My Top Three Albums of ’09

Whatup XXL,

Blog #3 already. I have to say there has been a lot of dope ass music coming out this year. Since I travel so much I’ve been forced to listen to all types of music over the last 12 months; good and bad.

So I wrote up a little review of what albums I thought were bangin’ this year. Make sure you check for these.

Termanology’s Top 3 albums of the year.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. 2

By far the most real hip-hop CD of the year. Come on DR. DRE, J DILLA, RZA, and ALCHEMIST, the list goes on. How could this not be a classic? I think the best shit about this album is Rae gave the real fans exactly what they wanted; some real WU SHIT! Sharp ass rhymes with bangin ass beats. Salute

The Blueprint 3

First of all I’m bias on this one because Jay is my favorite MC alive. So I knew he was going to destroy this album. But he really sounds like Reasonable Doubt mixed with The Blueprint on this. Lyrically perfect for the true Jay fan. I like 12 out of the 15 beats too, which is a good sign. The thing that I really admire about son is that he raps with so much confidence, he makes you feel as if u possesses the same type of confidence he has just by hearing him rap. Crazy swag.


Lyrically a masterpiece. It must have been so hard to make all those fuckin syllables match. Crazy penmanship skills on this one. Plus Dre beats are always amazing. My personal favorite song is ”Song and Dance.” It’s the best story ever and it’s funny as shit the things he tells her. Dawaun Parker is a beast on the keys too. Dope album.

Other dope shit to check…

Redman and Method Man
Blackout 2



KRS-One & Buckshot
Survival Skills


The Last Kiss

Blaq Poet
The Blaqprint

Channel 10

Loso’s Way

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Best of XXL

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I agree with the OB4CL2………Slaughterhouse is ok too……..

  • infamouslegend

    list is nice, get ready for the hate on relapse though .. but i agree with u on it, shit was hot

  • hpnotic215

    Relapse is that crack!! Blueprint 3 is hot too and slaughterhouse is a certified classic too. Kiss and Fab put out sum tight albums too.

  • Mr. North

    Right on point with the BP3 remarks.

  • Tony Grands

    That “other dope shit to check” list should’ve had DOOM ‘Born Like This’ also.

    • Mr. North

      I forgot that DOOM came out this year. That must’ve been like Febuary. It was good though.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I just copped that Skyzoo yesterday. Can’t front it’s sounds good as hell so far…

    But I would swap CNN for Cam’ron.

  • Technique

    “But I would swap CNN for Cam’ron.”

    Me too. That Crime Pays was a solid comeback for Cam and is still getting rotation ay my spot.

    Good drop Term.

  • El Tico Loco

    Am I missing something is Loso’s way any good? And Dawaun Parker never heard of him, but I have heard of Deanun Porter. CNN, Kiss, Loso
    I would replace with Alchemist “Chemical Warfare”, Doom’s “Born Like This”, and Soul Assasins “The Intermission” in that order.

    • General

      Dawaun Parker is one of Aftermath’s producers/musicians that works with Dre quite a bit…

      And is Loso’s Way any good? Not so much…

  • brand-new

    wu-tang’s chamber music should be up there!

  • latino heat

    isn’t it a little too early for a best of ’09 list? the 4th quarter hasn’t even hit yet and that’s when most the heat comes out.

    good list by everybody though. i forgot about a lot of these. i got some serious homework to do now.

  • Grenade

    Great list Term.

    I would put the slaughterhouse CD on the top three, but thats just me personally.


    no doom? no cam? fuck your list

  • Brooklyn

    definitely feeling you with that ob4cl2, that album was fire. bp3 was good too, not my favorite jay-z joint, but better than most of the shit that came out this year. mop should have been in the top 3 though, “foundation” was the shit!

  • Master Cheef

    it just occurred to me that maybe eminem had to use the voice to be able to make all those syllables rhyme. any thoughts?

    • Jerm

      thats true I remember him saying that on the Westwood Interview, he kinda changed his voice so he could do more with the english language i guess…with that being said – Stay Wide Awake, 3 AM, and Underground are my fave songs on the album. lol

  • jburg

    Relapse was a lyrical materpiece!! Finally and album you have to listen to front to back to understand where its taking you. “Same song and Dance” is one of the best storytelling songs I have ever heard. Should have made a visual for it. Blueprint is that shit as well. Hadn’t gotten that OB4CL2 though. Not really popular around these parts.

  • Darq

    I agree with most of your list, Term…but the other add-ons felt to me like just that; ‘add-ons’ so no one would be offended.

    Just my opinion…

    That said…Slaughterhouse is like a rennaisance album…taking rap back to what we remember and love…so for me it’s like the best out this year…so far…

    And i’m loving OBCL2 and Survival Skills…BP3…simply because those guys proved age got nothing to do with skills…as long as your flow stay immersed in the fountain of youth…

    Lol…i hadda say that…

    Word from Nigeria.

  • http://-- gaddic

    Where are the Relapse haters?
    good list term
    Bp3 was a good album although jay-z’s not on classic level with this lp
    Slaughterhouse in my opinion is the best album of the year along with Brother Ali’s “Us”
    2010 here we come
    get ready to hate on detox in 4 months time cocksuckers!!

  • JMack

    Agreed SAME SONG AND DANCE is one of the illest story telling songs to come out.

  • JpDaKid

    I can respect that list

    My fav this year proly Padded Room

    But Street Hop is fuckin flames…this might be my fav if it passes the test of time

  • mrproh

    you see…most of whats on here is east coast shit..and thats coo..i agree with most of the list…but if you leave out DJ QUIK’s & KURUPT’s “BLAQKOUT” then the list isnt even relevant..i like terms shit but i like ALL kinds of hiphop…and “BLAQKOUT” was the shit..from beginning to end….it was better that METH & REDS “BLACKOUT2″…..