Whatup XXL,

Blog #3 already. I have to say there has been a lot of dope ass music coming out this year. Since I travel so much I've been forced to listen to all types of music over the last 12 months; good and bad.

So I wrote up a little review of what albums I thought were bangin' this year. Make sure you check for these.

Termanology's Top 3 albums of the year.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. 2

By far the most real hip-hop CD of the year. Come on DR. DRE, J DILLA, RZA, and ALCHEMIST, the list goes on. How could this not be a classic? I think the best shit about this album is Rae gave the real fans exactly what they wanted; some real WU SHIT! Sharp ass rhymes with bangin ass beats. Salute

The Blueprint 3

First of all I'm bias on this one because Jay is my favorite MC alive. So I knew he was going to destroy this album. But he really sounds like Reasonable Doubt mixed with The Blueprint on this. Lyrically perfect for the true Jay fan. I like 12 out of the 15 beats too, which is a good sign. The thing that I really admire about son is that he raps with so much confidence, he makes you feel as if u possesses the same type of confidence he has just by hearing him rap. Crazy swag.


Lyrically a masterpiece. It must have been so hard to make all those fuckin syllables match. Crazy penmanship skills on this one. Plus Dre beats are always amazing. My personal favorite song is ”Song and Dance.” It's the best story ever and it's funny as shit the things he tells her. Dawaun Parker is a beast on the keys too. Dope album.

Other dope shit to check...

Redman and Method Man
Blackout 2



KRS-One & Buckshot
Survival Skills


The Last Kiss

Blaq Poet
The Blaqprint

Channel 10

Loso's Way