The Real Problem with gAyTL

So I’m reading Bol’s blog post “Atlanta a City on the DL” and I was amused. I like dudes’ writing actually and I love that he gets a lot of comments on his posts. However, most people who commented on this particular post were talking about how gay Lennox Mall has become -blah blah blah!

It’s funny to me that a city that should be heralded as the blueprint to build other chocolate cities has been reduced to a gay joke.

Well the jokes on us because as we sit and argue whose plantation is the best we are all about to take a big political diznick up the back door! Yeah I said it!

Next week for the first time in my life I may be faced with living in an Atlanta with no black mayor and I, in my heart of hearts, feel that if my city falls under white Republican leadership after this upcoming election, it will set Atlanta’s black businesses and opportunity back 36 years.

The socialites, black Hollywood, fashion-oriented mind state that the city’s new occupants have is a real problem for Atlanta. More people know who Lisa Wu Hartwell is than Lisa Borders and that’s a piss poor shame.

The backbone of Atlanta’s success in being the Mecca of black business and gateway to the south has been the strong African American politicians, educators, business leaders and an active political voter base. Even prior to the 70s blacks were active on these fronts. Since Maynard Jackson won the 1973 mayors race and awarded 23 percent of city contracts to black business we have enjoyed a much different reality than the rest of America’s chocolate cities. We, like plenty of other chocolate cities, have had our share of corruption and all the other controversies but for the most part our city has thrived. Black politicians work with the white corporate business community for the betterment of both communities. Blacks get city contracts, and build multi-million dollar corporations (see Herman Russell construction). Coke, Delta and John Wieland homes keep their head quarters in the city and provide jobs. Because the tax base is strong and the politicians have built a symbiotic relationship with the right white money we have been able to keep all our sports teams in the city. That keeps tax dollars in the hood so if (Michael) Vick goes that’s cool but if the Dome goes to the burbs that’s a problem.
Atlanta’s young and black take this freedom for granted. Those who recently moved here have no historical view of the importance of having a black political agenda that benefits us, so voting does not hold an important place in their personal agenda. We all have become spoiled and taken this city for granted. We assume it will ways be cool, the clubs will always be open and that music and fashion will take us to freedom. They will not.

If we lose Atlanta we lose the chocolate city that works. We lose what we think we got in Barack Obama- black leadership that works above and beyond the political nonsense that has crippled great potential leaders like Kwame Kilpatrick.

The two leading black candidates are Kasim Reed (former state rep. endorsed by Andy Young) and Lisa Borders (city council president endorsed by the Black Leadership Forum). Both are young, have vision, understand Atlanta’s legacy and would make powerful Mayors. However they run the risk of splitting the vote and handing the office to Ms. Norwood.

Since there will probably be a run-off election because there is no clear majority leader in votes we will have to vote again in December, it is a paramount importance that the person with less votes, bows out and supports the person who got more.

Atlanta natives and new comers please get off the bullshit! This wonderful chocolate city has the potential to make 30 more years of black millionaires, educators and strong political leaders. Let’s not squander that with who’s-fugging-who-talk, who-shops-where-talk or Gucci and O.J.-bashing. We know better, so we gotta show’em better. VOTE! See ya’ll at the polls. -It’s Bigga!

P.S. I know some will scream racism but I don’t care. I voted for Barack because I have lived under black leadership my entire life and I know that we are as good and bad as any other race in politics. I however know how delicate the racial dynamic is in the city of Atlanta and I know what it takes to maintain that fragile balance so I offer no apologizes. Deal with it. In the word of a prominent Black Atlanta Business Man Big Al “Boy If I died today God know by living in Atlanta I have already experienced a black heaven!” Amen.

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I did say y’all were building on that topic waaayy too long…

    Bigger issues are @ stake down there.

    Good luck with that, ’cause it seems like y’all are about to get the rug pulled from under you…Like when Guliani took over for Dinkins in NY.

  • Jamal7Mile

    What’s up Mike?

    Can’t claim to have my finger on the pulse of the local political scene in ATL. That being said, ATL is still light-years ahead of Detroit. We don’t even bother to show up to the polls nowadays. It’s sickening.

    Kwame Kilpatrick was NOT what he seemed to be. We would’ve been better off with someone else, and that’s coming from someone who voted for him twice before his BS became visible to the public.

    All I can say is VOTE! A run-off election, plus one candidate backing down, sounds like a good deal for Atlanta. However, if no one shows up to the poll (>19% of Detroiters vote) then ANY ol’ body can grab the wheel.

    Wishing you the best, Atlanta.

  • Mike Bigga

    Bol Thanks for writing the whimsical funny and worthless blog about Gayness in Atlanta it was a perfect ally oop pass for me to talk about the real issue affecting Atlanta retaining and maintaining Black Political Power.

    This was edited out! but hey thats why i comment to make sure ya’ll get the real!!!

    • Trackstar the DJ

      Ha! Damn right…eff a gatekeeper.

    • DetroitDraper

      Come on now Bigga Im a fan and all but we ALL know how overtly gay Atlanta is. Your blog is very insightful but Bol’s was funny as hell…pretty much what he was looking for.


  • ErvGotti85

    Mike keep up the good work a fan of your music, and becoming a fan of your intelligent blogs, Good luck to Atlanta in the upcoming election hopefully the infrastructure that is set in place down there stays intact.


    nice post mike maybe you should try with your influence to hold a event in your city. get some big names to come out and feed them at 8 but don’t serve the liquor till 12. give them the message and a show

    • BIGNAT

      was watching that new rawse crew vid and you was in that joint. they should have put you on the song it would have made it better.


    I hope the leadership change so we don’t have to hear all that wack trap shit.

  • Avenger XL

    Mike you need to send some of that black leadership to the civil rights mecca next door. Thats right your poor country cousines aka birminghell alaBAMA. The Bama is for how backasswards they are and the political scene makes the clowns in the circus look serious.

    • Broke Iz A Disease

      Make sure he goes to MS too. Those confederates are still having segregated proms. Disgusting.

  • Avenger XL

    Mike you need to send some of that black leadership to the civil rights mecca next door. Thats right your poor country cousines aka birminghell alaBAMA. The Bama is for how backasswards they are and the political scene makes the clowns in the circus look serious.


    • Slymm

      +1, bruh. Mike needs to come skool my home, mayne.

  • FlapJack

    “I voted for Barack because I have lived under black leadership my entire life and I know that we are as good and bad as any other race in politics”

    Isn’t that kind of contradicting?

    Gotta bring out the Caps-Lock voice for this one:


    Like what you’re trying to do with this post, I just don’t like why

    gtrg bbb

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    160 bil in USD. Overrides the constitution. This is why the voxeenayccion is so important to take our eyes off of this. We’re ’bout to get hosed fam.

    • Nefarious

      That’s an interesting read homie, N.W.O ties in with the rumblings i’ve heard about them only wanting 350 million people in the world..Question and Answer, the quickest way to stop greenhouse gases is to drop earths total population…still all of this has been written basically. Im concerned with finding and keeping my own salvation… None the less. Ur comment on this blog is probably real talk of the year, if they gave out awards. lol

  • General

    I’ve been to Atlanta several times, but won’t pretend to know the political dynamics of your city Bigga, however I appreciate the blog giving us your point of view on the state of you city and its future…

    Obviously voting is extremely important. I hear so many people complain about the fact that it is corportations that run this country and that our votes nor our voices matter. While this is partially true, this is in large part due to the fact that the majority of people in this country who can vote, don’t. And a large percentage of those who do vote don’t take the time to truly learn about the issues and candidates that are important in the elections. The corporations and PAC’s can send large amounts of money to candidates to run slick ads that can shape the mind of the uninformed voters which is why they are so powerful…

    Not to mention that most people feel that once they have voted that is their only obligation to the political process. Calling your elected officials, demonstrating, writing them and continually organizing to ensure that they stand firm to what they promised to do is very effective. Too many people sit on the sidelines and complain or just spout fear and conspiracy theories instead of actually using their constitutional rights to be a part of the political process…

    I applaud you Mike on making your case and being vocal and hope that you will do more to be a part of the process in Atlanta even if I do think that your argument borders on racism. As I said I don’t pretend to understand the political climate in Atlanta, but after reading your blog this morning, it is something which I will take the time to learn more about the upcoming election and political history of the city, because even though I am not a resident there are ways to help in elections, because even those elections that aren’t in your district or home can have ramifications that extend across city and state borders.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yes, Atlanta has done its thing in the past under a black mayor, but I’m not about to just give the vote to a black candidate because it will somehow benefit only black business owners. Mike, don’t forget what happened to Clayton County. Ran by whites for years, it thrived, but only a few years after they left the city gov’t, look at it. Nearly everyone in that piece is crooked. That’s why I don’t buy into the idea that Atlanta must keep a black mayor to keep surviving. One slip up and you’ll get a Kwame Kilpatrick type dude in there and we’ll be fucked for years. Go with the candidate that has the best ideas for the city. If these black owned businesses are delivering quality work for the city, then they should have no problem continuing to find work.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • iquell

    Bigga you always rep. I’m from Bmore but I appreciate the balanced view point to bring to the game and I def think ATL needs to hold on to its leadership so that other “chocalate cities” can learn from your city’s blueprint and build for a better black community in cities that have a majority of minorities as its residents.

  • Joe

    Mike B.,
    Great article but the two issues (politics in Atl and extreme gayness in Atl) are not mutually exclusive; talking about 1 doesnt mean we aren’t cognisant and/or should ignore the other.

    A white mayor will affect the city for a couple of years. There is no white insurgance coming anytime soon, so Atl’s black majority will correct that at next election.

    Now, Men acting as women? there is no ‘vote’ to change its course. At this point its an exponential increase.
    Some may only see the trees and not the forest, but my concern is what happens when the young ones grow up? What will Atl (and DC, where i work, which is almost as bad) look like in 15 years?

  • GIFT

    Bigga always enlightening us w/wuts really going on. It always happens when white politicians feel threatened by increasing power in communities occupied by minorities. I don’t live in ATL, but that struggle is shared in all of our chocolate cities. That’s why motherfuckers should vote more. I know it doesn’t always seem like it, but our voice damn sure makes a difference. In Obama’s campaign, we saw what happens when we get off our ass and vote. Lets exercise our rights as americans, and not let whitey take over ATL!!!!

  • Grimey G

    Just cause smebody is white doesn’t mean they will neglect black issues and just cause somebody is black doesn’t mean they will address them. I usually like your blogs but this was just kind of ignorant. No politician, black or white, is above and beyond the political nonsense. Even Obama doesn’t have the power to get certain initiatives across so he needs help from other political powers (congress, house of rep., etc). In return he has to support them on issues they care about regardless of his personal opinion. Plus he has to placate people who helped him along the way, further compromising him and on goes the cycle. Its the way politics is and it aint changing my fat friend.

  • Hanch

    So the people shouldn’t vote for who they want? They should vote for only the Black Candidates? That doesn’t sound like Democracy to me Mike. Just a thought, but shouldnt the people of Atlanta vote for who they want in office no matter the Color of the person? So just so I understand this I should only Vote for Black Politicians no matter what their political views are…Sounds pretty Racist to me! People of Any city Vote for whoever you think is the best dont vote on the color of their skin thats just ridiculous…I know I am going to get killed in here for this but im sorry I really dont like somebody telling me to vote for a certain candidate just because of the color of their skin! Shits Retarded

  • http:/ Tony Grands

    I think anytime a leader is chosen by skin color is a fail. I vote when a candidate has my best interests @ heart, & even then I’m fully aware that it’s overlaying lip service for their hidden, personal agendas. Tom Bradley wasn’t a better mayor for Los Angeles than Antonio Villaragosa because he was Black, but because he was more in touch with the people. Villaragosa made promises that would benefit L.A.’s minority populous, meanwhile he’s letting his decisions be made by Schwarzennegar, a Nazi by association, with an obvious aversion for any type of minority affluence.

    Had I voted for him because he wasn’t White, I’d feel like part of the problem. I just succumbed to his political espionage, like most voters do when they crave societal change. I didn’t vote for Barack because he was (half) Black, he just appeared to be in the right place @ the right time, & was coincidentally African-American.

    I understand what you’re alluding to, Mike, but politicians are Green. If they happen to have a finger on the people’s pulse, thats a bonus.

    • Hanch

      Co-Sign to the fullest. I think what I was trying to ellude to didnt quite come out correctly but Grands you basically took what I had in my head and put into words Thank You as after re-reading my statement it didnt quite come out the way I had invisioned it.

  • olez

    dont worry you fucking racist acorn will bail atlanta out.

    • General

      Damn, I didn’t know Glenn Beck read the blogs and commented on XXL…

      What up Glenn?

      • Lowedwn

        Man, let’s not even start on Glen Beck. Had that been someone like Tavis Smiley making those kind of comments about G.W. Bush he’d be in Guantanamo…in the Dick Cheney suite.

  • Brooklyn

    yeah, the voting based on race thing is weak, but most people of color do it. most of the niggas i know that voted for barack obama had never listened to a debate, knew nothing about his politics, and assumed that since he was a senator out of chi-town that he was born and raised on the southside. just because a candidate is black doesn’t mean that he has the best interests of the black community at heart. most of these politicians of color make it a point to cater to the white community because they know that the whites themselves expect them to be biased. i didn’t vote for barack obama because his father was black; he was raised by whites anyway. i voted for him because i felt that he was a better alternative to mccain/palin.

    • olez

      lol hows that working out for you? great alternative! i seen his fake ass comming a mile away. ever since 2004.

      • General

        “lol hows that working out for you?”

        Much better than the last 8 years and better than the alternative of a McCain presidency with Palin 2nd in command…

      • Jamal7Mile

        So you voted for McCain/Palin? Shiiieeeet!!

      • Brooklyn

        actually, it’s working out pretty good. don’t misunderstand me, there was no delusions on my part when i voted for barack obama. i didn’t buy into most of the shit that he said, i didn’t think he was gonna change much if he changed anything, and i wasn’t one of these people that thought the election of a mulatto to the presidency was gonna suddenly erase 400 + years of black disenfranchisement and that we’d suddenly have the same prospects as the wasp ruling class. however, when it came to a choice between a man in his early 40′s and a man in his late 70′s with fragile health and recurring skin cancer who chose an imbecile as a running mate, the 40 year old won hands down. with all the stress that being president brings, do you think that septagenarian john mccaine would have maintained good health to rule this country for 4 years? hell no, and then we’d have president palin with her hick family and slutty coke addicted daughters, and i would have put george bush or his father back in the presidency before i let that shit happen.

  • Avenger XL

    Also Mike you have to look at it like this. Yes the ATL has prospered under black mayors. But I still don’t see black folks over there doing as much as they should with the money they are getting. I see ya’ll given the money right back to the folks who run the show but as far as truely cleaing up communities or creating more informed consumers not so much. We need to start cultivating more intellectuals and learn economics so we can play the game like it is supposed to be played. Watch what the emreging markets are about to do.

  • capcobra

    the A is the only place where black people can be black people and still get ahead..i don’t care if you uppity or’s possible in atlanta..if a white person end up the mayor then something ain’t right..racist or people should have say so over a MAJOR black city…a mixed president runs a mixed country..the representation plays out better that way…actually i think they this is a divide and conquer experiment..because if they can split atlanta by placing 2 black nominees then they can divide the rest of black america as well…which means in 2012 the republicans gon push thier black dude against obama and let palin or the young bush snatch up the other votes…WATCH FOR THE HOOK.

  • FlapJack

    If I wasn’t lazy I’d switch all the times the word black is written in this blog to white or even arian to show you how bass ackward it really is. But I am so it’s whatever

    • Mika

      YOU WIN !!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Damn all of y’all skipped my last comment. Go peep that! More serious than this convo.

    I voted 4 Mrs. Clinton…I knew this bigot tension was coming…dislike 4 OB means dislike 4 you brethren. You’re closer than him(e.g. repercussions)…real talk ATL reppers talk the trap heavy but the Confederate flag is above you…wash that 1st…Bing that info I posted & wipe the crust out your 3rd eyes…IT’S ABOUT CASTE(know the meaning). We’re about to get hosed.


    p.s. And the name means the crazy MF’ing Don that mac’ed the ‘caine, & didn’t let the ‘caine mac him. Don’t get it twisted. F*** John.

    Chuck D got @ him early w/”Time I Get To Arizona”. Research…

    • Master CHeef

      nice explanation on the name, Don McCaine. macking caine is the name of the game.

      sometimes your comments are too well encrypted to decipher, and I have no idea what i just read about the Convention and reducing emissions. can you put it into layman’s terms? i know you’re kicking knowledge, but you gotta spit it where I can understand it.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Got you.

        This treaty will create a “new” “world” governing body that will “oversee” all climate control. The funding will be mainly from the coffers of the American taxpayers(160 billion STARTUP $. Not from the World Bank or U.N. Us.) & will be dispersed to “any” nation that has been hurt by “harmful” emissions. They call it a “transfer of funds”(a payoff for services about to be rendered).

        The laws that this new entity will abide by will supercede the Constitution of the US(what they say/do goes). This treaty will be signed by OB in December & ratified/passed immediately(new supreme court judge? Hmmm). Once in place, this entity can never be questioned, at fault or disbanded. We the people have no control(although it’s our $) over who is appointed to this “group”.

        A little too much power for “flower cops”, “dirt sheriffs”, “oxygen fanatics”.

        If they say the hoods are a threat to the environment they can do whatever necessary to eliminate the threat. If they say roaches hurt the ozone, they can quarantine wherever they exist. If they say farts release harmful emissions, they can be outlawed.


        The best visual concept of this is the movie “DISTRICT 9″.

        Greenpeace to me means “piece of the green($)”.

        The earth has been releasing gases for thousands of years, crude or clean, & the plants, trees, & animals still exist. It’s not like all the water is drying up either.

        But we are about to get hosed.

        • Master CHeef

          from here on out, to be referred to as the Convention. NWO’s in effect is what i’m taking from this. “all parties must be in compliance with the Convention.”

          preciate the info, DOn McCaine; and i’ll be checking out that district 9 asap.

        • Brooklyn

          i’m taking a enviromental class in college, my professor is one of those activist types that’ll do like that old indian and cry if you throw a candy wrapper on the ground. when i told dude that i don’t recycle, he liked to have a conniption, he’s like who in 2009 doesn’t recycle? he’s tight because he says that global warming and climate change will kill off the polar bears living on glaciers in the north pole. and i’m like…man, fuck a polar bear, we got people killing off people here, and you beefing about a bear that lives thousands of miles away that serves no major purpose to humankind. but really though, these folks are going too far. it’s like his mayoral highness mike bloomberg and his court making it a law that trans fat were to be taken out of food in nyc. who the fuck is he to tell me that i can’t eat trans fat? and why the fuck do i gotta see calorie listings when i’m tryna buy a fucking angry whopper? who is that helping exactly? it don’t take a genius to realize that if you eat a whopper it’ll have more calories than a whopper jr. and niggas is still buying them shits when they know good and well that they shouldn’t. and who the fuck are these enviromental hippie motherfuckers to institute some kind of international pollution court to control our emissions? yo, i swear it’s like everyday the world is getting closer and closer to “1984.” we already got cameras on the streets snapping pictures if you drive through a yellow light, pretty soon they’ll be cameras installed in our light fixtures monitoring what we watch, who we talk to, and how many times a day we jerk off.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          With the gov’t-made recession(former occupants withdrawing their accounts=”stock-market” crash) and the “flu epidemic” taking center stage(health care reform=chip tracking system), the “Convention” is flying way under the radar so expect this to fall thru the cracks.

          To me it’s amazing how trans fat or emissions is a killer when other generations lived to be a 100 yrs old eating the same stuff, breathing the same air.

        • Master CHeef

          I think the point is that global warming is just a front or a cover for something more illuminati-like. an elite group will have the power to do anything, in the name of global warming.

          I’m pretty sure that scientists have proved global warming as a farce. Down here in da Sip, it is unusually cold for only October(if there was global warming, wouldn’t it be unusually hot?).

        • Brooklyn

          i wouldn’t actually say that global warming is a farce, but it’s definitely not as bad as the scientists and them make it out to be. in fact, in many ways global warming would be beneficial in that it would allow land that is currently unable to produce crops, such as tundra and permafrost, the types of land that exist in the northern parts of canada and russia, to become arable an thus perhaps grow food to feed the world’s growing population. at the same time, the water levels might rise and nyc will probably go under, as well as new orleans (again), baltimore, boston, venice, istanbul, lisbon, and every other major city located on the water. however, the government is using it as a front just like they used 9/11 as an excuse to topple saddam hussein and they used the internal combustion of the uss maine to invade cuba, puerto rico, and the phillipines and impose their will on latin america. and an elite group does have the power to do anything, they’re called the wasps, and they rule this country according to their global agenda.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Fact: Bush & Saddam were buddies. Believe that. Saddam is somewhere with his feet up, getting brain.

          Kenny Boy Lay(Enron) “died” of a heart attack but had a closed casket funeral.

          That oil was big business. Remember how much it cost when Bush & them cashed out(left office)?

          I actually saw a show on TV last month where scientists were co-signing what Brooklyn said. It ain’t a farce, but the hysteria behind it is.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine


          Getting censored….


        • General

          I knew the conspiracy nuts would come out of the woodwork sooner or later here. I’ve seen them all over TV lately, especially on Fox News. I’ve heard all the stories before going back to the 80′s and 90′s of The One World theory and the UN taking over our country and the quarintine’s and Concentration/Interment Camps, the Martial Law, the loss of Freedom, etc, etc, etc…

          Illuminati, the Masons, one too many Dan Brown books…

          I don’t disagree that Corprate intrests drive the world or this country as they have since the birth of this country. That is where the revolution came from in the first place was big business wanting to hold on to a larger share of their money…

          This World Rule theory has been around since the end of WWI when Woodrow Wilson helped to establish the League of Nations to deal with International issues…

    • PerfectPoints357

      What up $yk,
      I see where you coming from and i definitely feel what you sayin, but what you fail to factor in is the power of the masses. What i mean by that is we as a people are stronger than any entity that may try to change or take those things and rights that are constitutionally ours. Yes they may impose such things as martial law and such but America is a nation born from revolution. This is taught or used to be taught in every calssroom across the nation. I know when i was growing up it was even if it was not my story. We as a people have been given the blueprint to deal with such situations. I am a firm believer that when it comes down to it its not gonna be the color of the skin that defines the person but the amount of digits (bank) associated with that person.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        @ PP357

        What’s up with you?

        “but what you fail to factor in is the power of the masses.”

        That’s the purpose of making cats aware.

        This still has to be voted in by the Senate(because we are giving up $160 bil with our broke asses), & the supreme court can override the senate vote(which would be Sotomayor’s 1st big decision). Most people will think this is a big “green” move & let it fly w/o doing due diligence. Don’t forget the holidays are coming…

        Them cleaning the air in Africa for carbons ain’t gonna help the starvation issue over there.

        We can clean the air & curb emissions without an Int’l watchdog that can make their own rules, using up our bread.

        @ General

        Say if you & your peeps planned to have a pool party @ a hotel with some broads. You need more $ for drinks & green & you ask mom for the loot. She asks the question “what for”? And you give a story about a sick friend. She feels sympathy & coughs it up. That’s the story all of you used in case something happened with the movement.

        Is that not a group conspiring for a cause under false pretenses?

        A bank conspires to keep your money as theirs by implementing withdrawal limits, account balances, & you have to sign a paper if you want to close out(especially big accounts). But they tell the consumer it’s account security.

        Stores conspire against the public by marking up merchandise enormously. That 40G car is only worth 7-8 stacks in 5 + years.

        People use “conspiracy buff” as a slander, without even remembering in many cases the people who speak out and leak information are/were INSIDE PEOPLE. We should all know that example when it comes to this hip hop thing.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          As for the “conspiracy” debate…

          “Wyclef Jean and Tony Yayo support Haitian Recycling Program”

          “Haiti is currently competing with 11 other countries in the BBC News “World Challenge ‘09,” to earn a grant to extend their environmentally friendly waste management system.”

          OB’s signing that bill in December.

  • Joe

    Actually your wrong. ATL has nothing on DC as far as black peole getting ahead being themselves. I work in govt and black pople are the majority of the work force and its not the ‘uncle toms’ its regular folk. And black women absolutely run shyt dow here in terms of sheer number of employees. And they make $$

    ATL just got that cheap housing.

  • N.O. 4 life

    im not a fan of your music…but this blog makes me a fan of you

  • geico lizard

    I respect you for talking about this issue and for admitting you read Bols blog because most rappers wouldnt do that. Much more success to you in this entertainment industry Mike.

  • SuperstarExtraordinaire

    Mike, this is my first time reading your blog. I’m astonished to see a blog of this magnitude on XXL (since Ron Mexx & Bol just do funny shit, no disrespect fellas). I’m out in LA so I’m not aware of Atlanta’s political scene or the difference between a black/white mayor. For example, I didn’t vote for Obama because he was black, I voted for him because I was tired of the way Republicans were handling things. If it was Hilary running instead of Obama, I would’ve voted in her favor.

  • Q-Bot

    “Let’s not squander that with who’s-fugging-who-talk, who-shops-where-talk or Gucci and O.J.-bashing.”

    I agree with everything you said in this article (though I, like many of the readers, am ignorant to the Atlanta political climate) except the O.J. and Gucci bashing. I will stop bashing them when they give me a reason to (a.k.a. make something of substance).

    I will not, however, diss an entire city based on the artists it produced, which is what I’m guessing you were more going after. So good work!

  • John Cochran

    I feel you, but if a white man was writing this about a white city with 2 white candidates and one black, we would all be outraged. Vote based on views, not on color. Barak isnt the only good politician.

  • YOM

    Killa Mike is a smart dude and all but your city is so openly gay they had to stop the fruits from coming to class in drag.

    Whenever someone points out how ignorant some of your current stars are you’ll shout we hating.I hate dumb shit if it comes from North,South,East or West.If cats like Mike,OutKast and Goodie Mob led the way Atlanta would be more aware of the political situation. Instead it’s all about gucci bandanas and strip clubs.Mike Bigga need to go talk to his city and stop making excuses for trash.
    @Master Cheef,you right about the illuminati and these fools in power whether black or white.By the way Barack & Michelle are members of the Council On Foreign Realations.If you don’t know what thats bout do your homework.

  • uhuh

    “except the O.J. and Gucci bashing. I will stop bashing them when they give me a reason to (a.k.a. make something of substance”

    motherfucker you sound like you on a substance with all that gay ass talk, don’t like it, don’t listen to it, don’t talk about it, if you hate them so much wouldn’t that be easy for you? Oh thats right you just like having that dick in your mouth from time to time, I bet you got your legs in the air right now yelling some “aye ok burrr!”