Ah no reggae chune dis!

“You can say what you say but watch what you say about our President. Think a Nobel Prize was too soon? Fine. You are not alone. You think Obama should have accomplished more since he was sworn in this past January? Fine. You are not alone. But you young man didn't need to express your freedom of speech in such an insensitive way. Especially mere months after your stupid Rutgers joke. You're a part of a culture built by Black and Latinos and you continue to speak in a disrespectful way towards African-Americans. Maybe I'm being too sensitive but I just don't like it. The hip-hop community galvanized to help elect our commander-in-chief and we shouldn't turn our back on him this soon. What are you really doin' to change the world, disco kid?”

-Elliott Wilson, RapRadar.com

This is the abridged version of Elliott Wilson’s podcast rant in the wake of Ash*r R*th’s controversial Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize comments. I dare not invoke his name, lest the site begin to reek of Axe Frat Boy Shower body spray and “I Love College” promo discs/weed surfaces all over again. The original YN recording contains more fiery talk about disco ball-blinded Eighties Babies, blanket statements and white boys who need to watch their mouths.

Mr. Wilson had me thinking Roth must have come out and called Obama "a monkey with the big porch ever" or some shit, then propelled #michelleobamaisanappyheadedhobecause to the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Needless to say, I was disappointed to see the series of tepid tweets that has us all on the verge of microblog race war.

Roth’s sentiments about Obama’s latest humanity-given handjob are in no way, shape or form turning his back on the Pres-o-dent. Instead they are his right and responsibility. They are his contribution to this jam, so to speak. I don’t know how they did it back in that Civil Rights Era we read about on McDonald’s placemats, but vocalizing our ideas is how we disco children change the world.

[Blogger’s Note: I hear the Civil Rights Movement had way better rappers with way more swag than the movements we have on the radio and video blogs today. I wish I were old enough to have seen that shit for myself. Summer Jam 1964 must have been off the motherfuckin hook.]

Ironically enough, the real careless speech detrimental to race relations is Wilson’s attempt to spin a criticism of an award bestowed upon Barack Obama into a unilateral swipe at black people. For shame, Yellow Nigga. For shame. This is especially startling as Wilson’s account above comes after he took the time to [kinda] clean up his thoughts from the original recording.

More than anything else, Obama is a symbol of peace and progress. Well, he’s that and the king of unofficial merchandising. He hasn’t really had the time to be anything more. I don’t know how true that actually is. I get the feeling I could fuck some shit up if I were in the oval office for 10 minutes, let alone 10 months. But, I just know that every time someone tries to call Obama out on anything, his minions come out by the ballot basketful to remind us that dude hasn’t been in office long enough to be held accountable. By this charge you would think we also can’t let him take credit for certain shit either.

If we can’t blame him for the rain yet, we can’t give him credit for the sunshine either.

[Blogger’s Note: I was tempted to capitalize "Him" for our President Mr. Black Jesus.]

Obama’s Presidential victory is an accomplishment of the people who elected him. I know as much because the Starbucks drinking yuppie fuckfaces don’t let me hear the end of how they pulled the lever "soooo hard" for Obama to post-racialize hundreds of years of history—for my black ass, of course. They peer at me over venti Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccinos and bursting Trader Joe’s shopping bags as if to say, “You should be a little more thankful.”

I know. Fuck outta here, right?

Speaking of “fuck”, since when did Elliott “ego trip’s Big Book of Eat A Dick Sandwich/Fuck The Source/King Yellow Nigga I” care so much about exercising the great freedom that is American speech in a sensitive manner? This is some new shit, and I must say, I don’t care for it too much. But then again, n*ggas b**n kn*w*n h*w * f**l *b**t fr**d*m *f sp**ch.

Are we really getting after Ash*r R*th because he’s using profanity on his twitter account to refer to our Pres-o-dent? Are we e-threatening people now over the honor of our commander-in-chief? I know we’re not getting touchy over that shit. I thought the last nigga’s name was "President Fuck Bush" for 6 years. Roth has every right to call Obama a shit-talker. Besides, Obama's talked shit is so proper that everyone had the same idea after his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

“Wow. He speaks so well! He's so well-spoken! That nigga could be Pres-o-dent.”

No one knew shit about Obama then, except that big homie had a mean spit game. No nullus. After the Democratic Party went full Mays Gilliam on this nigga, his spit game garnered approximately 6 billion votes for the Presidency. Apparently, this spit game is even strong enough to have formerly subversive rap literature legends openly denouncing everything that made them.

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