SMH. People, did we not learn anything from the ABC’s of Rap Fandom. I’m so disappointed in my New York brethren for their display of misplaced anger last night.

It was pretty balmy in the Big Apple last night, but inside BB Kings nightclub in Times Square OJ Da Juiceman got a chilly response from New York fans. In case you haven’t heard, a frenzied Wu-Tang loyal crowd, who came to see headliner Raekwon The Chef, booed the Atlanta rapper off the stage.

I was supposed to be at that show, but duty called so I had to pass on it. I did catch wind of what was going on via Twitter, and just watched video footage of the event. To me, that was a wack move by the crowd.

I’m actually rather disappointed that my native New Yorkers behaved that way. I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I don’t condone booing in any fashion. What’s the point really? I’ve never understood how it helps a bad situation. It’s especially disheartening to see grown adults at sporting events booing. Like really, you’re still booing at 45-years-old? Nevertheless I get that you paid your hard earned money for your ticket so you should be entitled to express your displeasure with someone’s performance. But I digress…

Back to last night, so OJ comes out to perform his hit record, “Make The Trap Say Aye!” and the crowd pretty much lets him have it. I saw tons of tweets from people happy that it was happening, but I guess I had to be there because I just didn’t get it. Why were they so upset? Why did they boo a guy who was performing a hot record that pretty much the majority of hip-hop fans enjoy?

In my opinion, it was just another case of uppity New York rap “fans” venting their frustration with where hip-hop has gone. We all know for the most part hip-hop lives down south, has an office in New York and vacations on the West Coast every decade or so. Some New Yorkers aren’t happy with the output of music from the South and they lashed out at OJ for what he represents. With the exception of say T.I., Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000 most New Yorkers don’t respect rappers below the Mason Dixon.

Instead of being mad at OJ and the other Southerners that lack the lyrical prowess you demand, be mad at New York for falling off. Boo yourself for not supporting the music you love when it hits the stores. I know y'all have seen the numbers, New York rappers don’t sell. Ask yourself why? Is it the music? Is it the fans? Something’s not adding up and you don’t really know what or who to blame it on so you do the natural thing and blame the guy that has what you want. Not saying that OJ is that dude in the South, but he represents a region that holds the hip-hop crown right now. New Yorkers want it back (and rightfully so in some cases) but booing is not the way to go about it.

I thought we were over this regional cold war? Good music is good music. —Rondell Conway