Should Fat Joe respond to 50 Cent?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Fat Joe didn’t want people to buy J.O.S.E. 2.

Maybe it was one of these situations where the label wanted to have the album out by the end of the year, so it didn’t look like they made as much money in 2009, for tax purposes, so they put together some garbage left over from the original J.O.S.E., and the umpteen other godawful albums he’s put out this decade, went behind his back and released.

Something similar happened recently with a Noreaga album. I believe it was called N.O.R.E. 2, and the fact that the titles are so similar would lead me to believe that there might be similar shenanigans at play. If you notice, both albums are billed as sequels to the artists’ most commercially successful albums. (I’m not gonna lie – I used to crank both N.O.R.E. and J.O.S.E.)

A few weeks ago, there was a video on World Star in which Noreaga explained that he didn’t have anything to do with the release of N.O.R.E. 2, and that no one should buy it. I didn’t bother watching it, because I could give a rat’s ass. I wouldn’t have bought the album, even if he did have something to do with it. But I could glean as much from the title. World Star has always been good about giving their videos very descriptive titles.

And if you notice, Noreaga has a history of distancing himself from his own albums. Of course, there was the hilarious line on CNN’s The Reunion, in which he explained that the reason Melvin Flynt Da Hustler sucked balls is because he didn’t want to make music, at the time. His pops just died. He may have also, at some point or another, taken steps to distance himself from that reggaeton album he put out. I know I’ve heard him talk down on it in interviews.

J.O.S.E. 2 seemed to just appear out of nowhere, the other day. Even I didn’t know there was a new Fat Joe album coming out, and it’s not like I do shit but sit around all day and read about which rappers have new albums coming out. How can you mock a rapper for not selling as many albums as he should have, if you don’t know when his album came out?

Like a lot of people, I first heard of J.O.S.E. when I saw that hilarious video of Fiddy in the hospital, crying because it caused damage to his brain and ears – the culmination of a publicity stunt rivaled only by this dumbass kid yesterday claiming his little brother took off in a hot air balloon. Fiddy actually had Tony Yayo go on Twitter and say Fiddy had to be rushed to the hospital. And I guess people actually believed. Some news agencies even reported on it.

I only heard about it the next day, after the fact. I don’t follow any shitty mainstream rappers on Twitter, but I figure I’m pretty much always on Twitter, except when I’m not. I probably would have heard about it. That day, I must have been busting a shift at the BGM. Or who knows, maybe I was sitting right there next to the computer, gorging myself on Yellow Tail, and I didn’t bother to look at it, because I’d already spent all day looking at it. That’s been known to happen.

The following weekend, I heard an interview with Fat Joe on a podcast I listen to. I imagine it was similar to any number of interviews Fat Joe did the week J.O.S.E. 2 was released. He thanked Fiddy Cent, who he said must be his biggest fan, for helping promote his album. Then when asked whether or not he planned on responding to Fiddy, he said he wasn’t gonna bother. Like Jay-Z, he considers himself beyond beefing with people on YouTube. He’s “off that,” if you will.

For his next album (if he can convince anyone to release another album of his), he might want to reconsider. First week sales for J.O.S.E. were almost as bad as that M.O.P. album. And M.O.P. doesn’t have Fat Joe’s history of commercial success. “Lean Back” was arguably the biggest rap song of the year it came out. And that song he had with Arruh was a staple of TRL. (Or so I’ve heard.) Fat Joe’s career, in terms of album sales, has taken one hell of a dive.

Beefing with Fiddy Cent, meanwhile, might be the only proven way to increase album sales, short of dying. When Fiddy beefed with Rick Ross, earlier this year, both of their album sales went up. And Fiddy didn’t even have a new album out. He was probably selling more albums then than Fat Joe is selling now, the week his album came out.

Fat Joe could probably give a rat’s ass about beefing with Fiddy. He’s closing in on 40 now, he’s got a nice house in a white neighborhood. Who needs the aggravation? But it’s not like he has any choice in the matter. Fiddy Cent, because he’s a troll by nature, is gonna start shit him every time he puts another album out. He might as well take advantage of it.

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  • Tony Grands

    I think that Rick Ross situation put a lot of rappers on paranoid.

    50 didn’t ruin Ross like he intended, but he damn sure tried. The only thing that saved Ross were the people who can still appreciate a well produced album. Had Ross’ album been assburger, he would have had to crawl into a hole, or start doing security in Europe, without the beard.

    Dudes may be able to demolish 50 lyrically, but no one wants their life’s history exposed to the world.

    Have cats from junior high school on WorldStar talking about when you peed in the bed & humped your teddybear & shit. No thanks.

  • Master Cheef

    my girlfriend is chinese, so I gorge on Yellow Tail, too.

    • Notorious AGC

      no disrespect B but i seen chinese girls and theirs no tail to be gorged..unless theyre
      japanese.nullus. I guess you tryna be like Dave Chappelle.

  • AZ40

    Why would he respond 50 is the reason he sold any records in the first place…what he gon’ say “if 50 wouldn’t have said nothin’ I would’ve sold more” 50 the reason he sold any!!!

  • sealsaa

    What up Tone?

    While I agree with you on Ross’ production being a “saving grace” of sorts, I think 50′s ability to “end careers” is highly overrated. He’s got one under his belt with Ja Rule, but no one respected him anyway, so at best, he was an easy target. He tried his hand at Nas (blasphemy), Jadakiss and Fat Joe(all of whom have signif amount of street respect), and people weren’t having that shit. If anyone is to be feared for airing ninja’s out, its gotta be Jay Z, with his summer jam Prodigy pics (Mobb Deep ain’t been the same since), and his Pent House-esque confessions of banging Nas’ baby mother. He has yet to be topped. Like the man said, “no one’s scared of 50 cent.”

    • Tony Grands


      Whaddup mayne.

      Nah, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say anything about 50′s ability to actually end careers, but all the trouble dude went through with Rick Ross, that shit had to become a headache @ some point. Thats what I’m saying.

      Nobody wants to be put under a microscope in plain view like that, rapper or otherwise. Curtis is worse than TMZ, TSG & The Enquirer rolled into one gigantic paparazzi monster. He didn’t end Ross’ career, to me @ least-my opinion of him didn’t change that is, but damn. @ some point Ross had to be embarrassed about how he appeared. I doubt that one man has the actual ability to shut down another man’s means of living (short of killing him, of course), but think about the average joe (pun intended) whose catalog is not even close to Ross’. All Fif needs is a little information to start on, & he’s all over the ‘Nets broadcasting details about someones life that, while virtually unimportant, have no place in “the world’s” face.

      I don’t think anybody’s scared of 50, per se, but that character assassination nonsense is avoidable. Fuck all that. & I’m sure Joe has enough dirt under his nails that he doesn’t want 50 focusing all his rich-nigga free time investigating his 40 years on this planet. Just doesn’t seem worth it to me, not for the sake of record sales.

      • og bobby j

        50 has the luxury of being a real dude….so he can go in on these rap dudes that are bullshitting, without worrying about someone digging up dirt on him.

        I dont think a real music fan worries about the man beefs these flunkies have….Ross album was good for me, cause i dont care that he is a liar. i am in this shit for the music fam…

        • Tony Grands

          Word, I never stopped bumping ‘Deeper Than Rap’, not even after I downloaded & started bumping ‘War Angel’.

          Hell, if Fat Joe would go back to when he was still thirsty to be a respected rapper, I’d be bumping that shit too.

        • macdatruest

          I really fuck wit Sealsaa thats my brother man…lol

          OG Bobby J accused me of being Tony Grands
          so for that all i gotta say is Ray Ray sonned yo son nigga had that lil nigga stealin radios like a bitch. And thats who you chose to name yo screen name after??? go put a potato on a gun barrel and kill yo self

        • og bobby j

          not sure what your talking about macncheese…..

          you should put both your thumbs in your ass and pull…cause thats the type of fag shit i associate withn your bitch ass.

          no homo

        • Capital G

          He’s talking about the movie “South Central” The main character is Bobby Johnson who’s son gets sonned by one of
          Bobby’s friends named Ray Ray. OG Bobby Johnson winds up in prison for committing a murder with a potato at the end of the pistol as a makeshift silencer. Just in case you actually gave a fuck as to what Mac was saying.

      • Grimey G

        Totally agree with what your saying. “Ending someone’s career” is sort of an overused phrased. At this point its more of an expression than something to be taken literally but what 50 did to Ross was crazy. This is a guy who tried soooo hard to convince people he was a gangster and a drug dealer and 50 presented mountains of evidence that he was basically a civilian his whole life. John Gotti Jr. should hire 50 as his defense attorney if he wants to keep up the claim he hasn’t been a gangster since ’99 cuz 50 proved Ross wasn’t one. Btw I have a friend in Florida law enforcement and he ran Rick Ross’s real name to see if he had any criminal history. Nothing, a gun and marijuana charge from a few years ago but he has never even been investigated and isn’t even listed as a criminal associate to anybody.

    • BD

      Overrated on ending careers? only ja? ok well obviously you can add fat joe and cam’ron to that list you dumb fuck…and to be honest jada hasnt done shit and either has nas and either has game…yea they held on during the 50 beef but where they at now? you cant say that 50 had nothing to do with that

      • Grimey G

        Na man you misunderstood me. I meant the phrase “ending careers” is overused because it seems like evertime there is a beef it gets tossed around even though people usually continue to work even if their careers take a hit. I wasn’t referring to 50 specifically.

  • latino heat

    if Fat Joe is as gangsta as everybody has said he is over the years then he might end up in prison if 50 decides to dig into his past. he probably should just leave 50 alone.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I actually enjoyed 50 as “Curly”. I could watch a movie with him, Snoop, Red & Meth pimped out.

    Joe probably don’t want Fif to find out he did pillage Pun’s loot…

    But yeah that “career-ender” talk is overstated. Only Doug Morris & them Vivendi cats can do that.

    Put out good music, they will follow. I repeat, GOOD MUSIC.

    • sb


  • macdatruest

    Fat Joe should live his life. Thats what a real nigga would do. I’ll tell that nigga see me in the street or just keep talkin or whatever but I’ll just explain to the public everybody dont handle beef like Fiddy. So, when it gets on a level Fat Joe is used to, then Fat Joe will participate. Then if I was Fat Joe I would Lucky Number Ten that nigga

  • L.a Vet

    Like i said these cats at xxl mag still need 50 for hits just like they needed 50 to crush the source….


    Newyawka’s back so da hating can proceed,
    gotta be da envy, jealous and da make believe greed,
    Tony Cents,dat nigga used to be my protege’,
    i’m da predator,negro u stuck being da prey,
    Da Balla,top of da rap food chain,
    i stay high,like a N.Y.C. construction crane,
    niggaz feen for my shit,more then da shit they stick in they veinz,
    it’s a infinite reign,even if i’m locked up and in chains,
    it’s something u niggaz betta get used taaa,
    or find ya remains,floating in da sewer,
    anything Tony Cents type, be certified manure
    I’m back to spitting,knowing my fans been deprived,
    Mac don’t wanna collide,
    I’m taking ya life,so God won’t decide,
    da result be anotha unsolved homicide,
    took da “L” rappin,courtesy of T-Money,
    my alias be Da Balla,while u stuck livin crummy,
    When i cum through,Tony,ya blackberry battery won’t be da only thing dead,
    u now deceased,credit me for boosting ya street cred ,

    • Tony Grands


      When you’re a child, persistence is cute. When you’re a teenager, it’s admirable. But once you reach adulthood, & you continue attempting to do something you obviously aren’t good @ doing, it makes people uncomfortable.

      Just a little advice, juice.

  • Master Cheef

    cam’s, jada’s, joe’s, game’s, buck’s, ross’s careers have all suffered from beefing with 50, but it was dre and em that killed ja rule. dre’s verse on obie’s album was one of the worst etherings i’ve ever heard.

    the same thing that put put 50 on is the same thing causing the backlash. he beefed with too many motherfuckers. wayne got the whole south on his back, game got the west. that nigga hinted at going at T.I., and changed his mind real quick.

    fif need to take some initiative from banks and sit down with that pen and notebook. he hasn’t fallen off completely, but he’s def. heading in a bad direction.

    og’s right though. aint no dirt on fif to get. one thing that nigga does do is keep it real. he done told you everything,and ALL that shit’s been verified. he needs to find a way to mend his relationship with the south, though; cause I can tell you niggas down here aint checking for fif like that.

    • Afi K. James

      You are wrong, game’s career didn’t get killed, game already murked the whole gay-unit and brought the entire record label down completely, just like nas single handedly destroyed rocafella as a record label & crew.

      Game is still alive

      and 5-0 is dead anyways, he’s finally getting his karma, because he is a neo-con fascist hip-hop pig.

    • valdez

      @ master chief…

      u say “dre’s verse” as if dre actually wrote it himself. LOL!

      • Master Cheef

        i never implied he wrote it. i referred to it as his verse because he rapped it. whose verse should should i have credited it as?

        afi k. james,
        i didn’t say game’s career got killed. i said it suffered. as did 50′s, but his didn’t get “killed”, either. they both still sell records, but both have lost fans and sales due to the beef. and i would also say 50′s career is in much better shape than gaym’s.

  • The Fedz

    Im a believer that no man can actually end your career. No one can stop you but you, but with that said another man can make it damn hard for you and 50 has done that several times over.

    I think Ross actually put together a great album that should of been a platinum release even in todays market, I think 50 stopped that though. People consider it a success, but in reality all the money def jam put behind that album added with the 50 beef, if that beef was helping he should of sold a mil week 2. I think that album had had 4 real singles w/ videos released not including all them WSHH joints all A+ music and it still did Jadakiss #.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      I agree with your Ross sentiments. Chubby survived the onslaught with a solid album. My beef was always and will be that Def Jam(Khaled) co-signed that beef. It hurt the project. When “Mafia Music” dropped with Curtis’ name in it, I was like why? Why do that? The song was a banger.

      Then heard the album & was like damn, DJ fukked up.

      What happened was 50 woke up from his “I got $” slumber and started working again.

      Now we MIGHT just have to listen to a solid album from Fif. We will see. My connects are telling me BISD sounds really good, but I haven’t heard it.

      But 50 cent put out 2 quality CRT’s(mixtapes) this summer.

      War Angel is a good project. The chicks I be around love that “Do Anything” cut. I bump “I Gotta Win”, “Codes”, “I Line Nigg*s” on the reg. “Tia Told Me” was ill. “Respect It or Check It” was a good ass cut. Forever King gets play on long drives.

      But Banks murdered him on “Officer Down”. No bias.

      “They Burn Me” is a hot song he’s holding on to. And this n*gga is not one of my faves. What I mentioned ain’t his greatest music, but it’s good music. This may have been Ross’ best album as an artist, but that b*llsh*t was more on display than the actual DTR project.

      Neither one of them more burn than OB4CL2. And that Joe album is a weed plate.


  • GO-Getta’


    Should Joey respond 2 Fiddy is that a ? or a mockery 2 Fiddy.
    After Fiddy finish reading with this blog paramedics will b waiting 2 take him 2 hospital (lol).

    PS:Joey puts out memorable singles just don’t know how 2 cook a complete album.

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