Make the Trap Say Booooo!


SMH. People, did we not learn anything from the ABC’s of Rap Fandom. I’m so disappointed in my New York brethren for their display of misplaced anger last night.

It was pretty balmy in the Big Apple last night, but inside BB Kings nightclub in Times Square OJ Da Juiceman got a chilly response from New York fans. In case you haven’t heard, a frenzied Wu-Tang loyal crowd, who came to see headliner Raekwon The Chef, booed the Atlanta rapper off the stage.

I was supposed to be at that show, but duty called so I had to pass on it. I did catch wind of what was going on via Twitter, and just watched video footage of the event. To me, that was a wack move by the crowd.

I’m actually rather disappointed that my native New Yorkers behaved that way. I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I don’t condone booing in any fashion. What’s the point really? I’ve never understood how it helps a bad situation. It’s especially disheartening to see grown adults at sporting events booing. Like really, you’re still booing at 45-years-old? Nevertheless I get that you paid your hard earned money for your ticket so you should be entitled to express your displeasure with someone’s performance. But I digress…

Back to last night, so OJ comes out to perform his hit record, “Make The Trap Say Aye!” and the crowd pretty much lets him have it. I saw tons of tweets from people happy that it was happening, but I guess I had to be there because I just didn’t get it. Why were they so upset? Why did they boo a guy who was performing a hot record that pretty much the majority of hip-hop fans enjoy?

In my opinion, it was just another case of uppity New York rap “fans” venting their frustration with where hip-hop has gone. We all know for the most part hip-hop lives down south, has an office in New York and vacations on the West Coast every decade or so. Some New Yorkers aren’t happy with the output of music from the South and they lashed out at OJ for what he represents. With the exception of say T.I., Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000 most New Yorkers don’t respect rappers below the Mason Dixon.

Instead of being mad at OJ and the other Southerners that lack the lyrical prowess you demand, be mad at New York for falling off. Boo yourself for not supporting the music you love when it hits the stores. I know y’all have seen the numbers, New York rappers don’t sell. Ask yourself why? Is it the music? Is it the fans? Something’s not adding up and you don’t really know what or who to blame it on so you do the natural thing and blame the guy that has what you want. Not saying that OJ is that dude in the South, but he represents a region that holds the hip-hop crown right now. New Yorkers want it back (and rightfully so in some cases) but booing is not the way to go about it.

I thought we were over this regional cold war? Good music is good music. —Rondell Conway

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  • General

    Why would they boo??? Are you kidding me??? Hell maybe you should check the comments section from his guest blog he did here, cuz he didn’t get any love here either and for good reason…

    What the hell did he expect when he’s performing at a crowd that came to see Rae…

    They don’t want to here AYE AYE BURRRRR

    Maybe his shit bumps in the strip clubs, but don’t come to an event with real MC’s and expect to get love for the bullshit that spews out his trap AYE AYE

    • joe p

      haha yesssssssssss i have been wating for this ! i was hoping coochi mane would be up there with him lol big ups to new york yall made my week …

    • Deadly MIME

      Yea that’s true. This dude that wrote the blog is probably sippin the same shit OJ was sipping. Look I’m in Tampa, FL originally from Beantown. I know it’s bad rappers down here. Over 90 percent of these dudes that come outta here sucks major balls. In this case NY fans have and will always have a reason to boo any rapper that comes to NY and perform. Just because Oj and other south rappers are popluar, he forgets. NY still validate hip-hop music and they do because it was something that they created. If I was at the concert I would have boo’ed OJ too and I’m in FL. I’m a real MC myself but its harder for us cause the south shits bullshit rappers every 5 minutes.

  • Pierzy

    Really? Didn’t we learn from OJ’s stint as guest blogger?

    Some of us hip-hop fans don’t like his music, his “swag” (for lack of a better term) and his overall approach. It has nothing to do with region. Plenty of artists from other areas have gotten love from the East Coast – do you think Scarface or Ludacris or Andre 3000 would get booed off the stage?

    It’s not hate, it’s more than that. It’s a feeling that instead of elevating the music and the culture, he’s lowering it. East coast heads (for the most part) respect lyrics as much as anything else and while Juiceman may make popular records, they’re not enjoyed over here.

    Step your game up, OJ, and we’ll respect you.

    • Around and Around

      Well put Pierzy.

      Has nothing to do with regional shit…it has everything to do with what this guy calls music.

    • GIBZ


      Whuddup fam good to see u dropping in to leave a comment. I really cant say much ‘cus u def summed it up. It aint hate on no regional shit, OJ just sucks!!!

      The stage presence as well as the song itself was TERRIBLE!!! Thats why the boo’ed him!!! It wasnt like they boo’ed him right away they let him do his lil verse and the shit was garbage, so when they asked to show him some love, they showed how they was feeling, GARBAGED lmaoo and at a RAE concert at that? Maaaaaaan get the fuck outta here!!!

  • Incilin

    How da fuck can you be against booing? That shit makes no sense. If somebody sucks, I’m gonna boo’em. End of story.

    As far as OJ, you claim “majority” of hip hop fans like “Make The Trap Say Aye.” Well, ahh obviously majority of the people in that room don’t like that song or that rapper (I don’t like him either). And if NYers really hate the south so much, why didn’t Pill get booed? Would Gucci have gotten booed? Maybe they booed because NYers hate shitty music… which is what OJ makes.


  • AZ40

    What majority? I don’t really know too many people who like him and I stay down south, that song was just okay to say the least, they were booing b/c like you said they came to see Rae…I could see it being pointless if they paid to see OJ but they didn’t he was just an opening

    • madison

      I blame whoever booked the artists for booking Raekwon and OJ on the same bill. Hip hop has become segregated to the point where these are two different crowds. OJ would have gotten an encore request if he performed for a 17 yr old crowd of tight jean wearers. The raekwon crowd is late 20s early 30s and remember east coast centric hip hip

  • Tony Grands

    He should’ve come out on stage with a few half naked chicks & threw dollar bills into the crowd. If nothing else, it would’ve been a distraction.

    More important than the booing, did he keep rapping? Damn, I know that dude’s seen ‘Showtime @ the Apollo’ before. What was he thinking?

    • Pierzy

      What up Grands? How are things?

      He wrote, “Good music is good music.”

      Exactly. And OJ makes BAD music. Period.

      • Tony Grands


        Whadup?! Everything is everything over here, juice. Good to see you continuing forward motion! Be cool & careful, homie.

  • DJ

    How can you say NY step it’s game up when the best albums lately have been coming from NY. Raekwon and OJ are two totally different fan bases, what would you expect. His shit is for 13 year olds, and most Raekwon fans are pushing 30 and dont want to hear that stupid shit. I like Scarface. I’m not a Ludacris or Andre 3000 fan, but I wouldnt boo them because first of all his music is coherent, I can understand what they are saying, and they can rhyme, and I can understand why others would like their music. Most of the other southern shit just sounds like noise to me.

  • Chilly Willy

    “…OJ Da Juiceman got a CHILLY response from New York fans. In case you haven’t heard, a frenzied WU-TANG LOYAL crowd, who came to see headliner Raekwon The Chef, booed the Atlanta rapper off the stage.”

    Just so you know, Rondell: in spite of all the evidences pointing at me, I wasn’t there.

    If I were, I woulda throw his ass out of the stage. Just kidding, if I knew he was gon be there, I wouldn’t be there in the first place. This ain’t regional, Rondell. As you eloquently put it, good music is good music. And OJ the GrapeDrink’music IS NOT good music. Plain and simple.

  • BA

    Why even waste the time to write this column? OJ DA JUICEMAN is a softer version of Young Jeezy mixed with Plies. This guy has nothing original to say nor is his music halfway decent. He is the epitome of what is wack in the rap game, and he should know better than to perform at a Raekwon-helmed show. Young Jeezy has received region loving from the North, because he actually has original lyrics and can spit. OJ needs to step his game up as does his cohort Gucci.

  • E

    Like u said they spend there hard earned money so if they boo then that’s what it is dude isn’t that good anyway so he didn’t connect with the crowd u not in your home state so u put the work in n go hard u not gettin love 4 just being u put the work in as a entertainer guy

  • Sleepy Wonder

    And The “Gayest Blog Of The Year” Goes To…

  • Sleepy Wonder

    And The “Gayest Blog Of The Year” Goes To…

    Rondell Conway


    what?? ny rap doesn sell??
    jay is plat, is it me or is he from marcey?
    rea did wel, jadakiss sold well, so what the deal? Fabolous sold some chips, what the deal?
    fuck you, ny rap is still here

  • Paul Cantor

    People were booing for two reasons

    1) is that it was damn near 1:30 in the morning and some people had been waiting since 10 o’clock to see Raekwon, Jadakiss and Styles P. They braved a long ass line and shiteload of opening acts who, while surely entertaining and talented, have nary a hit record to single along with between them. That’s what you go to a concert for.

    2) The majority of people at that concert thought OJ sucked. Bottom line. It had nothing to do with him being from the South. How do I know this? Because Pill performed just an hour earlier and the crowd ate it up. Wiz Khalifah also did a Southern-influenced song or two with Currensy and the crowd embraced. So it had nothing to do with the sound or the style of music. It had to do with people just not fucking with that dude, period. He just didn’t impress them, and so they boo’d.

    • GIBZ

      sounds to me like its just the media once again stirring up shit. Biased ass blogger and post. Getdafuggouttahea!!


    OJ stays losing. did anyone catch that bullshit ‘freestyle’ he did on The Deal? along with Nicki Minaj & Wack Ass Flame. SMH. that was the worst 5 min. of my entire week.

    • capcobra

      i couldn’t believe that 2 niguz let a female outspit ‘em?

  • DBlock

    I call bullshit. The real blame lies with the idiots who put OJ in front of Raekwon at a NYC/BBK performance. What the hell did you think was gonna happen?

    Regardless of what you think of OJ’s music, Wu fans don’t wanna hear that shit. HOWEVER… there are plenty of southern acts that could’ve performed w/ Rae and would not have been booed. Big Boi. ‘Face. Etc. The crowd wasn’t booing out of hate for the south. They were booing cause they hate OJ. To imply there was something bigger going on is asinine.

    • BOSS D.R.E.

      I agree. They put a wack ass artist to open for a legend. A nigga who makes wack club music before a real lyricist. Just dumb.

  • Jamal7Mile

    “Nevertheless I get that you paid your hard earned money for your ticket…” – Rondell.


  • Nibs

    I’m sure if there was another bar across the street headlining T-Pain, Gucci Mane, Ace Hood or someone garbage like that then people would be down with an OJ opening
    but what the fuck do you expect with OJ Da Juiceman at a Raekwon show
    If you have both House Of Flying Daggers and Make The Trap Say Aye on your ipod, kill yourself

  • Worley

    The answer to why they booed is in the blog and the commments.

    First, a crowd that came to see Rae is accustomed to a certain level of lyrical ability. OJ Da Juu Man is not gonna cut it.

    Second, “with the exception of say T.I., Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3,000 most New Yorkers don’t respect rappers below the Mason Dixon.”

    That, my friend, is the bottom line. He might have better luck with the children at Summer Jam and/or sHot 97.

  • OgKevin

    why did they boo?
    man fuck that foo..oj da juiceman is a lame..
    that foo cant rap at ALL..talking about “im getting the money” thats lame g…
    only mc’s i respect in the south is:Scarface,Andre3000,UGK,Luda,and Three Six Mafia…the south holds the crown? why? cuz they constantly drop new hits,club bangers,and new artists get signed?
    dog come on! a good 95% of what their dropping is GARBAGE…you cant say their going hard with lyrics…you cant say this oj foo is getting down rhymming…NO WAY…the south has been talking all this bullshit…they sell the most cuz they speak about bullshit the most…most these chicken shit motherfuckers dont have a CLUE what hip hop is…they buy what they hear..and what do they constantly promote? they promote THE SOUTH so people are going to buy what they’re hearing…im not saying west coast and east coast artist arent getting promoted i mean look at game and jay right now…but they promote the soth a whole lot more…the south is marketable right now cuz of wht they’re saying is mainly,cars,money,bitches,blunts,drinks etc. im not saying i dont respect this oj guy as an artist but cant respect his music cuz im not feeling what he has to say period…and Rondell Conway suck a fat dick..if we quiz hip hop fans…i mean REAL fucken hip hop fans if they like “Make The Trap Say Aye!” i WILL assure you the results will be negative..get outa here with that shit..

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck dat nigga!!! Garbage ass music gets that type of response from Hardcore NY fans. In all facets of entertainment & sports. If you suck, NYers will let u know bottom line.

  • Azrael

    Well, between me and you, I think the boy slow…

  • dex

    You should be ashamed for writing this wack ass blog….Im from chi and live in bham….the shit that passes as music down here is fucking unbelievable…OJ the fruitman will get slaughtered by anyone with a 11th grade reading level…these niggas are satanic and dont give a fuck…trust me i know

  • Lol

    Not to Hate but I agree with what every blogger/commenter here has said bottom line is that OJ is not welcome into the hiphop world just yet…. maybe if he put a few more years into it or be made famous first in the south more where we would say “yeah we now want him to perform over here” or “We wanna hear the buzz about this guy” but all because you got a majority of the south and not “ALL” of the south loving him means he can come to NY and get love? No its does not work out that way Win the love of ALL THE SOUTH First then give us a try maybe, and I say maybe we’ll give ya a listen.

  • AOne

    “Instead of being mad at OJ and the other Southerners that lack the lyrical prowess you demand, be mad at New York for falling off. Boo yourself for not supporting the music you love when it hits the stores. I know y’all have seen the numbers, New York rappers don’t sell.”

    This has to be the dumbest hip-hop fan ever to write a blog. The reason why NYC hip-hop heads don’t buy albums is because they are smart enough to download them for free. Down south, I think they are still struggling with the concept of the internet. As for NY rappers not selling, Jay-Z outsold everyone this year (mostly because his album was basically advertised to the general public as a duet with Rihanna). The truth is that most “bought” hip-hop albums are from women and kids who: (a) don’t like hip-hop like that and (b) can’t work the internet for free music.

    Raekwon is a legend of the era of hip-hop heads. OJ Da Juiceman is insert wack Southern rapper here. No true hip-hop would give that clown any love. Clearly, you are a true hip-hop head if you wrote this article.

    • sATaLyte

      Down south, I think they are still struggling with the concept of the internet.
      Don’t be an idiot, I was riding with you til you said that.

      NY fell off because the world has changed. Think about the conditions the hood was in during the 90′s and now. Shit ain’t gravy, however most black kids now growing up in suburbs, did not REALLY experience the crack epidimic the way real 80′s children did, and NY has just not been keeping the new material fresh and coming.

      Also to clarify, as a native southerner, just because it is played on the radio does not mean we like it. OJ gets no love down here. Gucci does and OJ is riding the coattails hard.

      Back off with the southerners are idiots comment, idiots are EVERYWHERE!

    • TheBridgeIsOver

      NY fell off because we ain’t making no good music period and Jay is bigger than Hip-Hop almost so I never use him as a representative over here because no matter where he was from he would sell, Joel & Rae the only ones putting out fire round here and niggas have been bullshittin on OB4CL2 I actually bought it from the store and downloaded it on iTunes

      Where’s Pac and Deathrow when you need em

      then maybe these rappers round here would step it up it aint got nothin to do with them not knowing how to get free music it’s just they actually support and yall mufuckas be the main ones complaning about how yall want better music how bout shuttin the fuck up and supportin the few pieces of good music out here so we could niggas is bitches on this site i swear

  • Turd Ferguson

    “I’m actually rather disappointed that my native New Yorkers behaved that way. I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I don’t condone booing in any fashion. What’s the point really?”

    It’s called a Bronx Cheer for a reason. New Yorkers demand that you prove yourself, no free passes. Same reason that silly Blaqstarr dude got booed off the stage at the Black Star reunion concert at the Nokia this summer.

  • alderman j

    New York niggas east coast niggas be hatin, but it dont matter, THE SOUTH RUNS THIS!! You can boo and hate all you want, he still got paid and didnt have to perform, he got over!! It dont matter if NEW YORK EAST COAST cats like it or not, its HIP HOP!! I been around since the beginning of rap and aint no EIGHTIES BABIES gone start dictating what HIP HOP is or isnt!! and i aint no trap nigga either, but i FUX with OJ!! NIGGAS IS LANE, JUST LIKE WHEN WE COME UP THERE FOR FAMILY REUNIONS AND ALL THE HOES GO CRAZY AND JUST WANT TO HEAR A NIGGA TALK!! ALL THE LOCALS BE HATIN! SOUTH RULES!!!

    • General

      Enough with the “hating” bullshit…

      Just because people don’t like OJ’s music doesn’t mean they are “hating” it just means they don’t like his music…

      Some people have higher standards for lyricism in hip hop than others…

      You may like OJ’s shit, but obviously the crowd in New York didn’t and let him know…

      As has been pointed out many times, this incident didn’t have anything to do with the fact he was from the South, but more to do with his music being garbage…

      TI, Luda, Scarface and the rest of the Geto Boys, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, and a lot of other artists from the South have performed and not been booed in NY Clubs

  • capcobra

    his name is oj da juiceman and he performing ATL trap/club shit at a raekwon show at BB KING in NY..i think he got what he deserved…step it up champ..but i wanna touch on that regional shit real quick..i’m a NY nigga that’s been going downsouth my whole life..from summer vacations to hustling to you gotta remember uptop/downsouth niguz wasn’t getting along way before the civil war..7 outta 10 downsouth niguz didn’t like NY’ers just cause they thinking we fast talking arrogant know it alls that complain about how thier city isn’t like NY…i lost alotta partners to prison and death just because they was getting money don’t make it seem like NY just hates the south..when we was screaming east coast we was repping them as well..because the east coast runs maine to miami..hell..most of our people come from the south..and the ones that left a long time ago got hated on by those who the uptop/downsouth drama is alot deeper than rap..word to rick ross and 50 cent.

    • oskamadison

      True…and deep.

  • http://xxl ryan

    “Just cause a nigga got the skills to sell dope don’t mean he got the same skills to rap about it”

    *Phonte of Little Brother*

    I couldnt have said it any better myself.

  • ee bubble

    the writer of this story must not have heard raekwons or jayz new album, or 50s music fest, even camrons mixtapes have been going hard
    now if u get on stage and u think u gon pull a trick by just saying “ay ay” on stage, then yeah u gon get boooed.
    thats a part of the game my dude

  • beave

    Okay…a couple things here. First off, no one is going to respect a man that sold a gram of weed 8 years ago and makes a song “make the trap say aye!” fronting like he’s some big time drug dealer. Second, he’s up there wearing all the fugazzi costume jewelry acting. Thirdly, no one can understand what the fuck he’s saying…and the shit he’s saying is WEAK. I’m sorry but in the birthplace of hip-hop, that definitely deserves a BOOOOO! Maaaan BE FUKIN REAL ABOUT IT! THIS COUNTRY IS ALL ABOUT BULL SHIT! YOUR DISSAPOINTED IN YOU NY BROTHERS FOR BOOING? GROW SOME NUTS AND SPEAK THE TRUTH LOSER.

    • alderman j

      If you dont understand what he is saying….how do you know it is “weak”, niggas could have said the same thing about ODB. Yall hating, every slave ship docked in the SOUTH, all you cats originated from here! Try to break down what he is saying you might fuck with it!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Booing is your God-given right when you are paying to see anyone perform. And if God don’t approve that shit, then fuck it–Herbz will stamp approval on that mutha and you can even boo in God’s church if you feel like it.

    Whether it’s a sports team or some retard from the South, the fuck you mean we shouldn’t boo? I’ve booed at many a venue. Hell, I even waved my arms at the fucka to show his bitch ass which way to exit stage. I’d be booing your ass off the computer right now for this bullshit if you could only hear me over the OJ Da Juiceman poison you’re listening to.

    Muthafucka got booed because he sucks. Fuck a CD. Your favorite rapper is doing a show and you’re paying to get in and that isn’t enough support? They don’t make money when we pay to see their shows? Fuck outta here with that shit. That bitch ass would have got booed off a Wu-Tang show anywhere from here to Norway, it doesn’t have shit to do with geographics.

    You wanna ride for Juiceman, then you should have been there to slap a Wu-fan for booing.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • GIBZ

      OMG!!!! BWWWUUUAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA HERBZ u got a nigga rollin!!!!! that shit was tooo funnny bruh!!!!

      “I’d be booing your ass off the computer right now for this bullshit if you could only hear me over the OJ Da Juiceman poison you’re listening too”





      and i agree with u 1 hunnit, Herbz. i mean who booked that for him anyway? i mean somebody in Juiceman’s camp couldn’t see that that just might be a bad combination? that just maybe the headliners fans r NOT Juiceman fans statistically? i offer a hearty BOO to that mothafucka that suggested that he should do it from first of all.

      it fucks me up how easy these dudes throw around “hater” as the blanket statement for someone who disagrees with or does not like what the other guy is doing. do you remember the word “wack” Rondell? that used to be a term that dudes did their best to avoid. u know how you do that? you have to be GOOD. and that takes practice. cause nobody wanted to be called WACK. but in order to get good, u gots to be told WHEN IT AINT. excellence is not subject to an aesthetic. or a region (absurd). but to an ETHIC. it’s this inability for self criticism that keeps the quality low in this rap shit. hell, it’s that same inability that validates your point of view AND mine.

      so u know it’s true when one line of logic can support the pro and the con on an issue. the difference is, i don’t know if you’re a pro, Rondell. judging by this “critique, i’m persuaded to think you conned somebody that u were…

      • Chily Willy

        “excellence is not subject to an aesthetic. or a region (absurd). but to an ETHIC.”

        Cult, you ain’t neva lied! Spoken like a true prodigy…


          thanks Chill Wills….

          i get lucky sometimes…

  • alderman j

    Truthfully im a WU BANGER, been down since day one, before that i fucked with BIG DADDY KANE(NO HOMO), after the WU it was DIPLOMATS, so i know LYRICS, i know FLOW, i know originality, i know whats what is HIP HOP!! Yall niggas is hating!! Point Blank. SAIGON aint no better rapper than OJ, you cats just cant understand what he is saying, once again, if i was ABLE TO BREAK DOWN ODB, you clowns should try with OJ and GUCCI!!!! STOP SOUTHERNHATING!!! AND THE REASON YALL LIKE LUDA, WEEZY AND JEEZY IS BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE TRADITIONAL RAPPERS, BUT YOU CAN TELL THE SO ICY BOYS ARE FROM THE SOUTH!! HATE ON HATERS!!

    • General

      Are you really trying to argue based on the lyrical content and ability of OJ???

      Good luck with that…

    • El Tico Loco

      NO can you PLEASE break us down OJ da juicebox and Gucci mane the way u did ODB for real. Seriously ODB used a comedian’s way to disguise pain thru sillyness (came out my mama pussy I’m on welfare/26 yrs old still on welfare) plus at one point he was the professor type but u can’t have 2 geniuses. As an ATL resident all I can say that there are good rappers here but the nature of the people here is sheepish that thanks to radio and clubs that if you don’t have a certain sound that they’ve been conditioned to, you’re considered weird or whatever but it keeps the hoodrats away and the educated ones with a wild side broads open so no shortages just quality.

    • OgKevin

      doggy your on their nuts or what?
      that oj foo is trash….”im gettin money,im gettin money” get outa here…

  • Chiquitab

    Him getting booed was “deeper than rap” TRUST.

  • El Tico Loco

    Dude sucks and his Gucci afiliation got him put on and is not like he got a guest verse and killed it (think Redman, Nas, Ksolo) more like a favor. and one thing regardless of region quality recognizes quality that’s how we got hot songs like “Skew it on the Barbie”, “Guess who’s back”, “Go crazy”, “Rock the Mic” which by the way we tend to forget Primo’s from Texas and Vic “get silly” is from BK the lines are too blurred nowadays to where we just want quality, forget the he’s real he makin money and you just hatin defense for these losers. Like I keep saying, tell me why is it hating show me where’s the quality that we might be missing? is the wordplay so slick I may have missed something and they just make it look simple? With this type of mentality maybe I can get in the NFL scalping tickets and winning the Madden superbowl on rookie cuz I’m real and get money.

  • alderman j

    COULD ODB RAP? COULD YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WAS SAYING? DID HE LOOK STUPID WITH ALL THAT FAKE SILVER IN HIS MOUTH? Did i listen to him and learn to like his music yes, did i buy his album yes, is he one of the BEST LYRICIST? NO!!


    • General

      So your sayin ODB couldn’t rap, looked stupid and you couldn’t understand him, but you bought his music???

      Wow, your arguments just keep gettin better

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      Yo you’re jumping out the window with that one.


      F*** that “hater” talk. And that NY/uptop ridiculous nonsense. You’re performing @ BB KINGS, on 42ST in THE EMPIRE STATE. Bring your A game or don’t show up.

      There have been blogs on here recently where NY’ers have named southern & west music so cut it out with that b*llsh*t. NY’ers show love to plenty/many.

      Only a select few like OJ. Deal with it. “with my skin like Cherrios…” WHAT???

      Will Smith used to get booed too. Don’t like it? STEP YOUR GAME UP. IT’S A COLD RAP WORLD.

      This blog was more biased than many of Bol’s posts that have been taken down.

    • BIGNAT


  • where is hip-hop

    did u move hip hop to the south? Sounds like was just saying how they felt.

  • Curtis75Black

    Are you serious ? You learned to like Old Dirty Bastard ? You didn’t understand him ? His verses in 36 Chambers was wack to you ? Seriously ? It seems to me, you like him because he’s hot and on the radio, no more no less just like how WU was back in the day. If a emcee, any emcee regardless of region or borough affiliation comes off wack, he should get booed !! What’s the problem ? I walked out on shows when emcees (Classic Vet emcees) didn’t deliver. This is no different.

  • alderman j

    there are question marks, in grammar school they tought us that means a question is being asked?? That means you answer back, thats what they tought us in grammar school anyway, im making a comparison genius, i mean general!!!

    • General

      Thanks for clarifying your argument more lil buddy…

      Too bad it still sounds like its coming from a 10 year old

    • Hanch

      OMFG, your talking shit about somebody’s grammar? You need to take a good look at yours. Kids please use this as an example of how to not write a sentence or spell for that matter…(there are question marks, in grammar school they tought us that means a question is being asked??)that is copied and pasted straight from you bruh. So whats your question there pal? In grammar school they also taught us that when you start a sentence, you capitalize the first word. BWahahahahahahaha you are the biggest Lame on here! Have you noticed your the only person on here saying OJ da Fruitcake makes good music? You see how I did that? I asked you a question and ended it with a question mark.

  • oskamadison

    I see both sides of the argument. On one hand, I’m an NC cat and I don’t really hear anyone bangin’ OJ’s music like that, not even the young “sheep” who’ll like anything. Do understand that even though SOME NY’ers might hate on the South’s reign, Scarface could go to NY right NOW and have the red carpet rolled out for him. And as mentioned before, Luda, T.I., Dre 3 Stacks or anyone else that people can see putting that work in on their bars would get that love too because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, the music.
    On the other hand, for those that’s hatin’ on the south…Meth and Red, Slaughterhouse, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Buckshot and KRS and Raekwon have all dropped albums this year and the next one that goes gold will be the first. Y’all want to see NY artists sellin’…then buy their shit.

  • Shawty J

    OJ Da Juiceman sucks ass, that’s why they booed him. I doubt it’s a regional thing. I’m from Georgia and if I paid good money to see someone else perform and out comes Gucci Mane’s lil homie, I’d be pissed too. If OJ doesn’t want to get booed off stage he needs to take his ass back to the studio, pick up some new flows and write better lyrics.

  • yoprince

    i gotta disagree with the blogger here. it’s not like they stabbed him. booing is a perfectly acceptable way to voice your displeasure with having to see an OJ Da Juiceman performance when you went out to see Raekwon.

  • Escobar9300

    Alderman you need to slap yourself for comparing Wu Tang Royalty ODB to Oj the Garbage man. Garbage man being booed off the stage has nothing to do with the East hating on the south, because I give you my damn word that if you had the exact same concert here in Phoenix that clown would have been booed off the stage just as quickly. New York made me proud for giving this chump the Appolo treatment. That NY crowd spoke up for real hip hop fans all over the country when they booed his ass off the stage. Step your everything game up Garbage man.

  • TaG89

    I was at the show last night to be honest i didn’t boo since everyone else was doing it for me anyways all in all OJ is a whack act man!! NO bull dude is a bad rapper i know people in the south i go to school with a few of them and one even said that he doesn’t like OJ… Just like soldier boy they prove that any one can be a rapper so u have something catchy, ok, but what else do u have besides that. OJ just needs to stop man smh just stop this is me being polite real talk. I’m sorry if you still don’t get it but maybe if you listened to good rappers like the ones with some meaning or creativeness involved in there songs and not just a catchy beat with a good rhyme, maybe then u can argue back in return… yea that seems about right. DUCES


    Good shit these niggas mad OJ for what tell them niggas step they game up. Support your local music scene Jay hot Fab hot Kiss hot rest of them niggas don’t got enough to make it. Oh my nigga Max B went hard but he locked up.


    Good shit these niggas mad OJ for what tell them niggas step they game up. Support your local music scene Jay hot Fab hot Kiss hot rest of them niggas don’t got enough to make it. Oh my nigga Max B went hard but he locked up

  • Enlightened

    I just watched the video.


    It was just as many people cheering as booing. The one dude in front of the camera man is the only one flipping his finger.

    Not saying he don’t deserve to be boo’d because that nigga is horrible as a rapper – but this is once again some media bullshit making a story out of what’s not a story.

    I’ve seen some real boos in my life. This was not one of them.

    • MarloW.

      You musta been watching another Oj video because they clearly boo’ed the fuck out of dude I personally don’t boo anyone even if their wack I just fall back and wait for the next act.

    • GIBZ

      Enlightened is right though. If you watch the video, he didnt really get BOO’ed of stage. They let him do his lil verse, and then when asked how they felt, thats when they boo’ed lol. They def tryin to make shit outta nothing.

      They way he described it, I was waiting to see Juiceman start rapping, and then just a bunch of boo’s to the point that he couldnt perform anymore. But they clearly didnt “boo him off stage” they boo’ed him AFTER his lil verse.

      • Enlightened

        Exactly. That’s what I thought! It wasn’t nothin like that though

  • 615banga

    to nibs.
    you said anyone with House OF Flying Daggers and Make The Trap Say Aye on their ipod should kill theirselves. thats dumb
    that just means that that person had a wide variety taste in hip hop.
    same with me. im from nashville. but on my ipod i got
    styles p
    busta rhymes
    ghostface killah. and also i have
    gucci mane
    lil wayne
    slim thug
    and other shit too.
    its all about your taste variety

    • yoprince

      lol @ you thinking you listen to a wide variety of hip-hop.


    New York got love for the south but not wack mc’s!, if thats what the media calls them. Its not hate toward the south(T.I did his thing in MSG). This city leans towards lyrics, thats what we love. And you mad cause we booded him.

    CMON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerv

    NY been hating that’s what they do best when they rappers ain’t on top.They did the same thing to the west coast when we was on fire.Look at some old source magazines and see how they been dissing every other region this ain’t new.Now I ain’t talking about every NY muthafucka.I’m just the ones trapped in a box that think everyone should sound like the east coast or it ain’t real hip hop.Or the others that think the 80′s and 90′s was good as rap is ever gonna get so hip hop is dead and shit.If the east coast was still hot they would have never started all these southern branches of big labels they got now.Hey stay mad everybody else can learn what not to do from yall with videos like the one shown.

  • Gerv

    By the way I listen to plenty of NY rap,I just can’t become that 30 somethin year old always complaining like so many of yall.

  • Keith


  • Stan-Layy

    Most Black people in america live in the South. I remember a time when it wasn’t cool the be a hip-hop artist from the south. It took pioneer record labels and artist like Suave House, Rap A Lot, No Limit, Outkast (remember them getting booed at the Source Awards for winning Best New Group back in like ’94) to break that wall down. Like you say people will support their own, especially the south, even for a 5-10 minutes of Fame Artist.

  • Bay boss

    lol fuckin new york cats…hating ass niggas, im from the west and i fucks with OJ. NY just mad cuz they aint on the map anymore and will not b until they get out of that sorry ass mentality they have out there,new york is just fuckin history in hip-hop thats it.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Real talk there is way too much energy being spent on this subject.

    Hip Hop historians know there have been plenty of OJ’s in the game.

    @ Gerv

    When you get older in life, there’s nothing wrong with trying to put the youngin’s on to the business. Every older cat is not bitter. Sharing one’s experience in life is a duty all should do. For all we know heads that used to comment here are deceased & they had food for thought. Never disclaim one’s knowledge of self or life. Many don’t know what one knows. BUT ALL SEE.

    Many of y’all will see WHEN/IF you get there. If you want cats to succeed in this cannibalistic, materialistic society we live in you need to become listeners. There’s a lot of things the OG’s can reveal to you that you never thought of.

    Real talk.


    • GIBZ

      SY you droppin science kid. Good shit. I say that all the time. I love to talk/conversate with ppl period, old and young. ‘cus like u said, u never know what u might learn from what they been through. Good shit fam.

    • Gerv

      I hear ya but complaining and dissin are not the same as teaching.What does anybody learn from certain things people say on here?Killer Mike the only blogger on here spittin the real truth about things and with no funny shit either.

  • Ryuk

    the majority of hip hop fans dont enjoy this. the majority of kids from the burbs do. shame on you.

  • Ron Mexico

    this is ridiculous. jewmane has NY fans. i know plenty of people who liked “trap say aye” before cam’ron jumped on it.

    these fans just wouldn’t be at a wu-tang show. whoever assembled the bill should be slapped.

    and booing is your right as a paying fan. fuck the bullshit, nigga.

  • Ryuk

    And your ” New york Rap doesn’t sell” excuse doesn’t work. Who has Fat joe aligned himself with for the last 5 years? Down south rappers. Do your home work before you rant about defending your BFF. People dont like “Rappers” who use the culture as a hustle, without any regard for the art. Take that shit somewhere else. Go move a bird if you do it so well.

  • fatDAN

    It aint about him being from the south. This motherfucker is dumber than a goddamn rock. Move your major weight in silence bitch!
    And don’t leave DNA on your cuerte.

  • hate

    “Why did they boo a guy who was performing a hot record that pretty much the majority of hip-hop fans enjoy?”

    ok, maybe it’s because i’m from ny, but i don’t know ANYBODY that listens to that shit.

    I mean even the young’ns with their lil wang and all that bullshit don’t listen to O.J.

    he’s a literal rapping joke and what the fuck did he expect was gonna happen opening for the god raekwon?

    shit i bet this faggot xxl blogger was more surprised and upset than O.J. himself

    do me a favor mr. rondell conway, don’t claim ny ever again if your gonna act like a little ho when we do how we do.

    if you real ny you either ride with it, or keep your fuckin mouth shut and your blogs to yourself

  • statyk-rap-or-die

    Yo real shiut, fuc bro muzik he trash, i Thot trash was on the way out wen soulja tou las album dropped..ooops um mean flopped..then this cat came out…fuc his vaseline…um out……aww yea Boooooooooooo.

  • getitright

    oj is wack on the mic. thats why he got booed. period. i guess if you don’t like every rapper from the south you are a hater. hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…….down south bbq ribs fly out a nigga mouth……..20 points to the dickface who gets what line thats from….

  • Harris

    whoever wrote this article is a dipshit. NYC shouldn’t have to put up with bullshit music.

  • 92FS

    BOOO! Wack ass blog and video. That shit wasn’t booing. A select few were cheering and some were booing. This doesn’t come CLOSE to shit I’ve witnessed first hand. Where people would throw piss bottles/balloons at you, or have the whole crowd say FUCK *insert artist name* hell one time I even seen a group of muhfuckaz rush the stage to try and throw an artist off. I think on time in Jamaica I can’t remember if it was Ja Rule or DJ Clue, happened long time ago, but was one of them I think got stoned off the stage. I thought it was something hardcore in this video. Lucky they didn’t throw molotov cocktails. This didn’t have nothing to do with region, especially if they had other Southern artists there that got love.

    • OgKevin

      exactly…thank you..this had nothing to do with region..just cuz they dont like HIM dosent mean they dont like the south…

  • Crocker

    To the blogger and B.J. Da Doucheman, I say this. You’re a couple of ripe fucking tits. You’re furthering the stereotype that being an illiterate asshole is okay. I hope the both of you grab dull box-cutters and repeatedly swipe at your throats with them until the blade punctures.

    • lol


  • gavin

    i hate new york.

  • Avengerxl

    first off BOOOOOOOOO to this whole post. XXL should train its trained monkeys posing as bloggers to think prior to typing.

    Secondly I blame the promoters and OJ’s agent. The WU has a certain sound that brings in a certain kind of crowd. They don’t often like hip-pop or that dumb out dance music which is the staple in the south(That is not southern hate it is the truth you sensitive pricks). Why put two artists with such different fanbases in the same room just because they are tied to the same genre? That is how the industry roles these days trying to force LCD rap down everyones throught and telling people to be PC when listening. Do you think all Motley crew fans should appreciate Marylan Manson? Of course not so why should all hip-hop fans appreciate OJ the fool man aka I hope I make enough money to not have to get a real job.

    alderman j ODB is not equal to OJ not even close. OJ is a commercial dance rapper with no redeeming qualities outside of the dance floor. If girls with big asses are not shacking near me then I have no reason to listen to OJ unless you are into the whole rap line dance thing. ODB wasn’t droping psalms on us but what he was doing was playing around with the idea of a drunken style of hip-hop. He developed and asthetic of his own. OJ is just trying to get a check man.

  • 210hiphopfan

    man im a universal hip hop fan some down south flows are pretty badass but oj is wackk if he gonna do a show in ny a place where hip hop is born from and you come with some weak ass shit man compared to real ny lyricists like talib kweli papoose and joell ortiz your gonna sound like a retarted 6th grader on some drug shit. even i can write a rhyme that simple i wish oj good luck but this ain’t a strip club so dont expect to get the same love you do in ny than you do in a strip joint.aye aye

  • latino heat

    at RTB a couple months ago Slick Rick played the Turn My Swag On beat and it got booed out of the building. just the beat, SB wasn’t anywhere around. and that was at least 40,000 west coast hip hop fans booing. so it’s not just NY that’s sick of this bullshit.

  • bloody_lungz100(x10)

    he still got paid though!

  • Brooklyn

    alderman j, you should be slapped for saying that oj = odb. odb may have acted slow, but that nigga could rap circles around oj and half the niggas out right now. and as for trying to understand oj’s music, there ain’t shit to understand, he’s spitting nonsense. my mother’s family is from the south, i was raised by my southern grandmother, i can understand the accent and the vernacular, and oj still sucks ass, niggas from the south can tell you that. it’s not that we don’t understand, it just that he ain’t saying shit. quarter brick half a brick…man, get the fuck up outta here with that bullshit.

    and to the rest of you niggas (blog author included) trying to turn this into a ny vs. south thing, y’all are fucking idiots. it don’t matter where you from, if you’re wack, you’re wack, and if you come to nyc propagating that wackness, we’re gonna cut you down, point blank. new yorkers have high standards, and you can be from queens, brooklyn, staten island, the bronx or harlem, if you don’t meet those standards, you’re gonna get treated a certain way.

    the problem with most southerners is that they support southern artists even when they’re bullshit just because they’re from the south, and everyone that doesn’t support these bullshit artists are called “haters” and thus have some problem with the south. instead of calling everyone “haters”, y’all need to take a good look at these niggas that y’all are supporting and realize that they’re not worthy of your support. y’all are on here pleading oj’s case when the general consensus among notherners, westerners, midwesterners, and even other southerners is that oj sucks. he makes gucci mane sound like biggie or tupac, and y’all know that’s one hell of a stretch.


    Alderman J,u go up north where for ya family reunions??????What ho’s wanna hear you tawk.Cum to new yawk wit that country tawk and the ho’s will laugh you back to South Carolina.Get da fuck adda hea….Only action u getting is from a transvestite,s.t.d included free of charge.On the other hand(my new yawk/north Jersey cats will back me on this)We get pussy doen south, just off the accent.I been in the south,i know.I might even take ya bitch. Nigga,don’t make me cum to YO hood…Our accent is universal for gangsta.You south niggaz hea it on ya blocks and u know,dis nigga is most likely street smart.Listen to da Weezy birdman album…..Take a guess what accent that iz………



  • KQ

    Fuck booing, OJ needs to get punched in the face.

  • ceezy4sheezy






  • ApolloKid551

    People are finally waking up 2 this bullshuit talentless music, im from Tampa, Fl born & raised but i prefer more NY hip-hop cauase its more lyrical & have more concepts, styles, flows & subject matter, but i also listen 2 southern hip-hop i like Scarface, Bun B, T.I., Young Dro, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Trick Daddy, JT Money, Killer Mike, Juvenile & Chamillionare these are real artist with good content & they can rap, OJ Da Juiceman is wack plain & simple, he got booed because he has no talent, he lacks any lyrical ability & he has no style, any nobody hating on this nigga just cause u make money dosent mean i have 2 like his music, if this was about money Jay-Z & 50 Cent will win every year, so its uppity cause u dnt like non talented people dats the biggest piece of bullshit ive ever heard, it doesent matter who was performing after him if ur good u can perform in front of anybody dats a excuse, the south has had a bad year if u asked me in terms of quality product if u dnt believe me look up the sales & the quality of the product (mixtapes dnt count as albums) Look it boils dwn 2 talent, i know some ignorant nigga goin say im on NY’s nuts just read the full contexts of my words & not nic pic my words, so aint nobody hating on this man i think its a disconnect between the north & the south, dwn where im from they dnt play no NY hip-hop the only NY hip-hop they play is Jay-Z or a old Ja Rule, Biggie or 50 Cent record its alot of great quality NY artists like Skyzoo, Tanya Morgan, Torae & Joell Ortiz, so its about talent not hating hes garbage hes a gimmick he wont last long so lets get back 2 real music 4 once… peace 2 all my brothers K.O.S.

  • balaramesh

    @ApolloKid551 and Brooklyn,

    you both nailed it.

    OJ is a horrible southern rap artist. he is an insult to the artform, hip hop and rap.

    that would not even fly at a joe budden concert. or any concert where the headliner is a pure lyricist. that is like putting hannah mantana on the same bill as the rolling stones. they are NOT feeling that crap. PERIOD

    ny does NOT hate southern rappers. ny hates horrible rappers period. anyone that makes a mockery of the artform.

    it does not matter if ny is “on top”. at the end of the day, it’s all about the rhymes and the quality of music. if your “on top” rappers suck, so be it.

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