LisaRaye: The future Mrs. Al Sharpton?

LisaRaye must have seen a picture of Amber Rose on a red carpet somewhere with Kanye, dressed like a streetwalker, and decided she needed to step her game up.

As recently as year ago, you couldn’t have told me that LisaRaye wasn’t the most accomplished of video hoes. She somehow managed to go from dancing around in her underwear in Ludacris videos to being the first lady of an entire island nation – possibly two. (Who or what the fuck is a Turks and Caicos?) The rest of these hoo-ers are still out here trying to blow enough rappers to get a deal with Random House.

Sidebar: I wonder if these publishing companies demand that hoo-ers blow a specific number of rappers in order to get a book deal, especially since it’s been done a few times now. Superhead continues to put up A-rod numbers, and Carmen Bryan supposedly got pregnant by both Nas and Jay-Z. It makes you wonder what kind of stunt the next one of these hoo-ers will pull.

A year or so ago, I broke down how LisaRaye got kicked off Turks and Caicos, as if it was an episode of Survivor. She interrupted her husband, the president, while he was in an important meeting, to try to sue him for divorce. He sicced the secret service on her, and she somehow ended up biting him. The whole thing sounded like the kind of shit that could only happen in a country with a majority black population. Bill Clinton definitely engaged in his share of foolishness, but Hillary Clinton knew better than to interrupt him while he was in a meeting. That’s why white women stay winning.

LisaRaye probably figured she had her husband right where she wanted him. He was well known in Turks and Caicos to have stepped out on her on occasion, which is hardly surprising in the sense that he thought to make a video ho the first lady of a country in the first place. Clearly, his appreciation for asses knows no bounds. The thing is, Turks and Caicos might not be as progressive as the United States, where, if a woman can prove her husband cheated on her, she can take half his shit, just because a man has needs. It might not be uncommon for the president of Turks and Caicos to get his extracurricular freak on in plain view of society. Like I said, they had a video ho for first lady.

Why in the world LisaRaye decided to divorce Michael Misick, I’m not sure. As the first lady of what I’m sure is a corrupt island nation (video hoes…), I’m sure she had plenty of money and shiny material bullshit, which is obviously what she wanted out of life, as a woman in general and a hoo-er in particular. Where the fuck was she going, back to Chicago? Niggas in Chicago are getting their heads split open to the white meat just for not having the sense to not walk towards a huge violent melee. Not to offend TPAR any further than I already have this week, but personally, I’d rather be on the beach. And I don’t even like going outside.

As I suggested in my post a while back, it could be that LisaRaye is just a pathologically deceptive woman. Wikipedia says she’s 42 years old, but I’ve heard rumors that she could be upwards of 60. At this point, she’s probably spent more time doing something strange for some change than I’ve been alive. There might not be an amount of money you can give her to where her mind wouldn’t go to, “What do I need to do to a man to get even more money?” It’s sad, really. She probably didn’t even really enjoy the wealth and privilege that came with being the first lady of Turks and Caicos.

Enter Rocsi from 106 & Park. Word on the street is that Michael Misick was accused raping her, which is why/when LisaRaye decided she should get half of Turks and Caicos. I consulted the world’s most accurate encyclopedia to try to verify this, but I couldn’t find anything on it. I’m assuming this is less a matter of someone from Turks and Caicos skillfully gaming Wikipedia than it is a matter of no one giving a shit about someone from BET getting raped by the leader of a country no one ever heard of.

Anyway, it was suspected at the time (by yours truly), that LisaRaye may have sent Rocsi down to Turks and Caicos to seduce Michael Misick, which I’m sure wasn’t all that difficult, and then holler rape. Then she could sue him for divorce, and she could take him for half of Turks and Caicos. Even if there isn’t a law in Turks and Caicos that rape is grounds for divorce, certainly she could get the US government involved. After all, Rocsi is a US citizen and (more importantly) a celebrity.

Obvious problems with this line of thinking: 1) Rocsi is from Puerto Rico, which might technically confer US citizenship, but there might not be a specific policy with regard to extradition from Turks and Caicos for sex crimes, which would be bad for tourism. 2) Rocsi is a host on BET, which should hardly be considered a TV station. 3) If Turks and Caicos would countenance a video ho as its first lady, what’s the likelihood that they’d give a rat’s ass if the president raped someone from BET? Word on the street is that, after the biting incident, LisaRaye narrowly escaped Turks and Caicos under the cover of night. It’s a wonder they didn’t drop her off some rocks and feed her to the sharks, like Natalee Holloway.

So now LisaRaye is back in the states. Her plot to steal half of Turks and Caicos blew up in her face, and now she’s well into her 40s, even according to Wikipedia. She might even be too old to dance in rap videos (which aren’t particularly known for their standards). Ethnically ambiguous video hoes like Rosa Acosta and Rita G have simultaneously upped the ante on how light a video ho’s skin can be, how nice her hair can be, and how fit her body can be, despite the size of her cans. And god bless them for it. The typical video ho would have taken this as a cue to gradually fade into obscurity, like the now kinda gross Esther Baxter.

But not LisaRaye. The other day, I was checking Global Grind, to see if I could glean any words of wisdom from Nas, who spent 2009 getting stuck for $44,000 a month in child support rather than rapping on the Blueprint 3 and (more importantly) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II (maybe he should be taking advice from me), and I saw where LisaRaye has cozied up to the Rev Al “Mr. Do” Sharpton. The two of them have been spotted together at a number of events, including Michael Jackson’s funeral and the Congressional Black Caucus. Whether or not she was in the building for Monday Night Raw, I’m not sure. I stopped watching that shit when I was like 19.

Mr. Do, for his part, claims the two of them have just been hard at work on education. And while I doubt he believes that any more than he believes Tawana Brawley got raped by the police, I’m not even mad at him. If a more age appropriate video ho wanted to use me to make a name for herself in the blogosphere, I’d let her do a guest post for this site. (As long as it doesn’t require flying down to Atlanta.) I just hope he knows better than to let her play him like she tried to play Michael Misick. This is not Turks and Caicos, where you can just drop a bitch from a helicopter, like in that movie the Good Shepard. Al Sharpton could fuck around and end up in jail again.

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  • these posts are racist

    “Niggas in Chicago are getting their heads split open to the white meat just for not having the sense to not walk towards a huge violent melee.”

    >>Byron, you just reduced the tragic murder of a CHILD walking out of school to a “nigga…who didn’t have a enough sense…” Really?

    XXL Commenters,

    I ask that nobody comment on the substance of this blog. In honor of this young man, i ask that each of you simply comment “RIP Derrion Albert” as well as an insult about Byron, i.e., you look like a purple oversized walrus, or something.

    • General

      If you truly want to make a point then don’t post at all. You are only doing him a favor by continuing to post all over his drops in your “protest”…

    • Bol

      I see I’m gonna have to accuse someone of being with the terrorists just to get you to shut the fuck up about Derrion Albert.

      • these posts are racist


        Check the facts: You brought up Derrion Albert in this post, not me. Had you not disrespected him again today, I wouldn’t have commented about him. See, there you again, twisting facts.

    • giantstepp

      Bol, you gotta chill and show a lil sensitivity with that youngsta from the Chi being murdered. It’s like you’re more malice towards the situation because of the dialouge that took place amongst the commenters here yesterday.

      @TPAR, Im still riding with you Bruh! The spirit Bol is showing is just wrong IMO of course.

      • giantstepp

        RIP Derrion Albert!

        • these posts are racist

          Appreciate you Giantstepp!

          And for those who want to know…I met with some folks from the Chicago PD yesterday who claim they are going to increase their presence at these schools…and be more visible around end of day time…Well see. Theyll do it while Anderson Cooper is watching but once the 360 cameras are off…they’ll be back to normal.

          RIP Derrion Albert, a child who was a victim of a murder…imagine your child walking out of school and getting killed…then having someone say “why didn’t he run the other way…he wouldn’t have had his head split to the white meat if he had done so…” Then imagine the guy who said it was a 600 pound purple walrus…who couldn’t run a mile in 20 days time.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Maybe it’s because I spent the greater part of the 90′s getting my k-12 education, but who the fuck is (or was) Lisa Raye? I read the wikipedia page and I still have no fucking clue.

    I’m not trying to pass judgment here, or out myself or anything, but what would she see in Al Sharpton? I mean, if she just wants some money to be arm candy, I’m a far greater catch than that dude…but the difference between me and Al is that my dick still works and has been known to blow out a few cervices. She might be scurred.

    But based on her “career” alone, I’d say she’s trying to snuggle up to him and get that money.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • these posts are racist

      What’s good Matt? You can’t support me on this one?

      • OG Matt Herbz

        I would do it, TPAR, but I don’t have a current picture of him. The only one I’ve seen is the one of him standing in front of a tile wall or something…like he’s just chilling in the men’s bathroom or something, posted up behind the urinals, touching himself while he checks out the asses of dudes who come in there to take a piss. You know the photo right? It’s been up a while, so I assume he was probably 21 or 22 when it was taken…you know, back when he first started going bald–back when he could rub one out without having a valve in his heart collapse due to the pressure and high viscosity of sausage gravy coursing his veins.

        Does anyone have a more recent photo?

        –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          That was good Matt…but you forgot to “RIP Derrion Albert.”

          Hope all is well.

        • boozec

          “That was good Matt…but you forgot to “RIP Derrion Albert.”

          Hope all is well.”

          (No Faggot)

    • DV8

      maybe you recognize her skripper name “Diamond” from the movie “Players Club”. She is also Da Brat’s older sister. I think she did a sitcom with dude from Above the Rim too. Thats about it as far as her “career” goes.

  • knocty

    you are rite..byron is a big insensitive old fool..he knows what he did was rong, but he wont apologise..even if its in the same light in which he dus his insensitive rantings..


    • these posts are racist

      Good looking Knocty,

      RIP to the little brother.

  • afreewillie

    i would refrain from commenting but this post was too funny. bol is in rare form.

  • General

    Who knew Al Sharpton had it in him, lol. I guess there is no better way to make sure you stay in the news than being on the arm of Al Sharton because that fool would blow anybody to get on camera…

    Hey TPAR maybe you should call the Rev and get him in on your protest. “Sharpton Stands Up to Insensitive Rap Blogger”, shit he would nut all over himself just thinkin of the headlines

    • these posts are racist

      Hey General,

      Maybe you could get off my dick? Irony: A guy is complaining about a commenter for complaining about a blogger…whos last on the totem pole of “pathetic” in this battle.

      You done now? Can i zip up my pants?

      RIP Derrion Albert.

      • General

        “whos last on the totem pole of “pathetic” in this battle.”

        I’m gonna say its the clown that just keeps giving Bol’s blog more hits while trying to do so damage to him…doesn’t make much sense…

        I feel ya on the tragedy and my heart goes out to Derrion Albert’s family, but this may be the most pathetic attempt at trying to protest someone I have ever seen…beneath even Al Sharpton

        • these posts are racist


          If my protest is so pathetic…then what is your protest of my protest? Please, ill wait and see if your brain has the capacity for simple logic.

        • General

          Again you lose the common sense battle…

          I’m not protesting you, I’m simply pointing out that by replying to me and by providing around half of the comments on this blog you are simply ensuring that the hits on Bol’s blog continue to rise which is exactly what Bol and XXL want you to do…

          So why would Bol apologize to you or care what you say as long as you keep dropping comments and giving the site traffic…

          Now that my good man is called common sense

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “It’s a wonder they didn’t drop her off some rocks and feed her to the sharks, like Natalee Holloway.”

    There’s another one. F*** LisaRaye.

    RIP Derrion Albert.

  • Worley

    “He sicced the secret service on her, and she somehow ended up biting him.”

    You a damned fool. Lisa Raye is one of those chicks that clearly has larceny in her heart. Anyone silly enough to fool with her or Superhead is going to get exactly what he deserves. I believe it was Jamie Foxx that met Superhead once, realized who she was and threw her out. I wonder what Sharptone’s excuse is. It’s not like he doesn’t know who that broad is or what she’s about. This could be the black version of Anna Nicole marrying that old guy. Sharptone watch ya back and, more importantly, your wallet.

  • Tony Grands


    Didn’t you guys meet up recently for coffee or something? The best advice I can give is go to Blogger or WordPress & start an anti-Bol blog. Then, come here everyday & spam the fuck out of his posts, like, or MediaTakeOut.

    It’s not like Al Sharpton is rich. I’m sure he’s not broke, but if it were about money & not looks she could’ve-never mind, Seal married that white lady. If Da Brat & her are actually blood sisters, I’d say that their family has a history of mental issues.

    They probably meet @ the hair salon.

    *TPAR, I’ve been typing RIP to Derrion for two days now. Trust me when I say my heart & prayers go out to his family*

    • these posts are racist


      What’s up brother? This is the last drop i will bring up the young brother Derrion. I have no intention of pursuing this any further, but he brought it up in this drop, so its fair game.

      I met Byron and like him a lot as a person. This is business.

      RIP, Derrion.


    This site dickriding has got to an alarm rate that its not ever funny.
    Sensitive thugs need a hug

    • No Mames Buey

      word. this dickriding is gayer than a Bol meeting with Kid Cudi

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Good shit Bol!!!!!!!! Keep em coming!! Cause u spit hot fiya!!!

  • “W”

    Don’t mind this slime, he does come to Chicago, and Chicagoans don’t forget shit…Anyway, Lisa is good in the hood, This just shows you that the reverends, or professional marchers/beggars ain’t on shit. Let’s not forget that Jesse Jackson got like a five year old child(that he had on his wife of forever), even though we are all human come the fuck on. These pieces of shit are so phoney.

  • thoreauly77

    first of all, what the hell does R.I.P. do? i will tell you: it helps you feel better about yourself and show others how sensitive and kind you are. and its also bullshit, in my opinion.

    also, the disgusting tragedy was avoidable. it was not avoided, and politically correct “discourse” does nothing but shut down dialogue, which some of our lawyer friends know all too well.

    no amount of R.I.P.’s in the world will put life back in that little dudes body, and trying to shut down dialogue sullies his life far more than pointing out the obvious fact that if he had just walked AWAY from the fight, he would be alive.

    and just because bol is a tragic, 600 pound virgin, stricken by carpal tunnel due to obsessive masturbation, as greasy as mcdonalds fries, and can hide microwaves in his belly-rolls, does not mean anyone should try and shut down his right to an opinion.

    oh, and f*** lisaraye. but not with my dick.

    • these posts are racist


      What does RIP do? It honors the victim of a tragedy? What’s the point of a funeral then? Why not do away with all symbolic gestrues and rituals meant to offer respect to the dead and comfort to his family? Really, you see no benefit in symbolic signs of respect? 90% of what we do as a culture is symbolic and ritual, with no tangible result. You remind of a disturbed 15 year old…”i don’t see the point of this stupid family dinner anyway!”

      In communities wrought with poverty, corruption and misery, symbolic gestures, honor and respect is all they have.

      And yes, i believe in discourse and conversation. That is not what Byron did here or in his previous posts. This young man did not “walk into this murder”. And Byron is not offering advice or solutions to be used to avoid future tragedies…he’s mocking and making fun of this kid…a non public figure child who did nothing to deserve this…and how dare you or anyone else blame him for it.

      RIP Darrion.

      • thoreauly77

        where to begin…

        i believe in symbolic respect, support, etc, but this symbolic patting each other on the back for your symbolic solidarity with one another is contrived and reeks of pretense. you believe in god? great. pray for the child. rip in a comments thread to no one who knows little dude does NOTHING but make the r.i.p.’er feel better about self (a point i made earlier which you conveniently omitted). also, some of us do not believe in god and consider gestures such as saying rest in peace (which is implicit of afterlife), or praying are quite silly/superstitious. and i defend anyone’s system of belief, including the belief that there is nothing after we die, and therefore there is no resting in peace.

        i will slow down if you cant keep up.

        in addition, you making an analogy of me being a 15 year old shutting down a conversation is ironic to say the very least, as you simply making that comment toward me is EXACTLY what you are doing with the comment; trying to shit me down, the same way you are trying to shut down the thread with your very first comment. (and yet byron has not apologized and here you are, making new comments)

        “In communities wrought with poverty, corruption and misery, symbolic gestures, honor and respect is all they have.”

        -in logical fallacies, we call this an appeal to emotion. it is logically flawed because it is designed to appeal to sentiment, and sentiment only, and is in fact insulting to poverty stricken communities and the individuals within it, as it implies they have those things, and those things only. (but of course you know this, as you often like to point out when discussing how you got out of the hood, right?). so, try not to condescend to those you are trying to appeal to.

        “And yes, i believe in discourse and conversation. That is not what Byron did here or in his previous posts.”

        -actually, as this conversation is evidence, that is EXACTLY what he has done.

        finally, if you are going to symbolically respect someone, you might want to start by spelling derrion’s name correctly.

        • these posts are racist

          You’re right, I can’t keep up…and not because you make sense.

          I come from the same community this young kid is from. They appreciate the symbolic “RIP”. This is a fact, so no need to speak in theory as you have so inarticulately done in your rant above. I speak from a direct experience, it is not condesention…but rather, intimate understanding. So, go back to your philosophy 101 and debate with someone there about theory…i live it and have lived it.

          If you think making horrible references to a kids head being cracked open and saying he’s stupid for not running away is legitimate discourse…then you’re wrong.

          Re-take that logic and ethics course you failed back in undergrad…send me your email, ill pay for it.

        • thoreauly77

          *slow clap for tpar

          how does it look up there on your sanctimonious perch? it must feel empowering to always be certain of how “right” you are. and conversely, how wrong anyone is who disagrees with you.

          nice job, by the way, of once again trying to shut down any dialogue by writing that my opinion was a “rant”, and “inarticulate”, when upon reading, i addressed each of your points in order.

          and i never said bol’s remarks are “legitimate discourse”, i just stated that the conversations that stem from them have the potential to be, if someone isnt always hell-bent on shutting down the dialogue that is.

          have you caught up yet?

        • chillin mayne

          p.s…TPAR…aint it disrespectful to continue to misspell derrions name even after it was pointed out that it was misspelled?

      • The Spaniard

        “What’s the point of a funeral then?”


        RIP Derrion Albert.

        …and I wish he would have had enough sense to avoid a violent melee in the first place.

        • chillin mayne

          the point of a funeral is to make those alive feel better…since “the dead know not anything”(ecclesiastes chap.9 verse it)….
          moms always taught me treat everybody with respect while they are alive, their is no point in showing it when they are dead…basically funerals, flower bringing to the cemetary etc. are just acts to make those that survive the deceased feel better…
          thoreauly is on point with errthing he said though..

  • og bobby j

    Word to TPAR -RIP to dude….cuase it did looked fucked up and even i cant disrespect that shit…i got a seed..

    but word, this is the type of shit that happens all the time…just not on some fat spanish broads cell phone…

    drama? knuckle up and scrap…weapons are for bitches….

    • these posts are racist

      No doubt Bobby,

      But disrespecting this kid…an honor roll student who did nothing to deserve this tragedy is eff’d up.

      Respect for coming through on this issue.

      RIP Darrion.

  • Mo Sizzlack

    just because derrion is now dead doesnt mean he shouldnt have run the other way. bol’s right. fuck sensitivity

  • No Mames Buey

    bless the recent phenomenon of 40+ hot women like LisaRaye, Stacy Dash, that Italian chick in Matrix 2, Mariah Carey, etc

    I suppose with this group, a lot of them are surgeried, silicon’ed, & photoshopped out. But still, give me a wkd, & I’d bust off a gallon in these sexy old ladies that prolly done had that tubal ligation surgery

    • EmCDL

      Now that’s hot fiya!!!

  • BEzy

    Yo Bol, one point of clarification. Rocsi is from Honduras not Puerto Rico.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Lisa R is a gold digger. Al is pokin that. He’s no pastor…I saw him juking in that video. he’s a hypocrite like Jesse Jackass. so they need to go out together in order to write a education proposal? b.s.

    Nas needed to jump on OB4CL 2. I bought it today. I’m looking at it and can’t wait to get home. i’ve only heard Flying Daggers and New Wu. I’ll give my opinion bout it on some comment.

    TPAR u need to be easy before u blow a vessel. U have a point to a degree. This is a hip hip web blog not the Washington Post or Newsweek. You don’t have to be so formal. it’s entertainment. I’m from Chi.Town.
    the news is not telling u guys the aftermath over here cause of that fight. Many kids are killed daily.
    Bol was right u see a rumble run the other way cause anyone can get it. Me and my brother fought 10 Lords before and I punched a dude who got off the bus to watch. I didn’t know he wasn’t with them but I was in a frenzy and he got it also. this is big cause it was caught on tape that all. There was three fight before school and shootings all night. don’t think the police presence is stopping anything. the fight just moves up the block. dued died for being stoopid. u don’t ever watch a street fight from the front row. i’ve walked by men killing each other and kept walking hearing the screams and seeing dumb asses running to watch.
    I’m not writing this for yr benifit TPAR and I don’t need to mock Bol at yr say so but…

    R.I.P. Derrion

    Chi city no pity…

    • thoreauly77

      this is the realest comment on this entire thread.

      and all dae at least has the respect to spell derrion’s name correctly…

      • these posts are racist

        So symbolic signs of respect, like spelling his name correctly matters when you’re trying to win an argument against me…I get it.

        Form over substance? Vanity? The irony is hilarious.

        • thoreauly77

          there is not a single note of pretense or grandstanding in all dae’s comment.

          and i was simply pointing out your hypocrisy in regards to the r.i.p. point, in that if you are going to make your magnum point being that of respect for the kid, you damn well better do it yourself.

          sorry it still stings tpar, but youre going to have to get over it.

          vanity? pride? look in the mirror man.

    • P. Harris


      • chillin mayne

        to the fullest

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      I 2nd that !

      Let’s get this straight.

      I don’t know Byron. But Bol is a douche, and he feeds from good and bad shit alike to do his thing, basically talking shit using sarcasm, bigotry and affected douchery to make, most of the time, more than valid points. Purposes: site traffic, people entertained, discussions started. He’s good at this. And Derrion’s case is a wonderful gift for this kind of twisted talent.

      Derrion’s death is untimely, absolutely horrifying. I won’t wish it to anyone. And he would’ve lived had he run the other way,….or maybe not….karma’s a bitch, he might have run the other to get hit by a bus for all we know…One thing for sure, trying be in the first row like Tyrone Biggums at a crack giveaway is not the best display of instinct of self-preservation.

      RIP is an overused acronym. Just because someone died, I don’t feel the urge to wish him a peaceful rest. No beef to a dead, but I don’t know him like that. If I knew him, I might be thinking that he deserves to die and that I hope he burn in hell….or not. I might just wish him a peaceful rest as well. I respect any human being who don’t act deliberately to lose that respect, be it a dumb nigga or a smart one. That doesn’t mean I should feel compelled to RIP all of ‘em.

      E.g.: RIP Michael Jackson. FUCK Omar Bechir (I know he ain’t dead yet, but fuck him anyway). So long Derrion, we barely knew ye. May your family hold their head up.

      TPAR, we all, and I mean ALL, get your point. But you don’t need to patronize everyone who disagrees with you. That ain’t thoroughbred. I don’t agree with the preach, but I won’t knock you for it. It’s the emotions talking, but you of all people, should’ve foreseen the kind of treatment Bol is gonna give to the situation. Don’t act all surprised and outraged. If you feel that strong about it, do something constructive (see Grands’ advice), but don’t make everything people say here personal.

      Eff a Lisa Raye with a 10-foot pole.

      @ No Names Buey: that italian chick, Monica Bellucci, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn !!!! Pure napalm…..

      Peace and I’m out !

  • crumbliNherb

    TPAR, you’re a douche. Bol, you’re hilarious & I know I don’t have to say this but fuck these fruits, they’re just So Sensitive

  • Beeyo

    R.I.P. Derrion Albert
    There are people that have seen this kind of violence up close and personal, and there are some people who only hear about this kinda shit on the news. People like Bol, who would rather stay in the house than be outside with other people, see these kind of incidents as nothing but another fucked up headline on thier computer screen. And I can’t blame him. If I myself wouldn’t have been brought to experience tragedies like Derrions firsthand, I’d probably be a little apathetic towards the situation myself.
    I guess what I’m saying is, what you see as a real problem that needs to be addressed, Bol sees as just another news story about black people wildin out and killing eachother. You can’t expect someone who witnesses everything going on in the world thru a computer screen to have the same level of sympathy as someone who actually has to deal wih tha real world. And no disrespect to Bol, i’d try and keep away from bullshit too if I was him. Nothing wrong with a lil common sense, I guess.

  • latino heat

    damn i keep reading that Esther Baxter is looking bad these days. does anyone have any current photos?

    what Ludacris video had Lisa Raye in her draws?

  • Beeyo

    On another note, where tha fuck has Ron been? He’s pretty much the only reason I stop into anymore. Nigga funny as fuck.

  • DV8

    “Mr. Do, for his part, claims the two of them have just been hard at work on education”

    so they call it “education” now?

    Way to many jabs in this blog that i should not have laughed at.

    Bol is that dude.

  • P. Harris

    Me and my peoples watched the video.

    After watching it about 6 or 7 times I didn’t want to see it anymore. It’s sad. Not just that he died, also the fact that this was a street fight that didn’t end after he got hit twice with the plank… It pissed me off because there was no regard for his life by those who committed the crime… It’s sad.

    So after conversation with my fam about it and me mentioning Bol’s blog. We read it. I asked my two cousins was he wrong. We all agreed that it may have been bad taste. But he really didn’t say anything too outlandish. My cousin agreed he was like dude was right in the middle of the it and was just got caught. My other cousin brought up the fact that you can see someone running from the car and you see him swinging at the dude who was running from the car right before he got hit with the plank. Like my fam said… as soon as he decided to throw a punch the mistake was made.

    Now don’t ge ME twisted, prayers go to the family and I hope they find the culprits, but yes this could have been avoided.

    Now, I don’t know BOL and I don’t feel like I come on this site enough to make jokes about him mastubating, or taking shits, or masturbating while taking a shit or whatever the fuck he does while he writes his blogs but I somewhat respect his opinion and some of the shit he says has a point and is comedic.

  • mazemayhim

    All of these perils in LisaRaye’s life woulda been avoided if Don Mega didn’t make her get nekkid in “Player’s Club.” That’s it, that’s all

  • Frank


  • GIFT

    I wish the best to the family of that deceased young man, but in the same token, no protest or lashing is gonna stop someone’s freedom of speech. w/that being said, that freedom unfortunately includes ignorant comments such as bol’s in regard to RIP Derrion Albert. If you don’t like what’s being said, then either don’t continue to read this ignorace, or express YOUR opinion, and leave it at that


    “The typical video ho would have taken this as a cue to gradually fade into obscurity, like the now kinda gross Esther Baxter.” what the hell you talking about bol esther baxter is still a very fine women. you have very standards for a man who has to buy his pussy. no chicks fucking your ass without payment first. also lisa is not a video ho she just a regular gold digging ho.


    This post was hilarious.

  • Brooklyn

    her husband ain’t rape that chick from 106, niggas told me that she was in his crib wearing lisaraye’s bathrobes and answering the door like she was the first lady and shit. lisaraye fucked up though, how you go from first lady of a semi-british colony to al sharpton’s jumpoff? but it could be a publicity stunt, i heard she got some kinda reality show in the works, so maybe all that stepping out with rev. al is just to spark speculation. and lisaraye may got a bad body and an alright face, but she can’t act to save her life.

  • Who Dat?

    Wow, talk of a rape over. I didn’t know you had it in you TPAR but you’ve pushed your message through on another persons blog – You muzzled the great Bol ..( what was he talking about anyway…Lisa who?).

    On a more important issue though –

    R.I.P. Derrion

  • Master CHeef

    Silly Chilly Willy Killy says,
    “Eff a Lisa Raye with a 10-foot pole.” -sounds like a job for Master Cheef! (


    thoreauly77 killed TPAR’s self-righteousness above.

    Spelling a person’s name right >>>>>>>>>>>> acting like you’re losing sleep or going to organize a rally (that can produce results) over his or her death on somebody else’s blog.

    Shout to Dallas!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Tpar now do you you understand when I say use your intelligence as a tool, and not a weapon?

    You work around the babies. Bring their sentiments to light and utilize them axioms you possess. They will follow.

    Intelligence FTW.

  • caino

    l dont understand all the hate aimed at Bol, he didnt kill the lil dude! Its Bol’s job to blog on things he seems appropriate. yeah he may of been a little outlandish in his claims but again thats his job!

    People need to vent their anger in the right direction , like the kids killing the kids ! or the gang violence! not at Bol for highlighting it !


  • these posts are racist

    Rest in peace Derrion Albert.

  • Ex-Slave

    RIP Derrion Albert.



  • GIBZ

    RIP Derrion Albert.

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