The (actually quite literal) death of G-Unit

It’s only funny until someone’s weed carrier turns up dead. Then it’s only 3/4ths as funny as it had been.

When Tony Yayo was accused of slapping Jimmy Henchmen’s son, probably going on three years ago now, I thought it was the most hilarious publicity stunt evar. Fiddy Cent’s album Curtis was set to hit stores, before it ended up getting pushed back to September, the same day Kanye West released Graduation (in retrospect, not the best idea in the world), because no one liked the singles. Even if Henchmen’s son getting slapped didn’t have anything to do with Curtis (like, if Tony Yayo just so happened to see the kid walking down the street and figured he’d slap him), it resulted in a lot more press than Fiddy had been getting for his music.

If Fiddy would have capitalized on it and released Curtis then, he might have been better off than trying to compete with Kanye. Similarly, you wonder why he didn’t just release Before I Self Destruct during the height of his beef with Rick Ross. I’m pretty sure I read, in one of those MTV News stories re: this year’s hottest MCs list that the reason Before I Self Destruct keeps getting pushed back is because Fiddy’s still trying to write a song people like. The TIs might force him to put it out before the end of the holiday season regardless. I’ve heard Interscope is sinking a lot of money into cross-promoting it and Eminem’s Relapse 2.

When word got out that Tony Yayo had slapped Jimmy Henchmen’s son, he was very adamant that he hadn’t. I’ve hardly ever seen someone so adamant about something. It was like in college, when a white guy would be accused of having sex with a fat woman. (Of course, when a black guy has sex with a fat white woman, he wants the whole world to know.) Tony Yayo has been in and out of jail since he was a kid, in the 1960s, and he raps about all kinds of illegal shit, but slapping kids is clearly where he draws a line. Maybe because I’m not as familiar with the code of the street (which usually seems pretty random and arbitrary to me) I didn’t realize why Tony Yayo would be so adamant that he didn’t slap Jimmy Henchmen’s son. He probably knew someone would eventually end up dead behind this.

(Now seems like as good a time as any to point out that, upon further reflection, slapping a 15 year-old child doesn’t seem funny to me at all.)

It makes you wonder if Tony Yayo really did slap that kid, and this guy Lodi Mack, who turned up dead the other day, took the rap for it. I read just now, in the news item on this site re: the death of Lodi Mack, that Mack basically got away with it. He got sentenced to nine months behind bars, but he ended up serving it concurrently with two years he was already serving, for some other shit he’d done. I’m not gonna sit here and claim to know what happened the day that poor child got slapped, but it would have been very convenient, if they were able to take that offense and lump it in with some other offense, rendering it essentially unpunished. And if this Lodi Mack was gonna plead guilty to some shit like that, jail was probably the best place for him to be anyway. He didn’t last two weeks, once he got out. If only he would have taken the rap for a few more crimes, he could have stayed in the joint for a few more years, and maybe this would have blown over.

Meanwhile, speaking of Jimmy Henchmen, G-Unit, Aftermath, so on and so forth, I see the Game is back with Dr. Dre now. There was a picture the other day on Twitter of the Game in the studio with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, supposedly working on a song for Detox. As the Game himself put it: “WE BOUT 2 MAKE ALOT OF PEOPLE MAD. RIDE WIT US OR GET RAN OVER ! AFTERMATH OR DIE !” Oh, word? Does this mean the Game will be back working with Dre for the Red Album as well? Whatever is going on, it can’t be good for Fiddy. First his weed carrier’s weed carrier turned up dead, and now the Game is back in Dre’s good graces. Dre can’t be working with both Game and Fiddy, can he? Especially now that blood has been spilled. This looks to me like Dre took a look at the state of both of their careers and decided to side with Game, not unlike when he dropped Game in favor of Fiddy, a few years ago. My, how the tables have turned.

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  • Vakuru Chaivo

    Stop lying Yayo was probably a kid in the 50′s, the Dalai Lama looks younger than him!

  • giantstepp

    50 is way to smart and powerful (ie money)to have this BS come close to touching him. Sure, people will speculate, but thats as far as it will ever go.

    Game may be doing a song with Dre, but that doesnt necessarily mean that they are back together. I can mos def see Game hyping the situation just to taunt 50, when in reality it’s just one song.

  • sealsaa

    “This looks to me like Dre took a look at the state of both of their careers and decided to side with Game, not unlike when he dropped Game in favor of Fiddy, a few years ago”

    To hear his STANS on this site and ThisIs50 tell it, he’s as commercially viable as he was 6 years ago.

  • anutha_level


    …sounds quite PAC-ish.

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    “It was like in college, when a white guy would be accused of having sex with a fat woman. (Of course, when a black guy has sex with a fat white woman, he wants the whole world to know.)”


  • sealsaa

    “…sounds quite PAC-ish.”

    Well, except The Game can rap…

    • Hanch

      So your saying Pac couldnt Rap?

  • ThingAlec

    Bol, you dont seem to understand. Dr. Dre can work with whoever he wants because he’s Dr. mutherfuckin’ Dre. He dosent have to choose sides.

    • valdez

      exactly. musically, alize (fruity) dre owns game and fiddy, as well as marshall. so he can work with whomever he wants. and of course iovine owns dre.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    For real, though…You’re some bum ass rapper fresh out the pen with a name like “Tony Yayo”, or “Lodi Mack” and you think it’s appropriate to slap the child of a muthafucka known as “Jimmy Henchmen?”

    In some alternate reality where these names might mean some scary shit, then I’d expect a muthafucka to get laid out cold for what they did.

    However, we are lucky that in the real world where names like that sound stupid as fuck, muthafuckas STILL get murked for that shit.

    Cue Tical 2000, the part where he says “I LIKE THIS WORLD!”

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • General

    As I commented on the news story, no one deserves to have their life taken from them, but at the same time, when you are dealing with the streets, you can’t lay hands on someones 14 year old son and expect there to be no consequences…

    Obviously it is all speculation and no one knows yet what really led to the weed carriers death, but to say that it is not suprising this happened would be an understatement…

    As far as 50 and Game. Maybe Game gettin back in the studio with Dre can lead to Game and 50 finally puttin their ego and bullshit aside and working together again. I thought 50 had more chemistry musically with Game than he does or did with any of the other G-Unit artists…

    Also I know with Interscope clearing house, Game has already been promised a more prominent role on the lable as one of the few viable artists they felt they had for the future. Perhaps his reunion with Dre has as much to do with Jimmy Iovine’s persuasion as anything else…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Also I know with Interscope clearing house…”

      True that General. I said that also:

      “Like Interscope will be doing next year, label’s will be scrapping their WHOLE ROSTERS, and starting over fresh.”

      Detox is like a last hurrah. Fif falls into that category also.

  • sealsaa

    “50 is way to smart and powerful (ie money)to have this BS come close to touching him.”

    Why is it that everytime 50′s waning music career is brought into the spot-light, people bring up the fact that he’s rich? He’s got money, we get it. I swear, the most hardcore of Nas STANS will tell you how awful Street’s Disciple was, but 50 fans will swear by any and everything he does, and when he’s NOT doing anything (musically), he gets a pass because he slapped his face on some product and sold alot of it.

    • giantstepp

      Not a 50 stan in the least bit and im in total agreement that his rap career is pretty much done. however, IMO, 50 is a smart business man with plenty of money, and money is power. with his dollars, he can fight back most (most i said) charges that come his way. I personally can give a fuck about his money. Aint none of it coming my way. But the context I was trying to use about him having money was in regards to Bol implying that the situation aint good for 50. It had nothing to do with 50′s current status in hip hop (which is waning). having said that, i stand on my original statement of he is too smart and powerful (ie money)to let BS touch him.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        True that giant.

        One thing I commend 50 on that most other rappers do not have:

        An exit strategy away from the game.

  • Worley

    R.I.P. to Lodi Mack, Bol’s (hilarious) post on the TIs behind David Paterson and Dallas Penn’s XXL blog.

  • Domjel

    Yeah, but Dre is doing 50′s album. And Game has been sucking up to Dre for years, so it’s nothing for him
    to work with the young’in.

  • rrahha

    Yo!!!! stop exploiting this man’s death for ya’lls bullshit!!!!! RIP LOWELL “LODI MACK” FLETCHER…

  • Shawty J

    I seriously doubt that just because Dre’s working with Game again that it means he’s done with 50. 50 is still signed to Aftermath after all. …But then again it might explain why Dre didn’t contribute to the G-Unit album.

  • jonny bizness

    I think the doc has had enough of 50 remember when curtis used 2 call himself mr interscope jackson like he was the only 1 keeping the lights on over there people will put up with ur ego when ur poppin but when u aint hot no more and u the weakest link people ie jimmy,dre,em will start 2 distant themselves from u I will b suprised if 50 will stay wid interscope if/when b.i.s.d bricks.the only way 50 will sell anything if he goes at jay on the album but he aint got enough lyrical ability 2 make a ether

  • Tony Grands

    I’ll leave all conspiracies aside, & say that niggas hang in the wrong places, doing the wrong things while living the “wrong” lifestyle & death is one of many possible outcomes.

    Oh, & Karma’s a bitch & God is her father.

    • Tony Grands

      Jayceon most likely cried when he got in the studio with Dre & Snoop. His bi-polar must’ve went off the charts; tears of joy + his best Tupac impersonation = that Tweet

      If 50 can put together that showcase for NY, I wouldn’t put it past him to have Game on a BISD song, just to shake niggas up a little.

    • oskamadison

      “…Karma’s a bitch & God is her father.” That’s a jewel right there. I was just thinking, dudes have been prematurely counting Fif out for the past year, year and a half. All it takes is for one of the pieces of bullshit he throws against the wall to stick and he’s back like he never fell off, hate it or love it. BTW, I’d love to throw him and the Game on a boat and sick the shit out of it.

      • oskamadison

        “…SINK the shit out of it.” Pardon the typo.

  • og bobby j

    might be the only quote from game that doesnt mention one of the following:

    low riders
    64′ impala
    another rappers name

    who cares about a lodi mack?

  • Grimey G

    I know its more interesting if Jimmy Henchman or even Game was somehow involved in this guys death but its extremely unlikely they were. He was a gang member an ex-con in an bad neighborhood. Besides, being a police officer its my experience that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. He was probably killed by rival gang members from his own neighborhood, not a vast criminal conspiracy stemming from an incident that occurred 3 years prior.

  • L.a Vet

    XXL still using 50 for Hits…


    How many 50 is dead gunit is dead post can one lame do… watch him do another 50 post next week…

  • that nigga


    Compare the last two albums. Dre aint stupid. And Detox is gonna be something very special.

  • Cal

    I believe Dre and Em created a monster in Fif. I mean the dude has trash talked Dre countless times in the past and he still manages to squeeze beats outta the dude. Its like they answer to 50 nowadays. He keeps saying things like “I got Em to do this and had Dre make this for me” and what do they really get in return other than a swiftly dying commodity? Dre’s smart in that he rarely speaks on Fif sadly Em is too patriotic to space himself from him.

  • Sway-z

    50′s been saying his little shit here and there about Dre for awhile now, talking about how he can’t get him to mix his shit, or how he doesn’t see him unless he’s doing something with Eminem. People forget Dre knew about 50 way before Eminem did, and said as much in the xxl interview all three of them did some years back. Eminem had to convince Dre to even fuck with that dude, it’s not like they was ever close.

    On the other hand, Dre pretty much groomed Game, plus he from Compton, why would anyone think Dre would stay away from him? Game disrespected him by going at 50 against his wishes, when they was both on the label, so it was bad for business and Dre prolly got tight about that, but I dont think he gives a fuck about making 50 cent happy or not, he knows as soon as BISD drops, 50′s prolly gon bounce anyway

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man this is what we been waiting for, got sick a nd tired of Dre doing shit for the likes of Jay and 50 who dont do his beats justice like Game, any ways I hope this ends the bull shit 50 V Game beef em niggas was hard when they was together, no homo

  • kenny


  • mario

    does no one remember that the game apologized live on the internet if anything game needs to try and get back on track with fif.

  • El Tejano

    To blog or not to blog, that is the question on my mind. Recently in the past few weeks, I have observed that XXL’s resident “house bligger” seems to have it out for Curtis Jackson.This is probably the same type of cat that would exchange daps and pounds with Fif if he had the privelege of being in the same room. What the fuck is your hang up with “the T.I.’s” having Fif’s album pushed back? The truth is, his record label is probably giving him a bit of his own medicine since having a fall out with them over the way things were handled with the last album. He was very public about being upset over the leaking of Robin Thicke’s video, which led to it being rushed before schedule. (Remember reading about his tantrum where he broke a t.v. anyone?) Like they say,”Never bite the hand that feeds you.” That should explain the push-back, not your lame ass dick-riding excuses that T.I. is somehow calling shots from inside the joint. Dude is too busy worrying about his family’s well being, to be concerned with Fif’s release date. So for that theory Bol,”GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!” As for Tony Yayo not owning up to slapping that kid, he did it so he wouldn’t end up going back to the joint, you dumb ass! He was pobably still on probation, and was tired of Young Buck getting gwap and shine, that he felt were rightfully his. Remember, this is the same dude that got locked up ONE DAY after doing a bid, for trying to leave the country with a fake passport. The smartest thing he did, was have one of his “man’s” take the rap. If only Mike Vick were smart enough to have had a “fall guy” around, he wouldn’t have had to lose it all: the highest paying contract in football, Nike endorsement, etc…. Somebody would have done a considerable bid, but upon release, Mike should have made sure he would have been set for life. Instead, he surrounded himself by friends and family that probably sung quicker than a cage full of parakeets during sunrise. So Bol, next time you want to blog about the Unit’s “demise” get your facts straight.

    • Neibo

      G-Unit’s not the only one Bol picks on, you can add Hov to that list. Bottom line, both Jay anf Fif are doing just fine business wise, needless to say that Jay is doing a bit better consistantly on the music side of things.

  • tone

    Seal saa are you implying that pac could’nt rap are you fucking serious there would’nt even be a game if it was’nt for pac he would rap circles around the game fuck anybody who thinks otherwise.

    • Tony Grands


      Nah man. While Pac may have “influenced” a bunch of no talent, subpar rappers, I firmly believe that The Game would have temper tantrum’d his way into Hip Hop with or without him.

  • GO-Getta’

    @Tony Grands & Sealsaa

    Why r u hating on Pac?

    • Tony Grands

      Whaddup Getta?!

      Nah, I’m not hating on Pac. I think that was more of a wise crack on The Game, actually.

      As far as Pac goes though, I’ve just never gotten swept up into the Tupac phenomenon. Every cat out of the west coast gets labeled one of his illegitimate children, one way or another. & I don’t think thats always the case. The “West Coast” style of Hip Hop employs a lot of the same basic elements/topics, including emotion. So, in theory, niggas are going to sound the same & would have even if he never rapped a day in his life.

      But that doesn’t mean that Pac’s the driving force behind every thug nigga to come out of the West. Case in point, I’ve read that Pac was bi-polar, but I’d hate to think thats the reason The Game says he is.

      When I said “‘influenced’ a bunch of no talent, subpar rappers”, I meant that @ one point, any nigga who didn’t have their own identity just emulated Pac. It wasn’t so much that he influenced them, but more like they were blantantly biting the hot, popular dude of the hour.

      Personally though, I think he was a much better actor than rapper. He even made his character in ‘Gridlock’d’ interesting.

  • caino

    Shit, l just watched Gridlocked the other night, good movie!

    On tha real tho, Dre aint stupid he got Game and Snoop in to do a few tracks, Dre doesnt need to pick sides, like someone else said he is tha Watcher, he will stay away from the bull shit and watch his money pile up !

    l’m getting a bit bored with Detox to be honest, tho l cant lie and say l will buy when it finally drops

  • GO-Getta’

    @Tony Grands

    “Personally though, I think he was a much better actor than rapper. He even made his character in ‘Gridlock’d’ interesting”

    No comment l will let this slide we’ll c what otha’ XXL commenters make off this maybe Bol should blog on this,what d’ya think?

    • Tony Grands


      I don’t know about letting it slide; you’re entitled to your own opinion just like me. I didn’t disrespect the man’s legacy or make any declaration, just said what I thought…

      As far as Bol goes, if you’ve been reading his blogs for awhile, you already know how he feels about Pac. That wouldn’t be anything less than a hate-filled, one sided drop full of things cats would find disrespectful. Much more than mere opinion.

      • General

        I’m not so sure about Pac being a better actor than rapper. I think his potential in both was unlimited.

        In some ways 50 cent has similar appeal as Pac had with the exception that 50 never quite figured out how to expand his music. He’s been stuck on the same note since he got in the game…

        As far as Pac, he may have not been on the level of Rakim and others when it came to spittin bars, but he knew how to bring passion to his music and diversify his subject matter probably better than almost anyone at the time…

        I do agree that he inspired a lot of clones though, see Master P, C Murder, Tha Realist, and Ja to some extent

        • Tony Grands

          Gen!! What’s good, juice?

          I agree about Pac’s passion, & I think that was what made him such a good actor also. Dude had mad charisma. When he showed up @ Q’s house in ‘Juice’, he made me believe he was there to shoot his ass, lol. I just wasn’t that big on his music. After 2Pacalypse & Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z (the only albums I bought aside from ‘The 7 Day Theory’, of course), I just listened to what everybody played non stop. Come to think about it, the radio out here in L.A. played Pac so much back then, I may have soured me a little. He was like the invisible Govenor of California. Thats not to say that I didn’t recognize the importance of it, though. It’s fucked up that he got killed before he was anywhere near his apex. Dude possibly could have been a renaissance man like we haven’t seen since Gordon Parks, Jr. Music, acting, poetry; who knows where he would’ve excelled to.

          As far as the 50/Pac comparison, I agree. Not that 50′s a great actor, but he doesn’t suck (yes hetero), like Luda or Snoop. It’s that same charisma, charm & believability, except 50 stopped transitioning it to the music after ‘The Massacre’. Cats can hate dudes all they want, but to have these huge, worldwide fan bases is quite the feat. I can’t knock a guys who gets admired to no end. Uh, yes hetero?

          But Pac was way bigger than Hip Hop. I hate when his legacy is isolated to only music. Sidenote: have you heard Tha Realest’s new shit?

        • General

          I completely agree on Pac dying before he even got close to reaching his full potential. I tell dudes all the time that Pac was just begginning to find his voice and the avenues that were open to him to take his thoughts and passions to a different platform…

          Not to mention that his work ethic is unmatched in this era. How many people could have had as much legitimate music released after they passed that they just had in the vaults? I know if anyone ever got their hands on the key to Dre’s vault it might come close, but nobody else…

          Ya know I haven’t heard Tha Realist’s newest joint. I liked some of the tracks he had back in the day on Death Row, but I always felt like it was going to be very hard for him to go anywhere

  • caino

    The thing for me with Pac is , l actually liked his earlier albums, 2Pacalypse Now and Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A. and also Thug Life album better than All Eyez on Me , Me Against the World etc (dont get me wrong those albums were still hard) but l respect what Tony Grands says as well, and actually agree with him when he sdaid that Pac makes a better actor than rapper!

  • The Spaniard

    “Maybe because I’m not as familiar with the code of the street (which usually seems pretty random and arbitrary to me)”

    Good point.