BLOG: No Filler, Pt. 2

Sitting around, thinking on what topic I should address for today’s blog, I kept circling back to a Part Two of yesterday’s “No Filler.” Mainly because there’s so many great slept-on records that I’d love to let live on this site, and, I figure, if not through me as a conduit now, then when will these songs ever get their proper due? Besides, the response in the comment-world was bigger than expected. And it’s all about giving the readers what they want/fucks with.

So, a Part Two it is. Less rambling on my part, and more music. All of these could’ve—and probably should’ve—been present yesterday. Hopefully this post resuscitates a few of these tracks in your heads, or—even better—introduces them to you. Tell a friend, and/or dig deeper for the entire albums if you’ve never done so.

The first one is obviously inspired by the banner-picture folly that happened with Part One, unbeknownst to me. It was a tough decision, between the song that’s here and “Whirlwind Pyramid,” but in the end “Portrait of a Masterpiece” emerged victorious. I think it’s because of the brain-in-a-blender feel the song gives off. It’s like a science fiction movie soundtrack as orchestrated by Afrika Bambaataa. —Matt Barone

The D.O.C. – “Portrait of a Masterpiece” [from Nobody Can Do It Better, 1989]

Gang Starr – “Soliloquy of Chaos” [from Daily Operation, 1992]

Rza as Bobby Digital ft. Islord, Ghostface Killah and Timbo King – “Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)” [off of Bobby Digital in Stereo, 1998]

Souls of Mischief – “Secret Service” [from No Man’s Land, 1995]

Channel Live – “Build & Destroy” [from Station Identification, 1995]

Public Enemy – “Get the F*** Outta Dodge” [off of Apocalypse ’91: The Enemy Strikes Black, 1991]

Inspectah Deck – “Let Me at ‘Em” [off of Tales from the Hood Soundtrack, 1995]

The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik) – “Love Letter” [off of Black Dialogue, 2005]

Common – “Love Is” [off of Be, 2005]

Lil Cease ft. Busta Rhymes, Mr. Bristal and G-Dep – “More Dangerous” [off of The Wonderful World of Cease-A-Leo, 1999]

Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap ft. Cash Money – “Respect” [off of The Tunnel, 1999]

Junior M.A.F.I.A. – “Murder Onze” [off of Conspiracy, 1995]

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  • abdulnasir

    FIRST? J7M!


      the formula from the d.o.c was the best cut on that cd way better than portrait

  • Grand Prixx

    Common’s shit ethers everything on this list in my opinion..vastly underrated(even by me honestly..)

  • jonny bizness

    Yo that deck joint brings back some memories remember that was when wu was at their apex.I used 2 get anything wu related from soul in the hole ost 2 dont b a menace ost i even got the batman ost 4 the riddler joint by meth ha those was the days robbin kids 4 their lunch money so i could buy albums at the weekend that how much i was a feen 4 the music

    • latino heat

      @ Jonny Bizness

      that Hole In The Soul soundtrack was full of hidden bangers. the whole album.

      that Lil Cease album too.

  • cramzy

    how the hell i miss that hot boys joint?!! I got tha whole cmr catalogue back to 93. Dope!

    • Mr. North

      Right!! I never heard that either and I got EVERY Cash Money album. When Lil Wayne was Lil D

  • latino heat

    Cash Money was killing features back at that time. they were on everybody’s album. there’s a few you might have missed.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Terminator X-”Juvenile Delinquintz”(Terminator X & The Valley of Jeep Beats

    Eric Sermon-”Do Your Thing”(Double or Nothing)

    Suga Free-”On My Way”(forgot album)

    Biz Markie-”Check it Out”(The Biz Never Sleeps)

    Gang Starr-”The ? Remains”(Hard to Earn b-side release)

    I n I-”Step Up”(Center of Attention)

    EpMd-”Get Off The Bandwagon RMX”(Strictly Business b-side release)

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth-”Sun Won’t Come Out”(The Main Ingredient) STRAIGHT BANGING AZZ ALBUM

    Killah Priest-”Tai Chi”(Heavy Mental)

    Mr Cheeks-”Crush On You”(Back Again)

    NaS-”Shootouts”(It Was Written)

    Big Daddy Kane-”Show & Prove”(Daddy’s Home)ODB AND JIGGA RIPPED IT

    • oskamadison

      $yk, you have officially earned my respect.
      That Terminator X album was mad slept on back in the day (except for “Buck Whylin’”), Gang Starr is probably tied with Black Moon for the illest B-sides ever, (The ? Remains is STILL that shit) and And that “Get Off The Bandwagon” remix is still one of the best kept secrets in Hip-Hop, word to Diamond D. let me throw one up there, in my opinion, probably one of the greatest albums joints ever: Brand Nubian, “Step To The Rear.”

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Good looking oska.

        Puba was the man with them fire singles. Him and Positive K were ill with it.

  • Sajib

    Speaking of Common, the intro the BE album is toooo damn ill.
    Jay-Z – D’Evils
    Jay-Z – All I Need
    Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
    Lupe Fiasco – The Instrumental
    Killah Priest – Stand Still
    Nas – Take It In Blood
    Nas – Poison
    Cee-Lo – Big Ol’ Words
    50 Cent – Ski Mask Way
    Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones
    Styles P – How We Live
    Elzhi & Royce – Motown 25

    • Chris S

      that Be (Intro) beat is one of the greatest beats of all time.

      and nice call on Lupe too. The Cool is a classic song

  • John Cochran

    That Cash Money record reminds me that Lil Wayne actually rapped before.

  • newyawka631

    Channel Live “mad izm” was my shit back in da dayz…word upppp

  • money mitch

    The d.o.c. is the most underrated period many people don’t even know he wrote just as much if not more for nwa than ice cube did and he wrote 95% of the chronic and more than half of doggystyle it’s safe to say with out him the west coast wouldn’t be what it is today not even close.

  • Lowedwn

    Mad props for giving shine to Deck’s “Let Me at Em” that and Spice 1′s “Born 2 Die” are still my shit. And the Cash Money “Respect”….some very slept on heat right there.

    Consequence – “Job Song”…the working man’s anthem

  • mazemayhim

    Yeah, nigga, part two:

    Smiff-N-Wessun- “One On One”(Soul In The Hole soundtrack)

    Hieroglyphics- “Oakland Blackouts”(3rd Eye Vision)

    Redman- “RED”(Professional 2)

    Nas- “Worst Enemy”(Lost Tapes)

    Ras Kass- “Understandable Smooth”(Van Gogh)

    Nas & Nature- “In Too Deep”(Unknown)

    Ice Cube- “Gangsta’s Fairytale 2″(The Predator)

    Meat Pie f/Jean Grae- “Baseball”(Bootleg of the Bootleg EP…her verse is the only verse that matters on the song tho. The 1st & last dude came weak on it imo)

    Eminem f/Royce- “Bad Meets Evil”(Slim Shady LP)

    Boot Camp Clik- “And So”(The Chosen Few)

    Heltah Skeltah- “The Grate Unknown”(Nocturnal)

    Young Dro- “What It Is”(Best Thang Smokin)

    Tippy da Kaing f/Bun B, Eightball & MJG- “Bezzle”(Trap Muzik)

    Heltah Skeltah f/ O.G.C.- “Blah”(b-side to Leflauh Leflaur Eskoshah single)

    De La Soul- “Long Island Degrees”(Stakes Is High)

    Jay Dee f/ Elzhi- “Come Get It”(Welcome To Detroit)

    Jaylib- “No Games”(Champion Sound)

    Madvillian- “Fancy Clown”(Madvilliany)

    Chino XL f/ Ras Kass- “Riiiot”(Here To Save You All)

    The Game- “No More Fun & Games”(The Documentary)

    Joe Budden- “Get No Younger”(Mood Muzik 3)

    Joe Budden, $tack Bundle$ & Newz- “You Know What’ll Happen”(on a mixtape near you prolly)

    $tack Bundle$- “The Critic”(on another mixtape near you too)

    Camp Lo f/ Jungle Brown- “World Heist”(b-side to Coolie High single)

    Lloyd Banks- “Playboy”(The Hunger For More)

    GZA f/ Inspectah Deck & ODB- “Duel Of The Iron Mic”(Liquid Swords)

    The Team- “Cocaine”(Hyphy Juice mixtape)

    Messy Marv- “Cuzzin”(Turf Politics)

    P$C- “Set It Out”(25 To Life)

    Above The Law- “Murder Rap”(Living Like Hustlers)

    Dogg Pound- “Smooth”(Dogg Food)

    Mobb Deep- “Drop A Gem On Em”(Hell On Earth)

    2PAC- “My Block”(The Show soundtrack)

    Mystikal- “What Chu Think”(Bout It, Bout It soundtrack)

    Jurassic 5- “After School Special”(Power In Numbers)

    Too $hort- “Burn Rubber”(Married To The Game)

    Keak Da Sneak- “Alright Cool”(Sneakacydal)

    Puff Daddy f/ Black Rob- “I Love You Baby”(No Way Out)

    Snoop Dogg- “Press Play”(Ego Trippin)

    Snoop Dogg- “Which One Of U Bitches”(The Blue Carpet Treatment)

    Freeway f/ Young Chris- “Line Em Up”(Philadelphia Freeway)

    Beanie Sigel- “Stop, Chill”(The Truth)

    Dammit! That’s enough! No bias list over here cuz I’m from the Bay Area. We hear EVERYTHING in Northern California.

  • Brooklyn

    jay-z– pop 4 roc, nymp, rap game/crack game, heart of the city, the ruler’s back

    big pun–superlyrical, you ain’t a killer, off with his head

    cam’rom–losing weight pt. 2, come kill me

    outkast–hootie hoo, d.e.e.p., babylon, two dope boyz (in a cadillac), spottieOttieDopaliscious

    ghostface killah–9 milli bros, fish, winter warz

    jadakiss-show discipline, real hip-hop

    beanie siegal– so what you saying, what your life like 2

    clipse–trill, hello new world, comedy central

    fabolous–get right, in my hood

    young gunz–look in your eye, beef

    memphis bleek–in my life, i get high, stay alive in nyc

    killah priest–bop your head (priesthood), if i die

    black moon–annihilation, one two,stoned iz the way, pressure iz tight

    smiff n wessun–hold it down, myah angelow, k.i.m., hellucination, city of godz (ciudad de dios)

    m.o.p–brownsville, brooklyn (i copped that new shit, i was one of the 2,000 odd people to do so), forever and always

    dr. dre–lyrical gangbang, lil ghetto boy

    freddie foxxx–bumpy bring it home

    jeru tha damaja–the frustrated nigga, black cowboys,

    • Doobie42

      co-sign on those three M.O.P. tracks man. all 3 of those are instant classics to me. Overall I thought the album was aight but i will bump those 3 till the day they put me in the ground

  • ApolloKid551

    Big Daddy Kane- Mortal Kombat
    Rakim- Microphone Massacre
    2Pac- Blasphemy
    Nas- Amongst Kings
    Jeru The Damaja- My Mind Spray
    Rass Kass- Nature of The Threat
    Jay-Z- Politics As Usual
    Killah Priest- B.I.B.L.E.
    GZA- Living In The World Tody
    Ghostface Killah- Malcolm
    ScarFace- Someday
    Raekwon- Knowledge God
    T.I. Im Just Doin’ My Job
    Dead Prez- They Schools
    Outkast- Return of The Gangsta
    BlackStar- K.O.S.
    Common- Book Of Life
    DMX- Ready To Meet Him
    Gangstar- Conspiracy
    Little Brother- Nighttime Maneuvers
    Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth- Sun Won’t Come Out
    Lord Finesse- Lesson To Be Taught

    This Is Hip-Hop…

  • ApolloKid551

    AZ- Give Up The Good

    Enuff Said lol

  • RR

    Never officially released as a single (although it would later go on to get a ton of airplay):

    “Notorious Thugs” By Notorious BIG and Bone…WOW!

  • Technique

    “Damien” by DMX from It’s Dark and Hell is Hot

    In my opinion 1 of the sickest songs ever made.

  • westcoastaggie

    DMX – Ain’t No Way, Dogs For Life
    DR. Dre – Xplosive
    Common – Nag Champa
    Speakin of Common’s BE, that whole damn album minus the singles should be included.

  • jonny bizness



  • chillin mayne

    LUPE FIASCO – Little weapon

    chamillionaire – Void In My Life

    Jadakiss – Time is Up

    CHAMILLIONAIRE – Pimp Mode wit bun (FIRE SON)

    thats the 4 i can think of as of now, there obviously many more, yall mentioned quite a few

    • ApolloKid551

      I got some more classics lol, No particular order..

      Ice Cube- True To The Game
      Kool G. Rap- Straight Jacket
      Wu-Tang Clan- Hellz Wind Staff
      The Notorious B.I.G.- Your Nobody Until (Somebody Kill You)
      Clispe- Nightmares
      50 Cent- Ghetto Q’uan (Forgive Me)
      Beanie Sigel- Die
      Black Rob- You Don’t Know Me
      ELzhi- Brag Swag
      The Lox- Recognize
      Drag On- Life Goes On
      Snoop Dogg- The One & Only
      Big Pun- Super Lyrical
      Jean Grae- My Story
      Jadakiss- Still Feel Me
      Styles P- Black Magic
      Lil’ Kim- Slippin’ (Can’t front on this joint)
      Lupe Fiasco- Gold Watch
      Kanye West- Roses
      Freeway- Victim Of the Ghetto
      The Fugees- The Beast
      Killarmy- Universal Soliders
      Ja Rule- A Story To Tell
      Eve- Love Is Blind
      Joe Budden- Calm Down
      Slaughterhouse- Lyrical Murderers
      Foxy Brown- Fallin
      Fabolous- Lullaby
      Skyzoo- The Beautiful Decay

      I Think this is a good list & i had 2 show the ladies some love they gets down too…

  • 615banga

    Don’t Make – 8Ball & MJG

    Fly As The Sky- Chamillionaire Feat. Lil Wayne

    Westside Story- The Game

    My Mom- Eminem

    Whole Album Of Super Gangster,Extraorinary Gentleman- Styles P

    • chillin mayne

      hell yea…fly as the sky is a CLASSIC son, errbody in that track bodied it…rasaq and wayne had my favorite verses tho

    • chillin mayne

      hell yea…fly as the sky is a CLASSIC son, errbody in that track bodied it…rasaq and wayne had my favorite verses tho

      if i pulled down my fly / i could piss on the sky / cuz nigga, im that high /i pulled up in heaven up in the candy painted ride / and i gave jesus five / and im still alive/…jaaaa

      fly as a pelican / ice on my skeleton / on the sunday mornin i stay sharper than da reverand

      wayne came strong as hell to

      weed laced wit syrup / itll calm ya nerves / homeboi im so high, i could palm the world.. and im strapped for the turbulance BOW…now u up here with me in the clouds….UGH…nasty

  • ApolloKid551

    Did I Forget Something, Extra Cuts..

    Slick Rick- Teenage Love
    Immortal Technique- The Cause Of Death
    Royce Da 5’9- My Friend
    Mobb Deep- Cradle To The Grave
    Cormega- American Beauty
    Prodigy- Real Power Is People
    LL Cool J- I Shot Ya
    AZ- Gimme Yours (Classic)
    Big L- Street Struck
    Showbiz & A.G.- Next Level (Nyte Time Remix)
    Capone & Noregea- T.O.N.Y.
    Busta Rhymes- Legend of The Fall Offs
    Mase- Same Niggas (Very Introspective Surprisingly)
    Method Man- Stimulation
    King Geedorah- Fazers
    Main Source- Just Hangin’ Out
    Talib Kweli- Memories Live
    Mos Def- Mathmatics
    Clispe- Momma I’m So Sorry
    Deltron 3030- Virus
    Black Moon- Slave
    Camp Lo- Sparkle
    Kidz In The Hall- Hypocrite
    A Tribe Called Quest- Sucka Nigga
    Buckshot- Hold It Down
    Lil’ Wayne- Dr. Carter (He will always be trash to me but he came correct on this joint)
    Shyne- Qusi O.G./Matyr
    The Roots- Respond-React
    Cappadonna- Slang Edtorial
    Lauryn Hill- Final Hour (One of The Grestest MC’s of All Time hands down)
    Cassidy- Damn I Miss The Game

    Damn & they said a kid from Tampa don’t know his hip-hop, i got a few wild cards but you know i love hip-hop not rap lol…

  • Who Dat?

    I grew up in Africa and all my Hip Hop experience is really from there. Here is my list –

    O.C. – Times Up
    The Roots – Distortion of static
    Smiff n Wessun – One time
    YZ – So Far
    Pharcyde – Passing me By
    Tribe called quest – Sucka Nigga
    Gangstarr – Fake MCs, Blowing up the spot, that whole hard to earn album really.
    Digable Planets – Blow out Comb album – track featuring The Guru
    Canibus – What’s going on?
    Xzibit – Speed of Light and Foundation
    Souls of Mischief – Infinity Too
    Snoop – Deep Cover
    Jeru Da Damaja – Can’t stop the prophet, Brooklyn and dirty rotten scoundrels
    Master Ace – Aknowledge
    Common and Slick rick – Good son
    Outkast – Hootie hoo and track number one on the southernplayerlistic album

    When I got to the states I asked for the rap/ hiphop shelf hoping to buy soo many CD’s – Well the whole wall was filled with Nelly…

  • caino

    good shout on the Xzibit drops!!

    Young Buck – Stomp
    Young Buck – Welcome to the south
    Nas – One Mic
    Nas – Warrior
    Jurassic 5 – anything from them (totally slept on)
    D12 – Blow my buzz (fecking love that song)


      blow my buzz is one of my favorite tracks off devils night.the whole cd is classic in my eyes.

  • Crocker

    Yes! Love album cuts & forgotten mixtape joints.
    Apologies to heads, most of these will prolly be more recent.

    Cam’Ron,J.R. Writer,& Juelz Santana – Your Way (dope soulful sample and they all manage not to annoy)

    Black Rob – Live From The Eastside (Over Beanie Sigel’s Feel It In The Air, lil’ Heavy D beat-selling controversy)

    Cam’Ron – D-Rugs (Confessions of Fire classic)

    Obie Trice – Detroit Summer (Lost track off of the yet to be released, “Bottom’s Up”

    Nas – Undying Love (No explanation needed.)

    Jay-Z – Soon You’ll Understand (They talk “Song Cry,” and I’ll take this instead. Off the Dynasty record)

    Nas/Scarface – In Between Us (Off “The Fix”, prefer this to “Favor for a Favor”

    Royce da 5’9″ – T.O.D.A.Y. (Off “Death Is Certain” Favorite flip of “Ike’s Mood,” by Issac Hayes. This album made me a Royce fan.)

    Killer Mike – 112 Freestyle (Killer over 112′s “Cupid,” with a dumb crime saga joint, off of that Purple Ribbon/Drama/Cannon mixtape

    Bubba Sparxxx – Nowhere feat. Keri Hilson (Off the oft-forgotten Southern classic “Deliverance,” great album cut.)

    Outkast – Da Art Of Storytellin’ Pt. 2 (Off “Aquemini,” I mean off course they dumb out, and I’m a fan of vocal filters, No T-Pain.)

  • P. Harris

    GFK – Box in Hand (unreleased version)

    The Lox/Black Rob – Can I Live

    RZA f/ Meth – NYC Everything

    Nas – Silent Murder

    Dead Prez – D.O.W.N

    Little Brother – The Listening (title track)

    Lauryn Hill – Keep It Tight**** (off of DJ Skribble CD)
    I think this is the best Lauryn Hill I’ve ever heard… she ripped this shit… If you haven’t heard this freestyle then download it…

    Cru – Just Another Case (The Dirty 30)

  • ApolloKid551

    Now im going 2 my favorite albums, this ones a killer lol.. Pt. 1- The 1990′s: The Classic Era

    Big Daddy Kane- It’s A Big Daddy Thing
    Eric B & Rakim- Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
    Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth- Funky Technician
    Brand Nubian- All 4 One
    Ice Cube- Death Certifiicate
    Main Source- Breaking Atoms
    Showbiz & A.G.- Runaway Slave
    A Tribe Called Quest- Midnight Marauders
    Black Moon- Enta da Stage
    Nas- Illmatic
    O.C. Times Up
    Jeru The Damaja- The Sun Rises Over The East
    Souls of Mischief- 93 Til’ Infinity
    Gangstarr- Hard To Earn
    C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock- The Main Ingredient
    Organized Konfusion- Stress- The Extinction Agenda
    Scarface- The Diary
    Common- Resurrection
    Murder Was The Case (Soundtrack)
    Big L- Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous
    GZA- Liquid Swordz
    Raekown- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    2Pac- Me Aganist The World
    AZ- Doe Or Die
    Kool G Rap- 4,5,6
    LL Cool J- Mr. Smith
    Busta Rhymes- The Coming
    Ras Kass- Soul On Ice
    The Fugees- The Score
    Ghostface Killah- Ironman
    Mobb Depp- Hell On Earth
    Lil’ Kim- Hardcore
    Del La Soul- Stakes Is High
    The Roots- Illadelph Halflife
    UGK- Ridin’ Dirty
    The Notorious B.I.G.- Life After Death
    Camp Lo- Saturday Night
    Wu- Tang Clan- Wu-Tang Forever
    Jay-Z- In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
    Killarmy- Silent Weapons for Quite Wars
    Capone & Noreaga- The War Report
    Mase- Harlem World
    Royal Flush- Ghetto Millionaire
    Killah Priest- Heavy Mental
    OutKast- Aquemini
    DMX- It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot
    Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    BlackStar- BlackStar
    Big Pun- Capital Punishment
    Juvenile- 400 Degreez
    Ja Rule- Venni, Vetta, Vecci
    Cappadonna- The Pilliage
    Beanie Sigel- The Truth
    Redman & Method Man- Blackout
    Dr. Dre- Chronic 2001

    To Be Continued….