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  • beaver

    haha damnn..
    dats sum bogus shitt.
    hoochies don’t kno how 2 act now adays..
    hav no respect or manners ha

  • Bobo D

    1- At about point 0:30 I think I saw a bunch of people in the back, either there where look outs or people minding there own business.

    2-I hope they get there fuckin’ tubes tied, and the dude holding the camera gets castrated.

    3- Atleast we know hoes gotta start some where if they ain’t use to booty shaking for dead people how are they going to grind for some old freaks at the strip club.

    4-Did I mention that shit is Fucked the Fuck Up

    • Chilly Willy

      I’m not sure you mentioned it. I’ll lend you a hand, here (nullus):

      THAT SHIT IS FUCKED THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Smel

      Yeah the people in the back were dressed in all black, and I’m sure they were there to visit a grave.

      This shit is just disgraceful. I had to pull out my Grandmother’s vocab for this one.

  • DV8

    “Fuck Your Grave Nigga!!!”


    that is some of the most disrespetful shit I have ever seen.

    Yo Mex We need to see Julie. She sound like she look good.

    • BIGNAT

      i cosign that ron ron tell julie bring out some pics like rose acosta

      • chillin mayne

        thats what i been tryna push for since chopper suit…we need a visual to go with that voice thats ALL im sayin

  • latino heat

    who says the future of America isn’t in good hands?

    • GIBZ

      hahahaha WORD!

  • caino

    **shakes head and walks away***

    lol….’put ya hand in ma pocket’

  • paychexx

    man chris rock aint never lie about niggas uh let retype that niggers vs blacks people….

    damn mex you lost for words on that huh? dont blame ya bruh

  • Jamal7Mile

    Damn that was foul! Am I the only one who was wishing somehow, someway, that one of the deceased would jump out the grave and just start whooping they asses? I wouldn’t even be surprised either. That disrespect was way beyond supernatural.

    • beaver

      hahahaaaaa nope i’m witt u..i was thinkin da same shit..ha

    • Chilly Willy

      First thing on my mind was some funky zombie gettin out screamin: IT’S THRILLA, BITCH !!!!

  • Brooklyn

    this is a damned shame, let me catch my little sisters playing “the player’s club” on some dead nigga’s grave, i’ll beat the shit outta them and then stage a seance and let the dead niggas beat the shit outta them too. this is a damned shame man, where are the parents?

    • Chilly Willy

      Don’t ask scary questions, BK, for you can’t handle the truth…

      For all we know, their parents ARE in them graves……

      *shrugs and take a shower*

      • Brooklyn

        “For all we know, their parents ARE in them graves……”

        then perhaps it was some weird mourning ceremony, like how the indians used to set themselves on fire when their husbands died. only this time, it’s adolescent girls clapping their ass cheeks to ensure that their parents’ souls enter the gates of heaven.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    That was in no way, shape or form funny or cute.

    • Capital G

      You can’t front though. “Fuck yo’ grave nigga!” and “Get yo hand out my pocket, get yo hand out my pocket!” was fuckin hysterical. The video was horrendous at best, the narration was top notch though.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Naw Mexx was comical, but too much coonery outweighed him.

        BTW did you peep that Beans track getting @ Hov? Wuz on Kay Slay…

        • Jamal7Mile

          WHAT?!! Beans going at Jay? Noooo!! Say it ain’t so, $yk!

        • Capital G

          Beans definitely went at his head, track was alright. Sig gets a little emotional too, it was part dis track part love letter. Kinda confusing. Like screaming “I love you!” while punching someone in the face.

  • qp

    That’s ashame. What would make you want to go and do something so disrespectful? They really should find something better to do with their time like read a book, paint, learn an instrument, or just do something productive.

    The video wasn’t funny, but your commentary was though. I started laughing at that Malcolm X line. Be careful though, cause someone might make a song out of that line.


    smh get out the belts parents these kids deserve ass whoopings.

  • Chilly Willy

    Whoever taught them the phrase “from the womb to the tomb” should be stoned ’cause you know dumb niggas gon’ take the shortcut anyfuckinway…

    What they need is 7 nights straight tied up to a grave tryna sleep while the owl is howling and shit, and people just randomly let 3 mothefuckin hungry wolves loose in town and leave a whole deer carcass in the fuckin cemetary and shit, and watch how that booty shake to get the fuck outta there…

  • hate


  • DVS

    I saw this when they first posted it but I never and still haven’t watched the video, this is why the human race should be destroyed in 2012

  • Shawty J

    Yep, these kids are going to hell.

    “Get yo hand out my pocket, get you hand out my pocket, fuck your grave, nigga”

    “Super natural forces gotta come up in your vagina and destroy it.”


  • escobar9300

    “Get yo hand out my pocket, get yo hand out my pocket! Malcom X wit’ it” hahaha Ronnie had me fuckin rollin with that one. This is a straight 9/10 of the most ignorant shit I’ve this year. Just above that “Soulja Girl” crazy bitch from the subway lmao

    • DV8

      Yo I was thinking the exact same shit. This ranks up there with Soulja Girl.

      SMH at these nigga moments

  • imonapaperchase

    sigh…SHAKIN MY FUCKIN HEAD…no abbreviation needed…dis shit is disturbing…

    on another note…”is that a guy?”, “malcom x with it, malcom x with it”, “they tryna give a dead guy a boner”, “getcha hand out my pocket, getcha hand out my pocket”, “fuck yo grave nigga!”…aye dat was funny as hell…Mex u a fool…and naw bro we need u 2 keep tellin like it is and puttin ppl dat do dumbshit on BLAST!!!…damn im shocked by this vid foreal tho

  • imonapaperchase

    “is that a guy?”…lmao i was thinkin da same thing when i saw dat shit like wtf!!!


  • Syler

    Yo Mex, what the hell happened to the Yanks last night man? Watching that game last night was mizerable. Was Cliff Lee an absolute beast, or were the Bombers just garbage? We need a big performance from AJ tonight.

    • Ron Mexico

      i’s a mets fan. nothing about this world series is pleasing to me.

      • Syler

        From Harlem and a Mets fan?

        • Ron Mexico

          yea man. i came up on that doc gooden/strawberry. plus, i love NL baseball. i used to be one of those “root for both” fans, but in 96 the janquis fans around me acted like they shit didn’t stink for 20 years and went on a mets fan inquisition.

          i was polarized.

          but yea, i could see yankee stadium from my window all my life. used to go to mad yankee games as a teen.

          with that said, i’m repulsed by other mets fans when i go queens too.

        • Tony Grands

          Thats like Lakers vs Clippers. Except, the Clippers are cursed. That’s like rooting for King Tut.

          I always wondered why Doug Heffernan supported the Mets as opposed to the Yanks.

        • DV8

          Ron Mexico says:

          “yea man. i came up on that doc gooden/strawberry.”

          you know I automatically thought of that porcelain when you said that right.?

        • Syler

          Haha, it’s like….

          “yo son, let me get a bag of that strawberry?”

          “aight, you sure though? I just got some doc gooden flown in from columbia?”

  • Moving Sideways

    I believe Trey Parker and Matt Stone said it best.

    “America, Fuck Yeah!!”

  • DV8

    *crosses fingers…….scratch that……gets on knees and prays Bill O’Really? doesnt get a hold of this footage*

    You see how he went in on those cheerleaders a few weeks ago (and they where white)

  • Tony Grands

    The part that disturbed me the most was that little boy, shaking his ass just as hard as the girls. You ever notice when there’s a gaggle of wild ass, latch-key hoochies, there’s always that one fat, gay dude trying to prove himself feminine enough to join their gang?

    • Moving Sideways


      A bunch of teenage girls shaking their asses and dry humping graves disturbs you less then the husky, fruity kid that joined them? You might want to recalibrate your moral compass on that one.

      • Tony Grands

        Nah, my moral compass is fine, thanks for the heads-up though.

        After seeing the Derrion footage, among countless other things, very really do the activities of young, misguided teenagers catch me off guard.

        However, that bothered me moreso because, in theory, one day he’ll be someone’s father (God forbid) & instead of being the masculinity needed in our neighborhoods, he’ll be just like these girls, thusly continuing the cycle. When he should be somewhere @ that exact moment, acquiring the skills to be a man in society, basically the father these girls don’t have, he’s there doing that shit.

        So, yeah, that part disturbed me a little more than seeing those girls being as misguided as society let’s them be.

        Don’t get it twisted, the whole shit is sacreligious & disgusting, but that just doubled it up for me.

        • imonapaperchase

          yo t.grands i couldnt agree more with what you said…this shit is just truly insane…but ppl dnt even look at it like that…which is sad…one day…hopefully sooner rather then later things will change for the better

        • Moving Sideways

          First of all, you know damn well that kid isn’t going to be a father unless he’s adopting one with his life partner.

          Second, I’d rather have that kid growing up fruity, harmless and get a degree in interior design than growing up ultra-masculine, misguided and getting a life sentence for cracking a kid over the head with a railroad tie.

  • Detroit P

    I guess no one see’s the correlation between the attention given to these videos and the growing increase in the production of these type of videos(coupled with the cheapening of video recording technology)…if you’re really against the shit that happens in these videos ignore them and stop giving them the attention they’re sooo desperately begging for….otherwise sit back, be entertained and get off the soap box.(If that sounds like I’m condoning these videos, I’ll make clear: I’m not.)

    Sorry to say, these videos make blacks look bad, and worldstarhiphop apologetically provides an concentrated outlet for these videos while adding their faux-finger waving comments to them as if that will preserve their piety…I just don’t see the difference between what Worldstar does/did and what Ron mex does/did in terms of bringing this video more attention and spreading it around. That was the purpose for them making the video in the first place. They’re getting what they want and because of their “success” and the “success” of others before them, this shit will continue. But thats life I guess…

    • Ron Mexico

      naw, man. this ain’t the kind of attention they want. and let it be a warning to any youngsters they may influence. i think we do more harm when we let it fly.

      and the difference between me and worldstar is that they’re supposed to be a hip-hop site who clearly is looking for hits off of bullshit like this, whereas my job is to check it and get folks thinking and opening the discussion necessary to make sure this kind of behavior gets put where it belongs… in the trash.

      part 2 comes out when no one says anything. maybe now they feel a little of the shame necessary to mature.

      • Detroit P

        On some real shit Man, for the sake of the future of our race or really just people in general, I really Hope you’re right…cus that shit…man…Idk

  • AD

    Man! We buy them books and send them to school and they still come home dumb! SMH….

  • giantstepp

    What up Mex! Maybe Im getting old, but I swear these youngstas are lost as hell! It’s to the point where I dont want them in my presence at all. I have a 13 year old daughter, and I swear on heaven I’d WHOOP that azz if she ever even thought about doing some ignorant shit like this. I pray that her mom and I have put enough into her morally already that we’d never have to wory about her doing something like this, even with peer presure all around. Stay tuned…

  • Lunatikstwocents

    this is truly “Unforgivable”

  • Brass Tacks

    Lets get real people. Yes the shit’s as retarded as Simple Jack… But for everyone to be sticking they nose in the air like they past was so fuckin holy makes me even sicker… No yall probably didn’t shake yall asses on dead folks graves (I say probably cuz I don’t know you internets personal lives) but im pretty sure the skeletons in yall closets aren’t that much better… O my bad again idk.. yall might’ve been perfect church going God fearing 14 yr olds… Fuckin FAIL!!!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      So give ‘em a pass cuz “they be gotz no weapon” huh? Or they’re young & “just kickin’ it”?

      Ain’t WSHH Fed compromised? Cause they recorded themselves trespassing, which is a crime. Are they auditioning for “So You Think You Can Dance”? If they were they sent it to the wrong place.

      So how do WE fail? We weren’t in the video. It’s a poor look(u even said it’s retarded), & a lack of smarts. For what? Butt shakes & WSHH hits? I don’t see Goth heads taping their graveyard doings.

      They failed. And your “throw rocks if you ain’t sinned” drop fails. The don’t say anything stance is why they are doing this dumb sh*t in the 1st place.

      I’ve done wrong, but this ain’t right. That’s real.

  • Brass Tacks

    Oh don’t be mistaken my dude the shit is fucked beyond fucked up… but niggas dogging/clowning it without offering any insight into how or why shit like this continues to be a “community or lack there of thing” isn’t going to stop anything. Yeah Mex did his job and aired it out… but all we can say is, well read the comments…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      That you are right about.

  • El Tico Loco

    This obviously in La. and they probably don’t think of it any more differently from a second line.