coast the Fresh Coast!! Its bouts to be like the Early 90′s again soon!!

  • L-Boogie

    Crooked I and Razzy kazzy….wut the hell happened to my man tash??

  • Nefarious

    1The Game
    2Crooked I

  • wally

    fashawn, blu, u-n-i

  • !!!_I-LAND_$IDE_N!!!671

    “In tha WEST never knew ya’ll called it HIP-Hop” -Boo Yaa

    Whole game is on some “Save the Hip Hop Shit” The West ain’t never gonna get no main stream radio play or TV air time with out a major name…Got alot of talent but it ain’t for most ears….DETOX is never comin out, when Dre finally puts something out it will probably B called REHAB or some shit like that! We Still puttin out some Funky shit!

    Lately i’ve been knockin Strong Arm Steady and Mitchy Slick….im not sayin they the best but they get to bump in my ride……shoot i’ll throw my Lynch—Loaded CD n and b good to go! THE WEST NEEDS SOME MAIN STREAM LOVE TOO!!

  • Stephen

    Fashawn and Blu are the two best new mc’s on the west coast

  • BeerGangsta

    What’s up ya’ll! I know ya’ll been wondering where is the BeerGangsta at. I have been on the South Beach Chilling. West Coast is my favorit Coast. Dre,Cube got to bring the rookies from the West Coast back. Nobody else can do it like them 2 Cats. Game is doing a good job until he go on his period. [LOL]. Snoop is a good Business Man. Dre your Azz need to Drop that Detox in 2010 Summmer Time.

  • y0

    where the fuck is Crooked I? Oh yeah who needs to mention the best lyricist on the entire coast and one of the best in the game. Not important.



  • Mika

    shit i know im late but fuck it … i dont know why but i didnt see Glasses name in ANY of the above list’s … Why may i ask ? cuz he not a lyricist and all that ??!! i loved his fuck glasses malone mixtape….what y’all think ????G malone certainly got a different style

  • trip2cali

    1. Spider Locc
    2. Jay-Z
    3. Soldier boi

    Those are my personal favorites, bangin soldier music all day. My seriousness precedes me.

  • Poisenivy520

    The new breathe of the West Coast.

    XXL keeps sleeping on him but he has to classic mixtapes out and co-signs from The Game, T.I., Crooked I and others.

    Make sure yall join his site

    Also Dubb, Roccet, Jay Rock, Taji Sharp, and Hanibal Leq are all dope.

  • Gee

    Check out the homie Stamina (STAM)
    kid got talent
    Latino but sounds Universal he’s young as well.

  • 21st century

    dats how i know hip hop aint fucked its the fuckin audience by the look of the comments if u cant recognise dat these cats r da future espicially nipsey n jay rock den u havent listened to der mix tapes n stop mentioning these other cats like the reason they are not there is cause nobody gives a Fuc about dem

  • King Joffy Joe

    MY favorite two from the west right now have to be Jay Rock, and Glasses Malone. They seem to be the only two with a relevant message that reaches out farther than just the west coast.

  • King Joffy Joe

    Whatever happed to Guerilla Black? Did he just stop making music, or what?


    First off the WEST COAST’s rookies are way more fire then the east coast! crooked I is iller then paposse, BISHOP Lamont is way iller then anybody on the ny roster! and countless amounts of other west coasters.
    I mean come on I havent heard anybody from the east or south that has me like “fuck im checking for homie” besides joell ortiz, royce, and rae, the rest of you bums are just bums!! to many bums if you ask me!!

  • gkid12345

    To start bringing ya la cats back it would be dope if some of that talent formed an all cali version of Slaughterhouse. Jay Rock, nipsey hustle, bishop lamont and another mc would be dope. (I would have said crooked I but obviously he’s already apart of Slaughterhouse)

  • Brownie

    Any man bumped gamse new mix tape ‘Red Files’ that mixtape got sum heat man. Game goes on sum rapid spittin shit with twista on ‘ride on’ and he got a bangin tune with luda ‘some pussy’. check it out the west aint dead!
    R.E.D. album prospects lookin good after this mixtape

  • Pingback: - » Make the Trap Say Booooo!


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